Chapter 14 - Strays, Allied Families & Gayle Family Slaves in Gloucester County

OF INTEREST IN THE CHART IS IV. LUCRETIA BILLUPS GAYLE (ca. 1730 - 1809) who married MATTHEW GAYLE (1722 - 1787, Lunenburg Co., VA) in 1753. Matthew and his brother, JOSIAH, left Kingston Parish and settled in South Carolina after the Revolutioinary War.

Also of interest are the descendants of Generation V. JOSEPH BILLUPS (1860 - 1815) who appear below in the family Bible.

BILLUPS FAMILY BIBLE, 1760 - 1875 (Library of Virginia #21612)
Family Record - Marriages

Joseph and Joice Billups was married by the Rev'd. David Tinsley DD in the county of Gloucester at the house of Richard Respess Sr. on the 14th (?) Day of February in the year 1784.
George Gayle and Lucy J. Billups was married by Wm Fitchett DD on Thursday the 9th day of February 1804 at the house of Jos Billups.
Thomas Williams and Mary L. Billups was married the 18th day of October on Thursday by Wm Fitchett 1804 at the house of Jos Billups.
William L. Smith and Joice R. Billups was married the 1st day of June Thursday by the Rev. H. Smith 1815 at the house of Joseph Billups.
Finley Dixon and Pamela (?) Billups was married Saturday the 18th of May 1816 by Rev. Williams at the house of Joice Billups wid of Jos Billups.
Wickham Billups and Mary L. Billups was married by the Rev. Richard Billups DD in the county of Mathews at the house of John Billups the 15th day of July in the year 1819.
William Bohannon and Rosamund Billups was married the _____day of January 1824 Thursday by the Rev. John Brownley.
John H. Bohannon and Susan Billups was married the 6th day of January 1825 by the Rev. Humphrey Billups at the house of Joice Billups.
Isaac S. Armistead and Anneliza Billups was married the 28 day of October 1830.


Joseph Billups Jurnir son of John and Mary was born on the 29 of Sep 1760.
Joice Respess now Billups dau of Richard and Lucy Respess was born on the first day of Nov. 1766.

1. Mary Lilly Billups first child of Joseph and Joice Billups was born January 21 1785.
2. Lucy Gayle Billups born Feb. 25 1787.
3. Maria Billups born Decem 29th 1788.
4. Pamela Billups born March 28 1791.
5. Joice Billups born April 11 1798.
6. Wickham Billups born Decem 2, 1795.
7. Susannah Billups born Feb 8 1798
*Names torn off

8. _____Eliza Billups b. September 9 1810.

George Gayle and Thomas Williams children

Billups Gayle born March 7th 1805, child of George and Lucy Gayle.
Wm Williams born Oct 26 1805
Colston (?) Gayle born Jan 9 1807.
John Williams born June 18 1807.
Carolina Gayle born Sept 17 1808.
Joice Williams born Sept 11, 1809
Hannah Williams born June 12 1812.
Pamela Dixon died Mar 26______age 84 years 2m.
Lucy Gayle died April 26 1852.
Mary L. Williams died June 5 1857 (?)
Susan Bohannon died August________1866 age 69.
Joice Billups departed this life 14 March 1847, age 80 yrs 4 months and 14 days.
Joseph Billups departed this life April 5, 1815, age 54 years 6 months 7 days.

Memento of Departed Worth - An offering of affection and respect from surviving descendants - Estracted from the Norfolk Daily Courier of the 20th March 1847. Communicated.

Died in the county of Mathews, VA, at her residence, Mrs. Joice Billups, widow of Joseph Billups, Jr. Sunday 14 of March 1847 between 3 & 4 o'clock, in her 81st year. This lady had 14 children 12 of whom were raised to be men and women and were all married among whom are 4 widows - living at the time of her death, 9 children - one son and 8 daus, grandchildren 51 great grandchildren 48. In all she had 14 chil., 64 gr ch. & 48 great grand children making 126. Living at the time of her death 9 ch. 51 gr ch. 48 great grand ch - 108.

Copied by Rowena Thompson Anderson, a GR granddaughter of Joice and Joseph L. Billups on the night of Dec 24 1928.

[According to researcher Elaine Campbell of Mathews, Joseph and Joice Respess Billups also had the following children, possibley those noted as *"Names torn off."
Mann Billups born 24 December 1788
Alfred Billups born 13 February 1800
Patsy Billups born 23 April 1802
Eunice Billups born 6 December 1803
Rosemund Billups born 24 February 1805
Omega Billups born 14 April 1807
John Billups born 13 May 1809


I. JOSEPH DIGGES, SR. (Est. 1730s - ??) married ANNE ATWOOD in Gloucester County and resided at Fair Oaks, on the North River. Their children included II. JOSEPH & II. HENRY DIGGES (below).
II. JOSEPH JR. (1750-59 - Abt. 1822) was educated at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia, and in Philadelphia and Maryland. After graduation he practiced medicine and surgery from 1771 to 1775 in Prince George's County, Maryland, where he joined the Revolutionary forces serving as a surgeon of the Maryland line. An Episcopalian, he married (1) Sarah Beverley and had three children. He married (2) JANE TOMPKINS (Abt. 1775 - 1845), daughter of WILLIAM & ANN HALL TOMPKINS, and had seven children, Blacknell, Elizabeth, William, Benjamin, Robert Thomas, Richard Henry, and Joseph Diggs III. [WILLIAM & ANN HALL TOMPKINS were guardians of ANN/NANCY DIER/DYER, named in 1805 when John Patterson purchased 54 acres from JOHN GAYLE & his wife FRANCES & JOSIAH GAYLE, the only sons of ROBERT GAYLE, deceased. [SEE CHAPTER 10]
III. JOSEPH DIGGES III (11/15/1799 - 3/6/1855)
married MARY GAYLE (7/20/1800 - 4/20/1857), daughter of Matthias and Sara Gayle, on 5/18/1821. Both Joseph and Mary Gayle Digges were born and died in Port Haywood.
II. HENRY DIGGES (CA. 1763 - 1823),
a Captain in the 81st Regiment during the War of 1812, married ELIZABETH EDDENS, daughter of John Eddens, and had 11 children, including III. WILLIAM ALBERT DIGGES and III. THOMAS ALBERT DIGGES. Henry Digges founded a shipyard in 1785 on part of his father's land at Fair Oaks and also purchased land along the North River in 1810 from Colonel Thomas Smith, Jr. In 1820 he began clearing the property for construction of a new home but died on 1/4/1823 before completion and was buried at Fair Oaks. Elizabeth went to live at Bay View with her son, William Albert, and kept a Bible in which she recorded the births of her children. Henry willed his property to sons, Samuel, John, and Thomas Albert Digges and because Thomas had shown the greatest interest in the plans, he inherited the portion containing the home site, later named Snow Hill.

III. WILLIAM ALBERT DIGGES (1817 - 1876), son of Henry and Elizabeth Digges, was a prosperous planter and slave owner. He married JOYCE ANNE BROOKS and their daughter, IV. LUCY DIGGES (7/15/1854 - ??), married ROBERT GAYLE of North River and had two children, V. WALTER GAYLE, who married Minnie Garnett of Cumberland County, and V. DR. MARCUS GAYLE, who died young. William purchased the property known as Bay View from Bartlett Gayle and Armistead Davis. The 213 acre tract was surveyed on 1/24/1843 by William Marshall Brownley.
Garden Creek, Mathews County, Pastel painting by Gayle N. Mandell
Bay View or Batavia is a Federal Style home built on a continuous brick foundation by George Brooks during the 1840s at Pribble on North River. Located on the West side of Route 617, it is surrounded by 76 acres of farmland on the East side of North River with a view across Chesapeake Bay. A fenced pasture lies on Diggs Creek and Godsey Creek and Gayle Creek are to the south. The original five-bay dwelling with a center-hall plan has additions on each side. Both the house and the additions have gable roofs and are clad with wood clapboard, painted white. There is an open, brick floored entrance porch on North with square columns and ballustraded front roof. The entrance door has diamond leaded side lights, also used at the rear entrance to the hall. There are eight fireplaces and six bedrooms. An older wing, possibly a kitchen, is located on the East side of the house with a smaller connecting structure and an addition on the west side was added later.

Bay View/Batavia/Old Gayle Place, land front
III. THOMAS ALBERT DIGGES, GENTLEMAN (5/28/1804 - 1859), born on 5/28/1804 to Henry and Elizabeth Eddens Digges, married MARGARET BROMLEY/BROUNLEY, daughter of Captain William and Sarah Foster Bromley of East River in 1825. [The name Bromley was legally changed to Brownley, sometimes spelled Brounley, in 1830]. They had three children. Thomas Digges was educated in Mathews, Gloucester, and Philadelphia, became a prosperous planter, and owned over 100 slaves. He inherited a portion of his father's property and later purchased 60 acres from his brother, Samuel, and another 49 acres from his brother, John. He then began construction of his home, Snow Hill, designed with his father's plans - a two-story frame house with an attic and four rooms, two on each floor and each about 25' square with large halls adjoining them. Thomas Albert Digges died in 1859.
III. WILLIAM HENRY DIGGES/DIGGS (1826 -7/2/1890) was born at Snow Hill and later became a ship's captain, commanding his own ship which he twice sailed around Cape Horn. He was educated, along with his sisters Lucy and Sarah, at Mrs. Parrot's boarding school in Mathews and later attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, for one term. William Henry settled in San Francisco, California, about 1858 and around 1862 married Catherine McCurdy, daughter of Dr. McCurdy, a physician of San Francisco. Their children were Catherine, John Boyd, Alice, Anna, Henry William, and Lucy Brownley, named for William Henry's favorite sister. After making San Francisco his home, William Henry sailed the Pacific Ocean, exploring as far north as Alaska. He invested in a fleet of vessels that sailed between the ports of San Francisco and British Columbia. Many years later he was captain of a passenger steamer sailing from San Francisco to the Hawaiian Islands. William Henry died in San Francisco, California on 7/2/1890. A daguerreotype taken of him is in the possession of this writer, a descendant of the Brownley family through her great-great grandmother, Sarah Brownley, wife of Robert Gayle.

[An earlier WILLIAM DEGGE (Living 1768) married MARY GAYLE on 6/23/1768 and had a son, CHRISTOPHER DEGGE, who sold land in Charlotte County to Thomas Gayle. BAILEY DEGGES SR. (1773 - 1843) married MARGARET "PEGGY" GAYLE, daughter of MATHIAS (1767 - 1848) & HANNAH/SARAH GAYLE.]
According to family lore, the original home known as Snow Hill, said to have been built before the Revolutionary War, is contained in the present home of Holly Point, situated along the Mathews side of the North River. Snow Hill remained in the Digges family until 1872 when Sarah Cocke Fleet Digges, second wife and widow of Thomas Albert Digges, sold the property.

IV. LUCY ANNE DIGGES (2/8/1829 - 5/23/1912), who
married REVEREND WILLIAM MARSHALL BROWNLEY, ESQ. at Snow Hill on 5/9/1853. William Brownley was the son of John and Sarah Brownley of La Grange, a plantation on Horn Harbor built on the original grant to Archibald Bromley/Brownley in 1678. (Land Book 1/15/, plat 259) His portrait hangs in the Mathews County Courthouse. William and Lucy Anne lived at La Grage and Lucy was a Sunday school teacher at Providence M. E. Church on East River Road.
IV. SARAH ELIZABETH (1831 - 11/1895)
Daguerreotype of William Henry Diggs, Photographer, J. Hobday, Norfolk, VA
Collection of Gayle N. Mandell
I. RICHARD FOSTER (living 1655) was granted 200 acres on the North River in Gloucester County, VA. He married Elizabeth (Unknown) and had a son, John.
II: John Foster M. Mary (probably the daughter of Abraham Forest)
III. John Jr. (4/7/1728 - 1784) m. Rosanna (Unknown) in 1749. Nine children. Will dated 12/1/1784, left his estate equally to his children.
IV. Isaac (1750 - ??) m. Mary Elizabeth Hodges on 2/11/1773.
V. William (11/8/1773 - ??)
V. John (6/6/1775 - ??)
V. Isaac (1789 - ??)
IV. John (1752 - 1802/03) m. Elizabeth Culley on 10/20/1778. 7 Children.
IV. Jesse (ca. 1754 - ??)
IV. Louisa (11/2/1756 - Bef. 1822) m. Humphrey Hudgins, Jr. (1757 - 1822).
IV. CAPT. JOSIAH (12/2/1758 - ??) m. CATY/MOLLY GAYLE (9/14/1751 - ??) on 10/14/1769, daughter of THOMAS & JOYCE HALL GAYLE, christened on 8/15/1766, GKP [Josiah was sued by George Gayle in 1811.]
V. LUCY GAYLE FOSTER (4/1/1797 - 10/3/1883) m. 9/10/1815 to James White (12/31/1792 - 12/17/1860) son of John Callis and Anne White, and had 5 children. [Some of the family buried at Bassett's burial ground near Woodis Creek.]
IV. Amelia (10/9/1760 - 1794) m. 1780 shipbuilder John (Noble John) Hudgins (10/8/1762 - Aft. 1803). His parents were Humphrey Deggs Hudgins (1735 - 1805) and his wife Joanna.
IV. Sarah (Possibly 10/9/1760 - 10/20/1760), probably the twin of Amelia.
III. Richard (1724 - Abt. 1795, Amelia County, Va.) m. in 1745 Susanna Rand (ca. 1720s - ca. 1794)
IV. Peter Garnett Foster (3/22/1756, Ware Parish - 12/31/1819, Mathews) m. Ann/Nancy Hall (Abt. 1762 - 1/1/1820),daughter of Robert and Nancy Johnston Hall, on 10/27/1776. Her siblings were Joice Hall, Betty Jordan Hall, Spence Hall, & THOMAS HALL, husband of MARY GAYLE, daughter of the other Thomas Gayle.
V. Elizabeth (10/4/1782 - ??) m. JOSHUA GAYLE BROWN, son of George & DOROTHY GAYLE BROWN (1750 - Bef. 1822), daughter of Josiah & Mary Gayle of Gloucester and South Carolina and the niece of Matthew & Lucretia Billlups Gayle.
IV. Richard Foster (Abt. 1750, Ware Parish - ??) m. ELIZABETH JORDAN HALL (Abt. 1760 - ??), d/o Robert & Nancy Johnston Hall, on 10/30/1773
V. Robert (Abt. 1782 - ??)
V. Joicey (Abt. 1784 - ??)
V. Josiah (Abt. 1786 - ??)
V. Spence Hall (Abt. 1788 - ??)
IV. Joel (8/15/1762 - 8/11/1851, St. Helena Parish, La.) m. (1) Rosanna Miller, (2) Elizabeth Hinton, (3) Mary Staples.
IV. Sarah (2/10/1764 - ??) m. Rev. John Brownley, a Methodist minister and ship builder.
V. Louisa D. Brownley (ca. 1809 - ca. 1839) who married Joel Hudgins (1800 - ??) in 1828.
IV. Rosey (5/14/1767 - Before 1784)

WILLIAM HAMPTON SR. (Est. 1586 - ??) of Twickenham, Middlesex, England came to Virginia in 1620 on the ship Bona Nova at age 34, followed in 1625 by his wife Joan and children William, Grace and Elizabeth who arrived on the ship Abigail. William was granted 550 acres on the East River in Gloucester County for the transport of 13 persons, including himself, his wife and their three children. In 1651 he received an additional 700 acres on the east side of the East River at Mobjack Bay. On 10/28/1687 William Jr. was granted 42 acres in Kingston Parish in the line of a patent granted to his late father in 1651. In 1697 William Jr. was granted another 148 acres on the east side of the East River and in 1735 was living near William Armistead, John Hundley and MATTHEW GAYLE [SEE CHAPTER 11].

Another branch of the Hampton family appeared in CAROLINE COUNTY with the Gales (sic) and in the 1740s RICHARD HAMPTON, son of JOHN HAMPTON of King William County, was listed in St. Mary's Parish, Caroline County, but in 1746 he sold his Caroline plantation and moved to Prince William. He was a Lieutenant in the French and Indian War. His will, dated 11/24/1766 and probated on 12/22/1766 in Hamilton Parish, Fauquier County, named his wife Martha; daughters Elizabeth, Sarah and Martha Hall; sons William and Richard; grandsons Richard, son of William Hampton, and GALE HAMPTON, son of Richard Hampton. This branch of the family were said to have owned land in Hampshire, England and to have migrated to South Carolina. Intermarriage between the two families is evidenced by the will of RICHARD HAMPTON (?? - 12/25/1801) Edgefield District, Abbeville, SC that named his wife Charlotte; daughter Charlotte Hampton; daughter Joanna Hampton Ogilie; daughter Lucy Hampton, living with Ludwell Bacon in 1879; daughter Mary Hampton who married Ludwell Bacon of Horse Creek; son Edward Hampton who resided at the High Hills of Santee; son Richard Hampton who resided at the home of Meliner C. Leavensworth of Horse Creek; and son GALE HAMPTON who resided near Columbia in Richland District. Richard Hampton's will also named Negroes, DICK, HANNAH, JUDY, NANCY, SIMON, & CRESEY.

PHILIP HUNLEY'S land grant in Kingston Parish was adjacent to MATTHEW GAYLE. Phillip married ANNE KEMP and had a son, CAPTAIN PHILIP HUNLEY, who married Ann Pettus. Their son, JAMES HUNLEY, married MARY MORGAN and their daughter, MARY HUNLEY (3/8/1751 - 1773), married HOULDER HUDGINS I (1738 - 1815) on 1/27/1769. Their son, WILLIAM HOULDER HUDGINS (1771 - 1840) married FRANCES GWYNN. Their daughter, MARTHA FRANCES PEYTON HUDGINS (4/10/1792 - 12/21/1833), married (1) JOHN GAYLE (Est. 1782 - By 1829) and (2) THOMAS ELLIOT EDWARDS (1/13/1792, England - 10/23/1857, Mathews County). After Martha Hudgins Edwards died in 1833, Thomas Edwards married (3) Mary Tompkins Hunley Hudgins (11/7/1806 - 6/26/2877), widow of Walter G. Hudgins Sr. and daughter of Robert Yelverton and Sarah Yeatman Hunley.

Elizabeth Hogg Ironmonger's book, Thomas James (Clerk of Kingston Parish, 1783-96), Ancestry and Descendants, 1653 - 1961, is the authoritative source of information on the James Family. Her main subject, Thomas James (ca. 1759 - 1828) was the Clerk of Kingston Parish during the period 1783 - 1796. He built a home on Mobjack Bay between Pepper Creek and East River.

There were three grants to members of the Smith family in Kingston Parish. John Smith received 300 acres on 8/13/1650 described as "Lying within Horn Harbour (sic) Crk. butting SE on the creek and adjoining Wm. Holder." On 12/8/1652 he received another 150 acres "on Horne Harbour (sic) adjoining S side of his former dividend." (Mason) In 1678 Captain William Smith owned land in Kingston Parish and received an additional patent on 12/19/1711 on the north side of Horn Harbor. Smith family descendants inherited this land and built homes including Beechland/Beachland, Bellevue, Centreville or Woodstock and Willow Grove.

was built on part of the original Smith grant on the northeast bank of Horn Harbor on Route 608 in Port Haywood on Beachland Creek, also referred to as Smith Creek. The property was located between the plantations of Sands Smith I (?? - 12/1/1832) on the west, James Brumley on the east, Horn Harbor on the south and Frank Foster on the north. In 1807 it was purchased by Colonel Christopher Tompkins (1/24/1778-8/16/1838) of Caroline County, VA whose wife was Elizabeth Cary Smith. In March of 1813 an insurance policy noted that Beechland (sic) included four buildings including a kitchen, laundry, smoke house and a two-story brick house, 22' wide by 54' long, built over a basement. In 1836 Mathews County land tax records noted that Beachland was owned by Sands Smith II who had married Christopher's sister, Elizabeth Tompkins, following his first wife's death in 1818. At the time of the purchase the property consisted of 334½ acres and the buildings were valued at $3010.00. On 2/28/1887 a fire all but destroyed Beachland, but the house was re-built on the original foundation.

BELLEVUE and CENTREVILLE, also called WOODSTOCK, were built on two tracts of land purchased by Thomas Smith, Sr. (ca. 1720 - ??) ca. 1780. He gave BELLEVUE to his son Armistead Smith, as proven by tax records for 1782 and 179l when Armistead was taxed for the house and 508 acres. Armistead, a minister of Kingston Church and magistrate of Mathews County, was listed as the owner of Belle View (sic) on early insurance policies dated in 1802, 1806 and again in 1813. The property was located between Edward Davis and Pepper Creek. In 1813 a revaluation was made by Armistead Smith and included drawings of the property. The total insurance was raised from $3,230.00 to $4,310.00.

In 1884 descendant William Silas Smith and his wife, Mary Ann, of York County purchased the
Bellevue property and divided it between their children, four of whom, George, William, Allie, and Lucy Virginia, built their homes there. In 1906 Lucy Virginia Smith married Charles Randolph Gayle (1880 - ??), son of John Wesley and his first wife, Ann Eliza Miller Gayle. On 5/6/1927 a Deed of Trust was recorded for 27 ½ acres described as Lot #4 of Belleview Farm (sic) between Lucy V. Gayle and C. R. Gayle, her husband, parties of the first part, and J. Boyd Sears, Trustee, party of the second part, and the Bank of Mathews, Inc., party of the third part. The land was bounded on the north, east and south by E. C. Smith, et al and on the west by J. W. Smith, et al - 26 acres being part of the property assigned to Lucy Virginia Smith, now Lucy V. Gayle, by estate of her father William Smith, deceased. Lucy and Charlie Gayle built on their land north of Bellevue on the west side of Bellevue lane and Allie Smith Hudgins built slightly further north on the east side of Bellevue lane. George Smith built on the west side of the original parcel and William Smith built further west. As of 2003 the homes of Lucy and Charlie Gayle and George Smith were still in Smith family ownership.

The foundation of the present home at
Bellevue is original, having been built by Thomas Smith sometime around 1780. A fire destroyed the original dwelling and a new one was built in 1854 on the same foundation, using the same English basement. A realtor's brochure noted that an old barn stood on the property and an old brick ice house was located at the head of a cove of Pepper Creek. A natural spring was just to the east of the old ice hill and used as a water source for spraying large peach orchards in the 1940s and 50s.

CENTREVILLE or WOODSTOCK was given by Captain Thomas Smith Sr. to his son, Thomas Smith, Jr., whose sister Elizabeth married William Buckner, a pilot in the Virginia Navy during the Revolutionary War who was captured by the British and held as a prisoner of war in England for a year.

WILLOW GROVE was the home of Isaac and Judith Smith, the brother and sister-in-law of Susannah Smith Brown who married Thomas Gayle.


had children.
II. SUSANNA SMITH BROWN (1758 - 1/1854) married (1) Robert Brown and (2) in 1794 to THOMAS GAYLE (1750 - 1824).
II. JOHN SMITH (?? - ??)
II. ISAAC SMITH (?? - ??) served with Thomas Gayle during the Revolutionary War.

I. THOMAS SMITH SR. married DOROTHY ARMISTEAD and had children:
II. ELIZABETH SMITH, married THOMAS WILLIAM BUCKNER (1750 - 2/13/1804) and had, among other children:
III. SUSAN BUCKNER (?? - ??) married ROBERT HUDGINS (3/9/1772 - 3/27/1821) 1/14/1812, son of WILLIAM & SARAH HUDGINS
III. MARY BUCKNER (4/24/1775 - ??) married THOMAS NORMAN.
III. ELIZABETH BUCKNER (4/29/1779 - ??) married in 1798 to FRANCIS ARMISTEAD (5/30/1773 - 8/20/1839), son of GEORGE

I. REVEREND ARMISTEAD SMITH married MARTHA TABB of Mathews County had children:
II. THOMAS C. SMITH (3/5/1785 - 4/13/1841) married DIANA MOORE TABB, daughter of John Tabb, at M. E. Church in Lawrence County, Alabama on 8/7/1823 and had children. [John Tabb's will, recorded on 3/2/1762, named his wife and Captain John Tabb as executors. Augustine Moore and John Parsons were among the appraisers and guardians of his minor children, Diana & John Tabb, were his cousin John Tabb, John Robinson, and Mr. Henry King. It was noted that daughter Diana Tabb be brought up by his daughters Joanna or Elizabeth or by one of his daughter-in-laws, Mary or Diana Tabb.]
III. MARIA LOUISA (9/17/1823, Alabama - 2/8/1893, buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth) married THOMAS TABB in 1848;
III. HARRIET ANN (1825, Selma, Alabama - 2/26/1893, buried at Cedar Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth, Va.) married WILLIAM H. MASSENBURG.
III. AUGUSTA F. (12/5/1829 in Alabama - 12/23/1902, buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, Portsmouth) married MILO PENDLETON on 3/31/1853.
II. Walter (ca. 1662 - Will 1722) moved from Gloucester to Lancaster County, Virginia and married Mary Angoll, a widow. His will of 1722 named his children.
III. Matthias (?? - Bef. 5/1740) of Christ Church Parish, Lancaster County, married Catherine (Unknown) and left a will, dated 12/6/1739 and proved in Lancaster County on 5/9/1740, naming his wife and children.
Snow Hill/Holly Point, ca. 1840
(Photo, Gayle N. Mandell, 2002
AN INTERESTING STORY surrounds William Henry Digges. The daguerreotype above was passed down in my family but over the years the identity of the man pictured was lost. During the course of my research I found that the photographer was one J. Hobday of Norfolk and that the Hobday family once lived in Mathews County. Later, on a visit to Swem Library at the College of William and Mary, I happened to come upon the opposite drawing in a publication listing some of the students at W&M during the mid-1800s. The name with the drawing was William Henry Digges and the likeness was a match to the daguerreotype. It is likely that my great-great-great grandmother, Sarah Hunley Brownley, had kept the daguerreotype of William Henry Digges that was passed down through my family.

William Henry Diggs, Photocopy of Drawing, Collection of Gayle N. Mandell
VI. ROBERT S. BILLUPS (?? - ??) of Green Mansion, son of Christopher and Sarah Scarborough Williams Billups, married Elizabeth Smith and had children.
VI. ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" BILLUPS (?? - ??) was raised at
Green Mansion and married JOSHUA GAYLE (1822 - 1876), son of Bartlett Gayle. Joshua purchased a majority portion of the home known as Edgewater from Robert and Elizabeth Billups.
VI. CLARISSA BILLUPS (?? - ??) married Elijah Barnum who witnessed the will of Hunley Gayle in 1833.
Reverend William Marshall Brownley, Esq.,
(Photocopy from the collection of Sally Reed Gayle Whitehurst)
It was in an un-used loft at Roxbury that Walter's widow, Bertha Estelle Diggs Stoakes, found the Lilly, Billups, Stoakes Family Papers when the home was sold out of the family in 1940. These papers are in the collection of the Earl Gregg Swem Library of the College of William and Mary and contain abstracts relating to the early history of Gloucester County, including fragments of the will of George Billups (ca. 1630, Wales, - Aft. 1673).

Walter Stoakes married twice, first on 7/26/1873 to Clara L. Garnett (1852-1909), daughter of Dr. James H. Garnett (12/11/1827 - 11/10/1867) and Sarah H. Barnum. After Clara's death he married Bertha Estelle Diggs in 1912. There were no children by either marriage.
Roxbury passed into other hands and, sadly, is no longer standing.

Roxbury, ca. 1755, Mathews County (Photograph 2002, Gayle N. Mandell)
[No longer standing]
II. GEORGE BILLUPS JR. (1657 - 1716) married Ann (Unknown) and inherited his father's property. In 1704 he paid Quit Rent on 1,200 acres next to John Lilly and Richard Glascock. George Jr. also owned 335 acres next to George & Richard Billups. His will, dated 1/20/1705-06, named his wife and four children.
III. ANN BILLUPS (?? - ??)
III. JOSEPH BILLUPS (?? - ??) who inherited land from his father and also owned acreage in Lunenburg Co. VA.
III. JOHN BILLUPS (ca. 1685 - 1754)
married Dorothy Awrey in 1713 and had a son.
IV. ROBERT BILLUPS (Est. 1725 - ??), inherited 700 acres from his father, John. He married Elizabeth Eddins on 11/21/1758 and had six children.
V. SUSANNA BILLUPS (1769 - ??) who married Thomas Williams, son of Samuel Williams of Poplar Grove.
V. CHRISTOPHER BILLUPS (7/31/1763 - ??) married Sarah Scarborough Williams, daughter of Samuel and Margaret Nottingham Williams, and had children.
II. JOHN BILLUPS (1660 - Aft. 1709) married Mary Glascock (1662 - ??), daughter of Richard Glascock, on 6/6/1695 and had children.
III. JOSEPH BILLUPS (1697- 1767) of Amelia, Prince Edward and Lunenburg Counties, married Margaret Lilly, d/o John & Elizabeth Billups Lilly, in 1719 and had six children.
IV. JOHN BILLUPS (Est. 1720s - Aft. 1783) married (1) Mary Lilly on 3/31/1757 and had two children.
V. BILLUPS (1755 - ??)
V. MATTHEW JR. (ca. 1754 - 60) m. Mary Rees
V. JOHN (Abt. 1769 - 1828) m. (1) Unknown, (2) Nancy Whitehead in 1793, (3) (Unknown) McFarland, (4) Mary Whitehead Greening
V. MARY (?? - ??) m. Richard M. Dozier.
V. CHRISTOPHER (?? - ??)
V. JULIA (??-??).
VI. MARY LILLY BILLUPS (1/21/1785 - 6/5/1857) married Thomas Williams, son of Samuel Williams, on 10/18/1804 and had four children, including Joice Williams (9/11/1809 - ??) who married THOMAS GAYLE WESTON.
VI. LUCY J. BILLUPS (?? - ??) married GEORGE GALE.
V. ANN (1/16/1759 - ??)
V. JOSEPH BILLUPS (9/29/1760 - 4/5/1815, age 54) married Joice Respess (11/1/1766 - 3/14/1847), d/o RICHARD & LUCY GAYLE RESPESS on 2/14/1784 and had children. Joseph was a student at the College of William & Mary but left in 1777 to join the Continental Army. He was the head of a household on the 1783 census for Kingston Parish with 3 whites and 11 Negroes. He represented Mathews in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1799 to 1803 and from 1814 until his death at age 54 on 4/5/1815.
IV. LUCRETIA BILLUPS (ca. 1730 - 1809) married 1753 MATTHEW GAYLE (1722 - 1787, Lunenburg Co., VA)
I. Walter James (ca. 1630-32 - ??) m. (Unknown), immigrant to Gloucester County, VA 1653
Of this family was Thomas James (2/24/1777 - ??), the original owner of the Old Thomas James Store, son of Matthias and Elizabeth Davis James. He married Frances Lewis around 1815 and had three sons and three daughters. A merchant, James held retail licenses between 1815 and 1820. He is listed in the 1820 census as head of a household including five children under ten years of age, one child under 16, and one male and one female aged 26 to 45.

The family descends from WALTER JAMES, (ca. 1630-32 - ??) who arrived in Gloucester County in 1653 and patented land there. Two of his descendants married members of the Gayle family.

III. Thomas (1694 - 1765) m. Joan (Unknown)
IV. Hugh (?? - ??)
IV. John (?? - ??)
IV. Sarah (?? - ??)
IV. Elizabeth (?? - ??)
IV. Mary (?? - ??)
IV. Margaret (?? - ??)
IV. Thomas (ca. 1720 - by 1773), oldest son, m. ca. 1739 (Unknown)
V. George (?? - ??)
V. John (?? - ??)
V. Sarah (?? - ??)
V. Thomas (ca. 1740 - ??) m. (1) Elizabeth Basye/Basey, (2) Sarah Wale, widow.
VI. George (?? - ??)
VI. Frances (?? - ??)
VI..Thomas ( 1759 - 1828) m. Betty Bayse Davis, d/o Thomas & Hillegan Degge Davis, Clerk of Kingston Parish
VII. Frances (?? - ??)
VII. Cyrus Basye (?? - ??)
VII. Elizabeth Hunley (?? - ??)
VII. Paulina (?? - ??) m. (1) Bartlett White, (2) Robert Gayle
VII. Thomas Degge Davis (?? - ??)
VII. Cary (?? - ??)
VII. Miriam Marshal (?? - ??)
VII. Martha Washington (?? - ??)
VII. Hillegan Degge (?? - ??)
VII. Harriot Smith (?? - ??)
VII. William Leven (?? - ??)

ANNA GAYLE (1808 - ??), age 42, living in the household of Paulina Smith: 1 UN-NAMED SLAVE (1850 census)

WILLIAM (8/23/1775 , Baptized, 8/27/1775)

CHRISTOPHER GAYLE (?? - LIVING 1782 - 1786): UN-NAMED SLAVES: 1782, 1 over 16, 3 under 16 -- 1783, 5 slaves -- 1784, 3 over 16 and 1 under 16.

CHRISTOPHER GAYLE (Living 1784) 4 NEGROES OVER 16 and 2 NEGROES UNDER 16 (1784 Gloucester County Tax List)

ADAM (12/1770, Bapt. 3/17/1771)
DICK (2/31/1760)
FANNY (1/1/1768)
FRANK (6/8/1766)
JAMES (5/27/1770)
JO (6/26/1763)
JUNO (4/27/1765)
MILLY (4/27/1765)
SCILLA (4/1/1770)

JOHN (4/10/1773, Bapt. 5/23/1773)
SUSANNE (7/13/1772 - Bapt. 9/13/1772)

FANNIE E. GAYLE (1848, VA. - 1884): 75 UN-NAMED SLAVES: Fannie, the daughter of Christopher Gayle who owned an estate of 600 acres near Boydtown, VA, married JOSEPH EDMONSON (1844, VA - ??), a farmer and Confederate soldier who moved to Pennsylvania and operated at hotel at Everett in Bedford County.

GEORGE GAYLE (EST. MID-1700s - AFT. 1795): 4 UN-NAMED SLAVES (1782-90 Tax List) Date/Negroes over 16/Negroes under 16 1782/3/1 1783 /3/3 1784/4/1 1785/4/2 1786/3 1787-Tax List B/3/1 1788/4 1789/5 1790/4
Runaway Apprentice to GEORGE GAYLE (Living 1795):
RUN AWAY from the subscriber in Mathews County, 18th July last; a young Lad by the name of RICHARD JAMES, which is my apprentice, and has nearly three years to serve, he had on when he left me, a striped holland shirt, brown linen frock and trowsers, carried off with him, a striped jeans jacket, short coat, __ed[?] with black home spun Virginia cloth. I do hereby forewarn all masters of vessels from shipping the above Lad. He is about five feet nine inches high, and fair complexion walks strait, and has a pleasant countenance. Whoever apprehends said apprentice so that I get him again, shall be handsomely rewarded. GEORGE GAYLE. [American Gazette and Norfolk & Portsmouth Public Advertiser (Davis), Norfolk, 9/1/1795]

JOHN (GALE) GAYLE (1757 - 1774)
DICK (1/8/1765)
GABRIEL (8/1772, Bapt. 9/13/1772)
JONATHAN (7/1770)
KIT (9/11/1759)
MILDRED (3/1/1772 , Bapt. 4/12/1772)
PATTY (6/1768)
PETER (2/1774, Bapt. 6/5/1774)
RALPH (10/1757)
ROSE (3/1/1772, Bapt. 7/7/1771)
SUKEY (9/1766)
TONY (11/1760)

JOSEPH (GALE) GAYLE(1756 - 1766)
BETTY (11/1756)
DAVID (3/31/1766)
JENNY (7/1759)
JUNO (6/6/1756)
LEROY (12/1/1760)
LUCY (12/18/1758)
MILLY (10/22/1761)
SILLER (1) -- (7/29/1764)
SILLER (2) -- (12/18/1765)

JOSHUA GAYLE (1769 - 1774)
JESSE (7/21/1769)
JUDY (9/29/1774, Bapt. 11/6/1774)
TOM (9/10/1776, Bapt. 12/1/1776)

JOSIAH GAYLE (1754 - 1776)
JOYCE (12/10/1754)
JUDY (9/19/1773, Bapt. 10/24/1773)

PHIL (10/25/1774, Bapt. 12/4/1774)

MARY ELIZABETH GAYLE (Living 1852): Owner JAMES MATHEWS (?? - Will 1852) bequeathed these slaves to his granddaughter, MARY ELIZABETH GAYLE, along with 76 acres of land at the head of Queen's Creek, formerly owned by James Callis. SLAVES MARY, MARGARET, & CAROLINE & THEIR INCREASE: Additionally, Mathews bequeathed SLAVES SALLY, LOUISA & GEORGE & THEIR INCREASE to his daughter ANN ELIZABETH KENNER & HUSBAND WILLIAM along with 120 acres of land. [The 1850 census of Mathews County lists James Mathews, 55, farmer; Harriet, 42; Robert, 59; Robert Brownley, 70; and Nathaniel Davis, 40, all born in Virginia.

JENNY (9 OR 10/1776, Bapt. 11/17/1776)

THOMAS (1766)
ABRAM (12/1776)

WIDOW GAYLE (GALE) -- (1772)
JOYCY (Adult slave, Bapt. 9/13/1772
JUDY (Adult slave, Bapt. 9/13/1772)

Owner MR. GALE OF JAMES RIVER: SLAVE JOE: Captured Slave: Committed to the Publick Gaol, in Williamsburg, a Negro Fellow who says he was brought from Guardaloupe (sic) to Norfolk, where Col. Tucker bought him, and sold him again to one Mr. Gale, on James River; his Name is Joe, five Feet four Inches high, has no other Clothing than a ragged Oznabrigs Shirt, and came from Henrico County Goal. The Owner may have him on paying as the Law directs. James Galt, K.P.G. [Virginia Gazette (Hunter), Williamsburg, 1/16/1761]

THREE POUNDS REWARD. FOR taking up, and bringing home, NAT and CATO, two Runaway Slaves belonging to the Subscriber, living in Middlesex. These Fellows made their Elopement on Monday the 9th Instant, and took with them DOLL and SARAH, belonging to Joseph Gayle of the said County. Nat is a tall stout made Fellow, about thirty five Years old, of a dark Complexion, badly shaped about the Knees, has had for some Time a Rupture, for which he wears a Truss, and may probably have it on when taken. He is not a Virginia born Fellow, though he speaks very plain, unless frightened, then apt to stammer. Cato, a short black Fellow, about forty Years old, not Virginia born either, but speaks tolerably plain. Doll, a short well made Woman of a yellow Complexion, about twenty five Years old, and Wife to Nat. Sarah, Daughter of Doll, a Girl about six Years old, of a very dark Complexion. Mr. Gayle offers a Reward of FORTY SHILLINGS to any Person that will bring home Doll and Sarah, or twenty Shillings for each, if taken within this Colony, and if out thereof FIVE POUNDS. I mean to pay the above Reward of three Pounds, offered for Nat and Cato, if they are taken within this Colony, and twenty Miles from home, or thirty Shillings for each; and if taken out of this Colony, EIGHT POUNDS, or four Pounds for each. It is imagined these Negroes will endeavour to get out of the Colony, as Nat has attempted it once before, therefore all Masters of Vessels are cautioned from carrying them away. GEORGE BIRD. [Virginia Gazette (Purdie & Dixon), Williamsburg, 11/12/1772]

Owner MATHIAS GALE: NEGRO ADAM: Mathias Gale "and Negro Adam," appear on a tithe list in 1767 for Norfolk County, Virginia taken by Cornelius Calvert at Norfolk Borough. (Wingo, Elizabeth B. & W. Bruce, Norfolk County, Virginia, Tithables, 1766 - 1780)-]

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V. William (1/15/1768, Kingston Parish - By 5/1833)
V. John (2/21/1770 - /by 1/1822)
V. Matthias (4/4/1772 - 1820, Clarendon, SC) died unmarried.
V. Walter William (10/2/1774-9/24/1821) left Gloucester & married Esther Barden James Sumter, South Carolina
V. Richard (5/18/1777 - by 2/1827, VA)
V. Possibly Thomas and Sarah ?
IV. Matthias, Jr. (Living in Kingston Parish by 1755) m. Elizabeth Davis on 11/29/1764.
V. Edward (1766 - ??) On 1/22/1791 John Billups sold to George Billups1000+ acres in Kingston Parish at corner of the land of Edward James, son of Matthias and
Elizabeth James.
V. Catherine (2/26/1768 - ??) Catherine James appeared in 1799 on an Executors Bond with George Gayle and Francis Jarvis bound to Thomas Smith, Hunley Gayle, Thomas Tabb, and James Van Bibber.
V. Susanna (1770 - ??)
V. Elizabeth (1772 - ??)
V. Matthias (1774 - ??)
V. Thomas (1777 - ??)
VI. Martha Washington (1800-??)
VI. Frances (1784 - ??)
VI. Cyrus Bayse (1786-??)
VI. Elizabeth Hunley (1788-??)
VI. Paulina 'Polly' (1790 - ??) m. (1) Bartlett White & (1) Robert Gayle (1769 - 1839) -
VII. Wm. Henry White (1816 - ??)
VII. Thos. Bartlett White (1818 - ??)
VII. Cyrene Wesley White (1820 - ??)
VII. Cary Washington White (?? - ??)
VII. Cyrus James White (?? - ??)
VII. Absolom White (?? - ??)
VII. Edward Gayle (1827 - ??)
VII. Robert Johnson Gayle (1828 - ??) m. Sarah Hunley Brownley
VII. Elizabeth Frances Gayle (1830 - ??)
VII. Rosanna Jackson Gayle (1832 - ??)
VII. Levin Gayle (?? - ??)
VI. Thomas Degge Davis (1792 - ??)
VI. Carey (1795 - ??)
VI. Miriam Marshall (1798 - ??)
VI. Hilligan Degge (1802 - ??)
VI. Harriett Smith (1805-??)
VI. William Leven (1808 - ??)
III. Walter (?? - ??)
III. Mary (?? - ??)
III. Robona (?? - ??)
III. Ann (?? - ??)
III. Eliza (?? - ??)
IV. Walter of Lancaster Co. (Abt. 1733, Christ Church Parish - 1795) m. Sarah Gayle, 5/12/1767 at Kingston Parish, Gloucester, and owned land next to 123 acre tract owned by John Gayle, sold 12/18/1794 by Leaven Gayle to Richard Billups. Walter & his brothers left wills in Sumter, SC.
Gayle Family Strays in Gloucester and Mathews Counties

ANN GAYLE (3/10/1757 - ??) was born in Kingston Parish.
ANN GAYLE (?? - 1823) died in 1823. Cary James was the administrator of her estate.
ANNA GAYLE (1808 - ??) age 42, listed in 1850 in the household of Paulina Smith as the owner of 1 slave.
ANNA GAYLE (Living 1830-40) appeared on the Mathews County Census in 1830 and 1840.
ANNA GAYLE (Living 1850, 1861, 1862, 1868) owned 4 acres in Kingston Parish on Horn Harbor, 6 miles southeast of the courthouse.
BILLUPS GAYLE: (Living between 1831 - 1862) was mentioned in the Mathews County Minutes Book (11/1831 - 10/1854 & 4/1850 - 4/1862) along with Jarvis D. Barnum.
CAROLINE GAYLE (Living 1829) married Mr. William Callis on 9/17/1829.
CHRISTOPHER GAYLE #1 (?? - 10/8/1771) married Sarah Gayle of Kingston Parish and had daughters, ANN GAYLE (9/30/1756, christened 10/17/1756 - ??) and LUCY GAYLE (2/27/1758, christened 4/2/1758 - 10/8/1777), who married HUNLEY GAYLE.
CHRISTOPHER GAYLE #2 (EST. 1740s/50s - Living 1782) married ANN (UNKNOWN) and had at least one child, Sarah (12/22/1770, baptized 1/20/1771 - ??), whose birth was recorded in the Kingston Parish register. He appears in 1774 with seven white males in his household. In 1782 he appeared on the Personal Property Tax List for Gloucester County with five Negroes over 16, two horses, and eight cattle. Also in 1782 the Christopher Gayle Estate was listed with four Negroes over 16, one under 16, two horses, and nine cattle. The notation "by ROBERT GAYLE" appeared directly under the entry.
CHRISTOPHER GAYLE #3 (?? - 1785): In 1784 Christopher appeared with four Negroes over 16, two under 16, five horses, and two cattle. In 1785 his estate appears with four Negroes over 16, three under 16, one horse and six cattle. In 1786 and 1787 the Christopher Gayle Estate appears with three Negroes over 16, three under 16, and seven cattle.
CHRISTOPHER GAYLE #4 (?? - Aft. 1786) appeared on the 1782 Gloucester County land tax list with 86 acres of land, one Negro over 16, three under 16, two horses and three cattle. On the 1783 Gloucester County census he was shown with 13 residents in his household, eight whites and five Negroes. In 1784 he was listed with three Negros over 16, one under 16, three horses and two cattle. In 1785 he was listed again with three Negroes over 16, one under 16, two horses and three cattle. In 1786 he appears with three Negroes over 16, two under 16, two horses and six cattle. The census taker visited his neighbors on 6/1/1787. They were George Callis, James Callis, Jr., John Callis, Robert Callis, Robert Callis, Jr., George Forrest, Philip Forrest, John Hugget, John Hurst, Jr., Richard Hurst (Est.), Richard Hurst, Jr., William Hurst, John Peede, William Peede, James Stedder, Thomas Stedder, and Ann Stewart. [*Based on the number of residents in his household in 1783 this may have been Christopher Gayle (1747 - 1819) of South Carolina who appeared in Kingston Parish from 1782 to 1790.] -- [Also in 1782 the estate of one Christopher Gayle is shown with eight slaves and 86 acres of land. In 1783 there were five slaves, in 1785 there were seven. In 1786, 1787 and 1788 there were six slaves and acreage was shown again as 86 acres. In 1789 the acreage remained the same but slaves had been reduced to three.]
CHRISTOPHER GAYLE #5 (Living 1832) married MARY ANN HUDGINS (Living 1832) and appeared in a land transaction between William Hudgins, orphan of Robert; Alfred Hudgins and wife Harriett; and Christopher Gayle and wife Mary Ann. [A MARY ANN GAYLE (Living 1835) married Eley A. Best on 11/20/1835. Surety was provided by Alfred Hudgins.]

This plat represents a tract of land in Mathews County and is the land of which Robert Hudgins [died] seized containing 105.71 acres beginning at a corner to this and Thomas Marchant in the Road at the intersection of Cat Tail branch [south] said road, running thence…to a pine on the East side of said branch…to another pine of the same side of said branch or creek…with the meanderings of two creeks to a corner to this and Joshua Fitchett…to a corner to this and A. M. Hicks in said Lane's line…to a pine stump corner to this, Hicks, Hudgins & Co…to a corner to this and [Leroy} Hudgins…to a corner at the westerly gate post of this tract…with said gate post and a large red oak to the beginning place. Surveyed Jany 18th 1833 by Wm. M. Brownley

The land of which the above is a figure is divided as seen in the Plat between Alfred Hudgins in right of his wife Harriet, Christopher Gayle in right of his wife Mary Ann, and Wm. Hudgins orphan of Robert Hudgins dec'd by virtue of a decree of the Court of Mathews bearing date 1832.

Signed by Wm. M. Brownley
(Mathews County, LB1/128, plat #222)
DELPHIA GAYLE (Living 1806) appears on 9/9/1806 in Mathews County when Robert Ransom/Ransome and Joshua Gayle Brown were bound to Thos. Smith, Thos. Tabb, Houlder Hudgins and Henry Fleet, gentlemen, trustees of the Court of Mathews, for $500.00 to be paid to "Delphia Gayle" (also called "Dolphin"), orphan of Matthew Gayle, at lawful age.
EDWARD GAYLE (Living 1795) appears as the single head of a household from 1795 to 1797 with 50 acres of land. In 1798 and 1799 he is shown with 30 acres and in 1800 he is again shown with 50 acres. THE EDWARD GAYLE ESTATE is also shown with 50 acres in 1800.
ELIZABETH A. GAYLE (Living 1752) married Richard Knight on 10/19/1752.
ELVIRA GAYLE (Living 1842) married William Henry Harrison White in 1842.
FANNIE E. GAYLE (1848, VA. - 1884), daughter of Christopher Gayle of Virginia who owned an estate of 600 acres near Boydtown and 75 slaves, married JOSEPH EDMONSON (1844, VA. - ??), a farmer and Confederate soldier. Joseph moved to Bedford County, Pennsylvania, and operated at hotel at Everett, PA.
FRANCES BARNARD GAYLE (Living 1775) married Galen Pigot (under 21 in 1739 - by 1772) in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, on 12/24/1775-79.
HANNAH GAYLE (Living 1776) married John Pritchard on 5/28/1776.
JAMES GAYLE (Living 1757) married Judith Gayle on 2/21/1757.
JOHN GAYLE (Est. 1740s) married Sarah Gayle on 9/22/1763. The Kingston Parish Register lists their children as MARY #1 (3/4/1767 - ??) baptized 5/3/1767; MARY #2 (12/13/1769 - ??) baptized 1/21/1770; MARY #3 (12/9/1770 - ??); and SARAH (?? - ??).
JOHN GALE (Living 1744) was named as owing £8, 9 shillings, 5 pence in the will of John Ballard dated 12/24/1744. Also mentioned were John's wife Elizabeth, sons Robert, John, William, and Thomas and daughters Catherine, Ann and Elizabeth. John Ballard bought land from Gwyn Reade and was doing business with firms in England including Powell, Frances Chisman, Halls, Custis, Tabb, etc. On 9/16/1751 it was noted that John Gayle, debtor, had already paid. Mentioned were Auditors William Stevenson, David Jameson, and Edmund Tabb.
JOHN GAYLE (Living 1784) was listed with seven whites, with one dwelling and three other buildings.
JOHN GALE, PVT (Living 1794) Capt. Bohannon's Company, Virginia Militia. In 1807 he was listed as a private in Tabb's Company, 115th regiment, Virginia Militia (Elizabeth City, Warwick & York Counties)
JOHN GAYLE (Living 1810) appeared on the 1810 Census in Mathews with neighbors GEORGE BROWN, JOS. DEGGS, JNO. HUNDLEY, ISAAC DAVIS, & ARMISTEAD DAVIS.
JOHN GAYLE (Living 1810), son of George, is shown as the head of a household from 1807 through 1810.
JONATHAN GAYLE BROWN (?? - ??), the oldest Justice of the Peace in Mathews County, and later High Sheriff, was the son of a Revolutionary War soldier.
JOSEPH GAYLE (Living 1835) married Mrs. Matilda Stormes on 4/28/1835. Matilda was listed on the 1850 census as age 56, placing her birth year at 1794. She owned 300 acres on the East River, 5 miles southeast of the courthouse, and her neighbors were Thomas Gayle and Elijah and Mary Gayle. Her property was next to William Miles, 33, Sarah A. Miles, 33 and Nancy Hunley, 55, all in the same household. In 1850 Matilda owned 2 acres on East River 5 miles from the courthouse
JOSEPH M. GAYLE (Est. 1854 - ??) mariner of Mathews, age 22, married Lolla A. Helman, 21, of Baltimore on 4/14/1876.
JOYCE GAYLE (?? - 1752) died in Kingston Parish on 1/22/1752 and her death was listed in the Parish Register.
JOYCE GAYLE (Living 1774) married Robert Hunley at Kingston Parish on 6/30/1774, son James born 5/31/1775.
LUCY GAYLE (Living 1797) married Jacob Roberts on 3/6/1797.
LUCY GAYLE (Living 1830) was listed as a slave owner in Mathews County.
LUCY GAYLE (Est. 1770) appeared on the 1850 census listed as age 80 with George, 22; Ann J., 19; and Catherine, 40 (allied with Robertson)
MARGARET GAYLE (Living 1771) married John Stewart on 6/16/1771.
MARY GAYLE (Living 1804) married Christopher Garland of Mathews on 10/13/1804.
MARY GAYLE (7/20/1804 - 4/20/1857) of Port Haywood married Joseph Diggs (11/15/1799 - 3/6/1855) of Port Haywood on 5/18/1821. Joseph was the son of Dr. Joseph Diggs, Jr., Surgeon, Maryland Line. Joseph and Mary Gayle Diggs' children were Rebecca (4/3/1827), James (9/11/1829), Mary (9/27/1830), John W. (11/10/1832), Susannah Frances (2/11/1835), Joseph (5/26/1838), Sarah Jane (5/12/1841), Benjamin (5/25/1843), Rebecca, and Moses.]

MARY ELIZABETH GAYLE (Living 1852) was named in the will of her grandfather, James Mathews, on 3/9/1852. The 1850 census of Mathews County lists James Mathews, 55, farmer; Harriet, 42; Robert, 59; Robert Brownley, 70; and Nathaniel Davis, 40, all born in Virginia. The will named his wife Harriet and stated that she was "to to live with her daughter, Rebecca Kenner & husband, William Kenner, and to be supported out of my estate as long as she lives my widow. In the event of her marrying or becoming dissatisfied with living with her daughter and family, I wish her to take her 1/3 portion of my estate." Mathews left to Mary Elizabeth a tract of 76 acres of land at the head of Queen's Creek, formerly owned by James Callis, and slaves MARY, MARGARET, & CAROLINE & THEIR INCREASE. Mathews' daughter Ann Elizabeth Kenner, her husband William, "and the children which they may hereafter have," were given "the tract of land on which I reside of 120 acres and slaves, SALLY, LOUISA & GEORGE & all their increase." His daughter Ann Rebeckah Kenner, her husband William, and any children they might have received "all the residue of my estate including 40 acres on Queen's Creek called Johnston Point & Sadlers." Mathews named William Kenner as Executor and witnesses were Wm. Shultice and Parker B. Richardson. On 5/6/1847 Rebecca Gayle married William Kenner on 5/6/1847. (Mathews County WB1/41). The 1860 census shows SARAH E. GAYLE in the household of WILLIAM KENNER, 41, farmer, born in Alexandria; Rebecca A. Kenner, 32, born in Mathews Co.; Harriet Mathews, 54, born in Mathews; Sarah E. Gayle, 15, born in Mathews. In 1850 the family appeared as WILLIAM KENNER, 33, mariner; Rebecca, 23; Elizabeth, 6; and Anna Mathews, 20, all born in Virginia.]
MARY A. DODD GAYLE (12/5/1824 , Mathews - 6/18/1872, Portsmouth, age 46) parents Edward and Esther Gayle, buried at Portlock Cemetery in Portsmouth, VA.
MATTHEW GAYLE (Living 1779). According to an article published on 4/2/1779 in the
Virginia Gazette, Dixon & Nicolson (Williamsburg, VA), one JOSEPH SMITH sold a vessel built by Matthew Gayle at East River warehouse. "The subscriber has for sale, the hull, masts, and yards of a new vessel, intended for a brig, completely finished and ready to launch, of the following dimensions: 56 ½ feet keel straight rabbit, 20 feet 2 inches beam, and 8 feet hold. She was built by Matthew Gayle, at East river warehouse. For terms apply to the printer, or Francis Willis, Esq. in Gloucester county. JOSEPH SMITH."
MATT GAYLE (Living 1782) appears in 1782 with 12 whites and 4 slaves; 1784: one white male, 4 slaves; 1785 - 1786: one white male, 4 slaves; 1787: One white male, 4 slaves, 99 acres; 1788: one white male, 2 slaves, 99 acres; 1789: one white male, 1 slave, 99 acres.
MATTHEW GAYLE (Living 1784) appeared on the 1784 census for Gloucester County with 10 whites, 1 dwelling and 3 other buildings.
MILES GAYLE (Living 1790 - By 1827) was a witness on a deed, along with Elias Pugh and Thomas Hall, when Thomas Gayle of the four brothers purchased 200 acres in Charlotte County, VA from John Gayle of York County. He was listed on the 1810 census and in 1815 he 224 3/4 acres of land at Mobjack 4 miles southwest of the courthouse. (Plat 76, same as plat for Bartlett Gayle) In 1822 Miles and Bartlett Gayle sold 224 acres running along a creek to North River and to the mouth of Isle of Wight Creek. In 1827 Edward S. Gayle and Dorothy Gayle were named in an order appointing commissioners to settle a further account of Hunley Gayle's administration of Miles Gayle, deceased.
ROSANNAH GAYLE (Living 1839) married Mr. William D. Davis on 1/10/1839.
THOMAS GAYLE (Living 1783) was listed with six whites and three blacks.
THOMAS GAYLE (Living 1814), son of JOSHUA GAYLE.
THOMAS GAYLE (Living 1861) enlisted on 7/20/1861 at Mathews Courthouse and was present on all rolls. He was drawing pension benefits in Mathews in 1909.
WILLIAM GAYLE (Living 1758) married Phebe Cay on 3/20/1758.
WILLIAM GAYLE (Living 1771) married Ann Blacknall in 1771.
WILLIAM C. GAYLE (1831 - ??) age 23, oysterman, son of John and Mary Hall Gayle of Gloucester, married Maria Adams, age 16, daughter of Henry and Maria Adams of King & Queen County on 12/21/1854. The ceremony was performed by William Eastwood in King & Queen County.
IN KINGSTON PARISH, THE FIRST BILLUPS TO SETTLE IN THE AREA was GEORGE BILLUPS (ca. 1630, Wales - 8/6/1673, Gloucester Co.) who was a shipbuilder and had brothers Joseph and Christopher. He m. Sarah (Unknown), ca. 1655 and was granted 750 acres in Kingston Parish next to John Lilley in 1653. A fragment of his 1673 will named wife Sarah and children including an un-named daughter and two sons.

I. GEORGE BILLUPS SR. (ca. 1630 - 1673) m. Sarah (Unknown)
Allied Families in Kingston Parish

ONE LINE OF THE BILLUPS FAMILY INCLUDED RICHARD BILLUPS (4/28/1753 - 9/30/1822), son of JOHN & ANN AVERY BILLUPS, who married his step-sister, Lucy Lilly (12/19/1755 - 2/11/1816), daughter of William Lilly (?? - 1781), on 9/10/1778. Richard was a captain in the Gloucester Militia, a vestryman of Kingston Parish and a Methodist minister. He represented Mathews in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1807 - 1817 and was named as head of a household in Kingston Parish in 1783 with four whites and nine blacks. Richard and Lucy Billups acquired the property where the home known as Roxbury was built around 1755. They deeded it in 1823 to William A. Billups who owned it until 1863. Their son, William Armistead Billups (1790 - 1868) married Lucy Ransome (ca 1792 - ??) on 6/20/1812 and in 1823 in inherited the Roxbury property and owned it until 1863. His daughter, Harriet Stevens Billups (7/10/1813 - 1909), married William Stoakes (ca 1810 - ??) and owned Roxbury from 1868 through 1909 when it was transferred to her son, Confederate veteran Walter R. Stoakes (1847 - 1935).