Chapter 15 - Thomas Gale (?? - Est. 1680-89) of Isle of Wight County, VA.
Puritan colonists first established English plantations in 1618 near the Nansemond and Isle of Wight Rivers in what is now Isle of Wight County. Here Warrosquoake Shire, along with seven other shires or counties, was officially formed in 1634. It was named for the Warraskoyak Indian tribe who were driven off after the Great Massacre of 1622. At the time, 522 persons resided there. In 1637 it became Isle of Wight County and the Isle of Wight River was renamed Pagan River. From this original tract were formed Isle of Wight, Southampton, Greensville and Brunswick Counties. In 1732 portions of Surry and Isle of Wight became part of Brunswick County and portions of Nansemond became part of Bertie County, North Carolina, where some of the later Gales settled.

On 3/18/1662 Sir William Berkeley granted land in Brunswick County to Thomas Gale, William Powell, and Robert Horning/Herning. The tract was described as 168 acres "
situate and being on a branch of Nanzemum River called the Indian Creek and beginning at a marked white oak standing by the branch side Joining to a patent of land granted to Mr. John Garret and running for length North one hundred and sixty poles to a marked red oake butting on the land of William Story and so for bredth West North West One hundred and sixty eight poles unto the Land of John Garrets to a Marked pine and so south one hundred and sixty poles unto a marked Cypress standing on the branch side, and so down by or nigh the creek side to the first mentioned marked tree. The said land being formerly granted to John Bryan by Patent bearing date the fifteenth of October one thousand six hundred and fifty two. And by the said Bryan Sold and assigned to the said Gale, Powell and Herning to Have and to Hold &c To be Held &c Yielding and paying &c provided &c Dated the Eighteenth of march one thousand six hundred & sixty two." (Nugent, Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol. I)

Thomas may have been a relative of JAMES GALE (Living 1697) who was brought to Nansemond County by Samuel Smith who was granted 89 acres of land on 10/28/1697 "…on the Shelter Pt.,' near the head of the Knackles, beginning at Wm. Hood's and crossing the 'shallow branch' - Importation of 2 persons - Ja. Moughan & James Gale." Also in Nansemond were JOHN GALE (Living 1683) and ELIZABETH GALE (Living 1673), transported on 12/16/1673 with Jno. Broode by Wm. Moore.

I. Thomas Gale SR (?? - Est. 1680-1689) & Unknown wife
II. Thomas Gale JR (Bef. 1679 - 1732-33) m. Alice Marshall (Est. 1694-95 - 1738)
III. Elizabeth (1700 - 1714, IOW - After 1770, Northampton Co., NC) m. Thomas Sykes/Sikes Jr.
III. Mary (Aft. 1716 - ??) m. Robert Bryant, Sr.
III Thomas Whitney (1718 - 1760) m. Mary Marshall Griffith
IV. Thomas Whitney Jr. (1730-50 - 12/7/1801) m. Frances Chapman bef. 1766
V. Frances "Fannie" (?? - Bet. 1819 & 1821) Consort of Jacob Darden, Jr.
VI. Buxton W. Gale (1801 - Bef. 11/1832) m. Emily McDougal Gardner & had children.
VII. Buxton W. (1831 - 1862) m. Mary E. Edwards on 12/10/1855
VII. Robert (?? - ??)
VII. Peter (?? - ??)
V. Joseph (Abt. 1790 - ??) m. Fanny Pierce (Abt. 1795, IOW - ??)
VI. Joseph (Abt. 1813 - 1857) m (1) Mary Ann Green, (2) Mary Ann Hartchell, (3) Mary Frances Goodson
VII. (From m/2) Margaret F. (Est. 1839 - ??)
VII. (From m/3) Georgianna (Est. 1845 - ??)
VII. Frances E. (Est. 1849 - ??)
VII. Alexander (Est. 1852 - ??) married Lillie C. (Unknown)
VII. Probably William B. (Est. 1856 - ??)
VII. (From m/1) Joseph H. (Abt. 1836 - ??) m. Angeretta (Unknown)
VIII. John W. (Abt. 1849-50 - ??)
VI. Alexander (Bef. 1820 - ??)
VI. Others unknown
V. Alexander (Bef. 1799 - ??) m. Margaret Matthews
VI. Civilla Ann (12/20/1831 - 4/17/1857) m. John Bridger Newman
VI. John Thomas (9/20/1828 - Abt. 1896) m. Margaret Ann Pitt
VII. Avarilla Ann (1847 - 1910) m. George Luke
VII. John Henry (1850 - 1919) m. Barbara Thompson, 5 children
VII. Margaret Jane (Abt. 1852 - 1936) m. Junius Franklin Batten
VII. Alexina (Est. 1854-55 - Feb. 1948) m. John Harrell, 7 children.
VII. George Washington (1859 - 1930) m. Emma Parr
VII. Thomas Wesley (1862 - 1927) unmarried
VII. James Benjamin (1865 - 1931) m. Martha Luanna Doyle
VIII. Elezer Benjamin (?? - ??)
VIII. Seven others, unknown
VII. Alexander (1867 - 1883)
VII. Mary (1869 - 1924) m. Stephen Saunders, 7 children.
VII. Sara Emily (1872 - 1915) m. David Darden
VII. William Clifton (Bef. 1883 - Aft. 1948) m. (1) Nellie Doyle, 5 children, (2) Pearl Bradshaw, 1 child.
V. Sally (?? - ??) m. Mills Pope
V. Thomas Jr. (?? - by 1816) of Thomas W. m.
Patsey Gale
VI. Eley?? (infant 1816-??)
VI. Thomas (infant 1816-??)
VI. Patsey (infant 1816-??)
VI. Alexander (infant 1816-??)
VI. Nancy (infant 1816-??)
VI. Elizabeth (infant 1816-??)
IV. Mary (Est. 1734 - Living 1760) m. Spencer
IV. Ann (Est. 1736 - Living 1760)
IV. Elizabeth (Est. 1738 - 1819)
IV. Tabitha (Est. 1742 - ??)
IV. Jethro (Est. 1732 - Aft. 1820) m. 1761 Elizabeth Garner (?? - by 1816) - [Was Jethro married also to a Patsy (Unknown)?]
V. Thomas (?? - by 1816) "of Jethro."
VI. Polly (Before 1816 - ??)
VI. Betsy (Bef. 1816 - ??)
VI. Pleasant (Bef. 1816 - ??)
III. Alice (Aft. 1718 - By 11/1759) m.1732 Robert Eley IV.
III. Sarah (1723 - ??)
IV. Alice (1744 - 1784) m. 1/27/1763 Thomas Jefferson Amis (1743-44 - 1797)
On 7/19/1710 Robert Cooper sold to Arthur Pursell an acre of land that was part of a patent to James Long described as a portion of a neck of land conveyed by Jane Roberts to Thomas Gale after the original deed by Robert Stokes to Gale's father was burnt with the Nansemond County records. Witnesses were Arthur Smith, Thomas Cooper and John Sikes. (IOW-DB1/110) This transaction serves to illustrate the connections between the families of Gale, Roberts, Brasswell, Eley and Stokes. Robert Stokes was a supporter of Nathaniel Bacon who was hung following Bacon's Rebellion. His estate was inventoried for sale in October of 1677. His wfie, Jane Braswell Stokes, then married Robert Eley, Jr. whose grandson, Robert Eley IV, married Alice Gale, daughter of Thomas Gale Jr. in 1732. At Robert Eley's death Jane married a third time to John Roberts. Her will, recorded 8/14/1713, named her son Robert Eley; grandson Robert Scott; daughter Mary Parker, widow of William Parker, deceased; granddaughter Martha Sanders; Thomas Jones; brother Richard Braswell; daughter Rebecca Brinkley; daughter Jane Scott; sons and executors John and Thomas Roberts; and witnesses William Scott, Robert Scott and John Sellaway. On 4/21/1715 Thomas and Alce (sic) Gale witnessed the will of Robert Scott, who married Jane Roberts, daughter of John and Jane Braswell Stokes Roberts. On 11/25/1717 Thomas acquired additional property when a deed was recorded for 200 acres of land purchased from William Scott, Jr. and wife, Mourning Scott. The tract was described as being bounded by the Nottoway River below Indian Field. Witnesses were Richard Giles and Arthur Smith.

On 7/24/1721 Thomas Gale, Jacob Darden, John Pope and Richard Pope entered an appraisal of the estate of William Murphry/Murphey (Living 1695 - Bet. 1717-21), signed by Michael and John Murphry. Murphry's will, dated 11/14/1717 and recorded 6/26/1721, named his son Michaell (sic); land purchased from Robert Hoods and Joseph Darden; his son John; his wife Sarah [daughter of Burgess Anthony Covington Holladay]; son William; daughter Catherine; daughter Margaret Lawrence; daughter Elizabeth Farrow (?); daughter Elinor Kirle; daughter Sarah and daughter Ann. Executors were sons Michael and John Murphry and witnesses were Robert Tarleton Jr., Joseph Tarleton and Wiliam Tarleton.

On 12/20/1723-24 Thomas Gale witnessed the marriage of William Denson and Anney Small at the house of Benjamin Small of Nansemond County. Other witnesses included Mourning Scott and members of the families of Copeland, Wright, Tillaway, Newby, Small, Rix, Jordan and Denson. On 12/23/1724 and 1/23/1725 Thomas Gale, John Hampton and William Thornton witnessed two land transactions from John Bryan Sr. to his sons Samuel and William Bryan for 200 acres in Isle of Wight County, part of a patent to John Bryan, Sr. on 4/20/1682. Then on 4/24/1727 Thomas Gale, Thomas Sikes and Robert Eley appraised the estate of Ann Exum, whose will, dated 2/3/1727 and recorded on 3/27/1727, named daughter Elizabeth; granddaughter Katoren (sic) Godwin; grandson Jeremiah Lawrence; grandson Exum Scott; granddaughter Ann Murfry; grandson Richard Exum Outland; daughter Mary Mackinney; daughter Jane Outland; daughter Mourning Scott and her children; daughter Christian Norsworthy and deceased daughter Sarah's children. The executor was Ann's son-in-law William Scott and witnesses were Thomas Sikes, James Denson and Henry Sanders. Finally on 11/26/1728 an account of the estate of James Denson was recorded and received by Francis Denson, orphan of James Denson. Thomas Gale, Jr. was appointed guardian of Joseph, orphan of James Denson.

Thomas Gale died sometime between 11/15/1732 when his will was dated and 2/26/1733 when it was proved. He named his wife Alice as Executrix and also named his son Thomas and his daughters Sarah Gale, Elizabeth Sykes, Mary Bryant and Alice Eley. Witnesses were William Scott, Thomas Bullock and John Hampton.

III. ELIZABETH (1700 - 1714, IOW - After 1770, Northampton Co., NC) married Thomas Sykes/Sikes, Jr. (1680, IOW - Bef. 3/22/1730-31), son of Thomas Sikes, Sr. (Abt. 1646, IOW - Will 4/29/1708, IOW, WB2/491) and Elizabeth Bridle Hampton, a daughter of Francis and Mary Gale Hampton. Children of Thomas Jr. and Elizabeth Gale Sikes were Thomas III, Joseph, William, Jane and Elizabeth Sikes, who inherited her family's plantation,
Strawberry Plains, in Isle of Wight near the Southampton County line. Thomas Sikes Jr. wrote a will dated 1/19/1730 (IOW, WB3/254) and his estate was probated there on 3/22/1730. He named sons Thomas, Joseph, and William and daughters Elizabeth and Jane. Wife Elizabeth Sikes was named as Executrix. Witnesses were Thomas Gale, Jr., Francis Denson, John Denson and Thomas Sykes.
III. MARY (Aft. 1716 - ??) married Robert Bryant, Sr. on 12/23/1724. Her brother Thomas Gale, III witnessed the sale of 200 acres that were part of a 1682 patent by John Bryant, Sr. of the Lower Parish, Isle of Wight, to his son William Bryant.
III. THOMAS WHITNEY (12/23/1718 - 1/1760, IOW) married Mary Marshall Griffith (?? - Abt. 3/1771) before 7/3/1750 in Isle of Wight.
III. ALICE (Aft. 1718 - Bef. 11/1/1759) married in 1732 at Isle of Wight to Robert Eley IV (?? - Bef. 11/1/1750), son of Robert Eley III and his wife Martha Daughtry. Robert Eley IV left a will, dated 3/29/1750 and probated 11/1/1750 in Isle of Wight, that mentioned his son Gale (Aft. 12/4/1792, IOW - ??), son Robert, wife Allis (sic) and daughters Amy, Martha, Rebecca and Allis Darden. Also mentioned was land bought from Mary Parker. Witnesses were John Roberts, Thomas Roberts and Henry Saunders.
III. SARAH (1723 - ??)

III. THOMAS WHITNEY GALE (1718 - Aft. 1760) was born to Thomas and Alice Marshall Gale on 12/23/1718. On 7/3/1750 Thomas married MARY MARSHALL GRIFFITH (Est. 1720 - Abt. 3/1771) in Isle of Wight County and had children.

In 1730 Thomas Gale Sr., Thomas Gale Jr. [Thomas Gale III since the first Thomas Gale died in the 1680s] and Thomas Bullock witnessed the will of John Powell of the Lower Parish. Between 1734 and 1735 Thomas Jr. served as Sheriff of Isle of Wight County and in the latter year he witnessed the will of John Hampton of the Lower Parish, dated 2/19/1735 and recorded 3/22/1735. Hampton named his brother Francis Hampton; John, son of Francis Hampton; Martha Hampton; Mary Hampton; John, son of Michael Murphry (sic); Rachel, daughter of Thomas Hampton; sister Sarah Simmons; John Hole; wife Ann; and Benjamin Hampton. On 10/18/1736 Thomas Gale sold land to one Jacob Johnson. On 10/11/1737 Thomas was referred to as Capt. Gail (sic) and appeared between 1747 and 1759 as Capt. Thomas Gale on a Land Processioner's list. In 1749 Thomas was the Commissioner of the Peace for Isle of Wight and on 8/4/1749 of that year was listed on a military Roster as Captain of Horse.
Thomas was a member of the vestry of Newport Parish in Isle of Wight that is currently known as Old St. Luke's Church. He was living on the western branch of the Nansemond River and his property was referenced on 8/2/1749 when Thomas Bullock, a blacksmith living in Perquimmon County, North Carolina, sold 250 acres of land to John Baldwin of Petsworth Parish in Gloucester County, VA. The acreage, "whereon he lately lived," was located on the western branches of the Nansemond River in Newport Parish adjoining Captain Thomas Gale, Henry Pitt, John William and William Pope. The tract was originally granted on 11/29/1679 to William Powell and sold by his grandson John Pope to Thomas Bullock on 12/22/1729. It was noted that a 10' square graveyard was excepted from the deed. Witnesses were James Allman, William Fleming, and William Bullock. (Hopkins, Wm.)

Several associates of Thomas were named in the will of Elizabeth Brasey who died on 7/23/1751. Recorded on 8/6/1752, the will named cousin Henry Wiggs, cousin John Wiggs, cousin Mary Everitt, daughter Mary Jordan, grandson Richard Jordan, granddaughter Hannah Jordan, son Francis, daughter Elizabeth Outland whose estate was in the hands of John Outland, and granddaughter Mary Outland. Executors were her grandson Mathew Jordan and Francis Bracey (sic). Witnesses were Thomas Gale, Charles Chesnutt, and Godfrey Powell. From 1752 to 1755 Thomas served with Robert Burwell as a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses.
THE IDENTITY OF THE FOURTH GENERATION THOMAS GALE is questionable, as there are several Thomas Gales in the area during that time, many records are non-existant and dates overlap. Therefore, I have compiled the following profiles based on compilations from records to the best of my knowledge. If you have any additions or corrections to the material, please CONTACT ME.

V/1: THOMAS WHITNEY GALE, JR. (Est. 1730-40 - 12/7/1801) was born at an unknown date to Thomas and Mary Griffith Gale and was still a minor at the time of Thomas Sr.'s death. Thomas married FRANCES CHAPMAN, daughter of Charles Chapman, before 12/4/1766 when Thomas and Frances sold 105 acres to John Outland described as, "being part of land wheron said Gale now lives adj. James Marshall, dec'd, Jos. Jordan, the main swamp, Hampton and Stephen Butler. " (Hopkins) It was noted that 27 acres of the tract was formerly sold by Gale to Joseph Jordan.

Thomas W. Gale appeared between 1780 and 1782 with two whites and three blacks. On 6/24/1783 Thomas Gale, Jr. witnessed the will of John Marshall, Jr. of Isle of Wight County. Marshall bequeathed …to Elizabeth Gale, who now lives with me, one Negro girl called ROSE. John Marshall's daughters married a Mr. Boykin and a Mr. Jordan and on 5/11/1785 Thomas Gale, Jr. witnessed the will of Matthew Jordan. On 5/26/1789 Thomas was named when Joseph Britt was granted 600 acres in Isle of Wight County adjoining his property and that of William Downing, William Moore, John Thomas and others. In 1800 Thomas Whitney Gale was a signer on a petition to the General Assembly regarding the Isle of Wight Courthouse and was a member of the House of Burgesses. He died in Isle of Wight County on 12/7/1801.

In 1787 Thomas W. Gale was listed on Tax List A in Isle of Wight County with two whites and three blacks and was shown as THOMAS W. GALE, JR. (of Thomas). He was similarly listed on the Personal Property Tax Lists between 1790 and 1799. Since the other Thomas Whitney Gale died in 1791, this would refer to this Thomas W. Gale. In 1793 Thomas witnessed the will of BENJAMIN HAMPSON (si c), dated 6/7/1793 and recorded 9/1/1794, that named his wife, sons Francis and Elijah, daughter Tabitha, and daughter Martha. Executors were his sons Francis and Elijah Hampton and witnesses were Thomas Smelley, Thomas Jordan, and Thomas Gale. Lemuel Murphy gave security.

V. THOMAS, JR. (?? -
V. SALLY (?? - ??) married Mills Pope.
V. FRANCES "FANNIE" (?? - Bet. 12/10/1819 - 7/2/1821, IOW), consort of Jacob Darden, Jr. (Bet. 9/18/1764 - 9/27/1772, Southampton Co.) Fannie and Jacob had an illegitimate son named Buxton W. Gale (3/7/1800-01, IOW - Before 11/5/1832). Buxton married Emily McDougal Gardner (1800 IOW -1875 IOW) on 12/11/1819 at Isle of Wight County. They had children, Buxton W., who married Mary E. Edwards on 12/10/1855; Robert Gale; and Peter Gale.
V. JOSEPH (Abt. 1790 - ??) married Fanny Pierce (Abt. 1795 IOW - ??) on 3/27/1812, IOW.
V. ALEXANDER (Bef. 1799 - ??) married Margaret Matthews.

IV/2: THOMAS WHITNEY GALE JR. (EST. 1730 - 1791) was born about 1730. He married (1) MARY THOMAS (Abt. 1736, IOW - ??), daughter of Richard Thomas, by 1754 and had children. The will of Richard Thomas, proved on 10/6/1763, named two children, Tabitha Thomas (4th daughter), who married WILLIAM GALE and Mary Thomas (6th daughter), who married Thomas Whitney Gale. Richard Thomas' estate account mentioned legatees Thomas Whitney Gale, Tabitha Haile and Sarah Westry. (Isle of Wight County, WB7/310) On 8/14/1754 Samuel Thomas of Northampton County, NC, Richard's brother, conveyed a 100 acres of land in Isle of Wight to Thomas Whitney Gale and his wife, Mary Thomas Gale, who was described on the Deed of Gift as "my well beloved niece." The tract was originally given to Samuel by his father, John Thomas (?? - 1726). Witnesses were William Crocker, John Thomas and Joseph Crocker. (IOW DB9, pg. 304).

In 1775 one Thomas Whitney Gale Jr. witnessed the will of Thomas Turner, dated 4/26/1775 and recorded 8/3/1775. Allied names included Lazarus Holloway, Joshua Jenkins, William Turner, Virgus Smith, and Jacob Edwards. Based on his age at the time of the Revolutionary War, it would appear that this Thomas Gale served from 1777 to 1779 as Private Thomas Gale/Gail/Gaile, "drummer," in the 5th, 11th, and 15th Virginia Regiments. He served under Captain Thomas Edmonds of the 15th Virginia Regiment of Foot Soldiers and also served in Captain Thomas Wills Company, 11th & 15th Virginia Foot, under Major G. B. Wallace, Col. Daniel Morgan, Col. Buford and Col. John Cropper. Following is a chronological listing of his service:

2/15/1777: Enlisted for 3 years in Isle of Wight County, Va.
1/8, 7/10, 9/1, 10/14, 11/4, 12/22/1777: Listed on roster.
2/3/1778: Listed on roster
4/1778 - 6/7/1778: At Valley Forge
7/13/1778: At Paramus, New Jersey
8/11/1778: At White Plains, NY
4/3/1779: Camp Middlebrook on furlough to 4/15 in Virginia.
6/11/1779 - 7/1/1779: At Smith's Cove
8/3/1779 - 10/1/1779: At "Ramapough"
11/8/1779: Haverstraw
12/9/1779: Camp near Morristown
1781: Resigned as 1st Lieutenant in the Isle of Wight County Militia.
IV. JETHRO GALE (CA. 1730 - AFT. 1820) was born ca. 1730 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, to Thomas Whitney and Mary Griffith Gale. In 1755 he is mentioned in land records in Isle of Wight with "Whiteney" Gale, obviously his brother Thomas Whitney Gale, Jr. In 1761 Jethro married ELIZABETH GARNER, daughter of John Garner of Isle of Wight County, and had children. In fact, both Jethro Gale and Samuel Mathews (?? - Bet. 1773 and 1782) of Newport Parish married daughters of John Garner. Samuel Mathews' will dated 4/7/1773 and recorded 1/3/1782 mentioned his wife Sarah, son John, son Richard, and executors Richard Mathews and Jethro Gale. Witnesses were Jethro Gale, John Garnes (sic), and John Murphry. Security was given by John Gale. Other associates of the Gales included the families of Williams, Edwards, Sanders, Dunston and Bulluck. On 8/3/1759 Jethro is appointed guardian of John and Rebecca Williams, orphans of Joseph Williams, deceased, of Isle of Wight County. In 1767 he appraised of the estate of William Edwards and on 2/3/1772 witnessed the will of John Sanders, recorded 5/7/1772, that named wife Elizabeth, sons Thomas, Joseph, Jacob, Henry and John, and daughter Sarah Dunston. Other witnesses were Robert and Ann Sanders. On 8/7/1777 Margaret Bullock, orphan of Joseph, chose Jethro Gale as her guardian.

Elizabeth's father, John Garner, died on 9/30/1761. His will, recorded 8/5/1762, mentioned his daughter Sarah Matthews, daughter Mourning Dixon, daughter Mary Everitt, daughter Elizabeth Gale, daughter Garnes Neavill, daughter Penelope Bullock, wife Elizabeth, son John, granddaughter Margaret Bullock, son-in-law Jethro Gale and son-in-law Samuel Mathews. Witnesses were Samuel Everett, Sarah Everett, John Bullock and William Bullock. Elizabeth Garner Gale's sister, Mourning Garner, married Murphrey Dixon and the couple emigrated with Dixon's cousin John Murphrey to Dobbs, now Greene County, North Carolina in about 1745. John Murphrey named a son Jethro and a daughter Gale.

Jethro, along with one John Coggan, provided security for the will of Francis Hutchins, dated 9/3/1773 and recorded 4/7/1774, that named Hutchins' sons Jesse and Moses, grandson Jesse Hutchins, daughter America Booth and his wife Sarah Hutchins. Executors were his sons Jesse and Moses Hutchins and witnesses were Robert Babb, Evans Murphrey, and John Baldwin. He also was named in the will of Samuel Mathews of Newport Parish, dated 4/7/1773 and recorded 1/3/1782). Mathews named his wife Sarah; sons John and Richard; Executors son Richard Mathews and Jethro Gale; and witnesses Jethro Gale, John Garnes [probably Garner], and John Murphry. Security was provided by John Gale.

A vestryman of Newport Parish, Jethro took the oath of loyalty on 5/15/1775. He was mentioned as a member of Isle of Wight County's Committee of Safety, serving with Nathaniel Burwell and was referred to as "Jethro Gale, Gentleman." In May of 1776 he was mentioned in the Isle of Wight Order Books as the Surveyor of road between Tyne's Corner and Day's Mill. In 1777 he was Sheriff of Isle of Wight County, replacing William Bridges. On the 1780-82 Census in Isle of Wight Jethro is listed with eight whites and eight blacks. He also appeared on Tax List B of the 1787 Census for Isle of Wight County and was visited by the census taker on May 18th of that year along with Elizabeth Gale, John Gale, Thomas Gale, Sr. and another Elizabeth Gale, suggesting they were neighbors. Jethro also appeared on the Census records in Isle of Wight in 1789, 1790, 1810, and 1820. The date of his death is unknown. It appears that his wife Elizabeth "Betty" Gale died around 1816 as evidenced by the chancery case in Isle of Wight County on 10/9/1816 between George Hall et al vs. Patsy Gale, administratrix of Thomas Gale, et al. Family members named included Alice, Jethro, Robert, John B., Polly, Joseph and Alexander Gale, administrator and one of the distributes of Betty Gale, deceased. Elizabeth Gale's estate was listed in Isle of Wight County in 1820.

On 7/7/1785 an accounting of the estate of John Murphry (sic) was recorded. It was signed by Sarah Murphry and examined by John S. Wills and Jethro Gale. John Murphry, son of William, wrote his will, dated 12/6/1769 and recorded on 3/5/1772, and named sons John, Charles and William; wife Sarah; grandson Lemuel Murphey (sic); daughter Frances Fathera (sic); granddaughter Fanny Fatheree (sic); daughter Ann Murphey; son Michael; daughter Elizabeth Darden; daughter Sarah Chestnutt; daughter Mary White; daughter Jane Butler and daughter Elenorah Clenney. Executors were Murphry's wife and his son, John Murphey. Witnesses were John Marshall, Mathew Jordan and Hannah Jordan.

Jethro acquired two slaves from his father-in-law according to a bond dated 11/18/1762 witnessed by Henry Sanders, Thomas Gale and Elizabeth Gale. Received from the estate of John Garner in a bond dated 11/18/1762 were NAN (a Negro woman), and PEGG (a Negro girl).

V. THOMAS GALE (Living 1790 - Bef. 10/9/1816) "of Jethro," married Patsey (Unknown) and appeared on the 1790 Personal Tax list for Isle of Wight County

V. THOMAS GALE (?? - BEF. 10/9/1816) was born to Jethro and Elizabeth Garner Gale at an unknown date and appears as Thomas Gale "of Jethro" on the 1790 Personal Tax list for Isle of Wight County. He married PATSEY GALE on 1/2/1795 and had six children. Thomas appeared on the 1810 census for Isle of Wight County and appears to be the Thomas Gale cited in the 1816 Chancery case entered in Isle of Wight County and witnessed by Nathaniel Young, Clerk of the Court, 10/9/1816, Isle of Wight Courthouse. (Virginia, Isle of Wight County, Chancery Court Records, Case 1820-048: George Hall et al. vs. Patsy Gale, admin. of Thomas Gale, et al., 10/9/1816 - Library of Virginia)


EXUM GALE and NANCY GALE, infant children of JOHN GALE, deceased; POLLY [Est. 1795 - 12/1/1855, IOW, age 60 according to the County Death Register], BETSEY & PLEASANT GALE, infant children of THOMAS GALE, deceased, and wife PATSEY GALE; ELEY, THOMAS, PATSEY, ALEXANDER, NANCY & ELIZABETH GALE, infant children of THOMAS GALE JR., son of THOMAS GALE, deceased, who was the son of THOMAS GALE SR., deceased; and BUXTON GALE. Others named were MATTHIAS & ELIZABETH SPENCER; BYRD & NANCY SUMNER; NANCY WILLIAMS, daughter of [blank] WILLIAMS, late [blank] SPENCER; GEORGE & SALLY HALL DIXON; POLLY EVERITT, widow of JOHN EVERITT, deceased; and FRANCIS M. BOYKIN.

Thomas died sometime around 1816, and Patsy Gale was living in 1820 and appeared as the head of a household on the Census for Isle of Wight County.

CHILDREN OF THOMAS & UNKNOWN GALE [Described as "infants" in 1816]
VI. ELEY (By 1816 - ??)
VI. THOMAS (By 1816 - ??)
VI. PATSEY (By 1816 - ??)
VI. ALEXANDER (By 1816 - ??)
VI. NANCY (By 1816 - ??)
VI. ELIZABETH (By 1816 - ??)
ANDREW GALE (Living 1799) appeared on the 1799 Personal Property Tax List and the 1810 Census.
BENJAMIN GALE (No date) appeared with Edwin J. Eley and others on a list of Noncommissioned Officers and Privates, members of Company C, 19th Regiment, North Carolina Troops (2nd North Carolina Cavalry), born outside of Gates County, NC. His birthplace was listed as Isle of Wight County, VA.
CHARLOTTE GALE (Living 1850) appeared on the 1850 Census as head of household with Emily and Joseph Gale.
CLOTILDA GALE (Living 1820) appeared on the 1820 Census.
EDMUND GALE (Living 9/28/1832) was a witness on a land transaction for Lazarus and Mary Johnson who sold 240 acres South of Currywaugh Swamp off the Blackwater River adjacent to the late Elisha Johnson, et al.
ELIZABETH GAYLE (Living 1798) married John Atkinson on 1/27/1798.
ELIZABETH GALE (Living 1787 - 1799) appeared on Tax List B/1787 Census and on the 1790 - 1799 Personal Property Tax Lists.
EXUM GALE, SR. (LIVING 1700s) was an officer in the British navy.
EXUM GALE, JR. (Living 1785) was born in England, immigrated to Isle of Wight County, VA around 1785. MARCELLA GALE ELEY (Living 1860) said to be the great-granddaughter of EXUM GALE, JR. married John Thomas Wickhouse in Norfolk, VA in 1860. Interments beginning in 1800 in Elmwood and Cedar Grove Cemeteries in Norfolk show that John F. Wickhouse was buried 3/17/1900 and Marcella G. Wickhouse was buried 4/8/1902.
EXUM (1799 - ??) married Holland Dixon on 1/1/1820 in a ceremony performed by John Clark. Jethro Gale provided security. Exum Gale appeared on the Isle of Wight County Census in 1820, 1830, 1840 and 1850. In the latter year, his wife, Holland, and daughter Marcillia E. Gale also appeared. [The will of ANN EXUM, dated 2/3/1726-27 and recorded 3/27/1727, named daughter ELIZABETH; granddaughter KATOREN GODWIN; grandson JEREMIAH LAWRENCE; grandson EXUM SCOTT; granddaughter ANN MURFRY; grandson RICHARD EXUM OUTLAND; daughter MARY MACKQUINNY; daughter JANE OUTLAND; daughter MOURNING SCOTT & and her children; daughter CHRISTIAN NORSWORTHY; my deceased daughter SARAH'S children. Ex. SON-IN-LAW WILLIAM SCOTT. Wit: THOMAS SIKES, JAMES DENSON, HENRY SANDERS.]
AKAM [probably EXUM] - Living 1810) appeared on the1810 Census.
JAMES GALE (Living 1860) is on the Isle of Wight Census as James S. 32, Rebecca 23, Margaret 60, Thomas Whitney 2, M. A. 2 mos, Eliza Godwin and Allen Godwin.
JETHRO GALE (Lving 1827) married Sally Clark on 12/3/1827. Security was provided by Jeremiah Outland.
JOHN GAYLE (Living 1783) married Chloe Babb, a widow, in 1783. Surety was provided by WILLIAM BALDWIN, father-in-law. [On 1/11/1822 Chloe was listed as a parent on the IOW Marriage Bonds for the marriage of Nancy Gale to Daniel Whitley. Robert Gale provided surety and was a witness along with Thomas Dixon.
JOHN GALE (1780-87) listed on the census with five whites and three blacks. 1787 Census Tax List B
(appeared next to Thomas Sr., Elizabeth & Jethro); 1790 - 1799 Personal Property Tax List; 1810, 1840 Census; John Gale gave security on the will of Samuel Mathews of Newport Parish dated 4/7/1773 and recorded 1/3/1782. The will named wife Sarah, sons John and Richard, and Executors son Richard Mathews and Jethro Gale. [Samuel Mathews & Jethro Gale had both married daughters of John Garner.]
JOHN GALE (No date) children EXUM & NANCY, named in the 1816 Chancery case of George Hall et al vs. Patsey Gale et al.
JOHN B. (Living 1810 - 1840) was listed on the 1810, 1820 and1840 census. One John B. Gale was listed on the Isle of Wight County Marriage Bonds for 1812 - 1838 with three marriages. (1) Elixabeth Joyner, 8/31/1830, surety by John Proven; (2) Adaline Clayton, 4/1/1834; (3) Winney Edwards, 2/11/1836. He was listed as the parent on the IOW Marriage Bonds at the marriage of Margaret Gale to William Moore on 9/1/1827. John Provan provided surety.
JOSEPH (Living 1850) Listed on the 1850 Census with one male 5 - 10, one male 70 - 80, one female 20 - 30, and one female 30 - 40. Neighbors are the Murphrey and Babb families.
MARGARET GAYLE (Living 1836) married Wiliam K. Powell on 3/7/1836.
MARTHA GALE (Living 1850) appeared on the 1850 Census as age 38 with Sarah A. F., age 14; Samuel T., age 11; William H. J., age 9; Mary A. E., age 7; shown with neighbors Tynes, White, Holloway.
MARY E. GAYLE (Living 1863) married David D. Edwards on 2/12/1863.
NANCY GALE (Living 1816) had an only child, ABBY GALE BOCOCK, the widow of Peter Bocock, deceased, 1816.
POLLEY GALE (Living 1834) married Stephen Whitley on 11/3/1834.
REBECCA GALE (probably 1811) married Thomas Stott, by William Blunt.
ROBERT GALE (Living 1819) married Fanny Gale on 9/16/1819. Surety was provided by Exum Gale. Robert appeared on the IOW census in 1820.
SAMUEL GALE (Living 1799 - 1820) appeared on the 1799 Personal Property Tax List and the 1820 Census. He married Sally Turner on 1/4/1805.
SIMON GALE: On 9/28/1728 Simon Gale of Surry County was granted 500 acres of land in Brunswick County on the south side of the Meherrin River on the Indian line and William Edwards' line. In December of 1732 a deed between John Bradford and James Douglas of Brunswick County for 100 acres of woodland on the south side of Fountain's Creek referenced Simon Gale's upper corner. The acreage was part of a patent to John Bradford with the remainder owned by Simon Gale. John Powell, William Powell, Margret (sic) Moore and John Bradford witnessed the transaction on 6/7/1733. In April of 1733 a deed was recorded between Simon Gale and Batt Peterson, both of Brunswick County, for 920 acres in Brunswick County on the south side of the Meherrin River, on both sides of Fountain's Creek, and at a corner tree on the land of John Scott. Witnesses were Burrell Brown, Matthew Perham and Matthew Flood and the deed was acknowledged by Simon Gale on 7/5/1733.
SUSAN GALE (?? - 10/1854), daughter of John and Virginia Gale, died at 1 year, 10 months.
WILLIAM GALE (Living 1763) married Tabitha Thomas, fourth daughter of Richard Thomas, per Thomas' will proved on 10/6/1763.
WILLIAM GALE (No date) was buried in a lot next to Walter Jordan at the Old Brick Church near Smithfield. The lots were located under a huge old oak (now gone?) near the road.

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Oakland Christian Church, Chuckatuck, Nansemond County, VA
VII. AVARILLA ANN (12/3/1847 - 9/28/1910) married George Willis Luke, five children. The couple was buried at Oakwood Christian Church Cemetery in Chuckatuck, VA.
VII. JOHN HENRY (6/261850 - 2/20/1919) married Barbara D. Thompson (8/14/1849 - 10/17/1916), five children. The family was buried at Oakwood Christian Church Cemetery.
VII. MARGARET JANE (Abt. 1852, Nansemond Co. - 12/29/1936) married (1) Junius Franklin Batten (Abt. 1846, Isle of Wight Co. - Abt. 1877) on 2/25/1869. Batten was a member of Company F, 3rd Regiment, VA Infantry, CSA, also known as the Nansemond Rangers. He enlisted on 4/17/1861 in Company B, 3rd VA Infantry. He was wounded at Seven Pines and at Sharpsburg, MD and also wounded during a retreat from Petersburg to Appomattox on 6/22/1864. He was hospitalized at Chimborazo Hospital, Lynchburg General Hospital and Petersburg Hospital. He was listed as a deserter and was in Libby Prison, Richmond, on 4/10/1865. After his release he became an Oysterman and according to Margaret's application for a Civil War Pension, Junius drowned in 1877 in Nansemond County. Margaret was a seamstress and after Junius' death she married (2) Mr. Mason (Bef. 1905, possibly in Philadelphia, PA) and (3) George Willis Edwards on 1/16/1906. She was buried at Oakland Christian Church Cemetery, Chuckatuck, Nansemond County, VA.
VII. ALEXINA (Est. 1854-55 - Bef. 1948) married John T. Harrell (Abt. 1851 - Abt. 1917, buried Cedar Hill Cemetery, Suffolk, VA), seven children.
VII. GEORGE WASHINGTON (8/31/1859 - 12/3/1930) married Emma C. Parr (6/20/1866 - 5/29/1939), no children. They were buried at Oakland Christian Church Cemetery in Chuckatuck.
VII. THOMAS WESLEY (9/17/1862 - 5/29/1927) unmarried. Buried at Oakland Christian Church Cemetery.
VII. JAMES BENJAMIN (2/22/1865; - 8/1/1931) married Martha Luanna Doyle (5/28/1874 - 12/6/1943) on 12/23/1891 at Isle of Wight. They had eight children, including Elezer Benjamin Gayle who grew up in the old Gayle homestead (ca. 1750s) in eastern Isle of Wight County. Elezer was the grandfather of Chuck Gayle of River Birch Farm in Chesapeake, Va. James and Martha were buried at Oakland Christian Church Cemetery.
V. ALEXANDER (7/13/1867 - 5/9/1883) was named for his grandfather. He died young and was buried at Oakland Christian Church Cemetery.
V. MARY CATHERINE (11/14/1869 - 11/15/1924) married Stephen Lewis Saunders (12/1/1863 - 10/11/1934), seven children. They were buried at Oakland Christian Church Cemetery.
VII. SARA EMILY "EMMA" (9/3/1872 - 7/1/1915) married David F. Darden (12/7/1860 - 10/18/1925) and had 14 children, 7 of whom died in infancy. The family was buried at Oakland Christian Church Cemetery.
VII. WILLIAM CLIFTON (Bef. 1883 - Aft. 1948) married (1) Nellie Doyle, five children; (2) Pearl Bradshaw, one child

VI. BUXTON W. GALE (1801 - BY 1832) was born in Isle of Wight County on 3/7/1800-01 as the illegitimate son of Frances Gale and Jacob Darden, Jr. and was the grandson of Thomas Whitney and Frances Chapman Gale. He was mentioned in the will of Jacob Darden, Jr. and when Frances sued Darden for child support in Isle of Wight County and won. Buxton married EMILY MCDOUGAL GARDNER (5/1/1800 IOW - 7/29/1875 IOW) on 12/11/1819 at a ceremony performed in Isle of Wight by Josiah Bidgood. According to Census records and the will of Nancy Gale Uzzell (dated 2/22/1841, Codicil 6/12/1844, recorded 2/1/1847, IOW, WB23/294-95) Buxton and Emily Gale had three children. Emily Gale was appointed as Nancy's executrix.

On 3/7/1814 Buxton Gale was mentioned in a Deed of Bargain and Sale between William Whitley and his wife Lucy and Whitley's mother Ann, widow and relict of Elisha Whitley, to John Uzzell, all of Isle of Wight County. The tract was described as 150 acres, more or less, in Isle of Wight conveyed to William Whitley by a Deed of Gift from his father Elisha recorded 7/8/1800. Boundaries were described beginning at an ash in Francis W. Boykin's Mill Swamp, a corner tree in William Parr's line…, a line of marked trees to a corner pine in Elisha Whitley's line, a line of marked trees to a corner oak in Thomas Hall's and Elisha Whitley's line, … a line of marked trees to a pine where corners the lands of Thomas Hall, Pleasents Casey, and William Stephens...along a line of marked trees to the head of a branch then down the said branch to Boykins Mill Swamp and down the said swamp to the first station. (IOW-DB22/141-42)

About a year after purchasing his land, John Uzzell died leaving a will dated 3/19/1815 and proved 4/4/1815. His executor was Nancy Gale and William Whitley was a witness. According to the minister's returns for Isle of Wight County, Nancy Gale married John Uzzell on 1/7/1806 at a ceremony performed by Isaac Vellines. On 1/11/1822 minister John Clark performed a marriage between Nancy Gale and Daniel Whitley, obviously John's widow, Nancy Gale Uzzell. Meanwhile Nancy Gale Uzzell's will, dated 2/22/1841 with a codicil dated 6/12/1844, was proved on 2/1/1847 and named as executrix and principal legatee Emily Gale, Buxton's widow. This clearly indicates a relationship between Buxton and Nancy.

Buxton W. Gale appeared on the 1820 Census as Burton (sic) W. Gale. He died in 1832. Emmily (sic) Gale appeared on both the 1830 and 1840 Census for Isle of Wight and on the 1850 Census she is shown as Emily Gale, age 48, a farmer and head of a household. Living with her was her son, Buxton Gale, age 19, laborer. Also living in the house were Francis Latimore, age 35, merchant; Mary E. F. Latimore, age 1; and Emily Hill, age 14, listed as "black."

VII. BUXTON W. GALE (1831 - 7/1/1862) was born to Buxton and Emily McDougal Gardner Gale in 1831. His birth year was determined from the 1850 Census when he was listed as a laborer, age 19, living in the household of Emily Gale. On 12/10/1855 he married MARY E. EDWARDS but no children were found. Buxton appeared on the 1860 Slave Schedule. He enlisted in Company D, 16th Virginia Infantry, CSA on 4/22/1861 at Windsor with his brother Robert. He was transferred to Company A on 4/11/1862 but was killed at the battle of Malvern Hill on 7/1/1862.
VII. ROBERT (?? - ??) enlisted in Company D, 16th Virginia Infantry, CSA at Windsor, Va. on 4/22/1861 with his brother Buxton. He was wounded on 8/30/1862 at Manassas, captured and later paroled. He was a member of the Invalid Corps, PACS.
VII. PETER (?? - ??) probably died young.

Mary Thomas Gale died and Thomas Whitney married (2) SUSANNA (SARAH) DAVIS, a widow, on 2/6/1787. Surety was given by Edward Davis. Thomas Whitney Gale's will, dated 11/8/1791 and recorded on 12/6/1791, named his wife Sarah, son Thomas, daughters Polly and Sally, and granddaughter Polly Flood. Executors were his son Thomas and Edward Davis. Witnesses were Edward Davis, Everett Morris and Penelope Pope. Security was given by Edward and Thomas Davis, relatives of his second wife. (Virginia, Isle of Wight County, WB10/216)

THOMAS (Abt. 1755 - ??)
SALLY Abt. 1759 - ??)
ELIZABETH or "POLLY" (Abt. 1760 - Before 1791) referred to as a daughter of "Major Gale," married on 1/13/1787 in Isle of Wight County to Thomas Flood (1760 - 1811, Wilson Co., Tenn.), son of John Flood (1695, Buckingham Co., Va. - Abt. 1783). Surety was given by Edward Davis. Thomas and Elizabeth Gale Flood had a daughter, Mary "Polly" Thomas Flood (5/4/1786, IOW - 7/12/1860, Linn Co., MO.) who married John Stockard on 5/2/1806 in Wilson County, Tennessee. After Elizabeth Gale Flood's death, Thomas married (2) Judith Strother (Abt. 1766 - 1844) at Culpepper Co. Va. and resided in Wilson Co. Tenn. [There is a possible link here to Simon Gale who was the subject of a deed recorded in April of 1733 for 920 acres in Brunswick County, Va. Witnesses were Burrell Brown, Matthew Perham, and Matthew Flood. SEE SIMON GALE, below, PROBABLE MEMBERS OF THIS FAMILY.]

THOMAS GALE (Living 1790) married Chloe Fatherlie on 9/6/1790.
THOMAS GALE (Living 1800) married Peggy Spencer,5/26/1800: witness, Jethro Gale. Peggy appeared on the 1830 Isle of Wight County Census and again on the 1840 Census with one male 10 - 15, two females 5 - 10, and one female 30 - 40. Neighbors are the Murphrey and Babb families.]
THOMAS W. GALE (Living 1805) married Rebecca Hancock on 4/25/1805.
THOMAS W. GALE (Living 1832) married Martha Chapman on 10/14/1832. Surety was provided by Merit Bracy.

V. JOSEPH GALE (1790 - Aft, 1840) was born ca.1790 in Isle of Wight County to Thomas Whitney Gale, Jr. and his second wife, Frances Chapman. He married FANNY PIERCE (Abt. 1795 IOW - ??) on 3/27/1812 in a ceremony performed by Michael Murphrey. The couple had at least one son, Joseph, and possibly other children. Joseph Gale appeared on the Isle of Wight County Census in in Newport Parish in 1810, 1820, and 1840. He died in Isle of Wight County sometime after 1840 when he last appeared on the census.

VI. JOSEPH (1815, IOW - 3/31/1857, IOW) married (1) 11/7/1834, Mary Ann Green; surety by Swepston Gale, brother; (2) Mary Ann Hartchell on 1/28/1837, IOW; married (3) ca. 1843, Mary F. Goodson (6/1819 -Aft. 6/1/1900 IOW)
VI. POSSIBLY ALEXANDER (Bef. 12/10/1819 - ??)
VI. SWEPSTON (Living 1830) married Elizabeth Fulgham on 5/3/1830. Surety was provided by Edward B. Gay, and Joseph was listed as the father.

VI. JOSEPH GALE, JR. (1815 - 3/31/1857) was born in 1815 in Isle of Wight County to Joseph and Fanny Pierce Gale. He married (1) MARY ANN GREEN on 11/7/1834, (2) MARY ANN HARTCHELL on 1/23/1838 and (3) MARY F. GOODSON (6/1819 - 6/1/1900) around 1843. [A deed recorded on 3/25/1723 describes a tract of land on Blackwater Swamp adjacent Flag Swamp and land of Barnaby MacKenie, John Darden, EDWARD GOODSON, Matthew Ruahing and Thomas Crawford. The deed was witnessed by Jacob Darden, John Marsh, Thomas Gale Jr. and Joseph Stricklen.

The 1840 census lists Joseph Gale Jr. as the head of a household with one female age 20 - 30, one female under 5, one male 20 - 30, and one male between 5 and 10. On the 1850 census Joseph was listed as age 35, placing his birth year at 1815. His occupation was given as "farmer" and living in his household were Mary F., age 31; Joseph H., age 14; Margaret F., age 11; Georgianna, age 5; and Frances E., 11 months. Their neighbors were the families of Thomas and Wilson.

VII. JOSEPH H. (Est. 1836 - ??) married Angeretta (Unknown) and had at least 1 son, John Gale.
VII. MARGARET F. (Est. 1839 - ??)
VII. GEORGIANNA (Est. 1845 - ??)
VII. FRANCES E. (Est. 1849 - ??)
VII. ALEXANDER (Est. 1852 - ??) married Lillie C. (Unknown)
VII. PROBABLY WILLIAM B. (Est. 1855 - ??)

VII. JOSEPH H. GALE (ABT. 1836 - ??) was born to Joseph and Mary F. Gale about 1836 according to census records. Joseph married ANGERETTA (UNKNOWN) and appeared on the 1850 census at age 24. He was listed as the owner of a cotton factory in the town of Smithfield. Living with him were Angeretta, age 25, and John W. Gale, age 9 months. Neighbors were listed as the families of Garner and Godwin.

JOHN W. (ABT. 1849-50 - ??)

VII. ALEXANDER GALE (EST. 1852 - ??) was born about 1852 in Isle of Wight County to Joseph and Mary F. Goodson Gale. His date of birth is estimated from census records. Alexander, age 18, appeared on the 1870 Census at Zuni Station in Newport Township, Isle of Wight County, in the household of his mother, Mary F. Gale, farmer, age 50. Also in the household are Georgianna, age 24; Fannie, age 20; William B. Gale, age 14; and one J. W. Scott, age 23. Their neighbors were the Tynes family. At an unknown date he married LILLIE C. (UNKNOWN). In 1880 he is again listed on the Isle of Wight County census as a farmer, age 28, heading a household including his wife Lillie C. Gale, age 23; his mother, Mary F. Gale, age 61; and his sister Fannie E. Gale, age 29.


V. ALEXANDER GALE (BEF. 1799 - ??) was born to Thomas and Frances Chapman Gale sometime before 1799 when he appears on the Personal Property Tax List. Alexander married MARGARET MATHEWS on 8/12/1826. Margaret's guardian was listed as Nathaniel Pruden. Alexander and Margaret had two children, and Alexander appeared on the 1810 Census, where he was listed with 10 slaves. He also appears on the 1830 census.

VI. JOHN THOMAS (9/20/1828 - Abt. 1896) married Margaret Ann Pitt (Est. 1831-33 - ??) and had children.
VI. CIVILLA ANN (12/20/1831 - 4/17/1857) married John Bridger Newman. Civilla is buried at Oakland Church Cemetery in Chuckatuck.

VI. JOHN THOMAS GALE (1828 - 1896) was born on 9/20/1828 to Alexander and Margaret Mathews Gale. Around 1847 John Thomas married MARGARET ANN PITT (3/28/1832, IOW - ??), daughter of Henry Pitt Jr. and his wife, Nancy Ann Everett Newman, and had several children whose births, according to descendant Chuck Gayle, were noted in a family Bible.

John Thomas was listed on the 1850 census as a farmer, age 23, born in Nansemond County. In his household were his wife Margaret A., age 17, born in Isle of Wight; A. Ann, age 1, born in Nansemond; and Nancy Lawrence, age 7, also born in Nansemond. Nearby families are Tynes, Parr and Lawrence. In 1860 he is listed on the census as a farmer living in the town of Suffolk in Nansemond County next to the families of Jackson and Sykes. His wife, Margaret Ann Pitt Gale, was listed as age 29, and children were Avyrilla A. (sic), age 11; John H., age 10; Margaret J., age 8; and Alexina, age 6. On the 1870 census John Gale, farmer, age 44, was listed in Chuckatuck Township in the town of Suffolk. In his household were Margaret A., age 37; John W., age 20, farm worker; Alexine, age 15; George W., age 11; Thomas W., age 9; James B., age 7; Alexander, age 3; and Mary W., age 8 months. [John W. may have been John Henry and Thomas W. may have been Thomas Jefferson. There is a family burial plot at Oakland Christian Church Cemetery in Chuckatuck, VA.
St. John's Church, Chuckatuck, VA.
Old St. Luke's Church, originally Newport Parish Church, Smithfield, Virginia

I. THOMAS GALE SR (?? - Est. 1680-89), was born to unknown parents, probably in England, married (UNKNOWN) and had at least one son, Thomas Gale, Jr. Between 1666 and 1680 Dr. Thomas Gale of St. John's Parish is listed with 39 acres of land and 29 Negroes.

Thomas may have had a sister, Mary, who married Francis Bridle. Her first husband was Thomas Hampton. Bridle obtained a patent dated 1/21/1679 for 422 acres on the Western Branch of the Isle of Wight River from Sir Henry Chicheley, Deputy Governor of Virginia. Bridle's will, dated 5/5/1712, named his wife Mary as Executrix; his daughter Mary Denson, wife of John; grandson Francis Hampton; land adjoining Wm. Murfrey and Thomas Gale; daughter-in-law (or step-daughter) Elizabeth Sikes; grandchildren John, William, Francis, James, Mary, Sarah Eleanor, and Ann Denson; granddaughter-in-law Elizabeth Hampton; and witnesses William Kerle, Roger Tarlton, Sr. and Roger Tarlton, Jr. It was noted that the will would not have been probated until after 1716 when Francis and Mary Bridle were "imported" on a grant to son-in-law John Denson. A reference dated 1/10/1680 noted that Francis Bridle and his wife Mary, do say and oblige all hands that Thomas Gale, orphan son of Thomas Gale, dec., shall enjoy a full half of the patent. Based on this reference, Thomas Gale Sr. died prior to 1/10/1680. (IOW Patent Book 7/209)

The following patent dated 7/10/1680 references adjacent lands. (IOW Plat Book 7/38)
To all &c Whereas &c Now know ye that I the said Thomas Lord Culpepper Baron of Thoroway his Magties Lieutenant Governer &c Give and grant unto??? John Lear nine hundred acres of land lying and being in the County of Nansemond ~ Isle of Wight on a branch of Nanzemond river called the Indian Creeke beginning at a hicory standing by the inso??d branch side being the corner tree on the westernmost side of a pattent of seaven hundred acres formerly granted? toAndry Bonny and? which was the upper side of the land held by Fannie? Wells dec'd now alsoe belonging to the said John Lear and? runs thense South by west three hundred and twenty pole into the woods by the said Wells his line as aforsaid to a marked white oake being the corner tree at the miles end of Wells his land thense West North West five hundred and ninety pole to a marked white oake standing in a reedy swamp or flatty pognoson thense northeast three hundred and twenty pole by??? through? the corner of Richard Barber at Thomas Gales orchard to an antient great cypress marked now now marked above the old marks standing close? by or neare the maine run side thense bounded with the maine run downwards according to the severall curbings and windings thereof to the first mentioned marked tree and station six hundred & fifty aces whereof being formerly granted to Richard Saven by pattent bearing date the elevente of June one thousand & six hundred fifty three and after Renewal by Symon Irons the Eighteenth of March one thousand six hundred sixty two and is now after severall dessents & surrenders???????? belonging to the said Lear the Two hundred fifty acres residue? being due by and for the transportation of five p: sons into the colony. To have and to hold &c to bee held &c yeilding & paying provided &c dated the Tenth ~ day of July ~ one thousand six hundred & eighty ~ ~ Mary Hardy, Richd Stubb, Walt. Stafford, And:. Hare? Isaac Ellis.

In 1686 Francis and Mary Hutchins, husband and wife, of the lower Parish conveyed 100 acres of land to Thomas English in Isle of Wight on the Western Branch adjoining Thomas Gale and Thomas Powell. On 2/8/1689 Francis and Mary Bridle of Nansemond Parish deeded life rights to half of a patent, dated 1/21/1679 and bounded by John Thornton, to Thomas Hampton, Jr. and wife Elizabeth Bridle Hampton. The property was then to go to Mary Hampton after Thomas Gale satisfied his part. The deed was witnessed by James Doughtie and recorded on 2/10/1689.

II. THOMAS T. JR. (Bef. 1679 - 1732-33, IOW) married Alice Marshall (Est. 1695 - 1738)
John Thomas Gayle 1828 - 1896
Alexander Gayle 1867 - 1883
Research into this family is difficult since there were so many men named Thomas Gale. Sometimes referred to by their middle initials and sometimes not, they appear in random fashion as Thomas Gale Sr. and Jr., Thomas W. Gale, Sr. & Jr., Thomas Gale "of Thomas," and so on. Many of those found on tax lists and census records have overlapping birth and death dates so there is no clear indication of identity. Heads of households in Isle of Wight in 1782 included THOMAS GALE (SR.) with four whites and four blacks; THOMAS GALE with four whites and no blacks; John Gale with five whites; Jethro with eight whites and Thomas Whitney with two whites. On the 1810 census for Nansemond County is a THOMAS S. GALE and the 1830 and 1840 Census lists a THOMAS W. GALE. Except for the latter listing in 1830-40, these references could apply to THOMAS GALE (?? - by 1816), son of Jethro; THOMAS WHITNEY GALE, JR (Minor in 1760 - Aft. 1801) or THOMAS GALE JR. (?? - by 1816), son of Thomas. In 1790, Gale heads of households in Isle of Wight were Jethro, John, Margret, Thomas (1), Thomas (2) and Thomas Whitney Gale.

An early Gale property in Isle of Wight County was
Gale's Pocosin, an Indian term for an upland swampy area. The description of a 1680 patent of 900 acres on a branch of Indian Creek noted that part of the property was "a reedy swamp or flatty pognoson (sic)" nearby the land of Thomas Gale. The property adjoined the land of Francis Bridle. The tract was described as being on the west side of Orbit Road towards Indika. A visit to the site in 2013 revealed a swampy area surrounded by woods and farmland.

Photo off Orbit Road, 2013, Gayle Mandell
Thomas Gale died in 1760 leaving a will, dated 1/1/1760 and proved 2/7/1760, naming sons Jethro and Thomas, daughters Ann and Elizabeth, "younger daughters Tabitha and Alice," and daughter Mary Spencer. His bequest to Elizabeth was made "if she does not marry Joshua Jenkins." Thomas' named his friend John Marshall Jr. as executor and as guardian of Thomas, Tabitha, and Alice. Witnesses were John and Lewis Baldwin and Ann Marshall. (IOW-WB6/530) An appraisal of the estate, signed by John Marshall, dated 2/7/1760 and recorded on 4/3/1760, named appraisers William Pass, John Murphrey, Jr. and George Hall. John Marshall, Sr., Thomas' father-in-law, died on 4/11/1760 and named Thomas and Mary Griffith Gale's children in his will, recorded on 10/2/1766. Marshall mentioned his grandson Thomas and granddaughters Ann, Elizabeth, Tabitha, and Alice Gale. The executor was his son John Marshall, Jr. and witnesses were John Baldwin, Lewis Baldwin, Robert Eley and John Lawrence.

IV. JETHRO (Est. 1732 - Aft. 1820) married Elizabeth Garner (?? - by 1816) in 1761 at Isle of Wight.
IV. MARY (Est. 1734 - Living 1760) referred to in Thomas' will as daughter Mary Spencer.
IV. ANN (Est. 1736 - Living 1760) was mentioned in her father's will. The appraisal of Ann Gale's estate was ordered on 4/4/1771, signed by Jethro Gale, and recorded 8/5/1773.
IV. ELIZABETH (Est. 1738 - 12/10/1819) was listed on Tax List B of the 1787 census for Isle of Wight along with Jethro, John and Thomas Gale, Sr.
IV. TABITHA (Est. 1742 -??) referred to in Thomas' will with her sister Alice as his younger daughters.
IV. ALICE (12/23/1744, IOW - 11/22/1784, Ebbing Springs, Hawkins Co. Tenn.) married on 1/27/1763 in Northampton County, North Carolina to Thomas Jefferson Amis (1/1/1743 - 12/4/1797, Hawkins Co., Tenn.). Children were Tabitha, Frances, Mary, Elizabeth, John, Rachel, Willis, Lincoln, Alice Gale, Thomas Gale and Penelope Amis. Thomas Amis was born either in Northampton County, NC, or at Halifax Plantation, Halifax Co., NC. The family lived first in Duplin County about 1767 and then Bladen County in 1772. Thomas Amis succeeded his brother William as Commissary for the 3rd North Carolina Regiment during the Revolutionary War and served in the Provincial Congress at Halifax in 1776. He also served as a justice of the peace and superintendent of commissary with the rank of captain in the 3rd Regiment of Continental troops. Around 1781 Thomas Amis moved to Hawkins County, NC, where he built a stone house surrounded by a fort for protection against Indians and soon added a store, blacksmith shop, distillery, grist and saw mills, a tavern, school, forge and post office. Alice Gale Amis died and Thomas married (2) on 3/26/1787 to Lucy Haynes, daughter of Francis and Ann Smith Haynes and had four other children, Haynes, William, James and Nancy Amis. Thomas Amis, a member of the Society of the Cincinnati, served in the North Carolina Senate in 1788 and 1789, representing Hawkins County, NC, now part of Tennessee. He died at his home on Big Creek in Hawkins County on 11/18/1797 and both he and Alice were buried at the Amis Cemetery near Rogersville, Tenn.

II. THOMAS GALE, JR. (ABT. 1669 - 1732-33) was born about 1669 to Thomas Gale, Sr. and an unknown wife. His siblings, if any, are unknown. He married ALICE MARSHALL (Est. 1695 - 1738) and had five known children. By 1698 he was a Justice for Isle of Wight County.

Thomas Gale Jr. was a member of St. John's Church at Chuckatuck, once the site of a Quaker meeting house referred to in the Chuckatuck Meeting Record. The original meeting house was erected on a portion of a one acre tract sold on 6/8/1702 by Francis Hutchins and his son Richard to William Scott, Francis Bridle, John Denson, John Sikes and Isaac Ricks. It was located on the Western Branch of the Nansemond River in Chuckatuck, VA.