Chapter 21 - Gale/Gayle Strays in America - Part I
IN ADDITION TO THE KNOWN GALE/GAYLE FAMILY GROUPS, several others were fournd during research and appear on this page. They are followed in PART II by unknown individuals who are listed in alphabetical order by given name under their respective state followed by known cities or counties.
The Family of Henry Gale (1785 - 1833) of England & Kentucky
I. Henry (1785 - 1833) & Hannah Rapsey Gale
II. Henry Jr. (1810 - Aft. 1850) m. Elizabeth Gibbs Finnie
III. Thomas (ca. 1840-??)
III. Mary (ca. 1842-??)
III. Susan (ca. 1845-??)
III. John C. (3/1850 - ??)
III. Henry (1853 - ??)
III. Albert (ca. 1856-??)
III. Julia Addie (ca. 1857-??)
II. John (1813 - 1842) m. Ann Elizabeth DuVal
III. John A. (1843 - 1864)
III. Claiborne (1844 - 1852)
III. Possibly Henry (?? - ??)
II. Alfred (1819 - 1851)
II. Elizabeth (1822 - 1840)
II. William Oakley (1825 - 1848)
II. Strother (1831 - ??)

I. HENRY GALE (1785- 1833) OF ENGLAND & KENTUCKY was born to unknown parents on 10/23/1785 in England where he married HANNAH RAPSEY (5/30/1785, England - 11/14/1837, Union County, KY.). They had six children. Henry Gale died on 7/14/1841 at Morganfield, Kentucky and Hannah on 11/13/1847. They were buried in the Masonic Cemetery there with other family members including their sons Alfred, William Oakley and John Gale whose tombstones are pictured below.

According to a memorial stone placed in the Gale family plot at Morganfield Cemetery in Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky, Henry Gale was born in England on 10/23/1785. He arrived at Baltimore, Maryland around 1814 and may have been a British soldier during the War of 1812. Birth and death dates of his children and other family members are based on photographs of tombstones in the Gale plot at Morganfield Cemetery taken by Steve McAllister along with McAllister's corrections to information transcribed earlier from the stones by Peyton Heady of Union County, deceased.
Tombstone of Henry & Hannah Rapsey Gale
Tombstone honoring Alfred, William Oakley and Lizzie Gale
II. HENRY, JR. (1810 - Aft. 1850) married Elizabeth Gibbs Finnie (1819 - ??) and had children.
II. JOHN (8/18/1813, England - 10/30/1842) married Ann Elizabeth DuVal in 1839.
II. ALFRED (6/8/1819, Baltimore MD. - 1/7/1851, Florida).
II. ELIZABETH (3/29/1822 - 9/13/1840) - [McAlister found no stone for Elizabeth but noted that Headey's transcription of her birth date (3/28/1842) was an error.]
II. WILLIAM OAKLEY (9/23/1825 -5/4/1848)
II. STROTHER (1831 - ??) appeared on the 1850 Census listed as age 19.

II. HENRY GALE, JR. (6/4/1810, Sidmouth, Devonshire, England - 7/26/1858, Dallas, Texas) was born on 6/4/1810 in Sidmouth, England to Henry and Hannah Rapsey Gale. He settled in Kentucky where he married ELIZABETH GIBBS FINNIE (9/27/1816, Union County - ??) on 12/7/1837 at Union County, Kentucky.

12/7/1837: BOND OF HENRY GALE & JOHN FINNIE: KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that we HENRY GALE and JOHN FINNIE (?) are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the ……….. sum of Fifty pounds current money to the payment of which will and duly to be made to the said Commonwealth……..heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally……by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 7th day of December, 1837.

The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage shortly intended between the above bound Henry Gale and Miss Elizabeth Finnie, daughter of the above bound John Finnie.

Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage then this obligation to be…………to remain in full force. Test:???? Signed: H. Gale - John Finnie

Elizabeth was was listed as age 31 on the 1850 census along with seven children who appeared on the 1850 census of Union County, KY. Henry's 19 year old brother, Strother, was also listed in 1850 in Henry's household. Henry Gale died on 7/26/1858 in Dallas, Texas, and Elizabeth is listed with the children on the 1860 census in Dallas, Precinct #1.

CHILDREN OF HENRY & ELIZABETH GIBBS FINNIE: III. THOMAS (ca. 1840 - ??). III. MARY (ca. 1842 - ??). III. SUSAN (ca. 1845 - ??). III. JOHN C. (3/1850 - ??). III. HENRY (12/27/1853 in Union Co., KY.). III. ALBERT (ca. 1856, Kentucky - ??). III. JULIA ADDIE (ca. 1857 - ??).

II. JOHN GALE (1813 - 1842) was born in England on 8/18/1813 to Henry and Hannah Rapsey Gale and married ANN ELIZABETH DUVAL (Abt. 1820 - ??) by bond dated 11/27/1839. Ann was the daughter of Reverend Claiborne Lawson Duval (1/4/1788, Richmond, Henrico County, VA - 9/13/1834), a Methodist minister who married Jane Elizabeth Russell (7/30/1794 - 1/10/1861) and settled in Union County, Kentucky. His brother, Lucius Claiborne DuVal, also settled in Union County and married Tabitha Adams Russell, sister of Claiborne's wife Jane. All four are buried at Antioch Church Cemetery in Union County, Kentucky, that was founded by Claiborne Lawson DuVal.
BOND OF JOHN GAYLE & THOMAS R. GIVENS: Know all men by these presents that we JOHN GALE and THOMAS R. GIVENS are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the ? sum of fifty pounds current money to the payment of which will and duly to be made to the said Commonwealth of Kentucky……our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally……by those presents sealed with our seals and dated the 27th day of November, 1839………….
The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas there is a marriage……between the above bound John Gale and Miss Ann E. Duval, daughter of Jane E. Duval. Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage…..Thence this obligation to be……………….to remain in full force. Witness:-----------------
John Gale (SEAL) - Thomas R. Given (SEAL)

John Gale died on 10/30/1842 and on 2/9/1843 an inventory of his estate was filed in Morganfield, Union County, KY. The document mentioned Henry Gale, J. W. Duvall, and Mrs. Gale. Following John's death Ann Duval Gale married (2) James W. C. Houston. According to the 1850 census of Union County Ann E. Gale, age 30; John A. Gale, age 5; Henry Gale, age 7; Jno. W. Duval, 27; C. T. Duval, 20; and H.M.C. Duval, 16, were living in the household of Jane E. Duval, age 55, of Virginia. [A Kate Gale was married to John Duvall (sic) of Lexington, Owen County, Kentucky.]

III. JOHN A. (1/23/1843 - 2/1864) was born after his father died.
III. CLAIBORNE (4/18/1844 - 10/6/1852)
III. POSSIBLY HENRY (Listed on the 1850 census as age 7, in the household of his grandmother)
Tombstone of John A. Gale (1843 - 1864)
Tombstone of John Gale (1813 - 1842)
The Family of James Gale (1785 - 1851) of Putnam Valley, NY
Family tradition maintains that the first of James Gale's family came to America in 1632 from England. Some went south and others changed the name to Giles. When James' mother was 102 years of age she went from Peekskill to Albany, New York, where she died. Since her name is unknown, James is listed as Generation I and is probably descended from the New England Gales.
I. James E. & Gale (1785 - 1851) m. Catherine Minckler
II. Ann (?? - ??)
II. Hannah (?? - ??)
II. Eunice (?? - ??)
II. William H. (??-1866) m. (Unknown)
III. Clara (?? - ??)
III. Edward (?? - ??)
III. James (?? - ??)
II. Henry (Abt. 1817 - ??) m. Mary (Unknown) and had children.
III. Josephine (?? - ??)
III. Frank (?? - ??)
III. Ida (?? - ??)
III. Newton (?? - ??)
III. George (?? - ??)
II. Peter (1819 -1904) unmarried.
II. Eliza (1820 - ??) m. John Manning
II. Leander (1820 - 1852) m. Ruth Homer
III. Harriett (1843 - ??)
III. Ann (1844 - ??)
III. Leander P. (1850 - ??)
III. Robert D. (1851 - ??)
II. Robert (1825 - Living 1860) m. Sarah (Unknown)
III. Harriet M. (?? - ??)
III. Frances E. (1856 - ??)
III. Mary (?? - ??)
III. Emily C. (?? - ??)
II. Evert (1827 - ??) m. Susan (Unknown)
III. Kate (?? - ??)
III.Irene (?? - ??)
III. Lewis (?? - ??)
III. Nettie (?? - ??)
III. Le Pard (?? - ??)
II. Daniel (Abt. 1829 - ??) m. Eliza (Unknown)
III. Calvin (?? - ??)
III. Emma (?? - ??)
III. Ella (?? - ??)
III. Erving (?? - ??)
III. Edward (?? - ??)
II. James E. II (1830 -1877) m. Sarah Leonard Spader
III. Georgianna (1866 - 1886)
III. Emma Jane (1858 - 1859)
III. Sarah Eliza (1860 - 1916) m. Anthony Comstock & had children
III. James Edgar (1863 - 1942) m. Jennie Beebe
IV. Leonard James (?? - ??)
IV. Nellie V. (?? - ??)
III. Nellie V. (1869 - 1972) m. Herman Levino & had children
III. William Spader (1873 -1920) m. Editha Taylor Hall
IV. Ruth Hall (?? - ??)
IV. Charlotte Spader (?? - ??)
IV. Elizabeth Barker (?? - ??)
IV. Margaret Fairchild (?? - ??)

II. Catherine (1831 - 1899) m. William Leverich & had children
II. Joseph (1833 - 1885) m. Mary Jane Odell
III. Catherine B. (1872 - 1955)
III. Edith M. (?? - ??)
III. Edith M. (?? - ??)
III. Joseph Dallas (Abt. 1862 - 1908) m. Julia Frances Archer & had children
IV. Leslie A. (?? - ??)
IV. Irwin P. (?? - ??)
IV. Minnie (?? - ??)
IV. Perley J. (?? - ??)
III. William A. (1867 - 1945) m. Harriet A. Van Amburch & had children
IV. Stanton (?? - ??)
IV. William Reginald (10/3/1901, Putnam Valley - ??)
III. Howard Judson (1875 - 1940) m. Lena May Rankin & had children
IV. Gwendolyn (?? - ??)
IV. Douglas Judson (?? - ??)
IV. Raymond Edson (?? - ??)
IV. Howard Rodney (?? - ??)
II. Mary Jane (1835 - 1920) m. George Washington Odell & had children
II. Jacob (1837 - ??)
II. John (1838 - 1907)

I. JAMES E. GALE (1785 - 1851) was born on 5/16/1785 to unknown parents. James married CATHERINE MINCKLER/MINKLER (1796, New York - 9/24/1856, Putnam Valley, NY) before 1817, daughter of Hermanus Minkler and Eva Cohl. James was christened on 9/10/1797 in Ref. Dutch Church, Hillside, Columbia, NY. The family appeared on the 1850 census in Putnam Valley; however, their farm was located in an area known as Oregon Corners and was part of Peekskill, Westchester County, New York. At the time James was listed as a farmer, age 60, and his wife, Catherine, was 50. At the time the only children listed in their household were Robert, Catherine, Joseph, Mary J., Jacob and John. James died on 11/26/1851 in Putnam Valley and was buried in St. Peter's Cemetery, Peekskill, Westchester, New York. According to his headstone, his age at death was "66 yrs 6 mos. 10 days." Catherine died on 9/24/1856, also in Putnam Valley, and was buried in St. Peter's Cemetery with her husband.

II. ANN (?? - ??) born at Putnam Valley, NY.
II. HANNAH (?? - ??) born in Putnam Valley, NY.
II. EUNICE (?? - ??) born in Putnam Valley, NY.
II. WILLIAM H. (??, Putnam Valley - 5/9/1866) married (UNKNOWN) and had at least three children. He died on 5/9/1866 and was buried in St. Peter's Cemetery, Peekskill, Westchester, New York.
II. HENRY (Abt. 1817, Putnam Valley - ??) married MARY (UNKNOWN) and had five children: Josephine, Frank, Ada, Newton, and George.
II. PETER (1819 - 4/21/1904, Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY) never married and was living with his brother, Joseph, in 1860 when he was shown as a farmer, age 36. Information about his life is contained in several scrapbooks compiled by Estella Cummins Sands, held in the Putnam County Historical Society. He was a surveyor, civil engineer, mineralogist, astronomer, authority on the raising of bees, a poet and ran a tavern-Post Office. II. ELIZA (1820, Putnam Valley - ??) married John Manning about 1840 in Putnam Valley and had a son, Lewis Gale Manning.
II. ELIZA (1820, NY - ??)
II. LEANDER (Abt. 1820, Putnam Valley - 12/17/1852) was a carpenter by trade and married RUTH HOMER about 1843 in the town of Cortlandt, Westchester, NY and had children. He died on 12/17/1852 at age 32.
II. ROBERT (1825, Putnam Valley - Living 1860) married SARAH (UNKNOWN) about 1847 and had children. According to the 1860 census he was a farm laborer and living with his brother-in-law and sister, John and Eliza Gale Manning.
II. EVERT (1827 - ??) was a student in 1844 according to the Putnam Valley school records. He married SUSAN (UNKNOWN) between 1847 and 1850 in New York and had children.
II. DANIEL (Abt. 1829, Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY - ??) married ELIZA (UNKNOWN) sometime between 1850 and 1855 and had children.
II. JAMES E. (6/11/1830, Putnam Valley - 2/5/1877, Brooklyn, Kings, NY)
married SARAH LEONARD SPADER on 4/9/1857 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY and had children:
II. CATHERINE: (8/23/1831, Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY - 6/6/1899) was buried in St. Peter's Cemetery, Peekskill, Westchester, NY and may have lived in Poughkeepsie, NY after her marriage to William Leverich about 1852 in New York. Children were Minnie, William, Mary C. and Eunice A. Leverich.
II. JOSEPH (1833, Putnam, NY - 2/19/1885) married MARY JANE ODELL about 1860 in Putnam Valley, NY and had children.
II. MARY JANE (6/5/1835 in Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY - 4/2/1920) married George Washington Odell on 6/5/1859 in Putnam Valley and had children George, Edna, Cornelia, Robert, Ferdinand and Wilbert Odell. She appeared on the 1850 Putnam County census as a child of James Gale.
II. JACOB (1837, Putnam, NY - ??).
II. JOHN (5/4/1838, Putnam Valley- 5/14/1907)

II. WILLIAM H. GALE (??, Putnam Valley - 5/9/1866), son of James E. and Catherine Minckler Gale, married (UNKNOWN) and had at least three children: CLARA, JAMES, and EDWARD. William H. Gale died on 5/9/1866 and was buried in St. Peter's Cemetery, Peekskill, Westchester, New York.

II. HENRY (Abt. 1817, Putnam Valley - ??), son of James E. and Catherine Minckler Gale., married MARY (UNKNOWN) and had five children: JOSEPHINE, FRANK, ADA, NEWTON, and GEORGE.

II. LEANDER (Abt. 1820, Putnam Valley - 1852), son of James E. and Catherine Minckler Gale, was a carpenter by trade. He married RUTH HOMER about 1843 in the town of Cortlandt, Westchester, New York and had children. Leander died on 12/17/1852 at only 32 years of age. CHILDREN: III. HARRIET (1843, Cortlandt, Westchester, NY - ??). III. ANN (1844 - ??). III. LEANDER P. (2/27/1850, Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY - ??). III. ROBERT D. (1851 - ??) of Putnam Valley appears on the 1860 census as age 9.

II. ROBERT GALE (1825 - ??) was born in 1825 in Putnam Valley, Putnam, New York, to James E. and Catherine Minckler Gale. Around 1847 he married SARAH A. (UNKNOWN) in Putnam County and had four children. He worked as a farm laborer. In 1860 Robert, Sarah and their children were listed on the census for Putnam County living in the household of Robert's brother-in-law and sister, John and Eliza Gale Manning. CHILDREN: III. HARRIET M. (?? - ??). III. FRANCES E. (1856 - ??). III. MARY (?? - ??). III. EMILY C. (?? - ??).

II. EVERT GALE (1827 - ??) was born in 1817 to James E. and Catherine Minckler Gale. He was a student in 1844 according to the Putnam Valley school records. He married SUSAN (UNKNOWN) between 1847 and 1850 in New York and had children. CHILDREN: III. KATE (?? - ??) . III.IRENE (?? - ??). III. LEWIS (?? - ??). III. NETTIE (?? - ??). III. LE PARD (?? - ??).

II. DANIEL GALE (Abt. 1829 - ??) was born about 1829 to James E. and Catherine Minckler Gale in Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY. He married ELIZA (UNKNOWN) between 1850 and 1855 and had children. CHILDREN: III. CALVIN (?? - ??).III. EMMA (?? - ??). III. ELLA (?? - ??). III. ERVING (?? - ??). III. EDWARD (?? - ??).

II. JAMES E. GALE II (1830-1877) was born to James Gale and Catherine Minckler Gale. He married SARAH LEONARD SPADER and had children. James was buried in VanCortlandville, New York, Old Church Cemetery. CHILDREN: III. GEORGIANNA (1866 - 1886). III. EMMA JANE (8/30/1858 - 4/20/1859, Brooklyn, Kings, New York). III. SARAH ELIZA (5/31/1860, NY - 1/12/1916, Peekskill, Westchester, NY) married Anthony Comstock and had children Elsie, Ray, and Vernon Comstock. They later divorced. III. JAMES EDGAR (1863 - 1942) married Jennie Beebe and had children, Leonard James and Nellie V. III. NELLIE V. (7/23/1869 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY - 4/11/1972, Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY) married Herman Levino on 7/23/1888. Children were Walter Everett and Edgar Bruce Levino. III. WILLIAM SPADER (12/1/1873, Brooklyn, Kings, NY - 6/17/1920, Peekskill, Westchester, NY) married EDITHA TAYLOR HALL on 6/28/1899 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY and had children.

III. JAMES EDGAR GALE (1863 - 1942) was born on 1/3/1863 in New York to James E. and Sarah Leonard Spader Gale. He married JENNIE BEEBE sometime during the late 1880s or 90s and had two children. James died on 10/20/1942 in Roselle, New Jersey and was buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York in the Leonard Beebe family plot. CHILDREN: IV. LEONARD JAMES (?? - ??) and IV. NELLIE V. (?? - ??).

III. WILLIAM SPADER GALE (1873 - 1920) was born on 12/1/1873 to James E. and Sarah Leonard Spader Gale in Brooklyn, Kings, New York. A photographer, William married EDITHA TAYLOR HALL on 6/28/1899 in Brooklyn. William died on 6/17/1920 in Peekskill, Westchester, New York and was buried in Nut Plains, Guilford, Connecticut. CHILDREN: IV. RUTH HALL (?? - ??). IV. CHARLOTTE SPADER (?? - ??). IV. ELIZABETH BARKER (?? - ??). IV. MARGARET FAIRCHILD (?? - ??).

II. JOSEPH GALE (1833 - 1885) was born to James E. and Catherine Minckler Gale in Putnam, New York in 1833. He married MARY JANE ODELL in Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY about 1860 and had four children. Joseph Gale died in 2/19/1885. CHILDREN: III. CATHERINE B. (1872 - 1955), III. EDITH M. (11/11/1864, Putnam County, NY - 11/26/1954, NY) married John Varian in NY. III. JOSEPH DALLAS (Abt. 1862, NY - 1908) married Julia Frances Archer before 1884 and had children Leslie A., Irwin P., Minnie and Perley J. Gale. III. WILLIAM A. (12/6/1867, Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY - 12/1/1945) married Harriet A. Van Amburch about 1890 and had children Stanton, and William Reginald (10/3/1901, Putnam Valley - ??). III. HOWARD JUDSON (11/8/1875, Putnam Co., NY - 4/23/1940, New York) married Lena May Rankin before 1904. Children were Gwendolyn, Douglas Judson, Raymond Edson and Howard Rodney Gale.

III. JOSEPH DALLAS GALE (Abt. 1862, NY - 1908) was born to Joseph and Mary Jane Gale. He married JULIA FRANCES ARCHER before 1884 and had children. CHILDREN: IV. LESLIE A. (?? - ??). IV. IRWIN P. (?? - ??). IV. MINNIE (?? - ??). IV. PERLEY J. (?? - ??).

III. WILLIAM A. GALE (12/6/1867, Putnam Valley, Putnam, NY - 12/1/1945) was born to Joseph and Mary Jane Gale. He married HARRIET A. VAN AMBURCH about 1890 and had children. CHILDREN: IV. STANTON (?? - ??) and IV. WILLIAM REGINALD (10/3/1901, Putnam Valley - ??).

III. HOWARD JUDSON GALE (11/8/1875, Putnam Co., NY - 4/23/1940, New York) was born to Joseph and Mary Jane Gale. He married LENA MAY RANKIN before 1904 and had children. CHILDREN: IV. GWENDOLYN (?? - ??). IV. DOUGLAS JUDSON (?? - ??). IV. RAYMOND EDSON (?? - ??). IV. HOWARD RODNEY (?? - ??).

The Family of William C. Gale (1798 - ??) of New Hampshire

The majority of information on the family of William C. Gale is courtesy of Charlie Lee Gale, a descendant through William's son John A. Gale. According to Mr. Gale, clues to the identities of William's parents might be found in HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF EXETER, NH, by Charles H. Bell, (Boston, 1888; repr. Bowie, MD, 1979) "in which a map of the town made in 1802 shows a "Widow Gale" residing near Court Street and Academy Lane (now Front St. and Academy St.) across from the Phillips Exeter Academy." Mr. Gale further stated that research proved her to be the widow of Gilman Gale but no connection was found to William. In addition to his own research, Mr. Gale credits Bill and Evelyn Farmer, Edwin C Dunn, John Robert Lane, Jr. and Neal Cadieu, Jr. [NOTE: Charlie Lee Gale's sources for William C. Gale are listed below, rather than in the General Bibliography.]

Exeter, New Hampshire
I. William C. (1798 - ??) & Catherine Asson Gale
II. John A. (1824 - 1889) m. Eliza Ann Worley
III. John Willis (1854-1923) m. Frances Lugenie Pope
IV. Foster Cowen (1881-1954) m. Patra Mae Sasser
IV. Pawly Burman (1885-1887)
IV. Gussie (born & died 1890)
IV. Minor Pope (1891-1971) m. Ethel Oliver
IV. John Irwin (1896-1968) m. & divorced Mary Hobbs, m. (2) Unknown
IV. Mary Jane (1898 - 1994) m. Paul H. Dobbs
IV. Cyril Bruce (1901-1956) m. Ellen Elsie Fuller
III. Charles Derrick (1853 -1896) m. Mary S. Bowman
IV. Edna S. (1879 -1919) unmarried
IV. Edith B. (1882 - 1969) unmarried
IV. Elmer Lee (1884 -1955) m. Jennie Janet Patrick
IV. Charles Derrick Jr. (1889 - 1959) m. Mima M. Boden
V. Dorothy (1916 - ??)
V. Margaret (1922 - ??)
IV. Lila Alice (1891 -1963) unmarried
IV. Bessie D. (1893 - 1941) m. James B. Hall
III. James Worley (1858 -1860)
III. William Parsons (1860 - 1931) m. Josephine Simmons
IV. Claude H. (1884 -1918) m. May Bell Hunter.
IV. Jessie Moore (1887 -1959) m. Wyatt Claude Harrill
IV. Ruth (Abt. 1893 - ??) m. Brack McKee
IV. Madge (Abt. 1898 - ??)
III. Francis Milton (1862 - 1931) m. Laura Hope Crockett
IV. Francis Stanhope (1906 -1991) m. Mary Catherine Pope
IV. Annie Lorraine (1909 -2000)
II. Charles William (1825 - 1904) m. Margaret Mungo
III. Katherine Mungo (1854 - 1937) m. Charles Towne Cadieu
III. Joseph Michael (1857 - 1919) m. Mary Kind
IV. Francis (?? - ??)
IV. Marguerite (?? - ??) married Harvey Richardson
IV. Louise (Abt. 1911 - Abt. 1997, Columbia, Richland Co., SC) never married
IV. Harold Joseph (?? - Died young)
III. Charles Jefferson (1860 - 1945) m. Lucy Anna Allison
IV. Mary (?? - ??) married (1) (Unknown) Dean; (2) Thomas Moore
IV. Charles Norwood (1891 - 1961) m. Lillian Lucille Hughes
III. Frances (Abt. 1866 -1883)
III. John Henry (1870 -1946) m. Annie Pridgen
IV. Charles Joseph (?? - ??) m. Marguerite Leonard Grimball
IV. John Henry Jr. (?? - ??)
II. Thomas Lynch (Abt. 1826 - 1864) m. Frances Covington
III. William C. (1848 - 1926) m. Colen Preslar
IV. Sarow F. (1872 - 1874)
IV. Martha (1874 -1939)
IV. Mary (1874 -1936)
IV. Cornelia Alice (1878 -1942)
IV. Emma Tabathea (1885 -1941) m. Bascom Early Brigman
IV. Rosa Florence (1887 -1951) m. William Preston Dunn, twin?
IV. William Edward (1887 -1968) m. Georgia Mae Sikes, twin?
IV. Un-named son (born & died 1897)
III. Catherine Frances "Fannie" (Abt. 1851 - ??) m. Franklin P. Harris
III. Martha Ann (Abt. 1852 - ??) m. Jesse Ragsdale Downer
III. Susan Ella (1854 - 1931) m. Thomas Kendrick Farmer
III. Sarah Jane (1853 -1854)
III. Thomas Seaton (1856 -1935) m. (1) Kitty Jane Peele, (2) Josephine Underwood
IV. FROM M/1: Emma Ethel (1889 - 1975) m. Edwin Carraway Newman
IV. Mary Frances (1890 -1927) m. Willie Belton Gibson
IV. Tyler T. (1892 -1893)
IV. Hoyt Lynch (1896 -1988) m. Eva Kate Owen
IV. Tyler McLean (1898 - 1976) m. Bessie Royal
IV. Charlie Thomas (1901 -1975) m. Julia Underwood
IV. Lonnie E. (1903 -1933) m. Bill Dawkins
IV. FROM M/2: IV. Joseph Seaton (1913 - ??) m. Margaret Grace Lewis
IV. Paul Eldridge (1918 -1973) m. Mildred Lucille Holmes
III. Louise "Lula" (Abt. 1858-1935) m. Thomas C. Chance
III. Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" (1859 -1926) m. James "Jim" Whitman Farmer
III. Flora Augusta (Abt. 1861 - 1936) m. Jack Rachel
III. Rosa J. (Abt. 1863 - ??) m. Nathan Warren Gibson
II. Mary Jane (1836, -1890) m. Archibald Brown
II. Frances (Abt. 1840 - ??)
II. Henry A. (Abt. 1843 - 1863)
II. Elizabeth Ellen (1850 - 1887) m. Alexander D. Polston

I. WILLIAM C. GALE (1798 - 1828) was born in 1798 to unknown parents in Exeter, Rockingham County, New Hampshire, and resided in Portsmouth, also in Rockingham County. William married CATHERINE ASSON (Abt. 1808, Virginia - ??) in Exeter and settled in Cheraw, Chesterfield County, South Carolina. Four children were mentioned in William's obituary and others were adopted. All the children used the Gale name and were heirs in the estates of both parents.

William left New Hampshire sometime before 1820 and settled in the Cheraw area of South Carolina. His connection with the other Gale/Gayle families living in Sumter and Kershaw counties is unknown. The 1820 census of Marlboro County, SC listed him as head of a household with three males between the ages of 16 and 26. He was mentioned in legal notices dated 7/3/1823 through 11/13/1823 in a Cheraw newspaper that read, "The State of South Carolina, Chesterfield District, In Equity, William C. Gale vs. Margaret B. Asson & Wm. Asson. Bill for specific performance. It appearing to the Court that the defendants in this case, are absent from, and reside out of the limits of the State…on motion of Coit for complainant…Ordered, that the defendant do appear and plead, answer or demur within three months or the bill will be taken pro confesso. George Bruce, Commissioner, May Term, 1823." (
Cheraw Intelligencer & Southern Register, Cheraw, SC)

In January of 1824 a case between William C. Gale vs. Margaret Asson and William Asson (her minor child) was heard in Darlington District Court of Equity. Records note that William had contracted with Joseph Asson to purchase a lot in the town of Cheraw for $200.00 and had erected buildings on the property valued at $600. Asson died in July of 1822 without having executed the title so William asked the court to force Asson's widow and minor son to honor the contract. The court found in William's favor pending payment of the full purchase price of the lot. (Copy of Decree from the files of Tony F Smith, Pageland, S C., File # 406, Entry # 030). Also in 1824 the
Cheraw Intelligencer & Southern Register ran a Notice of Town Marshall's Sale for Delinquent Taxes stating that property would be sold for non-payment of taxes, redeemable if the owner paid 20% on the amount of the sale. Listed were a lot owned by William C. Gale and 7 lots owned by the estate of Joseph Asson. William also appeared with citizens of Chesterfield District who signed an undated petition to the South Carolina Senate pleading for a new courthouse to replace a small wooden structure that was then nearly 40 years old. (Copy from the files of Tony F Smith, Pageland, SC, 1987, File # 300, Entry # 002)

On 8/13/1827 William wrote a letter to Messrs. Miller and Brewster, proprietors of
The Portsmouth Journal, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, extracts of which were published on 8/25/1827. He enclosed money for a two year subscription to the paper and shared some of his own views, noting that the mechanical business was very dull and that peaches were selling at 25¢ per bushel. The cotton crop was expected to be very good, the wheat crop uncommonly good and the corn crop was never better. "As to politics and the present difference of opinion on account of the administration we (the people) have no word in the matter, it is all left to the Legislature, they have passed a vote to support General Jackson although there be a majority of their constituents in favor of Adams…the greatest difficulty we encounter is the slave of this country. The least stir of a leaf (as it were) causes alarm. Only week before last there was suspicion of the blacks rising in consequence of the report there has been a guard kept up every night of about 15 men armed but there has appeared no ground for detecting any one and we hope it is a false alarm."

William C. Gale died on 8/20/1828 in Cheraw. His obituary was published in the
Southern Radical. "In this town, on the 20th instant, Wm. C. Gale, aged 30 years, of a bilious fever, contracted at Campbell's Falls, on the Pee Dee River, 30 miles below this place. He was a native of Exeter, New Hampshire, but for several years a citizen of this place; his illness of 14 days he bore with Christian fortitude; he has left a wife and four small children to deplore his loss, but let them not sorrow as those who have no hope; there is the best evidence that can be furnished this side the grave, that his end was like that of the righteous. Let his friends look to the Author of all Good for consolation, he never will forsake the fatherless and widow, while they put their trust in him." (Southern Radical, Cheraw, SC, Aug. 22, 1828, Vol. 1, No. 1, pg. 3) Another report of his death was published on 10/11/1828 in The Portsmouth Journal, "In Cheraw, S.C. Mr. William C Gale, aged 30, formerly of Portsmouth." Almost 40 years later, In 1865 William's estate was listed on the Chesterfield County tax rolls valued at $100.00 and in 1867 valued at $55.00. Taxes of 15¢ and 12¢ were paid by his son Charles.

In 1830 Catherine Gale, aged between 20 and 30, appeared on the census as head of a household including two males under 5, one male between 5 and 10, one female between 5 and 16, and one female between 40 and 50. On the 1840 census Catherine was again listed as the head of a household in Chesterfield County with two males between 10 and 15, two males between 15 and 20, one female under 5, one female between 20 and 30, and one female 40 to 50. A newspaper notice on October 11th and 18th, 1837, reported that Catherine had a letter remaining in the Cheraw Post Office. She registered to vote in 1839 in Chesterfield County and was listed on a Voter Registration Census of Free White Males in Chesterfield County. In addition to the 1830 and 1840 censuses Catherine appears consistently as the head of a household in Chesterfield County on census records from 1850 to 1880.

In 1850 Catherine is listed as age 40 living with Charles, age 22; Frances, age 10; Henry, age 7; and Eliza, age 5 months. All were born in South Carolina. In 1860 her age is listed as 55 and her occupation as a seamstress. Living with her were Mary, age 22; Frances, age 18; Henry, age 15; and Elizabeth, age 11. In 1870 she appears as age 50 living with M. Gale (Mary), age 30; E. Gale (Elizabeth), age 21; H. Gale, a female age 5; Charles Gale, age 3, and an unnamed infant, age 1, all born in SC. In 1880 Catherine's age was given as 74. Living in her household were daughter E. E. Gale, age 30; grandson, Charles F. Gale, age 13; granddaughter, M. A. Gale, age 4; and grandson H. A. Gale, age 1, all born in South Carolina.

Catherine was a member of St. David's Episcopal Church in Cheraw and was first listed in the church records on 4/5/1844 as the mother at the baptism of Mary Jane Gales (sic). The second entry was ten years later on 4/23/1854 when her daughter, Elizabeth Ellen Gale, was baptized. A week later the church was visited by the Right Reverend Thomas F. Davis, Bishop of the Diocese, who confirmed Miss Mary Jane (sic) Gale and Mrs. Catherine Gale, among others, on 4/30/1854. On 2/1/1860 at the departure of Bishop Gregg for Texas, Mrs. Catherine Gale and her daughters, Mary and Frances, were listed as Communicants. On 7/14/1867 communicants listed were Mrs. Catherine Gayle (sic) and daughter, Mrs. Mary Gayle (sic).

Catherine Gale died in 1888 and A Summons for Relief was filed in the Court of Common Pleas in Chesterfield County on 4/20/1889 by Mary Jean Brown, plaintiff, vs. defendants Charles W. Gayle, John A. Gayle, Charles Francis Poston, William Gayle, Thomas Gayle, Catherine Harris, Martha Harris, Ella Farmer, Mary Farmer, Lula Chase, Rosa Gibson and Augusta (formerly Augusta Gayle). The plaintiff claimed that she had cared for Catherine for the last thirteen months, during which she had been confined to her bed in need of constant attention. She further stated that she had paid Captain T. L. Liles $18.00 for funeral expenses and Dr. Cornelius Kollock $78.00 for medical expenses. She asked the court to reimburse her in the amount of $226.00 to cover her expenses plus $10.00 per month for her own services.

According to the petition defendant John A. Gayle resided at Polkton, North Carolina; Catherine and Martha Harris resided at Wadesboro, NC; William Gayle resided at Laurinburg, NC and Thomas Gayle, Ella Farmer, Mary Farmer, Lula Chase, Rosa Gibson, and Augusta Gale (Unknown) resided at Gibson Station, NC. Mary Jean (Gale) Brown requested a partition of real estate in Chesterfield County, to which she was entitled to a one-fifth interest. The property was described as being a lot in Cheraw surrounded by the land of Francis Lynch and by High Street. She also stated that others entitled to a one-fifth interest were Charles W. Gayle; John A. Gayle; Charles Francis Poston, a son of Elizabeth Poston; a predeceased daughter; and William Gayle, Thomas Gayle, Catherine Harris, Martha Harris, Ella Farmer, Mary Farmer, Lula Chase, Rosa Gibson, and Augusta Gayle (Unknown), the children of Thomas Gayle, a predeceased son. On 5/29/1889 it was ordered by the court that the property be sold at public auction at Chesterfield Court House on the first Monday in October. A notice of the auction and of the proposed settlement of Catherine Gayle's estate was published in
THE CHERAW REPORTER. The family attended St. David's Episcopal Church in Cheraw, SC.
St. David's Episcopal Church, Cheraw, SC, ca. 1772 (
II. MARY JANE (12/29/1836, Holcomb - 1/3/1890, Holcomb) was listed in the records of St. David's Episcopal Church, Cheraw, SC as Mary Jane Gales (sic), an adopted child of Catherine Gales. She was baptized at St. David's on 4/5/1844 and was confirmed on 4/30/1854 in Cheraw during a visit by the Rt. Rev. Thomas F. Davis, Bishop of the Diocese. According to the 1850 census Mary Jane was living with Thomas L. Gale in Anson County, NC. On the 1860 and 1870 census, she was living with her mother, Catherine Gale, in Cheraw. She married Archibald Brown sometime prior to 1868 and had children including Henrietta Cornelia (1868 - 11/9/1922) and Thomas Francis Brown, nicknamed "Tobe" (Baptized 1873 - 1933). Thomas was baptized on 3/25/1873 at St. David's. The sponsors listed were Mrs. Catherine Gayle (sic) and the Rev. Jno. W. Motte Holcomb. In 1880 Mary, age 43, was listed as head of a household in Cheraw living next door to Catherine Gale. Living with her were H. C. (Henrietta Cornelia), T. F. (Thomas Francis), and George Archibald. F. (Frances) Lynch lived in the next house and would later acquire the Gale property from Catherine Gale's estate. Mary Jane Gale died in 1890 and was buried on January 3rd of that year at St. David's Church Cemetery. The Reverend Charles C. Quin, Rector of Calvary Church in Wadesboro, NC, officiated.
II. FRANCES (Abt. 1840 - ??) was confirmed on 6/1/1856 in Cheraw during the visit to St. Davis's by the Rt. Rev. Thomas F. Davis, Bishop of South Carolina. (Adopted child, Letter from Langdon to Cadieu, dated 11/12/1986; 1850 & 1860 Census)
II. HENRY A. (Abt. 1843 - 12/14/1863, Bean's Station, Grainger Co., Tenn.) was supposedly adopted by Catherine Gale after she became a widow. Although he was only 16 at the start of the Civil War he gave his age as 17 and enlisted as a Private in Company C of the 8th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry, on 5/26/1861 in Cheraw. He was wounded at the battle of Maryland Heights in 1862 and spent Christmas of that year in the hospital at Richmond. He was killed on 12/14/1863 during the battle at Beans Station, Tennessee. (Neal Cadieu, Jr.; Langdon to Cadieu Letter; Compiled Confederate Service Records; National Archives, Washington, D C.)
II. ELIZABETH ELLEN (8/12/1850 - 1/1887, Cheraw), believed to have been adopted, was baptized on 4/23/1854 at St. David's. Sponsors were her mother Catherine and Mrs. C. W. Gregg, wife of the pastor. Around 1865 she married Alexander D. Polston (4/15/1831 - 2/14/1907), son of Ainsley and Mary Crowley Polston. Elizabeth had three children, Alleine, Charles and Henry, who all used the surname G-A-Y-L-E. When Henry was baptized on 6/3/1879 at St. David's records noted that he was a son of Mrs. Elizabeth Poston (sic). There was no mention of his father and sponsors were listed as his grandmother, Catherine Gayle, and Rev. John W. Motte. Henry died intestate and his heirs-at-law were his brother Charles Gayle, who lived in North Carolina, and his sister Alleine (sic) Gayle, also of North Carolina. His personal property, including a life insurance policy and a watch, was appraised on 6/8/1900 at $270.70. Records of Stubbs Funeral Home in Cheraw show a purchase on 4/15/1900 for Henry A. Gayle for $25.00. According to Charlie Gale's research, Henry's siblings were also listed with the Gayle surname and he noted that "this was not a clerical error, since the funeral home records show Gayle, as do the church records for Alleine Gayle." Elizabeth Ellen Gale Polston was confirmed on 1/16/1870 by the Rt. Rev. Thomas F. Davis, Bishop of the Diocese, who was visiting St. David's. On both the 1870 and 1880 census records, she is shown living with her mother. She died in 1887 and was buried on January 3rd at St. David's Church Cemetery. The Reverend Charles C. Quin, Rector of Calvary Church in Wadesboro, North Carolina, officiated.

II. JOHN A. GALE (1824 - 1889), son of William C. and Catherine Asson Gale, was born on 3/13/1824 in Cheraw, Chesterfield County, South Carolina. On 10/20/1852 John married ELIZA ANN WORLEY (Abt. 1823 - 11/17/1886, Anson Co.), daughter of James and Mary Worley, in Anson County, NC. The couple lived in Wadesboro, Anson County, North Carolina and later at Polkton.

On the 1850 Census of Anson County John was listed as a farmer, age 26, who was living alone. His birthplace was South Carolina. In 1860 he was listed as a farmer, age 35, in Wadesboro, Anson County, NC. Living with him were Eliza, age 32, born in North Carolina; Charles, age 6, born in South Carolina,; John, age 5; born in South Carolina; James, age 2, and William, 4 months, both born in North Carolina. In 1870 John was again listed as the head of a family living in Anson County, NC. At the time he was teaching school and was 46 years old. With him were Eliza, age 46, born NC; Charles D., age 16, born SC, store clerk; John, age 15, born in SC (working on a farm); William, age 10, born in NC and Francis, age 8, born in NC. Also listed were Jane Worley, age 48, seamstress, and Eliza E. Worley, age 22, seamstress, both born in SC.

On Thursday, 5/23/1867, the local newspaper
N.C. ARGUS noted that John A. Gale was among others elected as officers at a regular convocation of the Wadesboro Chapter, No. 31, R. A. M., held in the Masonic Hall on May 17th. Also at Wadesboro John was appointed postmaster on 8/1/1870 at the Wadesboro Post Office in Anson County and served until his successor was appointed on 4/14/1873. Also in 1873 John experienced a fire and on March 19th of that year he published a notice in The Pee Dee Herald. The undersigned returns thanks to those who sympathize with him in his losses by the late fire, but at the same time would remind those who are indebted to him for postage, postage stamps, oysters, fish, beef, pork, etc; that it takes money to buy meat and bread and fire wood, pay house rent and debts, and would respectfully ask such to come up and pay him something.

In 1881 John and his family were living at Polkton, NC and on September 1st of that year it was announced in the
Anson Times, a Wadesboro newspaper, that his father-in-law James Worley, Esq., age about 77 years, died "…At Polkton, August 25, 1881, at the residence of J. A. Gale." On Thursday, 12/16/1886, the same newspaper announced the death of Eliza A. Gale, wife of John A. Gale, Esq. "Died, after a lingering illness, at Polkton, N.C., Nov. 17th, Mrs. Eliza A., wife of John A. Gale, Esq., aged about 63 years. She was born in Anson County, and when quite young joined the M. E. Church, and was a consistent member of the same to the day of her death…" (Anson Times) John Gale died on 10/23/1889 and his obituary appeared in the Messenger-Intelligence, in Wadesboro, North Carolina, on 10/31/1889. "In Polkton, NC, Wednesday, October 23, 1889, John A. Gale. He was born in Cheraw, SC, March 13, 1824, and came to Anson County about 1852, where he has since remained. From his early years to the day of his death, he was a consistent member of the Methodist church, and said he was prepared to meet his God in peace. Blessed be God he was ready for the summons. His life before God and his fellowmen was blameless. Last Thursday his body was borne to the grave amid the tolling of all the church bells of the town, and one of the purest men that has ever lived in the county was laid to rest. After life's fitful fever, he sleeps well."

III. JOHN WILLIS (10/27/1854, Hornsboro, Chesterfield, SC - 12/21/1923, Anson Co., NC) married Frances Lugenie Pope.
III. CHARLES DERRICK (7/15/1853, Hornsboro, Chesterfield Co., SC - 2/28/1896, Rockingham, Richmond County, NC) married Mary S. (Mollie) Bowman (8/5/1863, Anson Co., NC - 5/17/1932, Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC) and had children.
III. JAMES WORLEY (8/2/1858, Anson Co., NC - 8/24/1860, Anson Co., NC) was born at High Mount Tannery, 4 miles west of Wadesboro, NC, about sunrise on a Monday morning. III. WILLIAM PARSONS (3/18/1860, Wadesboro, Anson County, NC - 3/28/1931, Shelby, Cleveland Co., NC) married Josephine Simmons.
III. FRANCIS MILTON (7/8/1862, Lawyer's Springs, Anson County, NC - 12/29/1931, Richburg, Chester Co., SC) married Laura Hope Crockett

III. JOHN WILLIS GALE (1854 -1923) was born on 10/27/1854 to John and Eliza Worley Gale in Chesterfield County, South Carolina near the head of Big Brown Creek about seven miles west of Hornsboro. On 9/6/1879 John married FRANCES LUGENIE POPE (6/15/1862, Polkton, Anson Co., NC - 6/20/1945, Anson Co.), daughter of Eli and Frances Davis Pope, at Mt. Croghan, also in Chesterfield County. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. W. Moore. They had several children.

An article in the
Anson Times on Thursday, 2/21/1881, John was listed in a notice of the annual election of officers of the Anson Guards, held in Polkton..."the following gentlemen were elected: Capt. T. J. Caudle; 1st Lieut., J. H. Benton; 2nd Lieut., J. W. Gale; and Jr. 2nd Lieut., M. L. Horn. On the census for 1900 John was listed as a grocer, age 45, living in East Goose Creek Township, Union County, North Carolina on 6/22/1900. In his household was his wife Fannie, age 37, born in June of 1862 in North Carolina. Their children were listed as Foster C., salesman, age 19, born in March of 1881 in NC; Minor P., age 8, born in September of 1891 in NC; John I., age 4, born in July of 1896 in NC; and Mary J., age 1, born in October of 1898, also in NC. John Willis Gale died 12/21/1923 in Anson County, North Carolina and was buried in the Griffin Cemetery in Polkton, as was his wife "Fannie." His obituary stated that he was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Gale, early citizens of Polkton. He was a pharmacist there for many years and a member of the Methodist Church. Survivors listed were his brother Frank and five children.

IV. FOSTER COWEN (3/11/1881, Polkton, Anson Co., NC - 8/26/1954, Anson Co., NC) was born on Friday morning at 2:45 am. He married Patra Mae Sasser (3/9/1885, Marshville, Union Co., NC - 12/10/1962, Anson Co., NC) on 12/20/1904 in Anson County at a ceremony performed by J. W. Beachum, Justice of the Peace for Lanesboro Township. Foster was a pharmacist and at his death was buried at Grifin Cemetery in Polkton along with his wife and other family members.
IV. PAWLY BURMAN (10/3/1885, Polkton - 10/16/1887, Polkton) was born at 6:30 am on Saturday. IV. GUSSIE (6/6/1890, Polkton - 7/27/1890, Polkton) was born at 5:30 pm on Friday with Dr. D. M. Smith attending.
IV. MINOR POPE (9/6/1891, Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC - 11/13/1971, Charleston, SC) was born at 10:00am on Sunday morning with Dr. John M. Stancill attending. He married Ethel Oliver (9/14/1896, Mt. Croghan, Chesterfield Co., SC - 3/1978, Charleston, SC) on 7/19/1918 in Columbia, Richland Co., SC at the home of B. R. Rivers. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Edward Currie. A pharmacist, Minor owned a drug store and ran the Post Office at Mt. Croghan in Chesterfield County from 1936 to 1960. He was inducted into service on 5/28/1918 at Cheraw and assigned to the 156th Depot Brigade until 6/15/1918 when he was transferred to the Medical Detachment of the 316th Field Artillery. He served overseas from 8/5/1918 to 6/9/1919 and was honorably discharged on 6/17/1919. (Anson County in the World War, 1917 - 1919, Craighead-Dunlap, DAR - Raleigh NC, 1929) He was a member of Mt. Croghan Methodist Church in Chesterfield County and at his death was buried at Live Oak Memorial Gardens on 11/15/1971.
IV. JOHN IRWIN (7/7/1896, Polkton, Anson Co., NC - 12/3/1968, Chapel Hill, Orange Co., NC) was born on Sunday at 3:30 am. He married Mary Anna Hobbs (10/25/1904, Clinton, Sampson Co., NC - 1986, Big Stone Gap, Wise Co., Va.) on 10/9/1930 at Emporia, Greenville Co., Virginia. Dr. John Irwin Gale obtained a degree from Trinity College, Duke University, in Durham, NC and was a dentist who practiced in Wadesboro, NC. He was divorced from Mary Hobbs on 7/26/1932 in Pulaskie County, Little Rock, Arkansas. He was listed as a widower in estate records and died without a will. According to his death certificate, he died in North Carolina Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill and was buried at Grifin Cemetery in Polkton with other family members.
IV. MARY JANE (10/13/1898, Charlotte, Mecklenburg, NC - 3/26/1994, Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC) was born on Friday at 4:43 pm, Dr. W. T. Woodley attending. She married Paul H. Dabbs (2/11/1899, Anson Co., NC - 6/5/1955, Anson Co., NC) on 4/18/1925 at Bennettsville, Marlboro County, SC at the Methodist Parsonage. Mary Jane was buried at Grifin Cemetery in Polkton.
IV. CYRIL BRUCE (1/12/1901, Concord, Cabarrus Co., NC - 10/18/1956, Pinehurst, Moore Co., NC) was born on Tuesday at 4:40 am. He married Ellen Elsie Fuller and was a self-employed owner of a Feed & Seed Store. He was buried on 10/21/1956 at Mt. Hope Cemetery, Southern Pines, Moore, County, NC.

III. CHARLES DERRICK GALE (1853 - 1896) was born to John and Eliza Gale at 1:00 in the morning on Friday, 7/15/1853 at Hornsboro, Chesterfield County, SC. He married MARY S. "MOLLIE" BOWMAN (8/5/1863, Anson County, NC - 5/17/1932, Rockingham, Richmond County, NC), daughter of Thomas Bowman and Eleanor White, and had six children. Charles and Mollie Gale were members of the First United Methodist Church in Rockingham and Charles was active in community affairs. On 6/26/1875 and 9/9/1876 he was listed as one of the secretaries at the County Conventions in Wadesboro, Anson County, NC occurring on 6/30/1875 and 9/18/1876, respectively. He was editor of the local newspaper, the Rockingame Times, in Rockingham, NC. Charles Gale died of acute pneumonia at 12:05 on Thursday night, 2/28/1896 in Rockingham, Richmond County, NC. Mollie survived him and died on 5/17/1932, also in Rockingham. Both were buried in Northam Cemetery, Rockingham, NC. Afterwards the family appeared on the 1900 census for Richmond County, NC, as follows. Mollie, born 8/1863, age 36, rents home; Edna, born 10/1880, age 19, works in cotton mill; Edith, born 1/1883, age 17, works in cotton mill; Lee, born 8/1884, age 15, works in cotton mill; Charlie, born 1/1887, age 13; Lila, born 4/1890, age 10; and Bessie, born 6/1893, age 6.

IV. EDNA S. (10/28/1879 - 5/16/1919, Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC) never married. She was buried at Northam Cemetery, Rockingham. According to Charlie Gale, "The birth date on tombstone is incorrect. On the 1880 NC Anson County Census she was the only child listed; age less than one year old." IV. EDITH B. (1/30/1882 - Burial, 12/10/1969, Northam Cemetery, Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC) never married. IV. ELMER LEE (8/7/1884, Polkton, Anson Co., NC - 2/7/1955, Conway, Horry Co., SC) married Jennie Janet Patrick (1/21/1888, Windy Hill, Horry Co., SC - 9/7/1957) on 10/26/1905 at Conway. IV. CHARLES DERRICK, JR. (1/6/1889 - 3/22/1959, Jacksonville, Duval Co., Florida) married Mima M. Boden (3/12/1896, Pittsburg, Allegheny Co., Pa. - 3/29/1968, Tampa, Hillsbrough Co., Fla.) and had daughters, Dorothy and Margaret Gale. IV. LILA ALICE (4/29/1891 - 9/7/1963, Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC) never married and was a tutor to the daughter of a family in Charlotte, NC and then a companion to the girl's mother. At her death she was buried at Northam Cemetery. IV. BESSIE D. (6/22/1893 - 9/25/1941, Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC) married James B. Hall (5/27/1890, Marlboro Co., SC - 7/29/1952, Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC) Both Bessie and James were buried at Northam Cemetery.

IV. ELMER LEE GALE (1884 - 1955) was born on 8/7/1884 at Polkton, Anson County, North Carolina. On 10/26/1905 he married JENNIE JANET PATRICK (1/21/1888 - Windy Hill, Horry Co., SC - 9/7/1957, Conway, Horry County, SC) and had children, but their names are unknown. Elmer Lee increased his age by three years to receive a job with Seaboard Airlines Railroad in Hamlet, NC and afterwards continued to go by that age. Consequently the date of his birth inscribed on his tombstone, 8/7/1881, is incorrect and should instead read 8/7/1884. He was active in his church and taught the adult Sunday school class at Centenary United Methodist Church in Conway. Elmer Lee Gale died on 2/7/1955 and was buried at Hillcrest Cemetery, Conway, Horry County, South Carolina.

In May of the same year a local paper,
The Field, published an article, CENTENARY CHURCH TO HONOR MEMORY OF E. L. GALE, SR. "The congregation of the Centenary Methodist Church, located on the old Myrtle Beach Road, will unveil a pew in memory of the late Elmer Lee Gale, Sr. at dedication services May 10, at 7:30 P.M. Mr. Gale was a member of Cenatenary Church for more than 40 years. At the time of his death he was an adult teacher in the Sunday school and chairman of the Building Committee of the church, also chairman of the board of stewards."

The following week, another article ran: DEDICATE PEW IN MEMORY OF ELMER GALE: " A memorial pew to the late Elmer Lee Gale, Sr. was held at the Centerary Methodist church on the old Conway Highway May 10. The Rev. J. H. Armburst, pastor of the Waccamaw charge, conducted the service. The pastor spoke on the years of loving service given to the church by Mr. Gale, of how he had led the work of building a new church following the destruction of the church in last year's hurricane. J. B. Armstrong, chairman of the board of stewards, presented the pew. The pastor accepted the memorial for the congregation. Charlie Lee Gale, grandson of the man memorialized, unveiled the marker on the pew. Mrs. Elmer Lee Gale, Miss Oneda Gale, and Charles Gale, members of the family, attended the ceremonies."

IV. CHARLES DERRICK GALE, JR. (1889 - 1959) was born on 1/6/1889 to Charles Derrick and Mary S. Bowman Gale. He married MIMA M. BODEN (3/12/1896, Pittsburg, Allegheny County, Pa. - 3/29/1968, Tampa, Hillsbrough County, Florida) and had two children. Charles owned mattress manufacturing companies in Macon, Georgia; Rochester, New York and Richmond, VA. He appeared on the 1900 census in Rockingham, Richmond County, NC living with his mother and sisters.

On the 1910 census he appears as a single man at a rooming house in Portsmouth, VA. In 1920 he was married and living in Akron, Summit County, Ohio and was employed in a mattress factory. He appears on the 1930 census in Macon, Bibb County, Georgia as the head of a household, age 40, born in North Carolina, and the owner of a mattress factory. In his household were his wife Mima, age 34, born in Pennsylvania; daughter Dorothy Gale, age 14, born in Pennsylvania; and daughter Margaret Gale, age 8, born in Ohio. Charles Derrick Gale, Jr. died on 3/22/1959 in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. Both he and his wife Mima were buried in Northam Cemetery, Rockingham, North Carolina.

V. DOROTHY (1916 - ??)
V. MARGARET (1922 - ??)

III. WILLIAM PARSONS GALE (1860 - 1931) was born about 11:00 pm on Sunday night, 3/18/1860, in Wadesboro, Anson County, North Carolina to John A. and Eliza Worley Gale. He married JOSEPHINE R. SIMMONS (Abt. 1860 - ??), daughter of Robert and Mary Profit Simmons, on 10/19/1881 in Polkton, Anson County, NC and had four children.
William Parsons Gale served in the U. S. Army during the Spanish American War. He died on 3/28/1931 in Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina and was buried on 3/29/1931 at Sunset Cemetery, Shelby, Cleveland County, North Carolina.

IV. CLAUDE H. (6/14/1884, Polkton, Anson Co., NC - 10/17/1918, Shelby, Cleveland Co., NC) married May Bell Hunter. Claude was buried at Sunset Cemetery in Shelby.
IV. JESSIE MOORE (9/18/1887, Anson Co., NC - 2/6/1959, Shelby, Cleveland Co., NC) married Wyatt Claude Harrill (12/27/1880, Cleveland Co., NC - 7/10/1948, Shelby, Cleveland Co., NC) Jessie and Claude were buried at Sunset Cemetery in Cleveland County.
IV. RUTH (Abt. 1893, NC - ??) married Brack McKee (Abt. 1886, NC - ??).
IV. MADGE (Abt. 1898 - ??).

III. FRANCIS MILTON GALE (1862 - 1931), called Frank, was born just before daybreak on Tuesday morning, 7/8/1862, at Lawyer's Springs, Anson County, NC to John A. and Eliza Worley Gale. He married LAURA HOPE CROCKETT (9/22/1870 - 7/18/1943), daughter of Robert and Laura Cartledge Crockett. Francis Milton Gale died on 12/29/1931 and was buried at Union Cemetery, Richburg, Chester County, SC. He was Methodist. Laura was also buried at Union Cemetery.

IV. FRANCIS STANHOPE (11/14/1906 - 3/9/1991) married Mary Catherine Pope (2/14/1910, Winnsboro, Fairfield County, SC - 7/10/2004, Summerville, Dorchester Co., SC), daughter of Frank C. Pope, Sr. and Ethel Carroll Pope. Mary Catherine attended Winthrop College and taught in the Lowry Elementary School. She lived to the age of 94 and retired as a postal clerk with the Richburg Post Office after serving thirty years. An obituary, published on 7/13/2004 in the Charleston Post and Courier, stated that she was the widow of Francis Stanhope Gale, Sr. and had died at Summerville nursing home. Her funeral would be held at 10 am in the Union ARP Church in Richburg, directed by Russell Funeral Chapel and burial would be in the church cemetery. Survivors were listed as Francis Stanhope Gale, Jr. and his wife, Mary Ann, of Moncks Corner; sister, Mrs. William E. Bates of Charlotte, NC: two grandchildren, Francis Stanhope Gale, III and Rosemary Hope both of Moncks Corner; a number of nieces and nephews. Friends may call at the Union ARP Church Social Hall from 9 o'clock until the hour of service. Memorials may be made to the Richburg United Cemetery Fund or the Richburg United Methodist Church, Richburg, SC 29729. Francis Stanhope Gale received a degree from the Citadel, Charleston, SC. Both Francis and Mary Catherine were buried at Union Cemetery in Richburg, Chester County, SC.
IV. ANNIE LORRAINE (4/14/1909 - 12/14/2000, Moncks Corner, Berkeley Co., SC) received her degree from University of South Carolina, Columbia, Richland County. She was buried at Union Cemetery.
II. CHARLES WILLIAM GALE (1825 - 1904) was born to William C. and Catherine Asson Gale on 11/9/1825 in Cheraw, Chesterfield, SC. He was living in the household of his mother Catherine in 1850 and sometime between 1853 and 1854 he married MARGARET MUNGO (1827 - 12/1/1910, Columbia, Richland Co., SC). In 1860 the Kershaw County, SC census listed Charles as a laborer, age 32. Living with him was M. (Margaret) Gale, age 28; C. (Katherine), age 6; J. (Joseph), age 3; and? (Charles Jefferson), age 3 months. (Langdon to Cadieu Letter, 11/12/1986) He was reported to be a wheelwright and made many toys, including miniature furniture, for his granddaughter, Margaret Frances Cadieu.

In March of 1862 Charles joined the Confederate army and served as a private in Captain Gardner's Palmetto Light Battery, South Carolina Light Artillery. He was promoted to Corporal soon after his enlistment. His unit was attached to Colonel Haskell's Battalion Artillery and fought in the battle at Second Bull Run and Fredericksburg before being assigned to the defense of Richmond, Virginia. Apparently wounded in battle, Charles received treatment at the Jackson Hospital in Richmond on 9/30/1864. He returned to duty on November 30th but was in and out of the hospital until the end of December. He was later reported as a prisoner of war described as being 36 years of age, 5'8" in height with blue eyes, dark hair and a fair complexion. After the war Charles was released at Richmond on 4/9/1865. He received a pension of $8.00 every six months. (C. W. Gayle (sic) file; Private, Palmetto Light Artillery, South Carolina Volunteers; Compiled Service Records, Confederate States of America; National Archives, Washington, D.C., and Cadieu, French Tanner, pg. 70.)

According to Charlie Lee Gale, sometime after the Civil War this branch of the Gale family seems to have changed the spelling of their surname to Gayle. Charles was listed on the Chesterfield County tax rolls in 1865 and paid a poll tax of $2.00. He also paid taxes on the estate of W. C. Gayle (sic) in 1865 and 1867. In 1880 Charles was listed as the head of a family on the census for Cheraw as a blacksmith, age 51. Living in his household was his wife Margaret, age 49; son Joseph, a fireman for the railroad, age 22; son Charles, undertaker, age 20; daughter Fannie, age 14; and son John, age 10. All of the children were born in South Carolina. Charles lived his last years in Florence, Florence County, South Carolina, where he died on 6/27/1904. He was buried at St. David's Church Cemetery, Cheraw, in Chesterfield County. Records of the Stubbs Funeral Home in Cheraw show that a casket or funeral was arranged for Charles William Gayle (sic) on 6/29/1904 in the amount of $10.00. (Norton to Langdon letter; H. Craig Norton, President, Norton-Rushing Co., Inc., Funeral Directors, formerly Stubbs Funeral Home; letter to Shirley P. Langdon, 132 Langdon Road, Aiken, SC. Letter, undated, at 417 Third St., Cheraw, SC. Photocopy in possession of Edwin C. Dunn) Margaret Mungo Gayle died on 12/1/1910 at the home of her son Joseph Michael Gayle in Columbia, Richland County, SC. She was buried in Columbia since the family plot in Cheraw was said to be filled.

III. KATHERINE MUNGO (11/20/1854 - 8/3/1937, Johnson City, Washington County, Tenn.) was baptized on 12/4/1864 at St. David's Episcopal Church in Cheraw. Her sponsors were her mother and grandmother. She married Charles Towne Cadieu (4/20/1850, New York, NY - 11/1929, Johnson City, Washington Co., Tenn., son of Joseph and Mary Blais Cadieu, on 7/17/1874 at Cheraw, Chesterfield Co., SC. They lived in Cheraw, Hornsboro, Chesterfield County, SC; Monroe, Union County, NC and moved in 1908 to Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee, where Charles ran a shoe repair shop until his death. According to family tradition Katherine had red hair and blue eyes.
III. JOSEPH MICHAEL (1857, Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC - 5/19/1919) married Mary Kind.
III. CHARLES JEFFERSON (5/22/1860, Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC - 9/4/1945) married Lucy Anna Allison. I
III. FRANCES (Abt. 2/28/1866 - 6/18/1883). III. JOHN HENRY (8/16/1870 - 1/26/1946) married Annie Pridgen.

III. JOSEPH MICHAEL GAYLE (1857 - 1919) was born in 1857 to Charles William and Margaret Mungo Gale at Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC. He was baptized on 12/4/1864 at St. David's Episcopal Church in Cheraw. Sponsors were his mother and grandmother. Joseph married MARY MAGDALENE "MAGGIE" KIND (5/28/1867 - 5/17/1941) on 5/28/1899 and had children.

The family spelled the name G-A-Y-L-E. Joseph lived in Chesterfield County as noted on a deed dated 9/16/1882 when Joseph M. Gayle (sic) sold to Rebecca Ann Miller for $150.00 a one-acre tract of land in Chesterfield County on the south side of Cheraw, containing one acre, conveyed to him from W. R. Godfrey on 9/19/1877. (Chesterfield County, DB7/26) Joseph worked as a railroad engineer until his death on 5/19/1919 as a result of his engine colliding head-on with another train. His wife Maggie was active in the community and was a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. She also served on the Board of Directors of the Confederate Home in Columbia, South Carolina.

IV. FRANCIS (?? - ??)
IV. MARGUERITE (?? - ??) married Harvey Richardson
IV. LOUISE (Abt. 1911 - Abt. 1997, Columbia, Richland Co., SC) never married.
IV. HAROLD JOSEPH (?? - Died young)

III. CHARLES JEFFERSON GAYLE (1860 - 1945), known as "Jeff," was born to Charles William and Margaret Mungo Gale on 5/22/1860 at Cheraw, Chesterfield County, South Carolina. He married LUCY ANNA ALLISON (6/21/1863 - 12/19/1945) on 9/2/1886 in Fort Mills, York County, South Carolina. The ceremony was performed by Rev. John M. McRoy at EMC South Church. Charles Jefferson Gayle died on 9/4/1945.

IV. MARY (?? - ??) married (1)? Dean; (2) Thomas Moore.
IV. CHARLES NORWOOD (1/3/1891, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama - 6/1961) married Lillian Lucille Hughes, 1921, Columbia, Richland County, SC.

III. JOHN HENRY GAYLE (1870 - 1946) was born on 8/16/1870 to Charles William and Margaret Mungo Gale. He was reported to have had red hair. John married ANNIE PRIDGEN (12/15/1870 - 8/1966) and had two known children. John Henry Gayle died on 1/26/1946.

IV. CHARLES JOSEPH (?? - ??) married Marguerite Leonard Grimball.
IV. JOHN HENRY, JR. (?? - ??) was killed in a head-on car collision near Sanford, Florida when a drunk driver crossed the center line. He was on his way to visit his girl friend, Marguerite Leonard Grimball, who later married his brother Charles.

II. THOMAS LYNCH GALE (?? - ??) was born to William C. and Catherine Asson Gale about 1826 in Cheraw, Chesterfield County, SC. Sometime before 1848 he married CATHERINE FRANCES COVINGTON (7/4/1830, Anson Co., NC - 7/22/1892), daughter of John and Martha Alderman Covington. According to Thomas' obituary, the couple had nine children, although there were ten births between 1848 and about 1863.

It was within this branch of the family that some members added an 's' to the spelling of their surname, changing it to G-A-L-E-S. Thomas was listed on the 1850 Census in the Sandy Point District of Anson County as the head of a household, age 23, born in South Carolina and working as a tailor. Listed in his household were Frances, age 20, born in North Carolina; William C., age 2, born in North Carolina; Mary J., age 15, born in South Carolina; and Minerva Hatchinson, age 18, born in North Carolina. Living next door was Lydia Covington, age 24, and Franklin Covington, age 3. In 1860 Thomas was again listed on the Anson County Census residing in the Cedar Hill District (Post Office: Ansonville). His age was given as 34, his occupation was a tailor, and his place of birth was South Carolina. In his household were Frances, age 30; William, age 11; Frances, age 9; Martha, age 8; Susan, age 6; Thomas, age 4; Louise, age 2; and Mary, age 1, all born in North Carolina.

At the time of the Civil War Thomas enlisted with the Confederacy, serving as a nurse. "An exhaustive study of the Civil War service records of Gales by Edwin Dunn shows that Thomas, from whom he is descended, went to Wadesboro, NC on Feb 24, 1863 and joined a number of other Anson County men serving in the 43rd Regiment, NC Infantry. Stationed first at Kinston, NC, Thomas quickly saw action when the Confederates tried to recapture New Bern. Failing, they then turned to Washington, NC, again failing. The unit was reassigned, joining Gen. Lee's march into Pennsylvania." (Charlie Lee Gale)

"As did most of the Confederate Army, Thomas fought in the Battle of Gettysburg. He was left behind as a nurse when the Confederates retreated in order to care for the severely injured that could not be transported. He was captured (on 7/5/1863), sent to the U. S. Army Hospital at Baltimore, MD, for a brief time, and then included in an exchange of prisoners. Thomas continued as a nurse, a job thought not suitable for women at the time. He continued to see action until his death at a Harrisonburg, Va. hospital on Nov 29, 1864." (Cadieu, J. Neal, Jr.,
Legacy of a French Tanner, History of the Cadieux, Cadieu, Gayle, and Arant Families, Rockingham, NC)

According to Charlie Gale, a note in the Covington file of the Dunlap Collection at the Anson County Public Library, reportedly taken from the church records of the Quarterly Meetings for Ansonville Circuit held in the Ansonville Church on Feb 18, 1865, reads: "Thomas L Gale died in the hospital at Harrisonburg while doing duty as a soldier in the Army of Northern Virginia." He was buried at Harrisonburg, in Rockingham County, Virginia and the following obituary was published in
THE NORTH CAROLINA ARGUS, Wadesboro, NC on 12/8/1864. "At Harrisonburg, Va., Nov 29th, 1864, Thos L Gale, of Co I, 43d Reg't. N.C.T. He leaves a wife and nine children and many relatives and friends to mourn his loss. We should not mourn, as the friend who sent the sad intelligence, said that he lived the life of a Christian, and died with a living faith in that God who had sustained him in all his trials in this life and gave him grace that he might rise to a life in Heaven. J.A.G."

Thomas was survived by his wife who appears as Catherine F. Gale on the 1880 Federal Census for Richmond County, NC, in the household of her son, Thomas S. Gale. She was listed as a widow, age 50. At her death Frances was buried at St. John's Methodist Church Cemetery in Gibson, NC.

III. WILLIAM C. (12/11/1848, Anson Co., NC - 6/2/1926, Stewartsville Township, Scotland Co., NC) married Colen Preslar.
III. CATHERINE FRANCES "FANNIE" (Abt. 1851 - ??) married Franklin P. Harris on 10/18/1869 in Anson Co., NC, son of Benjamin and Rebecca Harris.
III. MARTHA ANN (Abt. 1852, NC - ??) married Jesse Ragsdale Downer (1859 - ??) son of James and Nancy Ragsdale Downer.
III. SUSAN ELLA (11/14/1854, Richmond Co., NC - 9/9/1931) married Thomas Kendrick Farmer (3/4/1852, Richmond Co., NC - 3/4/1922, NC), son of Leroy and Elizabeth Mathis Farmer, on 9/27/1873. Both were buried at Caledonia Methodist Church Cemetery in Scotland County, NC.
III. SARAH JANE (7/4/1853, Anson Co., NC - 9/23/1854, Anson Co., NC) "Died: At C. F. College [Carolina Female College], on the 23rd inst., Sarah Jane, d/o T. L. and Frances Gale, aged 1 year, 2 months and 19 days. (The Pee Dee Star, Wadesborough, Anson Co., NC, Saturday, 9/30/1854).
III. THOMAS SEATON (8/8/1856, Anson Co., NC - 3/25/1935, Sampson Co., NC) married (1) Kitty Jane Peele, (2) Josephine Underwood.
III. LOUISE "LULA" (Abt. 1858, NC - 10/23/1935) married Thomas C. Chance.
III. MARY ELIZABETH "MOLLIE" (7/29/1859, Lilesville, Anson County, NC - 8/18/1926) was listed on the 1870 census living with Elizabeth Reyton in Lilesville, Anson County, NC. It is not known whether they were related. On 12/7/1873 she married JAMES WHITMAN "JIM" FARMER (12/23/1849, Rockingham, Richmond Co., NC - 12/17/1917) in Marlboro Co., SC. James was the son of Leroy and Elizabeth Mathis Farmer. He and Mary had 16 children, 11of whom lived to adulthood. Information from Charlie Lee Gale stated, Mary related to her family that she remembered her father coming home from the war once and reaching down from his horse and swooping her up in his arms. The Gale home place was near the sand and gravel pits at Lilesville, NC, just to the west of the Pee Dee River. Ella, who was older than Mollie, had married Thomas K. Farmer and was living near Cordova, NC, just to the east of the Pee Dee, when Millie, at age 13, who had become orphaned with her father's death, rode the train to visit her sister. James Farmer rode in the buggy with them during this visit, and then married her when she was just age 14. On March 7, 1865, Union troops advanced from Cheraw, SC, directly by the Farmer's home place. James (Jim) Whitman, age 16, and Thomas K., age 13, watched as a gun was broken against the chimney; as the stock flew off, T. K.'s leg was broken and was set by an officer. Two troops hid a cow so the boys would have milk to survive. During the desolate post-war years, and living with their Uncle Calvin Mathis, they trapped quail and Rabbit to eat. While hunting turkey near the Pee Dee River, someone came upon and killed a panther; all became very ill after it was cooked and eaten. Following loss of their property near Rockingham about 1880 through swindle, the two Farmer families moved separately to several places near McCall, SC, near Laurinburg, NC, and last near Johns Station in Scotland County, NC, where they farmed. Both James and Mollie Gale Farmer were buried at Caledonia Methodist Church Cemetery, Scotland County, NC.
III. FLORA AUGUSTA (Abt. 1861 - 7/29/1936) married Jack Rachel.
III. ROSA J. (Abt. 1863 - ??) married Nathan Warren Gibson (Abt. 1848, Richmond Co., NC - ??), son of Nathan and Martha O'Brien Gibson, after 1880 in Richmond Co., NC.

III. WILLIAM C. GALES (1848 - 1926), nicknamed "Billy" Gales, was born on 12/11/1848 in Anson County, North Carolina, to Thomas Lynch and Frances Covington Gale. On 11/30/1871 William married COLEN PRESLAR (4/24/1848, Anson County - 10/8/1918, Stewartsville Township, Scotland County, NC), daughter of John and Sarah Preslar, at a ceremony performed in Anson County by I. M. Williams, Justice of the Peace. The births of their children are recorded in a family Bible. On the 1900 census for Scotland County, NC, Billy Gales appeared as the head of a household in Lower Williamson Township. He was listed as a farmer, age 52, married for 25 years. In his household were his wife Colen, age 53; daughter Mary, age 23; Martha, age 23; Alice, age 20; Emma, age 14, and son William, age 12, all born in North Carolina.

When Billy registered to vote in Lower Williamson Township his age was given as 53 and T. L. Gale was listed as someone who had voted previously in North Carolina prior to 1/1/1867.
(Scotland County, NC, List of Registered Votes, 1902-1908, Scotland Piper, Scotland County Genealogical Society Newsletter, Vol 5, Number 1, Nov 1995)

William C. Gales died on 6/2/1926 in Stewartsville Township, Scotland County and his daughter Martha was the administrator of his estate. The final accounting included cash on hand at $990.10 and receipts from personal property totaling $753.06. Disbursements of $1150.73 were made to local businesses including Dr. J. O. McClelland; Dr. L. T. Buchanan; J. C. Daniel for burial expenses; Rockingham Marble Works for a monument; W. D. Jernigan Groceries and Meats of Johns, NC and G. P. McKinnon for land rent, fertilizer and seeds. The balance of the estate was distributed equally among the heirs and it was noted that Rosa Gales Dunn was paid her share and that Emma Gales Brigman and William E. Gales signed over their shares to Mollie, Mattie, and Alice Gales. William's wife, Colen Preslar Gales, was buried at Caledonia Church Cemetery in Scotland County, NC, as were their children.

IV. SAROW F. (10/9/1872 - 5/30/1874).
IV. MARTHA "MOLLIE" (12/2/1874 - 5/17/1939)
IV. MARY "MATTIE" (12/2/1874 - 11/2/1936)
IV. CORNELIA ALICE (6/24/1878 - 6/23/1942)
IV. EMMA TABATHEA (3/24/1885, Anson Co., NC - 10/30/1941, High Point, Guilford Co., NC) married Bascom "Brack" Early Brigman (10/24/1885, Scotland Co., NC - 4/13/1934, High Point, Guilford Co., NC) on 7/10/1906 at the home of her father in Scotland County. Emma and Bascom were buried at Caledonia Church Cemetery.
IV. ROSA FLORENCE (3/1/1887, Anson Co., NC - 3/27/1951, High Point, NC) married William Preston "Prett" Dunn (6/19/1878, Marlboro Co., SC - 9/9/1949, Fayetteville, Cumberland Co., NC) on 11/4/1899 at Bennettsville, Marlboro Co., SC. Both Rosa and William were buried at Caledonia Methodist Church Cemetery.
IV. WILLIAM EDWARD "WILL" (11/2/1887 - 8/19/1968) married Georgia Mae Sikes (10/4/1884 - 11/10/1971) on 10/20/1907 at Wadesboro, Anson County, NC. The ceremony was performed by G. W. Rogers, Justice of the Peace. It was noted that the groom was from Maxton, NC, and the bride from Polkton.
IV. UN-NAMED SON (12/5/1897 -12/6/1897).

III. THOMAS SEATON GALE (1856 - 1935) was born on 8/8/1856 in Anson County, North Carolina to Thomas Lynch and Frances Covington Gale. On the 1880 census for Richmond County, NC, Thomas was listed as a farmer, age 24, living in Laurel Hill .Township. Living with him was his widowed mother, Catherine F. Gale, age 50, and his sisters, Flora G., age 19 and Rosa J., age 17. On 11/14/1886 Thomas married (1) KITTY JANE PEELE (10/13/1874 - 7/2/1906), daughter of William and Emily Wright Peele, and had several children before her death. On 4/23/1912 Thomas married (2) JOSEPHINE UNDERWOOD (8/18/1878, Sampson Co., NC - 10/7/1937, Salemburg, Sampson Co., NC), daughter of Theophilus and Alpha Crumpler Underwood, and had children. They lived in Sampson County, North Carolina. Thomas Seaton Gale died on 3/25/1935 and Josephine Underwood Gale died on 10/7/1931. Both were buried at Salemburg Cemetery in Sampson County.

IV. EMMA ETHEL (4/4/1889, Scotland Co., NC - 9/2/1975, Sampson Co., NC) married Edwin Carraway Newman (7/29/1886, Sampson Co., NC - 12/3/1957, Sampson Co., NC) on 12/6/1911.
IV. MARY FRANCES (11/2/1890 - 4/26/1927) married Willie Belton Gibson (12/23/1882 - 3/10/1956).
IV. TYLER T. (12/21/1892 - 10/19/1893) buried at R. A. Peele Cemetery, Scotland Co., NC.
IV. HOYT LYNCH (3/1/1896, Scotland Co., NC - 2/22/1988, Salemburg, Sampson Co., NC) married Eva Kate Owen (5/9/1904, Sampson Co., NC - 9/19/1982, Clinton, Sampson Co., NC) on 12/27/1922 at Honeycutt, Sampson Co., NC. Hoyt was buried at Salemburg Cemetery, Salemburg, Sampson Co., NC with his wife. His tombstone reads "117 Engineer Train 42 Div - World War I." Hoyt served as a Lieutenant with the 42nd Rainbow Division.
IV. TYLER MCLEAN (9/19/1898, Scotland Co., NC - 9/20/1976, Clinton, Sampson Co., NC) married Bessie Royal (8/26/1897 - 2/7/1976, Clinton, Sampson Co., NC). Both were buried at Clinton Cemetery in Clinton, NC on 9/23/1976 and 2/12/1976, respectively.
IV. CHARLIE THOMAS (7/15/1901, Scotland Co., NC - 9/22/1975, Clinton, Sampson Co., NC) married Julia Underwood (2/23/1896, Sampson Co., NC - 6/1/1974, Clinton, Sampson Co., NC) on 12/15/1920, Clinton, Sampson Co., NC. Both were buried at Salemburg Cemetery.
IV. LONNIE E. (4/26/1903 - 3/8/1933) married Bill Dawkins.

IV. JOSEPH SEATON (1913 - ??) married Margaret Grace Lewis. IV. PAUL ELDRIDGE (1918 - 1973) married Mildred Lucile Holmes.

The Family of Captain George Gale (Est. 1778 - ??) of Ireland, Virginia & Ohio
THE FAMILY OF CAPTAIN GEORGE GALE was described as being descended from an English dragoon of Irish birth who came to the Colonies around the time of the Revolutionary War. According to tradition he was an admirer of George Washington and named one of his sons after him.
I. Capt. George Gale m. Mary McKeirnon, Ireland
II. Johnny (Bef. 1799, Ireland - ??)
II. McKeirnon (Bef. 1799, Ireland - ??)
II. Dr. George Washington Gale (1799, Hampshire Co., VA - 1878) m. 1836 Catherine Adams Wells (1815 - 1881)
III. Dr. John Whitton Gale (1838 - 1871)
III. Mary (1839 - 1860)
III. Alcinda B. (1841 - 1931)
III. Rachel (1843 -1928)
III. Ellen (1845 - 1909)
III. Dr. Nicholas Wells Gale (1846 - 1924) m. Fairie E. McKinzie (1855 - 1924) and had children.
IV. Con T. (?? - ??)
IV. Lucy (?? - ??)
IV. William (1/1887, West Virginia - ??)
III. Veronica (1847 - 1890) m. 1866 Dr. James McNeil Stephenson (1840, West Virginia - Aft. 1900) & had children
III. Dr. Constantine T. Gale (1850 - 1934, buried Newport Cem.) m. Lucy Stephenson (1856 - 1937)
III. Dr. George Thomas Gale (1852 - 1946) m. 1883 Myra Catherine Hays (1858 - 1933)
IV. Dr. George Hays Gale (1883 - 1967)
IV. Marie H. (1887 - 1887)
IV. Dr. Larry Richard Gale (1891 - 1923)
III. Dr. Samuel Hammett Xavier Gale (1853 - ??) m. Mary G. Wright (Abt. 1854, MD - ??) and had a son.
IV. Hammett E. (Abt. 1878 - ??)
III. Ada (1856 - 1895) m. William Henry Francis Kelly
III. Dr. Charles Bernard Gale (1858 - 1892, Burial, Newport Cemetery) m.1/24/1883, Washington Co., Ohio, Margaret Grant Hadley (1865 - 1950, buried Newport Cem.)
IV. Mary Bernardine (1884 - 1973, buried Newport Cem.)
II. Biddie (Bet. 1800-1817 - ??)
II. Loretta (Bet. 1800-1817 - ??)
II. Theresa (Bet. 1800 - 1817 - ??)
II. Ellen (1803 - 1871) m. 1832 Samuel Hammett (1789 - 1862)
II. Alcinda G. (1805 - Aft. 1880, Cape Giradeau, MO)
II. Robert Gale (1808 - ??, Cole Co., MO) m. Acheus Butler Wells (1813, Tyler Co., VA - ??) about 1840
II. Catharine (1810 - Bef. 1880)
II. John S. (1812 - 1832)
II. Constintine T. (1816 - ??)
II. Willliam H. (1818 - Aft. 1880)
I. CAPT. GEORGE GALE (Est. 1778 - ??) was born in Ireland where he married MARY MCKEIRNON (?? - ??), born in County Leitrim, Parish of Drumsville, Barony, Carrigallen, Ireland.

II. JOHNNY (Bef. 1799, Ireland - ??)
II. MCKEIRNON (Bef. 1799, Ireland - ??)
II. GEORGE WASHINGTON (3/21/1799, Hampshire Co., VA - 7/25/1878, Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio)
II. BIDDIE (Bet. 1800 - 1817)
II. LORETTA (Bet. 1800 - 1817)
II. THERESA (Bet. 1800 - 1817)
II. ELLEN (7/10/1803 - 9/8/1871) married 6/22/1832 to Samuel Hammett (10/25/1789 - 5/20/1862)
II. ALCINDA G. (1805 - Aft. 1880, Cape Giradeau, MO.)
II. ROBERT (1808 - ??, Cole Co., MO.) married ca. 1840 Acheus Butler Wells (1813, Tyler Co., VA - ??).
II. CATHARINE (1810 - Bef. 1880)
II. JOHN S. (1812 - 3/26/1832)
II. CONSTINTINE T. (1816 - ??)
II. WILLIAM H. (1818 Aft. 1880)

II. GEORGE WASHINGTON GALE (1799 - 1878) was born on 3/21/1799 on the Potomac River in Hampshire Co., Virginia to Captain George Gale and his wife Mary McKeirnon. In 1820 the family moved over the Alleghany Mountains to Raven Rock, in what is now West Virginia, just 6 miles above Newport, Ohio. George married CATHERINE ADAMS WELLS (6/15/1815, Tyler Co., VA - 4/6/1881, Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio), daughter of Nicholas Wells, a farmer at Long Beach, West Virginia. The ceremony took place about 1836 and the couple had six sons and six daughters.

Gale studied medicine in Baltimore under Dr. Nathan R. Smith of the University of Maryland and began his medical practice about 1823. Although he lived in West Virginia his practice extended into Ohio, including what became Newport in Washington County. In 1840 the family moved to Newport and George lived there until his death in 1876. As a country doctor he crossed back and forth over the Ohio River in canoes, with his horse swimming behind, on trips that sometimes lasted for several days. George Washington Gale was a democrat and his family was Catholic. He died on 7/25/1878 in Newport Township, Washington County, Ohio. A George Gale appeared on the Hampshire County census in 1810 and 1820. In 1820 he was shown with 262 acres.

III. JOHN WITTEN (1838, Newport Township - 1871, Butler Co., Ohio) graduated from Jefferson Medical College and practiced for several years at Hamilton, Ohio. He also served as coroner of Butler County.
III. MARY (2/6/1839, Newport Township - 3/26/1860)
III. ALCINDA B. (2/1841, Newport Township - 1931, Newport Township) lived with her sister Rachel at the old homeplace.
III. RACHEL (11/1843, Newport Township - 1928, Newport Township) lived with Alcinda.
III. ELLEN (6/1845, Newport Township - 1909, Newport Township)
III. NICHOLAS WELLS (12/1846, Newport Township - 1924) married Fairie E. McKinzie (1855 - 1924) and had children.
III. VERONICA (1847, Newport Township - 1890, Parkersburg, Wood Co., W. VA) married Dr. James McNeil Stephenson (8/1840 - Aft. 1900, Parkersburg, W. VA) on 11/20/1866. Their children were Edward G., Katherine, Mary B., Adah G., Eleanor H., Gale G., Charles and Monica Stephenson.
III. CONSTANTINE T. (1/28/1850 - 6/28/1934, buried at Newport Cemetery) graduated from the Jefferson Medical College at Philadelphia and practiced medicine at Pittsburgh and New Brighton, Pennsylvania. He married Lucy Stephenson (1856 - 1937)
III. GEORGE THOMAS (12/22/1852, Newport Township - 10/9/1946, Newport Township) married Myra Catherine Hays on 2/6/1883 and had children.
III. SAMUEL HAMMETT XAVIER (1853, Newport Township - ??, Baltimore, Maryland) was trained in dentistry in Baltimore where he later practiced. He married Mary G. Wright and had a son, Hammett E. Gale (Abt. 1878 - ??)
III. ADA GALE (1856, Newport Township - 11/131895, Parkersburg, Wood, Co. West VA) married William Henry Francis Kelly, a foundryman at Parkersburg, W. VA.
III. DR. CHARLES BERNARD (2/7/1858, Newport Township - 12/18/1892, buried at Newport Cemetery) married Margaret Grant Hadley and had a daughter. Charles was a graduate of Baltimore Medical College and was in practice with his brother, George T., until his death.

III. DR NICHOLAS WELLS GALE (1846 - 1924) was born in December of 1846 in Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio to George Washington and Catherine Wells Gale. Nicholas married FAIRIE E. MCKINZIE (1855 - 1924) and had three children.

IV. LUCY (?? - ??)
IV. WILLIAM (1/1887, West VA - 1924)

III. DR. GEORGE THOMAS GALE (1851 - 1946) was born on 12/22/1852 in Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio to George Washington and Catherine Wells Gale. On 2/6/1883 in Washington County, Ohio, George Thomas Gale married MYRA CATHERINE HAYS (7/19/1858, Newport Township - 8/1/1933, Newport Township), daughter of Richard and Maria Greene Hays. They had a daughter who died in infancy and two sons who both became doctors.

George Thomas Gale acquired his early education in the home schools at Newport and began studying medicine in his father's office. He also attended lectures at Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, where he graduated in 1874. Later he did post-graduate work at Philadelphia Polyclinic. He practiced with his father until the latter's death and then practiced for a year with a friend and fellow classmate, Dr. W. L. West, in New Matamoras, Ohio, later returning to practice in Newport. Dr. Gale was a member of the Washington County Medical Society, the Ohio State and American Medical associations, president of the local school board and a member of the Pension Examining Board. He was also the Democratic executive committeeman for the county and he and his family were members of St. Mary's Church. A volunteer during the Spanish-American War, Dr. Gale had a fondness for horses and was identified with oil production in Ohio, West Virginia and Illinois. Dr. George Thomas Gale died on 10/9/1946 at Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio.

IV. MARIE H. (10/17/1887, Newport Township - 10/22/1887, Newport Township)
IV. LARRY RICHARD (2/28/1891, Newport Township - 9/23/1923, Newport Township) attended lectures at Jefferson Medical College and later graduated from the University at Cincinnati. During World War I, he trained as a medical officer at Fort Riley, Kansas and at Fort Beauregard, Louisiana, receiving the rank of Lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps. He was to serve with an Army division stationed at Panama, but an influenza outbreak instead necessitated his service at home. He died on 9/23/1923.
IV. GEORGE HAYS (11/6/1883, Newport Township - 11/10/1967, Newport Township) graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1906 and practiced with his father. Dr. George Hays Gale was chairman of the war board in Newport Township and received a Lieutenant's commission on 10/17/1918, but the armistice was signed before he was called to duty.

III. DR SAMUEL HAMMETT XAVIER GALE (1853 - ??) was born in 1853 in Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio, to George Washington and Catherine Wells Gale. He married MARY G WRIGHT (Abt. 1854, Maryland - ??) and had a son. Samuel H. Z. Gale practiced dentistry.

IV. HAMMETT E. (Abt. 1878 - ??)

III. DR. CHARLES BERNARD GALE (1858 - 1892) was born to GEORGE WASHINGTON and CATHERINE WELLS GALE on 2/7/1858 in Newport Township, Washington Co., Ohio. On 1/24/1883 in Washington County Charles married MARGARET GRANT HADLEY (1/24/1865, Belpre, Washington Co. - 1950, buried at Newport Cemetery), daughter of John and Margaret Scott Hadley. They had one daughter. Dr. Charles Bernard Gale, a graduate of Baltimore Medical College, was associated in practice with his brother, George T., until his death on 12/18/1892. He was buried with other family members at Newport Cemetery.

IV. MARY BERNARDINE (5/12/1884, Newport Township - 12/15/1973, buried at Newport Cemetery)


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II. JOHN A. (3/13/1824, Cheraw - 10/23/1889, Polkton, Anson County, NC) married Eliza Ann Worley ca. 1852.
II. CHARLES WILLIAM (11/9/1825, Cheraw - 6/27/1904, Florence, Darlington, SC) married Margaret Mungo.
II. THOMAS LYNCH (Abt. 1826, Cheraw - 11/24/1864, Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Va.) married Frances Covington of Lilesville, NC