William Gale (Living 1400s) of Devonshire
William Gale lived at Kingswear, "…a hamlet in this parish…there went a creek into the land from the channel of the haven called Water-head; a little place wherein to build ships; which was the inheritance of Gale." (Westcote) Dartmouth, on the Devon coast, was a rendezvous point in 1190 for vessels carrying Crusaders to the Holy Land, and members of the Gale family were said to be among them. [SEE CHAPTER 7] William Gale's descendants resided in Cornwall, Dartmouth, and Crediton in Devonshire and Weveston in Suffolk.
III. Alice (?? - Will 1558) m. 1) John Bodleigh/Bodley of Exeter and 2) Thomas Prestwood of Exeter
I. William & (Unknown) Gale
II. Thomas (?? - Living 1467) of Kirton, Crediton, Devon m. Joan Yard
III. Gilbert (?? - Will, 1552) m. Christian Bishop and had children.
IV. John (1516-17 - 1554) m. Elizabeth Butler. No children
IV. Margery (?? - ??) m. Anthony Randal of Plymouth
IV. George (Living 1576) m. Katherine Marbury and had children.
V. Gilbert (?? -??), died without children.
V. Thomas (?? - ??) of Crediton, m. (Unknown)
V. George (?? - ??)
V. Three others unknown
III. Thomas (?? - ??) m. (Unknown)
IV. Thomas (?? - ??) no children
IV. William (?? - ??) no children

I: WILLIAM GALE, ESQ. OF DARTMOUTH (?? - ??) was born to unknown parents. He married (UNKNOWN) and had children.

Col. Vivian's Visitation of Devon lists a coat-of-arms for "MR. GALE:" OF DARTMOUTH described as, "Azure, a fess, argent, fretty of the field." The crest was"A shankbone and palm branch in saltire ppr." The motto is unknown. Another member of the family, probably William's son Thomas, was said to have married (UNKNOWN YARD) & (UNKNOWN WHITE) and Thomas Westcote noted "Another kind of impaling of Mr. Gale, that had two wives" citing the arms of GILBERT YARD, "Argent, a chevron, gules, between three water-bougets, sable," and the arms of (UNKNOWN) WHITE, "On bust, gules, a chevron between three roses, argent." (Westcote, Thomas)

II. Thomas (Living 1467) of Dartmouth, m. Joan Yard/Yearde
II. Probably other children

II: THOMAS GALE ESQ. (?? - Living 1467) OF KIRTON, CREDITON, DEVON, son of William and his unknown wife, married JONE/JOAN YARD/YEARDE, daughter of Gilbert Yard/Yearde, Esq. of Bradley and his wife Mary Wadham Yard. They had three known children. Thomas Gale was a member of Parliament for Dartmouth in 1467, 1472, and 1478. He was also Mayor of Dartmouth during the reign of Edward IV and is noted as leaving Dartmouth and settling at Crediton. He probably married secondly to (UNKNOWN) WHITE. In his book Thomas Westcote noted "Another kind of impaling of Mr. Gale, that had two wives, thus set."

ARMS OF "MR. GALE" (Visitation of Devon)
Azure, a fess, argent, fretty of the field; CREST: A shankbone and palm branch in saltire ppr. MOTTO: Unknown

Argent, a chevron, gules, between three water-bougets, sable

On bust, gules, a chevron between three roses, argent

III. THOMAS (?? - 10/23/1557) of Dartmouth and Crediton married (Unknown) and two sons.
III. GILBERT (?? - Will, 1552) of Crediton married Christian Bishop and had children.
III. ALICE (?? - Will, 11/20/1558) married (1) John Bodley/Bodleigh (?? - Will dated 9/27/1526) of the Parish of St. Stephen, Exeter, who was a collector of the Lay Subsidy of 1514-15 during the reign of King Henry VIII. Their children were minors at the time of their father's death, and afterwards Alice married (2) Thomas Prestwood of Exeter and had sons Gilbert and Thomas Prestwood, Jr. Alice Gale Prestwood's will was dated 11/20/1558. Her son Thomas Prestwood died some 20 years later and his will, dated 12/13/1576, mentioned his brother John Bodley and made a bequest to his cousin *George Gale and his wife Katherine, "in part recompense of his good will…a scarlet robe which was my father's." (Report and Transactions of the Devonshire Association…) In 1531 the will of John Bodley of Crediton named his wife Margaret and overseers Gilbert Gale and John Bodlegh (sic). The will of Walter Bogan of Totnes, dated 5/17/1588 and proved in London on 5/1/1591, was witnessed by George Gale, Nicholas Goodridge, John (?), and John Leigh.

III. THOMAS GALE (?? - 10/23/1557) OF DARTMOUTH & CREDITON was born to Thomas and Joan Yard Gale. Thomas left Dartmouth, settled at Crediton, married (UNKNOWN) and had sons Thomas and William. [A Thomas Gale of Crediton married Amy Staplehill, daughter of Walter Staplehill.] In 1544 Thomas Gale became Lord of the Manor of Dartmouth and the purchase was subject to a payment of the revenues to the Crown at Michaelmas.

IV. THOMAS (?? - ??) died without children
IV. WILLIAM (?? - ??) died without children

III. GILBERT/GYLBERT GALE, ESQ. (?? - Will 1552) OF KIRTON/KIRKTON IN CREDITON married CHRISTIAN BISHOP, daughter of Henry Bishop of Crediton, and had children.

In 1547 Gilbert Gale was appointed by Edward VI as one of the Governors of Crediton Church in Devon. Known as The Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and the Mother of Him Who Hung Thereon, its beginnings date to the 10th century and probably before. The church was surrendered to Henry VIII in 1545 after the Reformation and in September of that year its lands were granted to Sir Thomas Darcy who returned them to Henry VIII in 1546 in exchange for lands elsewhere. Gilbert Gale left a will dated 1552. His burial place is unknown.

The Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross, Crediton, Devon The Governor's Room, Chapter House, Collegiate Church
(Photos by members of the Crediton Photographic Club, www.creditonparishchurch.org.uk/History.html)
IV. JOHN (1516-17 - 1554) married Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Sir Philip Butler of Woodhall, Knight of Herefordshire. No children.
IV. MARGERY (?? - ??) married Anthony Randal of Plymouth.
IV. GEORGE (Will 1606) married Katherine Marbury and had children. George and Katherine were mentioned in the will of Thomas Prestwood, dated 12/13/1576.

IV. JOHN GALE (1516-17 - 1554), eldest son of Gilbert and Christian Bishop Gale, was born in 1516-17. He was admitted to Corpus Christi College, Oxford in 1533 and married ELIZABETH BUTLER, daughter of Sir Philip Butler of Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire. No children were found. In August of 1548 Gale received a lease of two messuages in North Mimms, Hertfordshire, and in 1552 inherited property in Devon from his father. He died soon afterward, leaving a will dated 10/4/1553 leaving his property to his wife. He was still alive in August of 1554 but his will was proved in November of the same year. His widow married Edward Buggin.
IV. GEORGE GALE, ESQ. (Will 1606) OF CREDITON was the son of Gilbert and Christian Bishop Gale. He married KATHERINE MARBURY, daughter of Sir Edward Marbury, Knight, of Lincolnshire, and had children. George Gale became Justice of the Peace for Devonshire. The will of one Christopher Goodman, dated 2/22/1602, named his son-in-law George Gale of Crediton and his daughter Katheren (sic) Gale. (Lancasire and Cheshire Wills and Inventories) George Gale left a will dated 1606. He inherited the property of his uncle, Thomas Gale of Devonshire, who died in 1557.

V. GILBERT (?? - dsp), died without children.
V. THOMAS (1572 - 4/30/1625), identified as the son of George Gale of Crediton, married (UNKNOWN). He enrolled at University College, Oxford on 11/15/1588 at age 16 and became a barrister at Inner Temple in 1600.
V. GEORGE (?? - ??)
The Cathedral Church of St. Peter at Exeter, Devon (wikipedia)
Here lieth The
Ophilus Gale
Dr. of Divinitie
and Vicar of
and Bridget his
wife both which
departed this life
in the month of
May 1639
II. THEOPHILUS (1628 - 1678) Non - Conformist Theologian

[Other Gales at Exeter wereTHOMAS GALE (Ca. 1628), an assistant organist at Exeter Cathedral and PETER GALE (Living 1676-67) Lay Vicar, Choral, of Exeter, St. Peter, who left a will dated 1676.]

Bunhill Fields, London
II. THEOPHILUS GALE (1628 - 3/1678) was born in 1628 to Theophilus and Bridget Walrond Gale. He was a doctor of divinity, a classical scholar and a learned non-conformist theologian and philosopher. He received his early schooling from a private tutor in his father's home and was later sent to a neighboring grammar school.

In 1647-48 Theophilus entered Magdalen College at Oxford University where he received his B. A. degree on 12/17/1649 followed on 6/18/1652 by his M. A. degree. In 1650 he was made fellow and tutor of his college, remaining there for several years, and in 1657 was appointed as preacher at Winchester Cathedral In 1662 he refused, like other ministers, to submit to the Act of Uniformity decreeing that all clergy use the Book of Common Prayer and to declare allegiance to the Bishop. Consequently, he was ejected from his post at Winchester, forced to resign his fellowship at Magdalene College, and was excluded from government employment and ministry in the Church of England being "wholly addicted to nonconformity."

Afterward he became tutor to the sons of Lord Wharton, whom he accompanied to Caen, in Normandy, and studied at Huguenot College. He returned to England in 1665 and remained for a year at Wharton's estate before settling in London. In that city he set up an academy at Stoke Newington for the education of sons of Dissenters. He also became assistant to John Rowe, minister at an Independent church in Holborn, and succeeded him in 1677 but died the following year. His principal work, The Court of the Gentiles, was published in four parts between 1669and 1676.

Gale left his library to Harvard College in Boston, more than doubling its collection of books, already enriched by gifts from Governor Winthrop and other notables. Unfortunately, Gale's collection was burned with the rest of the college library on 1/24/1764.

WRITTEN 2/25/1677, PROVED 6/25/1679
Bequests were to,
my sister Mrs. Katherine Northcutt fifty pounds. To my kinswoman Sarah Rows, daughter of John Rows deceased, fifty pounds, to be paid at day of marriage or age of twenty one. To my cousins Thomas and John Rows, sons of John Rows, deceased, also to my cousins John Goddard the younger, Thomas Goddard, Edward Goddard, Ann, Mary and Susanna Goddard, to each twenty shillings. To my friends Dr. Thomas Goodwin, Dr. John Owen, Henry Dorney of London, John Collins, James Baron, John Berry of Barnstaple, Bartholomew Ashwood of Axminster, Joseph Swaffield of Sarum, Henry Coue of Southampton, Joseph Hallett of Exon. Giles Say of Southampton, Mr. Conway at Maisbury, Mr. Dent by Hungerford, John Troughton at Bicester, Mr. Rowswell by Calue, Mr. James of Stanes, Mr. James of Wapping, Mr. Catsness of Wapping, Stephen Lobbe of London, Mr. Reinolds of Buuhill Fields, Dr. Samuel Annesley of London, Thomas Dauson in Spittle Fields, Mr. Veale of Stepney, Samuel Lee of Newington Green, Edward Terry of Stoke Newington, Mr. Crowch in Little Morefields, Mr. Gilson, Mr. Hayworth of Ware, Mr. Baker of London, Mr. Henry Berry late of Crediton, Thomas Jollie at Pendleton in Lancashire, George Larkham at Tassantire in Cumberland, Col. Kelsey of London, brewer. Major Reynes of London, Mr. Bens of Islington, brewer, to each of these five pounds. To Isaac Eures Esq. of London a piece of plate to the value of two pounds. To Nathaniel Overton and Robert Pauceforth, to each three pounds.

All the rest and residue of my estate, both real and personal &c., as also all my books and manuscripts I give and bequeath unto the above mentioned Dr. John Owen, Samuel Lee, John Collins, John Troughton, Edward Terry, Mr. Crowch, Col. Kelsey, Henry Dorney. Robert Pauceforth and Nathaniel Overton, to be disposed and employed by them, or any three of them, joyntly, for the maintenance, education and benefit of such poor scholars or other charitable uses as they in their discretion shall judge fit and most agreeable to my mind and will; and they shall have the sole and free disposition of the said residue &c., without being accountable or called in question &c.; and if any person or persons shall sue, call in question or to account the said Dr. John Owen (and the others) my executors.

Memorandum, whereas my sister Northcott owes me about one hundred pounds upon Bond and about forty pounds that I lent her to carry on the house above withall I received for my scholars diet over and above what I have given her in my will I desire the interest of what she owes me may be foreborne until she be in a capacity to pay it. Also my desire is that she have all my gold and rings, excepting those pieces of gold and rings that shall be disposed of by me. Memorandum - if Mr. Moreland be not mentioned in my will I desire he should have five pounds. Also Mr. Giles Say of Southampton six pounds to make up what is mentioned in my will so much. My will and desire also is that Mr. Henry Dorney may have twenty pounds more added to what I have given him in my will. And that my library be also given and disposed to the College of or in New England where Mr. Oakes is head, except those philosophical books which are needful for students here.

Robert Paunceforte of Gray's Inn, in the Co. of Middl, Gent made oath to the above.
I. THEOPHILUS GALE (1588 - 5/1639) was born to unknown parents in England. He enrolled at Exeter College on 10/11/1605 at age 17, received a B. A. 5/5/1609; fellow in 1611-21; M. A. on 1/29/1611-12; B. D. on 6/19/1619. He was incorporated at Cambridge 1619 and received a D. D. on 5/7/1624. He was Canon of Exeter in 1629 and Vicar of Kingsteignton in 1620. Theophilus married BRIDGET WALROND as evidenced by a memorial inscription at Kingsteignton Church in Devon noting that his. shield was "Gale impaling Walrond," indicating his wife's maiden name. Theophilus and Bridget Gale died in 1639
It was said that Gale's marriage to Elizabeth Butler was arranged by JOHN, BARON RUSSELL (ca. 1485 - 3/14/1554-55), 1st Earl of Bedford, for whom he served as Secretary beginning in 1545. Russell was a royal minister who served the courts of King Henry VII and King Henry VIII. He was knighted in 1522 after losing an eye at the taking of Morlaix in Brittany and was made a Baron in 1539. He was a Member of Parliament for Buckinghamshire between 1529 and 1536 and during the latter year he was made a Privy Counsellor and helped to suppress the Pilgrimage of Grace.
Nicholas Geale (Living 1500s) of Berkshire & Hampshire
Nicholas Geale (Living 1500s) owned the Manors of Crondal and Sandhurst. His family was of some importance during the 17th century in Yateley and Eversley in Hampshire and Sandhurst in Berkshire. Although the family fortune declined in later years, they continued to hold land in the region until 1739. In 1601 Sandhurst was in possession of Nicholas' son, RICHARD GEALE, JR. and wife ELIZABETH who, along with JOHN GEALE, YEOMAN, and his wife Elizabeth conveyed the manor to Robert Lee who reconveyed it to Richard and John Geale in 1606. In 1674 the manor was held by Richard Geale.
I. Nicholas & (Unknown) Geale (?? - 1561)
II. Richard Sr. (Living 1601) m. (Unknown)
III. Richard, Jr. (?? - 1608) m. Elizabeth (Unknown) and had children.
IV. Richard Jr. (Living 1613) m. Eleanor Sellon and had children.
V. Elizabeth (1616 - ??)
V. Eleanor (1618 - ??)
V. John (1620 - ??) owned the manor of Sandhurst
V. Sarah (1622 - ??)
IV. 3 unknown sons
IV. 5 unknown daughters
III. John (Living 1567) owned land in Yateley
III. William (?? - Buried 9/4/1638, St. Peter's)
II. Others Unknown

I. NICHOLAS GEALE (?? - 1561) married an unknown woman and had children. Nicholas owned the Hundred and Manor of Crondal, at Yateley, Hampshire, that passed to his son Richard.

II. RICHARD (Living 1567) inherited his father's land in Yateley.

II. RICHARD GEALE (Living 1567) was the son of Nicholas Geale and an unknown wife. He married (UNKNOWN) and had children. Three of his sons were named on 10/10/1567 in an indenture of Francis Newton, Dean of the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Wynchester (sic), County of Southampton. Richard owned vast tracts of land including the following:

* Part of the Hundred and Manor of Crondal, surrendered by his father on 3/29/1568 and described as a parcel "upon which is built a messuage with a mill for malting…" (Baigent)
* Lanys, a parcel containing a messuage, garden, orchard and virgate [about 30 acres or the amount of land that a team of 2 oxen could plough in a single annual session] of land with appurtenances in Yately including: le Home fealde, a close [generally speaking, an enclosed place] of 20 acres; le White croft, a close of 3 ½ acres; le Long croft, a close of 6 acres; le Birchett feald, a close of 10 ½ acres; le Burned read, a close of 10 ½ acres; Apul garden, 1 acre; Casey, 3 ½ acres; a parcel of land in Slyford Hill, ½ acre; 2 acres of meadow; 1 acre of pasture in Casey; Downe Meade, a meadow of 9 acres; Downe Grove, a parcel of wood containing 7 ½ acres; Home Grove, another parcel of wood, 7 acres.
* A messuage, garden, orchard, and half a virgate of land with appurtenances in Yateley including a close adjacent to the messuage containing 1 acre; Stone croft, a close of 2 ½ acres; le Midle feald, a 2-acre field; a 2-acre field called Widworth; a 1-acre parcel of meadow in Batlemore; 5 acres in a marsh called Lese-more; a pasture in Lese-more of 2 acres
* Wybridge, near Goodinges grove, 1 acre formerly owned by Nicholas Geale
* Newe wood howse a close of 10 acres
* Barr close, 6 acres
* Bostock's meade, a 7 acre meadow owned by Nicholas Geale
* Bocher's, a close of 10 acres and 1 ½ acres adjoining
* Stratfild croft, a close of 3 acres
* Lunne Lane, 3 acres
* A rod of land near Strowde poole
* A 1 acre parcel near the hedge of the marsh
* le Beache, a close of 8 acres
* A 2 acre close in Smalleshottes
* Bocher's meade, a meadow of 3 acres and a parcel of wood nearby
* Bocher's grove, w acres of land and 3 acres of woodland
* Petmore close, 4 acres of land and 4 acres of wood
* Richards, 2 closes of 7 acres
* Oke feald, a close of 8 acres
* Packer Read, a close of 6 acres
* le Marsh, a pasture of 2 acres
* Mylgrove, a close containing 4 acres of pasture and 3 acres of wood
* A parcel of meadow, 1 ½ acres.

III. RICHARD (?? - 1608) married Elizabeth (Unknown) and had children.
III. JOHN (Living 1567) was the owner of land in Yateley on 3/29/1568 including the Hundred and Manor of Crondal; Worth Meade, otherwise White Meade, containing 3 ½ acres of meadow with appurtenances in Yateley and adjoining 1 ½ acres with a cottage and surrounding property.
III. WILLIAM (?? - Buried 9/4/1638, St. Peter's), of Yateley, was cup-maker to Charles I in London. On 3/29/1568 he owned land in Southampton including Groves Gibbs, 4 acres granted after the surrender of Nicholas Geale. He left a will naming his daughter Joan and other children un-named.
III. LAWRENCE (Living 1680s) of Alton was named as a brother to William. He had a daughter Mary who married Matthew Hawkins. Their son Matthew (1/1/1684 - 4/29/1711, London) was buried at St. Lawrence Church on 5/1/1711. [One source stated that Lawrence established the almshouses at Alton; however they were established by Captain Thomas Geale (?? - 1657). Perhaps Thomas was a middle name for Lawrence or vice versa.
III. RICHARD GEALE (?? - 9/18/1608) was born to Richard Geale and an unknown wife. Richard married ELIZABETH (UNKNOWN) and had four sons and five daughters. [NOTE: One HENRY GEALE (Est. 1590 - ??) married JONE SELLON (1594, Eversley - ??), daughter of John and Joane Sellon and sister of Elizabeth Sellon who married RICHARD GEALE.

Richard and John Geale, probably two of Richard and Elizabeth's sons, held the property of Harriesmorr in common and in 1613 Richard was taxed on two houses and John on three. The family attended the church of St. Michael's All Angels at Sandhurst where the elder Richard was buried beneath the altar. A brass memorial to his memory, now in the south chapel, depicts Richard, his wife Elizabeth, and their sons and daughters. It was inscribed, "The saide Richard deceased the 18th September Ano Dni." Elizabeth Geale died 10 years later. The memorial was retrieved from the church yard of St. Michael's and All Angels at Sandhurst during renovation.

IV. RICHARD JR. (Living 1613) married Eleanor Sellon and had children.
IV. JOHN (Living 1613)
IV. RICHARD GEALE, JR. (LIVING 1613) was the son of Richard and Elizabeth Geale. On 5/5/1613 he married ELEANOR SELLON (Bef. 1590 - ??) and had children.

In 1601 Richard became lord of the Manor of Sandhurst, held by the Crown until 1562 when Queen Elizabeth I conveyed the lordship and manor to Sir John Mason for £248. In 1590 Anthony Weekes alias Mason, grandson of Sir John's mother by a second marriage, and his wife Elizabeth, quitclaimed the manor to their son John Mason, gentleman, who sold the manor to Richard Geale Sr. In 1601 it was owned by Richard Geale Jr. who with John Geale conveyed it to Robert Lee. The latter, with his wife Joyce and Clement Dawbeney, reconveyed it to Richard and John Geale in 1606. Parish registers at Sandhurst began in the first year of the reign of James I (1603 - 1625) and mapmaker John Norden surveyed the area in 1607. At the time Richard and John Geale and William Cave were the principal inhabitants. In 1674 Richard Geale held the manor and in 1695 one Richard Geale was appointed Regarder of the Forest. (Parishes: Sandhurst, A History of the County of Berkshire: Volume 3 (1923), http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=43207)

V. ELIZABETH (1616 - ??)
V. ELEANOR (1618 - ??)
V. JOHN (1620 - ??) married Elizabeth (Unknown) and had children. John owned the manor of Sandhurst during the reign of Charles II and was summoned at the Herald's Visitation of 1665-66 but did not appear.
V. SARAH (1622 - ??)

IV. JOHN GEALE (?? - 1658) was born to Richard and Elizabeth Geale. He married (UNKNOWN) and had children. He died in 1658.

VI. ELIZABETH (1612 - ??)
VI. NICHOLAS (1615 - ??)
VI. JOHN (1617 - ??) owned the manor of Sandhurst.
VI. RICHARD (1619 - 1679) owned the manor of Sandhurst during the reign of Charles II (1660 - 1685). He was summoned at the Herald's Visitatin of 1665-6 but did not appear. Around 1695 Richard Geale, with 18 other gentlemen, was appointed a Regarder of Windsor Forest.
VI. JOAN (1622 - ??)

Chapter 5 - Other Gale Families of England
I. Francis (?? - 1637) m. (1) and (2) (Unknown) Pratt
II. Leonard (1620 - 1690) of Worth m. Philippa Johnson
III. Henry (?? - 1739) of Crabbett, m. Mary (Unknown)
IV. Henry (?? - 1714)
IV. Francis (?? - 1722)
IV. Leonard (?? - 1726)
III. Leonard (ca. 1673 - 1750) m. Sarah Knight (1680 - ??)
IV. Henry (?? - 1750)
IV. Two unknown sons (?? - by 1750)
IV. Katherine (Aft. 1703 - will 1752) m. William Pellatt, Jr.
IV. Philippa (Abt. 1709 - ??) m. 1731 James Clitherow II
IV. Elizabeth (Aft. 1703 - ??) m. Henry Humphrey
IV. Sarah (Aft. 1703 - ??) m.1750 Samuel Blunt
IV. Three unknown daughters
III. Philippa (?? - ??)
III. Elizabeth (?? - ??)
III. Sarah (?? - ??)
II. Henry/Harry (?? - ??) m. Mary Johnson, dau. of Jeremiah Johnson
III. Richard (?? - buried 1675), married (Unknown)
IV. Susan (?? - buried 1658)
III. Edmund (?? - buried 1675)
II. Edward (?? - ??) died young of plague
II. John (?? - ??) died young of plague
II. Unknown Daughter
II. Probably Nicholas (?? - ??) m. Elizabeth (Unk.)
III. John (Bapt. at Worth 1677 - ??)

I. FRANCIS GALE (?? - 1637), BLACKSMITH OF SEVENOAKS, KENT, was born to unknown parents and was living in the parish of Sevenoake/Sevenoaks in Kent in 1620 when his son Leonard was born. According to Leonard's memoirs Francis married first to (UNKNOWN) and had two sons. His second wife was (UNKNOWN) PRATT, the daughter of George Pratt, yeoman of Chelsford, by whom he had five sons and one daughter, but only Leonard survived. It should be noted that Arms granted to Leonard Gale are a variation of those granted to the Gales of Scruton, Yorkshire. On an escutcheon of pretence (sic) Az. On a fesse between 3 saltiers (sic) Or, 3 lions heads erased of the field.

Francis and was a blacksmith and lived on Riverhead Street in Sevenoaks. Sometime around 1637 the entire family died of plague with the exception of Leonard and his brother Henry. According to parish records dated 9/22/1637 Francis appointed one John Stileman as Leonard's guardian and the will of Thomas Stileman of Sevenoaks, innholder, dated 11/6/1664 mentioned his friend Leonard Gale.

II. LEONARD (1620 - LIVING 1690), the elder, married Philippa Johnson
II. HENRY/HARRY (?? - ??) married Mary, daughter of Jeremiah Johnson, Jr. and had children. The Register of Ifield recorded the baptisms and burials of the issue of Henry and Mary Johnson Gale: Richard Gale, buried 7/24/1675, Edmund buried 4/23/1675, Susan, daughter of Richard, buried 2/20/1658.
II. EDWARD (?? - by 1638)
II. JOHN (?? - by 1638)

II. LEONARD GALE (1620 - 1690), IRONMASTER OF CRAWLEY, SUSSEX, was born in 1620 to Francis Gale and his unknown wife. When Leonard was 17 his entire family with the exception of Leonard and his brother Henry died of plague, a fact related in Leonard's memoirs written three years before his death and titled, The advice of me, Leonard Gale, to my two sons, Leonard and Henry, being in the 67th year of my age, A.D. 1687. (Sussex Archaeological Collections, Vol. XII)

Following the deaths of his family Leonard was left with about £200, most of which he lost through "bad servants and trusting." He had recovered his losses by age 21 and with the help of "a boy to strike and to blow for me, and a man to work by the piece…for all the time I kept a smith's forge I layd by £100 a year…and having gotten enough to keep me well, and being burdened with free quartering of soldiers, I left off, and came down into Sussex…before I went home again I took St. Leonard's forge." (M. A. Lower, Sussex Iron Works, Sussex Archaeological Collections, Vol. 2.) Once in Sussex Leonard entered into a partnership with one Thomas Burrell that lasted for 15 years until the iron trade diminished. Leonard then became sole proprietor of Tinsloe Forge, located about 2 miles northeast of Crawley and 2 miles northwest of Crabbett, and was also engaged at Cowden Iron Works.

On 5/8/1666 Leonard Gale of Crawly, Gentleman, age 40, married PHILIPPA JOHNSON, age 22, daughter of Jeremiah Johnson of Charlewood, Surrey and had children. At the time Leonard wrote his memoirs, he was said to be worth at least £16,000. His advice to his sons included stern remarks on the merits of the Protestant religion and he cautioned to "avoid swearing, lying, drunkenness, whoring and gaming…and pride of apparel." (Fleet) He also issued a business directive on the importance of the acquisition of Cowden iron-works. Leonard Gale died in 1690 and left the larger portion of his estate to his son Leonard.

III. HENRY (?? - 1739) married a woman named Mary and had three children.
III. LEONARD (CA. 1673 - 1750) married Sarah Knight (9/15/1680 - ??) his first cousin and the daughter of his mother's only sister.
III. PHILIPPA (?? - ??) named in her uncle Henry's will.
III. ELIZABETH (?? - ??) named in her uncle Henry's will.
III. SARAH (?? - ??) named in her uncle Henry's will.

III. HENRY GALE (?? - 1739) was the son of Leonard and Phillippa Johnson Gale. He married MARY (UNKNOWN) and had children, but all of them seem to have died young. Henry, referred to as Henry Gale of Deerswood, Ifield, gent., purchased a tenement and farm called Deerwood, alias Deesrworth, from Edmund Jordan. The tract was mentioned in the valuation of Leonard Gale's estate.

An inscription at the parish church at Deerswood reads, "Here lyeth buried ye children of Henry and Mary Gale, of Deerswood, in the parish. Henry, died the 18th of December 1714, aged one month, 29 days. Francis, died the 7th of July, 1722, aged six months, 13 days. Leonard, died the 25th of June, 1726, aged 15 years, two months, 11 days." (Sussex Archaelogical Collections relating to the History and Antiqities of the City, Vol 22)

IV. HENRY (?? - 12/18/1714) died in infancy.
IV. FRANCIS (?? - 7/7/1722) died in infancy.
IV. LEONARD (?? - 6/25/1726) died at age 15.

III. LEONARD GALE, ESQ. (1676 - 1750), IRONMASTER OF CRABBET, WORTH, SUSSEX was born to Leonard and Philippa Johnson Gale in 1676. Leonard entered University College on 5/23/1691 at age 15 and was a barrister at Inner Temple in 1697. He lated devoted himself to management of his properties. In 1710 he was elected a Member of Parliament for East Grimstead and served for several years. Leornard married SARAH KNIGHT, (9/15/1680 - ??), the daughter and sole surviving child of Richard Knight, Jr. of Cowden by his second wife Sarah Johnson, daughter of Jeremiah Johnson of Charlwood and sister of Philippa Johnson, Leonard's mother. His memoirs state, on "Aug 19th, 1703, being near thirty years old I marryed with Mrs. Sarah Knight, my mother's sister's only daughter… after I had made my court to her two or three years; by her I had a plentiful fortune [£7,000 or £8,000], we were marryed in the parish church of Charlwood, by Mr. Hesketh, the rector." Leonard and Sarah had ten children.
The Ancient Priors, once home to Leonard Gale
Leonard owned substantial properties, and during the early 1700s he purchased The Ancient Priors, a medieval timber-framed hall-house on High Street in Crawley, West Sussex. The dwelling was built originally during the reign of King Stephen in 1150 and was possibly a priest's house. Originally an open hall, it was divided in 1440 with the addition of oak floors. Secret rooms were discovered during the 19th century, said to be repositories for smuggled goods. During the 17th century, Leonard Gale lived in the house. It later passed to the Blunt family amd was sold by Lady Wentworth, with other portions of the Crabbet Park estate, in 1916. The original exterior was revealed during restoration work in the 1920s. Uses include a farmhouse, an inn, an antiques shop and a restaurant.

In 1674 Leonard purchased
Little Tilgates and Barnards Grove in Worth and Ifield and in 1680 he acquired land in Church Croft, Crawley, and Tinsloe/Tinsley Forge. Smales Farm in Crawley was purchased in 1689. In 1698 Leonard purchased the MANOR OF CRABBET, Worth, co. Sussex, and later acquired the advowson. Land records show a grant and release dated 7/12/1698 by John Smith of Crabbett to Leonard Gale of Crawley, Esq., then Lord of the Manor. In 1707 Leonard acquired the MANOR OF CRAWLEY from the Covert family. In 1717 he bought the iron works at Ifield formerly owned by the Middleton family. He also owned property in Suffolk and by 1724 claimed to be worth £40,667. In 1731 Leonard was Lord of the MANOR OF PLUMPTON BOSCAGE, first mentioned in records in 1507, being part of the manor of Plumpton, and purchased from John Wakeman in 1717.

The valuation of Leonard's estate listed his properties and named his son, Henry Gale Esq., and Henry Gale of Ifield, gent., both deceased. The inventory listed
Worth Manor; Crabbet Farm and Mansion House; Gibbs Farm and Home Farm; Blackwater Farm; Haslewick Mill and House; Crawley Manor; Crawley Farm and the Home Farm; the George Inn; Smales Farm in Ifield; Tinslo Farm at Worth; Little Tilegate; Alesford and Barnard's Grove in Worth and Ifield; Bayley's Farm in East Grinstead; Saretts Farm; Goudhurst Farm in Cowden, co. Kent and East Grinstead; the Manor of Plumpton Boscage; Mockbeggars Farm in Horley, co. Surrey; Tottings Farm; Stones Land Farm in Burstow, co. Surrey; part of Buckwood Farm in Beeding; and Deerswood in Ifield. There were also many un-named farms, fields, and cottages. (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/A2A/records.aspx?cat=182-ams22&cid=-1#-1)

Leonard kept a journal during his lifetime in which the deaths of many of his children were chronicled. He outlived all his sons and died at about age 77 in 1750, only a few months after the death of his son, Henry. He was buried at Worth and his will, dated 4/27/1750 and proved 7/26/1750, named his wife Sarah as executrix. Of his three sons and seven daughters, only Philippa, Elizabeth, and Sarah shared in their father's estate along with their husbands, James Clitherow, Henry Humphreys, and Samuel Blunt, respectively. The three couples each owned a third of Leonard's properties and later the
Manor of Crawley, in its entirety, passed to Philippa and James Clitherow and their son James, who were holding it in 1791. Ownership passed out of the family and manorial rights lapsed sometime during the 1900s. The Manor of Plumpton Boscage was held from about 1765 to 1791, also in its entirety, by Elizabeth and Henry Humphrey. Sarah and Samuel Blunt inherited the Crabbet Park estate that later passed to Samuel Blunt's second son, the Rev. William Blunt and his wife Mary, daughter of Sir Francis Glanville, of Ketch-french, Cornwall. William and Mary Blunt had two children, Mary who married George Wyndham, and Francis Scawen Blunt who inherited the Crabbet Park house.
Francis Blunt had two sons, Francis Scawen Blunt, a soldier who died in 1872, and Wilfrid Scawen Blunt, a noted writer, poet, exploratory traveler, and diplomatic figure in mid-Victorian years. On 6/8/1869 Wilfrid married Lady Anne Noel, Baroness Wentworth, grand-daughter of Lord Byron, the poet. They became the first Europeans to reach Baghdad from the direction of the Mediterranean in the north. After a visit to Egypt in 1878 they traveled 2000 miles from Damascus to the Persian Gulf through Central Arabia, visiting with the Emir of Nejd at the site of the Arabian race. The famed Crabbett stud originated from an Arabian mare purchased by Wilfrid and Anne Blunt.

Memorials to Francis Scawen Blunt (1842), his wife Mary (1855), Leonard Gale (1746), his wife Sarah (1750), and others were erected at the church of St. Nicholas and are described in W. H. Godfrey's Guide to the Church of St. Nicholas Worth.
Church of St. Nicholas, Worth, Sussex
IV. HENRY (Aft. 1703 - Before 4/1750) was known as Henry Gale, Esq. of Crabbet. He died intestate and unmarried, predeceasing his father.
IV. KATHERINE (Aft. 1703 - WILL 1752) married William Pellatt, Jr., of Penhill in Bletchingly, Surrey, Esq., on 7/23/1701. William Pellatt, Jr. was bequeathed a tenement in Lewes described as 4 houses, buildings and 3 acres of land. On 11/30/1727 Katherine Pellatt, now widowed, and her son Leonard Pellatt, merchant of London, mortgaged the property to Leonard Gale. In her will of 11/16/1752 Katherine Pellatt of West Grinstead, widow, made her daughter Philippa a residuary legatee. In turn, Philippa devised the property to her cousin Henry Woodward rector of West Grinstead in her will of 9/21/1753.
IV. PHILIPPA (Abt. 1709 - ??) married James Clitherow of Boston House, Brentford, Middlesex, on 1/21/1730. On the deaths of both her brother Henry and her father in 1750, Philippa and her two sisters, Elizabeth and Sarah, each inherited a third share of their lands in Crawley, Worth, Ifield, Beeding, Steyning, and East Grinstead in Sussex, as well as other property. They also inherited the property of their uncle Henry Gale of Ifield, who had died in 1739, subject to an annuity to his wife, Mary. The Sussex property was owned in common until 1761, when it was divided between the heirs of the three sisters. As heiress Philippa inherited the Gale arms, described as "On an escutcheon of pretence (sic) Az. On a fesse between 3 saltiers (sic) Or, 3 lions heads erased of the field. At her marriage to James Clitherow the arms were joined. [Both the Gale and Clitherow families held property in the area of Upper Beeding, the site of King's Barns near Bramber Castle in the Hunderd of Steyning. The property was part of the Grange attached to the residence of the Saxon Kings and the demesnes were sold to various families over the years.]
IV. ELIZABETH (Aft. 1703 - ??) married Henry Humphrey, of Lewes, who was for many years chairman of the Quarter Sessions for East Sussex. Elizabeth died childless and her portion of Leonard's estate reverted to her sisters' families. Henry Humphrey's estate was inherited by his nephew, Henry Jackson.
IV. SARAH (Aft. 1703 - ??) married in 1750 to Samuel Blunt, of Horsham, who by Sarah inherited the Gale estate at Crabbett, Hampshire, Sussex. One of their descendants resided at Crabbet Park where she raised Arabian stallions. Seats of the Gales in Sussex included Crabbet Park, Crawley, East Grinstead, and Ifield.
[There may have been two other sons and three daughters who had died by 1750 when Leonard wrote his will.]

ARMS OF LEONARD GALE OF CRABBET, WORTH: On an escutcheon of pretence (sic) Az. On a fesse between 3 saltiers (sic) Or, 3 lions heads erased of the field. Inherited by Leonard's daughter, Phillippa. [Suggestive of arms of the Gales of Scruton.]

II. HENRY GALE (Living 1638) OF IFIELD, GENTLEMAN was born to Francis Gale and his unknown wife. In 1638 he and his brother Leonard were the only survivors of an outbreak of plague within the family. His other siblings are unknown. Henry married MARY JOHNSON, daughter of Jeremiah Johnson, Jr., the brother of Leonard Gale's wife Philippa. The Register of Ifield recorded the burials of two children and one grandchild.

RICHARD (?? - buried 7/24/1675) married and had a daughter, Susan (?? - buried 2/20/1658)
EDMUND (?? - buried 4/23/1675)

No other children were mentioned in Henry's will but it did name his wife Mary and the daughters of his brother Leonard, namely Philippa, Elizabeth and Sarah, to whom he left property. He also left property to his nephew, Leonard's son, Henry Gale of Crabbet. His estate listed the properties of Tinsley Woods, Old Place, and a close of land in Crawley with a cottage and barn purchased in 1675. According to his brother's journal, Henry and Leonard argued over their father's will but later re-united. Leonard stated that Henry spent his inheritance and went to sea where he died.
ARMS OF HENRY GALE OF IFIELD: On a fess, 3 lions' heads erased, between 3 saltires.

NOTE: Various land records and wills pertaining to this family may be found at the following link:

(Portrait of John, Baron Russell, by Hans Holbein the younger, www.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Russell,_1st_Earl_of_Bedford)
Diagram of an English Manor
St. Michael's All Angels at Sandhurst, Berkshire
Parish Church of St. Nicholas, Charlwood, Surrey
Crabbet Park House, photo by Barbara Byrd
ISAAC GALE OF CORSTON (1646 - 1726) married GRACE ESTCOURT (1653 - 4/18/1734, Corston, Wiltshire) and had at least four sons: WILLIAM GALE (1674 - 12/23/1691, Corston); EDMUND GALE (1684 - 1685); THOMAS WALTER GALE (?? - ??) who also registered at Oxford at age 17 on 11/18/1742; and ISAAC GALE (4/7/1693 - ??) married (Unknown) and had EDMUND ESTCOURT GALE (1721 - 1770, Malmesbury, Wiltshire) of Malmesbury and Rector of Newnton, who married SARAH WILKINS of Malmesbury. Edmund registered at Oxford College on 12/5/1738 at age 17. Their children were EDMUND ESTCOURT GALE (?? - 1819) and JANE GALE (?? - ??).

EDMUND ESTCOURT WILKINS GALE (Living 1828), son of Edmund and Sarah Wilkins Gale, married a woman named Mary and was noted in an affidavit dated 1828 as EEWG of Spenhamland, Berks., wine merchant, late of Milbourne in Malmesbury.
WILLIAM WILKINS GALE (1802 - 1/2/1872), son of Edmund and Sarah Wilkins Gale, matriculated at Oxford on 6/1/1818 at age 16.

EDMUND ESCOURT GALE (Abt. 1769, Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire - ??) married Alice Elizabeth Gooden in 1794 at St. George, Hanover Square, Westminster. He had a relative, Henry Gale. The family has links with North Cheriton manor and the Somerset area. Some descendants went to New Zealand.
EDMUND ESTCOURT GALE (Living 1795): The parish register of Hungerford, Berkshire, listed the baptism of the son of Edmund Estcourt Gale.

EDWARD GALE OF NEW INN (Living 1735): On 7/2-3/1735 property was conveyed to Lucas Selfe of Beanacre, Wiltshire; John Smith of Shaw; Elizabeth Smith of Batts, spinster; Mary Smith of Marlborough, widow; Charles Young of New Inn; and Edward Gale of New Inn. On 10/5/1743 the rectory manor of Corsham, Melksham, Wiltshire was conveyed by Edward Gale, trustee of the estate of George Downes, to Robert Neale of Corsham. Another transaction involving the same property occurred on 1/12/1744. On 7/28/1759 Edward Gale was a witness in the case of Neale vs. Smith. [One WILLIAM GALE (1717 - 2/23/1784, age 67) married Mary Neale.

Theophilus Gale (1588 - 1639) of Devonshire
BOLEHYDE MANOR, located northwest of Chippenham, Wiltshire, is named for Thomas de Bolehyde, a 14th century landholder. The earliest stonework dates to that period and includes a wall and part of a spiral staircase. Later 17th century construction is attributed to the Gale family who acquired the manor in 1635 and held it for 400 years. It still bears dates and initials of residents and appears in records as Bulhides, Bulidge, Bulhydes, and Bolehyde Manor.

WILLIAM GALE, THE ELDER (?? - 1616), was a yeoman (1606) of Bolyhides (sic) where he died. JOHN GALE of Bulhides appeared on a list of Wiltshire Freeholders in 1607-08 and is probably the John Gale who purchased the manor in 1635. After a succession of owners, Bolehyde Manor, as it is known today, was purchased in 1973 by Camilla Parker Bowles and her former husband.

The Gale family members below were associated with the property.
I. ISAAC GALE SR. (Living 1638), Yeoman of Langley Burrell, Wiltshire, was born to unknown parents. His wife is also unknown but he appears to have had at least three sons, John, Isaac Jr. and William. Isaac Sr. was living on 9/25/1638 when the inquest post mortem for Charles Aland, yeoman, mentioned a messuage, orchard and garden, adjoining a close of about three acres in Langley Burrell purchased from JOHN GALE, SON OF ISAAC GALE, of Langley Burrell, yeoman.

II. ISAAC, JR. (Living 1628) appeared in Kington, St. Michael/Bulhides.
II. JOHN (Living 1627) son of Isaac Gale, Yeoman of Langley Burrell.
II. WILLIAM (Living 1628) was named on the inquest post mortem of one Thomas Phillipps with John and Isaac Gale.

II. JOHN GALE (Living 1627) OF BOLEHYDE MANOR, was the son of Isaac Gale and an unknown wife. He was living in 1627 when he served as a Burgess of the Borough of Chippenham and was succeeded by Henry Bayliffe Esq. who was elected on 4/16/1627. [NOTE: ANN GALE (ca. 1768 - ca. 1802) married Henry Bayliffe (ca. 1775 - ??), son of George Bayliffe (12/1734 - ca. 1813) and his wife Mary Merewether Bayliffe.]

On 8/5/1628 John was listed with WILLIAM & ISAAC GALE, GENTLEMEN, on the inquest post mortem of Thomas Phillipps, Gentleman. On the same date, the inquest for Thomas Wolford mentioned Isaac and William Gale. John purchased
Bolehyde Manor in 1635 and was mentioned as a friend in the will of Edward Bell, yeoman of Kington St. Michaels, dated 12/10/1640, in which Bell made bequests to John Gale and William Tanner, yeoman. [NOTE: On 9/24/1799 WILLIAM GALE OF CLYFFE PYPARD, WILTSHIRE, married Catherine Tanner, perhaps indicating a relationship.]

In 1642 John took part in the Civil War in England. On 10/29/1649 John Gale of
Bulhydes, Kynton (sic) St. Michael's, yeoman, was named in records with John Romen (alias Rawkins) and his wife Mary, Jacob Selfe and his wife Ruth, daughter of John Romen. Jacob was the eldest son of Isaac Selfe of Beanacre, Gentleman, of Wiltshire. Isaac Selfe married Ann Smith and mentioned his servant, ROBERT GALE, in his 1665 will. According to the diary of Thomas Smith, Esq. (1673 - 1723), dated from 2/28/1721 to the end of 1722, on Friday, the 25th day of an unknown month, Smith noted that his servant, Robert Gale, had left due to the death of his brother. On Wednesday the 15th Smith stated that he was with Brother Selfe and Thomas Gale. A later entry referred to his old tenant Robert Gale.

ARMS: QUARTERLY 1 & 4 - GALE: Azure, a fess argent fretty sable. QUARTERLY 2 & 3 - MICHELL: Sable a lion rampant on an escutcheon of pretence, Oules a chevron or between three swans.

I. ISAAC SADLER GALE (1773 - 1841) was born in Chippingham, Wiltshire. He resided at Walcot, Bath, and in 1823 married CATHERINE TURNER (1789 - 1855, Harrow, Middlesex). Catherine Gale died in 1855 while living with her son. Isaac Sadler Gale wrote his will on 9/25/1828 and left his property, including Bulridge House and Farm and an estate called Johnson's and Speckinghell, to his son, Isaac Sadler Gale.

II. ELIZABETH (1823 - ??)
II. REV. ISAAC SADLER GALE JR. ( 1826, Walcot, Bath - 1915, Malvern, Worcestershire) was born 1826, Walcot, Bath and was admitted to Wadham College in Oxford at age 17 on 4/26/1844. On 5/21/1860 he married HENRIETTA GIRDLESTONE at Bristol, Gloucestershire, and had 3 children. He became the Reverend of Cleeve, Walcot, Yatton Moor, and later the Prebendary of Wells and Rural Dean. In 1850 he and his mother, Catherine, were living in Dudley Cottage, Harrow in the Hill, where he was a curate. He was Rector of St John's Baptist, Bristol, in 1855-71 and Rector of Kingston, Somerset in 1871. In 1881 he was Vicar of Cleeve, Somerset. Reverend Gale died in Malvern, Worcestershire. His three children were all living in 1911.

III. CATHERINE HENRIETTA GALE (1861, Bristol - ??) was living in 1911 living with her uncle Philip Filluel,Rector of Biddsham, Somerset.
III. JOHN SADLER GALE (1863, Bristol - ??) became a vicar at Brenzett, Romney, Kent. He was Assistant Chaplain, Nice, 1890-1891and Grahamstown, South Africa in 1891. He was later a vicar in Kent.

ISAAC GALE (1650 - 4/30/1732) ) married 7/10/1681 to MARIELLA/MERIELL SADLER (1651 - 1733) niece of Dorothy Newman (?? - 1680, unmarried). ?? POSSIBLY SON OF ISAAC GALE (1623 - ??) of Langley Burrell or Boleyhyde and ANN CRAKE (1629 - ??) or CROKE -- SON ISAAC (1685 - 1778), CHILDREN: SADLER (1678 - ??), ANNE (1682 - ??) ??
JOHN SADLER GALE (Christened 5/14/1682, Kingston, St. Michael's - ??), son of Isaac and Meriell Sadler Gale.
JOHN SADLER GALE (Living 1748), possibly brother of Isaac Sadler Gale (above), leased
Bullhides/Bolehyde Manor at Kington St. Michael, Langley Burrell, Chippenham,Wiltshire, in 1748. At an unknown date he was living at Hardenhewish, Chippenham. In 1775 the Reverend John Sadler Gale and Issac Gale were mentioned in Chippenham, Wiltshire.
REVEREND JOHN SADLER GALE (1835-1915) was a Botonist of Kent. In 1915 he served as vicar of St Peter and Paul Church, Dymchurch, Kent.
THOMAS GALE (LIVING 1721): 10/23-24/1721: mentioned in a settlement at the marriage of Robert Parsons, Gentleman, rugmaker, to Susannah Gale between (1) Robert Parsons and Nicholas Parsons of Marlborough, upholder, (2) Thomas Flower of Beanacre, gent., and Zebulon Marshman of Whitley, maltster, (3) Thomas Gale and Susanna Gale. Messuages and tenement called Princes in Beanacre.
ISAAC GALE (1726 - 1792, died at age 66) of Bulidge (sic) married Elizabeth Michell (1736 - 1806, age 70), daughter of Richard Michell of Langport, and assumed the name and arms of Michell.

CHARLES GALE (Abt. 1656, Alton Priors - ??) married Margaret Godeion/Godwin on 7/9/1682, Beechingstoke, Wiltshire.
DANIEL GALE (Living 11/11/1636) was listed on the inquest post mortem for Richard Chapman, gentleman, Wiltshire.
GEORGE GALE (Living 1700s) clothier of CALNE.
HENRY GALE (Living 1726) On 11/28-29/1726 Henry Gale, Gentleman, and others received property from one John Smith. On 11/30/1726 property was conveyed to John Smith Esq., son of Thomas; Henry Gale, Gentleman; and William Walter, Gentleman; including
Shaw House, Shaw Farm and lands, messuage called Newton's on River Avon, Melksham, Bushy Mead, Yea Mead, Wallbridge, Rotteridge/Burden Wood, Rowneham/Rowsams, in the parish of ROWDE, Wiltshire.
HENRY GALE (1727 - 1787) of Inner Temple mentioned in records of the Wiltshire & Swindon Archives.
JOHN S. GALE (LIVING 1652), the son of William Gale of BUMBLE in Wiltshire, was admitted to the Company of Grocers as apprentice to Henry Grigg.
JOHN GALE: 4/27/1715: Names mentioned in assignment of a mortgage were John Tuck, Sr., John Wilson, and John Gale of CALNE, Drugget Maker. On 8/1/1716 another assignment of a mortgage mentioned Thomas Smith, John Gale, and others.
ISAAC GALE (Living 1725) married Mary Beard in 1725, Wiltshire.
ISAAC GALE married Edith Tyler in 1757, Wiltshire.
ISAAC GALE (Will 1810) listed in the Wiltshire & Swindon Archives.
ROBERT GALE: 3/1765: Came to America from Wiltshire
THOMAS GALE: 3/1759: Came to Virginia from Wiltshire.

JOHN SHEPERD GALE (1777 - 9/16/1852, age 76) OF BURBAGE, WILTSHIRE, son of John Gale, matriculated at Oxford College on 3/16/1796 at age 19. He was a minister at ALL SAINTS, BURBAGE, from 1841 to 1852 and a memorial to him was placed beside the altar in the church. The memorial reads, "In Memory of the Revd. John Shephard Gale, B.C.L. late vicar of this parish. After an incumbency of eleven years during which period he resided among his own people he departed this life sincerely regretted 16 September 1852 aged 76 years. His mortal remains lie interred in a vault near this place. The end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober and watch unto prayer 1 Peter IV 7." (http://www.burbage-wiltshire.co.uk/FHS/photos/gale.htm)
The church at Burbage, in the parish of Milton Lilbourne in Wiltshire, was first referenced in 1195 when it was appropriated by Cirencester Abbey. Although it retains some of its medieval features, the church had become very dilapidated by the 19th century and a restoration took place in 1864 and 1875. An inscription made at the time noted that, "bones of unknown persons found within the walls…were reburied under the nave floor."
Bolehyde Manor, Chippenham, Wiltshire
Also in Sandhurst, Berkshire was SAMUEL GEALE (Living 1687) On 11/31/1687 "I Saml. Geale do promise and engage to bestowe two dayes worke with my teeme to amend East Mill Lane within six weekes after the date hereof in Leiue of two dayes I was behinde in my duty to the highwayes of ye yeare last past, witness my hand?arke of Samuell J. Gale (sic)." (Berkshire Archaeological Journal) Samuel also appeared on the church warden's account with the James Daws house and land in Sandhurst.
Theophilus Gale was buried in Bunhill Fields, London, first developed as a cemetery following the Great Plague in 1665. Described as the largest unconsecrated cemetery in Europe, it became a popular burial ground for Non-Conformists. Gale was buried near his friend John Rowe. Part of the inscription on the Rowe Family Tomb, now effaced, read, "Here lyeth the body of JOHN ROWE, sometime preacher in the Abbey of Westminster, who died October XII, in the 52nd year of his age, Anno 1677. Near this tomb, lied the body of the late learned and pious MR. THEOPHILUS GALE. Gale's headstone is thought to be the oldest surviving one there.
Farmland, Sevenoaks, Kent
AGNES GALE (Living 1654) of Ipplepen, left a will that mentioned her brother George Gale.
BARTHOLOMEW GALE (Living 1604 - Buried at Hennock, age 74) of Knighton, yeoman, married Martha Wolcott (Bapt. 1586 - ??), daughter of John Wolcott of Hennock, in 1604. In 1626 Bartholomew and his wife loaned money to Peter Wolcott (1600 - 1655), son of Hugh Wolcott, to buy land at Bovey Tracy. In 1655 JOAN GALE was living with her cousin Peter Wolcott, son of Hugh, and in his will Peter Wolcott left £10 to Joan Geale (sic), "my kinswoman." The will also mentioned the Prigg family.
JOSIAS GALE (1596 - ??) of Devon enrolled at Pembroke Hall, Oxford on 5/9/1626 at age 30 and received his M. A. degree. He was incorporated at Cambridge in 1626 and on 9/27/1633 he was mentioned as a minister at Devon, Parish of Buckland West. He still held the post in 1635 and was ejected for nonconformity in 1662. The will of Elizabeth Jurdain, widow, of the City and County of Exon [Exeter], dated 9/27/1633 and proved 10/31/1633, stated that she wished to be buried at the parish church of St. Mary Arches in Exon. She also named Josias Gale, Minister of St. Davyes [St. Davids]
MARY GALE (Living 1643), widow of Exeter, left a will dated 1643.
OLIVER GALE (Living 1606), Gentleman, of Crediton, left a will dated 1606.
PETER GALE (Living 1698-99 of Hennock left a will dated 1698-99 that mentioned his brother George.
THOMAS GALE (Living 1600s) of Crediton, daughter MARY GALE (?? - 1640) married John Elford Esq. of Shepstow.
WILLIAM & ELIZABETH GALE (Living 1749) of Kingsteignton, Devon, son Robert Gale was christened on 1/24/1749.
WILLIAM (Abt. 1698 - ??) & JOAN OLIVER GALE, married 6/23/1723. CHILD: WILLIAM (12/26/1727 - 1788), an artist, married Sarah May on 11/6/1748 at Silverton, Devon. Their daughter Sarah was christened on 12/26/1754.
RICHARD GALE (1802 - ??) was born in 1802 in Horndean, located on the road linking London with Portsmouth. He married (UNKNOWN) and had a son, George Alexander Gale (Living 1853). From the 18th century, the Gales contributed to Horndean's commerce as Grocers and Bakers. Richard succeeded his mother Ann in the business and later became a coal and corn merchant. In 1847 he acquired the Ship & Bell Inn, already renowned for its beer. Richard's son George Alexander Gale was operating the Inn by 1853 and since the Inn had its own brewery, decided to expand. By the end of the 1850s Gale had acquired other local inns and developed a substantial brewery over the next decade. It was largely destroyed by fire early in 1869 but was re-constructed as a new and enlarged brewery. Meanwhile Richard Gale had taken up farming leaving Alexander to take over his mercantile activities. George Alexander continued to expand his brewery and by 1888 the business was registered as a Limited Company under his chairmanship. Today it is known as George Gale & Co. Ltd. and is heralded as Hampshire's premier independent family owned brewery.
JAMES GEALE (Bapt. 10/4/1783 - Living 1851) & JOHN GEALE (8/13/1788 - Buried 2/7/1864, Yateley Churchyard) Brothers, both described as deaf and dumb on the 1851 census. John made a will that referred to an un-named wife and a daughter who married William Wigg.
PETER & MARY GEALE (Living 1790s) had children, PETER GEALE (Bapt. 1/25/1793 - ??), RICHARD GALE (sic) - (Bapt. 3/16/1794 - ??) and JANE GEALE (Bapt. 12/12/1793 - ??)
MARY (Bapt. 9/25/1803 - ??)
WILLIAM (Bapt. 5/12/1805 - ??)
JANE (Bapt. 8/17/1806 - ??)
Charles, farmer of Brockenhurst
ELIZABETH (5/28/1818, baptized 6/28/1818 - ??)
ANNA MARIA (Bapt. 1/30/1820 - ??)
CHARLES (Bapt. 5/5/1822 - ??)
SARAH (Bapt. 8/22/1824 - ??)
SOPHIA (Bapt. 12/9/1827 - ??)
GEORGE (Bapt. 11/8/1829 - ??)
JOHN (Bapt. 8/20/1775 - ??)
CHARLES (Bapt. 5/18/1777 - ??)
RICHARD (Bapt. 11/9/1779 - ??)
MARY (Bapt. 8/28/1803 - ??)
ELIZA (Bapt. 10/11/1812 - ??)
JOHN (Bapt. 2/19/1716 - ??)
SARAH (Bapt. 1/23/1736 - )
WILLIAM (Bapt. 11/21/1742 - ??)
ANN (Bapt. 11/11/1744 - ??)
BETTY (Bapt. 3/15/1746 - ??)
THOMAS (Bapt. 1/21/1749 - ??)
WILLIAM (Bapt. 11/9/1779 - ??)
MARIA (Bapt. 1/7/1810 - ??)
FRANCIS GEALE: Son JOHN born 10/20/1653
JOHN GEALE: Son RICHARD born 7/16/1687
JOHN GEALE: Daughter ANNE born 1/4/1689
JOHN GEALE: Daughter SARAH born 3/18/1691
JOHN GEALE: Son JAMES born 3/16/1720
JOHN GEALE: Daughter DOROTHY born 8/10/1721
JOHN & ANNE GEALE: Son JOHN born 2/16/1724
JOHN & MARY GEALE: Daughter MARY born 12/19/1749
JOHN & MARY GEALE: Daughter SARAH born 5/29/1752
JOHN & MARY GEALE: Son JOHN born 6/2/1755
JOHN & MARTHA GEALE: Daughter MARY born 5/21/1785
RICHARD GEALE: Daughter KATHERINE born 5/23/1655
RICHARD GEALE: Son JOHN born 3/12/1656
THOMAS GEALE: Son JOHN born 9/8/1705
WILLIAM GEALE: Son LAURENCE born 12/24/1637
WILLIAM GEALE: Daughter ELIZABETH born 1/3/1725
WILLIAM GEALE: Daughter JOANE born 11/21/1641
JOHN GALE married Mary Etheridge on 5/5/1744
JAMES GALE married Rachel Twentyman on 1/17/1788
JOHN THOMAS GALE married Frances Hampton on 3/21/1827
WILLIAM GALE married Mary Burgen on 5/21/1827
MARGARET GALE married John Malter on 6/18/1638 at Brockenhurst, Hampshire.
All Saints, Burbage, Wiltshire
Memorial to Rev. John Shepherd Gale
All Saints, Burbage, Wiltshire,
(photo Ted Thomas)
MARY GALE (1767 - 1794, age 27), wife of Robert Gale.
MARY GALE (1769 - 1/24/1837, aged 68), wife of Thomas Gale.
STEPHEN GALE (1746 - 10/15-18/1824, age 78) & MARY ARABELLA GALE (?? - 11/20/1815, age 65)
THOMAS GALE (?? - 7/10/1832-7, age 50 (60) years. A footstone near his vault reads TG1859 (30 years)

SARAH GALE (1776 - 1/19/1784, age 8)
GEORGE GALE (?? - ??, age 27), son of Thomas Bright Gale, died on 7/16 or 18, age 27.
HARRIOT GALE (1787 - 4/6/1810, age 23) - (Church records, 4/6/1810]
THOMAS GALE OF CROFTON (1810 - 11/10/1859, aged 49)

WILLIAM GALE (1797 - 5/20/1887, age 90) of Durley.
WILLIAM HENRY GALE (?? - ??) & JULIA LUCY/LACY GALE (1836 - 7/26/1922, Devizes, age 86)
WILLIAM HENRY GALE OF BURBAGE (1/4/1804, Durley - 8/15/1886, Burbage, age 82) was a church warden, guardian of the poor, and Treasurer of the Burbage & Easton Friendly Society, All Saints, Burbage. A brass memorial to William Henry was placed in the church. His wife was HESTER GALE (1797 - 3/22/1872, age 75)


ANN GALE: 5/9/1816 to Francis Eatwell
ANN GALE: 12/8/1771 to Robert Edwards
ANN GALE: 10/18/1797 to Cornelius Cook
DANIEL GALE: 10/15/1801 to Susanna Hayward
ELIZABETH GALE: 3/25/1640 to William Richards
ELIZABETH GALE, WIDOW: 10/17/1763 to William Pound
GRACE GALE: 12/20/1804 to John Lewis
HANNAH GALE of Lineham/Lyneham: 12/31/1685 to William Franklin
ISAAC GALE: 4/21/1729 to Mary Spackman
ISAAC GALE: 6/12/1787 to Hesther Hopgood
ISAAC GALE: 10/16/1809 to Sarah Couzens
JACOB GALE: 2/13/1698-99 to Susan Blackman
JACOB GALE, WIDOWER, shoemaker: 12/25/1823 to Sarah Cook
JACOB GALE: 9/14/1831 to Hannah Cook
JAMES GALE: 4/10/1830 to Susanna Checker, minor
JOAN GALE: 10/29/1732 to Richard Peeters (sic) both of Calne
JOHN GALE: 8/3/1721 to Anne Ven
JOHN GALE: 4/22/1760 TO Elizabeth Theobald
JOHN GALE, WIDOWER: 4/11/1763 to Sarah Little
JOHN GALE: 7/20/1767 to Grace Willis
JOHN GALE, sojourner: 7/8/1832 to Lucy Trueman
JOHN GALE (?? - 1743-44), a merchant-tailor at Bushton, Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire, married (Unknown) and had two sons, William and John. A reference in his will to a grandson of another surname indicated that he probably also had at least one daughter. John Gale's will, dated 2/12/1743, mentioned his son William of Broadhinton and his son John of
Broadtown. [Possibly related to Richard Gale of Broad Town Farm, below]. Grandsons who received bequests were John Checker, William Gale son of William, and John Gale son of William. His executor was his grandson John, son of William Gale.
LABEN GALE: 4/15/1743 to Elizabeth Frankline (sic)
LABEN GALE: 9/5/1748 to Mary Tuff
LABAN GALE: 11/25/1771 to Ann Allen
LABAN, SON OF RICHARD & SARAH GALE: Baptized 6/12/1796.
LABAN GALE: (Living 1818), laborer of Clyffe Pypard, married Ann Garlick on 9/17/1817-18.
LABAN GALE, WIDOWER, married on 12/8/1827 to Ann Bathe. Children were JOHN (2/21/1819 - ??), HENRY (1/18/1829 - ??), MARY (8/8/1830 - ??) and SARAH (1/15/1832 - ??)
RICHARD GALE: (1814) Living at
Broad Town Farm, Clyffe Pypard
THOMAS GALE: 1814: Living at
Ham Farm, Clyffe Pypard
THOMAS GALE (LIVING 1857) farmer of Broadtown, left a will dated 1857 held at the Wiltshire & Swindon Archives
THOMAS GALE (1803 - 1872) married ELIZABETH CROOK in 1827. He was a school master and yeoman of Thornhill, Cliffe Pypard, Wiltshire. He had a brother, JOHN GALE (Living 1834) who married MARY CHIVERS in 1834. His sister, MARY GALE, married Robert Chesterman of Broadhinton, Wiltshire, in 1830.
WILLIAM GALE (Living 1768) married 10/17/1768 to Grace Collier (1751 - ??), identified as the landlady at the Goddard Arms in Clyffe Pypard who died in 1825 at age 74. Her will is listed in the Wiltshire & Swindon Archive Catalogue.
WILLIAM GALE (?? - ??) and his wife Sarah were buried at S. Peter's, Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire. Their tombstone reads in part, "In loving Memory of WILLIAM GALE for 43 years gardener...Also Sarah his wife..."
(http://www.achurchnearyou.com/clyffe-pypard-st-peter/) [See below]
Thomas Gale (1843 - 1900)
St. Peter's, Clyffe Pypard , Wiltshire
Tombstone, Thomas and Mary Gale
Tombstone, William and Sarah Gale
Thomas Gale of Box
Photos (http://www.oodwooc.co.uk/ph_cp_g2.htm#D044)
The Gale family's association with Burton Hill stemmed from an intermarriage with the Estcourt family. Edmund Estcourt, Gent. (Abt. 1645 - 3/1717) of Long Newnton acquired the property in the early 1600s and left it to his son George. George Estcourt left the messuage of Burton Hill to his first cousin, Edmund Estcourt, son of Thomas Estcourt, Gent. of Sarcombe. Both Edmund and Thomas resided at the house, where Thomas died and was buried at the Abbey there on 4/1/1723. Edmund Estcourt inherited the family estates and leased Burton Hill to one Germainous Shepherd, owner of Bradenstoke Abbey.

Edmund Estcourt died in 1785 leaving
Burton Hill to his wife and daughter who resided there until the daughter, Ann, married William Gale, the son of a Vicar, on 12/18/1766. Their marriage settlement, dated 12/12/1766, lists Whychurch Farm and Burnt Heath for William and Burton Hill House, Cowfold Grange, Brills Court, Lea, and a farm at Little Somerford for his wife, Ann Estcourt. There were no children by this marriage. William was M.P. for the Borough of Cricklade in 1774 but died on November 25th of that year, leaving his propery to Ann Estcourt Gale who survived him by two years. At her death, the property passed to William Agnobus Edwards, a minor, when he became of age, in 1786.

Burton Hill House
Francis Gale (?? - 1637), Blacksmith of Sevenoakes, Kent
Strays in Great Britain
BY COUNTY IN ENGLAND: INDIVIDUALS WITH THE SURNAME who have no obvious connections to the other families are listed here alphabetically by first names and under events in their respective cities or counties. Please note this is not a complete listing and ends in the 1800s.

JOHN GALE (Living 1750) of Kempston and wife Hanna had children: THOMAS GALE (Born or Baptized 7/13/1750 - ??) and ROBERT GALE (Born or Baptized 10/7/1759 - ??)
WILLIAM GALE (Est. 1766, Bapt. 12/25/1769 - 1854) was born to WILLIAM and TRUE FULLER GALE at Colmworth, Bedfordshire, and baptized on Christmas Day in 1769. He married (UNKNOWN) on 10/12/1797 at Spaldwick, Hunt. He was listed on the 1851 census of Great Stukeley, Huntingdonshire as age 85, almsperson. He was buried there on 5/22/1854 at the age of 88.

JOHN GALE: 2/12/1638: The will of Elizabeth Duchfeild of Essex mentions John Gale, wollen-draper of Colchester, Essex, as the husband of Anne Upcher.
RICHARD GALE (Living 1623): The will of Richard Gale of Langenhoe, Essex, was dated on 5/5/1623 and named his brother JOHN GELE (sic) and his three children, JOHN, STEPHEN, and ABRAHAM, the youngest of the sons. He also named his sister-in-law MERTHE GELE (sic), his brother-in-law John Goodings and the "two children which he had by my sister EM GALE," Marey Goodinge, his brother THOMAS GELE (sic) and his children, THOMAS, JOHN, TIMOTHY and ELISEBETH GELE (sic). Also mentioned was Mr. Harrison, minister of "lezerdelehe" (Layer de la Haye), Thomas Vnderwoodw (sic), his kinswomen Agnes Owen and Elisabeth Houchen, Nicklus Leech of Peldon, Jems Henelocke of Lagenho, Richard Luckes of Lagenho, and STEPHEN GELE (sic), second son of his brother John. He named his brother Thomas as executor and witnesses were Rebeceke Luckes and Ann Keys.
ROBERT GALE (Living 1607): The will of Robert Gale, clothier, of West Barfolde/Bergholt was dated 4/27/1607 and named his wife MARGERIE, houses in the parish of St. Peter's in Colchester, Robert Osborne, children of JOHN GALE of Deadham, Charles Cricket, Beza Sherman, and Edward and Richard Sherman of Dedham.

PARISH OF CHARLTON KINGS, GLOUCESTERSHIRE: [The Gales of Charlton Kings originally spelled the name De Gales, Galle, and Gael.]

THOMAS GALE: 10/27/1750: born to JOHN GALE at Cirencester.

EDWARD GALE: 1/21/1580/1: m. Margery French
ELIZABETH GALE: 10/14/1605: m. Charles Roch
HENRY GALE: 5/28/1783: m. Phoebe Westmancote
ISABEL GALE: 2/9/1740/1: m. Thomas Hill of Deerhurst
IZARD GALE: 5/25/1758: m. John Tanty
JOHN GALE: 8/22/1805: m. Susanna Higgs
MARY GALE: 11/28/1737: m. Thomas Ashmead
RICHARD GALE: 11/23/1605: m. Johan Whithouse
ROBERT GALE: 10/4/1792: m. Betty Pates
ROBERT GALE: 12/23/1655: m. Margaret Higgs
SARAH GALE: 9/30/1695: m. Thomas Roberts
SARAH GALE: 10/10/1739: m. John Pomphrey
WILLIAM TUCKWELL GALE: 10/15/1764: m. Ann Buckle

ANN GALE: 9/13/1766: Memorial Inscription
JOHN GALE, SR.: 2/3/1765: Memorial Inscription
JOHN GALE: 2/19/1812: Memorial Inscription
JOHN GALE: 1/11/1829: Memorial Inscription
SUSANNA GALE: 2/8/1851: Memorial Inscription
St. Mary's, Parish of Charlton Kings (http://www.stmarysck.org.uk)
JOHN GALE, ALIAS DUMB JACK (Living 1712) was a deaf mute who was remarkable for accompanying criminals to Tyburn and witnessing executions. According to A Biographical History of England, from the Revolution until the end of George I's reign, John lived in the area of London and was featured in small engravings and woodcuts. According to the book, "This unfortunate person, who was almost an icleot (sic), and dumb into the bargain, was of much notoriety in his day." He was described as uncouth in his "physiognomy and manner" and attracted attention wherever he went. He was said to have lived primarily around Clare-market, where he worked at a series of odd-jobs for the local tradesmen. Although harmless, he was subject to the "unfeeling scoffs and abuse" of the locals. He always wore his hat off to the side "as hardly to keep its place on his head, and was seldom seen without a pipe in his mouth. Tobacco and ale were his two grand animal gratifications; and his highest mental enjoyment seemed to be that of witnessing the public execution of criminals, whom he constantly accompanied from the gaol to Tyburn, riding on the copses of the cart, and smoking his pipe with perfect decorum the whole way, unmoved at the passing scene…" (Mayo & Weaver)

Two engravings of John Gale are in the collection of the National Portrait Gallery (NPG D31359, D31360)
JOHN GALE, without his pipe, a small oval mezzotint, no engraver mentioned.
DUMB JACK (tetatis 69, J. Faber ad vivum de-> lineavit 17O2) a small oval, very delicately etched. "It is reasonable to suppose that there were also many other rude representations of him from wooden blocks…" (Mayo & Weaver)
John Gale, alias Dumb Jack,
National Portrait Gallery
ROBERT GALE (Living 1630s), Merchant, and wife Elizabeth: Children baptized at St. Olave, Hart Street, London. Elizabeth (4/5/1635 - ??) baptized 4/17/1635; Francis (9/14/1656 - ??); Rachell (Bapt. 10/15/1658-59 - ??); and Katherine (2/20/1660-61 - Buried 4/3/1661) who was baptized 3/6/1660-61. Her Godfather was given as (Unknown) Salmon and Godmother as (Unknown) Booth.

EDWARD GALE: 9/17/1706: married Elizabeth Hickman, Finchley Parish
GEORGE GAELL (Est. 1637 - ??) of Great St. Helen's, East Barnet, London, Gentleman, age 30, married on 5/23-24/1667-70 to MARY POOLE (7/13/1645, Hadley Parish - ??), daughter of Joshua and Mary Poole, about age 20, with consent of her guardian Richard Baldwin, Gent. The will of Francis Atkinson of Ludgrove, Middlesex, dated 10/19/1663, requested that he be buried at Hadley near his late wife, Elizabeth, who was buried on 12/10/1657. He mentioned his grandchild Mary Poole, a minor, sole executrix and residual legatee, and her guardians Richard Baldwyn (sic) and MR. RALPH GALE, citizen and haberdasher of London. The will was proved 1/20/1665. Francis Atkinson was buried in the church at Hadley on 7/15/1665. His wife, Elizabeth, was buried 12/10/1657.
JOHN GEALE: 10/11/1563: married ______ Julyan, Harlington
JOHN GALE: 5/15/1698: married Elizabeth Rose, Finchley Parish
JOHN GALE: 5/23/1726: married Elizabeth Clark, Heston Parish
JOHN GALE: 11/8/1644: married Jon Ball. Uxbridge Parish
JOHN GALE: 4/20/1631: married Amy Langborrow, Edmonton Parish
JOHN GALE (Living 1604) of St. Olave, Old Jewry, London, Vintner, married Alice Pherry of All Hallows, Barking, London, widow of William Pherry, Vintner, at Great All Hallows, London, on 2/8/1604. MARGARITE GALE (Living 1573) married Sir Simon Neite, 1/23/1573, St. Olave
JOHN GALE (Est. 1583) of Christchurch, Newgate, skinner, bachelor, age 26, son of William Gale of Hadleigh, Middlesex, gentleman, married Margery Cole of St. James Clerkenwell, maiden, age 17, daughter of George Cole of St. Foster, London, grocer, deceased, with the consent of her mother, Dame Elizabeth Lee, now the wife of Sir Robert Lee, Knight, at St. Botolph, Aldersgate, on 5/17/1609.
PETER GALE (Living 1653) OF ST. OLAVE, OLD JEWRY, LONDON, married Elizabeth Blackborne of St. Ethelburgh, widow of Roland Ethelburgh, vintner, on 1/13/1603-04. Their children were JOHN (1644 - ??); ELIZABETH (1646 - ??) and JAMES GALE (1648 - ??). On 8/1/1653: At Whitechappell, Middlesex, Elizabeth Newman, wife of Edward Newman alias Newnam, was charged with practicing witchcraft against the children of Peter Gale, citizen and vintner of London, named as John Gale age 9, Elizabeth Gale age 7, and James Gale, age 5, resulting in their being deaf and dumb. True Bill (found by the Jurors for the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland) that, at Whitechappell co. Midd. on the said day, Elizabeth Newman alias Newnam wife of Edward Newman alias Newnam late of the said parish weaver practised witchcraft &c. upon and against John Gale, Elizabeth Gale and James Gale the children of Peter Gale of London citizen and vintner, with the intention of depriving them utterly of the power to hear and speak; and further that on the same day and at the same parish the same Elizabeth Newman practised witchcraft upon and against one Joan Holland widow, so that the same Joan from the said 1st of August even to the 11th of January then next following 'was wasted consumed and pyned in her body.' Elizabeth Newman put herself on trial and was found 'Guilty,' but the record of her punishment is no longer legible on the much defaced parchment. G. D. R., . . ., 1653/4 (Middlesex Sessions Rolls: 1653', Middlesex county records: Volume 3)
RICHARD GEALE: 11/7/1723: married Mary Swain, Stanwell
ROGER GEALE: 2/12/1598: married Jone/Jane Reeves, W. Drayton
THOMAS GALE (?? - 1540), London merchant and member of the Haberdasher's Company, married Elizabeth Wilkinson (?? - 1546). Their daughter, ELIZABETH GALE (?? - 1559) married Nicholas Wilford (?? - 1551) of the Merchant Taylor's Company. Their children were Thomas, William, Robert, Edmond, Elizabeth #1, Anne, Parnell, Elizabeth #2, Grace, Martha, and Joyce. After her husband's death, Elizabeth became an active importer of cloth and was the only woman investor in the Muscovy Company and one of only two women out of 201 founding members of that company in 1555. She left an estate valued in excess of £1000. (http://www.kateemersonhistoricals.com/TudorWomenG.htm).
THOMAS GAILE (Living 1608) married Dorothy Wallace, 12/18/1608, South Mimms Parish.
THOMAS GALE (Living 159_) of St. Mary, Abchurch, London, carpenter, married Katherine Clerke of St. Mary, Woolchurch, London, widow of William Clerke, late of St. Mildred - in - the - Poultry, London, on 1/26/159-.
WILLIAM GALE: 6/4/1702: carpenter married Alice Battman, West Drayton Parish
WILLIAM GALE: 10/10/1785: widower, married Mary Turnham. Hayes Parish
WILLIAM GALE: 11/16/1750: married Mrs. Mary Barnsby, Stanwell Parish
WILLIAM GEALE: 5/25/1647: married Katherine Boyd, W. Drayton
WILLIAM GEALE: 6/7/1768: married Mary Rolfe, Hayes
WILLIAM GEAL (sic): 4/17/1757: married Hannah Slaughter, Stanwell
WILLIAM GALE (Living 1623), gentleman, of St. Martin - in - the - Fields, Middlesex, bachelor, age 35, married Joane Bird of St. Clement Danes, Middlesex, age 40, widow of John Bird, yeoman, deceased, of St. Andrew-in-the-Wardrobe, London, on 8/27/1623.
WILLIAM GALE (Living 1600s): Elizabeth Gale, daughter of William Gale of London, married one John Terry (?? - 1637) who also married Alice Perpoynte. Terry was apprenticed in 1575 as a goldsmith to one Richard Howe of London.

ANDREW GALE of Lymehouse, Shipwright: 10/23/1640: married Anne Light of Whitehourse Street
ANTHONY GALE of Nightingale Lane, Lymehouse, Shipwright: 2/2/1640: married Prudence Hodges
ELIZABETH GALE of Allhollowes, Barking, London: 2/21/1648: married Andrew Bryan of Spurr in Norfolke, souldier (sic)
JAMES GALE of Bethnallgreen: 5/31/1687: married Margaret Cox
JOHN GALE (Living 1670) of Clement's Inn, Gentleman, age 23 married Dorothy Huntback of St. Mary Whitechapel, Middlesex, age 22, at St. Dunston's-in-the-East on 9/26/1670-01:
MARY GALE of Wapping: 5/30/1695: married Samuel Johnson of St. James, Westminster, Cornchandler
ROBERT GALE of Lymehouse, Shipwright: 12/21/1663 married Mary Muckloe
SAMUEL GALE of Spittlefield: 10/9/1687: married Mary Searl
ALICE GALE: 1/30/1563: married James Hartlye
ELIZABETH GALE (?? - Buried 7/24/1611, Servant to John Mason
ELIZABETH GALE (?? - Buried 1/30/1615) wife of Richard Gale
JANE GALE: 5/27/1582: married Richard Lownde
RICHARD GALE (?? - Buried 12/26/1563), wife Elizabeth (?? - Buried 10/4/1563)
RICHARD GALE: 11/7/1563: married Alice Jordan
ROBERT GALE, ESQ. (Living 1671), widower, about 20, married Mrs. Anne Heshtator of London Bridge, about 20, with her mother's consent, at Newington Butts, Surrey, on 1/29/1671-72.
ROBERT GALE: 1/12/1681-82, Master of Joseph Trigg, son of Joseph, Shoreditch, Middlesex, labourer, Farriers Company
THOMAS GALE, son of Richard Gale of Shoreditch, (Bapt. 2/26/1614 - Buried 3/8/1614)
THOMAS GALE: 1746: Master to James Grape, son of Humphrey, Shoreditch, Middlesex, stocking frame knitter; apprenticed to Peter Breach, 1/3/1742-43; turned over to Richard Wood 8/1/1743; turned over to Thomas Gale, citizen and lorimer, 10/6/1746, Founders Company.
St. Dunstan's Church, Stepney Parish, ca. 1797
St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, 18th century
ROBERT GALE (?? - 1703) "Mr. Robert Gale" was buried at Chelsea, London, 4/12/1703.

ROBERT GALE (?? - 1628), Citizen and Vintner of London, also at Chippenham, was at Bradbourn or Bradborne, Ashborne Deanery: The rectory of Brassington belonged to Robert Gale, in 1612. His will dated in that year stipulated that his heir, George Lacock was to make certain bequests payable from his estates of Brassington in Derbyshire and Claypole in Lincolnshire. Payments were made to Christ's Hospital, Corpus Christi College in Oxford, the poor of Chippenham in Wiltshire, the poor of Lincoln, the minister of St. Marks, Lincoln and the Vintner's Company. Gale's wife was Dorothy (Unknown).
(http://www.hrionline.ac.uk/strype/TransformServlet?page=book1_269, J0ohn Strype's, A Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster)
ROBERT GALE THE YOUNGER (Living 1652) The will of Rachell (sic) Deighton of the parish of St. Gabriel, Fenchurch, London, widow, was proved on 6/25/1652 by her brother Robert Gale the younger.
SIR WILLIAM GALE, CHAPLAIN (Living 1518), chaplain of the church of Stanys/Stains, left a will dated 11/24/1518 and proved 12/15/1518. He requested that his body be buried in the chaple (sic) of the Hooly Rode (sic) within the church of Stanys. He made bequests to the church and left to Richard Bokes "my bote with all the gynnys belonging therto." He also made bequests to Agnes Notte and Margaret Simound. His executors were Sir Roger Smyth and Sir Robert Harvy, chaplains, and witnesses were Simond Dorsett, Edmond Thornton, Richard Bokes and Thomas Redyth. (Register Palmer: Nos. 41-95', London Consistory Court Wills 1492-1547: London Record Society 3 (1967), http://www.british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=64533)

THOMAS GALE (Living 1765) married JOAN (UNKNOWN) and had a son, EDMUND (11/27/1765, Baltonsborough, Somerset.
THOMAS GALE (Living 1700) married Ann (probably Wolcott). The will of John Wolcott (1640 - 1700) named his kinswoman Ann Gale, wife of Thomas Gale, Esq. He also named Godson Robert Gale, Thomas, Henry, Ann and Joan Gale. He mentioned Taunton Priory and Gaulden Manor. Henry Wolcott (Ca. 1635 - 1670) of Tolland, Somerset, John's brother, left a will named his niece, Ann Gale.

HENRY GALE, ESQ. (?? - 1742), GENT: Owned considerable estates in and near Taunton Deane, Somerset, related to Dr. Gale, dean of Durham. Henry Gale maintained chambers in Kings Bench Walk in the Inner Temple. He died in 1742.

ROGER GALE (Living 1657) The will of Margery Goddard of West Muncton (sic), co. Somerset, dated 5/2/1657 and proved 5/25/1658, named her sister Alice Gale, wife of Roger Gale of West Muncton; Barnard Burd, son of Alice Gale; and Agnes Gale, daughter of Roger and Alice Gale.
SAMUEL GALE (Living 1739), named in the 1739 will of John Brown of Taunton St. James, sergemaker, who devised his land in Taunton Deane to his son Samuel, and a share of the River Tone waterworks to his son Joseph, with bequests to his daughter Mary Peacock, his grandchildren Mary and Sarah (daughters of son Samuel Browne), Josiah Peacock, and SARAH, ELIZABETH and JOHN GALE, children of son-in-law SAMUEL GALE.

NATHANIEL GAULL: Baptized 12/23/1623, son of Richard and Mary Gaull. (Knoddishall Parish Church Record)

WILLIAM GALE: 11/3/1583-84: of Groton married Agnes Merchante, daughter of Edmund Merchante, ropemaker.

JOSEPH GALE (Living 1656) was mentioned as a brother-in-law in the will of John Plumbe of Boxford, Suffolk, clothier, on 2/20/1656.
NATHANIEL GALE (Living 1643) The will of John Whiteing of Hadleigh, Suffolk, "mercer", mentions Nathaniel Gale as a witness on 1/16/1643. Whiteings descendants settled in parts of New England.
ROBERT GALE (LIving 1588) The will of Martyn Cole of Sudbury, Suffolk, "mercer", mentions "loving friend Robert Gale of Edwardston," on 8/9/1588/

RACHEL GALE (?? - Buried 3/9/1592-93) The burial of Rachel Gale, widow of Robert, was listed in the Edwarston Registry, Sudbury.
WILLIAM GALE (?? - 5/6/1606) William Gale of Hadleigh died.

1568: THE LAY SUBSIDY FOR SUFFOLK IN 1568 mentioned: EDWARD GALE of Hadleigh, JOHN GALE of Boxford, RICHARD GALE of Groton, EDWARD GALE of Edwardston, ROBERT GALE of Little Waldingfield, ROBERT GALLE of Sibton, and WILLIAM GALE of Hadleigh.
1639-40: THE SUFFOLK SHIP MONEY TAX LIST named THOMAS GALE of Sutton; THOMAS GEALE of Groton; JOHN GALL of Hacheston; WILLIAM GALL of Wangford; JOHN GALL of Hopton; FRANCIS GALLE of Gislingham.
[Original spelling retained]
Ana Galle (sic) daughter of Willm. Galle and Annae his wife was baptized on 7/18/1585.
Richard Galle son of Willm. Galle and Agnes his wife was baptized on 9/4/1586.
Alis Galle daughter of Willm. and Agnes was baptized on 11/10/1588.
Bridget Galle daughter of Willm. Galle and Margret his wife was baptized on 1/20/1599-1600.
Josepth (sic) Galle son of Willm. Gall (sic) and his wife was baptized on 2/19/1602-03.
Thomas Gall son of Willm. Galle and his wife was baptized on 8/26/1606.
Marie Gall daughter of Thoms and Rachell his wife was baptized on 9/29/1633.

Willm Jacksonne and Elizabeth Galle married on 5/12/1571. [The same entry is made on 5/12/1578.]
Willm Galle and Anna Narchante married on 11/3/1584.
William Holden and Margaret Gayle married on 11/6/1618.
Francis Browne and Bridget Gale married on 10/25/1627.

Richard Galls wife was buried on 11/16/1582.
Olde Richard Galle was buried on 4/15/1587
Anna Galle, wife of Willm. Galle was buried on 5/25/1593
Richard Gall was buried on 5/8/1614
Katherine Gale was buried on 7/3/1629.
Agnes Gale was buried on 4/25/1624.
Willyam Gale was buried on 2/2/1625-26.
Margaret Galle was buried on 2/28/1638-39.

St. Bartholomew's Church, Groton, Suffolk (http://www.suffolkchurches.co.uk/groton.htm)
JOHN GEALE (?? - Buried 8/3/1625) St. John the Baptist, Bisley
JANE GEALE (?? - Buried 12/12/1793) St. John the Baptist, Bisley
PETER GALE (1750 - Buried 8/29/1807, age 57, St. John the Baptist), labourer, married MARY GALE (1749 - Buried 1/13/1825, age 76, St. John the Baptist). Their children, baptized at Bisley Church and buried there, included RICHARD GALE (1/18/1789 - Buried 3/16/1794); PETER GALE: (1/20-25/1793 - Buried 1/25/1793); GEORGE GALE (Bapt. 11/16/1795 - ??) and JOHN GALE (Bapt. 9/24/1786 - ??).

WILLIAM GEALE (?? - ??) OF BISLEY, County of Surrey, Gentleman, left a will dated 8/24/1818 naming his wife SARAH; son JAMES GEALE; John Brant of Hatton Yard, Hatton Garden in the County of Middlesex, coachmaker; Henry Knowles of Horsell, Co. Surrey, Yeoman; and daughters Ann Gates, Sally Brant and Mary Longley. Henry Knowles was named as executor. The will was proved on 8/30/1822.
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