Chapter 22 - The Gale Families of New England - Richard Gael (1618 - 1678)
Signature from Richard Gael's will (
RICHARD GAEL (1618 - 1678), also shown as Gale, Gall, and Geale, was one of four brothers, including JOHN, HUGH, and EDMUND GALE, who came to New England in the 1600s. It is thought that his grandfather was ABRAHAM GALE (1543 - ??), who married Margaret (Unknown) in 1567, and that his father was RICHARD GALE (1585, Devonshire - ??), who married Alice Atwood. [SEE BELOW] Information on his family comes primarily from pre-published genealogies by the Hon. George Gale (1816 - 1868) of Galesville, Wisconsin and by Edward Chenery Gale. Additional information found online and in various records has been compared and integrated and appears in the Bibliography. Richard is placed here as Generation I since he is thought to be the first of the line to come to America.
I. Richard Gael (1618 - 1678) m. Mary Castle
II. John (1647 - Bef. 1694) m. Elizabeth Spring
III. Elizabeth (1678 - ??) m. 1700 John Nurse of Framingham
III. John (1680 - 1698)
III. Sarah (1681 - Abt. 1700) m. ca. 1700 Jonathan Pratt
III. Abigail (Bapt. 1687 - ??) m. 1716-17 Jonathan Cutler
III. Hannah (Bapt. 1687 - ??) m. 1714 Jabez Pratt.
III. Abiah (Bapt. 1689 - ??) m. 1719 Joseph Trumbull
II. Abraham (ca. 1643 -1718) m. 1673 Sarah Fiske (?? - 1728)
III. Abraham (1674 - ??) m. Rachel Parkhurst
IV. Abraham (1700 - 1779) m. Esther Cunningham
V. Daniel (1721 - ??) m. 1748 Sarah Lamson
VI. Daniel (1744 - Died young)
VI. Jonathan (1748 - ??) m. Mary Bancroft
VII. Amory (1776 - ??) m. Lucinda Rich.
VII. Polly (1778 - 1840) m. Martin Stephens 1798
VII. Jonathan (1779 - 1808) m. Polly Stephens 1822
VII. Ira (1782 - ??) m. Clarissa Sargent
VII. Sarah (1784 - 1857) m. John Stearns 1805
VII. Daniel (1787 - ??) m. Clarissa A. Ball
VII. Phebe (1789 - ??) m. (1) Urich Green 1806, (2) Nehemiah Houghton
VII. Melinda (1798 - 1799)
VII. Melinda (1800 -??) m. J. W. Chase
VI. Reuben (1751 -??) died unmarried
VI. Sarah (1752 - ??) m. Samuel Mellendy 1770
VI. Daniel (1753 - 1809) m. Esther Rice.
VI. Esther (1755 - ??) m. Philip Goss 1779
VI. Noah (1757 - ??) m. Rebecca Chase
VI. John (1759 - 1820) m. Patty Marble
VI. Ephraim (1760 - ??) Unmarried
VI. Richard (1762 - ??) m. (Unknown) & had children
V. Henry (1722-23 -??) m. 1745 Abigail Smith
VI. Esther (1746 - ??)
VI. Ephraim (1748 - ??)
VI. Joshua (1751 - ??)
VI. Henry (1753 - ??)
VI. Nathan (1755 - ??)
V. Thaddeus (1724 - ??) m. Lydia Amsden 1744-45
VI. Jacob (1746 - ??)
VI. Abraham (1747 -1748)
VI. Amsden (?? - ??) m. Elizabeth Henderson 1772
VI. Lydia (?? - ??) m. Samuel Bellows 1788
V. Abijah #1 (born & died 1725)
V. Abijah #2 (1727, Weston, Mass. -1804) m. (1) Abigail Amsden 1748, m. (2) Susanna Allen 1771
VI. Amsden (1748 -1749)
VI. Abijah #1 (born & died 1751)
VI. Sarah (1753 -1778) m. Edmond Entiswall 1777
VI. Abigail (1755 - ??) m. Malachi Nichols
VI. Abijah #2 (1759 -1801) unmarried
VI. Asa (1761 - ??) unmarried
VI. Nahum (1772 - ??) m. Hannah/Anna Forbes
VI. Eunice (1774 - 1850) unmarried
VI. Elisha #1 (1775 -1776)
VI. Jacob Amsden (1777 - ??) unmarried
VI. Elisha #2 (1778 - ??) m. Eliza (Unknown)
VI. Sarah (1779 -1780)
VI. Isaac (1780 - ??) m. Anna Norcross
VI. Susannah (1782 - ??) m. Jonah Forbush 1806
VI. Luis/Lewis (1783 - ??) unmarried
VI. Cyrus (1785 - ??) m. Eliza Davis
VI. David (1788 - ??) m. Betsey Wallen
V. Jonathan (1729 -1800) m. (1) Abigail Beal 1750; m. (2) Margaret Crawford
VI. Abigail (1758 - ??) m. James Stiles 1781
VI. Eli (1760 - ??) m. Anna Brown 1785
VI. Jonathan (1762 - ??) m. Sarah Wellington
VI. Rhoda (1764 - ??) m. George Andrews
VI. John (1767 - ??) m Eunice Bond

VI. Elizabeth (1767 - ??) twin of John
VI. Martha C. (?? - ??) m. Luthur Drury 1822
VI. Sally (?? - ??) m. George Eager
VII. Jonathan (1796 - ??) married Clarissa Gould
V. Esther (1731 - ??)
V. Mercy (1733 - ??)
V. Abraham (1734 - 1758) unmarried
V. Elisha (1735-36 - ??) m. Sarah Jones 1762
VI. Luther (1765 -1846)
VI. Calvin (1767 - Living 1774)
VI. Sally (1769 - ??) m. Elisha Hobbs, Jr. 1789
VI. Clarissa (1772 - ??) m. Dr. Ephraim Wilson 1795
VI. Anna (1774 - ??) m. Nathan Perry 1792
IV. Rachel (1702 - ??) m. Gershom Bigelow 1724
IV. Samuel (1705 - ??) m. Rebecca (Unknown)
V. Rebecca (1725 - ??) m. Edward Holman 1751
V. Samuel Jr. (1726 - 1793) m. Anna Fiske 1755
VII. Samuel (1785 - 1796)
VI. Anne (1759 - ??) m. John Cutting 1780
VI. Alpheus (1761 - 1823) m. Lydia Hammond
VI. Samuel (1756 - Probably 1776)
VI. Jacob (1758 - ??) m. Lois Hagar 1784
V. Rachel (1729 - ??) m. William Lackey 1749
V. Esther (1730 - ??)
V. Abraham (1733 - ??)
V. Lois (Bapt. 1734 - Died young)
V. Lois (Bapt. 1736 - ??)
V. Richard (1738 - ??)
IV. Isaac (1708 - ??) m. Judith Sawyer
V. Isaac (1732 - 1779) m. Mehetable Dwinel
V. Judith (1734 - ??) m. Abell Chace/Chase 1754
V. Jonas (1735 - ??) m. (1) Tamar Marsh, (2) Hannah Bancroft, (3) Widow Rebecca Guy
V. Nehemiah (1736-37 - ??) m. Ruth Marsh
V. Sarah (Bapt. 1741 - ??) m. Samuel Melody
V. Elisha (1743 - ??) m. Mary Singletary 1767
V. Anna #1 (1746 - Died in infancy)
V. Anna #2 (1748 - ??) m. James Leland, Jr. 1770
IV. Eunice (1711 -1793) m. (1) Benjamin Allen 1731, m. (2) Abijah Steadman 1768
IV. Abigail (1714 - ??) m. Samuel Phillips, Jr. 1735
IV. Daniel (Bapt. 1717 - ??) probably died young, twin of David
IV. David (Bapt. 1717 - ??) probably died young, twin of Daniel
IV. Josiah (1722, Bapt. 1733 - ??) m. Elizabeth (Unknown)
III. Sarah (1675 - died young)
III. Richard (1677 - ??) m. 1706 Sarah Knight
IV. Sarah (1706 - ??) m. Josiah Pierce, 1744
IV. Jonathan (1708 -1728) died young
IV. Mercy (1710 - ??) m. Abraham Jones, 1749
IV. Thankful #1 (Born and died 1714)
IV. Thankful #2 (1716 - ??)
IV. Lydia (1717 - ??) m. John Sadler, 1736
III. Hopestell (born & died 12/1678)
III. Mary (1680 - died young)
III. Abigail (1682 -1696)
III. Mercy (1683 - 1776) m. 1708 Samuel Sanderson (1681 - 1722)
III. Ebenezer (1686 - ??) m. 1709 to Elizabeth Green
IV. Elizabeth (Bapt. 1712 - ??) m. Isaac Whitney 1729-30
IV. Grace (1713 - ??)
IV. Hannah (Bapt. 1715 - ??) m. Eleazer Goodale 1738
IV. Prudence (Bapt. 1717 - ??) m. Jonathan Kenney/Kinney 1735
IV. Jonas (1719 - ??)
IV. Ebenezer Jr. (Bapt. 1724 - ??) m. Elizabeth Kenney
V. Hannah (1742 - ??)
V. Jonathan (1744 - ??) m. 1768 (1) Violette Kenney & (2) Lucy Temple
VI. Violette (1770 - ??)
VI. Lucy (1772 - ??)
VI. Isaac (1773 - ??)
VI. Jacob (1777 - Abt. 1856) married and lived in Windham, Vermont
VII. Hulday (?? - ??) m. W. Shepard.
V. Lydia (1746 - ??)
V. Sarah (1748 - ??)
V. Asa (1751 - ??) m. (1) Esther (Unknown) & (2) Lydia Longley
VI. Ebenezer (Abt. 1777 - ??) m. Mary "Polly" Chamberlain in 1805
VII. Gordon Hutchins (1805 - Living 1864) m. Orpha Holbrook
VIII. Burnell Belknap (1835-1862)
VIII. Eli Holbrook (1837 - Living 1864)
VIII. Alvah Thompson (1839 - 1843)
VIII. Fernando Chamberlain (1840 - ??) m. Fanny A. Taft
VII. Emiline (1810 - ??) m. in 1842 (Unknown)
VII. Gardner (1812 - ??) m. 1836 (Unknown)
VII. Rosetta Ann (1814 -??) m. 1843 (Unknown)
VII. Elijah (1816 -1847) married 1842
VII. Ira Willard (1818 - ??) m. in 1848
VII. Esther (1820 - ??) married 1849
VII. Mary Lorina (1822 - 1894) m. 1847 to William Ashley Bryant
VII. Ebenezer Warren (1824 - ??) m. 1849
VII. Nelson Barton (1826 - ??) m. 1850 (Unknown)
VI. Ivory (?? - ??) half-brother of Ebenezer
V. Susannah (1753 - ??)
V. Lucy (1755 - ??)
V. Molly (1768 - ??)
IV. Lydia (1727 - ??) m. David Bates 1752
IV. Abijah (Abt. 1727 - ??) m. Mary Gregory [Not listed by George Gale]
IV. Abigail (Bapt. 1730 - ??)
IV. David (Bapt. 1733 - ??) m. Elizabeth Kenney
V. John (1758 -1776) Warwick
V. Huldah (1760 - ??) m. 9/1777 Ephraim Town
V. Judith (1761 - ??) m. 1787 Asa Gould
V. Olive (1764 - 1852) m. 1788 Josiah Conant
V. Mary (1766 - ??) m. Benjamin Conant on 1784
V. David (1768 - ??) m. 1790 Mary Eddy
IV. Patience (?? - ??)
III. John (1687 - ??) m. Lydia (Pierce?)
IV. Joshua (1721 - Betw. 1746-47)
IV. John (1/23/1723 - ??)
IV. Jonas (1724 - ??) m. 1747 Mary Benjamin
V. Joshua (1750 - ??) m. Mrs. Molly Hubbard
V. Mary (1752 - ??) m. 1780 William Parker
V. Jonas Jr. (1754 - ??)
V. Sarah (1759 - ??) m. 1780 Paul Raymond, Jr.
V. Isaac (1761 - ??) m. Susannah Moore
V. Abel (1764 - ??)
V. Lydia (1767 - ??) m. 1786 Solomon Smith
V. Susannah (1769 - ??) m. 1792 Ebenezer Wellington
V. Oliver (1771 - ??) m. 1795 Esther Wellington
IV. Sarah (1726 - ??) m. Josiah Pierce
IV. Lydia (1728 - ??) m. 1749 John Chaddick
III. Mary (Bapt. 1689 - ??) married 1731 Michael Pratt of Oxford.
III. Sarah (1694 - ??) m. (Unknown) Pratt
III. Joshua (1697 -1719) died intestate
III. Jonas (Bapt. 1697 - 1718)
III. Elizabeth & Lydia (Twins, 7/9/1699 - ??)
III. Abigail (ca. 1699 - 1718)
II. Ephraim (Abt. 1649 - 5/1653)
II. Sarah (1641 - 1663) m. 1663, Joseph Garfield, Jr.
II. Mary (1741-42 - ??) m. 1670 John Flagg
II. Abigail (1642 - 1718) not mentioned in her father's will
II. Thomas (1646 - ??)
RICHARD GALE'S GRANDFATHER was ABRAHAM GALE (1543, Devonport, Devonshire - ??) who married MARGARET (UNKNOWN) in 1567 at Devon. His parents were RICHARD GAEL (8/18/1585, Devonshire - ??) and his wife ALICE ATWOOD. The Gales and Winthrops were associated in England as evidenced by the following references to the Gales and Winthrops outlined in the following timeline.

1562: THOMAS GALE: witness to the will of Adam Winthrop, Sr. in 1562, grandfather of Governor John Winthrop. Groton, Suffolk, England. [Adam Winthrop, Jr. was the father of John Winthrop, Governor of Massachusetts.]
1566: JOHN GALE (Living 1566) was named in the will of William More of Groton, Suffolk, gentleman, dated 10/6/1566 and probated on 3/8/1566-67. The will mentioned More's wife Alice, and bequests were made to John Wyntroppe (sic), Gent., John Spencer, William Coo, John Gale and their heirs. Also mentioned was his messuage and lands in Boxford and Hadleigh. John Gale of Hadleigh became High Constable of Groton when William Gale resigned.

1583: RICHARD GALE: 1583: Richard Gale appeared before Adam Winthrop as Lord of the Groton Manor in certain copyhold proceedings. In 1590 Richard Gale acted as co-trustee of a trust with Adam Winthrop. In 1618 Richard and Ann Gale, children of William Gale, were mentioned in the estate settlement of John Winthrop of Groton.
1586: RICHARD GALE, son of William Gale, was baptized in Groton.
1590: RICHARD GALE was named on a trust document as co-trustee with Adam Winthrop.
1602: WILLIAM GALE relinquished his office of High Constable to JOHN GALE of Hadleigh on 1/6/1602.
1604: MARYE GALE married JOSPEHE COLE on 12/7/1604.
1605: WILLIAM GALE of Hadley died on 5/7/1605.
1608: THE WIDOW GALE was buried at Hadley on 7/11/1608. Dr. Jones preached at the burial.
1609: WILLIAM GALE had a house burnt on 10/17/1609.
1611: RICHARD GALE (Living 1611): The will of Richard Gall (sic) of Wickham Market, County Suffolk, weaver, bequeathed to his son Richard Gall, his house called the "Bearne and a piece of land called the fen and my meadow." He named his wife Johane, daughters Margery, Margaret, and Joane, and sons Edmund and Robert. The executor was his son Richard and witnesses were Richard Baker, William Lingewood, and Christopher Crapnell. The will was dated 11/14/1611 and proved 1/8/1611-12. [Wickham Market is about 25 miles northeast of Groton. The G-A-L-L spelling is particular to the Suffolk region and Richard was of the right age to be the father of New England emigrant Richard Gale. Richard's son Edmond could have been the Edmond Gale who settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he died in 1642.
1618: ANNE GALE, daughter of WILLIAM GALE, was named with Adam and John Winthrop in a land transaction in 1618.
1621: THOMAS GALE died of small pox in 1621.
1700s: JOHN A. GALE (1700s) of Boston, Clerk of Nathan Winship, kept a journal of the voyage of the ship
Albatross and subsequently became the pioneer in the trade in hides between Boston and California. (Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, October 1920 - June 1921, Volume LIV, Boston, MDCCCCXXII
1810: WILLIAM GALE (Living 1810), assistant to Captain Nathan Winship, "had a house burnt." (
WINTHROP PAPERS, VOL. I, 1498 - 1628; Massachusetts Historical Society, 1929)

I. RICHARD GAEL (1618 - 1678) was born in Devonshire, England on 2/16/1618 to Richard and Alice Atwood Gael. Later described as a yeoman, Richard immigrated to the American Colonies at an unknown date and was one of the founders of Watertown, Massachusetts where he purchased six acres of land from Richard Browne. On 7/16/1640 he married MARY or MARIA CASTLE (4/4/1624, Stratford on Avon, Warwickshire, England - 8/2/1681, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Mass.) daughter of Richard Castle. Their marriage was noted in the personal papers of Governor John Winthrop in possession of the Massachusetts Historical Society. (Winthrop Papers, Vol. I, Massachusetts Historical Society, 1929)
To the Worshipfull
Jn Wynthropp Junior Esquire

"Sir: It hath beene three times published at Watertowne meeteinge howse that this bearer Richard Gale & Mary Castle intended to enter into a covenaunt of marriage not having els I rest
Watertowne ye 16th of ye 7th 1640
your Worshipps to command
Thomas Mayhew


Richard Gale was not a member of the Watertown Church, and was not designated as a "freeman" or allowed to vote. Instead he was classified as a "Townsmen" and allowed to reside in the town and to receive the less favorable grants . He appears in Watertown in 1640 on the First Inventory of Grants and Possessions in Watertown with 6 acres of upland bounded on the north by the highway, the east by Samuel Freeman, and the west by Joseph Bemis, and the south by Nathan Fiske. He again appears on the Third Inventory of 1646. Records show that Richard's "homestall" of six acres was part of a lot laid out in the town originally granted to Elder Richard Browne and conveyed to Gale as early as 1640. Edward Chenery Gale stated that the location of Gale's home was in the extreme western part of Watertown between Main and Warren Streets, as they existed at the time. He and Mary lived there for over 20 years. On 12/2/1661 he purchased 250 acres from Richard Dummer, described as the north-eastern half of the "old town farm" (Oldham Farm) in Watertown, originally 500 acres on the north of the Charles River in what is now the city of Waltham. The property remained in the family for several generations, passing from Samuel Gale to his sons Jacob and Alpheus. When Alpheus Gale died in 1828 the farm was purchased as a "town farm" and the Gale house was used as an Almshouse for almost half a century. In his study of the family, Edward Chenery Gale provided a history of the property describing the old boundaries. He noted that it remained in the family until the death of Lois Gale in 1852 when it was conveyed to Governnor N. P. Banks. Jacob Gale acquired the estate by purchase from several persons, non of whom were descendants of Richard Gale.

Richard's family continued to reside in Middlesex County, and in 1656 Richard testified in a divorce case concerning William and Susan Clemence. The records stated that Richard was "about 42 yeares of age" at the time. Others named in the case were deponents William and Elizabeth Fuller, Margaret Allin of Braintree, Thomas Wilson and John Carr. Also on 1/3/1656 Richard signed a covenant to take Sarah Baall, age two, the daughter of John Baall, into his home for a period of four years. Likewise, on 12/9/1656, he took Sarah, age 2, daughter of John Peirce, for an unspecified period. According to Watertown Town Records "Richard Gall (sic) dyed the 22 of March" (1678). He was buried at Watertown on 4/1/1679. "Mary Geale (sic) the wife of Richard Geale (sic) dyed the 2d of August 1681." (Gale, E.C.)

WILL OF RICHARD GAEL, dated 2/25/1678-79 and proved 4/12/1679.
I Richard Gael of Watertowne in the county of Middlesex in New England, yeoman: being under the afflicting hand of the infinitely wise God: as to a bodily distemper, yet through the goodness of God am sound in my memory and understanding do declare this to be my last will and testament as followeth:

I give my spirit unto the hands of God that gave it and my body to the earth from whence it was taken: hoping throough the mediation of Jesus Christ to have raised again at the great day.

My will is that, except what of my estate just debts shall call for: my well beloved wife shall enjoy my whole estate both houses and lands and cattle of all sorts and all my household good for her comfort and maintenance during her natural life: my loving wife being dead: I give unto my son Abraham the dwelling house he now lives in with seven acres of upland adjoining to it which I gave him at his marriage: so long as my son Abraham lives and to his wife if she should outlive him so long as she lives a widow: and if their death: or my said sons death and his wife's marriage my will is the said house and seven acres of land shall be as an inheritance to my said sons two eldest sons namely Abraham Gall (sic) and Richard Gall:

I give and bequeath unto my son Abraham one fourth part of my orchard as long as he lives: and his wife as long as she lives or continues a widow: and it is to return to the two eldest sons of Abraham my son as they are above…also my will is the two eldest of my son Abraham aforesaid should enjoy two fourths of my said orchard: and to be improved for their benefit until they come of age: and my will is that my son John Gall (sic) should enjoy one forth part of my orchard so long as he lives and at his death the said forth part is to return to my son Abraham and his heirs; I give unto my daughter Sarah Garfield ten pound to be paid within seven years after my wives decease to be paid in country pay at an indefrant rate: and in case my said daughter shall die before the said seven years be expired then my will is the said ten pound should be paid to my said daughters children equally among them: I give unto my daughter Mary Flag ten pound to be paid her in all respects as is said to my daughter Garfield and her children: also my will is that my two sons Abraham Gall and John Gall should enjoy my whole farme containing two hundred and fifty acres: save only the seven acres before given to my son Abraham: and it is my will that my son John Gall aforesaid should enjoy his half of my farme aforesaid no longer than the time of his natural life and at his decease my will is: my whole farm containing 250 Acres as aforesaid should return to my son Abraham and his heirs forever: Also my will is that if God should give unto my son John Gall aforesaid a male heir that then my son Abraham shall when the said male heir attains to the age of one and twenty years a paid unto him twenty pounds in country paie at an indeferant rate and in case my son John aforesaid should depart this life without a male heir then my will is that the said twenty pound be paid to those children or child my said son John shall leave when he dies: to be paid divided equally among them either at their marriage or when they attain eighteen years of age.

And I doe nominate and appoint my well beloved son Abraham Gall to be sole executor to this my will and as a confirmation to this my last will and testament I have hereunto set my hand this five and twentieth of February sixteen hundred and seventy eight.
In the presence of us

Richard Gall, + his mark.

Joseph Taynter
William Bond
An inventory of Richard's estate was made on 3/22/1678 and his real estate, valued at ?150 was described as, "A dwelling house and barne with about 250 Acres of Land adjoining to it…," Six Acres of upland upon the great plaine joining to ye farme, Seven Acres of remote meadow near ye pond at Mr. Samuelles farme, (and) Three Acres of meadow lieing upon stonie brooke…" (Gale, E.C.) In his will Richard describes himself as a "yeoman," a designation that corresponds to a middle class farmer in contemporary terms. In English society he would have followed Esquires and Gentlemen and would not "have the right to bear arms or use a crest or coat of arms in any form." (Gale, E.C.) Ironically, his descendants through his son Abraham ultimately settled in New York and later in Washington, DC where one of them claimed the following arms. ARMS: Gu a griffin segreant or within a bordure gobonated/gorbony argent and vert. CREST: A unicorn's head paly of six azure and or, the horns twisted of the second and first (or and azure). MOTTO: Qui semina vertu raccoglia fama. [Who sows virtue gathers fame.] CHILDREN OF RICHARD & MARY GALE: II. JOHN H. (9/5/1647, Watertown - Bef. 1694) married Elizabeth Spring, daughter of Henry and Mehitable Bartlett Spring, on 9/27/1677 and had six children. II. ABRAHAM (ca. 1643, Watertown - 9/15/1718) married 9/3/1673 to Sarah Fiske, d/o Nathan and Susanna Fiske. II. EPHRAIM (Abt. 1649 - 5/1653, Watertown - Bef. 1678-79) living 5/1673 when he was described as a vagrant, "distempered in his mind." Ephraim is not mentioned in his father's will and may have predeceased him. II. SARAH (9/8/1641- 4/3/1663) married 4/3/1663 to Joseph Garfield, Jr. II. MARY (8/7/1641-42 - ??) married 3/30/1670 to John Flagg, son of Thomas Flagg of Watertown and Constable and Collector of Watertown. [Twin of Sarah or Abigail?] II. ABIGAIL (1642 - 9/5/1718, age 76). II. THOMAS (1646, Watertown - ??)

II. JOHN GALE (1647 - BEFORE 1694) was born to Richard and Mary Castle Gale in Watertown, Massachusetts. On 9/27/1677 he married ELIZABETH SPRING (10/13/1659 - ??) at Watertown. In 1677 "Goodman Richard Gale" came to the house of Henry and Mehitable Spring to ask their "goodwill to make a match between our daughter Elizabeth and his son John. He promised to give his son John half his farm…" (E.C. Gale) John and Elizabeth had six children. John Gale moved to Framingham where he died sometime before 1694-95. His widow married John Mellen of Framingham. CHILDREN OF JOHN & ELIZABETH SPRING GALE: III. ELIZABETH (6/1/1678 - ??) married 2/21/1700 John Nurse of Framingham. III. JOHN (4/5/1680 - 1698, age 17). III. SARAH (12/12/1681 - Abt. 1700) married ca. 1700 Jonathan Pratt of Framingham. III. ABIGAIL (Bapt. 6/19/1687 - ??) married 6/10/1716-17 Jonathan Cutler (or Jonas Cutter) in Framingham. III. HANNAH (Bapt. 6/19/1687 - ??) married 4/22/1714 Jabez Pratt of Framingham. III. ALICE/ABIAH (7/14/1689 - ??) married 6/18/1719 Joseph Trumbull of Framingham.

II. ABRAHAM GALE (1643 - 1718) was born to Richard and Mary Castle Gale about 1643. On 9/3/1673 he married SARAH FISKE (2/1/1653 - 5/14/1728), daughter of Nathan Fiske, a selectman of Watertown, and had sixteen children. A farmer, Abraham was admitted as a freeman at Watertown in 10/11/1682 and a selectman in 1706 and 1718. He was executor of his father's will and inherited half of the family farm. Based on the date, it appears that Abraham served as sergeant and lieutenant in the Massachusetts militia and in 1689 was master of the ship Peace. (SR 07752, p. 3, Virginia Colonial Records: Survey Report Image S. R. Number SR 07752; Reel Number 918; Library of Virginia)
According to George Gale he was also a captain during Shay's Rebellion. He died on his family farm at Watertown on 9/15/1718 at age 75 leaving a will dated 9/3/1718 and proved on 9/22/1718. Sarah, John and Joshua Gael (sic) were appointed as executors and it was noted that all signed their executors bond by their marks. Sarah Gale died 5/14/1728 at about age 72. Both are buried at Grove Hill Cemetery, Waltham, Massachusetts, along with their son, John Gale.

In the name of God, amen, the third day of September 1718, I, Abraham Gael, of Watertown, in the country of middx, within his magesties Province of the Massachusets Bay in New England, yeo., Being very sick and weak in body, But of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God: Therefore calling unto mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Dye, Do make & ordain this my last will & testament; That is to say, Principally, and first of all, I give & Recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it: and my body I recommend to the earth, to be Decently buried in Christian burial at the Discretion of my executor: Nothing doubting but at the Gen. Resurection I shall receive the same againe by the mighty Power of God, and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath Pleased God, to Bless me in this life, I give & bequeath the same in the following manner and form: Imp. - I give and bequeath to Sarah, my well beloved wife, all my Personal estate within doors for her comfort & support during the time she Remains my widow; and further my will is that my wife shall have a comfortable Room in my mansion house, and to be constantly Provided with sufficient fire wood laid at the door fit for fire, and also to have Ten pound annually pd. Her in corn & meat & other Provisions by my two youngest sons, namely John & Joshua Gael. But in case my wife shall see cause to marry againe, my will is she shall be pd. The sum of Twenty pounds by my two above sons out of my Personal estate and no more, and the annual Rent to sese.
Item: I give and bequeath unto my son Abraham Gael & to his heirs & assigns forever the land on which his mansion house now stands with all the land adjoining that I formerly staked out & designed for him, being about sixty or seventy acres by estimation but not measured to know the certainty. Provided my said son pay ten pounds in money, of the debts I now owe either into the Public Bank of the Province, or to Paul Dudly Esq. of Boston, an in case he shall Refuse to pay ten pounds as aforesaid, then my will is that he shall injoy Ten acres short of the land before given, sd. Ten acres to be taken off conveniently together to be disposed of as I shall declare. I also give unto my said Son and his heirs aforesaid, one piece of meadow lying upon Charles River containing y estimation four acres, called Beaver hoel meadow. Further I give unto my sd. Son as aforesd., one piece of woodland, containing by estimation five acres lying on the westerly side of the piece I formerly staked out to him, upon condition he gives a Deed of Releas to my other sons of one quarter of an acre of orchard and his Right to ye land about my mansion house by virtue of is grand fathers will and in case my said son shall Refuse to do so, then my will is the aforesd. Five acres of woodland to be disposed of as I shall hereafter declare, and this to be in full of what I intend him for his portion out of my estate.
Item: - I give and bequeath to my son Richard Gael & to his heirs and assigns forever, the sum of thirty Pounds to be pd. By my two youngest sons, viz: John & Joshua equally within two years after my deces, upon condition that he gives to my two youngest sons afore named a Deed of quit-claim of some small Right he hath by virtue of his Grand-fathers will to a Quarter of an acre of orchard & his claim to the land about my mansion-house. But in case he shall Refuse so to do, then my will is that my sd. Son Richard shall have only twenty shillings to be paid in time and manner as aforesd., and that with what I have already given him to be in full of his portion out of my estate.
Item: - I give and bequeath to my son Ebenezer Gael & to his heirs and assigns forever, Two acres of Land joining to what I have formerly given to him a Deed of lying on the easterly side of the same, and this with what I have already given him to be in full of what I intend him for his portion out of my estate.
Item: - I give and bequeath to my Daughter Sarah Pratt and to her heirs and assigns forever the sum of five pounds to be paid by my two youngest sons afore named in equal manner within three years after my deces. and that with what she hath already had to be in full of her Portion of my estate.
Item: - I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Mary Gael and to her heirs & assigns for ever the sum of twelve pounds to be pd. By my two youngest sons named John & Joshua in eual halves within two years after my Deces, or at her day of marriage which may first happen, and that to be in full of her portion of what I intend out of my estate.
Item: - I give and bequeath to my Daughter Lydia Gael and to her heirs & assigns forever, the sum of twelve pounds to be paid by my two youngest sons afore named, in equal halves within two years after my Deces. or her day of marriage if that be before two years are expired, and to be in full of her portion out of my estate.
Item: - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Abigail Gael & to her heirs & assigns forever the sum of Twelve pounds to be paid by my two youngest sons afore mentioned within two years after my Deces. or the day of her marriage, if that first be, in equal halves and that to be her full portion of what I intend her out of my estate.
Item: - I give and bequeath unto my two youngest sons namely : John and Joshua Gael and to their heirs and assigns forever, all my Real and Personal estate of what kind or Denominations soever not before given away in this my last will & Testament to be equally Divi- between them, they taking care of their antious (sic) and tender mother and providing for & paying to her annually what I have assigned to her in this my last will, as also all my just Debts of all kinds, except the ten pounds I have ordered my son Abraham to pay in case he shall comply with it, and in case he doeth Refust to pay the sd. Ten pounds, then my will is tht my two sons aforesd. Pay the same and they to injoy the ten acres of land conditionally given to my son Abraham as also the five acres of woodland in case he refuses to give a quit claim as before expressed, and I do nominate appoint constitute and ordain my wife Sarah Gael and my two youngest sons John Gael and Joshua Gael my executors to see this my last will and testament performed and I do hereby utterly disallow and Revoke all and ever other former Testament and executors in any befoe this time by me named, Ratifiing and confirming this and no other to be my last will & testament.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written.

Abraham Gael

Signed sealed Published Pro-
nounced and Declared by the
said Abraham Gael as his last
will and Testament in the pres-
of us the Subscribers

Jonas Bond
Samuel Harrington
Munning Sawin
CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM & SARAH GALE: III. ABRAHAM (1674 - ??) married Rachel, daughter of John and Abigail Garfield Parkhurst. III. SARAH #1 (2/15/1675, died young). III. RICHARD (9/25/1677 - ??) married 1/7/1706 to Sarah Knight, daughter of John and Mary Knight of Watertown. According to George Gale's research Richard may have moved to Canterbury, Connecticut. A deed dated 1722 signed by "Richard Gael, of Canterbury, Conn.," was found in records of Middlesex County, Massachusetts. III. HOPESTELL (born & died 12/1678). III. MARY #1 (3/27/1680 - died young). III. ABIGAIL #1 (3/12/1681-82 - 11/21/1696). III. MERCY (9/16/1683, Littleton, Middlesex Co., Mass. - 5/8/1776, Waltham, Ma. at age 92) married on 4/13/1708 to Samuel Sanderson (5/28/1681, Cambridge, Mass. - 7/8/1722, Watertown), son of Jonathan and Abiah Bartlett Sanderson of Watertown, formerly of Cambridge, who was killed by lightening on 7/8/1722. III. EBENEZER (4/30/1686 - ??) married 12/27/1709 to Elizabeth Green (1688 - ca. 1733). III. JOHN (4/23/1687 - ??) married Lydia (Pierce?). III. MARY #2 (Bapt. 4/1689 - ??) married 11/3/1731 to Michael Pratt of Oxford. III. SARAH #2 (8/29/1694 - ??) married (Unknown) Pratt. III. JOSHUA (2/22/1696-97 - 9/15/1719) Joshua died intestate and his property was divided by mutual agreement between his brothers, Abraham, Ebenezer and John, and sisters, Mercy, Abigail, Mary and Lydia. In the division of property, some of the heirs spelt the name G-A-L-E. His gravestone is in the Waltham Cemetery. III. JONAS (Bapt. 11/14/1697 - 3/17/1718). III. ELIZABETH (7/9/1699 - ??), twin of Lydia. III. LYDIA (7/9/1699 - ??), twin of Elizabeth. III. ABIGAIL #2 (ca. 1699 - 1718) married ca. 1720 Edward Jackson, Jr. of Newton, son of Edward and Mary Jackson.

III. ABRAHAM GALE, JR. (1674 - AFT. 1749-50) was born at Watertown in 1674 to Abraham and Sarah Gale. On 12/6/1699 Abraham married RACHEL PARKHURST (12/30/1678 - 1/30/1767), daughter of John and Abigail Garfield Parkhurst of Watertown, and had children. Abraham inherited his father's land and "mansion," four acres on Charles River described as Beaver Hall Meadow, and five acres of woodland. He was a selectman in 1718 and farmed the family homestead that he sold to his son Samuel on 3/10/1726 with the condition that Abraham and his wife received support from the farm during their lives. Both were still living when Samuel wrote his will dated 1/3/1749-50 in which he provided for the continued maintenance of "Hon. Father and Mother." In his history of the family George Gale wrote, But few parents ever raised a more important family of sons. Nearly all became well off in the world; part served in the French, Indian and Revolutionary wars and each became the head of a very extensive generation. The date of Abraham's death is unknown. CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM & RACHEL PARKHURST GALE: IV. ABRAHAM (11/28/1700 - 9/30/1779) married Esther Cunningham. IV. RACHEL (12/14/1702 - ??) married Gershom Bigelow (9/1701 - ??), son of Joshua and Elizabeth Flagg Begelow, on 6/25/1724. IV. SAMUEL (1/31/1704-05 - ??) married Rebecca (Unknown). IV. ISAAC (1/15/1708 - ??) married Judith Sawyer of Framingham, Mass. in 1731. IV. EUNICE (7/30/1711, Watertown, Middlesex, Mass. - 10/1793) married Benjamin Allen of Weston, son of Benjamin and Mary Rice Allen, on 7/1/1731. They settled in Lincoln and at Benjamin's death Eunice married Abijah Steadman on 12/3/1768. IV. ABIGAIL (8/15/1714 - ??) married Samuel Phillips, Jr. of Weston, son of Samuel and Deborah Dix Phillips, on 7/25/1735. IV. DANIEL (Bapt. 4/7/1717 - ??) probably died young. IV. DAVID (4/7/1717 - died young). IV. JOSIAH (4/8/1722, Bapt. 1733 - ??) married Elizabeth (Unknown).

IV. ABRAHAM GALE (1700 - 1779) was born on 11/28/1700 at Watertown, Mass. to Abraham and Rachel Parkhurst Gale. He married ESTHER CUNNINGHAM (?? - 7/16/1782) on 9/30/1719 and had children. The family lived in Weston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Abraham was a blacksmith and a respected member of his community in Weston. His sons all served with credit in the French and Indian Wars. He died on 9/30/1779 and Esther died on 7/16/1782. They were buried at Weston. CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM & ESTHER CUNNINGHAM GALE: V. DANIEL (6/17/1721, Weston - ??) married 9/8/1748 Sarah Lamson, daughter of John and Abigail Lamson of Weston. V. HENRY (3/2/1722-23 -??) married on 2/22/1745 to Abigail Smith of Lexington, daughter of Joseph and Mary Richards Smith. V. THADDEUS (9/26/1724 - ??) married Lydia Amsden of Westboro on 3/9/1744-45. V. ABIJAH #1 (3/8/1725 - 4/28/1725). V. ABIJAH #2 (7/5/1727, Weston, Mass. - 6/18/1804) married (1) Abigail Amsden (4/18/1724, Westboro, Worcester, Mass. - 2/27/1771) on 6/23/1748 at Westboro, Worcester, Mass. and had six children. He married (2) Susanna Allen (2/8/1739-40, Weston, Mass. - 1/14/1831) on 11/14/1771 at Weston, Mass. and had 11 children. V. JONATHAN (3/18/1729, Weston, Mass. - 11/22/1700) married (1) Abigail Beal, 5/30/1750; married (2) Margaret Crawford (6/1/1734 - ??) on 3/10/1757 at Shrewsbury, Worcester, Mass. V. ESTHER (7/28/1731 - ??). V. MERCY (5/1/1733 - ??). V. ABRAHAM (7 or 8/18/1734 - 1758) of Shrewsbury. Abraham was an ensign under Captain John Taplin, Colonel Jonathan Bagley's Regiment, in the French and Indian War and was at the battle of Fort William Henry in August of 1756. He was at the fort in August of 1757 when it was captured by the French under General Montcalm and escaped the Indian massacre with part of his company. He was discharged from service and returned home on 11/17/1757, but died the following winter, as a result of wounds he received. His father was appointed the administrator of his estate on 4/17/1758. He was not married. V. ELISHA (1/1/1735-36 - ??) married Sarah Jones, daughter of James and Abigail Garfield Jones of Weston, on 5/20/1762.

V. DANIEL GALE (1721 - 1799) was born on 6/17/1721 to Abraham and Esther Cunningham Gale. On 9/8/1748 he married SARAH LAMSON (1721 - ??), daughter of John and Sarah Rand Lamson of Weston. Daniel lived at Warwick but moved with his wife to Sutton where the first of their ten children were born. In August of 1757 Daniel volunteered in the campaign for the relief of Fort William Henry, serving in the company commanded by his uncle, Lieutenant Isaac Gale. Afterwards, he settled in Warwick where he died on 12/31/1796. He was buried at Warwick Village. CHILDREN OF DANIEL & SARAH LAMSON GALE: VI. DANIEL (9/15/1744 - Died young). VI. JONATHAN (12/3/1748 - ??) married Mary Bancroft. VI. REUBEN (3/3/1751 -??) died unmarried. VI. SARAH (6/14/1752, Sutton, Mass. - 3/30/1832, Guilford, VT) married Samuel Mellendy of Guilford, Vermont, on 12/16/1770 at Sutton. Their daughter was Sally Mellendy (3/2/1798, Guildford, VT - ??). VI. DANIEL (11/18/1753 - 1809) married Esther Rice. VI. ESTHER (7/18/1755 - ??) married Philip Goss of Winchester, New Hampshire, in 1779. VI. NOAH (7/20/1757 - ??) married Rebecca Chase. VI. JOHN (1/27/1759 - 1820) married Patty Marble. VI. EPHRAIM (4/1/1760 - ??). VI. RICHARD (9/19/1762 - ??) married, had several children, and moved with his second wife to Canada.

VI. JONATHAN GALE (1748 - 1808) was born on 12/3/1748 to Daniel and Sarah Lamson Gale. Jonathan married MARY BANCROFT, had nine children and lived at Warwick, Massachusetts. Jonathan was a prominent member of the community of Warwick and was a Selectman for seven years. During the Revolutionary War he was part of the campaign from Warwick to Cambridge at the Lexington Alarm on 4/20/1775 and was part of two other campaigns, one terminating in the battle of Saratoga and the surrender of the British under General Burguoyne. Jonathan Gale died on 1/29/1808 and was buried at Warwick Village. His widow lived until 12/11/1830. CHILDREN OF JONATHAN & MARY BANCROFT GALE: VII. AMORY (7/18/1776 - ??) married Lucinda Rich. VII. POLLY (2/19/1778 - 1840) married 1/28/1798 Martin Stephens. VII. JONATHAN (11/27/1779 - 10/26/1808) married Polly Stephens in 1822 and lived in Maine. VII. IRA (8/28/1782 - ??) married Clarissa Sargent of Putney, Vermont, and had children. VII. SARAH (10/20/1784 - 1/20/1857) married 1/6/1805 John Stearns of Warwick. VII. DANIEL (5/12/1787 - ??) married Clarissa A. Ball and had children. VII. PHEBE (9/11/1789 - ??) married (1) 12/9/1806 Urich Green, (2) Nehemiah Houghton. VII. MELINDA #1 (1/20/1798 - 5/7/1799). VII. MELINDA #2 (2/18/1800 -??) married J. W. Chase of Royalston.

VII. AMORY GALE (1776 - 1852) was born on 7/18/1776 to Jonathan and Mary Bancroft Gale. On 9/24/1797 Amory married LUCINDA RICH and had six children. The family lived at Warwick, Massachusetts. A major in the Warwick militia, Amory became a prominent member of the community of Warwick and for three years was one of the Selectmen there. He died on 9/20/1852. CHILDREN OF AMORY & LUCINDA RICH GALE: VIII. AMORY (10/15/1800 - ??) married Martha Leland of Warwick. VIII. JACOB R. (7/1/1802 - ??) married Alma Leland. VIII. JONATHAN (5/8/1804 - 8/7/1846). VIII. LUCINDA (9/13/1808 - ??) married Jonas Bencraft and lived in Winchester, N.H. VIII. CHARLES (6/9/1811 - 8/3/1814). VIII. MARY (7/5/1814 - ??).

VIII. AMORY GALE (1800 - LIVING 1865) was born on 10/15/1800 to Amory and Lucinda Rich Gale. In November of 1825 Amory married MARTHA LELAND, daughter of Perley and Hannah Leland of Warwick, and had five known children. The family lived at East Medway, Massachusetts. Amory intended to study for the ministry but at 20 his failing health inspired him pursue medicine and he received his medical degree at age 23. After several years of practice he turned his attention back to the ministry and was ordained in November of 1844. He was in charge of the first Congregational Church at Norton where he preached for several years before spending a short time at Barnstable. With his health again failing, he resumed the practice of medicine and purchased a farm where he was living in 1865. CHILDREN OF AMORY & MARTHA LELAND GALE: IX. CAROLINE R. (7/28/1828 - Living 1865) married Alfred James of Fallsville, Connecticut, in October of 1854 and had one son, Edward Amory (12/9/1854 - Living 1865). The family lived in Boston. IX. MARTHA L. (7/24/1832 - ??). IX. MARY K. (3/9/1835 - ??). IX. JAMES AMORY (10/3/1837 - ??) married Jemima A. Wheeler. IX. ANNAH H. (7/24/1840 - ??) married Lyman Adams, Jr. of East Medway in March of 1860 and had daughters Jane Annah (3/1861 - ??) and Carrie (6/1863 - ??).

IX. JAMES AMORY GALE (1837 - ??) was born on 10/3/1837 to Amory and Martha Leland Gale. In October of 1861 James married JEMIMA A. WHEELER, daughter of Abijah R. Wheeler of East Medway, Massachusetts where they made their home and had a son, Leland Amory. James received his medical degree in 1861 and in 1864 was a surgeon in the U. S. Army. CHILD OF JAMES AMORY & JEMIMA A. WHEELER GALE: X. LELAND AMORY (10/1862 - ??).

VIII. JACOB R. GALE (1802 - ??) was born on 7/1/1802 to Amory and Lucinda Rich Gale. On 5/29/1831 Jacob married ALMA LELAND, had three children and lived at Warwick, Massachusetts. Jacob was prominent in the Warwick community and for six years was one of the selectmen. He was also acting Justice of the Peace and served for three years as a member of the Massachusetts State Legislature. CHILDREN OF JACOB R. & ALMA LELAND GALE: IX. ALMA L. (9/8/1832 - 8/6/1851). IX. CHARLES R. (5/9/1835 - Living 1865) married Prudence Ann Smith of Scipio, Michigan, in 1864. Charles served on the School Committee for 4 years and was a Selectman of Warwick. IX. JASPER A. (9/3/1837 - ??)

VII. IRA GALE (1782 - AFT. 1854) was born on 8/28/1782 to Jonathan and Mary Bancroft Gale. Ira married CLARISSA SARGENT of Putney, Vermont, in 1809. Clarissa was the sister of Judge Sargent of Washington, D.C., the Commissioner of Customs in the U. S. Treasurer's Office in 1864. They had eleven children. After his father's death, Ira lived in the family home at Warwick until transferring it to his oldest brother, Amory. He then carried on the business of Carder of Wool and Clothier, in different towns in N. Y. and Vt. (Gale, E.C.) He and his wife Clarissa moved to Michigan in 1854 and Clarissa was still living in 1864 and was 77 years old. Their death dates are unknown.

CHILDREN OF IRA & CLARISSA SARGENT GALE: VIII. MARY WASHBURNE (8/7/1809 - ??) married George W. Griswold of Cornwall, Vermont. VIII. ELBRIDGE G. (2/2/1811 - ??) married Polly Rich. VIII. CLARISSA S. (5/1/1815 - ??) married Calvin Hyde. VIII. NARCISSA M. (3/18/1817 - ??) married John Bencroft. VIII. IRA BENCROFT (2/28/1819 - ??) married Lucina Marthes. VIII. SARAH LAMSON (3/5/1821 - ??) married Augustus A. Stearns. VIII. MARGARET A. (3/25/1823 - ??) married E. C. Eddy and was living in Iowa in the 1860s. VIII. SAMUEL SARGENT (7/19/1825 - ??) married Emma Harvy and lived in Cornwall, Vt. VIII. PHEBE E. (1/15/1828 - ??) married Charles Britton and lived in Brattleboro, Vermont. VIII. LUCIA A. B. ((5/8/1830 - 1/19/1853). VIII. DANIEL AMORY (9/18/1832 - ??) married Rosetta Austin and lived in Shoreham, Vt.

VIII. ELBRIDGE G. GALE (1811 - LIVING 1865) was born on 2/2/1811 to Ira and Clarissa Sargent Gale. In 1835 Elbridge married POLLY RICH and had three children. Dr. Elbridge G. Gale and his family resided in Atlas, Michigan. In 1865 Dr. Gale was examining surgeon of the 6th District in Michigan and was temporarily residing at Flint. The date of his death is unknown. CHILDREN OF ELBRIDGE & POLLY RICH GALE: IX. PERRY BASCOM (10/5/1836 - 1/12/1838). IX. ADRIAN PERRY (5/5/1839 - Living 1865) married Helen Wilder in 1858 and had three children, Perry W. (7/5/1859 - ??), George W. (2/22/1861 - 11/1863), and Fredie Elbridge (4/7/1863 - ??)

VIII. IRA BENCROFT GALE (1819 - ??) was born on 2/28/1819 to Ira and Clarissa Sargent Gale. Ira married LUCINA MARTHES and had seven children before her death on 1/13/1860. After Lucina's death Ira married MRS. BETSEY BOYLE of Lapier, Michigan. CHILDREN OF IRA BENCROFT & LUCINA MARTHES GALE: IX. MARY L. (8/5/1844 - ??). IX. FLORA L. (11/23/1845 - ??). IX. CLARA M. (1/12/1847 - ??). IX. FRANCIS M. (3/11/1851 - ??). IX. LUCIA ANN (1/21/1854 - ??). IX. CHARLES E. (7/21/1856 - ??). IX. ELBRIDGE G. (4/13/1858 - 3/11/1864)

VIII. SAMUEL SARGENT GALE (1825 - ??) was born on 7/19/1825 to Ira and Clarissa Sargent Gale. On 10/1/1856 Samuel married EMMA A. HARVY and lived in Cornwall, Vermont. They had four children. CHILDREN OF SAMUEL SARGENT & EMMA HARVY GALE: IX. DENNIS S. (7/7/1857 - ??). IX. HATTIE (10/14/1858 - 12/4/1862). IX. CLARISSA M. (9/14/1860 - 12/8/1862). IX. CARRIE PHEBE (11/11/1863 - ??)

VIII. DANIEL AMORY GALE (1832 - ??) was born on 9/18/1832 to Ira and Clarissa Sargent Gale. On 7/3/1852 Daniel married ROSETTA AUSTIN of Brattleboro, Vermont. They lived in Shoreham, Vermont and had five children. CHILDREN OF DANIEL AMORY & ROSETTA AUSTIN GALE: IX. E. CLARISSA (4/30/1854 - ??). IX. MARY R. (11/20/1856 - ??). IX. LUCIA W. (11/1858 - ??). IX. ELEANOR L. (8/5/1860 - ??). IX. KATE EDNA (6/21/1863 - ??).

VII. DANIEL GALE (1787 - 1817) was born on 5/12/1787 to Jonathan and Mary Bancroft Gale. On 6/10/1807 Daniel married CLARISSA A. BALL (12/31/1787 - ??) of Warwick, Mass. and resided at Warwick until their first child was born. They then moved to Jamaica, Vermont where five more children were born. Daniel died on 8/27/1817 and Clarissa on 4/6/1820 at Warwick. CHILDREN OF DANIEL & CLARISSA A. BALL GALE: VIII. HANNAH H. (1/13/1808 - ??) married in 1829 to Clement S. Johnson and had five children, only two of whom lived to adulthood. Both married and lived in Michigan near their family. VIII. CHARLES D. (3/15/1809 - ??) married Harriet L. Moore in June of 1850. Charles was a farmer in Sterling, Massachusetts. He and Harriet had sons Edward and John. VIII. HORATIO H. (2/6/1811 - ??) married Fidelia D. Cushing on 8/22/1839. No record of children. VIII. CLARISSA L. (2/2/1813 - ??) married Alonzo L. Baker on 1/1/1834. VIII. ABSALOM B. (12/31/1814 - ??) married (1) Louisa Atherton on 11/20/1848, and (2) Ellen Whitney of Harvard, where they lived in 1865. Absolom and Louisa Gale had sons Henry and George. VIII. ELIZABETH L. (11/13/1816 - 3/27/1818).

VIII. CHARLES D. GALE (1809 - ??) was born on 3/15/1809 to Daniel and Clarissa A. Ball Gale. In June of 1850 Charles married Harriet L. Moore and had two sons. Charles was a farmer in Sterling, Massachusetts. CHILDREN OF CHARLES D. & HARRIET L. MOORE GALE: IX. EDWARD (?? - ??) and IX. JOHN (?? - ??).

VIII. ABSALOM B. GALE (1814 - LIVING 1865) was born on 12/31/1814 to Daniel and Clarissa A. Ball Gale. On 11/20/1848 Absalom married (1) LOUISA ATHERTON and had two sons. Louisa Atherton Gale died and Absalom married (2) ELLEN WHITNEY of Harvard, Massachusetts where they lived in 1865. CHILDREN OF ABSALOM B. & LOUISA ATHERTON GALE: IX. HENRY (?? - ??) and IX. GEORGE (?? - ??).

VI. DANIEL GALE, JR. (1753/54 - 1809) was born on 11/18/1753/54 to Daniel and Sarah Lamson Gale at what is now Millbury, Massachusetts. He married ESTHER RICE (12/29/1755 - 1798) on 10/23/1778 at Worcester, Massachusetts and had three known children. Daniel was living in Worcester, Massachusetts when he enlisted but moved to Petersham in 1785. He served in the regiment of Colonel Jonathan Ward as an "8 months man" and was at Cambridge in 1775 and at the battle of White Plains on 10/28/1776. From 9/5 to 11/29/1777 he was part of Col. Job Cushing's Regiment and was probably at the capture of Burgoyne a Saratoga. He applied for a pension on 8/21/1832 at age 78 while a resident of Petersham, Massachusetts and died on 7/12/1834. Esther Rice Gale applied for a pension at age 82 on 10/19/1838 at Worcester County. At the time her sister, Mary Bancroft, testified that Daniel and Esther moved to Warwick, Massachusetts in 1780 and had two children at the time. According to George Gale there was at least another son, Jesse, who also gave an affidavit on his mother's pension application in October of 1838. CHILDREN OF DANIEL & ESTHER RICE GALE: VII. DANIEL (1783 - 1867) married Elizabeth Holland (1787 - 1882), daughter of Luther and Elizabeth Spooner Holland. VII. LUTHER (?? - ??) married Sarah (Unknown) and had five children. VII. JESSE (?? - ??) was living in Petersham when he made an affidavit on his mother's pension application in 1838.

VII. DANIEL GALE (1783 - 1867) was born in 1783 to Daniel and Esther Rice Gale. He married ELIZABETH HOLLAND (1787 - 1882), daughter of Luther and Elizabeth Spooner Holland, and had at least one son, Rodney. They lived in Massachusetts and had a son, VIII. RODNEY (1811 - 1885) married Marien Williams (1812 - 1850), daughter of Thomas and Nancy Hawks Williams. Their son, George Rodney (1845 - 1887) married Helen Maria Richardson (1841 - 1924).

VII. LUTHER GALE (?? - ??) was born at an unknown date to Daniel and Esther Rice Gale. He married SARAH (UNKNOWN) and, according to George Gale, they had five children, all born in Heath, Massachusetts, organized as Franklin County in 1785 from Charlemont. CHILDREN OF LUTHER & SARAH GALE: VIII. OTIS (1806 - 9/29/1856, Heath). VIII. GEORGE C. (?? - ??) married Lucy A. Farnsworth on 11/10/1858. VIII. DANIEL (?? - ??) married Nancy Dodge in Rowe, 5/24/1843. VIII. ELIZABETH S. (?? - ??) married Levi S. Rust of West Springfield on 9/7/1849. VIII. MARY (1823 - 6/23/1844, Northampton) was a teacher.

VII. JESSE GALE (?? - ??) was born at an unknown date to Daniel and Esther Rice Gale. Jesse married HANNAH (UNKNOWN) and had two children. According to George Gale, the children were probably born in Heath, although only two were found and recorded. The family also lived at Petersham, Massachusetts. CHILDREN OF JESSE & HANNAH GALE: VIII. MARTHA M. (1811 - 2/23/1858) and VIII. HANNAH A. (?? - ??) married Parmaly Carlton, a farmer, on 11/27/1845.

VI. NOAH GALE (1757 - ??) was born on 7/20/1757 to Daniel and Sarah Lamson Gale of Warwick. His grandfather was Abraham Gale (11/28/1700 - ??) of Weston, Middlesex County, organized in 1713 from Watertown. Noah married the widow Rebecca Dunham Chase, of Plymouth, and had six children. Noah served in the Revolutionary War beginning 1/27/1777 under General Warner and was at the battle of Bennington on August 16th of that year. The following spring he served three months in Major Reed's detachment. Afterwards he served on privateer vessels out of Salem and continued to follow the sea after the war. He was lost in a storm around 1794 with his oldest son, Elijah. Two other sons, Noah, Jr. and Richard, also died at sea. CHILDREN OF NOAH & REBECCA DUNHAM CHASE GALE: VII. ELIJAH (?? - ??) was lost at sea at about age 20. VII. STEPHEN (?? - ??) married Martha Hersey of Hingham. VII. GEORGE (?? - ??) Married Joanna Glazier of Ipswich. VII. DANIEL (?? - ??) married Elizabeth Winslow. VII. NOAH, JR. (?? -??) died at sea, unmarried. VII. RICHARD (?? - ??) married Mehitable Heart of Salem. No children. Richard was lost near the Cape of Good Hope while serving as first mate aboard the brig Ann of Salem. By the age of 11 and during the War of 1812, he was serving as a "powder monkey" on the privateer Grand Turk, also of Salem, and was once taken prisoner from a prize and carried to Halifax.

VII. STEPHEN GALE (?? - ??) was born at an unknown date to Noah and Rebecca Chase Gale. He married MARTHA A. HERSEY of Hingham and had six children. Stephen became a doctor and lived in Portland, Maine. CHILDREN OF STEPHEN & MARTHA HERSEY GALE: VIII. ALBERT H. (?? - ??). VIII. EDWART T. (?? - ??)
VIII. STEPHEN (?? - ??). VIII. MARTHA E. (?? - ??). VIII. ELIZABETH H. (?? - ??). VIII. MARY C. (?? - ??)..

VII. GEORGE GALE (?? - ??) was born at an unknown date to Noah and Rebecca Chase Gale at Salem, Massachusetts. George married JOANNA GLAZIER of Ipswich in 1818 and had three children. George served in the War of 1812 and was wounded in the side when a magazine exploded at the capture of York in Upper Canada on 4/27/1818. CHILDREN OF GEORGE & JOANNA GLAZIER GALE: VIII. SARAH ANN (6/8/1815 - ??). VIII. GEORGE WINSLOW (4/20/1817 - ??). VIII. REBECCA DUNHAM (4/20/1819 - ??).

VIII. GEORGE WINSLOW GALE (1817 - ??) was born on 4/20/1817 to George and Joanna Glazier Gale. On 9/3/1843 George married SUSAN GRAFTON GOODWIN (3/18/1818, Kennebunkport, Maine - ??) and had three known children. They lived in Kennebunkport, Maine. George was a paper manufacturer and in 1844 lived at Newton, lower Mills, and then for about 10 years at Santa Teresa, near the city of Mexico. He returned to Kennebunkport prior to 1858 and in the mid 1860s was living in Worcester. Described as a good scholar, he furnished George Gale with the genealogy of his grandfather's family. CHILDREN OF GEORGE WINSLOW & SUSAN GRAFTON GOODWIN GALE: IX. SUSIE GOODWIN (8/19/1844 - ??). IX. MARY TERESA (9/21/1850 - ??). IX. GEORGE HENRY (4/20/1858 - ??).

VII. DANIEL GALE (?? - AFTER 1829) was born to Noah and Rebecca Chase Gale at an unknown date. Daniel married ELIZABETH WINDLOW, daughter of Edward Winslow of Duxbury, and had a daughter. They lived at Plymouth, Massachusetts. Elizabeth Winslow Gale died and in 1819 Daniel married (2) HARRIET SAMPSON and had three sons. According to George Gale, they moved to Illinois where the father, mother, and daughter died. DAUGHTER OF DANIEL & ELIZABETH WINSLOW GALE: VIII. BETSEY WINSLOW (1817 - ??) died in Illinois. CHILDREN OF DANIEL & HARRIET SAMPSON GALE: VIII. DANIEL WARREN (12/24/1827 - ??) married Eliza W. Bowers in Boston on 8/11/1857. In the 1860s he was a merchant in Chicago. VIII. STEPHEN (7/20/1829 - ??) was living in California in the 1860s. VIII. NOAH (?? - ??) - [Listed by Edward Chenery Gale but not in George Gale's book.]

VI. JOHN GALE (1759 - 1820) was born on 1/27/1759 to Daniel and Sarah Lamson Gale. On 2/22/1787 John married PATTY MARBLE of Warwick, Mass. and had seven children. John Gale was a blacksmith and died in Warwick in 1820. CHILDREN OF JOHN & PATTY MARBLE GALE: VII. JOHN (11/29/1787 - 8/28/1790). VII. NOAH (4/18/1789 - ??). VII. LOUISA/VISA (6/24/1791 - ??) married Parker Atwood and lived in Shorham, Vermont. VII. JOHN (1/11/1793 - 9/21/1835) married, lived in Boston, and had three daughters before his death. VII. SALLY (10/13/1794 - ??). VII. ABRAM (8/24/1796 - ??). VII. OLIVER MARBLE (9/22/1798 - ??) married and lived in Milford. According to George Gale, in 1865 Oliver had one son at home, two in California, and one in the army.

VII. ABRAM GALE (1796 - ??) was born on 8/24/1796 to John and Patty Marble Gale. He married (UNKNOWN) on 11/7/1824 and had two children. Abram lived for awhile in New York City. He was there in 1832 but by 1865 he was living in Chicago, Illinois, where he operated a farm on the outskirts of town. CHILDREN OF ABRAM & UNKNOWN GALE: VIII. EDWIN (5/8/1832 - ??) married Julia E. Hart in October of 1856 and had three sons. VIII. WILLIAM HENRY (7/28/1834 - ??) and his brother Edwin were druggists in Chicago and operated under the name of Gale Brothers at 202 Randolph Street. VIII. TWO SISTERS, NAMES UNKNOWN

V. HENRY GALE (1723 - ??) was born to Abraham and Esther Cunningham Gale on 3/2/1722. On 2/22/1745 Henry married ABIGAIL SMITH, daughter of Joseph Smith of Lexington, had five children and lived for a time in Weston, Massachusetts. Henry "entered the King's service" as a corporal on 5/19/1755 and was discharged at Mendon on December 11 of the same year. He belonged to the trainband, at Weston, April 18, 1757, re-entered, in King's service, April 2, 1759 from Weston, and served until Jan. 30, 1760, when he re-enlisted and served under Col. Frye, in the campaign of 1760, in Nova Scotia, and was finally discharged, Jan. 30, 1761. His sons served with credit in the war of the Revolution, after which we lose track of the family. (G. Gale) In fact, Henry left Weston around 1768 when he sold his property and George Gale noted that the family probably removed to New Hampshire if they survived the war. CHILDREN OF HENRY & ABIGAIL SMITH GALE: VI. ESTHER (2/14/1746 - ??). VI. EPHRAIM (10/25/1748 - ??). VI. JOSHUA (1/30/1751 - ??). VI. HENRY (3/20/1753 - ??) According to George Gale, this was probably the Henry Gale who moved to Barre, Vermont, and witnessed a lease from the town to Peter Gale, Jr. in 1803. VI. NATHAN (2/5/1755 - ??) enlisted from Lexington for three years on 2/7/1781 and was described on the muster rolls as a farmer, age 25, statue 5 feet 11 inches, complexion dark, eyes black. George Gale noted that he found no trace of Nathan or his brothers and suggested that the all died in the Revolution. However, the following notation was found in the George Washington Papers: Headquarters, New Windsor, Sunday, 4/15/1781; A General Court Martial held in General Stark's brigade the 13th instant by order of Col. Green, Major Flagg president - Nathan Gale, a soldier in Colonel Green's regiment, was charged with repeated desertion, tried, found guilty and sentenced to death. (George Washington Papers, LOC, 1741 - 1799: Series 3g Varick Transcripts; George Washington, April 15, 1781, General Orders)

V. THADDEUS GALE (1724 - BEF. 1794) was born to Abraham and Esther Cunningham Gale on 9/26/1724. On 3/9/1744 Thaddeus married LYDIA AMSDEN of Westborough, Massachusetts where the couple lived. They had four children. Thaddeus was a sergeant in the company of Captain Ephraim Dolittle and served in the campaign of 1755. He also served in the Revolution, entering the service in 1775 as a gunner in an artillery company commanded by Captain Edward Crafts. He died in Westborough sometime prior to 1794 when his widow's will was dated. Lydia Amsden Gale died on 2/16/1795 and bequeathed all her estate to her daughter Lydia Gale Bellows, the only one of her children named in her will, indicating that the others had died. She named her son-in-law, Samuel Bellows, as executor. Bequests were also made to grandchildren Bernice, Esther, Thaddeus, Sarah, and Abigail. Lydia Gale died on 2/16/1795. [George Gale noted that the grandchildren noted in the will were "probably the children of Amsden, as his name appears among the volunteers who marched from Westborough to Concord, Apr. 19, 1775."] CHILDREN OF THADDEUS & LYDIA AMSDEN GALE: VI. JACOB (5/30/1746 - ??). VI. ABRAHAM (8/30/1747 - 9/18/1748). VI. AMSDEN (?? - ??) Massachusetts marriage records show that Amsden Gale of Westboro married Elizabeth Henderson in Shrewsbury on 3/17/1772. VI. LYDIA (?? - ??) married 4/20/1788 Samuel Bellows of Weston.

V. ABIJAH GALE (1727 - 1804), born to Abraham and Esther Cunningham Gale on 7/5/1727 at Weston, Mass. married (1) ABIGAIL AMSDEN (?? - 2/27/1771) of Westborough on 6/23/1748 and had children. Abigail Amsden Gale died on 2/27/1771 and Abijah married (2) SUSANNA ALLEN (?? - 1/14/1881, age 91) of Weston on 11/14/1771. A yeoman, Abijah served in the French and Indian War and was at Fort William Henry in 1757. On August 12th, three days after the surrender of the fort, Abijah and 132 others of Col. Frye's Regiment, deserted. Abijah re-entered the service the following spring and George Gale noted it was probably considered as a 'red tape' desertion, justifiable under the circumstances. Afterwards Abijah maintained a hotel in Westborough, a popular destination for judges and lawyers traveling between Worcester and Boston. He served as Constable in 1764, was on a committee to hire a schoolmaster in 1768, served on a committee to put four new pews in the church in 1769, and was surveyor of highways in 1770. In 1775 he served on the Committee of Inspection and Observation recommended by the Continental Congress and served on various committees throughout the war. In 1778, he was chairman of a committee to consult on a Congressional plan of government and in 1779 and 1780 he was Chairman of the Selectmen. Abijah Gale wrote his will on 4/16/1804 and died on 6/18/1804 at age 77 at Weston, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. The will begins, "Abijah Gale of Westborough, yeoman, being advanced in age…" He leaves to his wife Susanna her dower of ½ the estate, one cow, a sum of money, one looking glass, one case drawers, and "40 dining chairs she brought with her." He made bequests to his sons Nahum, Amsden, Lewis, Cyrus, David, Elisha and Isaac; his daughters Eunice and Susannah; and his grand-daughter Nancy [probably the daughter of Abijah Gale, Jr. who died 1/20/1801]. He also made a bequest to Abijah Nicholls, deceased. The will was proved on 8/7/1804 and son Nahum Gale was appointed as executor. Abijah's estate was valued at $7,099.00. He was buried at Midland Cemetery at Westborough. CHILDREN OF ABIJAH & ABIGAIL AMSDEN GALE: VI. AMSDEN (3/17/1748 - 4/2/1749) died young. VI. ABIJAH (5/1/1751 - 6/11/1751) died young. VI. SARAH (8/15/1753 - 10/16/1778) married Edmond Entiswall on 12/6/1777. VI. ABIGAIL (12/22/1755 - ??) married Malachi Nichols. VI. ABIJAH (4/26/1759 - 6/20/1801) unmarried. VI. ASA (4/26/1761 - ??) unmarried. CHILDREN OF ABIJAH & SUSANNAH ALLEN GALE: VI. NAHUM (12/19/1772 - ??) married Hannah/Anna Forbes at Needham, Mass. VI. EUNICE (4/30/1774 - 1/28/1850, Needham) unmarried. VI. ELISHA (5/13/1775 - 4/25/1776) died young. VI. JACOB AMSDEN (4/21/1777 - ??) unmarried. VI. ELISHA (6/22/1778 - ??) married Eliza (Unknown) and lived in Roxbury, Mass. VI. SARAH (9/11/1779 - 8/22/1780) died young. VI. ISAAC (11/17/1780 - ??) married Anna Norcross and lived in Roxbury. VI. SUSANNAH (3/31/1782 - ??) married Jonah Forbush in 1806. No children. VI. LUIS/LEWIS (7/14/1783 - ??) unmarried. VI. CYRUS (10/7/1785 - ??) married Eliza Davis, sister of Senator John Davis of Worcester. VI. DAVID (2/2/1788 - ??) married Betsey Wallen.
VI. NAHUM GALE (1772 - 1840) was born on 12/19/1772 to Abijah and Susanna Allen Gale at Westborough, Massachusetts. He married HANNA FORBES (8/7/1774 - 12/26/1856) at Needham, Massachusetts on 11/15/1792 and had twelve children. Nahum was a Protestant minister in Westborough. Conversely, a family tradition was that Nahum, called Nathan or Nahan, was born about 1775 and kept a tavern in Lee, Massachusetts. Nahum Gale died at Westborough, Mass. on 12/22/1840.

CHILDREN OF NAHUM & ANNA FORBES GALE: VII. HANNA (?? - ??) married Ebenezer Maynard of Westboro on 6/22/1814. VII. LYMAN (12/1794, Dedham - 9/28/1850, Grafton) married 6/9/1818 Azubah Baird of Auburn. VII. CHARLES (1795 -??) married Louisa Havens of Framingham, Mass. VII. LAWSON BUCKNER (?? - ??) burned to death at age 2. VII. ELISHA (5/6/1802 - ??) married Abigail Cutler Whitney. VII. LOUISA (3/1804 - ??) married John Whittemore. VII. JULIA ANN (?? - ??) died at age 11. VII. EMILINE (?? - ??) unmarried. Lived in Newbury Port. VII. NAHUM, JR. (3/6/1812, Auburn, Mass. - ??) married Martha Tyler. VII. THOMAS ALLEN (1814, Dedham - ??) married in 1848 to Julia A. Fulton, daughter of William Fulton of Parma, NY and lived in Dedham, Massachusetts, and later in the western part of New York. They had five children. VII. MONROE FORBES (11/23/1817 - ??) married Lydia Fuller and lived in Brooklyn, New York. VII. AN UNKNOWN CHILD
VII. LYMAN GALE (1794 - 1850) was born to Nahum and Anna Forbes Gale in December of 1794 at Dedham, Massachusetts. On 6/9/1818 Lyman married AZUBAH BAIRD of Auburn and had five children. The family resided at Dedham in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. After the birth of their third child in 1832 Lyman and Azubah moved to Grafton in Worcester County, Massachusetts and had two other unknown children. Lyman died at Grafton on 9/28/1850 and his wife had died by 1864. CHILDREN OF LYMAN & AZUBAH BAIRD GALE: VIII. AZUBAH MARIA (8/26/1824 - ??) married 3/14/1848 Thomas A. Buffum of New York City. VIII. JULIA ANN (1/5/1829 - 9/22/1846). VIII. THOMAS BAIRD (11/20/1832 - ??). VIII. TWO OTHER CHILDREN, UNKNOWN

VII. ELBRIDGE GALE (1799 - ??) was born to Nahum and Anna Forbes Gale in 1799. Elbridge married LOUISA HAVENS (1802 - ??) of Framingham, where they resided, and had four children. [NOTE: An Elbridge G. Gale of Genesee County, Michigan was a Delegate to the Michigan State Constitutional Convention in 1850; a member of the Michigan State House of Representatives from Genesee County, 2nd District, in 1853-54; and a member of the Michigan State Senate, 24th District, in 1861-62.] CHILDREN OF ELBRIDGE & LOUISA HAVENS GALE: VIII. LOUISA HAVENS (?? - ??). VIII. PRUDENCE AMES (?? - ??). VIII. ABNEER HAVENS (?? - ??). VIII. HANNAH (?? - ??) married George E. Whitemore in Ashland.

VII. ELISHA GALE (1802 - ??) was born on 5/6/1802 to Nahum and Anna Forbes Gale. Elisha married ABIGAIL CUTLER WHITNEY (1/25/1813 - 10/16/1864) on 11/3/1831 at Shrewsbury, Worcester County, Massachusetts, and had six children. They moved from Shrewsbury to Worcester in 1836. CHILDREN OF ELISHA & ABIGAIL CUTLER WHITNEY GALE: VIII. ELIZA ABIGAIL (1/26/1834 - 12/4/1840). VIII. LOMIRA ELLEN (1/18/1836 - ??) married Marcus Morton Mills of Springfield on 11/14/1861. VIII. SARAH ADALINE (3/24/1839 - 2/6/1856). VIII. CAROLINE ABBY (10/28/1841 - ??). VIII. ALFRED DENNY (10/18/1843 - ??). VIII. MARY UTLEY (9/14/1846 - 1/20/1852).

VII. NAHUM GALE, JR. (1812 - ??) was born on 3/6/1812 to Nahum and Anna Forbes Gale. On 8/10/1848 Nahum married MARTHA TYLER (11/22/1819 - ??) of East Windsor, Connecticut, daughter of Rev. Bennet Tyler, D. D. They had four children. Nahum attended Philips Academy in Andover and graduated with honor from Amherst College in 1837. His brother Thomas also attended Amherst and both were called by nicknames. Nathan was the taller and was called "Big Gale" while Thomas, the shorter, was called "Little Hurricane." He began Theological studies at East Windsor Theological Seminary and was ordained pastor of the Congregational Church at Ware in 1842. He held that position until August of 1851 when he began a Theological professorship in Ecclesiastical History and Pastoral Duty at East Windsor. He resigned this post in August of 1853 and was installed pastor of the Congregational church at Lee, Massachusetts. Nahum received the degree of D. D. by William's College in 1858. He was described as a good scholar, a sound Theologian, and a preacher of considerable eloquence. Dr. Nahum Gale, D.D., was the author of two books of Scriptural Biography, Conversion through Personal Efforts, The first year of the Pilgrims" and a Memoir of the life of Rev. Bennet Tyler D. D. He published ten of his own sermons and public addresses and was one of the trustees of William's College in 1861. CHILDREN OF NAHUM, JR. & MARTHA TYLER GALE: VIII. EDWARD TYLER (1/1845 - 2/18/1855). VIII. WILLIAM COWPER (6/22/1850 - ??). VIII. MARY WILLIAMS (1/28/1853 - 2/15/1855). VIII. BENNET TYLER (6/18/1856 - ??).

VII. THOMAS ALLEN GALE (Abt. 1815 - ??) was born about 1815 to Nahum and Anna Forbes Gale. In 1848 Thomas married JULIA A. FULTON, daughter of William Fulton of Parma, NY and lived in Dedham, Massachusetts and later in the western part of New York State. CHILDREN OF THOMAS ALLEN & JULIA FULTON GALE: VIII. CLARENCE ROSS (3/15/1855 - ??) married and had sons Fulton and Russell Gale (Unknown). VIII. EDWARD (?? - ??). VIII. SUSAN (?? - ??).
Monroe Forbes & Lydia Fuller Gale
VII. MONROE FORBES GALE (1817 - 1880) was born on 11/23/1817 in Westborough, Massachusetts to Naham and Hannah Forbes Gale. Monroe married LYDIA FULLER (12/11/1828, Albany, NY - 5/26/1915, Brooklyn, NY) on 11/23/1847, his 30th birthday, in Brooklyn, New York where the couple lived. They had three children. Monroe began his career as a printer and served his apprenticeship with the Merrian brothers in Springfield, Mass. In 1835 he went to New York and, after holding a variety of positions, gained employment at the Tribune where he was associated with Horace Greeley. In 1846 the Associated Press sent Monroe across the Atlantic in a small pilot boat called the William J. Romer with the goal of improving methods of news-getting by the Tribune. The voyage began on 2/10/1846 with Captain James McGuire, two mates, two seamen and a steward. Also on board were two passengers, Monroe Gale and William Brogan. After encountering bad weather, the ship finally returned to New York. In 1851, at the founding of the New York Times, Monroe joined the paper as its foreman. The Times later wrote that Monroe "…was a man of marked force of character, of great intelligence, and displayed executive ability of a high order. Above all, he was a man of sterling integrity and worth. Under a somewhat brusque manner was concealed the greatest kindness of heart. He was known as one of the best printers in the United States." ( Monroe Forbes Gale died on 5/23/1880 and at the time Lydia was living at 378 Putnam Avenue in Brooklyn and often visited her son's family in Washington. Both Monroe & Lydia were buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.

CHIDREN OF MONROE FORBES & JULIA FULLER GALE: VIII. THOMAS MONROE (9/12/1848 - 1920). VIII. LYDIA MONROE (6/10/1853 - 2/27/1855). VIII. ALICE (2/20/1861 - 3/15/1903).
Thomas Monroe & Ida May Fisher Gale
High Wyndam, Bluemont, Virginia
VI. ISAAC GALE (1780 - 1851) was born to Abijah and Susanna Allen Gale on 11/17/1780. Isaac married (1) ANNA NORCROSS (7/13/1788 - 2/13/1814), daughter of Nathaniel Norcross of Newton, and lived in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Anna Norcross Gale died on 2/13/1814 and Isaac married (2) ELIZA GALE, the widow of his brother Elisha Gale of Roxbury. In state records Isaac is referred to as Major Gale and as "Gentleman." Although he was prominent in Roxbury, there is no recorded history of his life. He died at Roxbury on 10/2/1851. CHILDREN OF ISAAC & ANNA NORCROSS GALE: VII. SUSAN (8/2/1806 - ??) unmarried. VII. GEORGE (3/24/1808 - 11/22/1855, Roxbury) married 4/12/1848 Pauline N. Thomas. George was Registrar in Worcester in 1848. VII. FANNY W. (10/1812 - 1/1813). CHILDREN OF ISAAC & ELIZA GALE: VII. HARRIET (9/1816 - ??) married Joseph Sturges of Boston and had two sons and one daughter. VII. ISAAC (1820 - ??). VII. ANNE E. (9/1824 - 5/1834). VII. HENRY (2/1827 - ??) married 6/19/1851 Harriet Tibbets in Amesbury, where they lived. Henry was called a "shoe-cutter." VII. ABBY J. (1/1829 - ??) married 9/27/1850 James F. Brown of Boston and had three sons. VII. ALBERT (1/9/1832 - 10/16/1853) twin of Edwin. VII. EDWIN (1/9/1832 - ??), twin of Albert, married Isabella Damon of Natic.

VI. CYRUS GALE (1785 - 1880) was born on 10/7/1785 to Abijah and Susanna Allen Gale. Cyrus married (1) ELIZA DAVIS (10/15/1794 - 2/15/1821), sister of Senator John Davis of Worcester, and had three children. They lived at Northboro, Massachusetts, near Boston. Eliza died on 2/15/1821 and Cyrus then married (2) SARAH PATRICK (3/16/1795 - 12/4/1840) and had five children. Sarah Patrick Gale died on 12/4/1840 and Cyrus married (3) SUSAN G. HOLBROOK on 2/17/1852. The family lived on a farm in Northboro, Massachusetts. During his life Cyrus was a wholesale and retail grocery merchant in Boston and served as Captain of a company of militiamen during the War of 1812. He was a Post Master, Selectman, and Justice of the Peace in Boston. He also served two terms as a member of the state Legislature and one term as a member of the Governor's council. He was referred to in records as the Honorable Cyrus Gale and as Captain Gale. He died on 9/18/1880. CHILDREN OF CYRUS AND ELIZA DAVIS GALE: VII. FREDRICK WILLIAM (6/22/1816, Northborough, Mass. - 1854) married (1) Mary S. Utley of Boston and (2) Sarah Whitney of Cambridge. VII. HANNAH "ANNA" DAVIS (1/14/1820, Northborough, Mass. - 7/15/1851) married George Barnes and had a daughter, Anna. Hannah Gale Was a student of Margaret Fuller (1810 - 1859) at Greene Street School in Providence, Rhode Island, during the winter of 1837 to 1838. VII. CYRUS (11/25/1820 - 2/17/1821). CHILDREN OF CYRUS & SARAH PATRICK GALE: VII. CYRUS (3/5/1824 - ??), a merchant in Northboro, married 12/5/1850 Ellen M. Hubbard. VII. GEORGE A. (2/19/1827 - 9/10/1857). VII. SARAH E. (10/31/1831 - 5/18/1839). VII. WALTER (11/18/1833). VII. SUSAN M. (6/16/1838 - 6/22/1842).

VII. FREDRICK WILLIAM GALE, ESQ. (1816 - 1854) was born on 6/22/1816 at Northborough, Massachusetts to Captain Cyrus Gale and his first wife, Eliza Davis Gale. Fredrick graduated from Harvard College, was admitted to the bar and practiced in St. Louis, Missouri for several years before settling in Worcester, Massachusetts. He married (1) MARY SARAH UTLEY of Boston, who died soon after the marriage along with their only child. Following their deaths Frederick traveled in Europe from April of 1847 to August of 1850 where he visited a relative, George Bancroft, in London and later frequented a colony of American artists in Italy. Upon returning to America he married (2) SARAH WHITNEY of Cambridge on 2/16/1852 and had two children. He wrote a will on 2/19/1852, three days following his second marriage, providing for payment of his debts and leaving $500.00 to the Orphans Home in Worcester. He also gave $500.00 each to his half-brothers Cyrus, George and Walter, and to his niece Marianne, daughter of George Bamis of Northboro. He made two bequests of $500.00 each to M. Johnson Mondell of Boston in trust for Harriet Eddy and Mrs. Mary Lawton of Hardwick, and left $1000.00 to George Mondell of Washington, D. C. He stipulated that the above legacies would be void if he left a wife and children and then the estate would go to them. Fredrick took his wife and daughter Florence on a tour of Europe aboard the steamer Arctic. Tragically, all three were lost at sea on 9/27/1854 when the ship sank on their return trip. Within the Manuscript Collection of the American Antiquarian Society are the Gale Family Papers, 1828 - 1854, containing approximately 450 letters, most of them written by or to Frederick and his sister Hanna "Anna" Gale from 1828 to 1854. CHILDREN OF FREDRICK W. & SARAH WHITNEY GALE: VIII. ELIZABETH (?? - ??) died at age 3. VIII. FLORENCE (?? - 9/27/1854).

VII. WALTER GALE (1833 - Living 1864) was born on 11/18/1833 to Cyrus and his second wife, Sarah Patrick Gale at Northboro. He was unmarried. In July of 1861 Walter enlisted as a private in Company C of the 15th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers and was soon promoted to sergeant. He received three more promotions, on 1/17/1862 to 2nd Lieutenant, on 10/24/1862 to Captain, and on 7/14/1864 to Major. At his last promotion he was ordered home in command of the Regiment after their three year term of service had expired. During those years, Major Gale fought with the Regiment in all their battles and was twice wounded. A report written in 1864 by the Adjutant General of Massachusetts noted that the 15th Regiment left the state on 8/8/1861 with about 300 officers and men. The first engagement was at Ball's Bluff on 10/21/1861 followed by the Battle of the Peninsula, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Bristow Station, and Robertson's Tavern from 1862 to 1863. The general stated, In the battle of the Wilderness the regiment lost about one-half its numbers in killed and wounded…On the 22nd of June the regiment, dwindled down to five officers and about seventy muskets, confronted the enemy near the Jerusalem plank road, before Petersburg. A break or gap in the line of battle allowed the enemy to throw a large force on the flank and rear of the Second Division, Second Corps. Hidden from view by dense undergrowth, the maneuver was not comprehended until too late. The first intimation of the position of affairs was a demand from the enemy to surrender. Taken thus by surprise, and overwhelmed by numbers, the remnant of the regiment was captured almost entire. Four officers and about sixty-five men were marched off prisoners of war; one officer and five men escaped to tell the story…On the 12th day of July, the regiment was ordered to proceed to the city of Worcester, Mass., to be mustered out of service…The 28th of the same month the regiment was formally mustered out of service and Major Gale returned his sword to its scabbard. (Gale, E. C.)

VI. DAVID GALE (1788 - AFT. 1864), born to Abijah and his second wife Susanna Allen Gale on 2/2/1788, married BETSET WALLEN (7/24/1791 - ??) of Providence, Rhode Island, on 4/4/181 3and had nine children. David was a house carpenter and lived in Northboro from 1816 until 1823 when he moved to Providence, where he was living in 1864. CHILDREN OF DAVID & BETSEY WALLEN GALE: VII. WILLIAM HENRY (6/11/1814 - ??) married Abbey Potter Baker. VII. LAWSON WALLEN (10/24/1816 - ??) married Mary Howard. VII. PHEBE ANN (9/6/1818 - ??). VII. DAVID EDWIN (8/6/1820 - 8/17/1851). VII. JOHN WALLEN (9/14/1822 - ??) married Adalaide R. Calder. VII. MARY ELIZABETH (5/3/1828 - ??) married Thomas Philips, Jr., a hardware dealer in Providence, Rhode Island. VII. SUSAN ALLEN (1/2/1830 - ??) married 7/21/1858 Joseph B. Gurney, a lumber dealer in Providence. They had a son, Joseph Gale Gurney (5/19/1863 - ??). VII. ELLEN FRANCES (6/1/1832 - ??) married 10/19/1858 William H. Alexander, a jeweler in Providence. VII. ANDREW JACKSON (7/30/1836 - ??) married 11/24/1862 Lizzie Bush Pearce of Bristol, Rhode Island. Their daughter, Lillian Pearce, was born 2/21/1864. Andrew was a merchant in Providence.

VII. WILLIAM HENRY GALE (1814 - ??) was born on 6/11/1814 to David and Betsey Wallen Gale. On 10/25/1846 William Henry married ABBEY POTTER BAKER (11/22/1817 - ??) and had four children. He was a builder in Providence and the date of his death is unknown. CHILDREN OF WILLIAM HENRY & ABBEY POTTER BAKER GALE: VIII. WILLIAM HENRY (11/22/1847 - ??). VIII. CHARLES SHELDON (5/19/1849 - ??) died young. VIII. LYDIA SHELDON (7/2/1851 - ??). VIII. CYRUS (7/2/1858 - ??)

VII. LAWSON WALLEN GALE (1816 - ??) was born on 10/24/1816 to David and Betsey Wallen Gale. On 11/6/1843 Lawson married MARY HOWARD (4/8/1822 - ??) and had three children. Lawson Wallen Gale was a butcher in Providence, Rhode Island. CHILDREN OF LAWSON WALLEN & MARY HOWARD GALE: VIII. MARY JOSEPHINE (3/24/1845 - ??) married George Webster of Providence on 2/8/1804. VIII. DAVID LAWSON (4/6/1852 - ??). VIII. ELLA FRANCES (9/5/1853 - ??).

VII. JOHN WALLEN GALE (1822 - ??) was born in Providence on 9/14/1822 to David and Betsey Wallen Gale. On 12/3/1846 John married ADALAIDE R. CALDER 6/8/1827 - ??) and had three children. CHILDREN OF JOHN WALLEN & ADALAIDE R. CALDER GALE: VIII. ADDIE CALDER (10/3/1848 - ??). VIII. FRANK W. (?? - ??). VIII. GEORGE H. (12/31/1862 - ??).

V. JONATHAN GALE (1728 - 1799) was born on 3/18/1728 to Abraham and Esther Cunningham Gale. He married (1) ABIGAIL BEAL of Sudbury on 5/30/1750. She died without children and on 3/10/1757 Jonathan married (2) MARGARET CRAWFORD, daughter of William Crawford of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts where the couple settled and had eight children. On 4/8/1757 Jonathan was listed as one of the alarm men of "the 2d, foot co. of Shrewsbury." He served in the Revolution in 1778 on the North River and in 1779 in Rhode Island. In 1780 he was among the reinforcement troops raised by the town of Shrewsbury for the Continental Army. Jonathan Gale died on 11/22/1799. CHILDREN OF JONATHAN & MARGARET CRAWFORD GALE : VI. ABIGAIL (2/9/1758 - ??) married James Stiles of Princeton in 1781 and had a son, John. VI. ELI (6/3/1760 - ??) married in February of 1785 to Anna Brown of Worcester. VI. JONATHAN (9/26/1762 - ??) married Sarah Wellington. VI. RHODA (11/26/1764 - ??) married George Andrews. VI. JOHN (7/31/1767 - ??) twin of Elizabeth. Married Eunice Bond. VI. ELIZABETH (7/31/1767 - ??) twin of John. Betsey Gale, of Boylston, Massachusetts made her will on 5/18/1829. She made bequests to her sister Rhoda, wife of George Andrews of Westboro; the Baptist Church of Shrewsbury; Abigail, wife of James Stiles; Sally, wife of George Eager; Martha, wife of Luther Drury; Eunice Gale, daughter of her deceased brother Jonathan; Betsey Plimpton, daughter of brother Jonathan; and her nephew John Stiles of Boylston, who was appointed executor. VI. MARTHA C. (?? - ??) married Luthur Drury of Shrewsbury on 5/5/1822. VI. SALLY (?? - ??) married George Eager.

VI. ELI GALE (1757-60 - ??) was born on 6/3/1760 to Jonathan and Abigail Beal Gale. In February of 1785 Eli married ANNA BROWN of Worcester where the couple settled and had a daughter. At the time of the Revolution Eli, who was 17 years old and living in Shrewsbury, enlisted on 5/15/1777 in Captain Pierce's Company, 15th Regiment, commanded by Colonel Bigelow. He was promoted from private to corporal and on 12/31/1788 he held the post of Sergeant. Eli and his family made their home in Worcester until after 1798. CHILD OF ELI & ANNA BROWN GAL: VII. POLLY (11/4/1786 - ??)

VI. JONATHAN GALE (1762 - Before 1829) was born in Shrewsbury on 9/26/1762 to Jonathan and Sarah Wellington Gale. On 4/8/1786 Jonathan married SARAH WELLINGTON of Roylston and had eight children. Sarah Wellington Gale died on 12/11/1815 at age 46 and Jonathan died sometime prior to 1829. CHILDREN OF JONATHAN & SARAH WELLINGTON GALE: VII. JOHN GREEN (5/18/1787 - ??). VII. DANA (1/14/1789 - ??) married Mary McClellan. VII. SALLY (5/24/1791 - ??) married a Mr. Eager. VII. CURTIS (7/9/1795 - ??) lived in Roylston. VII. BETSEY (8/17/1797 - ??) married a Mr. Plimpton. VII. MARTHA CRAWFORD (1/21/1801 - ??). VII. EUNICE (8/14/1811 - ??) married Edwin Prentise. VII. JARVIS H. (1/26/1809 - ??) married Polley Hatchett (2/5/1812 - 9/18/1847) on 7/11/1833 and moved to Kentucky.

VII. DANA GALE (1789 - ??) was born on 1/14/1789 to Jonathan and Sarah Wellington Gale. In May of 1823 he married MARY McCLELLAN (6/28/1796 - ??), daughter of Deacon John McClellan of Sutton, and second cousin of Major General George B. McClellan. Dana and Mary Gale settled at Columbus, Indiana and had eight children. CHILDREN OF DANA & MARY MCCLELLAN GALE: VIII. JOSEPH FASSET (9/21/1824 - ??) married an unknown woman and had children: John Dana, Mary Jane, and two others who had died by the 1860s. VIII. JAMES MCCLELLAN (12/20/1825 - ??) married Susan B. Boomer. VIII. JONATHAN DANA (6/19/1829 - ??) married Leannah Parks in December of 1853. VIII. WILLIAM JOHN (12/3/1838 - ??) enlisted in the 12th Indiana Regiment in 1862, was twice taken prisoner, and served through the war. VIII. GEORGE WASHINGTON (2/22/1840 - 9/1864) enlisted in February of 1864 and served until his death in September of 1864. VIII. MARY JANE (11/6/1842 - 11/15/1842). VIII. JARVIS HEARD (12/3/1842 - ??) enlisted in 1862 in the 12th Indiana Regiment and was in General Sherman's campaign to North Carolina. VIII. HENRY CLAY (8/30/1844 - 10/1/1845) died young.

VIII. JOSEPH FASSET GALE (1824 - ??) was born on 9/21/1824 to Dana and Mary McClellan Gale. He married an unknown woman and had children. CHILDREN OF JOSEPH FASSET & UNKNOWN GALE: IX. JOHN (?? - ??). IX. DANA (?? - ??). IX. MARY JANE (?? - ??). TWO OTHERS UNKNOWN who died by the 1860s.

VIII. JAMES MCLELLAN GALE (1825 - ??) was born on 12/20/1825 to Dana and Mary McClellan Gale. On 3/4/1856 James married SUSAN B. BOOMER, daughter of Reverend J. Boomer of Massachusetts, and had two children. The family lived in Bristol, Illinois. James made a trip to New Orleans in a flat boat, then went to Mass. and obtained a legacy left him by his grand father, and while in Mass. learned the art of Daguerreotyping and practiced that art in Ill. for seven years when he sold out and bought a farm adjoining the village of Bristol, Ill. part of which he has since laid out as an addition to the village. He is an enterprising citizen of Bristol and has become wealthy. (Gale, G.) CHILDREN OF JAMES MCLELLAN & SUSAN B. BOOMER GALE: IX. MARY INEZ (2/11/1857 - Died in October). IX. JAMES ARTHUR (7/14/1859 - ??).

VIII. JONATHAN DANA GALE (1829 - ??) was born on 6/19/1829 to Dana and Mary McClellan Gale. In December of 1853 Jonathan married LEANNAH PARKS, had three children and lived in Indiana. CHILDREN OF JONATHAN DANA & LEANNAH PARKS GALE: VIII. MARY EMMA (5/23/1855 - ??). VIII. DANA (9/1856 - 5/1857). VIII. GEORGE FREDERICK (2/22/1859 - ??).

VII. JARVIS H. GALE (1809 - ??) was born in Columbus, Indiana on 1/26/1809 to Jonathan and Sarah Wellington Gale. In his youth Jarvis went west with his brother Dana, who he lived with until he became 23 years old. He learned to be a millwright and machinest, built mills for others and three for himself. The first mill burned, and the others undermined and went off in freshets. (Gale, G.) After losing his property, Jarvis practiced as a Thompsonian physician. On 7/11/1833 Jarvis married (1) POLLEY FARLEY HATCHETT (2/5/1812 - 9/18/1847) and moved to Kentucky. The date of their marriage and the names of four daughters were recorded in the Joseph Hatchett Bible in Nottaway County, Kentucky. Polley died in 1847 and Jarvis married (2) MARGARET QUINN in 1849. In 1851 they moved to the frontier of Iowa into Fox County, 100 miles northwest of Fort DesMoines. In August of 1852 Jarvis died when he accidentally shot himself while hunting. CHILDREN OF JARVIS & POLLEY HATCHETT GALE: VIII. ALALINDA PERSIS (10/28/1834 - ??) married a Mr. Davis in 1853. VIII. ANGELINE SOPHIA (4/23/1838 - ??) married a Mr. Bay. VIII. MARY ELIZA LEONA (10/26/1840 - ??). VIII. MARTHA COLESTON or COLESTA (5/6/1846 - ??) married an unknown man in September of 1864.

VI. JOHN GALE (1767 - ??) was born on 7/31/1767 to Jonathan and Abigail Beal Gale. He married EUNICE BOND, daughter of Deacon Jonathan Bond of Westboro. Eunice died in 1799 leaving one son and John Gale died when he was thrown from a carriage. According to family tradition, Eunice Gale died in Brimfield, Massachusetts, where her son was born. CHILD OF JOHN & EUNICE BOND GALE: VII. JONATHAN (9/1796 - ??) married Clarissa Gould.

VII. JONATHAN GALE (1796 - 1857) was born in September of 1796 to Jonathan and Abigail Beal Gale and appears to have been an only child. Jonathan came to Millbury about 1812 and in 1817 married CLARISSA GOULD and had five children. CHILDREN OF JONATHAN & CLARISSA GOULD GALE: VIII. ELIZA (5/1818 - 1859). VIII. JONATHAN G. (8/16/1821 - ??) married Dorothy M. French on 4/17/1842. VIII. LEANDER (1/1824 - ??) married Martha P. Pierce on 2/2/1845. VIII. JULIA ANN (1820 - ??) married Sumner R. Parker of Millbury on 1/1/1850. VIII. CHARLES S. (1835 - ??) married Mary E. Sawyer of Millbury on 11/21/1854.

VIII. JONATHAN G. GALE (1821 - ??) was born to Jonathan and Clarissa Gould Gale on 8/16/1821 at Milbury. On 4/17/1842 he married DOROTHY M. FRENCH and had two children. CHILDREN OF JONATHAN & DOROTHY FRENCH GALE: VIII. GEORGE F. (1845 - ??). VIII. ALBERT J. (1850 - ??).

V. ELISHA GALE (1735 - 1774), born on 1/1/1735-36 to Abraham and Esther Cunningham Gale, married SARAH JONES (8/3/1737 - ??), daughter of James Jones of Weston, on 5/20/1762. They moved to Princeton, where Elisha was engaged as a blacksmith, and had five children. On 9/15/1755 Elisha "entered the King's Service" and was part of the expedition to Crown Point, acting as clerk to the company commanded by Captain Jonathan Baldwine. He served 18 weeks and was discharged on 12/14/1755. Elisha died on 7/4/1774 leaving a will, dated 6/25/1774 and proved on July 11th, stipulating that Sarah have the use of all his property until his daughter Anna reached the age of 7 and at that point would have one-half only. Bequests were made to Elisha's sons, Luther and Calvin, and to his daughters, Sally, Clarissa, and Anna. In the inventory of his estate Elisha was referred to as a blacksmith and his real estate included the Homestead farm, the other farm in Princeton, and 8 acres in Hubbardton. (Gale, G.) CHILDREN OF ELISHA & SARAH JONES GALE: VI. LUTHER (1/3/1765 - 3/5/1846, Lennox) was engaged as a tanner. VI. CALVIN (9/28/1767 - Living 1774). VI. SALLY (12/10/1769 - ??) married Elisha Hobbs, Jr. on 12/27/1789. VI. CLARISSA (2/1/1772 - ??) married Dr. Ephraim Wilson on 11/15/1795. VI. ANNA (4/29/1774 - ??) married Nathan Perry on 10/7/1792.

IV. SAMUEL GALE (1704 - 1749-50) was born to Abraham and Rachel Parkhurst Gale on 1/31/1704. Samuel married REBECCA (UNKNOWN) and had eight children. The family lived at Waltham, Massachusetts, on property owned by Samuel's ancestor, Richard Gale. He received a deed for the farm and gave back a mortgage dated 3/10/1726-27 that provided for the support of his parents while they lived. In his will, dated 1/3/1749-50, Samuel bequeathed £500 to his daughter Rebecca …to be paid by my son Samuel Gale after decease of Hon. Father & Mother - viz: Abraham and Rachel Gale of Waltham. (Gale) He also gave £100 to his daughter Rachel Lackey to be paid in three years, and £300 pounds to his daughter Esther Gale, also to be paid in three years. He gave the balance of his estate to his son Samuel with the condition that Samuel paid the legacies and support of his father and mother. Nothing is mentioned in his will about a wife or other children. The will was proved on 2/5/1749-50 and Samuel, Jr. was named executor. CHILDREN OF SAMUEL & REBECCA GALE: V. REBECCA (5/24/1725 - ??) married Edward Holman of Oxford on 5/7/1751. V. SAMUEL, JR. (5/6/1726 - 5/3/1793) married Anna Fiske in 1755. V. RACHEL (11/6/1729 - ??) married William Lackey on 3/20/1749. V. ESTHER (12/21/1730 - ??). V. ABRAHAM (9/23/1733 - ??). V. LOIS (Bapt. 12/1/1734 - Died young). V. LOIS (Bapt. 7/11/1736 - ??). V. RICHARD (7/9/1738 - ??).

V. SAMUEL GALE, JR. (1726 - 1793) was born on 5/6/1726 to Samuel and Rebecca Gale. On 7/17/1755 he married ANNA FISKE (1/141736, Watertown - 6/2/1800), daughter of Deacon Samuel and Anna Bemis Fiske of Waltham, and had four children. The Assessment Roll of Waltham for 1771 showed that Samuel was taxed on annual income from real estate of £40, for one Negro slave between the age of 14 and 45, 2 horses, 2 oxen, 12 cows, 150 bushels of grain, 40 barrels of cider, and other articles consistent with farming. He was a private during the Revolution and appeared on the muster roll of Captain Abraham Pierce's company dated 4/19/1775 and was called out…to the Concord and Lexington fite (sic) in defence of the Liberties of Amarica (sic). (Gale) His son, Samuel, was in the same company. What further service this father performed, during the war, there is no very definite record found, but being within two hours march of Boston, the Waltham Co. probably stood as 'minute men,' until after the evacuation of Boston by the British troops, the 17th of March, 1776. He was probably the Samuel Gale who served under Capt. Ward, from Jan. 22, to Aug. 19, 1776, for 6 m. and 26 days, with extra wages for service in Boston, 25 days, £3 3s. 0 ½, where he was discharged. This, however, might have been his son, Samuel, before he entered Capt. Fuller's Co. (Gale, G.) Samuel occupied the old Gale home-place until his death on 5/6/1793. His will, dated 5/9/1792, gave a third of his property to his wife. He left £300 to his daughter Anna, wife of John Cutting, and the rest of his property was divided equally between his sons, Jacob and Alpheus, who were also appointed as executors. His will was proved on 3/13/1793 and his estate appraised at £2842. CHILDREN OF SAMUEL & ANNA FISKE GALE: VI. SAMUEL (9/11/1756 - Probably 1776) joined the patriots and was with his father at Concord on 4/19/1775. He is presumed to have been killed or mortally wounded at the battle of White Plains on 10/28/1776 and appeared on the muster roll of Captain Fuller in Colonel Brooks' Regiment as one of those missing after a battle. He was never heard of again by his family. VI. JACOB (4/14/1758 - ??) married 9/23/1784 Lois Hagar and had a son, Samuel (2/7/1785 - 1796). VI. ANNE (2/28/1759 - ??) married 10/5/1780 John Cutting of East Sudbury. VI. ALPHEUS (1761 - 1823) married 7/5/1787 Lydia Hammond and resided at Waltham.

VI. JACOB GALE (1758 - BEF. 1828), born to Samuel and Anna Fiske Gale on 4/14/1758, married LOIS HAGAR, daughter of Joseph Hagar of Waltham, on 9/23/1784. They settled at Waltham and had a son, Samuel, who died young. On 3/4/1776 Jacob joined the patriot army and according to the original muster roll written by Justice of the Peace Samuel Holden, his company was "called out by Col. Samuel Thatcher in his Regiment wich the march was at the request of Generall Washenton at the taken Possion of Dorchester hills…" (Gale, G.) On 4/15/1776 Jacob entered the Ticonderoga service in Captain Jonathan Danforths' company in Colonel Whitcom's battalion. He was on the sick list on 11/27/1776 at Ticonderoga and was probably discharged soon afterwards. Jacob and his wife lived in the old Gale mansion at Waltham and, being very devoted Methodists, made it a home for Methodist traveling preachers in that area. Jacob Gale died in 1828 and Lois continued to allow the preachers to use her home until her own death on 2/16/1851. The Gale home was later owned by Governor Banks, the Major General commanding the Army of the Southwest in 1864. Jacob's will, dated 9/21/1828 and proved on 12/2/1828, left the family home and his estate to Lois and after her death to his nephew Samuel, son of his brother Alpheus. He made the provision that Samuel pay $500.00 to Samuel's brother, Jacob; $500.00 to Lois' niece, Mariah Garfield who for a time lived with Jacob and Lois, and $200.00 each to Samuel's sisters Sally, Lydia and Caroline. CHILD OF JACOB & LOIS GALE: VII. SAMUEL (2/7/1785 - 1796).

VI. ALPHEUS GALE (1761 - 1823) was born at Waltham, Massachusetts, on 9/7/1761 to Samuel and Anna Fiske Gale. On 3/19/1778 he volunteered as a private in Captain Edward Fuller's company, Colonel William McIntosh's regiment. He was stationed briefly at Roxbury but was discharged on April 5th of the same year. On 7/5/1787 Alpheus married (1) LYDIA HAMMOND (10/9/1767 - 4/6/1810), daughter of Jonathan Hammond (1717 - 1776), a prominent citizen and Selectman of Waltham, and his wife Judith Stearns Hammond. They had eight children prior to her death and afterwards Alpheus married (2) BETSY HAYWARD. He became an active businessman in Waltham and was regarded as the richest man in the town. Unfortunately, at his death around the first of August in 1823 it was discovered that he had signed numerous notes that were then brought against the estate. Consequently his widow received only $300.00. It was to remedy, in part, this misfortune that Jacob willed his property to his brother Alpheus' children. (Gale, G.) CHILDREN OF ALPHEUS & LYDIA HAMMOND GALE: VII. WILLIAM (7/6/1788 - 1839) graduated with honor from Harvard in 1810, was admitted to the bar and settled in Boston where he became a prominent lawyer. According to George Gale's biography, "a disappointment in love, the death of his father and the bankruptcy of the estate, so affected his mind that he became intemperate and died a drunkard in 1839." VII. NANCY (5/23/1791 - 6/30/1808). VII. SALLY (8/12/1794 - ??) never married and in 1864 lived with her two sisters at 41 Irving Street in Boston. VII. LYDIA (6/26/1797 - 10/9/1798). VII. SAMUEL (2/7/1799 - ??) married the widow Fish or Fisk. VII. LYDIA HAMMOND (10/24/1801 - ??) married Henry O. Byram of Boston on 5/21/1863 and was living at 41 Irving Street in Boston in 1864. VII. JACOB (12/31/1803 - 1868) married Mary Lucinda Maben in 1837. VII. CAROLINE (6/1/1806 - ??) according to Gale's biography, Caroline is deaf and dumb, but is educated. In 1864 she was living with her sister Sally and was unmarried.

VII. SAMUEL GALE (1799 - ABT. 1848) was born on 2/7/1799 to Alpheus and Lydia Hammond Gale. In 1844 Samuel married WIDOW FISK/FISH and had two children before his death in Albany, New York around 1848. CHILDREN OF SAMUEL & (UNKNOWN) FISK GALE: VIII. CAROLINE HENRIETTA (1845 - ??) and VIII. AGNES (1847 - ??).

VII. JACOB GALE (1803 - ??) was born on 12/31/1803 to Alpheus and Lydia Hammond Gale. In 1839 Jacob married MARY MABIN of Delaware County, NY, and settled in Albany where he worked a garden and had children. CHILDREN OF JACOB & MARY MABIN GALE: VIII. LYDIA HAMMOND (1840 - ??) married Reverend Charles Shrimpton of Stratford, Canada West. VIII. EUGENE (1848 - ??). VIII. WILLIAM BRADFORD (1851 - 1922) married in 1873 to Georgeanna Cutler and had a son, George Washington Gale (1874 - 1898). VIII. SEVERAL OTHERS WHO HAD DIED BY THE MID-1860S.

IV. ISAAC GALE (1708 - 1793) was born in Watertown on 1/15/1708 to Abraham and Rachel Parkhurst Gale. About 1731 he married JUDITH SAWYER (10/16/1701, Framingham, Mass - ??) and had children. About 1733 Isaac and his family moved to the area of Sutton, Massachusetts, that became the town of Millbury. Isaac appeared on the Muster Rolls of the French and Indian War as a Lieutenant and was part of the campaign in August of 1757 in defense of Fort William Henry. His company, that included his brother Josiah, son Nehemiah, and nephew Daniel, reached the nearby town of Sheffield where they learned of the surrender of the Fort on August 9th. Consequently, they were ordered back, marching a distance of 113 miles over 17 days. Isaac remained in the Sutton militia until 3/1/1763 when he was appointed by the Massachusetts Governor as Captain. He resigned in September of 1769 and was succeeded by Captain Elisha Goddard. According to tradition he gave his sword to his son, Isaac, Jr., with instructions to have it preserved by his descendants. In 1864 the sword was in possession of Isaac Gale of Royalston, whose own son Isaac, Jr., would have been entitled to the sword but had died in 1854. Consequently, Isaac Gale, Sr. presented it to Galesville University in Wisconsin to be preserved as a family relic. On 10/1/1776 Isaac Gale sold his farm, and most of his property not previously given to his other children, to his son Nehemiah with the condition that he and his wife be supported during their lives. A tax assessment in Sutton in 1778 listed Isaac's real estate as two houses and out-buildings, 18 acres plowing, 10 acres meadow, 12 acres pasture, and 190 acres of woodland. Captain Isaac Gale, called "Gentleman," died in October of 1793. His will, dated 4/17/1792, made bequests to the children of his son Isaac, deceased; sons Jonas, Nehemiah, and Elisha, and Judith Chace and Anna Leland. He directed that his books were to be equally divided between all his heirs. Josiah Stiles was appointed executor and the will was proved in Worcester County on 11/5/1793. CHILDREN OF ISAAC & JUDITH SAWYER GALE: V. ISAAC (1732, Framingham - 1779) married Mehetable Dwinel, daughter of Jonathan and Mehetable Kennay Dwinel, and resided at Royalston. V. JUDITH (4/12/1734 - ??) married Abel Chase at Sutton on 1/3/1754. V. JONAS (4/23/1735 - ??) married (1) Tamar Marsh of Sutton, (2) Hannah Bancroft, and (3) Widow Rebecca Guy of Dedham, Mass. His daughter Lydia married Josiah Stiles/Styles of Millbury. V. NEHEMIAH (2/12/1736-37 - ??) married Ruth Marsh, daughter of Stephen and Ruth Waters Marsh of Sutton and Tamar's sister. V. SARAH (1741 - ??) married Samuel Melody of Guilford, Connecticut. V. ELISHA (11/26/1743 - ??) married Mary Singletary, daughter of Hon. Amos Singletary of Sutton, on 4/8/1767 in Sutton, Mass. V. ANNA #1 (12/4/1746 - Died in infancy). V.ANNA #2 (11/11/1748 - ??) married on 2/22/1770 to James Leland, Jr. (1745 - 1801, Hopewell, Ontario Co., NY) of Graften.

V. ISAAC GALE, JR. (1732 - 1779) was born to Isaac and Judith Sawyer Gale in his mother's home town of Framingham in September of 1732 but the family moved to Sutton in 1733. In 1756 Isaac married MEHETABLE DWINEL of Sutton and moved to Royalston around 1768. They had thirteen children. It is thought that Isaac served in the French and Indian War of 1755 and in 1776 he served as a sergeant in the Northern Army at Ticondaroga under Colonel Samuel Brewer, but no further records were found to indicate further service in either conflict. When he died intestate on 5/19/1779 Isaac was the owner of a saw and grist mill in Royalston and a farm of nearly 200 acres. His estate was appraised at £11,662 on 8/28/1779 and disbursements were made to his wife and children following payment of debts and settlement costs. According to the law at the time, the oldest son, Peter, received a double share and Isaac's widow received a third of the whole estate. Following Isaac's death Mehetable married Henry Nichols and had a daughter, Betsey, who died young. Mehetable died at Royalston on 3/1/1818. CHILDREN OF ISAAC, JR. & MEHETABLE DWINEL GALE: VI. PETER (12/4/1756 - ??) married Prudence French of Royalston on 4/15/1779. VI. SUSANNA (7/14/1758 - ??) married Bartholomew French. VI. ISAAC (12/10/1759 - ??) married Elizabeth Cutler. VI. JONATHAN (7/3/1761 - ??) married Rhoda Baker. VI. JONAS (?? - ??) married Zeulia Fox and moved to Connecticut. Jonas was not listed by George Gale in The Gale Family. VI. JAMES (3/9/1763 - ??) died young. VI. JUDITH (1/2/1765 - ??) married Otis Capron and died after the birth of two daughters. VI. DAVID (4/24/1767 - ??). VI. JAMES (12/15/1770 - 6/4/1771). VI. JAMES (3/12/1773 - ??) married Elsea Schapmon and raised a family near Schenectady, NY before moving to St. Louis where he died. VI. SILAS (3/13/1774 - 4/4/1774). VI. HANNAH (4/26/1775 - 4/19/1777). VI. DELIA (10/27\1777 - ??) married David Peck. [On 10/17/1794 heirs of Isaac Gale of Royalston, son of the late Captain Isaac Gale of Sutton, were listed as Peter Gale, Bartholomew French, Jonathan Gale, Isaac Gale, Henry Nichols, David Gale, Jonas Gale, Otis Capron (husband of Judith Gale, deceased, leaving children) and James Gale.

VI. PETER GALE (1756 - 1818) was born on 12/4/1756 at Sutton, Massachusetts, to Isaac and Mehetable Dwinel Gale. On 4/15/1779 he married PRUDENCE FRENCH (3/17/1756, East Bridgwater - ??), daughter of Micah and Ruth French of Braintree, at Royalston, Vermont, and had twelve children. Peter served in the Continental Army during the campaign of 1778 in the regiment commanded by Colonel John Jacobs. He appeared on the muster rolls [Midleton Aug. 27, 1778] as being of Royalston. In February of 1793 Peter and his family moved to Barre, Vermont, and purchased a tract of land including a portion of Cobble Hill where the snow became six feet deep. Well acquainted with farming, machinery, and mills, Peter was well fitted to pioneer life and could perform almost any work. He cleared land, put in crops, built a house, barn, sheds, and fences and often assistws his neighbors. George Gale visited the house in 1840 and found it "... in a good state of preservation, but was soon after superseded by a small tidy granite house built by Mr. Wheeton, the then proprietor of the farms. " (G. Gale) On 8/15/1817 Peter and his son, Peter, Jr., purchased Walnut Bow Farm in Colchester, Vermont. He moved his family there but contracted a fever and died in November of 1818. Following his death, Prudence returned with her family to their home in Barre, Vermont. CHILDREN OF PETER & PRUDENCE FRENCH GALE: VII. PETER (1/26/1780 - ??) married Hannah Tottingham on 1/27/1805, daughter of Nathaniel and Esther Brown Tottingham of Westminster. VII. JONATHAN (3/7/1782 - 3/11/1782). VII. MICAH (2/27/1783 - ??) married Hannah Turner Beard at Gardner, Mass. VII. SAMUEL (2/20/1785 - 4/18/1785). VII. PRUDENCE (1/26/1786 - 4/11/1840, Waterbury, Vermont) married (1) a Mr. Norcross. They traveled to Alabama where Norcross died and Prudence married (2) Stephen Field of Waterbury, Vt. about 1832. No children. VII. RHODA (2/1/1788 - ??) married John Emory of Barre, Vermont and had two children, Orlinzo and Clarissa. She died soon after they were born. VII. MEHETABLE (12/30/1789 - 1826). VII. JUDITH (6/15/1792 - 8/10/1796). VII. ANNA (10/5/1794 - ??) married Thomas Towne of Barre, Vermont and had several children including Oel, Jane, Amanda, Joan and Paul. VII. ISAAC (9/13/1796 - ??) married Sally Page at Burlington, Vt. on 12/24/1820. VII. IRA (11/15/1798 - 11/13/1798). VII. JONAS (4/28/1800 - ??) married (1) Abadil Allbe and (2) Unknown. He was living at East Montpelier, Vt. in 1863.

VII. PETER GALE (1780 - ??) was born at Royalston, Massachusetts, on 1/26/1780 to Peter and Prudence French Gale. On 1/27/1805 he married HANNAH TOTTINGHAM (?? - 2/24/1848, Waterbury) of Westminster, Massachusetts, daughter of Nathaniel Tottingham. They settled near Peter's father in Barre, Vermont, and had six children. Peter was educated in the common schools in Massachusetts but left at age 14 when his father moved to the Vermont wilderness. Peter became a stockholder in the Barre Library in 1800 and was also a member of the Congregational Church at Barre. His interest in religion waned about 1830 when his skepticism led him to embrace Deism. On 4/30/1803 Peter leased the southeast quarter of the Second Division English School lot in Barre from the School Trustees of that town. Three years later he purchased an additional fourteen acres from Exekial Wood where he erected several buildings and began life as a farmer. In 1813 a fire at his farm caused Peter to sell the property and move to Burlington where he opened a wooden ware shop. Politically he was an old school Democrat, voted for Jefferson in 1804 and was an ardent supporter of Madison and the war of 1812. On the declaration of war he enlisted as one of the five 'minute men' of Barre and was mustered into the U. S. service in the fall of that year and stationed at Swanton on the Canada line. Here he was attacked with the Measles which prostrated his health so that three months after his enlistment, he was discharged from the service, and sent home on foot, and as the small pay he had received from government was expended in his sickness, he begged his way home as a poor sick soldier. The incidents of that journey, of abuse from the Federalists and kind treatment from the Democrats, he often related to the Writer, to illustrate the party feeling of that day. When the British advanced to Plattsburg, he volunteered in the company from Burlington Vt. And reached that place in time to join in the battle of Sept. 13th, 1814 and was posted to guard the ford of the Saranac River. (G. Gale)

In 1817 Peter moved with his father to Colchester, Vermont, .
..where he and the most of his family were sick two years with the 'fever and ague,' then returned to Burlington and in 1824 removed to Waterbury Vt. And opened a new farm on the eastern slope of the Green mountains, in which town he died with 'old age,' Aug. 6, 1851, at the residence and under the attentive care of his daughter, Mrs. Henry. He lived to see his children all married and comfortably settled in life and then sunk to the earth like an 'ear of corn fully ripe.' But the peculiarity of his life is yet to be stated. He was a natural mechanic. He could build a house, frame a barn, erect a saw-mill or set a horse-shoe. He often made ingenious articles of machinery and the latter part of his life experimented considerably on 'flying machines,' on the principle of the screw as a propeller, but finally came to the very sensible conclusion that the air was made for birds but the earth for man. Although an attentive reader of the political newspapers of the day, he had no taste for political promotion and seldom would accept even a School District office. (G. Gale) Hannah Tottingham Gale died on the 24th of Feb. 1848, at Waterbury, Vt. (G. Gale) CHILDREN OF PETER & HANNAH TOTTINGHAM GALE: VIII. HIRAM (2/6/1808 - ??) married Sally Bryant. VIII. ANGELINE (9/29/1809 - 9/8/1858) married David Lord 11/16/1836. VIII. MATILDA (8/31/1811 - ??) married James M. Henry on 3/25/1831. VIII. ELVIRA (2/25/1814 - ??) married Elisha A. Town on 5/25/1826. VIII. GEORGE (11/30/1816 - ??) married Gertrude Young. VIII. HANNAH (12/28/1824 - ??) married Samuel S. Luce in 1847.

VIII. HIRAM GALE (1808 - 1857) was born on 2/6/1808 to Peter and Hannah Tottingham Gale. On 1/1/1833 Hiram married SALLY BRYANT (2/12/1809 - ??), daughter of Samuel Bryant, Esq. of Waterbury, Vermont where the couple settled and had eight children. Hiram had a farm on the Waterbury River that he worked until about 1853 when he sold it and purchased nearby saw and gristmills, also located on the river. He operated the mills and furnished most of the lumber used in construction of the bridges and depots of the Vermont Central Railroad. Hiram died of consumption on 9/24/1857 and in 1861 his widow moved to Galesville, Wisconsin, with her family, except for Bowman Tottingham Gale. CHILDREN OF HIRAM & SALLY BRYANT GALE: IX. LOUISA ADELAIDE (10/20/1833 - 9/1/1857) married 11/1/1848 to Oliver Adams of Waterbury, Vermont, and had two children before her death. IX. BOWMAN TOTTINGHAM (2/3/1835 - ??) married 6/26/1856 to Jane Gregg, daughter of John Gregg Esq., of Waterbury, Vermont. The family lived in the town of Stowe where Bowman was a farmer. They had three children. IX. MATILDA ELENORA (5/10/1838 - 10/14/1839). IX. HIRAM ALTON (9/28/1840 - 5/24/1843). IX. GEORGE WASHINGTON (7/11/1842 - ??) enlisted as a private in September of 1861 in the 1st Wisconsin Battery under Captain Foster. He was promoted to corporal and served at Cumberland Gap in 1862, at Vicksburg under General Sherman in December of 1862, at the taking of Arkansas Post in 1863, and throughout the entire campaign of General Grant to the surrender of Vicksburg on 7/4/1863. He served under Generals Washburn and McClarned in Texas and was at the retreat of General Banks from Alexandria in 1864. He returned to Galesville in good health on 10/27/1864 and in January of 1866 entered Milwaukee Commercial College. IX. MARTHA ELENORA (9/14/1844 - ??) married Charles A. Leith on 4/18/1866. IX. HIRAM RANDALL (11/8/1846 - Living 1865) enlisted on 1/25/1865 in the 46th Regiment of the Wisconsin Volunteers and returned to Galesville in the fall of the same year when he purchased half interest in the Galesville Transcript and became one of its editors and publishers. IX. ALMON CLARK (12/13/1851 - ??).

IX. BOWMAN TOTTINGHAM GALE (1835 - ??) was born on 2/3/1835 to Hiram and Sally Bryant Gale. On 6/26/1856 Bowman married JANE GREGG, daughter of John Gregg Esq. of Waterbury, Vermont. The family lived in the town of Stowe, Vermont where Bowman was a farmer. They had three children. CHILDREN OF BOWMAN & JANE GREGG GALE: X. FRANK WARNER (6/18/1857 - ??); X. MARTHA LOUISA (3/4/1861 - ??); X. MARY EMOGENE (2/22/1863 - ??).
George's father removed his family to Waterbury, Vt. in June 1824 and commenced a new farm in the woods on the eastern slope of the Green Mountains. The facilities for an education was a common school, a mile down the mountains, which was made available, and the children all obtained a fair common school education including Arithmetic and Grammar. Until his sixteenth year George was regarded as a dull scholar, and made no more than the ordinary advancement in his studies, but excelled in his skill in hunting the Partridge and Woodchuck with his dog and gun, and in fishing for the speckled trout in the mountain brooks, to which sports he devoted every hour which he could obtain from his ordinary employment in clearing land and farming. But, in the summer of his sixteenth year, he borrowed of a neighbor, Walter Scott's Life of Bonaparte, which he read through very attentively and it had the effect of arousing his latent ambition, and he came to the very sensible conclusion that usefulness, fame and wealth, was not so much an accident, as an achievement reached by patient industry and talent, and that in that age of science and knowledge the successful competitor would probably be the one best instructed in the science and knowledge of the world.

From this time hunting and fishing ceased to be his favorite sport and he devoted every leisure moment in reading approved authors in history, biography and travels, and after about two years he procured Flint's treatise on Land Surveying and fully mastered its contents without an instructor and commenced practical Surveying with success. After surveying, he took up Navigation, Webber's Hutton's and Farrar's mathematics, Enfield's Philosophy, Henry's and Orfila's Chemistry, and works on Astronomy, Mineralogy and Geology, and at twenty-one years of age George had obtained a fair knowledge of the higher mathematics and Natural History.

Thinking it would be well to test his attainments by an examination, Mr. Gale submitted himself to Mr. Jeremiah Flint, A. M. a graduate of Middlebury College in 1811, who had been his master, a part of two winters years before, in the common school, and after a fair examination, Mr. Flint gave him the following certificate:
Waterbury, March 10th 1838
To all whom it may concern:
The subscriber has been acquainted with the Bearer, George Gale, for seven years and has frequently had him for a pupil. He loves study and has not loved it in vain. He is in a great measure self instructed, and by industry, close application and perseverance he has, unquestionably, attained unto a more correct knowledge of Trigonometry, Navigation and particularly Surveying than most of our liberally educated young men. Such young men should be patronized, and, indeed they will be. The subscriber would not hesitate, a moment to employ him as a correct surveyor, in the common business of his avocation.
Jer. Flint.

In March 1839, Mr. Gale commenced reading law, in 1840 was appointed Past Muster at Waterbury Center, Vt. and in 1841 was admitted to the bar, emigrated west and settled at Elk Horn, Walworth County, Wis. Here he opened an office and entered into a successful practice of the law. Unlike some others, he continued his law studies with great diligence for four years, and became, in fact, a well read lawyer.

Mr. Gale held several town offices among which was Chairman of the Town Board of Supervisors for two years and was also Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors for two years. In the fall of 1847 he was elected a member of the Convention called to form the present State Constitution and served on the judiciary committee. The same fall, he was also elected District Attorney and in the fall of 1840, a State Senator for two years. The first year in the Senate, he was Chairman of the Committee of Privileges and Elections and the second year Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He was an active member of the Senate and made several speeches and reports which were published.

July 4, 1851, he received from the Governor of Wisconsin, the appointment of Brigadier General in the Militia. The fall of the same year Mr. Gale removed to the Upper Mississippi and settled at LaCrosse, and was the same fall elected County Judge, for a term of four years, of La Crosse County, and Chippewa County attached to LaCrosse County for judicial purposes. As the county judge had common law as well as probate jurisdiction, he was often engaged two weeks at a term trying causes. This office he resigned January 1, 1854, and April 1st 1856 was elected Circuit Judge of the sixth judicial circuit of Wisconsin composed of the counties of Buffalo, Clark, Jackson, Monroe, Trempealeau, LaCrosse, Vernon, and Crawford, for the judicial term of six years, commencing Jan. 1, 1857.

When Mr. Gale first settled at LaCrosse he saw that all Northwestern Wisconsin was entirely destitute of any College, or other high institutions of learning, and he urged upon the landed proprietors of that place to set aside ten acres of land back of the Village and take the initiatory steps to establish such an institution, but they turned a deaf ear and nothing of the kind was attempted. Mr. Gale then conceived the idea, of not only starting a college, but a town, himself; and in 1853 purchased about two thousand acres of land at the present location of Galesville, including the waterpower on Beaver Creek, and in January 1854 procured from the legislature of Wisconsin, the organization of the new county of Trempealeau, with the location of the county seat at Galesville, and a University charter with the same location. In June of the same year, he laid out a small village plot and let contract for the erection of mills, but the mills (saw and flouring) were not completed until 1856.

The Board of Trustees of the Galesville University, was organized in 1855 and a College building commenced in 1858, and the preparatory department opened for students early in May of the following year, and the collegiate department in September 1861; and the first college class graduated July 13, 1865. After the graduation of the class Mr. Gale resigned the Presidency of the University when the Board unanimously adopted the following offered by Rev. W. H. Brocksom of LaCrosse:

'Resolved, That the Board tender to Hon. George Gale, LL. D. late President of this University, their profound thanks for his able and faithful administration for the period of nearly seven years as President of the Faculty and for over ten years as President of this Board.

Resolved further, That we tender to Hon. George Gale, LL. D., as its principal founder and patron, the Freedom of this University and the use of its Library as a token of our high appreciation of his long and efficient services, for which he has over refused all pecuniary consideration.'

The Galesville University went into the hands of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1858 and a majority of the Board of Trustees are appointed by the Church.

Mr. Gale removed from the then city of LaCrosse to Galesville in May 1857 and went on to a farm where he resided in 1866.

Although not a regular College graduate in course, yet Mr. Gale received from the Vermont University at Burlington, the degree of the Master in the Arts, in August 1857, and from the Board of Trustees of Galesville University, in July 1863, the degree of LL. D.

Mr. Gale's health partially failed in the Summer of 1862 and the three following winters he spent in the South and East, most of the time in the service of the Sanitary and Christian Commissions. During the months of February and March he had charge of the U. S. Sanitary Commission Depot on Morris Island S. C. for the siege of Charleston.

Mr. Gale has not entirely ignored literary labors, but in August 1845 started the 'Western Star,' the first newspaper published in Walworth County, Wisconsin, which he sold out in less than a year, and in 1846, issued the first edition of his 'Wisconsin Form Book,' which was revised and re-published in 1848, 1850, and 1856, and 5500 copies sold in Wisconsin. He has also the manuscript prepared and in press, of a book entitled 'The Upper Mississippi, or Historical Sketches of the Introduction of Civilization into the Northwest,' a work covering the period from 1800 to 1866; and has been the regular correspondent of the 'Galesville Transcript,' from March 1860, for five years. The Gale Family Records have also cost him a large amount of labor.
(Gale, G.)
VII. MICAH GALE (1783 - 1848) was born on 2/27/1783 to Peter and Prudence French Gale. On 2/1/1807 Micah married HANNAH TURNER BEARD (1/30/1787, Westminster - Living 1864) at Gardner, Massachusetts. They had four children and lived at Barre, Vermont, until about 1816 when they moved to Orange where Micah was a farmer and a highly respected member of the community. He died in Orange of stomach cancer on 12/1/1848. In 1864 his widow was still living there with son G. Randall Gale. CHILDREN OF MICAH AND HANNAH TURNER BEARD GALE: VIII. GREENFIELD RANDALL (2/1/1808 - ??) married Harriet Newell Fifield on 9/5/1839. VIII. GUSTAVUS ORLINZO (12/7/1809 - ??) married Mahala Merrill at Boston about 1837 and had children William, Caty, Charles, and George. VIII. HORACE PALMER (5/28/1817 - ??) married Merandy Waterman of Orange, Vermont, on 6/11/1840 and had one child who died in infancy. In 1864 Horace was a farmer in Orange. VIII. SOPHRONIA RAYMOND (4/12/1825 - ??) married Anson Baley of Lowell, Mass. in 1847 at Washington, Vermont and had children Walter and Carrie. In 1864 Anson was a merchant in Lowell.

VIII. GREENFIELD RANDALL GALE (1808 - ??) was born at Barre, Vermont, on 2/1/1808 to Micah and Hannah Turner Beard Gale. He married HARRIET NEWELL FIFIELD on 9/5/1839 and had five children. Greenfield was a merchant at Washington, Vermont, and afterwards owned and worked a large farm at Orange. CHILDREN OF GREENFIELD RANDALL & HARRIET NEWELL FIFIELD GALE: IX. WILLIAM RANDALL (7/11/1840 - ??). IX. ORPAH FIFIELD (1/1/1843, Washington - ??). IX. ELLA FRENCH (8/29/1846 - ??). IX. EMMA (10/22/1848, Washington - ??). IX. FRANK AUSTIN (8/22/1850, Washington - ??).

VII. ISAAC GALE (1796 - LIVING 1865) was born on 9/13/1796 to Peter and Prudence French Gale at Barre, Vermont. On 12/24/1820 Isaac married SALLY PAGE (3/30/1795, Bradford, Vt. - ??) of Burlington and had seven children. He served in the War of 1812 and received a land warrant for 160 acres. In 1821 Isaac and Sally moved to a farm in Orange, Vermont, where they lived until January of 1863 when they moved first to Williamstown and then to Barre during the fall of the same year. CHILDREN OF ISAAC & SALLY PAGE GALE: VIII. LORINDA (1/22/1822 - ??) married Denison Mora of Barre, Vermont, on 5/15/1861. VIII. SARAH (4/5/1824 - ??) married Elbertus T. Claflin on 1/15/1850 and had children Ellen L. (5/3/1851 - ??), Elmer G. (10/4/1853 - ??), and Elbertus Claflin Gale. VIII. HAWLEY (8/17/1826 - ??) married Anne Mower (11/25/1826 - ??) of Barre on 4/12/1854. VIII. SUSAN P. (2/10/1829 - ??) married Harvey Marsh of Orange, Vermont on 6/19/1855 and had one child, Charles A. Marsh (5/14/1856 - ??). VIII. EMMA (9/25/1831 - ??). VIII. CAROLINE (12/24/1833 - ??) married William L. Huntington (8/5/1833, Washington, Vt. - ??) of Montpelier, Vermont on 10/16/1855 and had children Eva B. (8/22/1857 - ??) and Flora A. Huntington (9/3/1860 - ??). William Huntington was a harness maker in Montpelier. VIII. ORRISON I. (5/27/1836 - ??) married Mary Anne Durkey (6/28/1837 - ??) of Williamstown, Vermont on 5/29/1862.

VIII. HAWLEY GALE (1826 - LIVING 1864) was born to Isaac and Sally Page Gale on 8/17/1826. On 4/12/1854 Hawley married ANNE MOWER (11/25/1826 - ??) of Barre, Vermont and had three children. Hawley and his family resided at Barre, Vermont where Hawley was engaged in farming.CHILDREN OF HAWLEY & ANN MOWER GALE: IX. WILBUR (5/21/1855 - 12/10/1858). IX. WILLIS H. (10/6/1858 - ??). IX. MARY M. (9/4/1862 - 9/26/1862).

VII. JONAS GALE (1800 - LIVING 1864) was born on 4/28/1800 to Peter and Prudence French Gale. Jonas married (1) ABADIL ALLBE on 3/8/1827 and had six children. He married a second time but the name of his wife is unknown. Jonas lived in Hardwick, Vermont, for nine years before moving to Walcott, Vermont, where he became a Deacon in the Congregational Church. He moved again to Elmore, Vermont where he was an independent farmer and later moved to East Montpelier where he died. CHILDREN OF JONAS & ABADIL ALLBE GALE: VIII. JASPER N. (3/22/1828 - 8/20/1855) married Mary May Labarron in 1854 but died a year later. VIII. LYMAN AUGUSTUS (8/26/1830 - ??) married Elmira Wells in 1858 and lived in Elmore, Vermont. VIII. SAMANTHA A. (7/26/1832 - ??). VIII. ALMEDA A. (8/27/1835 - ??). VIII. JUSTUS F. (9/21/1837 - 9/19/1863) was a volunteer in one of the Vermont Regiments during the Civil War and died in service in 1863. VIII. CHARLES T. (8/27/1845 - 8/30/1862).

VI. ISAAC GALE (1759 - 1826) was born on 12/10/1759 to Isaac and Mehetable Dwinel Gale. On 11/19/1782 Isaac married ELIZABETH CUTLER (10/29/1762 - 12/23/1826), daughter of Jonathan Cutler of Royalston, and had nine children. Isaac was prominent in the city of Royalston, Massachusetts. He inherited from his father ½ of both the dwelling house and the saw mill and ¼ of the grist mill. He died on 1/12/1826, less than a month following the death of his wife Elizabeth. CHILDREN OF ISAAC & ELIZABETH CUTLER GALE: VII. MEHETABLE (10/5/1783 - 10/16/1847) married 11/13/1802 David Holman. No children. VII. UN-NAMED SON & DAUGHTER, TWINS (3/12/1785 - 12/231785 & 12/25/1785 respectively). VII. HANNAH (10/29/1788 - 11/13/1789). VII. ISAAC (9/5/1790 - ??) twin of Jonathan. Married Rhoda Jacobs. VII. JONATHAN (9/5/1790 - ??) twin of Isaac. Married 9/2/1817 Martha Pierce. VII. ELIZABETH (10/28/1797 - 3/8/1831) married 12/10/1816 Charles Bruce and had children, Otis (10/5/1820 - ??) and Martha (8/7/1822). VII. OTIS (9/1/1801 - ??) twin of Cynthia, married Elmira Sherwin. VII. CYNTHIA (9/1/1801 - 4/3/1829, following childbirth) Twin of Otis. Married 1/9/1827 Elijah B. Newton. Son Charles Otis (3/28/1829 - ??). VII. SALLY (6/27/1806 - 7/5/1863) married 1/16/1827 Carlton Bartlet. No children.

VII. ISAAC GALE (1790 - LIVING 1864) was born a twin on 9/5/1790 to Isaac and Elizabeth Cutler Gale. He married RHODA JACOBS on 5/30/1816, had five children and became a prominent farmer in South Royalston. He inherited the sword of his great-grandfather, Isaac Gale, which he donated to the Museum of Galesville, University. The date of his death is unknown. CHILDREN OF ISAAC & RHODA JACOBS GALE: VIII. ISAAC (6/17/1817 - 1/15/1854). VIII. JOSEPH JACOBS (4/27/1822 - ??). VIII. JULIA ELIZABETH (1/20/1826 - 4/27/1846). VIII. LOVING (2/15/1828 - ??). VIII. OLIVER HARTWELL (8/19/1833 - ??).

VII. JONATHAN GALE (1790 - 1851), twin of Isaac, was born on 9/5/1790 to Isaac and Elizabeth Cutler Gale. On 9/2/1817 Jonathan married MARTHA PIERCE, resided at Royalston and had four children. Jonathan Gale died on 8/19/1851. CHILDREN OF JONATHAN & MARTHA PIERCE GALE: VIII. JAMES (1/17/1818 - ??). VIII. MARY (9/14/1819 - ??). VIII. GEORGE PIERCE (1/22/1822 - 8/15/1851). VIII. JONATHAN DANA (7/19/1828 - ??).

VII. OTIS GALE (1801 - ??) was born on 9/1/1801 to Isaac and Elizabeth Cutler Gale. He married ELMIRA SHERWIN and had three children. They lived in Royalston. CHILDREN OF OTIS & ELMIRA SHERWIN GALE: VIII. CHARLES AUGUSTUS (8/15/1824 - ??) married Janett D. Bemas on 7/14/1851 and had a daughter, Susan. The family was living in South Royalston in 1864. VIII. CYNTHIA NEWTON (3/4/1829 - 10/12/1861) married Charles Wolppam on 7/14/1851. VIII. OTIS PERCIVAL (9/4/1849 - ??)

VI. JONATHAN GALE (1761 - 1833) was born on 7/3/1762 to Isaac and Mehetable Dwinel Gale. On 5/11/1786 Jonathan married (1) RHODA BAKER (3/12/1765 - 12/1818) and had nine children before her death on 12/6/1818 at age 56. Jonathan then married (2) SUSANAH MATHEWS (10/1783 - ??) on 9/9/1819 at Royalston and had four more children. Jonathan and his family lived at Royalston and when the Revolutionary War began he entered the 3rd Regiment as a volunteer from that town and received a bounty of $50.00. As a member of the Massachusetts Line, he applied for a pension on 4/17/1818 at Worcester County, Mass. At the time he was 58 years old. In 1820 he was head of a household in Royalston with his wife Susanna, age 36, and children Rhoda, 22; Dulcinea, 17; Judy, 15; and Roxana, age 13. Jonathan died on 8/19/1833 and his widow Susanna applied for a pension on 4/6/1853 at Worcester County and was living at Millbury, Massachusetts in October of 1852, age 69. In the late 1860s she was living in Auburn, New York. CHILDREN OF JONATHAN & RHODA BAKER GALE: VII. ISAAC (2/23/1787 - ??) married Tamar Goddard. VII. ABIGAIL (6/27/1789 -??) married Moses Tylor of Richmond, New Hampshire. VII. RHODA #1 (1791 - 1792). VII. JONATHAN (1793 - 1795). VII. RHODA #2 (7/15/1798 - ??) married Nathaniel Godard, Esq. of Millbury.VII. JONATHAN (7/16/1800 - 7/17/1817). VII. DULCINA (8/26/1802 - ??) married Cyrus Davis of Royalston. VII. JUDA (9/13/1804 - ??) married Rev. Whitman Metcalf of Nonday, New York. VII. ROXANNA (4/20/1807 - ??) married Lorenzo Davis of Royalston. They moved to Putney, Vermont where Lorenzo died in 1860. CHILDREN OF JONATHAN & SUSANAH MATHEWS GALE: VII. LUCY W. (6/22/1822 - 3/22/1852) married Benjamin Humes. VII. SUSAN E. (6/17/1823 - 9/22/1858) married Benjamin Humes. [After Lucy W. Gale Humes' death?] VII. HANNAH M. (1/1/1826 - ??) married Wm. Brierly of Auburn, New York. VII. JAMES F. (4/17/1828 - ??), a machinist, was living in Worcester in the late 1860s.

VII. ISAAC GALE (1787 - ??) was born on 2/23/1787 to Jonathan and Rhoda Baker Gale. On 3/10/1813 he married TAMAR GODDARD of Royalston and had ten children. Isaac lived on his father's homestead in Royalston where "he was a quiet industrious farmer…He attracted no particular attention of the world, but his personal virtues are developing in the high position to which his family has attained." (Gale, G.) Isaac's widow, Tamar Goddard Gale, testified on her mother-in-law's pension application and was listed as being of Millbury, Massachusetts. CHILDREN OF ISAAC & TAMAR GODDARD GALE: VIII. DAVID P. (2/19/1814 - 3/28/1814). VIII. AMORY (8/24/1815 - ??) married Caroline E. Goddard. VIII. CATHARINE L. (1/12/1817 - 12/6/1844) married Samuel G. Metcalf in 1844. VIII. JONATHAN P. (1/12/1819 - 11/15/1863) married Marian L. Kelsey on 3/22/1854. VIII. RHODA B. (7/19/1821 - 10/11/1862) married Holden B. White on 6/26/1845. VIII. DULCENA S. (9/24/1823 - ??) married Leonard Rice on 4/26/1855. VIII. SAMUEL C. (9/15/1827 - ??) married Susan A. Damon. VIII. JUDA ANNA (1/5/1830 - ??) married Calvin K. Witherby on 10/25/1866. VIII. HARLOW A. (7/29/1832 - ??) married Elizabeth C. Griggs. VIII. MARIA T. G. (4/15/1835 - 9/24/1848)

VIII. AMORY GALE (1815 - 1874) was born on 8/24/1815 to Isaac and Tamar Goddard Gale in Royalston, Massachusetts. On 2/9/1847 Amory married CAROLINE E. GODDARD and had three children. He studied at Worcester Academy where he graduated in 1839. He then attended Brown University, graduating in 1843, and Newton Theological Seminary, graduating in 1846. He settled at Ware, Massachusetts, and was ordained there on 11/11/1846. Reverend Gale then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, and in the spring of 1857 he "received a commission from the American Baptist Home Mission Society to visit the West, and settled with the First Baptist church of Minneapolis." (Cathcart) On 7/1/1858 he succeeded Reverend T. R. Cressey as general missionary for the state, a position he held for 15 years. According to facts collected by Reverend Lyman Palmer, Gale preached 5,000 sermons, made 16,000 family calls, sold or donated 25,000 books, and traveled 100,000 miles, more than half with Indian ponies or in a buggy or sleigh. Even though he suffered with asthma and sometimes slept leaning against the wall of his room, Reverend Gale organized Sunday schools throughout the state of Minnesota. He also assisted in forming over half of the 169 Baptist churches that were in the state at the time of his death. Reverend Gale visited the Holy Land, sailing for Europe in the summer of 1874 and visiting places of interest in Great Britain, Greece, Constantinople, and Palestine. During his visit he wrote a number of letters that were published in the Watchman and Reflector, of Boston. While at Jaffa he contracted Syrian fever and died in the hospital there on 11/25/1874. He was buried in the American Protestant Cemetery near Jaffa. Following his death a resolution was unanimously passed in his honor at the annual meeting of the State Convention held in St. Paul in October of 1875. CHILDREN OF AMORY & CAROLINE E. GODDARD GALE: IX. AMORY FRANCIS (3/3/1848 - ??). IX. LUCY MARIA (8/1/1851 - ??). IX. CHARLES GODDARD (8/2/1854 - ??)

VIII. SAMUEL C. GALE (1827 - ??) was born in 9/15/1827 to Isaac and Tamar Goddard Gale. On 10/15/1861 Samuel married SUSAN A. DAMON and had two children. They resided in Minneapolis, Minnesota. CHILDREN OF SAMUEL C. AND SUSAN A. DAMON GALE: IX. EDWARD CHENERY (8/21/1861 - ??) Edward Chenery Gale wrote the genealogy titled, Richard Gale, Yeoman of Watertown - in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, that was the source of much of the information on this family. IX. ALICE (12/9/1864 - ??).

VIII. HARLOW A. GALE (1832 - LIVING 1865) was born on 7/29/1832 to Isaac and Tamar Goddard Gale. On 6/13/1859 Harlow married ELIZABETH C. GRIGGS and had a son. In 1865 Harlow was an active businessman, merchant, and Clerk of the District Court in Minneapolis, Minnesota. CHILD OF HARLOW A. & ELIZABETH C. GRIGGS GALE: IX. HARLOW STEARNS (6/1860 - ??)/

VI. JAMES GALE (1773 - 1823) was born to Isaac and Mehetable Dwinel Gale on 3/12/1773. In 1800 James married (1) ELSEA SCHAPMON of Cairo, Green County, New York, where he had previously settled to work as a physician. They had six children before her death in November of 1817. James then married (2) REBECCA ENGLAND, a widow, and moved to New York City where he died in November of 1823. There were no children from the second marriage. CHILDREN OF JAMES & ELSEA SCHAPMON GALE: VII. WILLIAM S. (1/2/1801 - ??) married Hannah Folon. VII. RICHARD (11/1802 - ??) married Sarah Murdock. VII. HELEN (?? - ??) was unmarried and residing with her sister, Hester Read, in the late 1860s. VII. HESTER (?? - ??) married Thomas W. Read, Esq., a native of England and an excellent scholar who furnished George Gale with a history of the family. The Reads lived in Catskill, Green County, N.Y. and had a daughter, Kate. VII. NANCY (?? - ??) married Benjamin Van Orden and lived in Catskill. No children. VII. CHRISTIANA (?? - ??) married Samuel Goodsell of Connecticut and in the late 1860s was living in West Camp, Ulster County, N. Y. Their children were Hester, Van Orden, Helen, Sherman, Elsea, and Nancy.

VII. WILLIAM S. GALE (1801 -??) was born on 1/2/1801 to James and Elsea Schapmon Gale. He married HANNAH FOLON, had four children and lived in New York. CHILDREN OF WILLIAM & HANNAH FOLON GALE: VIII. JANE (?? - ??). VIII. JACOB VAN RENNSLAER (?? - ??) married and had two children. In 1864 his family occupied a farm at German Town, near Hudson. VIII. HAROLD COLUMBUS (?? - ??) married Mary Elson. In 1864 they had an infant son and lived in Hudson, New York where Harold and his brother-in-law, Amos Hovey, operated a soap factory as the firm of Gale, Hovey & Company in Hudson. VIII. HELEN (?? - ??) married Amos Hovey. In 1864 they were living in Hudson, NY with an infant daughter.

VII. RICHARD GALE (1802 - ??) was born in November of 1802 to James and Elsea Schapmon Gale. He became a physician, married SARAH MURDOCK, and settled in Rahway, New Jersey, and later in Elizabeth, Union County, NJ where Sarah was living in 1864. They had six children. CHILDREN OF RICHARD & SARAH MURDOCK GALE: VIII. JAMES (?? - LIV. 1864) married Catharine Kelly and had four children. The family was living in Elizabeth, N. J. in 1864. VIII. WILLIAM (?? - LIV. 1864) married Elizabeth H. Seeper and had an infant son who died in January of 1864 at age 5. In June of 1864 William was a Navy surgeon serving on the Steamer Adela in the East Gulf Blockading Squadron near Key West, Florida. VIII. HELEN (?? - LIV. 1864) was unmarried and living in Elizabeth, NJ in 1864. VIII. BENJAMIN (?? - 1864) enlisted early in the Civil War and served in the 9th Regiment of the New Jersey Volunteers. He was in a number of battles but was reported missing in the attack of General Butler on Fort Darling in May of 1864. VIII. MARGARET (?? - LIV. 1864) married Thomas Forsyth and lived in Elizabeth, NJ. VIII. MARIA (?? - LIV. 1864) never married and was living with her mother in June of 1864.

V. JONAS GALE (1735 - ??) was born to Isaac and Judith Sawyer Gale on 4/23/1735. Jonas married (1) TAMAR MARSH who died soon afterwards. On 9/20/1757 he married (2) HANNAH BANCROFT and had a daughter, Lydia. Hannah also died and Jonas married (3) REBECKAH GUY, a widow, on 12/28/1783. Jonas and his family lied at Sutton, Massachusetts, and according to the property assessment in 1778 he owned a farm and a stock of cattle. George Gale noted in his biography that someone remembered him "as a man of fine personal appearance, dignified and manly bearing, regular features, nose slightly aquiline and fine complexion. According to the fashion of the times, he wore powdered hair, blue coat, yellow buckskin breeches, and white topped boots." CHILD OF JONAS & HANNAH BANCROFT GALE: VI. LYDIA (10/20/1758 - 9/27/1810) married 7/11/1776 Josiah Stiles of Sutton and resided on her father's farm. Josiah Stiles was Justice of the Peace in Sutton for many years.

V. NEHEMIAH GALE (1736 - 1820) was born on 2/1/1736-37 to Isaac and Judith Sawyer Gale at Sutton, Mass. On 1/24/1760 he married RUTH MARSH (Abt. 1739, Sutton, Mass. - ??) of Sutton, daughter of Stephen and Ruth Waters Marsh. Nehemiah lived on his father's homestead at Millbury and took care of Isaac and Judith from 10/1/1776 until their deaths. He and Ruth had twelve children. Nehemiah served with his father in the campaign for the relief of Fort William Henry during the French and Indian War in 1757. On 4/6/1759, …he enlisted in the regular service in the Reg. commanded by Col. Timothy Ruggles and probably served on the Northern Frontier under Gen. Amherst during the balance of the war. From the 14th to the 17th of Sept. 1759, he was in the hospital at Fort George, when he returned to his Reg…In the Revolutionary War, he was an ardent patriot of the fighting class, and on the Lexington alarm in April 1775, he drew his sword, as first Lieut. Of the company of Artillery, of Sutton, and marched with the company for the relief of Concord and Cambridge; and the following year served as a private, in the Reg. commanded by Col. John Holman, in the expedition to Providence, R. I. He was also in the battle of White Plains, Oct. 28, 1776. (Gale, G.) He also served in Captain Bucknam's Company in 1775. In October of 1776 Nehemiah's father Isaac sold his farm and property not previously given to his other children to Nehemiah, who also was given Isaac's pew in the church. Family tradition holds that Nehemiah died while visiting his son, Deacon Solomon Gale, at Bennington, Vermont on 12/17/1820. His wife Ruth had died previously in October of 1814. CHILDREN OF NEHEMIAH & RUTH MARSH GALE: VI. BENJAMIN (4/18/1761 - 1785) died unmarried in Sterling, where he was a physician. VI. SOLOMON (9/12/1763 - ??) married (1) Rachel Woodward, (2) Phebe Hays. VI. ELIZABETH (12/9/1764 - 1806) died unmarried of consumption. VI. JONAS (3/6/1765 - 11/1/1814) married Elizabeth Grout (8/6/1770, Westboro, Mass. - 6/8/1850) on 11/1/1795. Elizabeth Gale died at Washington, D.C. at the home of her son, Dr. L. D. Gale. VI. RUTH (10/12/1767 - ??) married 12/17/1788 John Greenwood. VI. ANNA or NANCY (7/3/1769 - 1797) unmarried. VI. TAMER (2/27/1771 - 2/12/1854, New York) married in 1790 to (1) Henry Dwinel/Dunnel (?? - 10/17/1805) and (2) Levi Page of Coventry, Connecticut, on 1/10/1810. VI. RUFUS (7/5/1773 - ??) married (1) Louisa Livermore, (2) Widow Knox. VI. NEHEMIAH (6/4/1775 - ??) died young. VI. ISAAC (9/1/1777 - 1/21/1831) married Persis Stiles (?? - 1/26/1847) of Boylston in 1803 and had nine children. VI. ANDROS/ANDREW (4/8/1780 - 1797). VI. MEHETABLE (9/9/1782 - ??) married David Chase of Millbury.

VI. SOLOMON GALE (1763 - 1845) was born on 9/12/1763 to Nehemiah and Ruth Marsh Gale. Solomon became a doctor and married (1) RACHEL WOODARD (1767 - 1799) of Sutton in 1787. They had three children before Rachel's death on 12/27/1799. Solomon then married (2) PHEBE HAYS (2/13/1779 - 10/10/1847) on 7/6/1800 at Bennington, Vermont. They moved to Stratton, Vermont, then to Hoosick, New York, later settling at Bennington, Vermont where their children were born. According to Vermont records Solomon served in the Revolution, but no further details were found. [He would have been only 13 in 1776 and 18 at the end of the war.] Dr. Solomon Gale was a devoted member of the Baptist church and served for several years as a deacon. He died in Bennington on 8/13/1845 and Phebe died on 10/10/1847. CHILDREN OF SOLOMON & RACHEL WOODWARD GALE: VII. NEHEMIAH (8/24/1788 - 6/9/1844) married Lucy Parker on 10/10/1810. VII. ESTHER (7/15/1795 - Living in the late 1860s) married Ira Wood on 1/23/1815. VII. BETSEY (12/29/1798 - 6/20/1820). CHILDREN OF SOLOMON & PHEBE HAYS GALE: VII. ISAAC (6/17/1801, Bennington, VT - 9/6/1861) married Lydia Gardner on 1/19/1824. Their children were said to be a son, Ansel H. Gale (?? - ??), and a daughter, Phebe Gale)?? - ??). VII. SOLOMON #1 (1/10/1803 - 10/25/1805). VII. SABRINA (1/2/1806 - ??) married Elijah Harrington on 4/1/1831. VII. LAURA (1/28/1808 - ??) married Elias Johnson on 5/3/1829. In 1865 their son was in the U. S. Navy. VII. SOLOMON #2 (10/10/1810 - ??) married Emily Stone on 12/28/1835. VII. HARRIET D. (9/14/1814 - ??) married Austin Jones in September of 1848. VII. ANSEL HAYS (2/16/1817 - ??) married Amanda E. Spencer on 1/8/1850. VII. MARIA (5/10/1819 - ??) married James Wager on 11/20/1836.

VII. NEHEMIAH GALE (1788 - 1844) was born on 8/24/1788 to Solomon and Rachel Woodward Gale. On 10/10/1810 Nehemiah married LUCY PARKER and had six children. The family lived at Leroy, NY where Nehemiah Gale died on 6/9/1844. CHILDREN OF NEHEMIAH & LUCY PARKER GALE: VIII. ALMON W. (7/27/1811 - 10/4/1828). VIII. SOLOMON O. (10/25/1812 - LIV. 1864) married Jane Griffin on 12/22/18??. Solomon was living in Watertown, N. Y. in 1864. VIII. ALANZO M. (12/26/1813 - 8/2/1843). VIII. HYLON P. (2/27/1815 - 9/18/1822). VIII. HENRY (11/21/1819 - ??) married Edith R. Griffin. VIII. CHARLES V. (8/21/1827 - ??) married Caroline E. Barber.

VIII. HENRY GALE (1819 - ??) was born on 11/21/1819 to Nehemiah and Lucy Parker Gale. On 1/12/1848 Henry married EDITH R. GRIFFIN and had three children. The family lived in Hermon, New York. CHILDREN OF HENRY & EDITH R. GRIFFIN GALE: IX. LUCY (5/8/1849 - ??). IX. ALANZO D. (6/30/1851 - 1/10/1863). IX. HENRY P. (12/13/1859 - ??)

VIII. CHARLES V. GALE (1827 - LIVING 1865), born on 8/21/1827 to Nehemiah and Lucy Parker Gale, on 2/4/1851 married CAROLINE E. BARBER (7/16/1827 - ??) of LeRoy, New York and had seven children. In the spring of 1859 Charles and his family settled on a farm in the town of Russell, St. Lawrence County, New York, where he was still living in 1865. CHILDREN OF CHARLES V. & CAROLINE GALE: IX. ANNE E. (11/7/1851 - ??). IX. CHARLES L. (8/28/1853 - Died in infancy). IX. ORVILLE (1/8/1855 - ??). IX. EDWIN H. (3/22/1857 - ??). IX. MARY D. (7/15/1859 - ??). IX. CARRY E. (11/15/1861 - ??). IX. JOSEPH LYNN (11/7/1863 - ??).

VII. ISAAC GALE (1801 - 1861) was born on 6/17/1801 to Solomon and Phebe Hays Gale in Bennington, VT. On 1/19/1824 he married LYDIA S. GARDNER (11/9/1806, Bennington, VT - ??) at Hoosick, New York and had seven children. After their marriage, Isaac and Lydia settled on a farm in Bennington, Vermont, near where Isaac was born. A deeply religious man, Isaac succeeded his father as Deacon of the Baptist Church in Bennington. In the summer of 1856 he moved to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, but the reverses of 1857 and 1858 left him bankrupt and he moved to Morris, Grundy Co., Illinois, where Lydia died on 8/6/1861. Grief stricken, Isaac moved to the home of his son, Elbridge, where he died on 9/6/1861, only eleven days after his wife. CHILDREN OF ISAAC & LYDIA S. GARDNER GALE: VIII. ELBRIDGE (12/25/1824, Bennington, VT - Living 1865) married Elizabeth Carpenter on 3/14/1853, Johnson, VT. VIII. PHEBE (?? - ??). VIII. MARY (?? - ??). VIII. ISAAC (6/2/1832 - ??) married Julia Dutcher on 3/1/1854 and was a farmer in Waukesha, Wisconson in 1864. He had daughters Martha D. and Mary F., and a son, Alfred Isaac Gale. VIII. NELSON G. (8/14/1837 - LIV. 1864) married Ann Haymond on 1/26/1860 and had a daughter, Jennie L. Gale (1/30/1863 - ??). Nelson was a farmer and was living at Morris, Illinois, in 1864. VIII. HARRIET N. (?? - ??). VIII. ANSEL H. (?? - ??).

VIII. ELBRIDGE GALE (1824 - 1907), born on 12/25/1824 to Isaac and Lydia Gardner Gale, grew up on their farm in Bennington, Vermont. On 3/14/1853 he married ELIZABETH CARPENTER (8/27/1830, Johnson, VT - 2/10/1893, West Palm Beach, FLA). After graduating from the New Hampton Literary and Theological Institution, a Baptist school in New Hampshire, Elbridge attended Brown University, but serious illness forced him to give up his studies. He began a ministerial career that lasted until 1870 and held Baptist pastorates at Johnson, Vermont, where he married in 1853, and then at Manhattan, Kansas where he moved in 1864. From 1868 to 1871 he was superintendent of schools for Riley County. As a child Elbridge had a love of nature attributed to his grandfather Solomon Gale's interest in geology. He gave up his religious career to pursue his growing interest in horticulture and in 1870 became professor of horticulture and superintendent of the nursery at Kansas State Agricultural College at Manhattan. This post was later changed to professor of botany and practical horticulture and he held it for eight years. In 1875 he was elected to the presidency of the Kansas State Horticultural Society and continued as president until 1886, during which time he made several presidential addresses to the society. In 1884 Elbridge had visited southern Florida due to ill health and moved there in 1886. In Florida he focused on the study of subtropical fruits and plants, especially the mango, guava, avocado, and others. In 1889 the U. S. Department of Agriculture imported several varieties of mango trees from India, some of which were sent to Elbridge. He was successful in saving a single tree of the Mulgoba variety and engaged in correspondence with horticulturists of the federal government. Elbridge Gale died on 11/5/1907 in West Palm Beach, Florida. CHILD OF ELBRIDGE & ELIZABETH CARPENTER GALE: IX. HATTIE LOUISA (1/20/1870 - 8/1/1955, Inverness, FLA) married William H. Sanders (6/3/1868, Clay Center, Kansas - 9/18/1967, St. Joseph, Missouri) on 8/24/1890 at Lake Worth, Florida.

VIII. ISAAC GALE (1832 - LIVING 1864) was born in Bennington, Vermont, on 6/2/1832 to Isaac and Lydia S. Gardner Gale. He was educated in Bennington. On 3/1/1854 he married JULIA DUTCHER, daughter of Elihu and Sarah Ploss Dutcher, and had three children. In the fall of 1855 Isaac and Julia came to Waukesha, Wisconsin, with Julia's father who purchased an old homestead. But after only three days Mr. Dutcher contracted cholera and died and Isaac purchased the 146 acre property from Dutcher's heirs and built his home. He soon began cultivation of all but 25 acres of the land and the farm prospered. Isaac became a successful stockbreeder and purchased sheep, cattle, and hogs. He bought ten pure-bred Spanish Merino sheep from J. C. Clark of New York and dealt with other noted New York and Vermont breeders. His ram, Allright, a pure Atwood, was bred by De Long, of Vermont, and Gale regarded him as the best animal in the State for wool and stock, keeping him at the head of his flock of 190 animals. Gale also dealt with Western sheep men in Texas, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, and all parts of Wisconsin. He bought his first Jersey cattle in 1876 from J. M. Cobb and purchased Poland China hogs from O. P. Clinton, of Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Isaac was a member of the Republican Party, served on the Town Board of Waukesha and was also President of the Waukesha County Agricultural Society. He attended the Baptist Church where he was an active member, and was superintendent of the Union Sabbath School at South Genesee. CHILDREN OF ISAAC & JULIA DUTCHER GALE: IX. MARTHA D. (?? - ??) was educated at Whitewater Normal School. She married J. K. Randle but died in July of 1876 at age 19. IX. MARY F. (?? - ??). IX. ALFRED ISAAC (?? - ??).

VIII. NELSON G. GALE (1837 - LIVING 1864) was born on 8/14/1837 to Isaac and Lydia S. Gardner Gale. On 1/26/1860 Nelson married ANN HAYMOND and had a daughter. Nelson was a farmer and was living at Morris, Illinois in 1864. CHILD OF NELSON G. & ANN HAYMOND GALE: IX. JENNIE L. (1/30/1863 - ??)

VII. SOLOMON GALE (1810 -??) was born on 10/10/1810 to Solomon and Phebe Hays Gale. On 12/28/1835 Solomon married EMILY STONE of Stamford, Vermont but no children were born to them. In August of 1831 Solomon was baptized into the Baptist church in Hoosick, New York where he was living. With a desire to enter the ministry, he began academic studies in Bennington, Vermont in the fall of that year. He later studied theology under Professor E. B. Smith at the Baptist Institution at New Hampton, New Hampshire and was ordained on 4/28/1836. In 1841 Solomon became pastor of the Baptist Church at Bristol, Vermont and later was in charge of the church at Tolland, Connecticut.

VII. ANSEL HAYS GALE (1817 - LIVING 1864) was born on 2/16/1817 to Solomon and Phebe Hays Gale. On 1/8/1850 Ansel married AMANDA E. SPENCER (7/3/1829 - ??), daughter of Hiram Spenser/Spencer, Esq. of Greenfield, Huron County, Ohio. They had three children. Ansel received a good primary education and read law for 5 years with Governor John S. Robinson of Vermont. He was admitted to the Bar about 1843 and spent 4 years in the office of Hon. D. L. Seymour of Troy, N. Y. He left and headed west in the spring of 1848 and on the way decided to give up the practice of law. He settled in Sandusky, Ohio where he opened a hardware store. In 1861 he bought a sheep farm in Iowa and the following year stocked it with 1000 sheep. During the 1860s the farm was run by a tenant. By 1864 Ansel was a successful businessman, a Deacon of the Baptist Church in Sandusky and was also Master of Masonic Lodge No. 50. He was originally an old school Democrat, but after the Civil War joined the Union Party of Ohio and supported the emancipation of slaves. CHILDREN OF ANSEL HAYS & AMANDA E. SPENCER GALE: VIII. MANA WAGER (10/6/1851 - ??). VIII. SPENCER HAYS (8/20/1853 - ??). VIII. LAURA JOHNSON (6/11/1855 - ??).

VI. JONAS GALE (1765 - 1814) was born on 3/6/1765 to Nehemiah and Ruth Marsh Gale. On 11/1/1795 Jonas married ELIZABETH GROUT of Westboro and the couple lived on the old Gale homestead owned by Jonas' grandparents, Isaac and Judith Sawyer Gale. They had eight children. Jonas Gale died at Millbury on 11/21/1814 and his wife Elizabeth at Washington, D. C. on 6/8/1850. CHILDREN OF JONAS & ELIZABETH GROUT GALE: VII. NANCY (8/11/1796 - 11/22/1814). VII. LUCY (5/3/1798 - 2/8/1830) married Dr. Benjamin Pond (?? - 6/7/1857), of Westboro on 10/8/1820. VII. LEONARD D. (7/25/1800 - ??) married Anna E. Smith. VII. PHILENIA #1 (8/3/1802 - 3/2/1804). VII. PHILENIA #2 (3/6/1804 - 1/23/1815). VII. BENJAMIN A. (4/3/1806 - 1/29/1808). VII. JONAS R. (3/30/1808 - ??) married Cynthia M. Adams. VII. ELIZABETH GROUT (7/29/1810 - Living 1864) was unmarried and in 1855 lived in Washington, D. C. In 1864 she was living in Brooklyn, New York. Well educated, Elizabeth devoted much time to genealogy and cared for her mother until the latter's death in 1850.

VII. LEONARD D. GALE (1800 - LIVING 1865) was born on 7/25/1800 to Jonas and Elizabeth Grout Gale. On 8/21/1835 Leonard married ANNA E. SMITH, daughter of Captain Lewis Smith of New York, who commanded a war vessel in the War of 1812. They had two children. Leonard "graduated A. B. at Union College, in July 1835, and A. M. in Course, M. D. in 1830 at the College of physicians, in N.Y." (Gale) In 1831 he was appointed as Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the College of Physicians. In 1832 he was made Professor of Geology and Mineralogy at the New York University where he remained until 1839. While in New York Leonard was a colleague of Samuel Morse who built his first telegraph device in 1835. When Morse first began developing the use of electricity to communicate over distance, he had limited understanding of electricity and elicited Gale's help. Gale was familiar with the work of Joseph Henry of Princeton who had published an article regarding the idea of an electric telegraph and this knowledge was crucial to Morse's success. On 10/3/1837 Morse filed a patent for the device which Gale owned a share of. Around 1839 Leonard was appointed Professor of Chemistry and acting President of Jefferson College at Washington, Mississippi where he remained for two years. He then returned to New York and in 1846 was appointed as Chief Examiner of Patents in the Patent Office at Washington, D.C., a post he held for eleven years. In 1862 Dr. Gale returned to New York City from Washington where he opened an office as a practical chemist. He was a member of the Episcopal Church and in 1865 was secretary of the New York Association for the Advancement of Science, connected with the Cooper Institute. CHILDREN OF LEONARD D. & ANNA E. SMITH GALE: VIII. CLARA AUGUSTA (8/21/1837 - ??) married William Henry Allen in 1858 and had a son, Clarence Gale Allen. VIII. WILLIAM LEWIS (3/14/1841 - 3/18/1842).

VII. JONAS RUSSEL GALE (1808 - ??) was born on 3/30/1808 to Jonas and Elizabeth Grout Gale. On 9/28/1829 Jonas married (1) CYNTHIA MARIA ADAMS (5/19/1807 - ??) of Southboro and had seven children. At the age of 18, after what was described as a good primary education, Jonas went to New York City and began work at the factory of Enos Baldwin, "and learned the business of manufacturing Planes, &c, where he remained until of age, and then went into the same business at Providence R. I. with one S. R. Cummings." (Gale) In 1836 he sold his interest in the Providence business and moved in September to Alton, Illinois. There in the spring of 1838 he was one of 40 others sent to guard the press of abolitionist Elijah Lovejoy, located on the third floor of a local warehouse. The next morning Mr. Lovejoy was shot by a mob. By this time Jonas had established a farm in Delavan, so he left the chaos of Alton and moved to his farm. In 1853 he and his neighbors built a church for the Baptist society where Jonas became a Deacon. According to George Gale, Deacon Gale was a pioneer settler at Delavan and by his activity and zeal, he has acted a prominent part in establishing Christian civilization in southern Illinois. As the wealthiest property owner Jonas was also charged with fundraising, which he completed after he and his wife went back east and raised the balance of the money from among their friends. Cynthia Adams Gale died on 2/27/1855 of a disease of the spine, not long after the Baptist Church was completed, and on 4/16/1856 Jonas married (2) ROSINA L. LATHAM, daughter of Dr. H. L. Latham, of Whitehall, Illinois, formerly of Long Island, N. Y. They had no known children. CHILDREN OF JONAS RUSSEL AND CYNTHIA M. ADAMS GALE: VIII. CHARLES LEONARD (8/30/1830 - ??) married Carrie Cheaver on 9/21/1854 and had children, Emma A. (7/15/1856 - ??), and Edgar W. (12/4/1860 - 2/18/1864). VIII. HENRY RUSSEL (1/19/1834 - ??) married on 12/17/1857 to Marian L. Stillman and had children, Clara E. (7/10/1860 - 10/22/1860) and Henry A. (1/11/1862 - ??). VIII. CYRUS ADAMS (11/9/1838 - 2/10/1839). VIII. CORNELIA ELLA (7/11/1857 - ??). VIII. ANNA ELIZA (1/4/1860 - 12/17/1860). VIII. GEORGE SYLVESTER (11/10/1862 - ??). VIII. JEANNIE BELLE (3/25/1865 - ??).

VIII. CHARLES LEONARD GALE (1830 - LIVING 1865) was born on 8/30/1830 to Jonas Russel and Cynthia M. Adams Gale. On 9/21/1854 he married CARRIE CHEAVER and had two children. In 1862 Charles Leonard Gale enlisted in the 75th Illinois Regiment and was at the battles of Perryville and Stone River. He returned from the war in good health and was living in May of 1865 in Delavan, Illinois. CHILDREN OF CHARLES LEONARD & CARRIE CHEAVER GALE: EMMA A. (7/15/1856 - ??). EDGAR W. (12/4/1860 - 2/18/1864).

VIII. HENRY RUSSEL GALE (1834 - LIVING 1865) was born on 1/19/1834 to Jonas Russel and Cynthia M. Adams Gale. On 12/17/1857 he married MARIAN L. STILLMAN, had two children and lived in Delavan, Illinois. In 1862 Henry Russel Gale enlisted in the 115th Illinois Regiment and was at the battles of Chicamauga, Rocky Face, Dalton and Nashville. Like his brother Charles, Henry returned from the war and was living in May of 1865.CHILDREN OF HENRY RUSSEL & MARIAN L. STILLMAN GALE: IX. CLARA E. (7/10/1860 - 10/22/1860) and IX. HENRY A. (1/11/1862 - ??).

VI. RUFUS [ABNER] GALE (1773 - ??) was born on 7/5/1773 to Nehemiah and Ruth Marsh Gale. About 1797 Rufus married (1) LOUISA LIVERMORE of Leicester and had a son. Soon after the marriage they moved west, first to Genesse, NY and later to Madison, Indiana where they settled on the Ohio River. Louisa Livermore Gale died in December of 1800 and Rufus then married (2) WIDOW KNOX. There were no children from this marriage. Dr. Rufus Gale became a wealthy land owner and in the latter part of his life was a Thompsonian Physician. The date of his death is unknown. CHILD OF RUFUS & LOUISA LIVERMORE GALE: VII. ELMOND (Abt. 1798 - ??) married at Madison and had a family. His business was buying and packing pork.

VI. ISAAC GALE (1777 - ??) was born on 9/1/1777 to Nehemiah and Ruth Marsh Gale. In 1803 Isaac married PERSIS STYLES, daughter of Joshua and Abigail Gale Styles of Princeton. They lived at Sutton, Massachusetts and had nine children, four of whom lived to adulthood. CHILDREN OF ISAAC & PERSIS STILES GALE: VII. HARRIET STILES (7/14/1804 - 9/14/1827) married George Cummings. VII. SOPHRONA (9/21/1806 - 9/5/1807). VII. ALONZO (3/24/1809 - ??) married (1) Matilda Robinson (?? - 3/12/1835) He married (2) Ruth Jacobs (?? - ??) on 5/10/1835. VII. JOSEPH EDWIN (2/24/1811 - 5/28/1831) unmarried. VII. ANDRAS WATERS (5/24/1813 - 5/30/1813). VII. MARTHA ANN (7/12/1814 - ??) married Joseph Robinson on 2/8/1836 and had six children. VII. MARY & MARIA, TWINS (1817 - 1818). VII. JOSEPHINE FASSET (8/21/1820 - 1826).

VII. ALONZO GALE (1809 - ??) was born on 3/24/1809 to Isaac and Persis Stiles Gale. He married (1) MATILDA ROBINSON (?? 1835) and had two children. After Matilda's death on 3/12/1835, Alonzo married (2) RUTH JACOBS (?? - ??) on 5/10/1835. They lived at Sutton and had two children. CHILDREN OF ALONZO & MATILDA ROBINSON GALE: VIII. VIRGIL P. (5/23/1832 - ??) and VIII. JOSEPH ELONA (8/28/1831) unmarried.

V. ELISHA GALE (1743 - 1827) was born on 11/26/1743 to Isaac and Judith Sawyer Gale at Sutton. On 4/8/1767 Elisha married MARY SINGLETARY (6/21/1747 - 10/30/1835), daughter of the Honorable Amos Singletary of Sutton. The couple moved to Princeton, where most of their fourteen children were born, and later to Barre, Vermont. On 9/15/1755 when Elisha was just a young boy, he joined his cousin, also named Elisha Gale, in Captain Juduthan Baldwine's Company on the campaign to Crown Point in the French and Indian War. At the Lexington alarm at the beginning of the Revolution, he joined Captain Boaz Moore's company and marched to Concord and Cambridge on 4/19/1775. On 3/1/1776 he was commissioned as a second Lieutenant in the company commanded by Captain Joseph Sargent, Third Contintal Regiment, under the command of Colonel Nathaniel Tyler. On 6/12/1779 he was re-commissioned as a second Lieutenant in the regiment commanded by Colonel Josiah Whitney. Elisha Gale died on 1/17/1827 at Barre, Vermont and was buried at Elwood Cemetery.
VIII. GEORGE GALE, LL. D. (1816 - 1848) was born on 11/30/1816 to Peter and Hannah Tottingham Gale at Burlington, Vermont. On 12/5/1844 George married GERTRUDE YOUNG, daughter of Captain George Young of Elk Horn, Wisconsin and his wife Anne Waldron Young. They had three children and resided at Galesville, Wisconsin. Since this George Gale was the author of the GALE FAMILY RECORDS, his life story is best told in his own words. CHILDREN OF GEORGE AND GERTRUDE YOUNG GALE: IX. GEORGE (9/14/1845 - ??) graduated from Galesville University on 7/13/1865. IX. WILLIAM (10/23/1848 - ??). IX. HELEN (12/5/1850 - ??).

(Early Photo, Galesville, University(
Elmwood Cemetery, Barre, Vermont
CHILDREN OF ELISHA & MARY SINGLETARY GALE [Gale Family Records list only Sawin, John, Elisha, Abraham, and Amos Curtis Gale]: VI. SAWIN #1 (11/21/1767 - 11/19/1776). VI. RHODA (6/4/1769 - 2/3/1814) married a Mr. Richardson. VI. MARY OR POLLY (5/31/1771 - 3/28/1796) married a Mr. Olds. VI. JOHN (8/5/1773 - 1842) married Eunice Bancroft of Warwick, Massachusetts in 1801. VI. ELISHA (9/1/1775 - ??) married and had at least one child, David. VI. AZUBAH (11/7/1777 - 9/26/1790). VI. SAWIN #2 (11/21/1776 - Before 1779). VI. SAWIN #3 (9/1/1779 - 1/12/1809) married Betsey Blanchard. VI. SUKEY (12/26/1781 - 10/26/1828) married a Mr. Willey. Twin of Ann. VI. ANN (12/26/1781 - Died in infancy) twin of Sukey. VI. ABRAHAM (4/22/1784 - ??), twin of Isaac, married Clarissa Bancroft of Warwick, Mass., and had two known children, Frederick and Royal Gale. VI. ISAAC (4/22/1784 - ??), twin of Abraham, married Eliza Annis. VI. MAHALY (4/1/1788 - 12/22/1832) married a Mr. King. VI. LUCY (12/19/1791 - 9/15/1863) married a Mr. Claflin. VI. AMOS CURTIS (11/26/1793 - ??) married Rhoda Royce and had at least one child named Mary.
VI. JOHN GALE (1773 - ??) was born to Elisha and Mary Singletary Gale on 8/5/1773. In 1801 John married EUNICE BANCROFT at Warwick, Massachusetts. They settled at Barre, Vermont and had nine children. CHILDREN OF JOHN & EUNICE BANCROFT GALE: VII. CLARISSA (9/11/1802 - 1885) married John M. Pomroy. VII. GARDNER (3/13/1814 - ??). VII. LUTHERA (6/2/1806 - ??). VII. AUGUSTA (9/9/1808 - ??). VII. JOHN (11/25/1811 - ??). VII. WILLIAM (2/28/1813 - ??). VII. MARIA (5/5/1814 - ??). VII. LEWIS (7/22/1817 - ??). VII. EUNICE SABRINA (9/17/1824 - ??).

VII. LEWIS GALE (1817 - ??) was born on 7/22/1817 to John and Eunice Bancroft Gale. He married (UNKNOWN), had 5 children, and lived at Barre. CHILDREN OF LEWIS & UNKNOWN WIFE: VIII. CLARENCE A. (8/19/1843 - ??). VIII. CORTLAND A. (4/29/1845 - ??). VIII. MARTIN P. (11/20/1846 - ??). VIII. ELGIN J. (9/7/1850 - ??). VIII. BURTON L. (1/25/1859 - ??).

VI. SAWIN GALE (1779 - 1846) was born on 9/1/1779 to Elisha and Mary Singletary Gale at Barre, Vermont. On 1/12/1804 Sawin married BETSEY BLANCHARD (12/12/1784 - 2/16/1842), also of Barre, and had six children, the first two born in Williamston, Vermont where the family lived for a short time. Sawin returned to Barre, became a prominent farmer, and died on 5/24/1846. Betsey died on 2/16/1842. CHILDREN OF SAWIN & BETSEY BLANCHARD GALE: VII. FRANCIS or FRANKLIN (2/14/1805 - ??) married Patience Scott. VII. PRESSON (3/17/1807 - ??), twin of Polly, married Sarah Earl. VII. POLLY (3/17/1807 - ??), twin of Pressen. VII. ELVIRA (12/22/1819 - 2/25/1821). VII. CLARK (5/29/1822 - ??), twin of Calista, married Cornelia M. Brooks. VII. CALISTA (5/29/1822 - ??) twin of Clark.

VII. FRANCIS GALE (1805 - ??) was born on 2/14/1805 IN Williamston, Vermont to Sawin and Betsey Blanchard Gale. On 3/15/1830 he married PATIENCE SCOTT and had three children. The family resided at Forksville, Illinois. CHILDREN OF FRANCIS & PATIENCE SCOTT GALE: VIII. SARAH E. (11/24/1832 - ??) married Burges T. Huson of Wawconda, Illinois, on 3/28/1852. VIII. WESLEY (3/12/1835 - 1/10/1860). VIII. ALICE C. (7/31/1843 - 5/18/1856).

VII. PRESSON GALE (1807 - ??) was born a twin on 3/17/1807 to Sawin and Betsey Blanchard Gale. Presson married (1) SARAH EARL, who died after the birth of their first child. He then married (2) EMILY BLANCHARD and had one daughter before Emily's death on 12/5/1834. Presson then married (3) LUCY MARY ADAMS (2/14/1817 - 6/16/1900) and had another 15 children. Preesin lived at Stowe, Vermont. CHILD OF PRESSON & SARAH EARL GALE: VIII. ELIZA (11/19/1829 - ??). CHILD OF PRESSON & EMILY BLANCHARD GALE: VIII. EMILY (8/31/1834 - ??) married William Reed of Brookfield, Vermont, and had four children, two of whom were alive in 1865. CHILDREN OF PRESSON & LUCY MARY ADAMS GALE: VIII. BETSEY (11/27/1835 - ??) married Dr. R. Staiton on 3/30/1857 and had three children. VIII. ELLEN (2/23/1837 - ??). VIII. INFANT SON (Born & died in 1839). VIII. ANGELINE (12/17/1840 - ??) married a Mr. Butts of Stowe on 10/12/1860. Son Charles R. (7/2/1863 - ??). VIII. SAWIN WILLARD (12/25/1842 - 12/23/1887) a clerk in a store in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1860s. He married Emma Esther Anderson of Quebec, Canada. VIII. ALBERT (8/30/1844 - ??) volunteered in the 2nd Vermont Regiment in 1863. VIII. PRESSON (6/13/1846 - ??). VIII. DANIEL (5/23/1848 - ??). VIII. JOHN (4/23/1850 - ??). VIII. FRANK (4/17/1852 - ??). VIII. EMMA (9/28/1854 - ??). VIII. CLARA (10/10/1856 - ??). VIII. KATE (10/5/1858 - ??). VIII. FREDIE (6/12/1862 - 3/1/1864). VIII. GIRTY ADELL (2/28/1864 - ??).

VII. CLARK GALE (1822 - ??) was born on 5/29/1822 to Sawin and Betsey Blanchard Gale. On 1/26/1856 Clark married CORNELIA M. BROOKS and had three children. The family lived at Forksville, Illinois. CHILDREN OF CLARK & CORNELIA M. BROOKS GALE: VIII. CLARISSA C. (11/30/1856 - ??). VIII. IRA B. (3/7/1859 - ??). VIII. HUGH L. (7/8/1863 - ??).

VI. ABRAHAM GALE (1784 - 1862) was born a twin on 4/22/1784 to Elisha and Mary Bancroft Gale. On 1/10/1808 Abraham married (1) CLARISSA BANCROFT (8/22/1789 - 3/12/1842) of Warwick, Massachusetts and had nine children. Clarissa Bancroft Gale died on 3/12/1842 and Abraham married (2) HANNAH ELMER on 11/20/1843 at Barre. No children were born to them. Abraham died at Barre on 11/1/1862. CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM & CLARISSA BANCROFT GALE: VII. FRED (4/10/1809 - ??) born at Craftsbury, Vermont. VII. JULIUS C. (7/9/1811 - ??), born at Irasburgh, Vermont, married Almira C. Drury. VII. ROYAL C. (5/28/1815 - ??) married Chastina Twing. VII. LOUISA M. (10/5/1818 - ??) married Denison Taft. VII. CLARISSA M. (5/18/1821 - 7/20/1825). VII. EMILY L. (8/18/1828 - ??) married Edmond Pope. VII. CLARISSA M. (11/3/1827 - ??) married Jude Town. VII. LUCY A. (1/8/1830 - ??) married George W. Smith. VII. JOHN B. (11/28/1832 - 4/1833).

VII. JULIUS C. GALE (1811 - 1859) was born on 7/9/1811 to Abraham and Clarissa Bancroft Gale. On 1/27/1831 Julius married (1) ALMIRA C. DRURY (?? -1850) of Barre and had seven children. Sometimes called a "Yankee Peddler," Julius resided in Barre, Vermont, until after 1842 and by 1845 he was living in Williamstown, Vermont. He moved from there to Lowell and later to Lynn, Massachusetts. Following Almira Gale's death on 1/30/1850. 1850, Julius married (2) ABBY S. EMMONS of Lowell on June 25th of that year. He died at Lynn on 5/14/1859 and at the time of his death was referred to as an "Inn Keeper." CHILDREN OF JULIUS C. & ALMIRA C. DRURY GALE: VIII. ELLEN M. (2/8/1832 - 12/8/1855, South Danverse) married 1/1/1851 to George Clark of Lowell. VIII. DELIA A. (12/10/1834 - 2/14/1861) married 2/3/1856 at Lynn, Mass., Nahum H. Newhall. VIII. ALMIRA E. (11/2/1835 - 4/1/1850, Barre, Vt.). VIII. ROMEO E. (9/18/1837 - 9/23/1850, Lowell). VIII. FRED M. (12/29/1839 - ??). VIII. CARRIE A. (9/24/1842 - ??) married 4/8/1858 to John B. Cozzens of Lynn. VIII. EMMA D. (7/28/1845 - ??) married 12/13/1863 to Albert P. Wood of Barre.

VII. ROYAL C. GALE (1815 - ??) was born on 5/28/1815 to Abraham and Clarissa Bancroft Gale. On 12/5/1839 Royal married CHASTINA TWING of Barre, where they settled, and had three children. CHILDREN OF ROYAL C. & CHASTINA TWING GALE: VIII. ALMEDA T. (3/14/1843 - ??) married 5/10/1864 to Edwin J. Woodbury of Barre. VIII. ELANOR L. (9/4/1845 - Living 1865) furnished George Gale with the genealogies of the Abraham Gale family. VIII. SARAH L. (9/7/1848 - ??).

VI. ISAAC GALE (1784 - ??) was born a twin on 4/22/1784 to Elisha and Mary Singletary Gale. In March of 1806 Isaac married ELIZA ANNIS of Randolph, Vermont, and had seven children. The family lived at Goshen, Vermont. CHILDREN OF ISAAC & ELIZA ANNIS GALE: VII. SQUIRE (1807 - 3/1/1844). VII. SILAS D. (9/5/1809 - 2/12/1861) married Mariah Blood at Goshen, Vermont. VII. ISAAC (4/11/1811 - ??) married Mary Ann Fitts of Goshen on 12/5/1833. VII. CURTIS A. (4/11/1816 - ??) married Hariette Mead at Pittsford, Vermont on 4/21/1839. VII. ELISHA WARREN (6/25/1820 - ??) married Olive Relief Harrison on 10/27/1842. VII. AUGUSTUS (?? - ??). VII. MARTHA (?? - 12/12/1851).

VII. SILAS D. GALE (1809 - 1861) was born on 9/5/1809 to Isaac and Eliza Annis Gale. On 11/25/1832 he married MARIAH BLOOD at Goshen, Vermont and had seven children. Silas D. Gale was a farmer at Goshen. He died on 2/12//1861. CHILDREN OF SILAS D. & MARIAH BLOOD GALE: VIII. EUGENE C. (6/10/1836 - ??) married 11/27/1856 to Sarah A. Wood of Goshen and moved to Randolph Center, Columbia County, Wisconsin in 1864. He had 1 son, George E. Gale (2/13/1858 - ??). VIII. FANNY ELIZA (9/5/1838 - 7/7/1857). VIII. SARAH M. (1/4/1849 - ??). VIII. ELLEN A. (6/22/1851 - ??) twin of Elva A. Gale. VIII. ELVA A. (6/22/1851 - ??) twin of Ellen A. Gale. VIII. JOHN S. (8/1854 - ??). VIII. CHARLES D. (11/4/1856 - ??).

VII. ISAAC GALE (1811 - ??) was born on 4/11/1811 to Isaac and Eliza Annis Gale. Silas On 12/5/1833 Isaac married MARY ANN FITTS of Goshen and had six children. Isaac lived at Goshen, Vermont until 1862 when he moved to Randolph, Wisconsin. CHILDREN OF ISAAC & MARY ANN FITTS GALE: VIII. LAURA A. (12/9/1834 - 8/1861) married Horton H. Luster in January of 1857. He died the same year. VIII. FRANCIS A. (2/10/1836 - LIVING 1865) wounded in the shoulder at the battle of Corinth and was drawing a pension from the U. S. government in 1865. VIII. ANSEL J. (6/20/1841 - 12/26/1861). VIII. LOVINA E. (1/9/1843 - ??) married 9/1861 to John Wilson, who volunteered in the army and was killed at the battle of Corinth on 10/5/1862. VIII. CYNTHIA M. (11/20/1845 - 2/11/1846). VIII. CHARLES S. (6/19/1847 - ??).

VII. CURTIS A. GALE (1816 - ??) was born on 4/11/1816 to Isaac and Eliza Annis Gale. On 4/21/1839 Curtis married HARRIETTE MEAD (3/7/1816 - ??) at Pittsford, Vermont and had seven children. The family lived at Goshen, Vermont until 1846 when they moved to Illinois, settling at McHenry, and later at Forksville, Lake County, Illinois in March of 1854. CHILDREN OF CURTIS A. & HARIETTE MEAD GALE: VIII. FRANKLIN E. (11/28/1841 - 8/6/1860). VIII. ELEANOR R. (9/11/1843 - 6/29/1863). VIII. GEORGE A. (12/7/1846 - 9/13/1848). VIII. ADLAH C. (1/6/1848 - ??). VIII. MARTHA A. (9/11/1854 - ??). VIII. WARD B. (6/21/1858 - ??). VIII. CORA H. (9/11/1861 - 11/7/1861).

VII. ELISHA WARREN GALE (1820 - LIVING 1865) was born on 6/25/1820 to Isaac and Eliza Annis Gale. On 10/27/1842 Elisha married OLIVE RELIEF HARRISON at Brandon, Vermont and had five children. Elisha and his family lived at Goshen, Vermont, until 1850 when they moved to Wauconda, Illinois where Elisha was an independent farmer. He was living in 1865. CHILDREN OF ELISHA WARREN & OLIVE RELIEF HARRISON GALE: VIII. WARRN ALBERT (10/22/1843 - 4/24/1863) volunteered in the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry in October of 1861 and was killed at Whitewater Bridge, Missouri on 4/24/1863. VIII. SYRENUS ISAAC (1/1/1846 - ??) volunteered in the 17th Illinois Cavalry in January of 1864. VIII. IDA MARION (5/22/1852 - ??). VIII. JOSEPH ROBINSON HARRISON (8/21/1856 - ??). VIII. ADA MAY (5/22/1860 - ??).

VI. AMOS CURTIS GALE (1793 - 1883) was born on 11/26/1793 to Elisha and Mary Singletary Gale. On 12/4/1818 in Sharon, Vermont Amos married RHODA ROYCE (11/24/1787, Marlow, New Hampshire - ??) and had eight children. Amos and his family moved to Williamstown, Vermont where they lived until about 1825 when they moved to Stanstead, Canada. CHILDREN OF AMOS CURTIS & RHODA ROYCE GALE: VII. LAURENA (8/15/1819 - ??) married on 12/6/1837 (1) John H. Miller who died in September of 1845. She married (2) Lemuel Stevens of Stanstead in October of 1849 and had three children. VII. WARREN (10/21/1821 - 1876). VII. GEORGE (2/28/1824 - 1892) married Dorothy Davis. VII. MARTHA (4/13/1828 - 5/28/1833) twin of Mary. VII. MARY #1 (4/13/1828 - 4/23/1828) twin of Martha. VII. MARY #2 (7/8/1831 - ??) twin of Eunice. VII. EUNICE (7/8/1831 - 7/2/1833) twin of Mary. VII. ANDREW (3/8/1836 - ??).

VII. GEORGE GALE (1824 - ??) was born on 2/28/1824 to Amos Curtis and Rhoda Royce Gale. On 10/6/1846 George married DOROTHY DAVIS of Stanstead, Canada and had four children.CHILDREN OF GEORGE & DOROTHY DAVIS GALE: VIII. ALBERT G. (12/31/1848 - 1/3/1851). VIII. ADELBERT H. (4/29/1854 - ??). VIII. FRANCIS G. (6/12/1855 - ??). VIII. FLURELLA L. (6/5/1857 - 8/26/1863).

IV. JOSIAH GALE (1722 - ??) was born on 4/8/1722 to Abraham and Rachael Parkhurst Gale. He was baptized at Weston in 1733. Josiah married ELIZABETH (UNKNOWN) and had children. Around 1750 Josiah and his family settled in Sutton on a large farm and in August of 1757 Josiah joined others of his community, including his brother Lieutenant Isaac Gale, in the campaign to Sheffield for the relief of Fort William Henry. He returned to his farm and in 1778 his personal property was assessed at £330. CHILDREN OF JOSIAH & ELIZABETH GALE [Only Elizabeth, Josiah, Abraham and Amos were listed in George Gale's history of the family]: V. ELIZABETH (5/24/1741 - ??). V. JOSIAH (3/20/1743-44 - ??) married Elizabeth Rice on 12/1/1768 and moved to Warwick. V. ABRAHAM (7/20/1745 - ??) married Abigail Rice, had children and moved to Princeton. V. AMOS (3/3/1747 - ??) married in 1771 Hannah Maynard of Grafton. V. HENRY (3/22/1752 - ??) married 1/16/1772 Elizabeth Drury of Worcester. V. RACHEL (6/24/1754 - ??) married 3/30/1775 Ebenezer Phillips of Grafton. V. MERCY (12/2/1756 - ??) married in 1777 Benjamin Carter of Grafton. V. ABIGAIL (2/8/1757 - ??) married 12/10/1778 Samuel Leland of Grafton. V. PAUL (9/19/1762 - ??) married 3/27/1783 Huldah Holman of Sutton and settled in Alstead, New Hampshire. V. LYDIA (4/3/1764 - ??) married 3/6/1784 Jesse Pierce of Sutton.

V. ABRAHAM GALE (1744-45 - 1829) was born to Abraham and Mary Gale at Sutton, Massachusetts on 7/29/1744. On 11/28/1769 he married ABIGAIL RICE (10/7/1746 - 8/11/1840), daughter of Absalom Rice of Worcester, and had children. Abigail was mentioned in both her mother's and father's wills, dated 7/1/1791 and 6/8/1771, respectively. At the time of the marriage Abraham was at Shrewsbury, but moved to Princeton, Massachusetts, about 1774. Both Abigail the children were listed in Abraham's Revolutionary War Pension Claim. At the Lexington Alarm on 4/19/1775 Abraham joined the patriots as Sergeant in Captain Boaz Moore's Company on the march to Concord and Cambridge. He was absent nine days and marched 46 miles. In 6/17/1776 he was commissioned Lieutenant in Captain Ephraim Hartwell's Company, Third Continental Regiment of Colonel Nathaniel Tyler. He was re-commissioned as a Second Lieutenant on 6/17/1779 in the 12th Company of Colonel Josiah Whitney's Regiment and in September of that year served in the same capacity in David Moore's Company in the regiment commanded by Colonel John Jacobs near Providence, Rhode Island. He was discharged from service on 11/25/1799. Following the war Abraham was Captain of a company of "Regulators" from Princeton as part of what became known as Shay's Rebellion, an armed uprising that took place in western Massachusetts from 1786 to 1787. The leader, Daniel Shay, was a veteran of the Revolution and led small bands of rebels, mostly farmers, who were suffering from debt and high taxes. On 11/21/1786 his company of 60 armed militiamen marched into Worcester where they closed the Court House and compelled the Court to adjourn. As a result of their problems, Abraham and an associate, one Norman Clark, left Princeton and settled in the pioneer town of Clarkesville, New Hampshire. Some of their fellow rebels, Daniel Shays, Adam Wheeler, and Henry Gale settled in Vermont. [SEE HENRY GALE, BELOW] Abraham died in Alstead, New Hampshire, in September of 1829 and Abigail died 8/11/1840 at Flint, Genesee County, Michigan. CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM & ABIGAIL RICE GALE: VI. MARY (2/7/1772 - ??). VI. JOHN (4/6/1774 - ??). VI. ABIGAIL (8/5/1776 - ??). VI. AZUBAH (6/8/1778 - ??). VI. BETSEY (5/31/1781 - ??). VI. ABRAHAM (6/18/1784 - ??). VI. LUCY PIERCE (12/19/1786 - ??) applied for a pension on 1/13/1857 while a resident of Flint, Genesee County, Michigan noting that her father, while residing in Princeton, Massachusetts enlisted in the alarm of 4/19/1775 and served nine days as sergeant in Captain Boaz Moore's Company, Colonel Doolittle's Massachusetts Regiment and was at the battle of Bunker Hill.

VI. JOHN GALE (1774 - ABT. 1840) was born on 4/6/1774 to Abraham and Abigail Rice Gale. He married (UNKNOWN) and had four children. In 1800 John was living in East Troy, Vermont where he discovered a bed of iron ore which was worked at least through the late 1860s. According to George Gale, John moved to Plattsburgh, New York around the beginning of the War of 1812. It is known that he baked bread under a contract for the army, then stationed at Plattsburgh. At some point he moved to Ohio and died there about 1840. His wife was said to have died soon after the war. CHILDREN OF JOHN & UNKNOWN GALE: VII. JOHN (1800 - ??). VII. STILLMAN (?? - Probably died at Plattsburg). VII. MARTIN (?? - Living 1860s at Cleveland, Ohio). VII. ABRAM RICE (6/2/1811 - ??) married Harriet Cooper.

VII. JOHN GALE (1800 - 1851) was born in 1800 to John Gale of Plattsburgh, New York and an unknown wife. He married (UNKNOWN) and had two sons and five daughters who were living at the time of his death. John lived in Cleveland, Ohio, until the fall of 1836 when he went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin taking with him enough building material to construct three buildings in the town. In 1837 he bought a lot from Calvin Harmon on the southeast corner of E. Water and Wisconsin Street for $10.00. He sold it back to Hammon 18 months later and purchased 160 acres, originally the claim of Morris Cutler, at Prairieville, now Waukesha, for $6000.00. He later sold 3/4ths of the land to Judge Barber and a Mr. Lord of Ohio. He went on to erect mills at Waukesha and once was in partnership with Governor Barstow in the grain and mill business. John Gale died in 1851 and in 1865 his widow was living in Milwaukee. CHILDREN OF JOHN GALE & UNKNOWN WIFE: VIII. GUY S. (?? - ??) married, had one or two children and kept a saloon on Walker's Point, Milwaukee in 1864. VIII. UNKNOWN SON. VIII. THREE UNKNOWN DAUGHTERS.

VII. ABRAM RICE GALE (1811 - ??) was born on 6/2/1811 to John Gale and an unknown wife. On 1/21/1839 he married HARRIET COOPER and had eight children. The family lived at Oconto, Wisconsin. CHILDREN OF ABRAM RICE & HARRIET COOPER GALE: VIII. STILLMAN C. (1/1/1840 - 12/10/1856). VIII. JOHN C. (2/19/1842 - ??) married an unknown woman on 3/9/1864. VIII. MARTIN R. (6/24/1844 - 7/28/1846). VIII. JULIA ANN (6/1848 - 9/17/1849). VIII. JANE ANN (1/12/1851 - ??). VIII. FRANKLIN R. (12/30/1853 - 11/12/1855). VIII. WILLIAM H. (9/28/1856 - ??). VIII. HARRIET E. (4/13/1860 - ??).

V. AMOS GALE (1747 - ABT. 1802) was born to Josiah and Elizabeth Gale on 3/3/1747. In 1771 he married HANNAH MAYNARD of Grafton and moved from Sutton to Alsted, New Hampshire. After their first three children were born, Amos and Hannah returned to her hometown of Grafton where their fourth child was born, and later to Princeton where their fifth child was born. Amos was a private during the Revolutionary War and may have served in Colonel Josiah Whitney's Massachusetts regiment at the campaign in Rhode Island at the beginning of 1777. According to George Gale, there was no evidence of further service during the war. Afterwards, Amos became a Captain in the New Hampshire militia. CHILDREN OF AMOS AND HANNAH MAYNARD GALE: VI. JOHN (10/4/1773 - ??) married Nancy (Unknown). VI. DELIVERANCE (9/7/1785, Alsted, N.H. - ??). VI. AMOS (8/24/1777 - 4/12/1856 at Charlton, Mass.). VI. JOSIAH (8/4/1780, Grafton, N.H. - ??). VI. JAMES (11/11/1782, Princeton, N.H. - ??).

VI. JOHN GALE (1773 - ??) was born on 10/4/1773 to Amos and Hannah Maynard Gale. He married NANCY (UNKNOWN) and had eleven children. Referred to as Captain John Gale, he lived for a time in Marlow, New Hampshire and later settled in Barnard, Vermont. It is possible that his first five children were born at Marlow and the rest at Barnard. CHILDREN OF JOHN & NANCY GALE: VII. AMOS (1797, Marlow, N.H. - 10/15/1847, Lowell) was called "a laborer." VII. EMERY (?? - ??). VII. JOHN (?? - ??). VII. GILMAN (?? - ??). VII. MILTON (1/12/1809, Marlow, N. H. - ??) married Margaret M. Gault. VII. JOSIAH (?? - ??). VII. JEREMIAH (?? - ??). VII. DANIEL (?? - ??). VII. ADDIA (?? - ??) married Paul Crowell. VII. LOUISA (?? - ??) married Charles Greenlief. VII. HANNAH (?? - ??) married C. P. Adams.

VII. MILTON GALE (1809 - ??) was born on 1/12/1809 at Marlow, New Hampshire to John and Nancy Gale. In 1833 he married MARGARET M. GAULT and had children. Milton was a wealthy leather merchant in Boston who enjoyed a high social position in the town. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. CHILDREN OF MILTON & MARGARET M. GAULT GALE: VIII. CHARLES W. (9/27/1835 - ??). VIII. GEORGE M. (7/31/1837 - ??). VIII. WILBUR F. (5/18/1840 - ??). VIII. FRANCEINA (9/1842 - 1849). VIII. HOWARD M. (8/18/1844 - ??) twin of Hasket H. Gale. VIII. HASKET H. (8/18/1844 - ??) twin of Howard M. Gale. VIII. MILTON (6/29/1850 - ??)

V. HENRY GALE (1752 - 1836), born on 3/22/1752 to Josiah and Elizabeth Gale in Sutton, Massachusetts, married ELIZABETH "BETTY" DRURY of Worcester on 1/16/1772 and had nine children. They settled in the area called New Paris that later became Auburn, Massachusetts. Records of the town church show that in 1775 Henry paid £14 for Pew No. 49. Henry also owned a cattle farm in Princeton and as early as 1771 town records show this property with three buildings valued at £185. During the Revolution Henry was at the Lexington Alarm in April of 1775 and volunteered as a private in Captain John Crow's company and marched to Cambridge. He was paid for eleven days and travel of 100 miles. Beginning on 8/13/1777 he served four months in the Northern army in the company commanded by Captain Abel Mason, Colonel Cushing's Regiment, and was at the victory over General Burgoyne in October of that year. His regiment returned home on 11/30/1777. In 1778 Henry left New Paris and moved to his farm at Princeton where he joined with others in discussions of "how an independent but bankrupt state might be galvanized into life and a circulating medium in the shape of money established." (G. Gale) Meanwhile, with no viable currency following the Revolution, an amnesty proclamation restored rights to Royalists who had left the state with the British army. These men returned to collect their claims and indiscriminately began to prosecute to collect their debts. At the time "any debtor to the amount of $5, could be ordered to jail. So great was the rush of business to the courts that 2000 cases were said to have been entered at one term of the court at Worcester." (G. Gale) The alarmed citizens petitioned the legislature for relief; but the courts refused, under influence from merchants and attorneys who were profiting from the situation. The people of Worcester pressed harder for relief, resulting in a speech by Judge Artemas Ward declaring that their "conduct was treason and the punishment of treason was death." (G. Gale) The community, many of whom were former soldiers, organized into companies to stop the courts from granting judgments in civil cases until some form of relief was granted by the legislature. The movement, known as Shay's Rebellion, was led by Daniel Shays, a former Revolutionary War officer. Henry served as captain of a company from Princeton and his brother, Abraham, was captain of one from Grafton. In answer, the Governor called out 4000 troops and the "Rebels" disbanded, but not before three of them were killed in Springfield. In the aftermath Henry Gale was arrested, convicted of treason, and sentenced to be hung. Just before his execution the sheriff was given a reprieve from the Governor and Henry's life was spared. Afterwards Henry joined others who left that state for Vermont and New Hampshire. In about 1790 he settled at Eadie Brook near Beattie Mountain at Barre, Vermont, where he was a highly respected citizen. In 1805 he moved with a son to New York State and applied for a pension on 7/8/1828 at Monroe County, NY. He lived for a time at Pittsford, NY and reapplied for his pension on 10/2/1832 while a resident of Brighton, NY where he died on 8/13/1836. He was buried at New Cemetery, Pittsford, Monroe County, New York.
CHILDREN OF HENRY AND ELIZABETH DRURY GALE: VI. LUCY (1/7/1772, Ward - ??) died young. VI. EBENEZER BROOKS (11/10/1773 - ??) married Lucina (Unknown). Their son was George Gale who married Harriet Stone, and their son was Augustus J. Gale who married Annie Morley. VI. BETTY (3/4/1775 - 10/3/1777). VI. THOMAS DREWRY (12/3/1778 - 10/19/1750). VI. HENRY (10/26/1781 - 7/31/1829). VI. SAMPSON (2/19/1786 - 7/28/1736). VI. JUSTUS W.(2/20/1788 - 6/12/1865). VI. JOSIAH (7/5/17903 - 9/24/1831). VI. JONATHAN (1/1795 - ??) living at Pittsford, New York in the 1860s.

Tombstone of Henry Gale, Pittsford Cemetery
VI. EBENEZER BROOKS GALE (1773 - 1846) was born on 11/10/1773 to Henry and Elizabeth Drury Gale. Ebenezer married LUCINA (UNKNOWN) and had three children. The family lived at Barre where he was a prominent citizen. He died there on 9/13/1846. CHILDREN OF EBENEZER BROOKS & LUCINA GALE: VII. GEORGE (7/7/1799 - ??) married Harriet Stone. VII. BROOKS (4/2/1802 - ??) married a woman named Betsy who appeared on the 1850 Census as age 44, born in Vermont. They had children. VII. ORLANDO CONVERSE (7/8/1810 - ??) married and had a son and three unknown daughters.

VII. GEORGE GALE (1798 -1872) was born on 7/7/1799 at Barre, Vermont, to Ebenezer Brooks Gale and an unknown wife. On 9/19/1819 he married HARRIET STONE (6/13/1801, Royalton, Vermont - ??) and had nine children. George left Barre in 1821 and moved to Lacadie, Lower Canada, and from there to Montreal. In 1827 he returned to Barre but left again and went west with his family in September of 1835, traveling by oxen. By the summer of 1836 he had settled in Moscow, Hillsdale County, Michigan. In 1849 George joined the migration to California during the Gold Rush and lived there for about five years. His family must have remained in Moscow since George appeared there on the 1850 census as head of a household, age 52, Hotel Keeper. Also listed were his wife Harriet, 49, Vermont; Nathan, 21, furnaceman, Vt.; Clarissa E., 18, Vt.; Augustus, 16, farmer, Vt.; Lucina, 14, NY; Horatio, 11, Michigan; and Harrison, 26, wheelwright, NY. While in California, George embarked on a curious mission. In 1852 he peeled 116 feet of bark off one of the great pine trees and shipped it to New York, "where he set up 75 feet of it in the Crystal Palace in 1855. The tree was 350 feet high and 31 feet in diameter at the base. The bark was afterwards shipped to England and now stands in the Crystal Palace near London." (G. Gale) George left California and moved to Albion, Michigan, in 1856 and became a successful businessman. He established a hardware store but sold it shortly afterwards to his son, Henry Gale. George and another son, Orlando Charles, engaged in the manufacture of plows as the Gale Manufacturing Company. Orlando operated a foundry using a melting pot that would hold a half-ton of metal, while George would go into the woods to collect wood for handles and beams. Orlando operated the foundry alone until he sold the business and moved to Jonesville where he built another foundry and a plow factory. N. Brooks Gale, his brother, became his partner but sold his shares to his younger brother, Augustus J. Gale. The brothers continued to operate the Jonesville plow firm, called "O.C. & A.J. Gale," until 1861 when Orlando became ill and decided to move to Albion, where he purchased the hardware store from his brother Henry. He sold his interest in the plow firm to his brother Horatio and the business, known as "A & H Gale," operated in Jonesville through 1863. At that time Augustus and Horatio Gale sold the Jonesville company and moved their plow factory to Albion where their father and brothers lived. Orlando Charles Gale rejoined the firm along with his brother-in-law, Elliott Hollingsworth, and purchased property at the northwest corner of Cass at Superior Street in the center of downtown Albion. In 1873 a stock company, known as "Gale Manufacturing Company," was formed and operated on this property from 1867 to 1888 when the Gales sold their interest to Detroit industrialist H. Kirke White, Sr. of the Detroit Acme White Lead Paint Company. The firm moved to North Albion Street and during World War I switched from producing agricultural implements to automotive castings. It closed in 1968 but in its heyday the firm's plows were shipped to destinations worldwide and operated a New York City branch office for foreign trade. Gale plows won numerous awards and bore names such as "Big Injun," "Daisy Walking Cultivator," "Chilled Plow," and the "Albion Riding Cultivator." Today, an example of a Gale plow can be found in the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing. CHILDREN OF GEORGE & HARRIET STONE GALE: VIII. LAURA I. (3/21/1821 - ??) married 3/27/1839 to John R. Boulton, a farmer of Moscow, Michigan. They had a son and two daughters. VIII. ORLANDO CHARLES (6/3/1823 - Living 1912) married 10/16/1847 to Adaline C. Smith. VIII. GEORGE HENRY (2/23/1826 - 1906) married 11/5/1855 to Sarah Ellen Brown. Their daughter, Nora, was born 9/23/1857. VIII. NATHAN BROOKS (2/3/1829 - 1894) married on 5/1853 to Augusta Woolcott (?? - 4/1857) and had a son, Athal W. Gale (8/10/1854 - ??). VIII. CLARA E. (5/27/1831 - ??) married 9/26/1853 to Col. Elliot W. Hollingsworth. VIII. AUGUSTUS J. (1/21/1834 - 1912) married 9/28/1857 to Annie Morley. Their children were Frank Morley (10/29/1858 - 5/1/1863), Clara Theresey (2/1/1861 - ??) married O. H. T. Peabody, and Mabel Hayward (9/24/1863 - ??). VIII. LUCINA H. (3/4/1836 - ??) married 10/11/1858 to Fredrick W. Sheldon, a grocer, and had children Clara N. (5/26/1860 - ??) and James H. Sheldon (12/27/1863 - ??). VIII. HORATIO (11/6/1838 - 1892) married 11/20/1861 to Flora E. Blanchard and had children Nellie B. (10/26/1862 - ??) and Charlee Blanchard (3/20/1864 - ??). AURORA (2/28/1847 - 11/14/1847).

[SOURCES: "Gale Manufacturing Company issued Civil War Token"; Frank Passic, Life Member-157; Summer 1998, pp. 55, 57-59.
Albion Michigan Historical Directory
Fuld, George & Melvin, U.S. Civil War Store Cards, 1972; Allardt, Louis, Headlight Albion, 1895; "Gales Operated in Jonesville;" Morning Star, April 19, 1998; History of the Albion Public Schools, 1991.]

VIII. ORLANDO CHARLES GALE (1823 - 1912) was born on 6/3/1823 to George and Harriet Stone Gale. On 10/16/1847 Orlando married ADALINE C. SMITH and had five children. They lived at Albion, Michigan. Orlando appeared on the 1850 census for Hillsdale County, Michigan, as Orlando Charles, 27, furnaceman, born in Canada. Also listed were his wife Adaline C., age 22, born in New York; and their daughter, Mary A., age 1, born in Michigan. By 1856 he was working with his father as Gale Manufacturing Company in the manufacture of plows. He continued in this endeavor, joined by some of his brothers, until he became ill in 1861 and moved to Albion. CHILDREN OF ORLANDO CHARLES & ADALINE C. SMITH GALE: IX. MARY AURORA (11/28/1848 - Living 1865) attended Albion College. IX. GEORGE HENRY (4/11/1851 - Living 1865) attended Albion College. IX. ALPHEUS SMITH (8/1/1853 - ??). IX. CHARLES NELSON (12/2/1855 - 2/16/1859). IX. HATTIE BELLE (10/23/1863 - ??).

VII. BROOKS GALE (4/2/1802 - ??) was the son of Ebenezer Brooks and Lucina Gale. Brooks Gale married BETSY (UNKNOWN) who appeared on the 1850 Census as age 44, born in Vermont. Their children were Dewitt C. (10/31/1832 - ??), and Horace H. (10/3/1845) and appeared on the census with their mother as ages 17 and 5, respectively. Also living with them was Caroline Gale, age 46, born in Vermont. CHILDREN OF BROOKS & BETSY GALE: VIII. DEWITT C. (10/31/1832 - ??) and VIII. HORACE H. (10/3/1845 - ??).

VII. ORLANDO CONVERSE GALE (7/8/1810 - ??) was the son of Ebenezer Brooks & Lucina Gale. Orlando married (UNKNOWN) and had a son and three unknown daughters. CHILDREN OF ORLANDO & UNKNOWN GALE: VIII. CONVERSE A. (4/1/1855 - ??) and THREE UNKNOWN DAUGHTERS.

III. RICHARD GALE (1677 - BY 1728) was born at Watertown on 9/25/1677 to Abraham and Sarah Gale. On 1/7/1706 Richard married SARAH KNIGHT, daughter of John and Mary Knight of Watertown, and the family appears to have left there soon after the birth of their last child named. George Gale's account noted that it was possible he relocated to Canterbury, Connecticut since records of Middlesex County, Massachusetts included a deed dated 1722 and signed by "Richard Gael, of Canterbury, Conn.," conveying land in Watertown to John and Joshua Gale of same. CHILDREN OF RICHARD & SARAH KNIGHT GALE [George Gale noted that Bond's Genealogies of Watertown listed marriages of three of the daughters "of doubtful identity."] IV. SARAH (11/30/1706 - ??) married Josiah Pierce on 3/14/1744. IV. JONATHAN (11/26/1708 - 6/28/1728) was killed in a fall from a bridge. According to Caulkin's History of Norwich, Connecticut, "A very sad accident happened in the year 1728. The Inhabitants were engaged in raising a cart bridge 20 feet high and 250 feet long over Showtucket river, near three miles from the town and had nearly completed the frame, when on the 28th of June, as they were putting together the upper work a principal piece of timber which lay on the foundation of this upper work being spliced, gave way at the joint, and falling tripped up the dependent frame…100 feet of the bridge fell with 40 men on it…20 were severely wounded, and two killed instantly. These two were Jonathan Gale of Canterbury, 19 years of age, the only son of a widowed mother, a very hopeful youth, the darling of the family; and Mr. Daniel Tracy." IV. MERCY (12/4/1710 - ??) married Abraham Jones of Weston on 12/26/1749. IV. THANKFUL #1 (Born and died 12/1714). IV. THANKFUL #2 (2/28/1716 - ??). IV. LYDIA (8/11/1717 - ??) married 4/28/1736 John Sadler.

III. EBENEZER GALE (1686 - LIVING 1729) was born on 4/30/1686 to Abraham and Sarah Gale. On 12/27/1709 Ebenezer married ELIZABETH GREEN and had children. Ebenezer appeared in land transactions in Watertown and deeded land to Samuel Gale there on 5/21/1729. He later moved to Oxford and was mentioned in the will of Mrs. Elizabeth Miller on 2/1736-37. CHILDREN OF EBENEZER & ELIZABETH GREEN GALE: IV. ELIZABETH (Bapt. 5/25/1712-13 - ??) married 2/3/1729-30 Isaac Whitney (1710 - ??), son of John and Sarah Cutting Whitney of Weston. IV. GRACE (12/12/1713 - ??). IV. HANNAH (Bapt. 10/9/1715 - ??) married 9/7/1738 Eleazer Goodale of Sutton. IV. PRUDENCE (Bapt. 8/18/1717 - ??) married 3/3/1735 Jonathan Kenney/Kinney of Sutton. IV. JONAS (7/8/1719 - ??). IV. EBENEZER, JR. (Bapt. 2/24/1724 - ??) married Elizabeth Kenney/Kinney of Sutton and settled in Oxford. IV. LYDIA (6/11/1727 - ??) married David Bates on 3/4/1752 in Sutton, Mass. IV. ABIJAH (Abt. 1727 - ??) married Mary Gregory. [Not listed by George Gale.] IV. ABIGAIL (Bapt. 5/10/1730 - ??). IV. DAVID (Bapt. 9/23/1733 - ??) married Elizabeth Kenney. [ Note: George Gale lists Elizabeth Kenney as the wife of both Ebenezer and David Gale.] IV. PATIENCE (?? - ??).

IV. EBENEZER GALE, JR. (1724 - ??) was born to Ebenezer, Sr. and Elizabeth Green Gale. He was baptized on 2/24/1724. On 6/17/1742 Ebenezer married ELIZABETH KINNEY/KENNEY of Sutton and had eight children. Ebenezer was part of the company commanded by Captain Edward Davis of Oxford that was sent to Sheffield for the relief of Fort William Henry in August of 1757. Upon returning, Ebenezer continued to reside in Oxford, at least until after 1768. He was described as a quiet and respectable farmer. CHILDREN OF EBENEZER, JR. & ELIZABETH KINNEY GALE: V. HANNAH (12/22/1742 - ??). V. JONATHAN (7/12/1744 - ??) Massachusetts marriage records in Sutton County show that Jonathan Gale of Oxford married Violette Keney/Kinny of Brookfield on 4/2/1768. V. LYDIA (5/26/1746 - ??). V. SARAH (4/15/1748 - ??). V. ASA (3/16/1751 - ??) married (1) Esther (Unknown) and (2) Lydia Longley. V. SUSANNAH (3/15/1753 - ??). V. LUCY (2/25/1755 - ??). V. MOLLY (3/5/1768 - ??).

V. JONATHAN GALE (1744 - AFT. 1833) was born on 7/12/1744 to Ebenezer and Elizabeth Kenney Gale. On 4/2/1768 at Sutton, Massachusetts Jonathan Gale of Oxford married (1) VIOLETTE KENNEY of Brookfield and moved to Warwick where Violette died. He then married (2) LUCY TEMPLE on 12/2/1769. According to pension records Jonathan Gale, Massachusetts Line, applied for a pension on 4/15/1833 at Lorain County, Ohio. He was listed as age 86, a resident of Carlisle Township, Ohio. He was said to have been born about 1746 at Warwick, Mass. and after the war lived at Chesterfield, New Hampshire, later moving to Vermont and then to Carlisle Township, Ohio. CHILDREN OF JONATHAN & LUCY TEMPLE GALE: VI. VIOLETTE (10/8/1770 - ??). VI. LUCY (4/26/1772 - ??). VI. ISAAC (10/6/1773 - ??). VI. JACOB (9/17/1777 - Abt. 1856) married and lived in Windham, Vermont. He had a daughter, Hulday, who married W. Shepard.

V. ASA GALE (1751 - 1838) was born on 3/16/1751 to Ebenezer and Elizabeth Kiney Gale in Oxford, Worcester County, Massachusetts. Asa married (1) ESTHER (UNKNOWN) in 1775 and (2) LYDIA LONGLEY. There were two known children and there may have been others. Asa and his family lived at Chesterfield, New Hampshire at the time of his enlistment and according to his pension application he fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill as a member of Captain Jonathan Whitcomb's company under Colonel Reed of New Hampshire. He applied for a pension on 8/6/1832 at the age of 81 while a resident of Windham, Vermont and died six years later on 6/11/1838. CHILDREN OF ASA GALE & HIS TWO WIVES: VI. EBENEZER (Abt. 1777 - ??) married Mary "Polly" Chamberlain in 1805 and lived in Chesterfield, New Hampshire before moving to Windham, Vermont. VI. IVORY (?? - ??) half-brother of Ebenezer, had a family and lived in Townshend, Vermont.

VI. EBENEZER GALE (1780 - 1859) was born about 1777 to Asa Gale and an unknown wife. In 1805 he married MARY "POLLY" CHAMBERLAIN (1783 - 1866) and lived for a time in Chesterfield, NH before moving to Windham, Vermont. Ebenezer and his wife had ten known children. His widow was interviewed by George Gale in 1865 while she was living in Weston, Vermont and provided the names of her children along with all their birth dates and one death date. She also provided marriage dates but names of the spouses were not given, with one exception. CHILDREN OF EBENEZER & MARY GALE: VII. GORDON HUTCHINS (12/20/1805 - Living 1864) married Orpha Holbrook. VII. EMILINE (6/9/1810 - ??) married on 11/9/1842. VII. GARDNER (2/5/1812 - ??) married on 6/30/1836. VII. ROSETTA ANN (6/3/1814 -??) married on 11/29/1843. VII. ELIJAH (4/20/1816 - 9/9/1847) married on 6/7/1842. VII. IRA WILLARD (7/27/1818 - ??) married on 5/3/1848. VII. ESTHER (9/20/1820 - ??) married on 9/19/1849. VII. MARY LORINA (12/5/1822 - 1894) married 11/25/1847 to William Ashley Bryant (1828 - 1899). VII. EBENEZER WARREN (11/22/1824 - ??) married 3/12/1849. VII. NELSON BARTON (10/23/1826 - ??) married 12/4/1850.

VII. GORDON HUTCHINS GALE (1805 - ??) was born on 12/20/1805 to Ebenezer and Mary Gale. On 11/22/1832 Gordon married ORPHA HOLBROOK, had four children and lived at Townshend, Vermont. CHILDREN OF GORDON HUTCHINS & ORPHA HOLBROOK GALE: VIII. BURNELL BELKNAP (10/8/1835 - 8/16/1862) enlisted as a private in the 8th Vermont Regiment in 1861 and was accidentally killed on the railroad in New Orleans in 1862. VIII. ELI HOLBROOK (4/14/1837 - Living 1864) graduated with a BA from Middlebury College in Vermont in August of 1862 and received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia in March of 1865. He entered the military as a Cadet in August of 1861 and in May of 1864 was appointed assistant surgeon to the 186th Pennsylvania Volunteers stationed at Philadelphia. VIII. ALVAH THOMPSON (1839 - 1843). VIII. FERNANDO CHAMBERLAIN (10/8/1840 - ??) married Fanny A. Taft of W. Townshend, Vt. in October of 1864.

IV. ABIJAH GALE (ABT. 1727 - ABT. 1806-08) was born about 1727 to Ebenezer and Elizabeth Green Gale. Abijah married MARY GREGORY at an unknown date and had seven children. Abijah moved to Oxford, Massachusetts about 1740 and "entered the King's service in the French and Indian War," on 4/1/1758. He served under General Abercrombie in the assault on Ticondaroga on July 5th and under Colonel Bradstreet in the campaign to Oswego, also assisting in the capture of Fort Fontenac, now Kingston, Canada, on August 27th. He returned to his home and was discharged on 11/9/1758. The following spring he served in a division of the army against Canada and was discharged on 12/3/1759. His age was given as 39. "He continued to re-enlist each spring and served the summer campaign until the close of the war in the fall of 1763." (G. Gale) Abijah was living with his son Levi in Hadley when he died in the early 1800s. CHILDREN OF ABIJAH & MARY GREGORY GALE: V. ABIJAH (?? - ??) fought in the Revolution and was at the first Lexington alarm in April of 1775. He was described as "an 8 months man, in Col. David Brewer's Reg. of Continentals." (G. Gale) He continued in service until he died of disease at an unknown date.
V. JESSE (?? - 3/24/1780) joined the patriots on 4/7/1777 as a private and was killed in battle on 3/24/1780. A pension was given to his siblings, Enoch, Levi, Lucretia,, Mary, and the latter's husband, Joel Fairbanks, who also fought in the Revolution. V. ABRAHAM (?? - ??) died at age 16. V. LEVI (1765 - ??) married Anna Dickinson and lived at Hadley. V. ENOCH (9/1/1775 - ??) married (1) Jerusha Scott and (2) Susanna Nichols. V. MARY (?? - ??) married Joel Fairbanks. V. LUCRETIA (?? - ??) never married and died on the 26th of December at age 71. No year was given.

V. LEVI GALE (1765 - ??) was born in 1765 to Abijah and Mary Gregory Gale. Levi married ANNA/HANNAH DICKINSON of Hadley, Massachusetts and settled there. They had ten children. Levi was noted for his physical strength and according to George Gale's report, "a merchant of Hadley offered a barrel of beef to any man that could carry it home. Levi, being present, without remarks, picked up the barrel and started for home, whereupon the merchant gave him $5.00 to leave it." CHILDREN OF LEVI & ANNA DICKINSON GALE: VI. ALVAN (9/9/1793 - ??) married Sophia Reynolds. VI. ENOCH (12/21/1796 - ??) married Eunice Fisher. VI. MARTHA (11/7/1800 - ??). VI. MARY (1/12/1802 - ??). VI. HARRIET (?? - 10/13/1822). VI. LEVI (6/8/1808 - ??) unmarried. Lived in Piqua, Ohio. VI. ABRAHAM (?? - ??) married May B. Adams. VI. EMELINE (?? - ??). VI. HANNAH (?? - ??). VI. MIRANDA (?? - ??).

VI. ALVAN GALE (1793 - ??) was born to Levi and Anna Dickinson Gale on 9/9/1793. In 1816 Alvan married SOPHIA REYNOLDS and had nine children. They lived at Northampton. CHILDREN OF ALVAN & SOPHIA REYNOLDS GALE: VII. WILLIAM D. (3/7/1816 - ??). VII. SUSAN B. (1/28/1820 - ??). VII. HARRIET (8/8/1822 - ??). VII. CHARLES (12/22/1823 - 9/21/??). VII. MARY ANN (3/5/1828 - ??). VII. SOPHIA (8/16/1830 - ??). VII. CHARLES A. (11/24/1834 - ??). VII. ANNIE M. (5/23/1839 - ??). VII. OTHO GREGORY (3/4/1842 - ??) enlisted in the U. S. service during the Civil War and was wounded on the Rapidan.

VI. ENOCH GALE (1796 - ??) was born on 12/21/1796 to Levi and Anna Dickinson Gale. On 6/3/1822 Enoch married EUNICE FISHER of Walpole, New Hampshire. They had seven children, but at least four died young. Enoch and his family resided in Hadley and later moved to Piqua, Ohio where Enoch was a farmer. CHILDREN OF ENOCH & EUNICE FISHER GALE: VII. GEORGE FISHER (3/16/1823 - ??) married Mary D. Williams. VII. MARY (2/12/1825 - 3/27/1825). VII. JULIA MARIA (1/27/1826 - ??). VII. ALVAN T. (2/5/1828 - ??). VII. HANNAH (4/6/1830 - 10/4/1836). VII. EDWARD (3/25/1832 - 11/26/1832). VII. EDWIN D. (9/26/1833 - 10/25/1834).

VII. GEORGE FISHER GALE (1823 - LIVING 1865) was born on 3/16/1823 to Enoch and Eunice Fisher Gale. On 3/20/1851 George married MARY D. WILLIAMS of Philadelphia and had a son. George spent five years learning the printing business and opened a shop in Philadelphia. In February of 1865 he "had a store at no. 6, Chestnut St. where he was doing a good business and growing wealthy." (Gale, G.) CHILD OF GEORGE FISHER & MARY D. WILLIAMS GALE: VIII. JAMES ALFORD (6/19/18562 - ??).

VI. ABRAHAM GALE (?? - ??) was born at an unknown date to Levi and Anna Dickinson Gale. Abraham married MARY B. ADAMS of Watertown, Massachusetts and had four children. CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM & MARY B. ADAMS GALE: VII. HARRIET (?? - ??). VII. OLIVER PERRY (?? - ??). VII. LEVI (?? - ??). VII. WAKEMAN (?? - ??).

V. ENOCH GALE (1775 - ??) was born to Abijah and Mary Gregory Gale on 9/1/1775. On 1/21/1802 Enoch married (1) JERUSHA SCOTT of Ward, now Auburn, Massachusetts. Jerusha Scott Gale died on 8/30/1805 at age 22 and Enoch married (2) SUSAN NICHOLS of Charlton, Massachusetts, on 3/19/1807. The family lived at Charlton. CHILDREN OF ENOCH & JERUSHA SCOTT GALE: VI. FRANKLIN (8/25/1802 - 4/20/1874) married Mary Jane Cleveland on 8/1/1839 and was an attorney in Columbus, Ohio, and editor of the Ohio Statesman. CHILDREN OF ENOCH & SUSAN NICHOLS GALE: VI. MARY (7/20/1804 - 9/15/1805). VI. JERUSHA (11/24/1810 - ??) married Aaron Fuller of Springfield in September of 1835. VI. WILLIAM (5/4/1813 - ??) married Emiline Dodge of Charlton on 12/2/1832. VI. IRENE (11/6/1815 - ??) married Horace Lamson of Charlton on 10/12/1843. VI. SUSAN (6/13/1818 - ??). VI. SYLVESTER (6/20/1823). VI. MARY JANE (6/11/1826 - ??). VI. ELLEN AMANDA (6/11/1828 - 1/19/1832).

VI. WILLIAM GALE (1813 - ??) was born on 5/4/1813 to Enoch and Susan Nichols Gale. William married EMILINE DODGE of Charlton on 12/2/1832. They had six children and lived at Charlton. CHILDREN OF WILLIAM & EMILINE DODGE GALE: VII. HELEN AMANDA (10/5/1833 - ??). VII. WILLIAM FRANKLIN (7/30/1837 - ??). VII. SUSAN EMILINE (10/6/1844 - ??). VII. LORINDA AUGUSTA (5/14/1847 - ??). VII. MARY ELLA (3/27/1852 - 2/4/1854). VII. EMOGENE (4/29/1856 - ??).

IV. DAVID GALE (BAPT. 1733 - ABT. 1790) was born to Ebenezer and Elizabeth Green Gale at Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts and baptized on 9/23/1733. On 3/9/1756 he married ELIZABETH KENNEY (1/9/1733 - ??) of Sutton and had six children. David moved his family to Warwick in 1765 where he erected a grist mill. He served on the Committee of Correspondence, Inspection, and Safety during the Revolutionary War and died about 1790. CHILDREN OF DAVID & ELIZABETH KENNEY GALE: V. JOHN (8/28/1758 - 11/2/1776, Warwick). V. HULDAH (2/10/1760 - 2/24/1828) married 9/1777 Ephraim Town. V. JUDITH (12/30/1761 - ??) married 5/1787 at Warwick, Asa Gould. V. OLIVE (1/17/1764 - 1/15/1852) married 12/1788 Josiah Conant of Warwick. She was buried in Warwick Cemetery, Warwick, Franklin, Mass. V. MARY/MERCY (2/28/1766 - ??) married Benjamin Conant of Warwick on 10/24/1784. V. DAVID (3/23/1768 - 7/20/1841) married 11/4/1790 at Warwick, Mary Eddy. He was born and died in Warwick, Franklin, Mass and was buried at Warwick Cemetery. He may have resided in Windhall, Vermont. V. JESSE (1772 - 6/18/1817) was also buried at Warwick Cemetery. His tombstone inscription reads, "Wilst at my calling as I wrought, By God's supreme decree, Rapacious death rush'd quick as thought, And snatch'd my life from me. "

III. JOHN GALE (1687 - 1734-35) was born on 4/23/1687-88 to Abraham and Sarah Gale. John married LYDIA (UNKNOWN), who may have been Lydia Pierce, and had five children. John Gale died intestate on 2/15/1734 at Watertown with an estate in excess of £323. His real estate was given to his son Joshua who paid his mother £275 for her dower rights and made distributions of £45 to his siblings. On 5/10/1736 Daniel Benjamin, a trader in Waltham and the father-in-law of John's son Jonas Gale, was appointed guardian of the children. He is buried at Grove Hill Cemetery, also known as the Old Burial Ground, at Waltham, Mass.
CHILDREN OF JOHN & LYDIA GALE: IV. JOSHUA (10/17/1721 - 10/1747) never married and left a will dated 4/22/1746, at Waltham, proved 10/26/1747. He named his sister Sarah, wife of Josiah Pierce; sister Lydia, then a spinster and later the wife of John Chaddick; half-sister Hannah Sadler, daughter of Mr. John Sadler of Upton (probably the daughter of his mother by a second marriage); and brothers John and Jonas Gale. Joshua's name appears spelled both G-A-L-E and G-A-E-L. IV. JOHN (1/23/1723 - ??) may have been killed in the service during the French and Indian War. IV. JONAS (9/23/1724 - ??) married 3/10/1747 Mary Benjamin, daughter of his guardian Daniel Benjamin. IV. SARAH (1726 - ??) married Josiah Pierce. IV. LYDIA (11/15/1728 - ??) married 11/16/1749 John Chaddick of Worcester.

Grove Hill Cemetery
IV. JONAS GALE (1724 - ??) was born to John and Lydia Gale on 9/23/1724. On 3/10/1747 he married MARY BENJAMIN, daughter of his guardian, and had nine children. Soon after his marriage Jonas moved to Worcester, where he worked as a jeweller until about 1768 when he moved to Holden. He served in the campaign for the relief of Fort William Henry in August of 1757 but according to George Gale he was not listed among the soldiers of the Revolution. Jonas Gale died on 9/21/1784 and his will, dated on 9/20/1784, bequeathed his real and personal estate to his wife Mary until his children became of age, but stipulated that if she were to remarry she would only have one third of the use. He also made bequests to his children. Joshua, Mary, and Sarah received sums of money in addition to what they had previously received; Isaac, Abel, Lydia, Susannah and Oliver received sums of money and son Jonas received the jeweler's shop and a sum of money in addition to what he had received. All of the bequests were to be made when the youngest son, Oliver, reached 21 years of age. The will was proved on 10/5/1784 and Mary and Jonas, Jr. were appointed as executors. The estate was appraised at a little over £640. CHILDREN OF JONAS & MARY BENJAMIN GALE: V. JOSHUA (1750 - ??) married Mrs. Molly Hubbard. V. MARY (1752 - ??) married 1780 William Parker. V. JONAS JR. (1754 - ??). V. SARAH (1759 - ??) married 1780 Paul Raymond, Jr. V. ISAAC (1761 - ??) married Susannah Moore. V. ABEL (1764 - ??). V. LYDIA (1767 - ??) married 1786 Solomon Smith. V. SUSANNAH (1769 - ??) married 1792 Ebenezer Wellington. V. OLIVER (1771 - ??) married 1795 Esther Wellington.

VIII. THOMAS MONROE GALE (1848 - 1920) was born on 9/12/1848 to Monroe Forbes and Lydia Fuller Gale in Brooklyn, NY. Thomas married IDA MAY FISHER (1854 - 1919), nicknamed "Idy," the daughter of Thomas J. Fisher who founded a real estate firm in Washington, D.C. Ida May Fisher was born on 11/30/1854 in Washington, DC and moved with her family to Brooklyn, NY when she was eleven. An accomplished young woman, she went to Germany in 1874 to study music for a year and in July began keeping a diary. The Gale family first appears in her writing on 7/20/1878 when she and her siblings, "Lottie," Tom and Bertie, were vacationing in the mountains of Virginia. Alice Gale was a friend of sister Lottie and through this friendship Ida met Thomas Gale. She wrote in her dairy the she and Tom were married in Brooklyn on 6/24/1880 and went to the Astor House following the ceremony. They established their home on 10/1/1881 at 1239 12th Street in Brooklyn where their only child, daughter Olive, was born. Tom and Ida appeared in the earliest editions of the Social Register. They attended Epiphany, the Episcopal Church where their daughter, Olive, was christened, and later attended the Unitarian Church, All Souls, to which Ida gave her library, which still bears her name.

According to
Colonial Families of the United States, members of this family joined the Mayflower Descendants and the Society of Colonial Wars.] A family tree that includes Thomas Monroe Gale appears at ARMS: Gu a griffin segreant or within a bordure gobonated/gorbony argent and vert. CREST: A unicorn's head paly of six azure and or, the horns twisted of the second and first (or and azure). MOTTO: Qui semina vertu raccoglia fama. [Who sows virtue gathers fame]
Samuel may be a member of either Edmund or Richard Gale's family. Since his ancestors are unknown, he is placed here as Generation I.
I. Samuel (1700s - 1756) m. (1) Juliana Miller, (2) Elizabeth Worthington
II. Samuel (1736 - Living 1775) m. Christiana De Key
II. Richard (By 1805)
II. Juliana (?? - ??) m. George DeKay [Juliana Pearson?]
II. Dorithy (?? - ??) m. Verdine Ellsworth in 1759
II. Asa Worthington (1754 - 1772)
II. Benjamin (4/25/1756 - 1813)
III. James (1785 - ??) m. Elsa (Unknown)
III. Gilbert Bradner (1797 - ??) m. Dolly Maria Gale
IV. Harriet (1817 - Living 1866) m. John H. Rolston
IV. James (1820 - Living 1866) unmarried
IV. Daniel (1822 - Living 1866) m. Elizabeth Goodman and had children
IV. John Baird (1826 - Living 1866) m. C. C. Clark and had children
IV. William Frederick (1828 - Living 1866) m. Miranda H. Harrison
IV. Gabriel Norton Phillips (1830 - Living 1866) twin of Egbert Jansen. Unmarried
IV. Egbert Jansen (1830 - Living 1866) twin of Gabriel Norton, m. Mary Hinchman
IV. Charles Henry (1834 - 1850)
IV. George Halstead (1839 - Living 1866) m. Miss Tarbell
IV. Thomas Alexander (1841 - ??) m. Miss L. Brown.

I. SAMUEL GALE/GALIE (Est. Early 1700s - 1/12/1757, Goshen, Orange Co., NY) was born to unknown parents. He married about 1731 to (1) JULIANA MILLER (?? - ??), daughter of Richard Miller, and had children. On 4/20/1752, after Juliana's death, he married (2) ELIZABETH WORTHINGTON (2/27/1727-28, Saybrook, CT - 2/9/1791), daughter of Reverend William Worthington of Saybrook. Children were born to both marriages. In 1755 Samuel was appointed as a Colonel in the military and represented Orange County in the New York General Assembly from 9/1750 until his death on 1/18/1757. He left a will, dated 2/14/1756 and probated at Goshen on 2/28/1757, naming six children, Samuel, born about 1733; Richard; Asa; Juliana, wife of George DeKay; Dorithy; and an unborn child. Samuel left his dwelling house to his son, Richard, along with land purchased from Thomas Mapes located near Thomas Sayres. His son Asa was given a house and land purchased from John Carp of Goshen, along with two "West Division lots of land." His daughter Juliana, wife of George De Kay, was given 5 shillings. His wife Elizabeth was to have the first choice of Samuel's Negroes and his daughter, Dorithy (sic), the second choice. He mentioned that his wife was pregnant and the child, if it lived, was to have the third choice. The remainder of his estate was left to his wife and children. Executors were his wife, William Worthrinton (sic) of Saybrook, John Galie (sic) of Goshen, Benjamin Carpenter of Goshen, and Henry Usonow. Witnesses were Joseph Wood, Israel Parshall, and Jonathan Cory, Jr. (Goshen, Orange Co., NY, Abstract of Wills, Vol. V, 1754-1760) After Samuel's death Elizabeth married Rev. Elnathan Chauncey (Abt. 1725 - 5/4/1796) on 2/6/1760 and had four children. CHILDREN OF SAMUEL & JULIANNA MILLER GALE: II. SAMUEL (1736 - Living 1775) married Christiana De Key by license granted 6/3/1757. Samuel was a merchant in Goshen and furnished supplies to the army in the French war of 1755 to 1760. He was one of the Commissioners that established the boundary line between New York and New Jersey and was a member of the New York Assembly from April of 1769 until it was dissolved in December of 1775. When the Revolutionary War began, "Samuel was arrested by the Continental authorities for holding a treasonable correspondence with the British, and his name occurs among the published lists of Loyalists." There is no further record of him or his family. II. RICHARD (?? - ??) was mentioned in an article in a New York paper on 5/25/1767. "The house of Richard Gale of Goshen was burnt by accident, with the barn and outhouses. Household goods were saved." (Gale) He was probably the father of Samuel Gale mentioned as Dorithy's nephew in her husband's will. [Was Richard's wife "Christian?"] II. JULIANA (4/11/1735 - ??) married George DeKay. II. DORITHY (?? - ??) married Verdine Ellsworth by license dated 5/16/1759. CHILDREN OF SAMUEL & ELIZABETH WORTHINGTON GALE: II. ASA WORTHINGTON "ASEY" (1/4/1754 - 8/14/1772, Cape Francis) died at about 16 years of age. II. BENJAMIN (4/25/1756 - 1813) was born after the death of his father and served during the Battle of Bunker Hill. He died at sea.

[The will of Samuel's son-in-law, Verdine Elsworth of New York, dated 5/7/1805, Codicil 1/27/1807, proved 6/5/1810 by Samuel Gale and Daniel D. Tompkins, names his wife, Dorothy [Dorothy Gale], Juliana Pearson [Dorothy's sister] and her daughters Julia Bunyan, Mary Dunoan and Christian Hewlens. It also names Dorothy's nephew, Samuel Gale (son of Richard Gale, deceased) and stated that Samuel was "to give security" to his mother Christian Gale; Sally Maria Gale daughter of Samuel Gale deceased; Maria Cornelia Gale, daughter of Doctor Henry Gale; Verdine Elsworth Beekman, son of Thomas Beekman; Mrs Ann Riley "now living with me." It also names relations Theophilus Beekman Esquire and wife Elizabeth, and Samuel Gale of the City of New York. Witnesses to the will and codicil were Silvanus Miller, James Jarvis, Southwell DW Davies, Joshua Secor and Jns. Forbus. (Hall of Records, NYC, WB 48, p. 515) - ]

II. BENJAMIN GALE (1756 - 1813) was born in 1756 to Samuel and Elizabeth Gale. Samuel's will mentioned that his wife was "big with child" and George Gale noted that Benjamin was born after the date of his father's will, but was named in the will of his uncle Benjamin as the "son of his brother Samuel." (Gale, G.) On 11/8/1781 Benjamin married MARY BRADNER (2/20/1764 - 3/15/1807), had two children and resided at Goshen, NY. He fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill and was a deacon in his church. He died on 3/8/1813. CHILDREN OF BENJAMIN & MARY BRADNER GALE: III. JAMES (12/29/1785 - ??) married a woman named Elsa (?? - 11/5/1844, age 64) and III. GILBERT BRADNER (4/14/1797 - ??) married Dolly Maria Gale.

III. GILBERT BRADNER GALE (1797 - ABT. 1860) was born on 4/14/1797 to Benjamin and Mary Bradner Gale. On 1/16/1817 Gilbert married DOLLY MARIA GALE (10/1/1798 - ??) who, according to George Gale, "was of another family of Gales." Gilbert and Dolly had ten children and resided at Elizabeth Port, New Jersey. Gilbert was a farmer and a respected member of his community. He died about 1860 and his widow survived him. CHILDREN OF GILBERT BRADNER & DOLLY MARIA GALE: VII. HARRIET (12/16/1817 - Living 1866) married 11/5/1850 to John H. Rolston and lived at Elizabeth Port, N. J. VII. JAMES (5/23/1820 - Living 1866) was unmarried and lived at Caldwell, Warren County, N. Y. VII. DANIEL (9/14/1822 - Living 1866) married Elizabeth Goodman and had children, Ida, Florence, and Thomson. The family lived at Caldwell, N. Y. VII. JOHN BAIRD (1/24/1826 - Living 1866) married C. C. Clark and had children Minne and Edith May. John was a druggist at 186 Greenwich St. in N. Y. VII. WILLIAM FREDERICK (3/11/1828 - Living 1866) married Miranda H. Harrison. William was an agent of the Jersey Central Railroad and lived at Elizabeth, N. J. VII. GABRIEL NORTON PHILLIPS (8/7/1830 - Living 1866) twin of Egbert Jansen. Gabriel was unmarred and was a salesman at 257 Pearl St., N. Y. VII. EGBERT JANSEN (8/7/1830 - Living 1866) twin of Gabriel Norton. Egbert married Mary Hinchman and had children, Herrick and Matilda. He was a salesman at 78 Murray St., N.Y. VII. CHARLES HENRY (2/5/1834 - 9/17/1850). VII. GEORGE HALSTEAD (11/1839 - Living 1866) married a Miss Tarbell. George was a bookkeeper at 257 Pearl St., N. Y. VII. THOMAS ALEXANDER (12/5/1841 - ??) married a Miss L. Brown.

ABRAHAM GALE (Living 1790) married PHOEBE ALLISON and had at least one son, DAVID HILDRETH GALE (1790 - 1852) who married in 1820 to Elizabeth Decker (1802 - 1880). Son Simon Decker Gale (1821 - 1852) married in 1843 to Phrelove Wright (1825 - 1890), their daughter was Ellen E. Gale.
BARTHOLOMEW GALE (?? - 10/16/1825, Sanbornton) married (UNKNOWN), who died 1/25/1819 and had sons JOHN M. (?? - ??) and WILLIAM R. GALE (?? - ??).
CHRISTOPHER GALE (Living 1765) came from London on the Justitia.
DANIEL GALE, JR. (1/6/1747, Exeter, NH - 10/16/1825) was the son of Daniel and Mary Connor Gale of Exeter. He married on 9/12/1769 to RHODA BURLEIGH (11/25/1750 - 1/25/1819, Sanbornton, NH) of Newmarket and had children. After the Revolutionary War he lived at Sanbornton NH until 1805 and then moved to Gilmanton, New York. In 1817 he moved to Northfield and in 1819 returned to Gilmanton. Daniel applied for a pension at age 76 on 7/9/1823 while living at Strafford County, NH. Bartholomew Gale and Steven Burleigh testified that they had known Daniel and Rhoda for 50 years. Rhoda applied for a pension on 9/12/1836 at Strafford County, New Hampshire, at age 85. CHILDREN OF DANIEL & RHODA BURLEIGH GALE: VII. POLLY (?? - ??). VII. BETSY (?? - ??). VII. RHODA (?? - ??). VII. DANIEL (?? - ??) married Cate Perkins and had Perkins Gale of Concord, NH and had children, Perkins, Nancy and Bartholomew. VII. NANCY (?? - ??). VII. BARTHOLOMEW (?? - ??) married (Unknown) and had sons John M. and William R. Gale. VII. STEPHEN (?? - ??). VII. HANNAH (?? - ??). VII. JOHN (?? - ??). VII. LYDIA (?? - ??). VII. DUDLEY (?? - ??).
EDWARD GALE (LIVING 1687) received £10 on 3/16/1687 for piloting His Majesty's Frigate King Fisher from Cape Anne to Nantucket Road and the attendance of his "Ketch" to assist the Frigate.
EDWARD COURTLAND GALE OF NEW ENGLAND: ARMS (From his bookplate, Attributed to Gale of York): Gu a griffin segreant or within a bordure gobonated argent and vert. CREST: A unicorn's head paly of six azure and or, the horns twisted of the second and first (or and azure). MOTTO: Tiens Ta Foy.
ELI GALE: (6/5/1757 - Living 1832) applied for a pension from Rutland County, Vermont, at age 75 on 7/24/1832. Of the Vermont Line, he lived at Poultney, Vermont, when he enlisted. According to his pension he was born at Pittsfield, Massachusetts, but after the war lived at Poultney, Granville, Hampton, West Haven, and in 1826 moved to Orwell, Vermont.]
EPHRAIM GALE (4/1/1760, MA - 7/4/1824, VT) Pvt., Vermont, married (1) Lydia Bullock (1792 - 3/2/1838, age 46), (2) Molly Rice (9/2/1761, Guilford - 3/19/1848), daughter of Micah and Silence Rice, (3) Catherine Hubbard (1808 - 1/23/1850, age 42). Ephraim appeared in the 1791 Census in Guilford, Windham County, VT and served in Captain Parson's Company, Col. Jonathan Williams' Regt. Detached Militia for 2 months and 13 days in 1812.
GEORGE GALE: 1690: Came to New England
ISAAC GALE & JOSIAH GALE were original proprietors of Townshend, Windham County, Vermont, but may not have lived there.
JACOB GALE (?? - 1768) : Of Orange Co. New York. Brothers Abraham, David, Daniel, Peter. Will dated 9/27/1768, proved 11/1/1768 mentioned pregnant wife. Witnesses John Gale, Jr., William Denn and Margaret Woodworth.
JOHN GALE: 9/12/1685: Servant of Benjamin Chambers in New England.
JOSEPH GALE (6/5/1742, Goshen, Orange Co. NY - ??) married Catherine Haviland, /9/1757, Flushing, Queens, NY.
JOSEPH GALE (Living 1756) filed a petition on 9/15/1756 "praying that further relief to insolvent debtors from imprisonment may be granted by law."
CAPTAIN JOSEPH GALE OF CONNECTICUT: ARMS: "He beareth Sable within a bordure checkey or and azure; a griffin rampant of the second, by the name of Gale." CREST & MOTTO: Unknown.
NAPOLEON BONEPARTE GALE (3/3/1815, Gilmanton - 12/21/1895, Laconia) was educated at Sanbornton and Gilmanton academies and was engaged in mercantile pursuits and farming until 1852, when he entered the Belknap County bank, becoming a cashier in the following year, and president of the Belknap Savings bank, which succeeded it upon the expiration of its charter in 1866, holding the office until his death. Mr. Gale represented Belmont in the legislature in 1867-'68 and Laconia in 1885-'86. In his will Gale bequeathed $10, 000 to the Town of Belmont, which was used towards the construction of the Gale School. The remainder of his estate was left to the city of Laconia, and was used to construct and fund the Gale Memorial Library. (Granite Monthly, Volume XVIII, Concord, New Hampshire, 1845)
RICHARD GALE (3/16/1588, Lacock, Wiltshire, England) married Agnes Rogers around 1615 at Broomfield, Somerset England, and had a daughter, Ann Gale (Aft. 1615 - Abt. 1678) who married Reynold Jenkins on 6/29/1635 at Broomfield, Somerset, England. They immigrated to Maine where Reynold Jenkins died in 1683 at Eliot or Kittery, York Co., Maine.
RICHARD GALE (Living 1740) and his wife Elizabeth, who resided in Watertown, Groton Parish, Suffolk Co., Mass. were listed in The Compendium of American Genealogy.
SAMUEL GAIL/GALE (Est. 1762 - 11/2/1787), son of Capt. Samuel and Mary Gale/Gale, age 25.
SAMUEL GALE (Living 1808) wrote to his mother on 1/13/1808 from Surinam after he was impressed by the British. He stated, "They say that you heard from me and are concerned for my fate, which makes me very anxious to see you. I was impressed on board an English man-of-war, four years since, was taken by a French frigate, from which I ran away, and got on board an American vessel and have arrived at New York. I am very poor and very sick of a fever." (, Seamen from Salem and Vicinity Impressed by British War Vessels, 1800-1818)
STEPHEN GALE (4/10/1774 - ??) married Lois Patten (10/15/1779 - ??) of Kingston. NH on 2/20/1801 and had children: Caroline, Mehetable, Lois, Susan, Hannah, Stephen & REV. WILLIAM P. GALE (2/24/1806 - ??), who graduated from Gilmanton Theological Seminary in August of 1841 and preached about three years in Vermont before being ordained in Thornton, NH on 1/1/1845
SOLOMON GALE (?? - Living 1787) was one of the first settlers of Sutton, Windham County, Vermont. A daughter born to Solomon was the first white child born in the town. In 1788 a meeting was held in a neighboring town and Solomon, along with others, was elected as a selectman.
WILLIAM GALE (Abt. 1557 - Bef. 4/13/1626, Groton, Suffolk) married Margaret (Unknown).
WILLIAM GALE (?? - 4/11/1850) married Lydia (Unknown) and had a daughter, Maria, who married David A. Morton of Groton, CT. His estate was probated on 2/13/1851 naming heirs Zenas Gale; Amelia Gale of Groton; Manley Gale and Mary Gale of Groton; Jane, wife of C. Burr, of Genoa; James Gale of Auburn, NY; John P. and Peter B. Gale of Mt. Morris, NY; Samuel and William W. Gale of Oakland Co., Michigan; Hannah, wife of Harry Stevens; and Betsey, wife of Beriah Smith of Livingston, Mich.
WILLIAM HENRY GALE (1814, Vermont - 9/13/1874) married Patience Stanbury (12/12/1813 in Stark County, Ohio on 12/4/1834 in Huron County, Ohio. He died on 9/13/1874, though his headstone in Sandusky County, Ohio reads 1875. CHILDREN OF WILLIAM HENRY & PATIENCE STANBURY GALE: II. WILLIAM N. (8/1/1836, Ohio, - 12/16/1913, Fort Wayne, Indiana) married on 4/12/1866 to Peddy Finch (3/20/1836, NY - 11/1/1887, Green Springs, Ohio), daughter of Elias B. and Laura S. Mills Finch. They had children Neal Finch, Roy and James Gale. II. MARY (Abt. 1838, Ohio - 9/10/1906, Clyde, Sandusky Co., Ohio) married Charles Dirlam (?? - 5/3/1908) on 3/10/1857. II. STANBERY (1839, Ohio - 1855). II. GEORGE (1842, Ohio - 1865, buried in Colwell Cemetery, Sandusky County, Ohio) married Daniel Stinchcomb (?? - 6/7/1890) on 12/15/1864 in Sandusky Co., Ohio. II. KATE ARABELLE (Abt. 1845, Ohio - 2/16/1929, Bellefontaine, Ohio). II. ORA GALE (Abt. 1848 - 6/22/1916, Tonapah, Nevada) married a Mr. Jackson.

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New England Strays
Thomas Gale enlisted in the 23rd Regiment of the New York National Guard in 1869 and by 1876 he was a 2nd 1ieutenant. After he moved to Washington he joined the District National Guard where he served as inspector general with the rank of major. For the rest of his life he was called "Major" by many of his friends. In 1884 Thomas built a home at 1314 L St., NW that was next-door to the home of his father-in-law, where Ida's sister and brother-in-law, Edward J. and Charlotte Stellwagen, also lived. The couples were very close and both Thomas and Edward joined their father-in-law's real estate firm. The firm prospered and in 1890 Thomas and Edward formed the Chevy Chase Land Company, building and developing properties on 2000 acres from what is now Florida Avenue to Jones Mill Road beyond Chevy Chase Lake. They were also instrumental in establishing the Chevy Chase Club and were among the charter members in 1893. In 1899 they founded Union Trust Bank with Stellwagen as President of Union Trust and Thomas as Vice-President and Treasurer of Fisher & Co., which held a 51% interest in Union Trust, now operated as "First American Bank." In 1901 the brothers-in-law embarked on another project when they leased the Willard Hotel and acquired the Capitol Park and the Raleigh Hotel.
Thomas Gale built another home at 2300 S Street that was later occupied by the Burmese Embassy. The home was designed by architect Appleton Clark who also designed a summer place, High Wyndam, for Thomas and Ida. Located at Bluemont in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the estate consisted of 57 acres of land, mainly woodland with about 15 acres under cultivation. Thomas died on 1/30/1920 in Washington, DC and High Wyndam was sold. Ida May Fisher Gale died of Bright's disease in March of 1919. Thomas died only ten months later and both were buried in Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington, DC.

IX. OLIVE (4/6/1881, Washington, DC - 2/5/1941, Tanglebank).