Chapter 11 - The Brothers of Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia, Part II
Matthias Gayle (Abt. 1754 - 1794), George Gayle (Abt. 1755 - ??), John Gayle (Est. 1750s - 1811-12), Philip Hunley Gayle (1757 - 1833), Joshua Gayle (Bef. 1765 - Aft. 1810)
The four known brothers of Kingston Parish were ROBERT, THOMAS, MATTHIAS and GEORGE GAYLE. The latter two are profiled here. Gayle Bradley Weiss of Boulder, Colorado, has done an extensive genealogy of the family of Matthias and supplied much information on that line. It is my theory, based solely on circumstantial evidence, that there were three other brothers, JOHN GAYLE (Est. 1750s - 1811-12), HUNLEY GAYLE (1757 - 1833), and JOSHUA GAYLE (Bef. 1765 - Aft. 1810).
Matthias Gayle (Abt. 1754 - 1794) of Kingston Parish & his Descendants
I. Matthias (Abt. 1754 - 1794) m. Joice Hall and had children.
II. Joshua (1782 -1818) m. Ann "Nancy" Brown
III. Matthew (1806 - 1859) m. Ann Elizabeth Fitchett
IV. Ann Elizabeth (1837 - 1879) m. 1852 Silas Chandler
IV. Robert. F. (?? - ??)
IV. Virginia (Living 1880) m. 1880 Meredith Gamble
IV. William A. (1839 - 1878) m. Eliza C. Chandler
V. William (1861 - ??) m. Beulah O. Major
VI. Major Dalby Gayle (1893 - ??)
VI. William Gayle (1891 - ??)
V. Emma Lee (1865 - 1880)
V. Lizzie Mitchell (1866 - ??) m. James O. Harrington or Yarrington
V. John Matthew (1868 - 1879)
V. Mary Louisa (1870 - 1871)
V. James Edward (1871 - 1880)
V. Bernard Ashby (1873 - 1873)
V. Silas Ashby (1874 - ??)
V. Mary Ida (1875 - ??) m. William L. Griffin
IV. John Zelotus (1840 - 1888) m. 1866 Virginia Frances Brown
V. Martha Lee "Mattie" (1870 - 1929) m. Rev. Emmett Francis Garner
V. India Garner (?? - ??) m. Frank Bland Dutton
IV. Maria F. (1845-1928) m. 1866 James T. Williamson, 5 children
IV. Eudora A. (1850 - 1862)
IV. Martha L. (1856 - ??)
III. Eliza (ca. 1810 - 1890) never married and lived with family.
III. John Zelotus (Abt. 1810 - 1878) m. Eliza Ann White
IV. Harriett Adeline (1836 - 1897) m. 1855 James H. Bentley
IV. Robert Francis (1837 - 1837)
IV.Louisiana "Lou" (1839-1900) Unmarried
IV. Martha Susan (1840-1844)
IV. Mary Crowder (1842 - Aft. 1912) m. 1881, Silas Chandler
IV. Rebecca Jane (1845-1848)
IV. Lucy Alice (1848-1917) m. Christopher Columbus Anderton.
II. Bartlett (1784 - 1845) m. (1) Martha Buckner & (2) Dorothy Buckner
III. from M/1: Alexander T. (1815 - 1859) m. Frances A. Sutherland
V. Frances (1876 - 1950) m. A. R. McDowell
V. Nannie Elizabeth (1877 - 1929) m. Edwin Percy Simmons
V. George Sutherland, Jr. (1879 - 1972) m. Pearl Province
V. Allison Dill (1880 - 1964) m. Ida Virginia Crenshaw
V. Regina Starr (1884 - ??) m. Milam Travis Simons II
V. Jennie Lesesne (1886 - 1973) m. Hugh L. White
V. Lea Maxwell (1888 - 1967) m. Esther Jackson
IV. George Sutherland (1845 - 1914) m. Regina S. Dill
IV. Georgiana (ca. 1848 - ??) m. J. D. Rogers
IV. Alexander (1853 - 1869)
IV. Martha S. #1 (died in infancy)
IV. Martha S. #2 (died young)
IV. Mary E. (died at age 3)
IV. Virginia "Jennie" (1855 - 1929) m. Col. Samuel M. Lesesne
IV. Bartlett Buckner (1856 - 1933) m. Eudora Starr Bankhead
V. Bartlett B. II (1879 - ??) m. Artie Amelia Pryor
V. Franlklin Alexander (1880 - 1948) m. Essie B. Leather, no children.
V. Zachariah Bankhead (1882 - 1931) m. Alberta Bonnet
V. Mary Elizabeth (1885 - ??) m. Francis Joseph Krause
V. Sarah Rose (1887 - ??) m. Ben Frank Watford
V. Beulah Rodgers (1890 - ??) m. Fred Green
V. William George (1892 - 1910) m. Willie Rodgers
V. Samuel Lesesne (1895 - ??) m. Anna Lucas
V. Shelton Starr (1896 - 1903)
V. Frances Agnes (1898 - 1992) Unmarried
III. William B. (ca. 1817 - ?) m. (1) Mary (Unknown), (2) Sarah (Unknown), (3) Jane Jurley.
IV. Charles M. (Ca. 1857 - ??)
IV. William B., Jr. (Ca. 1861 - ??)
IV. Matthew (1863 - ??)
IV. M.E. (daughter) - (Ca. 1867 - ??)
III. Matthew (Ca. 1820 - Aft. 1886) m. Jane Beasley (?? - by 1884)
IV. Martha G. (1845 - 1913) unmarried
IV. Georgiana (Ca. 1847 - 1882)
IV. George A. (1846 per census)
IV. Virginius (1848 - 1913) m. 1876 Lucy Proctor
V. Mary Buckner (1882 - 1958) m. Henry Adolphus Archers
V. Quincy (?? - ??)
V. James (?? - ??)
V. Edwin W. (?? - ??)
V. Bartlett (?? - ??)
V. Carl (?? - ??)
IV. Charles (Ca. 1851 - ??)
IV. Lucy H. (Ca. 1856 - 1910) m. Oscar Miller
IV. William E. (?? - 1888) No children
III. Joshua (1822 - 1876) m. Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" Billups
IV. Martha Lillian (1848 -1883) m. 1866 William R. Summers
IV. Robert Billups (1853 - 1906) m. 1875 Lucy Lee Diggs
V. Robert Billups (1875 - 1876)
V. Marcus (1876 - 1899)
V. Walter Lucas (1878 -1955) m. 1902 Minnie V. Garnett.
IV. Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" Wise (1855 - 1931) m. 1875 James Bennet White
IV. William Joshua (1858 - ??)
III. Charles M. (1825 - Aft. 1870) m. (1) Elizabeth Martha Sutherland, 1852. Divorced, no children, (2) Sarah Elizabeth Rucker, 1869.
III. Drucilla. (Abt. 1825 - ??)) unmarried
II. Betsy (?? - ??)
II. Nancy (?? - ??)

I. MATTHIAS/MATTHEW GAYLE (1754 - 1794) was born in Kingston Parish to unknown parents in 1754. His birth and that of his brother George in 1755 were recorded in the Kingston Parish Register. Two older brothers, Robert and Thomas, were born in 1745 and 1750 respectively, possibly in England, and there may have been other siblings.

During the Revolutionary War Matthias served as a Private with his brothers Thomas and George under the command of older brother Robert. His service is outlined in a deposition supporting Joice Hall Gayle's pension application. (M804/#7491, #1042; Pension & Bounty Land Warrant Applications) --
We Richard Hurst aged 75 years and William Diggs ages 76 years do upon oath testify and declare that we were well acquainted with Mathias Gayle and Joice Hall, before and since their intermarriage; and think they were married in the year 1780. [unreadable portion added above this line]…think he entered the service of the United States as a private in the Militia under Capt. Robert Gayle in the year 1777 and served a tour of duty at New Point Comfort consisting of two months and was then discharged. After which he was called out again in the same year under the same officer at the same place and served two and half months. In the year 1778 he was called out in like manner under the same officer and served a tour of duty of one month at the place aforesaid and was then discharged. Again at the same place and in like manner he served a tour of duty of two months. In 1779 he was called out to go to Richmond on account of the British going up James River and marched to Gloucester Ct House and then through King and Queen and King William and then heard that the British had returned down this River, and then was ordered to Williamsburg, where he was stationed some time. Then ordered to York where he stopped some time in all of which he served about three months under command of Capt. Philip Tabb. He was then discharged, returned home, and was again called out under Capt. R. Gayle at New Point, and served one month. In 1780, he was called out and served at New Point two months under the said Ro. Gayle In 1781, he was called out when all the Militia of Gloucester County was under the said Capt. Gayle and marched to Gloucester Court House, thence to Hubbard's Old Field, thence to Ware Church, thence to Sewell's Old Field,…thence to Gloucester Town where a battle was fought, in all of which he served three months.

In 1780 Matthias married JOICE HALL (2/17/1763 - before 5/1847), daughter of ROBERT and ANN JOHNSTON HALL Robert Hall, a Master in the Navy during the Revolution, died intestate in 1786-87 leaving sevral named heirs. Joice Hall Gayle's siblings werer ROBERT HALL (9/19/1758 - ??); SPENCER HALL (11/28/1760 - ??); THOMAS HALL (Abt. 1770 - 1840), who married Mary Gayle, daughter of another Thomas Gayle; ANN "NANCY" HALL (9/19/1756 - ??) who married Peter Foster and had children Richard, Peter Jr., William; Susan R. who married Wm. Foster; Ann who married Robert Debnam; Elizabeth who married Joshua Gayle Brown; and "Betty" Jordan Hall, who married (1) William Foster, Sr. and (2) Francis Brown. Betty Hall and Francis Brown had children: Robert; Spencer H.; Susan; Elizabeth; Frances who married (Unknown) Walden; and Ann Brown married her first cousin, Joshua Gayle.

Thomas Hall died intestate in 1840, leaving Sarah Hurst the wife of William Hurst, Mary Gayle the wife of Joseph R. Gayle, Thomas Hall, Sarah Hall who married John Saunders and Thomas Hall the children of Robert Hall and John Hall a minor who was a son of John Hall - his sole heirs at law. Nancy Foster who died leaving Richard Foster, Peter Foster Jr., William Foster, Susan R. Foster who married William Foster who is since dead leaving two children Harriet & William Foster,. Ann Foster who married Robert Debnam, Elizabeth Foster who married Joshua G. Brown who is since dead leaving five children, viz: Peyton I, Ann who married Beverly Waddle, Caroline who married Henry Baker, Selina F. who married Nathan Walker (and second?) Wilson R. Brown, and Polly Foster who married James Brownley his sole heirs at law:- Joicey Gale who was Joicey Hall died leaving Bartlett Gayle, Joshua Gayle, Nancy Gayle and Betsy Gayle his sole heirs at law. Betsy Brown who was Betsy Hall died leaving six children, viz: Robert Brown, Spencer H. Brown, Susan who married [1st name unknown] Oliver, Ann who married Joshua Gayle, Elizabeth Brown and Frances Brown who married [1st name unknown] Walden his sole heirs at law.
Matthias Gale died in 1794 and in 1805 Joshua Gayle Brown, Joshua Gayle Sr. and Hunley Gayle, commissioners acting on an order of the Court of Mathews, and Joshua Gayle Jr. and Nancy Gayle, "two of the children & distributes of the said Matthew Gayle deceased…" sold three parcels of land "of which Matthew Gayle died seized…" to John Patterson. PARCEL 1: One moiety [a portion of ownership] of the point of land called the SLAVE LAND at the head of WAREHOUSE CREEK where the DWELLING HOUSE STANDS and south of the main county road leading to Point Comfort. PARCEL 2: A tract of 4 ¾ acres east of the main road & bounded by a corner mulberry in JOSEPH GAYLES LINE near his gate; GAYLES CORNER on the land of JOSHUA & MATTHEW GAYLE of which this piece is part, a corner in land purchased by JOHN PATTERSON from JOSHUA & HUNLEY GAYLE; and a corner on the main road to the beginning. PARCEL 3: A tract of 1 ¾ acres at a corner in JOSEPH GAYLE'S LINE to an agreed corner between PATTERSON & WILLIAM RESPESS. [Respess purchased the balance of the tract extending 20 feet to the north of PATTERSON'S DITCH running parallel with the ditch to a corner intersecting a line dividing the land in the swamp between the land purchased from JOSHUA & HUNLEY GAYLE by Patterson and that part of the land belonging to MATTHEW GAYLE, deceased. In 1811 JOHN RESPESS, son of RICHARD RESPESS SR. (?? - 1806) and his wife LUCY GAYLE, sold 1 ½ acres of land extending from the creek to the main road to JOHN PATTERSON. Richard and Lucy Gayle Respess married in 1756, had at least four children, and lived on this property, which is the site of Tompkins Cottage.]


Proved September Court 1805 by the oath of PETER FOSTER, JR. as to all the parties except JOSHUA GAYLE, JR. & ordered to be certified and continued for further proof.

September Court 1806

Acknowledged by JOSHUA GAYLE BROWN & HUNLEY GAYLE & continued as to the other parties.

This indenture made and entered into this 1st day of April In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred five and of the Independence of the United States the Twenty ninth between JOSHUA G. BROWN, JOSHUA GAYLE, SR. & HUNLEY GAYLE, Commissioners appointed by an order made by the worshipful Court of Mathews County upon the 14th day January 1805 directing the Sale of the land of which MATTHEW GAYLE died seized under the ____section of the act of the General Assembly entitled "an act to reduce unto one the several acts directing the course of decents (proposed?)the 8th day of December 1792 of JOSHUA GAYLE, JR. and NANCY GAYLE two of the children & distributes of the said Matthew Gayle deceased of the age of Twenty years of the one part & JOHN PATTERSON of the County of Mathews aforesaid in the state of Virginia of the other part witnesseth that for & in consideration of the sum of one hundred fifty eight dollars & thirty three cents to the said Joshua G. Brown, Joshua Gayle & Hunley Gayle, commissioners as aforesaid by the said John Patterson at & --------------------------------where of is hereby acknowledged they the said Joshua G. Brown, Joshua Gayle Sr. & Hunley Gayle in conformity to the above recited order. Joshua Gayle Jr. & Nancy Gayle the two distributees aforesaid have granted bargained and sold by these presents do grant bargain & sell unto the said John Patterson his heirs Exors. Admrs. & assigns three small parcels of land being apart of the land directed to be sold by the above recited order to with one moiety of the point of land called the slave land lying upon the head of the warehouse creek whereon the dwelling house stands lying to the southward of the main county road leading to Point Comfort, another parcel lying to the eastward of said road containing four & three quarter acres by a late survey made by Christopher Billups & bounded as follows to wit beginning at A a corner mulberry upon the road aforesaid in Joseph Gayles line near his gate thence along his said line N61* E 50 poles to B the said Gayles corner upon the land of Joshua & Matthew Gayle of which this piece is apart thence -----------------to C a corner in the land purchased by said Patterson of Joshua & Hunley Gayle thence S 60*W 54 poles to D a corner upon the main road thence along the said road to A the beginning place and the other parcel contains one & three quarters acres by a late survey also made by the said Billups which surveys were made by consent of the parties & bounded & described as follows to wit Beginning at A a corner in Joseph Gayle's line thence along the said Gayles line N 61* E 50 poles to B an agreed corner between the said Patterson & William Respess who purchased the balance of this tract of land sold under the above recited order extending 20 feet to the North side of the said Pattersons Ditch thence running Parallel with the said ditch at the distance of 20 feet N 80* E 17 poles and N 86 * E 35 ¼ poles & so on at the distance aforesaid to the corner of said ditch in the swamp intersecting the line dividing the land in the swamp between the said Pattersons purchase of Joshua & Hunley Gayle & that part of the land belonging to Matthew Gayle deceased purchased by the said Respess under the above recited order of the court of Mathew County. To Have & to Hold the aid described parcels of land with all houses, woods, ways, waters, & water courses with the appurtenances thereunto belonging or -----------appurtaining to the said John Patterson his heirs Exors. Admrs. & assigns forever & the said Joshua G. Brown, Joshua Gayle Sr., Hunley Gayle, Joshua Gayle Jr. & Nancy Gayle moreover covenants to & with the said John Patterson his heirs or assigns to forever warrant & defend a good & perfect fee simple estate in & to the said parcels of land free from any future claim or claims of themselves their heirs, Exrs. & admrs. & from all & every other person or persons whatsoever. In witness whereof they have severally placed their hands & affixed their seals the day & year first above written.

Signed sealed & delivered Joshua G. Brown
In the presence of Joshua Gayle Sr.
Peter Foster Jun. Hunley Gayle
Richard Brown Joshua Gayle Jr.
George Brown Nancy Gayle

On 10/6/1836 Joice Hall Gayle, age 74, filed an application in Mathews for a pension based on Matthias' military service. Supporting affidavits were filed by her son Bartlett in July of 1838 and her brother Thomas on 9/20/1837. In 1838 Joice Hall Gayle was granted a pension of $30.00 annually. In 1840 she was still alive and living with her son, Bartlett. Court records of Mathews County dated 5/10/1847 stated that Joice had died.

II. JOSHUA (1/1782 - 1/12/1818) married before 1805 to Ann "Nancy" Brown (1782 - 9/14/1862)
II. BARTLETT (1/1784 - 1845) married (1) Martha "Patsy" Buckner; (2) Dorothy "Dolly" Buckner. All children were from the first marriage.
II. BETSY (?? - ??)
II. NANCY (?? - ??)

II. JOSHUA GAYLE JR. (1782 - 1818) was born in January of 1782 in Kingston Parish to Matthias and Joice Hall Gayle. Sometime before 1805 Joshua married ANN "NANCY" BROWN (1782 - 9/14/1862), his first cousin and daughter of Francis Brown (12/1/1741, Abingdon Parish - ??) and Elizabeth "Betty" Jordan Hall, sister of Joshua's mother Joice Hall Gayle. They had three children.

In 1803 Joshua appears on Land and Personal Property Tax Lists in Mathews County and is listed on the 1810 census as head of a household with one male between 26 and 45, two males under 10; one female between 26 and 45; one female between 10 and 16; and one female under 10. In 1815 Joshua owned six acres of land on Blackwater Creek six miles southwest of the courthouse. Joshua died on 1/12/1818 and Bartlett Gayle, William Brounley (sic), Richard Foster and Thomas Hall were appointed as co-executors of his estate and were bound to Thomas Hudgins, Christopher Tompkins, Gabriel Miller and Seth Shephard in the amount of $12,000. On 7/10/1820 Spencer Brown and William Foster were chosen guardians of "Mathew, Eliza and Lodius Gayle" [a misspelling of Zelotus], children of Joshua Gayle. The justices were listed as John D. Jarvis, Gabriel Miller, Seth Shepard, John Patterson and John C. Booker.

On the 1820 census Nancy Brown Gayle was listed as the head of the household and in 1823 Bartlett Gayle and William Brownley, executors of Joshua Gayle, deceased, filed an order appointing a commission to settle Joshua's estate. A deed copy was allocated to Joshua Gayle Brown, who was sued by Bartlett Gayle on 6/25/1825. Settlement of Joshua's estate continued for some time and in 1834 Bartlett Gayle was charged for a copy of Joshua Gayle's will. On 7/2/1838 Bartlett made a deposition attesting to Joshua's age and stating that Joshua, who would have been 56 years old had he lived, was born in January of 1782 and was the oldest child of their mother.

Joshua's widow, Nancy, and her sister Frances Brown Walding, applied for military land bounty warrants, based on their father's service during the Revolution. On 2/7/1839 Nancy's son, John Zelotus, testified before the Justice of the Peace in Mathews County that he knew Nancy Gayle, who was Nancy Brown, and Frances Walding, who was Frances Brown, and that they were the heirs to Francis Brown, a Steward in the Navy of Virginia during the Revolutionary War. He also noted that Frances and Nancy's brother, Spencer Brown, had moved out West and it was not known whether he was living.

On 5/20/1839 the Land Office in Richmond granted two warrants (Nos. 8701 & 8702) of 859-5/9 acres each, the first issued Francis Walding and the second to Nancy Gayle, in consideration of their father's service as a Steward in the Virginia Navy during the Revolution. On 12/14/1839 John Borum, through his attorney, appealed to the Henrico County Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery asking that the court certify that warrants to both Frances Walding and Nancy Gayle, each for 1850 acres of land, had been lost. Duplicate warrants were issued on 12/16/1839. [There was no explanation for the difference in acreage.] It appears that the warrants were still in question on 7/7/1853 when Nancy Gayle and Frances Walding appointed John P. Stokes as their attorney. On 7/11/1853 John Zelotus Gayle testified that Francis Brown died intestate and that Spencer Brown, the brother of Nancy Brown Gayle and Frances Brown Walding, "has not been heard of for ten years." Shepard G. Miller certified the deposition and witnesses were Harriet A. Gayle and Ann E. Chandler.

Nancy Brown Gayle lived to be 80 years old, residing both with her son, Zelotes, and his family, and with her daughter, Eliza, until her death on 9/14/1862 in Gloucester County.

III. MATTHEW (1806 - 5/17/1859) married Ann Elizabeth Fitchett on 7/4/1836.
III. ELIZA (1809-10 in Mathews County - 1890) never married and lived first with her parents, then her brother Zelotus, and finally her niece, Lucy Gayle Anderton.
III. JOHN ZELOTUS (Abt. 1810, Mathews County - 4/8/1878, Ware Neck, Gloucester County) married 10/17/1835 to Eliza Ann White (1812, Mathews - 5/21/1866, Ware Neck)

III. MATTHEW (1806 - 5/17/1859) was born in 1806 in Mathews County to Joshua and Ann "Nancy" Brown Gayle. He married ANN ELIZABETH FITCHETT on 7/4/1836 and had children. Matthew was a farmer and appeared on the Tax List in 1832 with a number of UN-NAMED SLAVES. In 1850 he was listed with land valued at $1,000.00 and four children living in his household. Sometime after 1850 he moved with his family to Middlesex County where he died on 5/19/1859. His widow, Ann Elizabeth, married Henry Heath of Urbanna.

IV. ANN ELIZABETH (1837 - 1879) m. 1852 Silas Chandler. [A MATTHEW GAYLE (9/26/1785 - 5/19/1859) was named in the Chandler, Family Bible of Elizabeth Gayle Chandler, owned by Charles A. Taylor, Jr. of Urbanna, her grandson] .
IV. ROBERT F. (?? - ??)
IV. VIRGINIA (Living 1880) m. 1880 Meredith Gamble
IV. WILLIAM A. (1839 - 1878) m. Eliza C. Chandler and had children.
IV. JOHN ZELOTUS (1840 - 1888) married Virginia "Jenny" Frances Brown and had two daughters.
IV. MARIA F. (1845-1928) m. 1866 James T. Williamson, 5 children
IV. EUDORA A. (1850 - 1862)
IV. MARTHA L. (1856 - ??)

IV. WILLIAM A. GAYLE (8/1/1839 - 3/22/1878), son of Matthew and Ann Elizabeth Fitchett Gayle, married Eliza C. Chandler (12/11/184? - ??), daughter of James C. Chandler (?? - 6/23/1865) and his wife Eliza A. Chandler (?? - 2/28/1850). Eliza's uncle was James H. White and her brother was Silas Chandler. William and Eliza had nine children. William fought for the Confederacy and enlisted with his brother John on 5/24/61 at Urbanna in Company B, 55th Virginia Infantry. He was present on the muster roll for Company B on 4/30/62 and was also a member of Company H, 26th Virginia Infantry, and CSA. William was reassigned to the Ashland Artillery on 10/4/62 and detailed to wait on the wounded at Gettysburg. Like his brother John, he was taken as a prisoner of war at Cashton, PA on 7/5/63 and sent to Point Lookout, MD. He was exchanged at City Point, VA on 3/16/64 and paroled at Appomattox Courthouse on 4/9/65. William was listed on the 1870 census as a farmer, living in the Saluda District, Middlesex County, VA. He died in 1878.

Eliza Chandler Gayle left poems and prayers written in memory of her family.

"May their days be long and happily spent together in life, and be reunited in heaven to spend a long eternity to part no more."

"I humbly pray God to guide his little foot steps in the path of truth and duty. Heavenly father, grant that he may be as dutiful to his parents as his father has been to me, and may we meet in heaven, where there will no more farewell words be spoken - is the prayer of a loving grand mother."

"Emma, thou was mild and lovely - Gentle as the summer's breeze - Pleasant as the air of evening - As it floats among the trees - Mother"

"Gone, gone loved one - Gone from our home - God hath recalled thee - In thy youthful bloom - Mother"

"Dearest William, thou hast left me - And thy loss I deeply feel - But its God that hath [benefit] me - He can all my sorrows heal - Wife"

V. WILLIAM (11/16/1861 - ??) m. Beulah O. Major Gayle on 3/8/1889 and had two sons, VI. Major Dalby Gayle (11/26/1893 - ??) and VI. William Gayle (10/10/1891 - ??)
V. EMMA LEE (1/29/1865 - 1/3/1880) died at age 15 and was remembered in a poem written by her mother.
V. LIZZIE MITCHELL (8/25/1866 - ??) m. James O. Harrington or Yarrington on 6/22/1892.
V. JOHN MATTHEW (3/9/1868 - 4/8/1879)
V. MARY LOUISA (5/14/1870 - 3/15/1871)
V. JAMES EDWARD (10/10/1871 - 1/3/1880)
V. BERNARD ASHBY (2/20/1873 - 8/5/1873)
V. SILAS ASHBY (6/6/1874 - ??)
V. MARY IDA (8/28/1875 - ??) m. William L. Griffin on 12/26/1894

IV. JOHN ZELOTUS GAYLE (1840 - 1888) was born on 1/10/1840 to Matthew and Ann Elizabeth Fitchett Gayle. On 1/18/1866 John, described as a sailor and a resident of Middlesex County, married VIRGINIA "JENNY" FRANCES BROWN (6/25/1848 - 9/21/1927, Groomsville), daughter of Augustine and Louisa Minor Brown, in a ceremony performed by Rev. W. G. Hammond on 1/18/1866 at Groomsville, the Miller plantation on North River in Gloucester County. The couple went to live in Urbanna and had two daughters.

John Z. Gayle was a private in the Virginia Infantry, Company B., 55th Regiment, later Fleets Company, Virginia Infantry, CSA. He enlisted on 5/24/1861 at Urbanna along with his brother, William A. Gayle. The muster roll for that company during March and April of 1862 is the only one that shows him present. He was absent due to illness on 3/9 to 3/31/1862 and present on 4/30/1862. His company was disbanded during that year and John Z. became a private in Captain Woolfolk's Company, VA Light Artillery, CSA. He was present on the muster roll of that company for January and February of 1865. On 10/4/1862 John was reassigned to the Ashland Artillery, Headquarters, and Army of Northern Virginia. On 7/2/1863 John was wounded at Gettysburg and taken as a prisoner of war at Cashtown, PA on 7/5/63 and then sent to General Hospital at Chester, PA. He was later sent to Point Lookout, MD, where he remained for nine months. He was exchanged and then paroled at Appomattox Courthouse on 4/9/65. In 1870 he was 30 years old and was living in Saluda, Middlesex County, VA.

John died 7/14/1888 at Urbanna, when his youngest child, India, was just two months old. Following his death, Virginia Frances Brown Gayle moved with her five children back to
Groomsville where she died on 9/21/1927. She was buried in Singleton's Methodist Church Cemetery, Ware Neck.

The following was transcribed from a letter to Virginia written by J. A. Bristow of Stormont, Virginia, dated 11/11/1899.
John Z. Gayle was wounded at Gettysburg July 2, 1863, was shot twice the same day. The first wound so disabled him that he could not walk. He attempted to crawl off the field when a fuse plug out of a bomb shell entered his side and lodged under his backbone; he was considered mortally wounded; fell in the enemies' hands and was a prisoner for 9 months at Port Lookout, MD. This was a terrible wound and greatly shortened his days. Calvin Bristow, L.O. Major, F. A. Bristow and Silas Chandler can testify to the correctness of the above. John Z. Gayle was master of the Urbanna Lodge #83, A.F. & A.M. He died July 14, 1888, and at his request was buried on his own land in Urbanna. In recent years his remains were moved to Shackelford's Chapel, Plainview, and King & Queen County.
V. MARTHA LEE "MATTIE" (8/16/1870, Urbanna, VA - 1929) married on 12/1/1891 to the Rev. Emmett Francis Garner of Isle of Wight County, a minister of the Virginia Conference. At her death she was buried at Singleton's M. E. Church, Gloucester, VA, in the Garner lot. Her obiturary noted two sisters, Mrs. H. S. Bland of King and Queen County, and Mrs. F. B. Dutton of Ware Neck. It also listed two brothers, W. S. Gayle of Ohio and E. B. Gayle of Pennsylvania.
V. WILLIAM SHEPARD (1880 - 1965) settled in Ohio.
V. EDGAR BOHANNON (1885 - 1970) settled in Pennsylvania.
V. INDIA GARNER (1888 - 1982) married Frank Bland Dutton. Their home on the Piankatank River was known as
Elm Bank.

III. JOHN ZELOTES GAYLE (ABT. 1810 - 1878) was born about 1810 in Mathews County to Joshua and Ann "Nancy" Brown Gayle. He appeared on the Census for Mathews County in 1830 and on 10/17/1835 he married ELIZA ANN WHITE (1812, Mathews - 5/21/1866, Ware Neck), daughter of Robert White (11/22/1771 - ??) and a Miss Hunley. Eliza's siblings included Robert J. White who married Joyce Minter, Mary White who married Joseph Hobday, Anne White who married John Green and Sallie White who married Daniel Ransome.

By 1846 Zelotes and Eliza had moved their family, including his mother Nancy Brown Gayle and sister Eliza, to Ware Neck in Gloucester County where Zelotes purchased 120 acres of land on the Ware River from Mary E. Bentley, widow of James Bentley. Their son, James H. Bentley, married Zelotus' oldest daughter, Harriett. In 1850 Zelotus' property was valued at $950.00. Zelotes was a slave owner and records show that he hired a female cook and owned an older male slave. During the Civil War both John Z. Gayle and William A. Gayle were listed on the roll of Captain Woolfolk's Company G, Huger's Artillery Battalion, lst Army Corps.

In 1870 Virginia passed an act providing for the head of each family to be able to hold a homestead and personal property for use by his family that was exempt from debt. Under the act Zelotes claimed that he owned a 25 acre tract of land with an estimated value of $20.00 per acre. He also two oxen, two cows, one sow and pigs, three shoats, two calves, five fattening hogs, four beds, ten chairs and one canoe valued at $228.00.

Eliza Ann White Gayle died 5/21/1866 in Ware Neck and, true to family tradition, Zelotes and his sister Eliza continued to live with their sister Lucy at Bohannon in Mathews County after her marriage to Columbus Anderton in 1873. Zelotes Gayle died on 4/8/1878.

IV. GEORGE SUTHERLAND GAYLE (1845 - 1914) was born at his family home on the Lavaca River in Jackson County on 9/13/1845 to Alexander Taliaferro and Frances Sutherland Gayle. On 9/1/1875 he married REGINA STARR DILL of Goliad, Texas (4/27/1855 - 2/3/1845), daughter of Dr. Jacob Alison and Nancy Lee Dill, and had seven children.

In 1863 George enlisted in the Confederate army as a member of Company D., Col. Buchel's Regiment, First Texas Volunteer Cavalry and fought in the battles of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. He returned to his home after the war where he was a farmer. His family was active in the Methodist Episcopal Church South in Texas and George served for over 30 years as a member of the Board of Stewards, Property Trustee, and Secretary of the Sunday school. He also served as a school trustee and as a County commissioner. The following profile was published in

George S. Gayle is descended from honored and prominent pioneer ancestors in Jackson County, Texas, and is a popular County Commissioner, stock rancher and rice farmer. His birth occurred in Jackson County, Texas, on the 13th of September, 1845. His paternal grandfather, Bartlett Gayle, was born in Virginia, where he was a prominent farmer, a large slave owner, and was connected with the aristocracy of that old commonwealth. He at one time visited Texas with the intention of making his home in the Lone Star state, but returning to his old Virginia plantation; his death soon afterward there occurred in 1845. He became the father of the following children: Alexander T., the father of George S.; Matthew; Joshua; William B.; of Cuero, Texas…a prominent physician.

George S. Gayle had been a resident of Jackson County throughout his entire life, and remained under the parental roof until 1863, when, at the age of eighteen years, he entered the Confederate service in the first Texas Cavalry under Colonel Burchel, and was attached to the army in the Trans-Mississippi department, with service in Louisiana and Texas. His first engagement was the battle of Mansfield, Louisiana, where they drove the enemy back, as they did at the battle of Pleasant Hill (Louisiana), after which they were engaged in skirmishes for several weeks, and after much marching and maneuvering returned to Texas at the time of Lee's surrender were near Corsicana, where they disbanded. Although Mr. Gayle saw much hard service during his career, undergoing the deprivation, hardships and exposure ever meted out to the soldier, he was never wounded or imprisoned and at the close of the struggle returned to Chappel Hill where his mother had temporarily located during the war, and attended school during the following three months in 1865 in addition to planting and harvesting a crop. In 1866 he returned to the homestead in Jackson County to take charge of his mother's property there, she remaining in Chappell Hill until her death in 1867, caused by yellow fever. After the father's death in 1856, Mr. Gayle, although only a lad of twelve years, became his mother's chief manager, and after her death was appointed administrator and guardian for the minor heirs until the settlement of the estate. He witnessed the terrible destruction of the cotton crop by the caterpillars. At that early age the range was free and stock plentiful, but there was no market and consequently the cattle business was not profitable. Later some parties established a market for hides and tallow, but even then large and fat beef cattle brought only seven dollars apiece and often only five. He and two other gentlemen agreed to furnish five hundred head of fine large steers at a contract price of seven dollars and a half a head in silver or ten dollars currency. Later the market improved and in 1874 he delivered a herd of fifteen dollars a head in gold, being the best sale made in this county after the War Between the States.

After the settlement of the estate was made, M. Gayle receiving the old homestead, of which he subsequently became the sole owner, and after residing thereon for a number of years traded it for land near Edna. In company with others he there owned seven thousand acres of pasture land, where he was extensively engaged in farming and stock raising, and he yet owns three thousand, nine hundred acres adjoining the town of Edna. For a number of years he was extensively engaged in the raising of cotton and corn, but in 1898 the boll weevil ruined the cotton business, and after heavy losses he abandoned the business in 1903. He has since improved a rice plant at a heavy expense, having three hundred and fifty acres devoted to the raising of that cereal, and in addition he also engaged to some extent in the cattle and horse business, handling those only of a high grade. In 1883, he moved a portion of the old homestead residence to Edna, where he remodeled and converted it into a beautiful and commodious two story structure, which is surrounded by extensive grounds of eleven acres planted with shrubbery and evergreen trees. He also had a pear orchard on his farm of twenty-five acres.

During the early years of his life Mr. Gayle was a stalwart supporter of Democratic principles, but is now a Prohibitionist. The cause of education finds in him a warm friend and earnest worker, and for a number of years he has served as school trustee, while in 1884 he was elected a Commissioner of Jackson County, in which he served for three terms, and in 1900 returned to the position, being the present incumbent. He is an earnest worker in the good road question and during his incumbency a good blade grader and scrapers have been secured and they have also erected eight iron bridges.

In Goliad, Texas, in 1875, Mr. Gayle was married to Miss. R. S. Dill, who was born in this city April 27, 1857, and is a descendent of one of the honored pioneer families of the county. She is a daughter of Dr. J. A. and Nanna (Lea) Dill, natives respectively of South Carolina and Tennessee. The father was among the very earliest physicians of Goliad, practicing in the early days when it was necessary to respond to calls from long distances, traveling on horseback over unfrequented roads or even before their establishment. His death occurred in June, _____, but his wife still survives and now makes her home in Austin. In their family there were ten children, namely: Mary L., the wife of W. M. Brown, State Comptroller and chief clerk in the land office in Austin; Regina S., who became the wife of Mr. Gayle; Julia E., who became the wife of a Mr. Kellogg, a civil engineer, and her death occurred three months after her marriage; Jane A., the wife of W. H. Caldwell, of Corpus Christi; Nannie, the wife of Captain Seiker, of Austin; Jacob A., a merchant who died in 1902; Livia; Minnie G., a successful school teacher at Austin; Elma and Sally…

Seven children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. (George S.) Gayle: Fannie L., Mrs. A. R. McDowell; Nannie E., Mrs. E. P. Simons; George S., a farmer of Jackson County; A. D. and Gena S., at home; Jennie L., attending school at Sherman, and Lea M., a student at A & M College. The family are members of the Methodist Church, in which Mr. Gayle has held offices and is now serving as steward and recording steward and trustee.
George Sutherland Gayle died of heart failure on 2/1/1914 at Edna, Texas. His obituary was published in the Galveston News by S. M. Lesesne of the Galveston News Editorial Staff on 2/2/1914 and in the Edna Weekly Herald on the same date. A funeral was held the following Monday conducted by Rev. L. M. Darby and E. M. Monroe. George died February 1, 1914 at Edna, Texas.

V. FRANCES L. (8/31/1876 - 2/17/1950) married 11/4/1896 to A. R. McDowell.
V. NANNIE ELIZABETH (9/26/1877 - 3/6/1929) married Edwin Percy Simons on 11/25/1896.
V. GEORGE SUTHERLAND, JR. (2/7/1879 - 1/1972, Houston, Harris Co., Texas) married Pearl Provine on 1/4/1904.
V. ALLISON DILL (10/25/1880 - 5/17/1964) married Ida Virginia Crenshaw on 11/25/1907.
V. REGINA STARR (8/31/1884 - ??) married Milam Travis Simons II on 9/18/1907.
V. JENNIE LESESNE (7/14/1886 - 8/1973, Texas) married Hugh Lewis White, Jr. on 1/24/1925 in Texas.
V. LEA MAXWELL (1/7/1888 - 3/1967, in Houston, Harris Co., Texas) married Esther Johnson on 8/23/1915.

IV. BARTLETT BUCKNER GAYLE (1856 - 1933), son of Alexander Taliaferro and Frances Agnes Sutherland Gayle, was born 7/30/1856 in Jackson County, Texas. On 2/28/1878 Bartlett married EUDORA STARR BANKHEAD (2/1/1859 - 11/21/1908), daughter of Zacariah and Rosanna White Bankhead of San Antonio, Texas, and had ten children before his death on 2/19/1933 in Edna, Texas.

V. BARTLETT BUCKNER II (2/14/1879 - ??) married 11/22/1918 to Artie Amelia Pryor.
V. FRANKLIN ALEXANDER (8/12/1880 - 1/6/1948) married 11/29/1906 to Essie B. Leather.
V. ZACHARIAH (9/14/1882 - 3/19/1931) married Alberta Bonnot.
V. MARY ELIZABETH (8/31/1885 - ??) married 12/25/1910 to Francis Joseph Krause.
V. SARAH ROSE (11/16/1887 - ??) married Frank Ben Wafford.
V. BEULAH ROGERS: (5/28/1890 - ??) married 8/10/1910 to Fred Green.
V. WILLIAM GEORGE: (10/16/1892 - 1910) married 8/31/1910 to Willie Rogers of Edna, Texas, daughter of Frank and Mary Rogers.
V. SAMUEL LESESNE: (2/3/1895 - ??) married Anna Lucas (8/25/1900 - 2/1983, Corpus Christi, Texas).
V. SHELTON STARR: (7/3/1896 - 5/11/1903)
V. FRANCES AGNES (5/4/1898 - 12/14/1992, Victoria, Texas) unmarried.

III. WILLIAM B. GAYLE (ABT. 1817 - AFT. 1880) was born to Bartlett and Martha "Patsy" Buckner Gayle around 1817 in Mathews County, VA. William followed his brother to Texas by 1853 and after several trips back to Virginia settled in Texana, Texas. He married three times, first on 9/3/1858 in Jackson, Texas, to (1) MARY A. LINGLE, who was 20 twenty years younger. They had four children.

According to the 1860 census William was a successful farmer with personal worth of $25,000 and real estate valued at $10,000. After the Civil War these figures declined to $10,000 and $3,000 respectively. After Mary Gayle died, probably in childbirth, William married (2) MRS. SARAH ANN COLEMAN on 1/4/1869. Sarah, who was 13 years younger than William, died by 1880. By then William was crippled and his sons, Matthew and William, helped to run the farm with assistance from six black farm workers who lived with the family. Jackson County, Texas, marriage records show that William married (3) JANE JURLEY on 12/6/1888. On the 1900 census William B. Gayle, born in 1817, appears in DeWitt County, Texas, with a son, William B. Jr. born in 1861, and a wife named Jane, born in Ireland. True to William's tradition, Jane was 19 years his junior. Florence Gayle, age 23, possibly the daughter of William's brother, Charles Gayle, was also in the household. The date of William's death is unknown

IV. CHARLES M. (Abt. 1857 - ??) named after his father's brother.
IV. WILLIAM B., JR. (Abt. 1861 - ??)
IV. MATTHEW (Abt. 1863 - ??) named after his father's brother
IV. M.E. (Abt. 1867 - ??), a daughter possibly named "Mary," after her mother.

III. MATTHEW GAYLE (1820 - AFTER 1886), son of Bartlett and Martha "Patsy" Buckner Gayle, was born in Mathews County in 1821. Before 1845 Matthew married his first cousin, JANE BEASLEY, daughter of his aunt, Susannah Buckner and Ephraim Beasley. They had seven children.

A successful farmer, Matthew owned land on the East River consisting of 40 improved and 100 unimproved acres. The family was listed on the 1850 census as Matthew, age 29; Jane, age 27; Martha S., age 7; George A., age 4; and Virginia, age 2. The value of his real estate was listed between $1,000.00 and $1,200.00 and his farm produced corn, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, wool, butter, and hay. He had 4 horses, 6 cows, 4 oxen, 9 cattle, 10 sheep, and 60 swine. His livestock was valued at $400.00, farm implements at $60.00, garden products at $15.00, slaughter of livestock at $200.00, and products of "home manufacture" at $6.00. According to the 1860 census, he owned 20 UN-NAMED SLAVES. His real estate was worth $15,000 and personal worth, $19,500.

In 1854 Matthew Gayle sold 20 acres of land bordered by William Bohannon and G. H. Moughon to John Bohannon, Jr. On 10/2/1868 a Deed of Trust was signed by Mathew and Jane B. Gayle, who were indebted to Henry W. Tabb, the estate of William Bohannon, J. B. Brinkley and others. The property was described as 70 acres on East River adjacent to Robert Kidd, J. B. Thurston, George H. Moughan and 18 acres adjacent Houlder Hudgins, the estate of John H. Dunlevy, John A. Burke, and Wm. J. Hunley. Trustees were Daniel H. Foster and John J. Burke. On 5/8/1872 G. W. Bohannon surveyed 144 acres of land belonging to Matthew Gayle described as being on East River running "to a stob opposite Dunlevy's road."

Matthew was living on 3/10/1884 when his son, Willie E. Gayle, was mentioned in court records and in 1886 he was the informant on Willie's death certificate. The year of Matthew's own death is unknown.

IV. MARTHA G. (1/27/1845 - 9/8/1913, Foster, VA) never married and on the 1880 census she was living at home at age 35. When she died in 1913 the informant on her death certificate was A. V. Miller, no relationship was mentioned.
IV. GEORGIANA (1847/52 - 6/29/1882, Mathews)
IV. GEORGE A. (1846 per census - ??)
IV. VIRGINIUS (2/21/1848 - 2/22/1913, Holdenville, OK.) settled in Oklahoma and married on 7/27/1876 to Lucy Proctor (1857 - 1935). They had a daughter, Mary Buckner Gayle (1882 - 1958, Holdenville, OK)
IV. CHARLES (Abt. 1851 - ??) was a farmer and in 1880 was still living at home at age 28.
IV. LUCY H. (Abt. 1856 - 7/16/1910) married Oscar G. Miller/Millier in 1842. She is buried in Trinity Church Cemetery off Route 14. Her tombstone inscription reads: Millier, Lucy H. Died Jul 16, 1910 - Aged 54 yrs. - Beloved daughter of Matthew and Jane B. Gayle - She died trusting in the Lord.
IV. WILLIAM A. (1860 - 1/29/1888, age 24) "Willie" suffered most of his life from rheumatism. In 1884 he was the plaintiff in a court case against Robert B. Gayle, Sheriff of Mathews County and Commission Administrator of Jane B. Gayle, deceased, Martha S. Gayle, Virginius Gayle, Charles M. S. Gayle, Oscar Miller and Lucy H., his wife, and defendants.

IV. VIRGINIUS GAYLE (1848 - 1913) was born on 2/21/1848 to Matthew and Jane Beasley Gayle. As his uncles before him, he headed west, eventually settling in Oklahoma. Prior to that he married LUCY PROCTOR (8/6/1857, Decatur, Wise County, Texas - 10/31/1935) in Texas on 7/27/1876 and had six children. Virginius Gayle died in Oklahoma on 2/22/1913 and Lucy Proctor Gayle died on 10/31/1935 in Holdenville, Oklahoma and is buried in Madill, Oklahoma.

V. MARY BUCKNER (11/7/1882, Bridgeport, Texas - 6/10/1958, Holdenville, Oklahoma) married Henry Adolphus Archers in Madill, Oklahoma, on 10/22/1902. She applied for and was accepted into membership of the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1950 through Mathias Gayle, her great-grandfather. It is not known if she had children.
V. QUINCY (?? - ??)
V. JAMES (?? - ??)
V. EDWIN W. (?? - ??) possibly married Jessie Moore ca. 1915 - 1919.
V. BARTLETT (?? - ??)
V. CARL (?? - ??)
III. JOSHUA GAYLE II (1822 - 1876) OF EDGEWATER was born to Bartlett and Martha Buckner Gayle in January of 1822 in Mathews County. He was named after his paternal uncle, the father of his cousin Zelotus who died before he was born. On 3/23/1848 Joshua married SARAH ELIZABETH HENRY "LIZZIE" BILLUPS (3/28/1824 - 12/13/1896), oldest daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Smith Billups, who was raised at Green Mansion, once the property of Hunley Gayle. Her youngest brother, Thomas George Billups, became a physician and raised ten children there. Joshua and Lizzie Gayle had four children.

Joshua and Lizzie acquired the home known as
Edgewater, built in 1830 by Robert Billups, son of Christopher and Sarah Scarborough Williams Billups, and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sands and Elizabeth Armistead Smith. Billups had purchased approximately 287 acres on the North River next to the Green Mansion tract from Robert Armistead and built his home there. It was here that Joshua and Lizzie raised their children.

The 2 ½ story farmhouse with a center chimney is at the end of a long dirt road that crosses a small stream off the North River. The abandoned house sits in an open field surrounded by farm sheds and other small buildings as part of the J. J. Diggs Farm. Windows are broken and flanked by deteriorating shutters on both floors, as well as in the attic, and paint has peeled from the clapboards. A porch once ran the entire length of the land front but at some point a room was added. The house burned in the 1920s but according to descendant Gayle Weiss it was rebuilt exactly as it was.
In May of 1843 Joshua Gayle was the assignee of William Diggs in a case of debt versus Thomas James, John P. Minter and Edmund P. Benson. By 1850 he was a successful farmer with extensive land holdings. 1850 Tax lists show him as the owner of property on North River in Chapel Neck, six miles southwest of the courthouse, valued at $4500.00. This included his home tract, "Edgewater", on North River. From 1861 to 1868 he is shown with 377 acres (277 improved acres, 100 unimproved) in the same location. He also owned 93 ¼ acres at Gwynn's Ridge, six miles northwest of the courthouse. Joshua's father, Bartlett Gayle, died in 1845 and in July of 1848 Joshua was sued by Richard Foster as Bartlett's administrator.

Joshua appeared on the 1850 Slave Schedule with 13 MALE SLAVES (aged 40, 35, 35, 15, 14, 12, 10, 10, 6, 6, 3, 1, and 1) and 7 FEMALE SLAVES (aged 78, 36, 30, 25, 12, 9, and 9), some of whom may have been inherited from his father. In 1852 he wrote a letter to his brother Alexander, who had left Mathews to settle in Texas. In it he stated that he had been "fired out" and that his barns containing all his corn, wheat and farm utensils had been torched. The perpetrator was a slave named Caesar who 'by his own confession' was hired to commit the crime by a storekeeper. Joshua was asking his brother's advice in this time of misfortune and near bankruptcy. (Correspondence, courtesy of Gayle B. Weiss) In 1858, Joshua was appointed school commissioner and seems to have recovered financially. The 1860 census of Mathews lists Joshua as 36 years of age. In his household were Sarah E., 34; Martha L, 11; Robert B., 6; Sarah E., 4; William J., 2; and Sarah El Billups, 14.
In that year, his real estate holdings, including
Edgewater, were valued at $14,000.00. His personal worth was valued at $20,000.00, including 22 slaves, 13 males and 9 females. His agricultural holdings included 388 acres (300 improved, 88 unimproved); farm implements valued at $400); livestock including 6 horses, 5 mules, 5 cows, 5 oxen, 13 cattle, 14 sheep, 57 swine, valued at - $1150; and produce including wheat, corn, oats, peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, orchard, butter, hay and slaughtered meat.

Joshua's family suffered during the Civil War and in June of 1863 it was reported that the gunboat,
Crusader, having sailed up the East River, put men ashore who burned eight houses, refusing to let the inhabitants save anything from the fire. Among others, houses on the West side of East River belonged to Joshua Gale, Mrs. Lucy (Hudgins) Gale (widow), Robert White and Bartlett White. After the war, when slaves were freed, Joshua's personal worth dropped to $1200.00 according to the 1870 census.

Joshua Gayle died at
Edgewater on 7/10/1876 at age 52 and was buried there. Lizzie outlived him by 20 years and died on 12/13/1896 in Norfolk, Virginia. She was also buried at Edgewater. Her son, Robert Billups Gayle, was the informant on her death certificate and inherited the family home where several members of the Gayle, Summers and White families are buried. There are no visible stones.

SLAVES OWNED BY JOSHUA GAYLE (Coursesy of Rose M. Carey-Pierce) included the THE FAMILY OF HENRY & MOLLY JACKSON of Mobjack. According to family lore, they lived next to the Jones family and "were possibly African American and Caucasian/ Native American...but listed as African American due to the laws of Virginia at that time." (Carey-Pierce) They appear on the Mathews County Census on 8/16/1870 as Black citizens Henry Jackson, age 68, Wife Molly Jackson, age 45, and children: Andrew Jackson, age 30, Alick Jackson, age 25, Henrietta Jackson, age 23, Mary Jackson, age 21, Nancy Jackson, age 19, Harriet Jackson, age 17, Lucy Jackson, age 15, Billy Jackson, age 13, Emma Jackson, age 11, Charles Jackson, age 9, and one Richard Ramsom, age 67.

Ms. Carey-Pierce also noted another of Henry and Molly's daughters, also named Nancy, who died in November of 1875; Alex (Alick on 1870 Census) Jackson, colored, age 23, single, mariner, Mathews, VA, son of Henry & Molly Jackson, married Mary Hurn, colored, age 21, single, Mathews, VA, daughter of Warner Hurn. The marriage took place on 12/29/1866 at the residence of Joshua Gayle. Additionally, Lucy Frances Jackson, colored, age 18, single, Mathews, VA, daughter of Henry & Molly Jackson, married Miles Cary Alman, colored, age 27, single, oysterman, Gloucester, VA, son of Miles & Courtney A. Alman. The marriage took place on 4/2/1874 at Joshua Gayle's. Finally, Ms. Carey-Pierce noted Infant Jackson, colored, age 6 days, son of Andrew and Henrietta Jackson (1870 Census, above), who died of unknown causes on 12/10/1865. The death was reported by Joshua Gayle, former owner.

In 1868 Joshua Gale reported the births of two slave children as the "former owner". On 5/4/1868 a daughter was born to NANCY JACKSON, father unknown, and on 7/5/1868 a daughter was born to ANDREW and HENRIETTA JACKSON.

[Ms. Carey-Pierce's descent: I. Henry & Molly Jackson, II. Andrew Jackson, III. Andrew Jackson Jr. & Henrietta Jackson, IV. William Jackson & Sarah Jones Jackson, V. Lelia Frances Jackson (married Cry?), VI. Roy Lee Cary, VII. Roy Lee Cary II, VIII. Annie Virginia Carey- Flores, IX. Rose M. Carey-Pierce. Citations: United States Census Mathews County , 8/16/1870, M593, 1662, 168; Goodsell, Jane B.,
Mathews County Death Register 1853-1896, 2001; Markie, Carolyn Winn, Marriages in Mathews County, Virginia: 1861-1900, 2006]

IV. MARTHA LILLIAN GAYLE (12/21/1848 - 1/20/1873) was referred to in school records as Lillian, but her father called her "Patty", probably after his mother who had died when he was young. She married on 10/25/1866 to William R. Summers, son of Ezra and Ann Summers, age 22, a Norfolk merchant. Their son was William Summers (9/30/1867, Norfolk - 6/16/1874) who died in Mathews County at the age of 6 from "brain fever." Both Martha Lillian and her son Willaim were buried at
IV. ROBERT BILLUPS GAYLE (12/6/1853, Mathews County - 1906, Edgewater, Mathews County) married on 1/21/1875 to "Lucy" Lee Diggs (1854 - 10/8/1923), daughter of William and Joice Ann Brooks Diggs.
IV. SARAH ELIZABETH "BETTY WISE" GAYLE (11/30/1855 - 7/31/1931) was born and raised at
Edgewater. On 10/28/1875 she married James Bennet "Bennie" White (8/1851 - 5/1910), age 19. They lived at Bloomsdale (also known as Valhalla), originally part of the Edgewater tract and located on Godsey's Creek off North River Road. The house sits on land formerly owned by members of the Gayle, White and Miller families. Bennie White acquired the 40+ acres of land comprising Bloomsdale from Betty's father, Joshua Gayle, in 1875 and built the house, enclosed in the present structure. It remained in the White family until the death of "Baby" White, youngest daughter of Bennie and Betty Wise, who had lived there all her life. Sarah Elizabeth was buried at Edgewater.
IV. WILLIAM JOSHUA GAYLE (1858 - 8/1860) buried at Edgewater.
Charles Mortimer Smith Gayle & Sarah Elizabeth Rucker Gayle
III. CHARLES MORTIMER SMITH GAYLE (1825 - 1909) was born on 10/24/1825 in Mathews County to Bartlett and Martha Buckner Gayle. On 10/19/1852 Charles married (1) ELIZABETH MARTHA SUTHERLAND (3/28/1828, Alabama - 1/18/1883, Texas), daughter of George Quinn Sutherland (1/8/1788, Pittsylvania Co., Va. - ??) and Frances Menefee Sutherland (9/19/1789, Tenn. - ??), and sister to Alexander's wife, Frances A. Sutherland. Elizabeth was a member of the M. E. Church in Texas from about 1830 to 1839. No children were born to the marriage and after several years Elizabeth divorced Charles and took back her maiden name.

Charles attended Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and was listed on the 1850 census of Jackson County, Texas, as a physician, age 24, living in the household of his brother Alexander Gayle. On the 1860 census he appeared as an MD in Texana, Texas, with Elizabeth listed as his wife. His personal worth was $98,000.00, the value of his real estate was $19,900.00. He owned 19 UN-NAMED SLAVES. In a letter to his brother Alexander in 1836, Charles asked whether he should sell his slaves in New Orleans or Galveston. (1860 Census, Texana, Texas) In 1862 Charles was Assistant Surgeon in the 4th Regiment of the Texas Cavalry and also served as Surgeon in Col. Wilks Grandbury's Brigade, 24th Texas Cavalry. On 7/27/1869 he married (2) SARAH ELIZABETH RUCKER (3/16/1844-45, Gallitin, Tenn. - 9/4/1936-37) at Cragfont in Dayton, Alabama, the home of her grandparents General James Winchester and his wife Susan Black Winchester. Her parents were Edmund Rucker, MD and Louisa Winchester.

BASED ON CIRCUMSTANTIAL EVIDENCE linking George's family with that of the Brownleys, Bassetts and Baileys, it is the theory of this writer that this George Gayle was one of the four brothers. He was also probably the father of George Gayle Jr. by an unknown wife. On 4/15/1807 George Gayle was chosen guardian with George Brounley/Brownley of William Bassett, orphan of Richard Bassett, deceased. Bond was set at $1,000. [MATHEW GAYLE (Living 1852) sold land to Richard Bassett described as being adjacent to Fox Hall. (Mathews Co. LB1/170, plat #291) On 7/3/1852 Mathew Gayle sues W. W. Daingerfield, Wm. Dinah, Wm. K. Davis, Wm. Diggs, Albert Diggs, John Bassett, Osborn B. Pratt, Wm. G. Foster, M. B. Seawell and W. G. Lane.]

I. GEORGE GAYLE (1755 - AFT. 1776) was born to unknown parents in 1755 at Kingston Parish, Gloucester County. An entry in the family Bible of the Reverend Peter Smith Gayle, son of George's brother, Thomas, states that George served with his brothers, Robert, Thomas and Matthias, during the Revolutionary War.

On 8/28/1795 Richard James, an apprenticed lad with nearly three years to serve, ran away from George Gayle of Mathews County. (
American Gazette and Norfolk, Portsmouth Public Advisor) Also in 1795 there are about 20 separate charges to George Gayle for issuing subpoenas, making copies and other paper work in connection with suing one of the Buckners. In 1799 George Gayle was associated in records with Holder Hudgins, William Lucas, Matthias James, Charles Tomkins, Gibbons and Tuffts. On 1/14/1799, George Gayle appears with Francis Jarvis and Catherine James, Executrix, on the estate of Elizabeth James, dec'd. On 1/12/1807 George Gayle Sr. appeared with Dorothy Carter, executrix of James Carter, deceased; John L. Hudgins; William Kinningham (sic) and Beri Hodges who were bound to Thomas Smith; Armistead Smith; Henry Fleet and Hugh G. Billups in the sum of $20,000.00. Also in 1807 George sued one Richard Mitchell.

II. GEORGE JR. (1789 - ??) received 25 acres of land in 1805 when he turned 16, placing his birth date at 1789. In 1804-05 George Gayle, "son of George," appears for the first time on the tax list for Mathews with 150 acres. On 12/14/1807 George Gayle, Jr., Mathew Bailey and Francis Armistead were appointed guardians of Elizabeth Gilbert, orphan of James Gilbert, dec'd. Bond: $2,000. (Guardian Bonds, Book B, 1806 - 1822) In 1810 George Gayle Jr. appears on the census with two males under 10, one male over 45, one female between 16 and 26, and one female between 26 and 45. In 1812 he owned 37 acres of land on Stutts Creek, four miles northeast of the courthouse, and appears on the census in 1830.
Probable Brothers of Kingston Parish
Joshua Gayle, Sr. (Bef. 1765 - ??) ~ John Gayle (Est. 1750s - 1811-12) ~ Philip Hunley Gayle (1757 - 1833)
In addition to Robert, Thomas, Matthias and George Gayle, Kingston Parish records suggest other brothers, namely JOSHUA GAYLE, SR (Living 1774), JOHN GAYLE (Est. 1750s - 1811-12), HUNLEY GAYLE (1757 - 1833) whose names appear in a number of documents associated with the original four. Evidence of a relationship between John Gayle and the original four brothers surfaced in 1799 when John sold 200 acres of land to Thomas Gayle of Charlotte County. In addition, two of John's children, William H. and Frances Gayle LeGrand, went to Rutherford County, Tennesse, as did three of Thomas Gayle's children. John had a son named John T. and so did Thomas and his son, Robert. The elder Robert Gayle's widow, Paulina James White Gayle, was buried not far from John's land in York County at Zion United Methodist Church in Seaford, VA. In the cases of Hunley and Joshua, both of them appear in other documents with members of the same families.

Incidentally, the earliest of the Gayles with the name Joshua was JOSHUA GAYLE (Living 1752) who was mentioned in 1752 when John Gayle, John Miller and Anthony Degge Jr. appraised the estate of Humphrey Hundley, whose property bordered JOSHUA GAYLE'S ESTATE. Is it possible that the names Joshua and Josiah were interchangeable and that the father of the four brothers was Joshua/Josiah Gayle?

1752: JOSHUA GAYLE, mentioned above.
1769: JOSHUA GAYLE appeared on the Gloucester County slave list from 1769 to 1774.
1774-75: JOSHUA appears with MATT [ [Matthias/Matthew], who was listed as head of a household with 2 white males and 13 slaves.
1782 JOSHUA & HUNLEY GAYLE were assigned 84 acres and 259+ acres of land on the North River in Chapel Neck, six miles southwest of the courthouse. The tract was described as a majority portion of 287 acres known as
1782 - 1783: Matthew Gayle appears with 12 whites and four slaves.
1783: JOSHUA GAYLE SR. (Living 1783) appears on Tax List B of the Gloucester County Census.
1783: Joshua and Matt appear with three white males and 12 slaves.
Joshua and Matt Gayle were charged with the tax for Jousua (sic) who was listed with 14 SLAVES [six blacks over 16, eight blacks under 16], two horses and ten head of cattle. They were visited on 4/21/1787 with neighbors Ransone Bridges, Richard Callis, Gedeon Dyer, Forsyth & Morison, Anthony Gautier, John Gayle, Sr., Humphrey Hunley, Jessey Hurst, William Jarrett, John Jarvis, Francis Jennell, and Philip Edwds. Jones, George Lewis, Anthony Mentor, John Morris, Hunley Peede, Wiliam Purcell, William Sadler, William Tompkins and Samuel Williams.
1784: Joshua and Matt are listed as two white males with 11 slaves.
1785: Joshua and Matt, 13 slaves
1786: Joshua and Matt, 10 slaves
1787: Joshua and Matt: 14 slaves, 84 acres. 1787 they were listed on Tax List B in Gloucester County with 14 slaves, six over 16 and eight under 16.
1788-95: Joshua and Matt own 84 acres. [Slaves owned: 1791/8 --1792/6 -- 1793/10 --1794/1 -- 1795/1
1794: Matthias died
1794: Joshua appeared as one white male in a household.
1796-97: Joshua appears alone with 84 acres and 11 slaves.
1798: Appears with 6 slaves
1799: Appears with 12 slaves
1800: Appears with 2 whites over 16, 13 slaves.
1800 - 1801: Joshua Gayle, 2 white males, 84 acres
1802 - 1803: Joshua Gayle, 3 white males, 84 acres
1804 - 1806: Joshua Gayle, 2 white males
1807: Joshua Gayle, 1 white male
1808: No entry
1809 - 1810: Joshua Gale, 2 white males
In 1810 Joshua Gayle Sr. is listed again with 26 UN-NAMED SLAVES.
Also in 1810 Joshua Gayle is shown with 251 acres of land and both Joshua Gayle Sr. and Joshua Gayle Jr. paid tax in Mathews County. Joshua Sr. was listed at over age 45 with 26 slaves. He appears through 1816 as the owner of 251 acres on North River at Black Water, 6 miles southwest of the courthouse.

In 1793 Joshua wrote to George Washington requesting to purchase Washington's land on the North River.

Honorable Sir Virginia, Dec. 8, 1793

Your (Excellency) has a Tract of Land laying in Gloucester County on North River. I have heard you have a mind to sell it. If so be pleased to let me no (sic) your current price in cash or credit and the Terms of Credit as I would wish to purchase if the terms can be made Agreeable. The land is at present in a bad...(unreadable)…all in Wildderness (sic) which point I will...(unreadable)…John Page being Acquainted with the same.

I Am Sir
Your Sincere & Mos. Obe. Hble. Sev.t
Joshua Gayle


Mr. Joshua Gale (sic) Philad.a Feby. 13, 1794

I received your Letter of the 8th of December a few days ago only.

My current price for the Land I hold on the North River in Gloucester County, in Virginia, is one thousand pounds, of (unreadable) Dollars and five shillings - about this sum the land actually (unreadable) me in at this moment & I shall advance the price in proportion, at least, to the interest of the above sum, at any time hereafter.

If credit is required, it may be obtained for two, three, or four years - paying interest on the purchase money.

I am Sir, (?)
Geo. Washington

("Letter Book," George Washington Papers, Library of Congress, 1741 - 1799; Series 4, General Correspondence. Images 272-273 & 638-639)

There is no evidence that Joshua Gayle actually purchased Washington's land; however, 56 years later the 1850 tax list showed a later generation Joshua Gayle as the owner of 259 6/10 acres on the North River, six miles southwest of the courthouse. This tract was a majority portion of 287 acres known as
Edgewater, purchased by Robert and Elizabeth Smith Billups in the early 1800's from Robert Armistead.

John Gayle (Est. 1750s - 1811-12) of Gloucester & York Counties, VA
I. JOHN GAYLE (Est. 1750s - 1811-12) was born in Kingston Parish about 1750, a date estimated by his daughter Molly's birth. His sisters were MARY (1759 - ??), ANN (1762 - ??), SUSANNAH (1764 - ??), ELIZABETH (1766 - ??), SARAH (1767 - ??), MARGARET (1770 - ??), JOANNA (1772 - ??), and LUCY (1775 - ??). Evidence suggests that he may have been a brother to Robert, Thomas, Matthias, George, Hunley and Joshua Gayle. And considering he may have been one of seven brothers and eight sisters, his father probably married more than once.

On 5/23/1780 John appeared in York County when the petition of John Fox requested that a ferry be established on Gayle's land across York River "formerly belonging to John Tabb." Signatures on the petition included Buckner, Hunley, Houlder Hudgins, George Gayle, Joshua Gayle, John Gayle, Robert Gayle, Gabriel Hughes, and John Davis.

Although reared in the Church of England, John Gayle converted to the Baptist faith and was baptized into Kingston Baptist Church about 1783 by the Reverend David Tinsley. The Baptist religion in Gloucester County was established in part by Iverson Lewis (1741, King and Queen Co. - ??) Lewis, influenced by the teachings of John Waller, began preaching in Essex, King and Queen, Middlesex and lower Gloucester counties as well as in the Tidewater area in about 1771. In 1775 he led a group in establishing Mathews Baptist Church, formerly Kingston Baptist, where John Gayle was ordained as minister in 1786. John appeared on Tax List B of the 1787 Census for Gloucester County as John Gayle, Sr. [indicating there was a John Jr.] with one white male between the ages of 16 and 21, four black males over 16, six black males under 16, two horses, eight head of cattle and one unnamed male tithe. John Gayle, Sr. was charged with the tax and was visited by the census taker on April 21st with neighbors Ransone Bridges, Richard Callis, Gedeon Dyer, Forsyth & Morison, Anthony Gautier, Jousua (sic) Gayle, Matt Gayle, Humphrey Hunley, Jessey Hurst, William Jarrett, John Jarvis, Francis Jennell, and Philip Edwds. Jones, George Lewis, Anthony Mentor, John Morris, Hunley Peede, William Purcell, William Sadler, William Tompkins and Samuel Williams. Based on related names it appears this reference was to this John Gayle.
I. John (Est. 1750s - 1811-12) & (1) Unknown, (2) 1794 Elizabeth Curtis Howard, (3) Ann/Nancy (Unknown)
II. From M/1: Molly (1775 - ??) m. Christopher, s/o Joseph & Mary E. Morgan Gayle
II. John T. (1777 - by 1816) m. Harriet Hudgins
III. Edward S. (Bet. 1802 - 1815-1883) m. Mary C. Smith
IV. Indiana (1844 - ??)
IV. William (1846 - ??)
III. John Tabb (1805 - ??) m. Lucy A. Hudgins
II. George (1781 - by 1814)
II. Thomas (1786 - ??) m. Hetty Benston
III. Harriet Elizabeth (1829 - ??)
III. William (?? - ??) appeared on the 1840 tax list as William, "son of Thomas."
III. John (ca. 1824 - ??) m. Harriet Elizabeth Hudgins.
IV. Harriet Matilda (1843 - 1914) m. John Henry Jarvis (1844 - 1892), son of Francis P. & Joanna Hudgins Jarvis
IV. William H. Gayle (1845 - ??) m. 1871 Henrietta Singleton, daughter of FP and JA Jarvis
V. Lucy L. (1874, Mathews -1927, Mathews)
V. Mary (1876 - ??)
V. Willie (1878 - ??)
V. Robert (1880 - ??)
V. Lee W. (?? - After 1911)
IV. John W. Gayle (1847-48 - ??) m. 1872 (1) Ann E. Miller, d/o of Robert & Mary Peed Miller, and (2)1891 Margaret White, d/o William & Elizabeth White
V. Un-named stillborn female
V. Mary E. (1874 - ??)
V. Joseph Franklin (1879 - ??) inherited John's land.
V. Charles Randolph (1880 - 1972) married Lucy Virginia Smith (1884 - 1965) born at
VI. Mary Virginia (?? - ??)
VI. Clara Randolph (?? - ??) VI. Charles Alvin (?? - ??)
VI. Kathryn Columbia (?? - ??)
VI. Florence Lorraine (?? - ??)
VI. John William (?? - ??)
VI. Herbert Reginald (?? - ??) m. Mary Virginia Guerke
VII. Robert Charles Gayle (1947 - ??) owned Gayle's Furniture, Mathews
II. From M/2: William Henry (ca. 1800 - 1872) m. (1) Sarah A. Harris, (2) Demaris France
III. From (M/1) James Alexander (1827 - ??) m. Margaret Rogers
IV. William Henry II (1846 - ??) m. Johnnie Elizabeth Smelser
IV. Thomas (ca. 1848 - ??)
IV. Margaret (1849 - ??)
IV. James Robert (1853 - ??) m. (1) Martha Jane Daniel, m. (2) Mahalie Angeline Mordah
V. (From M/1) William Edward
V. Jessie Mae
V. Effie Maye
V. Lula Myrtle
V. (From M/2): Lee
V. George Franklin (1893, Alabama - ??)
VI. Charles W. (1920, Alabama - ??)
VII. Paul David (1948, Alabama - ??)
IV. Sarah Claranda (1856 - 1938) m. James W. Wilhelm
IV. Jessie (1859 - died young) twin of Mary
IV. Mary "Molly" (1859 - ??) twin of Jessie; m. (1) Wilson Hackworth, (2) John Hood.
IV. Eula Alexander (1864 - 1945) m. Charles Broadway
III. From (M/2) Mary Ann (1834 - ??)
III. Elizabeth (1836 - ??)
III. Frances A. (ca. 1839 - ??)
III. Leroy (ca. 1843 - ??)
III. William Martin (1840 - 1918) m. Mary Jane Wright
IV. Minnie (?? - ??)
IV. Betty (?? - ??)
IV. Linnie (?? - ??)
IV. Henry (?? - ??)
IV. James Robert (?? - ??)
III. Henry Larkin (1846 - ??) m. Lizzie Jane McCain
IV. Edward (?? - ??)
IV. William Clinton (?? - ??)
IV. Lizzie (?? - ??)
II. Frances Ann (ca. 1803 - ??) m. William Todd LeGrand
II. Eliza B. (ca. 1802 - ??) m. Frank J. Allen
II. Benjamin S. (ca. 1801 - ??) m. Sarah Daniel of Norfolk County.
I. Mary (1759 - ??)
I. Ann (1762 - ??)
I. Susannah (1764 - ??)
I. Elizabeth (1766 - ??)
I. Sarah (1767 - ??)
I. Margaret (1770 - ??)
I. Joanna (1772 - ??)
I. Lucy (1775 - ??)
In 1792, John appeared on the tax rolls in York County. He married (1) - (UNKNOWN) and (2) ELIZABETH CURTIS HOWARD (9/9/1748 - 1799) on 12/12/1794. Bond was given by John Wright. Elizabeth was the daughter of Edmond and Mary Curtis (9/16/1718 - ??) of Charles Parish. The York County marriage license bonds note the marriage of Robert Howard and Elizabeth Curtis, spinster, on 10/15/1772. Security was provided by Edmund Chisman.

In 1795, "Revd John Gayle" was listed on the Personal Property Tax records as the owner of land in the Robert Howard estate. John served as pastor of Grafton Church in 1796 following the death of its first pastor, John Wright. In 1800 he was appointed with William Nelson, Robert Shield, Edward C. Howard and Hawkins Reid, all of York County, as members of the Republican Party Committee of Correspondence in Virginia to elect Thomas Jefferson to the presidency. On 1/23/1800 the Republican Party Committee of Correspondence named John Gayle and Henley (sic) Gayle of York County and Caleb Fisher and John Elliott of Northampton County as "friends of Thomas Jefferson." [Henley was most likely Hunley Gayle.]

Elizabeth Curtis Howard Gayle died in 1799 and John married (3) ANN or NANCY (UNKNOWN) - (?? - 2/1812) and had children. His plantation was on Chisman's Creek in the Fish Neck area of York County at present day Grafton, VA. His property, containing a mill pond that descended to his children, was bounded by that of Thomas Chisman. [A tract called
Ship's Point, part of the Chisman grant, was purchased in the 1840s by Thomas Hudgins of Mathews.]

On 2/20/1804, John filed a petition to erect a water grist mill on a stream leading down to the head of the creek. And on 6/18/1804, he petitioned again to alter the public road leading from the stage road through his own land into Fish Neck. It was ordered that Robert Tompkins, Robert Tabb, Kemp Charles and John Presson, or any three of them, view the road and the proposed alteration and report back to the court. On 7/16/1804 the alterations were accepted. On 8/20/1805 John Gayle was appointed surveyor of the roads in precinct #14 replacing Thomas Chisman, who was discharged from that office. He served as an itinerant minister at Grafton Church in York County from 1796 to 1811 and from 1796 to 1804 at Hampton Church in Hampton City, traveling between the two churches.

Evidence of John's connection to Robert, Thomas, George, and Matthias Gayle of Kingston Parish appeared on 3/14/1798 when he bought 200 acres in Charlotte County from Richard Gayle Brown of Mathews County, son of Robert and Ann Gayle Brown. The deed described the tract as being on the waters of "Horse Pen Creek" near the land of Osborne's and Hatchett's and was witnessed by Elias Pugh, Thomas Hall and Miles Gayle. It was recorded in Mathews by John Patterson and re-recorded in Charlotte in 1808 and 1810. John sold the 200 acre tract on 2/22/1799 for $500 to Thomas Gayle, one of the brothers. Charlotte County Deed Book 11 shows the indenture dated 5/13/1808 between John and Thomas. Witnesses were Reps Osborne, John Gayle, Joseph Gregory Sr. and Jones Osborne. Adjoining property owners were Chaffin, Dupree and Roberts. Additional evidence lies in the fact that two of John's children, William H. and Frances Gayle LeGrand, went to Rutherford County, Tennessee, as did three of Thomas Gayle's children. John had a son named John T. and so did Thomas and his son, Robert.

(Charlotte County Deed Book 11/107)

This Indenture … & entered into this 13th day of May 1808, between John Gayle of York County, of the one part, & Thomas Gayle of Charlotte County of the other part witnesseth that the said John Gayle for and in consideration of the just & full sum of five hundred dollars, current money of Virginia to him in hand paid, by the said Thomas Gayle the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged did on the 22 day of February 1799 bargain sell & grant full possession unto the said Thomas Gayle & his heirs forever of and to one certain tract part or parcel of land lying & being in Charlotte County, on the …. Of the …..containing by late survey two hundred acres, being the same more or less. The lines and boundaries running as follows.
Beginning at a corner ash in Chaffin, thence … poles to a corner white oak in Dupree, thence ….poles to a corner white oak in Dupree, thence … poles to a corner pine in Roberts, thence … poles to a … corner, & thence a … line to the beginning. To have & to hold the same with all and singularly the appurtenances & appendages thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining unto him the said Thomas Gayle & his heirs … forever, and the said John Gayle doth engage for himself his heirs … To warrant and forever defend the said land & premises, from all & every claim or claims of himself or under him or them ore either of them or any other person or persons, In witness whereof the said John Gayle hath hereunto set his hand & seal in the day & year first above written.
John Gayle
Signed seal & delivered in presents of us
Ress Osborne, John Gayle, Joseph Gregory, …Jones Osborne.

At a Court held for Charlotte County the (6) day of June, 1808
This Indenture was proved in Court by the oath of Ress Osborne, John Gayle & Jones Osborne to be the act & deed of the said John Gayle & ordered to be recorded.
John was named in numerous court proceedings and in 1799 he was charged for issuing subpoenas for Christopher Gayle and John T. Gayle as witnesses in a case against Vaughan. On 5/21/1804 he was paid 53 cents for attending court one day as a witness for William Moss against William Garron, administrator of James Toomer, deceased. On 8/21/1804 he was paid $1.00 for two days in court as a witness for William Moss against the administrator of James Toomer, deceased. His son-in-law, Christopher Gayle, was also paid in this case. On 3/18/1805 John recovered damages against Lawrence Gibbons and was ordered to pay his son-in-law, Christopher Gayle, for attending court two days, for traveling 25 miles (from Mathews County) and returning, and for his ferriages at York Town. On 2/16/1807 a deed of bargain and sale from John Gayle and Ann his wife, to Wiliby (sic) Jordan was acknowledged and ordered to be recorded. On 8/18/1807 it was ordered that John be paid $1.06 for attending court two days as a witness for Henry Buchanan, William Morris, and Clayton Patrick in the suit of Thomas Chisman. In 1810 John appeared on York County census and on 1/1/1811 he obtained an attachment against the estate of his tenant James Labee for $10.00, the equivalent of a year's rent of his plantation. The defendant was summoned but did not appear so the court ordered the sale of one bed, bedstead and other property. On 8/19/1811 John was awarded damages against one John James Ward.


IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN I JOHN GAYLE of the county of York and parish of Charles being of sound mind and disposing memory (for which I thank God) and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly Estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with, do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form following to wit:
…..I lend unto my loving wife Ann the part of my plantation whereon I now live the boundaries as follows, beginning on the Creek adjoining the lands of James Moss thence the line of James Moss to the lands of John P. Armistead thence adjoining the lands of John Presson to a corner intersecting a line to be Run North and South to a large Pine standing on the main Road near the old gate leading to the mill thence the first branch down to the Creek also one third part of the benefit of my water mill for and during her natural life and at her death I give the said land as before described to my son Benjamin S. Gayle when he arrives to the age of twenty one years. If my son Benjamin S. Gayle should die under the age of twenty one years or without issue lawfully begotten then my will and desire is that the said land do go to my son William H. Gayle. Should both of them die before they arrive to the age of twenty one years or without issue lawfully begotten then and in that case my desire is that the land and other property given them shall be equally divided between my two daughters Eliza and Frances for their equal benefit for and during their natural lives and at their death equally to be divided among their children should they leave any to them and their heirs forever.
…..I give unto my two sons Thomas Gayle and George Gayle (as a compensation for money that may be owing them on account of my Guardianship) the balance of my lands and water mill it being a sufficient legacy in value over and above what I owe them if they will Receive it as such to them and their heirs forever. But if they should insist on a settlement of my Guardianship account according to law and the money due paid to them then and in that case the land and water mill before mentioned shall go to my four younger children namely William, Benjamin, Eliza, and Frances to be held by them in the same manner as the other property before mentioned.
…..I lend unto my daughter Molly Gayle the negroes that I bought of her husband Christopher Gayle namely Chainey (?) and Salle together with all their increase likewise a negro boy named Joe during her life and at her death I give the aforesaid negroes to be equally divided between all the children of the said Molly to them and their heirs forever.
…..I give unto my son John T. Gayle a Negro man named Frank to him and his heirs forever.
…..I give unto my two daughters Eliza and Frances one bed and furniture to each.
…..I lend unto my loving wife Ann all the balance of my estate for and during her life allowing my executors hereafter to be named the privilege of hiring out such of my negroes as they may deem necessary for the education and maintenance of my four younger children namely William, Benjamin, Eliza, and Frances and at her death I give all the negroes that came by her VIZ Betty, Sam, Rose, Mary, Phil, Ned, and Nelson with all their future increase to be equally divided between by aforesaid children William, Benjamin, Eliza, and Frances and the Remainder of the property so lent my wife, (except the land) to be equally divided between William H. Gayle, Eliza B. Gayle, and Frances Gayle, the parts allotted to my two daughters as their proportion to be lent for and during their natural life and at their death to be equally divided among their children Should they leave any to them and their heirs forever. And lastly, I appoint my son John T. Gayle, my friends Caleb Fisher and William Garrow, executors to this my last will and Testament Revoking all and every other will or wills heretofore by me made. IN WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 24th day June, 1811.

[Signed, Sealed, Published and declared as and for JOHN GAYLE (Seal) the last will and Testament of the above named John Gayle in presence of US…the words "widowhood" in the seventeenth line and words "and at her death" in the eighteenth line was erased before executed] James Moss, Peter Manson, Richard Hellanson.
Wynne Family Cemetery, Yorktown (Photo, Gayle Mandell, 2010)
Following John Gayle's death on 8/17/1812 his widow, Ann/Nancy Gayle, and his friend Caleb Fisher appeared in court and refused their executorships. On the motion of Richard Garrett it was ordered that William Garrow, the other executor named, be summoned to appear at the next court to qualify or refuse. Garrow appeared on 9/21/1812 and also refused so the court ordered that Sheriff Robert Shield administer the estate. No mention was made of son John T. Gayle as executor. Personal property tax on the "John Gayle Est." was paid by Ann Gayle and Thomas Gayle between 1812 and 1815.

Records from Grafton Baptist Church in York County mention delegates during the early 1800s as John Gayle, Matthew Wood, James and William Kirby, Thomas Patrick and "Elder" Caleb Fisher, a native of Northampton County. Fisher witnessed the will of one Berry Floyd in Northampton County, ca. 1794-95 and Elizabeth Hogg Ironmonger references monies paid to Caleb Fisher from the estate of Susanna Hogg, widow of Charles Hogg. There is also a notation that $5.00 was paid to PAULINA GAYLE as a midwife fee and a reference to "Mrs. Gayle" purchasing lard and sugar from the estate of Wm. Hogg, deceased. [These references clearly suggest a relationship between John and Paulina James White Gayle, widow of Robert Gayle, who is buried in the cemetery at Zion United Methodist Church in Seaford.

From 1814 to 1815 a number of court records were found relating to John's estate. On 8/15/1814 there was an indenture of bargain and sale from Thomas and Hetty Gayle, John T. and Harriett Gayle, and Christopher and Mary Gayle to Kemp Charles. The transaction was proved and recorded on 9/19/1814 by the oaths of Kemp Charles, Jr., Samuel Shield and Clayton Patrick. On 2/20/1815 Thomas and Hetty sold part of the property to Edward Wright. On 3/21/1815 Ann Gayle filed a petition against Thomas Gayle and the case was continued until the next quarterly session of the court. On 4/17/1815 it was ordered that administrator Robert Shield was to pay several claims against the estate and provide an accounting to the court. As John's widow Ann Gayle was to receive any remaining funds to provide for herself and her children. On 6/20/1815 Ann Gayle was awarded damages in the amount of $80.00 plus court costs against Thomas Gayle and on 10/16/1816 Thomas and Hetty sold property to Thomas Hansford, Jr.

II. JOHN T. GAYLE (1777 - CA. 1816) was born in 1777 to John Gayle and his wife Elizabeth. Around 1804 John married HARRIETT HUDGINS and had two sons, John Tabb and Edward S. Gayle. John and his family appeared in census records, guardian bonds, and land and tax records in Gloucester, Mathews, and York Counties. On 5/19/1806 John Gayle, Jr. "of John Gayle and Elizabeth, his wife" was named as the plaintiff and awarded a judgement in a suit against William Garrow, administrator of James Toomer deceased. According to the guardian bonds on 9/8/1806 John T. Gayle, Peter Foster, and Robert Ransome were chosen guardians of Robert, Ann, and Henry Gwyn, orphans of Robert Gwyn, deceased. On 10/12/1807 John J. (sic) Gayle and Thomas Read were named as guardians of Nancy Atkinson, orphan of John C. Atkinson, deceased. In 1810 John T. Gayle appears on the Gloucester County census with a total of 27 residents in his household including two white males under 10, two white males between 26 and 45, three white females under 10, two white females between 16 and 26, and 18 UN-NAMED SLAVES. On 10/11/1813 John T. Gayle, Samuel White and Daniel Ransome were chosen guardians of Ann White, orphan of Edward White, deceased.

On 7/11/1814 John T. and Harriett his wife of Mathews County, Thomas Gayle and Hetty his wife of York County and Christopher Gayle and Mary his wife of Gloucester County sold 20 acres of land in York County to Kemp Charles, Jr. for $100.00. The property was described as a tract in Charles Parish, York County, containing 20 acres bounded by Thomas Chisman, Kemp Charles, Thomas Manson and Willoughby Jordan, and by the stream of water leading into the mill pond owned by the orphans of John Gayle, deceased, "which stream is to be considered as the line being the same piece of land on which Mrs. Speed at present resides and part of a larger tract which belonged to the estate of the late John Gayle and which they are entitled to under his will." Witnesses were Samuel Shield, Clayton Patrick, Kemp Charles, and Thos. Ransons. (York Co. DB 8/291) John is shown with 201 1/2 acres of land in Mathews County in 1804 and 1805. In 1808 he is listed with 191 1/2 acres and sometime prior to his death he sold 200 acres to Philip Tabb.

Based on his age and other evidence, it appears that this John T. Gayle served in the 61st Regiment, also called Gayle's, Virginia Militia during the War of 1812 as a private. He was part of Captain Frederick Weedon's troop of Cavalry attached to the 61st Regiment and appeared on Muster Rolls beginning February 14th, 1814, to March 1st, 1815. He died around 1816 and his estate was taxed the following year. Hunley Gayle and William Fitchett were appointed on 7/8/1816 as guardians of Edward Gayle, orphan of John T. Gayle, deceased.

On 7/13/1824, Harriett was named as administratrix. with John Adams and Thomas Hudgin, of h eestate of William Hudgin, deceased. She was still living in Mathews in 1830 and was listed there as a slave owner.

III. JOHN TABB (1800 - ??) was a minor when his father died. On 6/10/1816 William Hudgin (sic) and Joel Thomas were chosen guardians of John T. Gayle, orphan of John T. Gayle, deceased. John Tabb Gayle married Lucy A. Hudgins.
III. EDWARD S (Betw. 1802-1815 - 1883) married Mary C. Smith, sister of Harriet E. Smith Hudgins. Hunley Gayle was chosen as guardian to Edward S. Gayle.

III. JOHN TABB GAYLE, JR. (1800 - 1855) was born on 12/17/1800 to John T. and Harriett Hudgins Gayle. John and his brother Edward were still underage when their father died and on 6/10/1816 William Hudgin and Joel Thomas were chosen as John's guardians. On 7/8/1816 Hunley Gayle and William Fitchett were chosen as guardians for Edward. John married LUCY A. HUDGINS, daughter of Robert Hudgins and Susanna Buckner Hudgins, herself the daughter of William and Elizabeth Smith Buckner. Lucy Hudgins' guardians were William Hudgins and Joel Thomas.
John T. and Lucy Hudgins Gayle made their home at Pond Point, near the house called Whitehaven on Pine Haven Road at the tip of White's Neck off Route 617. Whitehaven was purchased in the early 1830s by Bartlett White from Harriett Miller Hudgins. Pond Point, located across the creek from the village of Mobjack, was later owned by William Henry Harrison "Billie" White and his wife, Elva Gayle White.

Pond Point, photo courtesy of Gayle B. Weiss
John T. Gayle must have had financial problems since in April of 1849 Jasper C. Hughes, Jefferson W. Stubbs and A. W. Robins, late merchants and partners trading under the name and style of Hughes, Stubbs and Co., sued John T. Gayle for $52.50 with interest at 6% from 1/1/1847 until the date of payment, plus court costs. The debt was executed by levying on three horses and one buggy. In October of 1849 the same plaintiffs sued John T. Gayle and Robert Keys for $143.88. In 1850 John owned 73 acres on North River, eight miles west of the courthouse. He appeared on the 1850 census with children Harriet (7), Josephine (5), Eley/Elvie (3), Virginia (2) and Octavia (11 months). His spouse was listed as Mary (age 32), but the name Lucy appeared on the 1860 census as the wife of John.

John Tabb Gayle died in September of 1855 at age 55, of "Billious dysentery", according to his death notice. In 1856 John T. Gayle was listed on the Mathews County Tax List and in October of 1857 Robert Billups and Christopher L. Billups, late merchants and partners in the firm of Robert Billups and Son, sued Matthew Gayle, administrator of John T. Gayle. [The identity of this Matthew Gayle is unknown.] Lucy must have moved to Norfolk County following John's death where she appeared on the 1860 census as Lucy Gayle (44), Harriett (17 - School Teacher); Josephine (15), Elva (12), Virginia (10); Emeline (8). Also on the 1860 census in Norfolk County were Robert Buckner (36), Mary Buckner (33), Mary A. Buckner (6), John F. Buckner (7/12), Harriet Hudgin (61), and Louis P. Hudgin (31). Lucy was buried in the Robert K. Hudgins family plot in Portsmouth, Virginia.

On 9/26/1884 the heirs of John T. Gayle, deceased, sold 51 acres of John's land in Mathews for $300.00. Listed were F. P. Starritt and wife Hettie, W. H. White and wife Elvie, Josephine Gayle and Edward M. Owens, and Emma D., wife to George D. Iverson of the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The property was bounded on the north by land of M. M. Atherton and the Ashberry family, on the west by Church Branch and Piankatank Road and the land of H. D. Ashberry, on the east by lands of Charles J. Ranslend and on the south by the main county road leading to Mathews Court House.

IV. HARRIETT "Hettie" (4/23/1843, Mathews- 11/17/1913, Mathews) married F. P. Starritt. She was described on her death certificate as a widowed "housewife". Cause of death was listed as "chronic gastritis and information was submitted by her sister, Josephine Gayle of Mobjack.
IV. EMMIE (1851 - 1927) appears to have married twice to (1) George D. Iverson of Baltimore and (2) Edward M. Owens.
IV. ELVIE (1847 - 1924) married William H. White who owned Pond Point.
IV. JOSEPHINE (1845 - 1921) unmarried.
IV. VIRGINIA (Est. 1848 - ??) was listed on the 1850 census as age 2.
IV. OCTAVIA (Est. 1849/50 - ??) listed on the 1850 census as age 11 months.

III. EDWARD S. GAYLE (Betw. 1802-09 - By 1868) was born to John T. and Harriett Gayle sometime between 1802 and 1809. Edward was a minor when his father died, and on 7/8/1816 Hunley Gayle and William Fitchett were appointed as his guardians. Mathews County records beginning in 1825 indicate connections between Edward S. Gayle, Hunley Gayle, Matthew Gayle, Dorothy Gayle and Miles Gayle. On 10/29/1825 William M. Thornton, assignee of Richard James, sued Edward S. Gayle and Matthew Gayle. It was indicated that an un-named Negro was sold to satisfy the claim. In 1827 Edward S. Gayle and Dorothy Gayle were named in an order appointing commissioners to settle a further account of Hunley Gayle's administration of Miles Gayle, deceased. A farmer and ship carpenter, Edward married MARY C. SMITH (Est. 18108 - 1883) and had two children. [Mary Smith Gayle was listed as age 25 on the 1850 census, but according to her tombstone she was born in 1808.]

In 1840 Edward S. Gayle appears on the Census for Norfolk County and on 5/5/1842 E. S. Gayle is appointed as inspector for the ports of Norfolk, Portsmouth and the Elizabeth River. On 8/4/1843 E. S. Gayle was appointed with 15 others to a committee to organize and host a visit by President Tyler to Old Point Comfort.

In 1850 Edward S. Gayle appears in Mathews County in the Account Book of Baldwin and Foster, Merchants, and also appears on the 1850 census in the household of John Ransdale as Edward (35), Mary (25), Indiana (6) and William (4). On 12/21/1850 a plat of land belonging to William H. Roy and purchased by John T. Gayle containing 114 12/100 acres adjacent Edward Gayle was surveyed and recorded in Mathews County Land Book 1. In 1851 Edward purchased 29 ½ acres bounded by marshland and the land of William H. Roy and on 2/16/1861 the same 29+ acres was surveyed. On the tax lists for 1861 and 1862 Edward appears with 30 acres on the North River in Chapel Neck, eight miles northwest of the Courthouse. His home on the North River was known as
Chapel Neck Farm and his neighbors were members of the Foster family.

The 1860 census listed Edward as a farmer, age 58. Also in his household were his wife, Mary C. Gayle, age 52; Diana M. Smith, 54 (widow of Mary's brother, Thomas C. Smith); Augusta F. Blake, age 20; and Thomas Blake, age 63. Children Indiana and William were not listed. The 1860 Mathews County census also showed Susan Bezley (sic), age 66, living with William B. Hudgins and his wife Harriet, the sister of Edward Gayle's wife Mary. Edward had died by 1868 when his estate, containing 30 acres, was listed. He was buried in the Gayle-Hudgins Cemetery on Route 620, Chapel Neck, along with his wife. The inscription on her tombstone reads as follows: "Mary C. Gayle/ wife of Edward Gayle who lies buried by her side/Died 1883/Aged 75 years." Mary's sister, Harriet E. Smith Hudgins (?? - 11/20/1892) and her husband Captain William B. Hudgins (?? - 7/20/1888) are also buried there. Mary C. Gayle left a will, dated 1/23/1882 and recorded on 11/24/1884.

A slave owner, Edward was listed in 1830 with TWO UN-NAMED MALE SLAVES, ages 18 and 80 and THREE UN-NAMED FEMALE SLAVES, ages 6, 13 and 50. In October of 1850, Edward S. and John T. Gayle were sued by Jasper C. Rowe, and an amount of $78.00 was levied on a Negro girl named MARY, the property of the defendant Edward S. Gayle. MARY was also listed in his Edward's Executor's Bond.

(Mathews Co. Will Book 1/88)

Mathews County Va. At Capt Hudgins store. To all to whom it may concern, This is my last will and testimony, being in my right mind and although I cannot speak, I make such expression by actions with my head so that all present may (or can) understand that I give all of my personal and real estate to Harriett E. Hudgins, my sister to do with as she may deem proper. Given with my consent this 23rd day of Jany 1882. Mary C. Gayle----Witness: Thomas J. Machen, Henry L. Green……Given before me Wm. Machen, J. P.
5/27/1882: This is to certify that I have attended Mrs. Mary C. Gayle during her illness for many years and that her wish was that her sister Harriet E. Hudgins should enjoy the benefit of her property during her life and dispose of it as she may see fit at her death……May 27th 1882….. S. C. White, M.D.

I. REVEREND ARMISTEAD and MARTHA TABB SMITH married on 8/27/1823 at M. E. Church, Lawrence Co., Alabama.
DOROTHY ARMISTEAD SMITH and sister of Rev. Armistead Smith. Susannah Buckner Hudgins married (2) EPHRAIM BEASLEY. Harriet's sister-in-law, LUCY HUDGINS
GAYLE, married John T. Gayle.
II. THOMAS C. SMITH (3/5/1785 - 4/13/1841) married DIANA MOORE TABB
III. HARRIETT ANN SMITH (1825, Selma, Alabama - 2/26/1893, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth) married WILLIAM H. MASSENBURG.
III. MARIA LOUISA SMITH (9/17/1823, Alabama - 2/8/1893, buried Oak Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth) married THOMAS TABB in 1848.
III. AUGUSTA THOMAS SMITH (12/5/1829 in Alabama - 12/23/1902) married MILO PENDLETON (3/5/1831 - ??) of Springfield, Mass. on 3/31/1853 and settled in Portsmouth, VA.

On 11/24/1884 a deed was made between Thomas F. Nelson and Harriet E. Hudgins and husband William Hudgins, Elva White and husband W. H. White, Emma Owens and husband Edward Owens, Harriett Starrit and husband P. Starrit, Josephine Gayle, Harriett Massenburg and husband William Massenburg, Louisa Tabb and Thomas Tabb, Augustus Pendleton and husband Milo Pendleton, the latter three females being the heirs-at-law of Mary C. Gayle, deceased. Nelson had purchased a tract of land on the east side of North River called
Chapel Neck Farm for $l350.00. Approximately ¼ acre of the 30 acre tract was reserved for the burying ground that was bounded on the north by lands of Miss Ellen D. Roy (a part of Gayle's tract), on the south and east by land of Mrs. A. McKandes/McKendree Boyd [Green Plains] and on the west by the North River.

IV. INDIANA (1844 - ??) Age 6 per the 1850 census
IV. WILLIAM (1846 - ??) Age 4 per the 1850 census.
II. THOMAS GAYLE (CA. 1786 - ??) was born ca. 1786 in Virginia to John Gayle of Gloucester and his first or second wife. On 6/24/l8l2 Thomas married HETTY BENSTON of Hampton Parish, York County. Willoughby Jordan gave bond.

In 1810 Thomas appeared in court before Thomas Griffin, Gentleman, one of the Justices of York County, in the complaint of T. Charles of the same county for a breach of the peace. At the time, Charles declared that he was no longer under any fear of violence from Gayle. Thomas served in the 68th Regiment of the Virginia Militia during the War of 1812 as part of James Hubbard's Company. He inherited the land owned by his father in York County but suffered from financial problems and sold off parts of the tract. He and Hetty were living in Norfolk County by 1815. On 10/7/1815 Thomas and Hetty Gayle of Norfolk County sold to Thomas Hansford of York County for $450.00 the undivided 150 acre tract in Charles Parish bequeathed to Thomas Gayle under the last will and testament of John Gayle, deceased.

Court records show that Thomas continued to suffer financial problems and on 11/2/1818 Sarah Hunley, wife of Wesley N. Hawkins and administrator of Robert Hunley, deceased, sued him for $135.21. On 1/13/1826 it was noted that Thomas was committed to jail and took the insolvent's oath. His property was sold and the money paid to W. H. Hawkins and Sarah Hunley Hawkins on 4/21/1827. A number of other transactions involving Thomas and Hetty appear below courtesy of Jean Gayle.

8/15/1814: Indenture of bargain and sale from Thomas and Hetty Gayle, John T. and Harriett Gayle, and Christopher and Mary Gayle to Kemp Charles.
9/19/1814: Indenture of bill and sale from Thomas and Hetty Gayle, John T. and Harriett Gayle, and Christopher and Mary Gayle to Kemp Charles.
2/20/1815: Indenture of bill and sale from Thomas and Hetty Gayle to Edward Wright.
2/21/1815: Ann Gayle, petition in Covenant against Thomas Gayle, deft, suit continued until next quarterly session, by consent of the parties.
4/17/1815: Robert Shield, Sheriff of York County, administrator of John Gayle's estate, was ordered to pay off the claims against the estate and submit a report to the court. He was also ordered to pay John's widow any balance due the estate for the benefit of her and her children.
6/20/1815: The court ordered $80.00 plus court costs paid to Ann Gayle, who sustained damages from Thomas Gayle
10/16/1815: Indenture of bill and sale, from Thomas and Hetty Gayle to Thomas Hansford, Jr.

III. JOHN (ca. 1824 - ??) married Harriet Elizabeth Hudgins.
III. WILLIAM (?? - ??) appeared on the 1840 tax list as William, "son of Thomas."

III. JOHN GAYLE (CA. 1824 - BY 1860) was born in Mathews County in 1824 to Thomas and Hetty Benson Gayle. He married HARRIET ELIZABETH HUDGINS (1822 - ??) sometime during the early 1840s, based on the births of his known children. John Gayle appears on the 1840 tax list as "John, son of Thomas"and in 1850 owned four acres, six miles south of East River. Following that year Elizabeth Gayle, age 40, was listed as a seamstress and the head of a household including Harriett M. Gayle (17), William H. Gayle (15), and John W. Gayle (13), all born in Virginia. Also in the household were Ann Gayle, age 42, and Mary Smith, age 56. The 1870 census lists Elizabeth Gayle, age 45, and her son John W. Gayle, age 22, living in the home of John H. Jarvis (26), farmer, Harriet Jarvis (27), and Clemmy (16-f).

John appears to have lived at Point Comfort since on 6/10/1890 his brother William sold seven acres there to Jacob Smith and Henry Davis for $525.00. The property was bounded on the north by John W. Gayle, on the east by John H. Jarvis, on the south by William H. Gayle and on the west by James M. Diggs, deceased. On 6/10/1892 John sold 12 acres at Point Comfort to his brother William for $635.00. This property was bounded on the north by John W. Gayle, on the east by John H. Jarvis, on the south by William H. Gayle, and on the west by James M. Diggs, deceased. On 1/3/1896 John W. and Margaret J. Gayle and William H. Gayle sold land "…on which the late John Henry Jarvis died, seized and possessed" to Harriett M. Jarvis, Clemmie L. Jarvis, John F. Jarvis, Willie L. Jarvis, and Hattie M. Jarvis. The tract was described as ten acres in Chesapeake Magisterial District adjoining Benjamin Diggs, Wm. H. Gayle, and Jacob Smith, and another six acres adjoining William H. Gayle, George T. Davis, and John F. Jarvis. [Some of the signatures were witnessed in Norfolk County, Va.]

IV. HARRIET MATILDA GAYLE (5/29/1843 - 9/14/1914, buried at St. Paul's Church Cemetery with other family members) married on 4/16/1868 to John Henry Jarvis (7/22/1844 - 9/16/1892), mariner of Mathews Co., son of Francis P. Jarvis and Joanna A. Hudgins, daughter of John and Mary Armistead Hudgins. The family appears on the 1870 census as John H. Jarvis (26), farmer; Harriet Jarvis (27), Clemy (16), John W. Gayle (22), and Elizabeth Gayle (45).
IV. WILLIAM H. GAYLE (5/30/1845 - 10/14/1927 married on 12/28/1871 to Henrietta Singleton (2/21/1846, Mathews County - 2/18/1918, Mathews County). William's death certificate gives his birth and death dates and lists his parents as John and Elizabeth Hudgins Gayle. He was buried in St. Paul's Cemetery with some of his descendants.
IV. JOHN WESLEY GAYLE (1847-8 - ??) married (1) Ann E. Miller, daughter of Robert and Mary J. Miller, on 12/26/1872; listed as age 24 and a farmer at the time of his marriage.

IV. WILLIAM H. GAYLE (1845 - 1927) was born on 5/30/1845 in Mathews County to John and Elizabeth Hudgins Gayle. William, age 16, enlisted in the 61st Militia of Mathews County on 12/3/1861. He was described as 5'6" in height, blue eyes, light hair, and a light complexion. On 3/31/1864 he enlisted again in Henrico County and was present on all rolls. On 12/28/1871 William, age 26, married HENRIETTA SINGLETON (2/21/1846, Mathews, - 2/18/1918, Mathews) and had children.

In 1873 William and members of his family are named in a chancery suit involving the property of William Turner (1785 - 1871). Heirs are Daniel J. Turner, William H. Gayle, John W. Gayle, John W. Davis and wife Sarah, Milton Hudgins and wife Sarah E., Robert Hunley and wife Mary, William Pugh and wife Susan, William Ingrams and wife Martha, Robert Morgan and wife Elizabeth, Sarah T. Thomas, Thomas D. Borum and wife Mary A., Bentell, ____ White and wife Ellen S., Jeremiah Hosier and wife Mary A., Walter Turner, Ivy (Unknown), Sarah (Unknown), William S. Turner, ____ Burroughs and wife Elizabeth, Samuel V. Turner, George L. Borum and wife Virginia C., James, Arthur and Georgianna Hudgins.

William, an oysterman, is shown with 12.20 acres in Mathews County and with 61 acres owned in partnership with John W. Gayle and John H. Jarvis. On 2/3/1874 William H. and Henrietta Gayle sold 3 ½ acres on Horn Harbor in Chesapeake Township adjoining Ralph Miller and Alexander Taliferro. In 1882 William and Henrietta were involved in a chancery suit involving land on Horn Harbor which belonged to Armistead Miller and his deceased wife, Mary. The property was to be sold and the proceeds divided between Mary's heirs. These were listed as William Hudgins, George Hudgins, Anthony Hudgins, Charles Sweatt and wife Elizabeth, Columbia Hudgins, Lucy Hudgins (by Benjamin D. Diggs), William Miller, Robert Miller, John Miller, James Miller, Wesley Gayle and wife Eliza, Joseph Diggs and wife Mary, Virginia Miller, Eliza Miller and Georgia Miller (by George S. Miller), William Oliver (or Owens) and wife Susan E., Elizabeth Miller, Otis and Malvern Diggs (by Benjamin D. Diggs), Lucy Frances Singleton, William H. Gayle and wife Henrietta, Thomas Armistead and wife Harriet, Jeremiah Hosier and wife Mary A. and George Miller. The land was divided into seven parts and distributed to seven groups of heirs. On 1/15/1883 William H. and Henrietta Gayle sold land to Alexander Johnson described as three acres adjoining Robert Singleton, John Singleton and Thomas Armistead, "being a portion of land of which Thomas Singleton died, seized and possessed." (DB7/352-355) On the same date they sold to John Singleton another three acres adjoining Ralph Miller's estate, Alexander Taliaferro, Mrs. Virginia Singleton's estate and Thomas Armistead, described as a fraction of the land of Thomas Singleton's estate.

On 7/8/1883 Henrietta Singleton Gayle died of cancer at age 37. On 6/10/1890 William sold seven acres at Point Comfort to Jacob Smith and Henry Davis for $525.00. The tract was bounded on the north by John W. Gayle, on the east by John H. Jarvis, on the south by William H. Gayle and on the west by James M. Diggs, deceased. On 6/10/1892 John W. Gayle sold 12 acres at Point Comfort to William H. Gayle, his brother, for $635.00. The land was bounded on the north by John W. Gayle, on the east by John H. Jarvis, on the south by William H. Gayle and on the west by James M. Diggs, deceased. On 1/3/1896 John W. and Margaret J. Gayle and William H. Gayle sold land "…on which the late John Henry Jarvis died, seized and possessed" to Harriett M. Jarvis, Clemmie L. Jarvis, John F. Jarvis, Willie L. Jarvis, and Hattie M. Jarvis. The tract was described as ten acres in Chesapeake Magisterial District adjoining Benjamin Diggs, Wm. H. Gayle and Jacob Smith, and another six acres adjoining William H. Gayle, George T. Davis, and John F. Jarvis.

In 1909 William was drawing a pension in Mathews County. On 4/25/1916 he was appointed by the Commissioner of Fisheries of the State of Virginia as Oyster Inspector for the 24th district for two years commencing 5/1/1916. W. H. Hudgins gave bond. On 12/29/1925 W. H. Gayle, widower; Lucy L. Gayle, unmarried; Willie V. Gayle and Mary I. Gayle, his wife; Thomas F. Gayle and Celia Gayle, his wife; Mary E. Miles and W. R. Miles, her husband, sold 4.466 acres of land to Charles E. Diggs. Boundaries were given as on the north by A. Johnson, A. Hudgins, A. Taliaferro et al; on the east by A. Taliaferro and L. Jarvis, et al; on the south by the "center of a branch;" on the west by St. Paul's Church Lot, the land of C. E. Diggs and the Main County Road.

William H. Gayle died on 10/14/1927 and was buried in St. Paul's Cemetery. His death certificate noted his parents and dates of birth and death.

V. LUCY L. (3/22/1874, Mathews - 12/2/1927, Mathews)
V. MARY (1876 - ??) Birth date according to the 1880 census, listed as age 4.
V. WILLIE (1878 - ??) Birth date according to the 1880 census, listed as age 2.
V. ROBERT (1880 - ??) Birth date according to the 1880 census, listed as 6 months old.
V. LEE W. (?? - After 1911) According to Jean Gayle, Lee was one of the sons of Wm. H. Gayle and applied for a Confederate pension in 1911 from Morgan Co., Alabama, giving his address as New Decatur, Alabama.

IV. JOHN WESLEY GAYLE (1847 - ??) was born in 1847 in Mathews County, Virginia, to John and Elizabeth Hudgins Gayle. John's first job was at Williams Wharf on 5/19/1860. He later worked as a farmer and owned property on East River. On 12/26/1872 he married ANNA ELIZA MILLER (Abt. 1849 - 10/28/1888) of Mathews County, daughter of Robert and Mary J. Peed Miller.

In 1873 John and his brother William H. Gayle were named in a chancery suit involving the property of William Turner. Also mentioned in the suit were Daniel J. Turner, John W. Davis and wife Sarah, Milton Hudgins and wife Sarah E., Robert Hunley and wife Mary, William Pugh and wife Susan, William Ingrams and wife Martha, Robert Morgan and wife Elizabeth, Sarah T. Thomas, Thomas D. Borum and wife Mary A, Bentell (sic) White and wife Ellen S., Jeremiah Hosier and wife Mary A., and other Turners, Borums and Hudgins.

John and his brother William were partners in several land transactions. In 1883 they purchased 52 acres of land from G. T. Garnett that was part of
Poplar Grove and bounded on three sides by G. T. Garnett and on one side by the County Road. On 1/3/1896 John W. and Margaret J. Gayle and William H. Gayle sold two tracts of land to Harriett M. Jarvis, Clemmie L. Jarvis, John F. Jarvis, Willie L. Jarvis and Hattie M. Jarvis for $475.00. One tract was described as 10 acres "on which the late John Henry Jarvis died, seized and possessed in Chesapeake Magisterial District…adjoining Benjamin Diggs, Wm. H. Gayle, Jacob Smith…" Another tract contained six acres adjoining William H. Gayle, George T. Davis and John F. Jarvis. (Mathews County, DB11/250; DB9/610-611)

Ann Miller Gayle died on 10/28/1888 at age 40 at her home on East River, probably following the birth of the unnamed stillborn female on 1/30/1888. On 10/29/1891 John married (2) MARGARET WHITE (1848 - ??) daughter of William and Elizabeth White. In 1902 John W. Gayle sold 22.685 acres on East River to Arthur L. Small. He also sold 12.226 acres to his son Joseph F. Gayle. [On the 1810 Mathews Census John Gale appeared with neighbors ELIZABETH WHITE, JOSIAH GAYLE, JOSHUA GAYLE, JR., ELIZABETH CRAWFORD, & GABRIEL MILLER. This was probably John Tabb Gayle.]

V. MARY E. (1/25/1874, Mathews - ??)
V. JOSEPH FRANKLIN (3/17/1879, Mathews - 1/10/1947, Mathews) married Amy C. Armistead (12/12/1881 - 2/13/1961), daughter of Josephus and Susan Jarvis Armistead. Children were John Wesley, Evelyn C., Annie E., and Linwood J. Gayle
V. CHARLES RANDOLPH (11/26/1880 - 5/13/1972) married Lucy Virginia Smith (12/15/1884 - 4/4/1965), daughter of William and Mary White Smith, on 7/26/1906. They had children.
V. UNNAMED FEMALE (Stillborn - 1/30/1888)

V. CHARLES RANDOLPH GAYLE (1880 - ??) was born on 11/26/1880 to John Wesley and his first wife, Ann Eliza Miller Gayle. His name suggests further evidence that John Gayle of Gloucester and York Counties was of the same family as the four brothers since Robert Johnson and Sarah Hunley Brownley Gayle also had a son named Charles Randolph, born in 1854. On 7/26/1906 Charles married LUCY VIRGINIA SMITH, daughter of William Silas Smith, and had seven children.

According to Bobby Gayle, grandson of Charles Randolph and Lucy Smith Gayle, Lucy was born at
Bellevue, the Smith family home built on property owned by the family since the early 1700s. Fronting on Mobjack Bay and Pepper Creek, the house is listed with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources and was one of several Smith homes that included Beachland, Centreville, or Woodstock, and Willow Grove.

VI. CLARA RANDOLPH (6/19/1909 - ??)
VI. JOHN WILLIAM (4/29/1912 - 8/6/1970)
VI. HERBERT REGINALD (8/18/1914 - ??) married Mary Virginia Guerke. Their son was Robert "Bobby" Charles Gayle (6/28/1947 - ) who owned and operated Gayle's Furniture and Appliances in Mathews.
VI. CHARLES ALVIN (1/12/1918 - 8/4/1956)
VI. KATHRYN COLUMBIA (10/4/1920 - ??)
VI. FLORENCE LORRAINE (10/16/1923 - ??)

II. WILLIAM HENRY GAYLE (1800 - 1872) was born to Reverend John Gayle and his third wife, Ann 'Nancy' Gayle, in December of 1800 in York County. The date of his birth is determined from the 1810 census. William married (1) SARAH A. HARRIS in Rutherford County, Tennessee at a ceremony performed by Peyton Smith on 12/11/1823 The couple had one son, James Alexander, before Sarah Harris Gayle's death. In 1833 William married (2) DEMARIS FRANCE (ca. 1816, Tennessee - ??), daughter of William France, in Lincoln County, Tennessee.

After the death of his father William was living in Amherst County where records show that on 1/7/1823 he was indebted to Samuel Moore of Rockbridge County. In another action Jonathan Thompson Jr., as guardian of the legatees of John Gayle, deceased, and [?] Gayle were bound to the Sheriff of Kenawah County for the benefit of Spencer Falconer vs. Rowland Sandidge, Jonathan Richeson and Richard Hartless. A 13 year old slave was offered as bond on 12/31/1822.

William left Virginia and settled in Rutherford County, Tennessee, where he obtained a license to keep an ordinary at his dwelling on 1/18/1825. He fell on hard times and on 7/17/1826 was sued by one Benjamin McCulloch and appeared in court to present an accounting of his assets. He took an oath of insolvency and was discharged from further liability. In July of 1826 William was listed as a member of the jury in the case of the State vs. Drury Hall.

In 1830 William appears on the census in Lincoln County, Tennessee. On 10/24/1831 he and John S. Price were appointed by the state legislature as Justices of the Peace for Lincoln County. By 1840 William and his family had relocated and appear on the census in Franklin County, Tennessee. William's age is listed as 50 and his occupation as a house carpenter from Virginia. Also listed in his household were Damaris (sic) age 50 from Tennessee, Mary - 16, Elizabeth - 14, Frances - 11, Leroy - 12, William - 10, and Henry - 6. William also served as a minister to the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Lincoln and Giles counties. He performed marriages in Franklin County in 1848, 1849 and 1853; in Lincoln County in 1844, 1847, 1849, 1850, 1851, 1855, 1856; and in Giles County in l856 - 57.

After 1857 William and his family lived on Estell Fork in the Paint Rock Valley of Jackson County, Alabama, until about 1872. Their neighbors were James, Elihu and Henry Burk; Joseph and Thomas Wilson; Hiram, William, Wesley, Daniel and Elijah Sisk; Francis and James Robertson; and members of the Mims, Gray, Sims and Collins families. The names of William and his son, James Alexander Gayle, were listed between 1857 and 1865 in the account book of Adam Hyder, a merchant who lived in the Valley. William was pastor at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Princeton, Jackson County, Alabama, organized in Paint Rock Valley on 1/16/1850 by D.K. Huynter. On 9/1/1856 the congregation moved from its first house of worship near the mouth of Dry Creek to the school house on William Chorn's farm on Lick Fork Creek. On 10/19/1856 the pastor was J.L. Power. William Gayle was pastor until 8/14/1858, succeeded by J.H. Erwin. According to an Act of the Jackson Presbytery, the name of the church was changed from Paint Rock to Holly Grove on 10/1/1860. William Gayle was again called to serve on 3/29/1862 and served until 10/14/1867. J. Birdine was in charge for a few months after which William was again called on 2/16/1868 and served until 3/20/1870. He performed marriages in 1865, 66, 67 and 68.

On 6/14/1860 William appears on the 1860 census in Jackson Co., Alabama, Sub-division #4, Paint Rock. Listed are William, 60, farmer from VA; Damaris, 50, VA; Frances - 20, Wm - 19; Henry - 16; Joseph (?) or James Jr. (?), 12. On 6/24/1870 the family is listed on the census in Subdivision #2, "Big Coon." In the household were William, age 70, carpenter from VA; Demearis (sic), age 54, GA (?); Henry L., age 24, TN. William Gayle died at age 72 in Jackson Co., Alabama, on 9/11/1872 The Alabama Herald wrote on 9/19/1872, "Died at his residence in Paint Rock Valley on the 11th inst., Rev. William Gayle in the 73rd year of his age." Several members of his family went to Johnson and Erath counties in Texas.

III. JAMES ALEXANDER (3/2/1827 - 1903) married Margaret Rodgers. According to research by descendant, Paul David Gayle, the line of James Alexander Gayle is as follows. James Robert (1853, Alabama - ??), George Franklin (1893, Alabama - ??) Charles W. (1920, Alabama - ??), and Paul David (1948, Alabama - ??)

III. MARY ANN (ca. 1834, Tenn. - ??) married 5/29/1855 to James M. Bates, Lincoln Co., Tenn.
III. ELIZABETH (1836 - ??) married Alvin Bates.
III. LEE W. (LEROY) (1837 - 1910) married (1) Caroline Bates and (2) Eliza Yearger. He applied for a Confederate pension in 1911 from Morgan Co., Alabama. He gave his address as "New Decatur, Alabama."
III. FRANCES A. (ca. 1839, Tenn. - ??) appeared on the 1840 census, Franklin County, Tennessee. Married William M. Campbell in Jackson County, Alabama, on 12/15/1867.
III. WILLIAM MARTIN (12/7/1840, Franklin, Tenn. - 9/27/1918, Bunyon Erath, Texas)
married Mary Jane Wright and had a daughter, Mary Elizabeth Gayle.
III. HENRY LARKIN (1844 - 1916) on 1840 census, married Lizzie McCain.

III. JAMES ALEXANDER GAYLE (1827 - 1903) was born to William Henry and Sarah Harris Gayle, probably in Tennessee, on 3/2/1827. Around 1844 he married MARGARET J. "PEGGY" ROGERS (1822 - 1894). James fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. He died during a trip to Memphis, Tennessee, on 5/1/1903 and was buried on 6/1/1903 in Woods Cove Cemetery, Scottsboro, Alabama.

IV. WILLIAM HENRY II (1846, Alabama - ??) married Johnnie Elizabeth Smelser.
IV. THOMAS (ca. 1848 - ??) buried in Woods Cove Cemetery, Scottsboro, Alabama.
IV. MARGARET (1849 - ??)
IV. JAMES ROBERT (1853, Princeton, Alabama - ??) married (1) Martha Jane Daniel on 7/25/1878, Jackson County, Alabama, and had children William Edward, Jessie Mae, Effie Maye, and Lula Myrtle. He married (2) Mahalie Angeline Mordah and had children George Franklin and Lee.
IV. SARAH "SALLY" CLARANDA (3/7/1856, Alabama - 10/17/1938, age 82) married James W. Wilhelm in Jackson County on 11/28/1878.
IV. JESSIE (1859 - ??) twin of Mary - Died young.
IV. MARY "MOLLY" (1859 - ??) twin of Jessie; married (1) Wilson Hackworth, (2) John Hood.
IV. EULA ALEXANDER (7/4/1864 - 7/24/1945) married Charles Broadway on 12/2/1890. Eula was buried in Goose Pond Cemetery, Scottsboro, Alabama.

III. WILLIAM MARTIN GAYLE (1840 - 1918) was born to William Henry Gayle on 12/7/1840 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. He married MARY JANE WRIGHT in Jackson County, Alabama on 8/31/1865. Mary was born in North Carolina on 1/21/1848 and died at age 70 on 11/24/1918 in Dublin, Erath County, Texas.

IV. MINNIE (?? - ??)
IV. BETTY (?? - ??)
IV. LINNIE (?? - ??)
IV. HENRY (?? - ??)
IV. JAMES ROBERT (?? - ??)

III. HENRY LARKIN GAYLE (1846 - ??) was born in Tennessee in 1846 to William Henry Gayle. He married LIZZIE JANE MCCAIN (11/1/1857 - ??) in 1875 in Texas and had three children. Henry Larkin fought for the Confederacy during 1864 and lost his leg at age 17.

IV. EDWARD (?? - ??)
IV. LIZZIE (?? - ??)

II. BENJAMIN S. GAYLE (Ca: 1801 - ??) was born about 1801 to John Gayle and his wife Ann, or Nancy. Benjamin was a child when his father died in 1812 and according to records dated 1824 in Amherst County his guardian was Simon Crisp. On 5/30/1849 Benjamin married SARAH DANIEL of Norfolk County. Their children, if any, are unknown.

On 10/11/1824 Benjamin and his guardian, Simon Crisp, were named in a land transfer between Jonathan N. Rose and Lucas P. Thompson. The property was described as one half of Rose Mills and tract, a saw mill, shops, out houses, and crops in Amherst and Nelson County on land rented from Sterling Claiborne. Others named were Rose and Jonathan Thompson, Jr., Thomas Landrum, William Staples, Mary Rose, Sterling Clairborn, Jonathan Crews, Sarah Franklin and Thomas Wood. Benjamin's guardian, Simon Crisp, was named again in a transaction involving the same property dated on 9/3/1825. On 8/18/1828 Benjamin S. Gayle of Amherst sold a 207+ acre tract of land on Chisman's Creek in York County to William Tabb of York County for $1086.75. It was noted that the property was surveyed by Christopher Hubbard and that the land was devised to Benjamin by his father, John Gayle. Witnesses were David Garland and Thomas Crews. Also in 1828 Benjamin purchased land in Norfolk County.
IV. HARRIETT ADELINE (6/23/1836 - 5/4/1897) married on 9/18/1855 to James H. Bentley and had seven children. Harriett was buried on the property of William And Dorothy Gayle.
IV. ROBERT FRANCIS (6/7/1837 - 8/7/1837)
IV. LOUISIANA "LOU" (8/20/1839 - 6/28/1900) unmarried and lived with her sister, Lucy.
IV. MARTHA SUSAN (12/8/1840 - 8/22/2844)
IV. MARY CROWDER GAYLE (12/5/1842, Mathews County - After 1912) married on 1/11/1881 to Silas Chandler, widower of her cousin, Ann Elizabeth Gayle, who died when Silas was 50 years old, leaving him with children. Mary, who was a teacher, went to live in Urbanna in Middlesex County where Silas was an oysterman. They had no children. Silas died in 1912 and Mary went to live with his son, Russell, and his wife, Hattie, Mary's niece.
IV. REBECCA JANE (7/31/1845 - 11/10/1848, Ware Neck, Gloucester County)
IV. LUCY ALICE (5/21/1848, Ware Neck, Gloucester County - 12/26/1917, Mathews County) married on 4/24/1873 to Christopher "Columbus" Anderton (12/28/1841 - 12/9/1914), a farmer and oysterman, son of Benjamin Anderton and Elizabeth Davis of Mathews.
They lived in Ware Neck with Lucy's father Zelotes, her aunt Eliza, and sisters Lou and Mary. They later moved to White's Neck in Mathews where Christopher died in 1914. Both Christopher and Lucy are buried in Providence Cemetery, Mathewss. According to descendent Gayle B. Weiss, after Mary's marriage to Silas Chandler in 1881 Lucy corresponded frequently with Mary

Tombstone of Christopher Columbus & Lucy Gayle Anderton,
2002, Providence Cemetery, Mathews, courtesy Gayle Weiss
Philip Hunley Gayle (1757 - 1833) of Kingston Parish
The Revolutionary War Roster, Gloucester County, Virginia, by Elizabeth Dutton Lewis, cited the private papers of Mrs. E. C. Mansfield-Jones that named John Gayle, a Colonel in the Gloucester Militia in 1775, who was married three times and had six brothers, Matthias, Levin, Robert, Lowther, PHILIP HUNLEY and William. With the exception of Levin, these were the brothers of Colonel George Gale of England who settled in Maryland. Perhaps the name Levin was substituted erroneously for George Gale. The whereabouts of these papers is unknown, however, evidence indicates a relationship between Hunley and brothers Robert, Thomas, Mathias, George, John and Joshua Gayle. In 1784 Hunley appeared on the Gloucester County census with four whites in his household and was named in an 1805 property transfer with family members including Joshua Gayle, Sr., Joshua Gayle, Jr., Nancy Gayle, Peter Foster, Jr., Richard Brown, George Brown, husband of Dorothy Gayle, and their son Joshua Gayle Brown. Consequently, Hunley may have been the brother of Robert, Thomas, Mathias, George, John and Joshua. In addition he was named as a guardian for Edward S. Gayle (Betw. 1802-15 - 1883), the son of John T. Gayle who married Harriet Hudgins and the grandson of John Gayle of York County and his wife, Elizabeth Curtis Howard Gayle.
III. Mary Ann (12/6/1824 - 6/18/1872) married on 8/6/1851 to Matthew Michael Dodd.
III. Judson Baxter (1831 - ?) married Mary J. Myers
III. Margaret Esther (1834 - ?) married 1/1/1851 to Jerome Pendleton.
III. Lucy F. (?? - ??) married Edward Kearns
III. Frances (?? - ??)
III. Levin G. (?? - ??)
II. Reverend Matthew (1802 - 4/22/1835) married Diana Augustine Parson
I. PHILIP HUNLEY GAYLE (1757 - 1833) was born on 10/2/1757 in Kingston Parish. The identities of his parents are unknown but the original Gayle grant in 1672 was along the back line of Philip Hunley so there was obviously a connection. On 7/11/1777 he married LUCY GAYLE (2/27/1758, christened 4/2/1758 - 10/8/1777), daughter of Christopher (?? - 10/8/1771) and Sarah Gayle of Kingston Parish and sister of Ann Gayle (9/30/1756, christened 10/17/1756 - ??). Lucy Gayle died in 1777 and Hunley must have married again since a son Matthew was born in 1802.

In 1782 and 1783 Hunley appeared on the Kingston Parish census with six whites in his household and in 1784 he appeared with four whites, one dwelling and three other buildings. He appeared on Tax List B of the 1787 Census for Gloucester County with two white males in his household between the ages of 16 and 21. He was listed with four white males in 1788, three in 1789, one in 1790, 1791 and 1792 and two in 1793. Five white males were listed in 1794, four in 1795 and 17966, three in 1797, two in 1798 and 1799. In 1800 he was listed with one white male, two in 1801, one in 1802, two in 1803, 3 in 1804, two in 1807, and three in 1809. In 1810 he and his wife appear on the census with one female between 16 and 26; one female between 10 and 16; and three males, one between 26 and 45; one between 16 and 26; and one under age 16. In 1820 there was one male over 45, two females over 45, one female between 26 and 45, one male between 16 and 26, and one male under age 10. Hunley's family appears on the 1830 census with a white male between th ages of 70 and 79, two white males between 20 and 29, one white female between 50 and 59, and one white female between 60 and 69. There are 38 un-named slaves listed including four males under 10, four between 10 and 23, six between 24 and 35, three between 36 and 54 and two between 55 and 99. Female slaves included four under 10, four between 10 and 23, six between 24 and 35, and three between 36 and 54.

I. Hunley (1757 - 1833) & Lucy Gayle
In 1782 Hunley and Joshua Gayle acquired 84 acres and 259+ acres of land on the North River in Chapel Neck, six miles southwest of the courthouse. [A majority portion of 287 acres known as Edgewater]. Hunley appeared on tax lists with Joshua Gayle, Matt Gayle and Thomas Hall and owned varying amounts of property in Kingston Parish between 1782 and 1833 when he died. From 1791 through 1800 he is shown owning four acres of land.

His home tract, known as
Green Mansion, was described in 1787 as being located six miles west of the Courthouse on a branch of Blackwater Creek off the North River. The original dwelling, no longer standing, was said to have been a three-story frame house with a brick English basement. Another house of the same name was built in 1903 by sea captain Gaius Billups (ca. 1835 - 1920) after purchasing the property at public auction in settlement of the Billups estate. A later owner of the property reported seeing the footprint of an earlier structure, a rectangular indentation in the lawn with remnants of two chimneys at either end. Green Mansion is listed by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources as property #57-59.

In 1801 Hunley owned 436 acres of land in Kingston Parish. From 1802 through 1808 he is shown with 440 acres and in 1809 and 1810 that figure was reduced to 436. In 1811 Hunley is shown with 430 acres, and in 1812 he owns 436 acres on Black Water Creek six miles southwest of the courthouse [the
Green Mansion property]. The same acreage is shown through 1820. On 8/20/1832 Hunley sold 100+ acres of his property to Booker Miller bounded by the main road and Jesse and Mathew Hayes.

According to Tax List B of the 1787 Gloucester County Census Hunley was visited by the census taker on April 21st with neighbors Ransone Bridges, Richard Callis, Gedeon Dyer, Forsyth & Morison, Anthony Gautier, JOHN GAYLE, SR. JOSHUA GAYLE, MATT GAYLE, Humphrey Hunley, Jessey Hurst, William Jarrett, John Jarvis, Francis Jennell, Philip Edwds. Jones, George Lewis, Anthony Mentor, John Morris, Hunley Peede, William Purcell, William Sadler, William Tompkins and Samuel Williams.

A later
Green Mansion, built on the property of Hunley Gayle, (Photo, 2002)
From 1795 until about 1835 there are several actions between Hunley and a Mr. Knight, Francis Jarvis, John D. Jarvis, and Matthew and Edward S. Gayle. On 8/11/1795 Hunley was a testator on a conveyance of bonds from Francis Jarvis to Richard Billups. On 1/14/1799 George Gayle, Francis Jarvis, and Catharine James, daughter of Richard James, Jr. and Susan Williams James, executrix of Elizabeth James, deceased, are bound to Thomas Smith, Jr., Hunley Gayle, Thomas Tabb and James Van Bibber in the sum of $1000.00 as executors of the estate of Elizabeth James. From 1/14/1799 to 2/1808 Hunley served as a Justice of the Court of Mathews. His associates included Houlder Hudgins, Thomas Tabb, William Buckner, Milton S. Glasscock, Dudley Cary, John D. Jarvis, William Lane, Mordecai Cook, Richard Billups, Andrew Van Bibber, Henry Fleet, John Peyton, Armistead Smith, James Spark, Sands Smith, William Ransome and Francis Litchfield. From 1805 to 1812 Hunley appears in a suit with Hatchett and Grant. On 7/8/1816 he was chosen guardian, along with William Fitchett, of Edward Gayle, orphan of John T. Gayle, deceased. In 1827, Hunley is owed for actions involving Dawson Cooke.

In June of 1824, an article appeared in the
New London Gazette, New London, Connecticut, noting that Hunley had been appointed as Chair at a meeting of citizens at Matthews Courthouse, on Tuesday, 5/11/1824, and James H. Roy was appointed Secretary. The purpose of the meeting was to consider proposals from the Chairman of the Fredericksburg Adams Meeting to promote the election of John Quincy Adams as President.

The following resolutions were moved and seconded:
1. Resolved, That the age, experience, acknowledged talents and genuine republican principles of John Q. Adams, give him the first claim to the office of President of the U. S.
2. Resolved, That gratitude and honor are due to General Jackson for his distinguished services.
3. Resolved, That this meeting will use all fair and honorable means to aid and assist the committee at Fredericksburg for promoting the election of John Quincy Adams, to the office of President of the U. S. and General Andrew Jackson to the office of Vice President of the U. S.

Hunley Gayle died in 1833 and was buried at Green Mansion. His son, Matthew, inherited the house and at least a portion of the property and was an executor of Hunley's estate along with Christopher Tompkins and John D. Jarvis. A property dispute arose, and in 1833 Matthew and Diana A. Gayle and their infant children were plaintiffs in a Chancery suit with Christopher Tompkins, John D. Jarvis, Elijah Barnum [Borum?] and John Spencer. Reference was made to the Matthew Gayle Estate, part of Green Mansion Land. (LB1/523, plat 674). In 1834, Hunley's executors searched for Hunley's testators bond as guardian of Edward S. Gayle and for his bond as administrator for Elizabeth Eddins/Eddens. [This entry refers to Elizabeth Eddins (sic), the wife of Robert Billups, daughter of Thomas and Susannah Williams, grandaughter of Christopher and Sarah Scarborough Williams and great-grandaughter of Samuel and Margaret Nottingham Williams. Another Elizabeth Eddens (sic) - (1767 - 7/29/1857, age 90) died at Bay View in Mathews County and was the widow of Captain Henry Digges Sr.] Also in 1834 Robert Billups purchased Green Mansion and in November William M. Brownley surveyed "…a piece of timbered land in Mathews County belonging to Robert Billups, purchased by him of Christopher Tompkins, and Jno. D. Jarvis, Ex'rs. Of Hunley Gayle dec'd. containing 100.91 acres beginning at a corner to this and the land of Dudly on the "Main Road," running thence…..with the main road to a corner to this and W. M. Roy… a line of marked trees to a corner to this and said Roy in Van Bibbers line… a stob, corner to this and Dudley's…..with a line of marked trees to the beginning place. (LB1/145) The property was near the tracts of James Roy and his son William Henry, who owned Green Plains, and Abraham Van Bibber who owned North End. No building was shown on the plat.

In 1836 Robert Billups paid tax on 321 ½ acres on the North River
and between 4/5/1867 and 5/6/1867 he sold 320 acres of land and an existing dwelling on Blackwater Creek, commonly known as Green Mansion, to his son, Thomas George Billups (1811 - 1886), grandson of Christopher and Sarah Scarborough Williams Billups. The property was adjacent to the property of Gabriel Miller on the northwest and to the Patterson property. (Mathews Co., DB 1/182) Thomas and his wife, Sally Bet Billups, raised ten children at Green Mansion.

Another North River property located on Gayle's Neck,
Eastbrooke or Eastbourne, was reported by one of the owners, Mrs. Louise Hodges Leigh, as being owned by one of the Gayles. The tract is part of a 1686 grant of 800 acres to Colonel John Armistead and Mr. John Gwin/Gwynne. It is listed by the Department of Historic Resources as Property #57-66 and is described as "beginning at a small pine 'on Eastward side of a Branch near a Chappell…in line of…old Devident of Land formerly taken up by Coll: Hugh Gwin dece'd and sold by the sd Gwin to Mr. Wm. Armstead, dece'd…running SWS to line of Mr. Wm. Elliott, Senr, along Elliotts line to line of Thomas Allamaine to land of Coll: Jno Armstead & so over Gwins Dams to the beginning." (Mason) A deed for the neighboring Vanbibber plat containing 2250 acres is described as "...beginning _ South of wild cherry_tree on _Mill dam thence East 155 poles with Hudgins line to_ gums and oak thence…with the said Hudgins line to an old marked black gum thence…to a stake with Hudgins line and corner for Sadler thence…with Sadlers line to a stake corner to Fitchetts_ thence…with an old marked line to Red Oak, corner to _ Fitchett thence…to a Gum…corner to Lane's land at a stake with Lane's line to corner stake to Gayle thence… (Mathews County DB178/367) When Eastbrooke was sold in 1965 to Mr. and Mrs. Murray Edmund Main, Jr. the 800 acre property acres bounded on the east by the Matt Gayle Land Trust, the property of W. Preston and Agnes A. Warren, and a branch of the East River; on the south by lands of W. Preston and Agnes A. Warren; and on the north and west by the property of George A. Philpotts. As of 2011 the tract, reduced to 200 acres, extends from Route 14 to East River.
Hunley was a master shipwright and said to have been the second generation of boat-builders on the East River. In 1793 he began construction of the Montezuma, completed by the early spring of 1795 and registered for the overseas trade. She was one of Virginia's top 100 largest wooden sailing ships and her owner was William Taylor, a prominent Baltimore merchant who traded actively in the West Indies, British Isles, Europe, and Asia. His vessels were generally purchased from Chesapeake Bay shipwrights and five of the largest were built by Hunley Gayle.

Montezuma sailed as a commercial vessel until she was sold in 1798 to the U. S. Navy in Baltimore. As one of the Navy's earliest commissioned and smallest frigates, she carried 20 guns and a crew of 180 men. At 102' long and almost 28' wide, she was larger than any vessel built in Mathews County up to that time. She required 16' of water, displaced almost 348 tons, and was able to carry almost twice that weight in cargo. Although built for commerce rather than for battle she was about the same size as a 24 gun English warship. Used primarily to escort merchant ships to and from the West Indies after American and French relations became hostile, she safely escorted over 100 American vessels and captured the 16 gun French brig, Les Amis. She was also used to ferry French prisoners and to carry British currency. The Montezuma carried the A-1 rating by Lloyds of London for 13 years, as compared with an average of 10 years for other vessels. She was coppered to improve sailing characteristics and lessen insurance rates and is listed in French naval records, West Indies history, and British marine records.

Late in 1799 William Taylor, her original owner, re-purchased the
Montezuma, re-fitted her, and registered her for the Baltimore-Liverpool trade on 5/23/1800 in Baltimore. She made at least five round trip voyages across the Atlantic until 1804 when she was sold to merchant Jeremiah Yellott, a former naval agent, who recruited Levin Dashields of Baltimore, an associate of the Gale's of Maryland, to command her on a voyage to the Baltic Sea. Afterwards, operating out of Liverpool, she entered the highly profitable slave trade. She was the same approximate size of typical slave ships described in Parliamentary documents in 1786 as being able to legally carry 450 slaves. Actually they carried many more. The ship made at least one legal voyage as one of 185 Liverpool ships operating as slavers from 1/1/1806 to 5/1/1807 when British vessels were prohibited from the slave trade and President Thomas Jefferson's Embargo restricted U. S. registered vessels from voyages abroad. In 1810 the Montezuma was purchased by Robert and William Patterson of Baltimore and under the command of Robert Moreton she continued to carry goods from Baltimore to the West Indies until February of 1812, when she was condemned in Guadaloupe as not seaworthy and sold for the last time.

In 1806 Hunley, in partnership with John Patterson, built vessels that sailed during the War of 1812. Patterson, originally from Caroline County, was a Midshipman in the Continental Navy and aroused the interest of George Washington. He settled in Norfolk after the Revolution and became a partner in the shipping firm of Brown and Patterson. He married his partner's daughter, a Miss Brown, and had a son, John Patterson, Jr. Following the death of his first wife Patterson came to Kingston Parish and married Elizabeth Smith Tabb (1760 - ??) of
Seaford on 12/3/1791. The couple had two daughters, Maria Booth who married Colonel Christopher Tompkins and inherited Poplar Grove, and Elizabeth Tabb, who married Thomas Robinson Yeatman, of Isleham.

Four of Hunley's ships became part of the "Gunboat Navy" during Jefferson's presidency and he is credited in Baltimore registers with at least 11 vessels between 1795 and 1826. One of these was the Globe, a sharp built [fast sailing] schooner launched in the spring of 1809 and designed to carry cargo quickly from port to port. Known commonly as a Baltimore Clipper, she was 96' long with a 70' keel and 23' beam. With a crew of 90 men she spent three years in the Baltimore/West Indies trade, averaging eight trips per year. During the War of 1812 she sailed out of Baltimore with the first fleet of American privateers that included the Nonsuch, Rossie, Wasp, Highflyer, Comet, and Dolphin. Her owners were Andrew Clopper, Levi Hollingsworth, John McKein, Jr. and Amos A. Williams. During the war the Globe out sailed and captured 14 vessels.
Another of Hunley Gayle's ships was the Orozimbo. Built in 1805 and measuring 588 tons, it was the largest vessel built by Gayle and was the flagship of William Taylor's fleet. A portrait of the vessel and a "Liverpool jug" with a color transfer of "The Orozimbo of Baltimore" is in the collection of the Mariner's Museum of Newport News. The ship was 119'' long with a 34' 'beam and a 17' draft. She was registered for the Baltimore-Liverpool trade but in 1819 entered the Liverpool-Canton trade. In 1832 she was registered in New Bedford, Massachusetts, as a whaling vessel and made at least seven whaling voyages between 1832 and 1851, some lasting for three years. She sailed the waters of the South Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Indian Ocean and was last referred to in 1862 when she sailed in the Canada-England trade.

II. MATTHEW GAYLE (1802 - 4/22/1835) married Diana Augustine Parsons (4/26/1804 - 1/1884) on 8/24/1820.

1782: 2 NEGROES
1783: 3 NEGROES OVER 16, 1UNDER 16.
1784: 2 NEGROES OVER 16
1785: 1 NEGRO OVER 16
1787: 1 NEGRO OVER 16; 2 UNDER 16
1788: 5 NEGROES OVER 16
1789: 1 NEGRO OVER 16 & 1 UNDER 16
1790: 3 NEGROES OVER 16 & 2 UNDER 16

II. MATTHEW GAYLE (1802 - 1835) was born in 1802 to Hunley Gayle and an unknown wife. Any siblings are unknown. On 8/24/1820 he married 16 year old DIANA AUGUSTINE PARSONS (5/26/1804 - 1/1/1884), born in Elizabeth City County to Roscoe and Ann King Moore Parsons of York County who were married on 11/9/1793. An amazing aspect of this marriage is Diana's descent from Sir William and Ursula Gale Mallory, herself the daughter of George Gale of Yorkshire, England, who may have been her husband's ancestor. [SEE CHAPTER 2, JAMES GALE] Matthew and Diana lived with Matthew's family at Green Mansion and had six known children. He may have been the person referred to as "Rev. Matthew Gayle" who appears in records as head of Emmaus Baptist church, disbanded during the 1840s. The Baptist religion in Gloucester County was established in part by Iverson Lewis (1741 - ??) who led a group in 1775 to establish Mathews Baptist Church, formerly Kingston Baptist, where John Gayle of Gloucester and York Counties, became preacher. In 1829 Elder Mathew Gayle led 18 members of Mathews Baptist Church who broke away to form Emmaus Church.

I. SIR WILLIAM MALLORY (?? - buried at Ripon 3/22/1603) married URSULA GALE (1529 - ), daughter of George Gale of Yorkshire.
II. THOMAS MALLORY (1567 - 4/6/1644) married Elizabeth Vaughn and had children Richard, William, George, John, Avery Everard, Francis, Jane, Katherine or Martha, Elizabeth, Mary, Philip and Thomas. The latter 2 sons came to Virginia in the 1600s. Philip had arrived by 1656 and was a minister in York County in 1660. He returned to England where his will was probated in London on 7/27/1661 leaving his plantations in Vriginia to nephew, Roger Mallory.
III. REVEREND THOMAS MALLORY (Bapt. 1605, England - buried 9/8/1671, Brindle, Lancashire) married Jane (?? - 1638) and left a will that named his second wife Frances, son John in London, sons Thomas and Roger in Virginia, and daughters Jane Stampe, Mary Forde, and Susanna Mallory.
IV. CAPTAIN ROGER MALLORY (Abt. 1630 - 1695) came to America with his brother Thomas and patented land in Virginia in 1660 in the area of New Kent County that became King William, and later King and Queen County, where he served as a Captain in the Militia.
V. WILLIAM MALLORY (Living 1680) settled in Elizabeth City ca. 1680 and married Ann Wythe, daughter of Thomas Wythe. In a land transaction dated 5/2/1693 Ann Mallory, wife of William Mallory, appointed her father-in-law, Captain Roger Mallory, as her attorney. Witnesses were Justices Edmund Swansy, Thomas Wythe, Jr., Capt. William Armistead, and Augustine Moore. In 1686 William appointed Henry King trustee for his son Francis. His will, probated on 2/15/1720, named his sons Francis and William and daughters Mary and Ann.
VI. FRANCIS MALLORY (?? - Between 1742-44) married ANN MYHILL, widow of Edward Myhill, by 1721 & served in 1738 as a Church Warden in Elizabeth City Parish. He may have married a second time to a woman named Johnson, as his only son was JOHNSON MALLORY. Francis Mallory's will, dated 1/7/1742 and proved 7/18/1744 named his granddaughter Ann, cousin Elizabeth Read, good friend CAPTAIN JOHN TABB, and son Johnson Mallory.
VII. JOHNSON MALLORY (?? - Between 1760-62), the only son of Francis and Ann Mallory, married DIANA KING and owned a plantation on Back River in Warwick, Virginia. His will, dated 5/9/1760 and proved on 5/5/1762 in Elizabeth City County, named his daughters ANN KING, Margaret and Mary, and sons Francis & Edward Mallory.
VIII. ANN KING MALLORY, daughter of Johnson & Diana King Mallory, married AUGUSTINE MOORE (?? - will dated 1793) and had a daughter, ANN KING MOORE. [In 1768 Augustine Moore purchased the Moore House in Yorktown where the Articles of Capitulation were signed following the surrender at Yorktown on 10/18/1781.]
IX. ANN KING MOORE (1774 - 1804/05) married ROSCOE PARSONS.
X. DIANA AUGUSTINE PARSONS (4/26/1804 - 1884), married MATTHEW GAYLE.

The will of Diana's uncle, Augustine Moore III (?? - by 1824), dated 1/31/1822 and proved in Elizabeth City County on 7/22/1824, stipulated that Diana give up the interest she had in her Grandfather Moore's estate. Executors were Mr. John Cary of Hampton, Screvant Jones of Bellfield, H. Howard Shield of Gloucester, and nephew-in-law Matthew Gayle and his wife Diana Gayle. Witnesses were John M. King, Banister Kerby and John Tabb. [Screvant Jones was a prominent, though eccentric, Baptist preacher, who held a number of his religious services in the old Powder Magazine in Williamsburg. He was the guardian of Nathaniel Taylor, Jr. of Yorktown who on 12/6/1837 married Mrs. Elizabeth A. Fox (his second wife). The 1850 census of York County lists Nathaniel Taylor, Postmaster, age 45; Elizabeth Taylor, age 40; Mary F. Gayle, age 26; Eleanor, age 17; Virginia H., age 12; and Robert Gayle, age 10.]

In 1827 Matthew's name appears in suits against Daniel Ransone, John L. Hudgins, George Forrest and Walter G. Hudgins. In 1833 when his father died Matthew and Diana A. Gayle and their infant children were plaintiffs in a Chancery suit with Christopher Tompkins, John D. Jarvis, John Spencer and Elijah Barnum. Both Jarvis and Tompkins were Hunley's executors and Elijah Barnum was the husband of Clarissa Billups, daughter of Christopher Billups (7/31/1763 - ??) and granddaughter of Robert and Elizabeth Eddins Billups. Her brother Robert (?? - ??) married Elizabeth Smith and their daughter, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Billups, married Joshua Gayle (1822 - 1876). According to the Tax Lists of 1832-34, Matthew owned a number of UN-NAMED SLAVES.

Matthew died only two years after his father on 4/22/1835 and Thomas Hudgins was appointed guardian to Mary Ann, Lucy, Frances, Judson and Margaret E. Gayle. No mention was made of the son Levin G. Gayle so it was possible that Diana was pregnant at the time of Matthew's death. Diana continued to live at
Green Mansion but was listed on the 1850 census in Baltimore as age 47, living with her son-in-law Edward Kearns, 29, Coppersmith of Maryland; Lucy F. Gayle Kearns, age 21, Mary A. Gayle, 23; Judson Gayle, 19, Apprentice Gunner; Margaret E. Gayle, age 16; and M. A. Moore, age 2. Diana died on 1/1/1884 of paralysis, age 79 years, 7 months, and 6 days. The informant on the Portsmouth Death Register was her son Levin G. Gayle. She was buried in Portsmouth at Oak Grove Cemetery.

III. FRANCES (?? - ??)
III. LEVIN G. (?? - ??) was the informant on his mother's death certificate on the Portsmouth Death Register.
III. MARY ANN (1827 - 6/18/1872, Halifax, Va.) was listed as age 23 on the 1850 census in the household of Diana Gayle, age 46; Judson R. (sic), age 19; Margaret H. (sic), 16; Edward Kearns, 29; Lucy Kearns, 21; and M. A. (Mary Ann) Moore, age 2.
On 8/6/1851 she married Matthew Michael Dodd, USN (11/2/1824 - 3/9/1859) in Portsmouth at a ceremony performed by Reverend Francis Devlin. Edward Kearns, her borther-in-law, provided security. Their daughter, Lucy Clarine Dodd (4/5/1857 - 2/1934), married Thomas Green Jenkins on 8/12/1874 and their daughter, Mary Dodd Jenkins (4/30/1880 - ??), married Maurice Bilisoly Langhorne on 2/3/1909. Their descendants claim kinship to the Gayles of South Carolina.
III. LUCY F. (1828 - ??) married Edward Kearns, coppersmith of Baltimore.
III. JUDSON B. (5/5/1829 - 4/7/1874) was listed as apprentice gunner, age 19, on the 1850 census. He married Mary J. Myers (8/25/1836, VA - 10/29/1907, Whitesville, NC) on 6/23/1853 and the couple had at least two sons, John Myers Gayle (?? - 7/16/1857, Portsmouth, age l yr., 4 mos) and E. E. Gayle, listed as Major E. E. Gayle in Mary Myers Gayle's obituary. The article stated that she was the widow of the late Judson B. Gale, formerly of Portsmouth. The funeral was held at the home of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Edward Kearns, 431 London Street, Portsmouth. Reverend Joseph
N. Latham, pastor of the Monumental Methodist Church, conducted the service, assisted by Reverend R. B. Garrett, pastor of the Court St. Baptist Church. Burial was in Oak Grove Cemetery and pallbearers were listed as Harry L. Allen, C.E. Adams, H. F. Butt, Jr., F. P. Nash, Edgar Nash, and A. E. Warner.
III. MARGARET ESTHER (8/23/1831, Mathews Co., Va. - 1/21/1890, Portsmouth, Va.) married on 1/1/1851 to Jerome Pendleton (7/3/1827 - 1/6/1874), son of Miletus (4/24/1799, West Springfield, Hampden, Mass. - ??) and Parma Day Pendleton. Edward Kearns provided security. [Photo below]
Jerome Pendleton's brother was Milo Pendleton (3/5/1831 - ??) of Springfield, Massachusetts who settled in Portsmouth and married Augusta Thomas Smith (12/5/1829, Alabama - 12/23/1902) on 3/31/1853, daughter of Thomas C. Smith (3/5/1785 - 4/13/1841) and Diana Moore Tabb. Thomas Smith's sisters were Mary C. Smith who married Edward S. Gayle and Harriet E. Smith who married William B. Hudgins. Margaret and Jerome had children, Judson Blair and Miletus Gayle Pendleton.

On 1/22/1890 Margaret Esther Gayle Pendleton's obituary appeared in the
Norfolk Daily Landmark: "Mrs. Jerome Pendleton, widow of the late Jerome B. Pendleton, who has been very ill from the prevailing flu for several days, was dangerously ill yesterday and her friends were apprehensive last night that she would not live through the night." Then on Jan. 23rd: "The funeral of Mrs. Margaret Pendleton, widow of the late Jerome Pendleton, of 406 Effingham St., who died Jan. 22, at 11:40 pm, will be conducted Friday afternoon at 2 pm from the Court Street Baptist Church. All friends are cordially invited to attend." Then after the funeral in Saturday's paper: "…..The funeral was largely attended yesterday afternoon at 2pm and took place at Court St. Baptist Church. Rev. George Truitt officiated. Pall bearers were: D. A. Williams, C. E. Ironmonger, James A. Crismond, J. C. New, N. E. White, C. W. Walker, Robert Gaskins, and W. B. Minter. The casket was borne by 6 colored men, friends of the family. She was burried at Portlock Cemetery in Portsmouth, VA/

(Photo courtesy of Sarah Gayle Randolph)
George Gayle (1755 - Aft. 1776) of Kingston Parish & his Descendants
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DESCENDANTS OF JOHN GAYLE (Est. 1750s - 1811-12)
II. MOLLY (ca. 1775, Va. - ??) married 7/17/1797 in Charles Parish, York County to Christopher Gayle (2/24/1771 - ??), son of Joseph Gayle and Mary Elizabeth Morgan.
II. JOHN T. (ca. 1777 - by 1816) married Harriet Hudgins (ca: 1781 - ??). Sons were Edward S. and John Tabb Gayle. [PROBABLY A CHILD BY ELIZABETH HOWARD GAYLE]
II. GEORGE (ca. 1781 - by 1814, York Co.) probably died unmarried as no record of a wife or children was found. He had died by 1814 since records in Amhurst County show that his sister, Molly Gayle, sold land in Kingston Parish in 1814 and George's death was mentioned in the deed. On 2/20/1815 George and his brother, Thomas, inherited land and Thomas stated that George was dead. (York County, DB8/307).
II. THOMAS (ca. 1786 - ??) married on 6/24/1812 in York County to Hetty Benston (ca. 1791), Willoughby Jordon was bondsman.

II. WILLIAM HENRY (ca. 1800, York County - 9/11/1872 in Jackson County, Alabama) became a minister and married (1) 12/25/1823 to Sarah A. Harris, Rutherford County, Tenn. and (2) Demaris France.
II. FRANCES ANN (ca. 1803, York County - ??) married William Todd LeGrand on 10/12/1829, Rutherford Co., Tenn. by Peyton Smith; bond by Benjamin Curry. [A George Cooper of Charles Parish m. Mildred Powell; Bond, John Gayle, Wit: Peyton Smith.]
II. ELIZA B. (ca. 1802 in York County - ??) married on 10/13/1818 to Frank J. Allen in Kentucky.
II. BENJAMIN S. (ca. 1801 in York County - ??) was born about 1801. The date of his birth was estimated from deeds in Amherst County, Va., one in 1825 mentioned Benjamin's guardian and another in 1828 recorded Benjamin's sale of property willed to him by is father. Benjamin served in the War in Mexico in 1848 and married Sarah Daniel of Norfolk County.
Tombstone of John Z. Gayle
John Gayle died sometime between 1811 and 1812. He left a will dated on 6/24/1811 naming his wife Ann, neighbors James Moss, John P. Armistead, and John Presson. He named sons Benjamin S. Gayle, William H. Gayle, John T. Gayle, daughters Eliza and Frances, sons Thomas and George, daughter Molly, and her husband Christopher Gayle, and friends William Garrow and Caleb Fisher. The will was proved on 3/16/1812 in York County by the oaths of James Moss and Peter Manson but the estate was not settled until 1823. John was buried in the vicinity of the Wynne Family Cemetery near Chisman Creek. During a visit by this writer in 2010 the cemetery was enclosed by a locked gate. A local resident reported that the remaining stones were of a later date and that he was not aware of any stone for Gayle. [Traveling south from Yorktown on Route 17 pass Denbigh Boulevard and turn left at Dare Road (SR 621). Turn left on Link Road, right on Railway Road (SR620) at its intersection with Link Road, and right on Wynne Road. The cemetery is on the right, due north toward Chisman Creek.]
Edgewater (Photos 2003, Gayle N. Mandell)

JOSHUA GAYLE BROWN was the grandson of Josiah Gayle of Gloucester and South Carolina through Josiah's daughter, DOROTHY GAYLE (ca. 1750, VA - Bef. 1822) who married secondly to GEORGE BROWN in July of 1772 in Gloucester County. Joshua's wife was Elizabeth Foster (10/4/1782 - ??), daughter of Peter Garnett and Ann Hall Foster, and the niece of Joice Hall Gale, wife of this Matthias Gayle. At one time he was sued by Matthias' son, Bartlett. On 2/8/1819: Joshua Gayle Brown, William Foster and Robert Detman were named as guardians of William H. and Harriet Foster, orphans of William Foster, dec'd.

In 1805, HUNLEY GAYLE was named in a property transfer with family members including Joshua Gayle, Sr., Joshua Gayle, Jr., Nancy Gayle, Peter Foster, Jr., Richard Brown, George Brown, husband of Dorothy Gayle, and their son Joshua Gayle Brown.

On 9/9/1806, JOSHUA GAYLE BROWN and Robert Ransome were named as guardians of one Dolphin (sic) Gayle, orphan of MATHEW GAYLE, dec'd. Since Matthias Gayle of the "Four Brothers" died in 1794, he would have been dead 12 years by the time of this guardianship. So this seems to be another Mathew Gayle.

On 7/8/1816, HUNLEY GAYLE and William Fitchett were names as guardians of EDWARD GAYLE, orphan of JOHN T. GAYLE, dec'd. and Harriet Hudgins Gayle and the grandson of JOHN GAYLE OF YORK COUNTY and his wife Elizabeth Curtis Howard Gayle.

These transactions indicate a relationship between Matthew & Josiah Gayle of South Carolina, Hunley Gayle, John Gayle of York County, and the family of the "Four Brothers."
II. BARTLETT GAYLE (1784 - 1845) was born in Gloucester County in 1784 to Matthias and Joice Hall Gayle. He married twice, both times to sisters in the Buckner family. His first wife was MARTHA "PATSY" BUCKNER (12/13/1791 - before 1830) and after her death Bartlett married her sister, DOROTHY "DOLLY" BUCKNER (1784 - 1/13/1848). Bartlett had six children by his first wife.

Martha and Dorothy Buckner were daughters of William Buckner of Kingston Parish and his wife Elizabeth Smith Buckner, daughter of Thomas and Dorothy Armistead Smith. William Buckner was a Captain in the Virginia State Navy during the Revolution. In March of 1781 he was sent by Baron von Steuben to carry dispatches from the Marquis de la Fayette to the commanding officer of what was thought to be a French ship anchored in Chesapeake Bay, and to act as Pilot on the ship to lead the fleet to Yorktown. Upon arrival he discovered the fleet to be British, was arrested and taken to England where he was kept in jail almost a year. He returned to his family on 3/7/1782.

William Buckner died intestate on 2/13/1804 and Elizabeth in 1806. Their children were named on William's 1836 pension application with the exception of a son, Thomas, who went to sea in 1800 and never returned. According to the application, William and Elizabeth Smith Buckner's children were Mary Buckner, wife of Captain Thomas Norman of Baltimore, MD; Elizabeth Buckner, wife of Francis Armistead of Kingston Parish; Susannah Buckner, wife of (1) Capt. Robert Hudgins, and (2) Ephraim Beazley; Martha Buckner, first wife of Dr. Bartlett Gale; and Dorothy Buckner, second wife of Dr. Bartlett Gale. Also named were Alexander, William, Mathew and Joshua Gale, children of Martha Buckner Gayle. Anthony Digges, Richard Ripley and John D. Jarvis made depositions on his pension application.

From the Buckner Family Bible; courtesy of Gayle B. Weiss
John Buckner, son of William Buckner, born ye Nov. l3, 1784
John Buckner departed this life November l3th, 1784.
Dorathy Buckner, daughter of William Buckner, born ye Feb. 28th_____
Dorathy Buckner married Bartlett Gayle-----------
Sussanna Buckner, daughter of William Buckner, married Robert K. Hudgins on the l4th day of Jan. 1812
After his death she married Ephrain Beazely---------
Children of Robert K. Hudgins and Sussanna Buckner Hudgins:
Robert K. Hudgins, who married on the 25th day of October 1834 Sarah J. White
Their children were:
William Edward, born April 7, 1838
Henry Clay, born Sept. 19, 1841
Robin, born May 9, 1853
Lew Kosuth, born 1850
Charles Buckner, born May 26, 1853
Elizabeth Susan, born-------, married Jan. 2l, 1869, Richard Wingfield
---------Francis, born in Portsmouth, Va. ----------
[According to The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 29, #4, the Buckner Family Bible in the Virginia state Archives listed John Patterson Buckner B. 10/24/1809]
During the War of 1812 Bartlett served with the 61st Regiment, Gayle's Virginia Militia, with other Gayle men including Elijah, John, John T., Joseph, Joshua, Leaven, Miles, Thomas, Thomas (s/o Josh), and Thomas (s/o Matt). On a deposition attached to his mother's pension application Bartlett refers to himself as Dr. Bartlett Gayle but the origin of this title is unknown. A successful farmer and land owner, in 1817 Bartlett owned 224 3/4 acres of land, four to five miles southwest of the courthouse. In the 1820s the same acreage is shown along with 69 1/2 acres from John B. Hunley. On 10/14/1822 Isaac Foster surveyed a tract of 74 2/3 acres identified as part of the dower for Doritha (sic) Gayle consisting of 224 acres running along a creek near a grave yard to North River and to the mouth of Isle of Wight Creek. The land was sold by Miles Gayle to Bartlett Gayle and Doritha did not give her right.

In 1823 Bartlett Gayle and Francis Jarvis filed a petition against Ephraim Beazley in an action relating to Robert Hudgins. Both men were married to Susan Buckner, sister of Dorothy and Patsy Buckner. Also in 1823 Bartlett Gayle and William Brownley, executors of Joshua Gayle, filed an order appointing a commission to settle Joshua's estate. Joshua Gayle Brown received a copy of the deed. On 6/25/1825 court records show Bartlett Gayle, executor of Joshua Gayle, deceased, vs. Joshua Gayle Brown and in 1834 Bartlett was charged for a copy of Joshua Gayle's will.

Sometime before 1830 Patsy Buckner Gayle died and in 1835 Bartlett was appointed guardian to Alexander, William, Matthew and Joshua. Charles and Drusilla were not mentioned. Also in 1835 William B., Matthew and Josiah/Joshua Gayle plaintiffs, ("infants by Matthew Gayle") and Alexander T. Gayle by Bartlett Gayle, defendants, were named in court records. On 9/23/1836 the following notice appeared in the
Virginia Gazette, Williamsburg. "Died at the residence of Dr. B. Gayle, in Mathews Co., on 8/24/1836, Mr. Francis Devin, a native of Sligo, Ireland and formerly of Norfolk, Va. He was a member of the Mathews Blue's."

Bartlett appeared on the Mathews County Census from 1810 to 1840 as a slave owner with 25 UN-NAMED SLAVES in 1830 and 32 in 1840. He was a member of Providence Methodist Church and appears in the following article by Dr. D.G.C. Butts. "In 1870, there were a number of Gayles at Port Haywood, Mathews County…On August 15, 1831, at a quarterly conference held at 'Point Comfort' (now St. Paul's Methodist Church) Bartlett Gayle was present." In 1842 Bartlett represented Mathews churches at Conference, "…On February 13, 1843, at 1st Quarterly Conference held at Bellamy's Methodist Church, Gloucester County, Bartlett Gayle was elected (to the Board of Stewards) from Providence Church." (Butts)

On 1/24/1843 William Marshall Brownley, Esq. surveyed 213 acres on the Mathews side of the North River sold by Dr. Bartlett Gayle and Armistead Davis to William Albert Digges (1817 - 1876), son of Captain Henry Digges, Sr. and Elizabeth Eddens.
[Mathews County Land Book 1, plat #400, shows that R. Gayle sold property to Wm. Diggs, surveyed in 1843. Associated names were Zelotes Gayle, John Peed, John Sibley, J. White, and Armistead Davis.] Bartlett Gayle died in 1845 and in 1850 his estate included 100 acres of land at Gwynn's Ridge, 6 miles northwest of the courthouse.

III. ALEXANDER T. (12/10/1815, Mathews Co., VA. - 3/28/1859) married 1843 to Frances Agnes Sutherland and migrated to Texas by 1853.
III. WILLIAM B. (1817, Mathews County - ??) migrated to Texas by 1853; married (1) Mary (Unknown), (2) Sarah (Unknown), (3) Jane Jurley.
III. MATTHEW (Abt. 1820, Mathews County - after 1886) married Jane Beasley.
III. JOSHUA II (1822, Mathews County - 1876) married Sarah Elizabeth Billups.
III. CHARLES M. (10/25/1825, Mathews County - Aft. 1870) married on 10/19/1852 to (1) Elizabeth Martha Sutherland (3/27-28/1828, Alabama - 1/18/1883, Edna or Georgetown, Texas - buried in the Sutherland Cemetery). There were no children and Charles and Elizabeth divorced before 1859. Charles married (2) Sarah Elizabeth Rucker in 1869.
III. DRUCILLA (About 1825 - ??) never married and was listed at age 25 on the 1850 Census in Portsmouth, VA in the household of Calvert S. Adams, age 44, Stone Mason of DC. Also listed were Adams' wife Ann, age 45; Jane Denby age 35; Mary J. Denby, age 17; Adelia, age 7; Cornelia Hays, age 11; and Roselia, age 6.
III. ALEXANDER TALIAFERRO GAYLE (1815 - 1859) was born on 12/10/1815 in Mathews County to Bartlett Gayle and his first wife, Martha "Patsy" Buckner Gayle. Alexander operated the brig Argo, owned by his father, between New Orleans and Galveston. In the fall of 1836 he moved to Texas, taking with him a numbrer of UN-NAMED SLAVES from Mathews County. He settled near Austin and applied for Texas citizenship at San Felipe de Austin on the Brazos on 2/4/1839. On 12/1/1843 Alexander married FRANCES AGNES SUTHERLAND (6/12/1824 - 9/15/1867), daughter of Major George Sutherland and his wife, Frances Menefee. In 1844 Alexander and Frances moved to Jackson County, Texas, and settled on the Lavaca River, 4 miles west of Texana.

While in Jackson County, Alexander was elected county commissioner in 1850. The following year he helped found an Episcopal church there and became county surveyor in 1852. He was an ardent Democrat, described as being public spirited, fluent, and well informed regarding the issues of the day. Prior to the Civil War Alexander foresaw the future of slavery and, although ridiculed by his neighbors, sold a portion of those he owned, stating that he wanted to teach his children how to work before they lost their slaves.

When Alexander came to Texana there were very few settlers, so he suffered the hardships of pioneer life and assisted in ridding the region of "wild beasts," and what was described as the "barbarous element," referring to the Mexicans and Indians who threatened the pioneer way of life. Alexander purchased a tract of heavily timbered land, part of which was cleared for farming, and built his first home, a little cabin. Afterwards, with the help of slaves he brought to Texas, he was soon among the first in the region to own a fine home. He became a prosperous land owner, merchant, ship captain, and politician. He was also a dealer in stock and raised cattle, horses and sheep. He was a devoted horse fancier and bred some of the finest horses in the country, descended from Kentucky thoroughbreds.

Alexander T. Gayle died on 3/28/1859 in Jackson County, Texas, and was buried at Memory Gardens of Edna Cemetery, Edna, Jackson County, Texas. He was honored as a primary contributor to the history of Southwestern Texas and the archives of the University of Texas contain private papers relating to his life and times. Frances Sutherland Gayle died 9/15,/1867.

Alexander Taliaferia, courtesy of Gayle Weiss
IV. GEORGE SUTHERLAND (9/13/1845 - 2/1/1914, Edna, Texas) married 9/1/1875 to Regina S. Dill of Goliad, Texas.
IV. MARTHA S. #1 (?? - ??) died in infancy.
IV. MARTHA S. #2 (?? - ??) died young.
IV. GEORGIANA (Abt. 1848 - ??) married Mr. J. D. Rogers.
IV. ALEXANDER (Abt. 1853 - 1869)
IV. MARY E. (?? - ??) died at age 3.
IV. VIRGINIA "JENNIE" (1/14/1855, Texas - 3/3/1929, Texas) married 1879 to Col. Samuel Maxwell Lesesne.
IV. BARTLETT BUCKNER (7/30/1856, Jackson Co., Texas - 2/19/1933, Edna, Texas) married on 2/28/1878 to Eudora Starr Bankhead and lived in Port Lavaca, Texas. They had at least one son, Bartlett Buckner Gayle, Jr. (1879- ??)
IV. ROBERT BILLUPS GAYLE (1853 - 1906) was born on 12/6/1853 to Joshua and Sarah Elizabeth Billups Gayle in Mathews County. On 1/21/1875 Robert married LUCY LEE DIGGS (7/15/1854 - 10/8/1923), daughter of William and Joice Ann Brooks Diggs and grandaughter of Captain Henry and Elizabeth Eddens Diggs (1767 - 7/29/1857, age 90) who died at Bay View in Mathews County. Both Robert and Lucy were buried at Edgewater. Robert B. Gayle was 21 years old at the time of his marriage and the census listed his occupation as a farmer. He was also Sheriff of Mathews County for awhile. Robert inherited Edgewater after his mother's death in 1896 and continued to farm the property until his own death in 1906. He was buried at Edgewater. His son, Walter Lucas, inherited the property and was the last of the family to live there. He and his wife, Minnie V. Garnett Gayle, raised their children, Sarah Elizabeth, Lucy Garnett, Robert Billups and William Edmund, at the house.

V. ROBERT (8/28/1875 - 6/30/1876) was buried at
V. MARCUS (9/19/1876 - 11/21/1899) died at age 23 of tuberculosis. He was referred to as Dr. Marcus Gayle and was unmarried. He was buried at Edgewater.
V. WALTER LUCAS (2/8/1878 - 10/2/1955) married Minnie V. Garnett on 9/3/1902 and inherited Edgewater. Their children, Sarah Elizabeth, Lucy Garnett, Robert Billups, and William Edmund were raised there. Walter Lucas Gayle died at Edgewater on 10/2/1955 and Minnie on 11/9/1967. They were buried together at Providence Cemetery in Mathews.