Chapter 9: Matthew Gayle of Gloucester & Spotsylvania Counties, Virginia Generations IV-IX
IV. MATTHEW GALE JR. (1727 - CA. 1812) was born to Matthew and Judith Edwards Gale in 1727 in Gloucester County, Virginia. He married MARY E. (UNKNOWN) and had children. He was one of the leaders of the Baptist religion, organized in Caroline County in 1767. County residents, mainly aristocrats who were predominately Church of England, opposed the new religion and the Caroline County Court sent Lieutenant Anthony Thornton and his constables to raid a Baptist service at Henry Goodloe's plantation on Campbell's Creek. Preachers JOHN WALLER and HENRY GOODLOE were arrested and the congregation ordered to disperse. When they refused to do so three of their leaders, Andrew Ross, Thomas Kelley and Matthew Gale, were taken into custody. All three were fined and later paid £5 sterling to the county as restitution. John Waller went on to found WALLER'S BAPTIST CHURCH in 1769 AT Partlow Road (Rte. 738) where it intersects Waller's Road. The Baptist movement continued and in 1772 the Baptists of Caroline County petitioned the House of Burgesses for freedom of worship under the Toleration Act.

GOODLOE'S PLANTATION, later called STANHOPE, in what is now Partlow, VA, was home to GEORGE GOODLOE and his son, HENRY GOODLOE (Ca. 1675, Middlesex County, VA - 4/1749. St. George's Parish, Spotsylvania County), who married Elizabeth (Unknown) around 1698 in Gloucester County, VA The site is situated between Jefferson Davis Highway (U.S. 1) and Lake Anna, southeast of Fredericksburg. [North side of Campbell's Creek between US Route One and Blanton's Post Office. An old family burial ground is said to be on the property.

WALLER PLANTATION, known as Newport, was owned by William Waller, the father of John and William Waller who were neighbors and associates of the Goodloes. It was located between VA 646 and VA 647 2 1/2 mi. S of Snell and 2 1/2 mi. N of Marye where the Rivers Mat and Ta join to form the Matta River. The site, overgrown and owned in 1977 by the Chesapeake Corp. of Virginia, is on the south bank of the Matta River. (The Free Lance Star, Vol. 93, No. 149, Fredericksburg, VA, 6/25/1977) The Wallers owned the slave known as KUNTA KINTE of Alex Haley's "Roots." Known as Toby by his owners, Kunta Kinte was purchased by John Waller from his brother William at Annapolis, MD, in the fall of 1767 and lived on the plantation with his wife Belle and daughter Kizzy. On 2/1/1977 the ABC evening news featured Haley's book and mentioned Goodloe's Plantation along with a photo of remains of slave quarters in the basement. Descendant German Goodloe sold the tract, then known as Stanhope, in 1836 to George Burrus, son-in-law of John and Elizabeth Pitt Gayle (Below).

In 1779 the signatures of Matthew Gayle, John Walden and Younger Pitt, whose descendants were leaders in the Baptist Traveling Church movement, appeared on religious petitions for Drysdale Parish and in Caroline and King and Queen Counties. In 1781 Matthew and his family, including nephew Ambrose Dudley, were part of an exodus to Kentucky by members of the Upper Spotsylvania (Baptist) Church in Fredericksburg. The church, an isolated building on an old road leading to Fredericksburg, was located about four miles south of Parker's Station in Spotsylvania County. After a gathering at the church on "farewell Sunday," the congregation left en masse the next morning for Kentucky, settling at Bryan's Station, about five miles northeast of Lexington in Scott County. The names of Mather (sic) Gayle and his son Isaiah (sic) [probably Matthew and Josiah] appear on a list by Joseph Ficklin of Bryan Station of defenders at an attack that occurred between August 15th and 17th of 1782. Mathew Gale, Joseph Gale and Josiah Gale appear on a list of defenders in Captain Robert Saunders Company in 1786 and again on the Census for Fayette County in 1787. Josiah is listed on Tax List A with one horse and Matthew and Joseph appear on Tax List B. Matthew was listed with one white male between age 16 and 21, four blacks over 16, two blacks under 16, two horses, and ten head of cattle. Joseph was listed with two blacks over 16, one horse, and two head of cattle.

In 1789 Matthew was appointed as inspector of the Frankford Warehouse in Fayette County. According to the Fayette County Land Grants, Matthew received 299 acres of land on Glen's Creek (Kentucky River) surveyed on 7/25/1784. He received 107 acres on Miller Creek, surveyed on 3/24/1787, and on 5/10/1787 he received 500 acres on Johnston Fork at Licking, surveyed on 1/1/1786 and 3/15/1790.

Matthew died in 1812 and his will was recorded in Scott County, Kentucky, in November of that year. Mary Gayle, Robert Gayle and Josiah/Joseph Gale were administrators. Also named were Rodes Thomson, Julius Gibbs and David Williamson. Negroes named in the will were GEORGE, ARMSTEAD, JOSHUA, DORCUS, LYDIA and child AMY, and a Negro girl whose name was illegible. Slaves named as Mary Gale's dower were NELLY, WINNY, KESIAH and FRANK. Claims brought forward included Robert T. or F. Gale, Josiah Gale, Jno. E. Gale, Robert D. Gale

V. JOSIAH (1746 - ??) married Elizabeth Bartlett and had children.
V. ROBERT DUDLEY (1748 - 1815) married Judith White and had six children including a daughter, Elizabeth Frances, who married Arthur Johnson (1797 - 1820).
V. JOHN EDWARDS (1749-1825) m. (1) Joanna Walden, (2) Elizabeth Pitt and had children.
V. MATTHEW (1750 - 1812, Scott Co., KY) married Sarah Penn, daughter of John Penn, probably in King & Queen Co., VA.
V. JUDITH (1754 - ??) married Robert Dudley Jr., her cousin, son of Robert and Joyce Gale Dudley.
V. MARY (4/23/1767, Spots. Co., Va. - 10/15/1855) is described in one record as the daughter of Matthew Gale who moved from Spotsylvania County to Kentucky in 1781. She married Joseph Harrison (?? - 8/22/1813, Scott Co., Ky) of Westmoreland Co. on 5/30/1784 in Fayette Co., KY. Her pension application of 8/15/1838, Scott Co., KY, named children as Kitty Harrison, Milly Harrison, John C. Harrison (age 41 in 1850), Thompson M. Harrison and Frances Ann Covington. (Rev. War Pension #W8917; S512, Pension Claim W. 8917)
V. ANN (?? - ??)

V. JOSIAH GALE (1746 - ??) was born to Matthew and Mary Gale in Virginia. His wife was ELIZABETH BARTLETT, daughter of Lt. Harry "Henry" Bartlett (1731, Spotsylvania County - Bef. 5/22/1822, Franklin County, Ky.) and his wife Sarah Crane (??, Spotsylvania County, VA - before 1810, Franklin County, KY). The five daughters of Josiah and Elizabeth were named for those of Henry and Sarah Crane Bartlett.

VI. JOSIAH JR. (?? - ??) married Susan White, daughter of William and Nancy Gale White
VI. ELIZABETH (?? - ??)
VI. POLLY (?? - ??) married Thomas Hickman.
VI. SALLY (?? - ??) married James Banks.
VI. FRANCES/FRANKIE (?? - ??) married Wesley Hardin.
VI. PHOEBE (?? - ??) married James Sanders.

Josiah's family left Virginia for Kentucky appearing with Josiah's father at Bryan's Station and later moving to Elkhorn and Sulphur Lick. [According to Kentucky records, two Josiahs were in Scott County, KY, one in Gallatin and one in Lexington]. On 5/22/1822 Lewis Craig and John Sanders executed a deed to Henry Bartlett, Jr., Thomas Bartlett and James Wood of Fayette County for 408 acres of land in Woodford County. Henry Bartlett, Jr. died without issue and his father, Harry Bartlett, Sr. became his heir but died intestate. The remaining estate passed to his children and heirs-at-law including Thomas Bartlett; Elizabeth Gale, wife of Josiah Gale; Phoebe Sanders, wife of James Sanders; Polly Hickman, widow of Thomas Hickman; Sally Banks, widow of James Banks; Frances Hardin, widow of Wesley Hardin; and the children of deceased daughter, Ann Alsop, namely Sarah Alsop, Elizabeth Alsop, Guilford Alsop and others. [See James Gale, son of Joseph and Rachel Gale]

V. ROBERT DUDLEY GALE (1748 - CA. 1815) was born in 1748 to Matthew and Mary Gale. He married JUDITH WHITE and had six children. The family settled in Scott County, Kentucky, and later moved to South Benson in Franklin about 1810. Robert died in Kentucky ca. 1815 and John E. Gayle was administrator of his estate. A notice from the Kentucky Gazette during the March term in 1819 notes a suit in Bath Circuit Court involving Benjamin Clark's heirs; Robert D. Gale's heirs; the heirs of Matthew Gale, deceased; Judith Gale; heirs of Robert D. Gale; John Gale; Matthew Gale; Mary E. Gale and Ann Gale. (Kentucky Gazette, 1801 - 1820: Vol. V, #15; 4/9/1819; also Vol. XXXIII)

VI. ELIZABETH (?? - ??)
VI. JOHN (?? - ??)
VI. MATTHEW (?? - ??)
VI. MARY E. (?? - ??)
VI. ANN (?? - ??)
VI. UNKNOWN (?? - ??)

V. JOHN EDWARDS GAYLE (1749 - 1825) is said to have changed the spelling of the name from Gale to Gayle. Described as a wealthy planter of Scotch-Irish ancestry, he was born on 5/19/1749 to Matthew and Mary Gayle. About 1770 John married JOANNA WALDEN (Ca. 1750 - 1792), daughter of John and Sally Hastings Walden, of The Towers in Caroline County. Joanna's siblings were Ambrose; John; William; Thomas; Lucy who married (1) Mr. Harris and (2) Mr. Bowcock; Rachel who married Philip Munday; Nancy who married John Puller; Polly who married Mr. Estes; and Sarah who married William Gale.

THE WALDEN FAMILY came from England in the person of John Walden in 1715. According to tradition he settled in Caroline County and purchased property from Moses Penn, father of John Penn, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. He built a home,
Walden Towers, on property located near old Kidds Fork Post Office on Mattaponi Trail bordered by Captain William Kidd, Benjamin Munday, and Edmund Pendleton, who employed Walden as his overseer. His property, along the Mattaponi River, was also near the property of John Gayle.

Walden Towers burned years ago but the road to the site and the Walden family cemetery are still located across from the gate at Stanhope, the 19th century home of the Burrus family. The following transcription is from a Walden family Bible, copied on 5/15/1994 by Herbert R. Collins from the original in possession of Mrs. Eula Andrews Southworth, the great granddaughter of Patsy E. Walden and her husband Theophilus F. Green.

Geo. Walden was born 13th March 1758 Dec'd April 19th 1835
Elizabeth Walden (was born) Nov. 1760 Dec'd 3rd Sep 1822
Nancy Walden 1st daughter of Geo & Elizabeth Walden (was born) December 18th 1781 Deceased 26 May 1783
Charles Walden (was born) May 24 1784 Dec'd 16 December 1784
Ambrose Walden (was born) Nov 23 1785 Dec'd 27 Aug 1786
W.L.Walden (was born) Oct 3 1787 (date appears to be 1787)
J.F. Walden (was born) Sep 13 1788
Mary L Walden (was born) July 7 1792 Dec'd 6 Aug 1793
Elizabeth Walden (was born) Apr 25 1794
Patsy Walden (was born) Oct 4 1796
Milly Walden (was born) December 20 1798 Dec'd 2 Sept 1799
George Walden (was born) 13th July 1806 Dec'd 2 July 1821
R. (Rachel) A.P.Walden (was born) 30 Oct 1802 Dec'd 5 Nov 1852

William L. Walden intermarried with Ann Berry daughter (name not legible) on 13th December 1810
Elizabeth D. Walden intermarried with William E. Gayle on 16th Nov 1815
John P. Walden intermarried with Mary Robertson on 21st Dec 1816
Patsy E. Walden intermarried with Theophilus F. Green 24th of Dec 1816
Rachel A. P. Walden intermarried with Philip T. Munday on Dec 17th 1818

William L. Walden son of Geo (&) Elizabeth Walden died May (blank)
Geo Walden son of Geo Walden Elizabeth Walden died July 25th (blank)

William L. Walden married Sarah Vaughter 13th Dec 1810
His children's names
Charles Franklin Born 17th Sept 1811
Elizabeth Berry Walden Born 3rd Oct 1813

Elizabeth D. Walden married WEG 16th Nov 1815
Patsy E. Walden married Theo F. Green 24 1816 (sic)
R.A. P. Walden married Phillip (sic) Munday 17th Dec 1818
R. A. P. Walden was born 30th Oct 1802 Phillip Munday 4th Dec 1799
William L. Munday son of Phillip Munday and R.A.P. Munday was born 29th of Sept 1820
John S. (?) Munday 2nd son of P.T.Munday & Rachel A. his wife born April 6 (blank)

JOHN WALDEN'S WILL, dated 8/29/1793, mentioned two wives, Sally Hastings and Sally Eastin. He made bequests to his children Ambrose, Betsy, Edmund, John, Jr., Polly, Sally and Thomas; the children of his son John; daughter Nancy Puller; daughter Rachel Munday; daughter Joanna and her children; sons-in-law George Walden and John Puller; grandson John Harris in trust for the use of his mother Lucy Bowcock; and son William's daughter. He named as his executors Col. Edmund Pendleton Jr., John Pendleton Jr. and John Taylor. Witnesses were William Penn, Thomas Johnson, Ann Taylor and Lucy Taylor. John's widow, Sally Eastin Walden, married Nicholas Samuel whose family was also associated with the Gales. [One William Gale married Polly Samuel on 1/5/1824, but no connection has been found.]

(Will of John Walden, Manuscript Department, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va., Accession BI, 380701; Folder dated 8/29/1793, Courtesy of Eldred Melton)
Bequeathed to Sally Walden:
To Ambrose Walden: MALON
To William: PETER
To Thomas: JOE
To Lucy: LYDIA
To Sally: NED
To Joanna: JABELL
To Betsy: KIT
To Polly: Negro girl FRANKIE.
To Edmund: Negro girl CHARITY [valued at £30.]

On 5/16/1778 John Gayle purchased a tract of land from John and Mary Walden. The property was referenced in 1807 when Gerard Freeman, husband of Gayle's daughter Sally, sued John and James Samuel. Freeman stated that he bought the land from Gayle with the agreement that Gayle would not assign his bond for the purchase. He later found that Gayle had assigned the bond to James Samuel and that the land in question had been willed to John and Joanna Gayle's children by Joanna's father, John Walden. Gayle stated that the property was purchased in 1778 from John and Mary Walden and that a deed had been recorded. He also stated that there was a deed for the current sale and that his wife was willing to make her acknowledgment.

In March of 1781 John Gayle owned a water grist mill on Bottle Swamp on part of George Walden's property. He appeared on the 1787 Census for Caroline County on Tax List B with two white males between the ages of 16 and 21, two blacks over 16, nine horses and twenty head of cattle. William Gale also appeared on this list with one black over 16, two blacks under 16, three horses and nine head of cattle.

VI. MATTHEW (1774 - ??) married MARY E. (UNKNOWN)\\and may have migrated to Kentucky.
VI. WILLIAM H. (1775/76 - Before 1850) married Lucy Dillard on 11/10/1797.
VI. JOHN, JR. (11/26/1778, Caroline County, Va. - 1861, New Liberty, Owen Co., Ky.) married Malinda Brassfield (1789 - 1864) in 1808 and moved to Kentucky.
VI. SARAH "SALLY" WALDEN (1780, Caroline Co. - 1870, New Liberty, Owen Co., Ky.) married Garrett Freeman about 1798 and had children Maria, Harriett, Malinda, Catherine, Adelaide and John. Sarah was living in New Liberty, Owen County, KY in 1838 and appeared on the 1850 census in Kenton County, KY. Freeman sued John Gayle over land sold to James Samuel and accused John of selling land belonging to Sarah as an inheritance from her mother, Joanna Walden Gale.
VI. MARY ELLEN (Abt. 1784 - ??) married James F. Kennedy
VI. NANCY (1785 - ??) married (1) Mr. Alexander, (2) Taylor Searcy
VI. NATHANIEL (?? - ??)
VI. THOMAS (?? - ??)
VI. ELIZABETH (?? - ??)
VI. POLLEY (?? - ??)
VI. ANN/ JOANNA (?? - ??)

Following Joanna Walden Gale's death in 1791, John married (2) ELIZABETH PITT (1772 - ??) on 2/25/1792 in Caroline County. Once the ward of William Gale, husband of Joanna's sister, Sarah Walden, Elizabeth was the daughter of YOUNGER PITT (?? - 1781-82, Caroline Co.) and SUSANNA ELLIOTT, whose parents were CALEB and MARGARET BOULWARE ELLIOTT. Margaret was part of the family of MARK BOULWARE (Abt. 1677 - Will, 6/3/1754), agent for JOHN YOUNGER of Whitehaven, Cumberland, an associate of the Gale's. John and Elizabeth Pitt Gale had several children. Elizabeth's brother, JOSIAH PITT (1760 - 1815, KY) married Lucy Craig and their daughter, MARGARET PITT, married in 1816 to WILLIAM GALE (1755 - 1818), son of JOHN & SARAH WHITE GALE and grandson of Matthew and Judith Edwards Gale.

In October of 1796 John received guardianship of the children of Joanna Gayle, deceased, namely Mary Ellen, Elizabeth, Ann, William, John, Sally, Thomas, Polly, Nancy, and Matthew. In 1797 both John and William Gale were witnesses in chancery suits and in 1799 John appears on the Personal Property Tax List for Caroline County. On 1/29/1799 an advertisement of a school appeared in the
Fredericksburg Gazette and John was mentioned as one of the teachers. His son-in-law, Daniel Minor Robertson, was a relative of Donald Robertson who operated a private school in King and Queen County on the Mattaponi River. Account book extracts dated 6/17/1771 mention William Gale and students James Madison, John Tyler and George Rogers Clark. In 1807 Thomas Elliott, formerly with Stevensburg Academy, organized Culpeper's first coed school between Stevensburg and the county courthouse. John Gayle was hired to take Elliott's place at the academy and in 1808 "Mrs. Gayle was to take in eight to ten 'young ladies,' teaching them needlework, drawing, and painting, as well as an introduction to the three R's." (Scheel, Eugene M.) Gayle left Stevensburg Academy and in 1811 opened a coed seminary at Stevensburg's Masonic Hall.

On 2/18/1805 John Gayle wrote to the Governor of Virginia requesting his approval and signature on John's certificate as surveyor of Spotsylvania County from the President of the College of William and Mary. On 2/3/1807 he was named as the surveyor on 670 acres of land from the estate of Thomas Buckner, deceased. Boundary lines were given as between Walker Buckner, Benjamin Hawes Buckner, William Buckner, and adjoining the Mattapony (sic) River, Gravelly Run, Pannell's line, and extending to Bankhead and Plunkett.

On 8/4/1809 a Gayle/Walden property in Caroline County was the subject of a chancery suit. The 402 ½ acre tract was divided between Nicholas Samuel and Sally his wife, John Walden's widow, and Edmund Walden, the infant son of John and Sally Walden. The Samuels received 200 acres and Edmund Walden received 202 ½ acres. Boundaries were given as Waldens Road, South Bottle Swamp, George Walden, Sarah Pendleton, Robert Bayler, and John Gayle.

On 12/5/1820 Richard Gatewood sold to Thomas Berry and William Kidd 400 acres he bought from John C. and Elizabeth P. Sutton and Edmund Pendleton, Jr. The acreage, part of a lot assigned to Jane B. Pendleton as her portion of land inherited by her father, Edmund Pendleton, was bounded by Richard Gatewood, Col. Edmund Pendleton, Edmund Pendleton Jr., and John Gayle, Sr. Witnesses were H. Sale, John Sale Jr., and Joseph Sale. A plat dated 7/9/1827 showed that the land of William L. Walden, deceased, was bounded by Pendleton's Mill Pond and the properties of Munday, William Kidd in Josiah Gayle's line, John Gayle, and the property of Sale and Green.

John Gayle died on 3/24/1825 in Culpeper County and in 1829 his property passed to Younger E. Gayle, Margaret Gayle and her husband Thomas R. Burruss, and Catherine Gayle and her husband George Tyler Burrus. In 1832 George Burruss acquired Catherine's land and also purchased the tract inherited by her sister Margaret, wife of his brother Thomas. This property was located next to John Gayle, eight miles south of the courthouse. Thomas Burrus purchased 260 acres from Younger E. Gayle, his brother-in-law, and sold it the following year to his brother George. The land tax records of 1840 show that Younger owned 135 acres of land adjacent to George T. Burruss. No valuation was given for a building and it is presumed that Younger was living with George and Catherine Burruss at the time. In 1836 George purchased the tract known as
Stanhope from German Goodloe. It was described as 128 ½ acres adjacent to Goodloe, 11 miles south of the courthouse. Buildings were valued at $750.00.

On 9/30/1832 George E. Hopkins stated that John Gayle was insolvent and had a joint obligation with his son, Younger E. Gayle. On 5/4/1835 a chancery suit was filed by William Robertson, Clerk of Warwick County Court. Anthony Thornton testified that James Turner, who resided outside of Virginia, sold as trustee 100 acres belonging to John Gayle in 1832-33. The land adjoined Jerman (sic) Goodloe and George Burrus, who bought the land. Younger E. Gayle stated that he witnessed the deed of trust executed by his father to Turner on 9/8/1831. On 8/10/1835 Daniel M. Robertson sued his father-in-law, John Gayle, and his brother, William Robertson of Warwick County, stating that he was in Caroline during the winter of 1826 to sell his interest in the land devised to him by his father, George Robertson, adjoining Robert Wright's plantation. He also sated that "old Mr. Gayle" had offered to assist him in the purchase.

VI. JOSIAH PITT (1792, Caroline Co. - 1875) married 9/30/1822 to Frances Broaddus (1803 - 1874)
VI. JUDITH (ca. 1798 in Caroline Co. - ??) married William C. Chapman by bond dated 10/23/1817, Caroline Co.
VI. NANCY (ca. 1802 - ??) married Lunsford Broaddus on 9/18/1817 in Caroline County, VA and moved to Illinois in mid-life.
VI. ELIZABETH PITT (1809 - ??) married Daniel Minor "Mack" Robertson in Caroline County on 12/1/1825. The son of George and Ann Samuel Robertson, "Mack" was educated in Edinburgh, Scotland. He resided for a time in Caroline County but later went west.
VI. MARGARET "PEGGY" (ca. 1810 - 8/5/1880, Caroline County, Va.) married on 12/16/1828 in Caroline Co., VA to Thomas R. Burrus. Margaret inherited land from her father that appears in the 1830 tax book under the name Thomas R. Burruss.
VI. YOUNGER ELLIOT (1811 - died young) apparently never married and lived with his sister Catherine and her husband George Tyler Burrus. He appeared on the 1830 Census in Caroline County and may have accompanied his father to Kentucky. His birth year was estimated from the 1850 census of Caroline County.
VI. CATHERINE "KITTY" MINOR (7/12/1812, Spotsylvania Co. - 4/26/1898 at Broad Plains in Caroline County) married on 1/25/1832 to George Tyler Burrus (3/20/1809, King William County, Va. - 10/1876, at Stanhope, the home directly across the road from Walden Towers).
VI. GABRIELLA (?? - ??) married on 1/11/1831 to Richard Long and "went West."
VI. SEWEL (?? - ??) went west. No further information.

VI. WILLIAM H. GAYLE (CA. 1775 - Before 1850) was born ca. 1776 to John and Joanna Walden Gayle. He married LUCY DILLARD in Caroline County, Virginia, by bond dated 11/10/1797. The ceremony was performed by Baptist minister John Sorrill. They had one known son, John M. Gayle. On 1/2/1797 William and John Gayle were witnesses in chancery suits. In 1803 William was on the Personal Property Tax List in Caroline County.

VII. JOHN M. GALE (Abt. 1802 - Before 1850) married Catherine Searls and had children.
VII. Possibly other children

VII. JOHN M. GAYLE (CA. 1802 - BEFORE 1850) was born ca. 1802 to William and Lucy Dillard Gayle. He married CATHERINE SEARLS by bond dated 12/20/1823 in Caroline County. Surety was given by Lewis Covington. John must have died before 1850 since Catherine appears on the 1850 census in the household of her mother-in-law Lucy Gayle, age 80, with two children - George (22) and Ann J. (19). The next house on the census is Lewis M. Gayle, age 23, son of John and Catherine.

VIII. LEWIS M. (ca: 1827 - ??) married Frances A. Beasley on 11/3/1847 and had ten children.
VIII. GEORGE W. (1828, Caroline Co. VA - before 8/24/1900) married Mary E. Acors.
VIII. ANGELINA J. (ca: 1830 - ??) married James Brooks 7/16/1851, Caroline Co., VA. Children: Georgina H. Brooks, Mary E. Brooks, Catherine Lavina Brooks, Lovely A. Brooks, Rosalie Brooks, Frances Brooks and Julie Brooks.

VIII. LEWIS MINOR GAYLE (1827 - ??) was born in 1827 to John Minor and Catherine Searls Gayle of Caroline County. Lewis was a witness and provided surety on the marriage bond of his sister Angelina to James F. Brooks, dated 7/16/1851 in Caroline County. He married FRANCES A. BEAZLEY/BEASLEY, daughter of Nelson and Polly Beazley, by marriage bond dated 11/3/1847 in Caroline County.

Lewis Minor and Frances Beazley Gayle lived with Frances' parents in Caroline where Lewis was engaged in farming and carpentry. The family is listed on the 1850 census with Nelson Beazley, age 55, as head of the household. With him were Polly Beazley, 56; Matilda Covington, age 13; William Gale, age 2; and Mary Gale, age 1.

On 3/28/1862 Lewis enlisted in Company H of the 47th Virginia Infantry, CSA, along with his brother George W. Gayle. His war record states that he was present for roll call during the months of May and June in 1862. He was absent due to illness during July and August of the same year but again present on the roll call for 12/31/1862 and on the clothing receipt roll for July and August of 1863. He was captured and was a prisoner of war by 1/1/1865, probably kept at Port Lookout, Maryland. A final roll call listed him as a Sergeant.

IX. WILLIAM E. (1848 - ??)
IX. MARY L. (ca. 1849, Caroline Co. - ??) married Robert L. Atkinson on 12/2/1869 in Hanover County, VA.
IX. VIRGINIA F. (1852 - ??)
IX. STACEY BURR. (1853 - ??) married Ann Marie Satterwhite.
IX. ELLA (1854 - ??)
IX. JOHN THOMAS (1855 - 1900)
IX. LEWIS M., JR. (1857 - ??)
IX. FRANK: (1858 - ??)
IX. EMMA: (1860 - ??)
IX. SALLY: (1876 from obituary information - ??)

VIII. GEORGE W. GAYLE (CA. 1828 - 1900) was born ca. 1828 in Caroline County, Virginia, to John M. and Catherine Searls Gayle. On 10/12/1857 George married MARY E. ACORS, daughter of Thomas and Nancy Acors (ca. 1836 - ??). The ceremony was performed by Reverend Albert R. Flippo, a minister of the Christian Church.

George W. Gayle was a carpenter and lived in both Caroline and Spotsylvania Counties in Virginia. At the outbreak of the Civil War he and his brother Lewis enlisted in Company H of the 47th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A. on 3/28/1862. George was listed on his war record as having a dark complexion, black hair, hazel eyes and as 5'11" tall. Records show that he became sick and was absent from the roll calls through 12/31/1862. He was in Staunton Hospital on 8/31/1863 and in Chimborazo Hospital from 11/30/1863 to January, 1864. He was on the clothing receipt rolls for February and April, 1864, and was at the final roll on 12/31/1864. George's unit, the 47th Virginia Infantry, saw action at Seven Pines, Mechanicsville, Manassas, Sharpsburg, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Mine Run, Wilderness, Spotsylvania Court House, North Anna, Petersburg Sayler's Creek, and finally Appomattox, where they surrendered. George was captured at Sayler's Creek on 4/6/1865 and sent to Point Lookout, Maryland, where he took the oath and was released on 6/13/1865.

Following the Civil War, George lived in Caroline County and was manager of a local farm. On 8/1/1878 he purchased ten acres of land in Caroline County from his brother-in-law, James F. Brooks, for $200.00. The plat shows his neighbors as Jefferson Flippo, Hugh White and James Brooks. On November 8th of the same year, George deeds this same 10 acres to his wife, Mary E. Gayle, and their children, "in consideration of the natural love and affection". Four of the children are named in the deed, which was recorded in Caroline County. George moved again to Spotsylvania in 1880 and died there in 1900.

IX. ALICE A. (10/10/1858, Caroline Co. - ??) married Allen Curtis
IX. NANNIE (1861, Caroline Co. - ??) was listed as 9 years old on the 1870 U.S. Census for Caroline Co.
IX. LAURIE F. (1866, Caroline Co. - ??) married Robert H. Surles on 10/28/1880, Spotsylvania Co., VA.
IX. ARABELLA "BELLE" LEE (1/12/1867, Caroline Co. - after 1880 when she was living in Spotsylvania County with her family).
IX. ALMA JAMES (7/1869, Caroline Co. - 1/2/1952, Ely's Ford, Spotsylvania Co.) married Laura Elizabeth Brown (1867 - 1962) before 1894.
IX. ELVIRA JOSEPHINE (Before 5/22/1874 - 12/20/1948, Stafford Co., VA. Elvira was said to have married (1) a Gayle and had daughters Rosa and Sallie. Married (2) Unknown.
IX. LEONARD (Before 11/1877 - ??) was living alone and working as a farmhand in 1900 in Spotsylvania County.

IX. ALMA JAMES GAYLE (1869 - 1952) was born to George W. and Mary E. Acors Gayle in July of 1869 in Caroline County. Around 1894 he married LAURA ELIZABETH BROWN and had ten known children. The family lived at Summer House in Caroline County and moved to Spotsylvania and later to Orange County where Alma farmed and worked as a shoemaker. He returned to Spotsylvania and died on 1/2/1952 at his home on Ely's Ford. Alma was buried at Wilderness Baptist Church Cemetery.
X. FANNIE R. (?? - ??)
X. MARTHA (?? - ??)
X. ELIZA MARY (?? - ??)
X. ALMA JAMES, JR. (?? - ??)
X. LAURA E. (?? - ??)
X. BOYD W. (?? - ??)
X. MARY L. (?? - ??)
X. NETTIE (?? - ??)
X. BERTHA BROWN (9/1885 - ??)
VI. JOHN GAYLE (1778 - 1861) was born to John and Joanna Walden Gayle on 11/25/1778 in Caroline County, Va. He left Virginia by 1806 and settled in Gallatin, Owen County, Kentucky, where he was a planter. At the time John's uncle, Edmund Walden, lived with him. On 8/2/1808 in Gallatin County, Kentucky John married MALINDA BRASSFIELD (1790 - 1864), daughter of James Brassfield of Woodford County, Kentucky. Early evidence of an association between the Gayles and Brassfields surfaced on 7/4/1768 when John and Sarah Edwards Deatherage, Matthew Gayle's daughter and son-in-law, sold 200 acres in Spotsylvania, originally purchased from John and Sarah Gayle, to Edward Brasfield (sic) of Caroline County. John and Malinda Bfrassfield Gale lived in Gallatin where they raised their family.

John Gayle became a well-respected physician and surgeon in Owen County where he performed several original and successful operations. He appeared on the 1850 census for Owen County as the head of Household #719, farmer, age 72, born in Virginia. Also listed are Malinda, 61, VA; Thomas, 20, Student, KY; John Gayle, Jr., 34, farmer, KY; Malinda, 41 [Malinda Freeman]; George, 14, KY; Wellington G., 10, KY; and John, 8, KY.

John wrote a will on 6/8/1849 leaving his wife Malinda all the stock, farming implements, household and kitchen furniture, cash notes and money on hand, and "such other things as I may have conveyed by Deeds of gifts now received for her use and benefit…" The will further directed that "my son John who is afflicted shall be cared for and made comfortable if it be possible, and I also desire that my wife's sister, Mrs. Nancy Searcy, shall have such assistance as my wife Malinda can give her over and above caring for my son John." Witnesses were Henry Blanton and W. A. Bond. He also named sons John, Robert, James, Thomas and his daughter Joanna, wife of John M. Leonard. His bequests included real estate and personal property, some in the form of slaves. He also mentioned a building he owned in New Liberty occupied by Peebles Co., Druggist, which was given to Thomas who sold it to his brother Robert. A slave girl named FANNY was given to John's wife, Malinda. Witnesses were Lyman Martin and John B. Mussey. Malinda Gayle died on 6/5/1854 and on 4/23/1861 a codicil was added to John's will revoking son Thomas Gayle as executor and residuary legatee and naming James and R. H. Gayle as executors. John died in 1861 in Owen County and his will was proved at Owen County Court during the July term. (KY, Owen County, Will Book E, pg. 209-210.)

VII. ELIZABETH (1809 in Owen or Gallatin Co., KY- 9/25/1844, in Owen County, KY) married George West.
VII. JOHN (1811 - 1844) married on 9/3/1835 in Owen Co., KY to Melinda Freeman (1809 - After 1860), daughter of Garrett Freeman and Sarah Walden Gayle Freeman of Caroline County.
VII. JOANNA (3/22/1813 - 6/10/1897, Warsaw, KY) married John Leonard on 5/19/1830.
VII. GEORGE (?? - ??)
VII. WILLIAM: (?? - ??)
VII. SARAH: (?? - ??)
VII. ROBERT HARDIN (1826 - 1886, Sanders, KY) married three times, first on 12/31/1846 to (1) M. C. Green, (2) Matilda Tandy, and (3) Sarah Tandy.
VII. JAMES (6/25/1825 in New Liberty, Owen Co., KY - 1/9/1897, New Liberty, KY) married 10/6/1847 to Sarah " Sallie" Catherine Green (5/16/1831 -2/22/1921), daughter of Paschal and Agnes Blanton Green.
VII. MALINDA (?? - ??) married John Works.
VII. THOMAS (11/1/1829 - 4/23/1917) married Olive English on 10/4/1855 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., Kentucky and had children.

VII. JOHN GAYLE (1811 - ??) was born in 1811 to John and Melinda Brassfield Gayle. On 9/3/1835 he married MELINDA FREEMAN, daughter of George and Sarah Gayle Freeman of Caroline County. The couple was married in Owen County, Kentucky, by James Medley. Bridegrooms were A. B. Fant, and G. W. Gayle. John died in 1861 in Owen County.

VIII. GEORGE C. (ca: 1836 - ??)
VIII. WELLINGTON G. (1840 - ??) appeared on the 1870 census of Owen Co., KY as a druggist.
VIII. JOHN (1842 - ??)

VII. ROBERT HARDIN GALE (1823-28 - 1886) was born on 1/25/1828 in Owen County, Kentucky to John and Malinda Brassfield Gale. On 12/31/1846 he married (1) MARY C. GREEN (2) MATILDA TANDY and (3) SARAH TANDY. He had several children but it is not known which of the three wives bore them.

Robert finished his education at Transylvania University in Lexington and continued studying medicine with his father. He went to Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia in 1848, graduated with honors, and received his degree in medicine. He opened a practice in Covington, Kentucky, and was appointed to the Medical Staff of the Commercial Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. But after a year he returned to his native county where he resumed his practice. Before he was 25 Robert was twice elected Probate Judge and became a candidate for the State Legislature in 1859, winning the election by an overwhelming majority. While in office he served on several important committees prior to the on-set of the Civil War. He was a prominent member of the Democratic Convention and when war was imminent he entered the Confederate service as surgeon of Colonel D. Howard Smith's regiment, remaining on active duty until failing health sent him home.

Robert H. Gayle appeared on the 1870 Census in New Liberty, KY, age 47, with Matilda, 39, Augusta S., 15, Effie, 13 and John, age 6. In 1873 he accepted a position as agent and surgeon for the Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington Railroad. A year later he received a similar appointment with the Louisville, Paducah, and South-western Railroad and held both positions. Also in 1873 Robert became a member of the State Medical Society. In May of 1874 he was elected surgeon on the Visiting Staff of the Louisville City Hospital. He was annually re-elected and in 1876 was made President of the Board of Medical Officers. The same year he was elected as Secretary of the American Mutual Benefit Association of Physicians in Louisville and served as their delegate to the American Medical Association meeting in St. Louis. At the meeting he was made one of the Judicial Council on the Code of Ethics for the profession and was re-elected the following year in Detroit.

Robert Hardin Gayle was respected in his community and was the first physician in Owen County to give ice-water in fever. He was described as a handsome man, a writer of force with strong convictions and a pioneer in some of the most successful surgical operations. Dr. Gayle died in Sanders, Kentucky in 1886.

CHILDREN OF ROBERT H. GAYLE & WIVES (*Children on 1870 New Liberty, KY, census)
VIII. JAMES (1849 - ??) married 11/9/1865 to Sarah Montgomery; children were Robert and Sarah.
VIII.*AUGUSTA (Est. 1855- ??) married William E. Davis.
VIII. MARY B. (1856 - ??) married Fletcher T. Riley.
VIII. *EFFIE ESTELLE (Est. 1857- ??) was born in Huntsville, MO. and married (1) Joseph Robinson; (2) Frank G. Brandon. [Effie G. Brandon, DAR #58331 stated that she was the daughter of Robert and Matilda Gale and granddaughter of John and Malinda Brassfield Gale, great-granddaughter of John and Joanna Walden Gale. The application stated that John was a Lt. and Captain in the 2nd Maryland Regiment in 1777 and subsequently commanded a company in the 5th Regiment. It stated that he was born in Maryland and died in Culpeper County, VA.
VIII. BETTIE (1858 - ??)
VIII. HENRY B. (1861 - ??)
VIII. *JOHN LEONARD (Est. 1864 - ??) married Olive Cassidy.
VIII. SARAH (?? - ??)
VIII. WILLIAM (?? - ??)
VIII. THOMAS (?? - ??)

VII. JAMES GAYLE (1825 - 1897) was born to John and Malinda Brassfield Gayle on 6/25/1825 in New Liberty, Owen County, Kentucky. He attended school until he was over 18 years of age and on 10/6/1847 he married SARAH "SALLIE" CATHERINE GREEN (5 /16/1831 -2/22/1921), daughter of Paschal and Agnes Blanton Green. First engaged as a farmer, in 1865 James became a hotel owner in New Liberty and was also a member of the Democratic Party, Masons and Odd Fellows. He retired after 22 years and died on 1/9/1897 at New Liberty.

VIII. LULU ELLA (10/10/1852, Owen Co., KY - 12/31/1917, Gainesville, GA) married 9/25/1873 to Dr. Madison Monroe Riley (1846 - 1928), a Baptist Minister, in Owen Co., KY.
VIII. EMMA EVELYN (6/10/1857, Owen Co., KY - 6/5/1934, New Liberty, KY) married (1) 6/2/1880 to Benjamin E. Garvey (1847 - 1913) of New Liberty, KY.
VIII. D. HOWARD (11/16/1860 - 1961, Cincinnati, Ohio) married Jennie Bond Orr in 1886 in Owen Co., KY and had children Lucy, James and Jennie, who married Victor Rhea, Jr.
VIII. ROBERT H. (7/15/1862 - ??) married Julia Foree and had children Margaret, Noah and Sarah, who married Francis F. Gates.
VIII. JUNIUS "June" WARD (2/22/1865, New Liberty, Owen Co., KY - 8/5/1942) married (1) Mamie Alexander on 2/3/1886 and (2) Nora Hackett. "June" Ward Gayle is included in the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress as a representative from Kentucky. He had two daughters, Mattie Belle who married Pryor Perry and another unknown daughter.
VIII. WALTER S. (4/1/1866, New Liberty, KY - 8/21/1903, Owen County, KY) married 2/12/1889 to Sarah Byrns (1865 - ??) daughter of Jamison and Malissa Duvall Byrns. Their children were Florence, who married Noble Burford, and Mary Jane.
VIII. CORRINE (6/20/1868, Owen Co., KY - 1936, Nashville, Tenn.) married (1) 11/12/1889 to Charles M. Alexander (1895 - ??) and (2) 4/2/1898 to Prince E. Burroughs.
VIII. JAMES, JR. (5/5/1870 - ??) married Prudence Wilson; Children were Evelyn and Sallie.
VIII. ALBERT DELONG (12/2/1873 - ??) married Alice Wheeler; Children were James and Sallie.

VIII. D. HOWARD GAYLE (1860 - 1961) was born on 11/16/1860 to James and Sarah Catherine Green Gayle. In 1886 he married JENNIE BOND ORR in Owen, Kentucky. He worked as a cashier at Citizen's Bank in New Liberty, Kentucky and died in 1961 at Cincinnati, Ohio, age 101.

IX. LUCY (?? - ??)
IX. JAMES (?? - ??)
IX. JENNIE (?? - ??) married Victor Rhea, Jr.

VIII. ROBERT H. GAYLE (1862 - ??) was born on 7/15/1862 to James and Sarah Catherine Green Gayle. Robert married JULIA FOREE and resided in Knoxville, Tennessee, where he was Secretary and Treasurer of Daviess Coal Mining Company.

IX. MARGARET (?? - ??)
IX. NOAH (?? - ??) died in Sacramento, California
IX. SARAH (?? - ??) married Francis F. Gates

VIII. JUNIUS WARD GAYLE (1865 - 1942) was born on 2/22/1865 to James and Sarah Catherine Green Gayle in New Liberty, Owen County, Kentucky. He married (1) MAMIE ALEXANDER on 2/3/1886. Mamie died on 12/11/1891 and June married (2) NORA HACKETT.

June attended Concord and Georgetown College, but left school at age 16. He resided in Owen County where he was appointed as Deputy Sheriff and elected Sheriff in 1892, serving through 1896. He pursued careers in both banking and in the tobacco business and also entered politics. He was included in the Biographical Directory of the United States Congress as a representative from Kentucky and was a member of the Democratic State Central Committee and of the State Executive Committee. He was unsuccessful in a bid for State auditor in 1899 but was elected as the representative to the 56th Congress to fill a vacancy caused by the death of Evan E. Settle. He served from 1/15/1900 to 3/3/1901 as the U. S. Representative from the Kentucky 7th District and was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention from Kentucky in 1904 and 1920.
June Ward Gayle died on 8/5/1942 in Owenton and was buried at New Liberty Cemetery, New Liberty, Kentucky.

IX. MATTIE BELLE (?? - ??) married Pryor Perry, who was born in Warsaw, KY.

Grave of June Ward Gayle, New Liberty Cemetery
VIII. WALTER S. GAYLE (1866 - 1903) was born on 4/1/1866 to James and Sarah Catherine Green Gayle. He married SARAH BRYNE (1/21/1865, Owen County, KY. - ??), daughter of Jamison and Malissa Duvall Bryne, and had two children before his death in Owen County on 8/21/1903.

IX. FLORENCE (?? - ??) married Noble Burford, born on 1/12/1894 in Louisville, Jefferson County, KY. to Leo McKenorie & Emma Jane Addison Burford.
IX. MARY JANE (?? - ??)

VIII. ALBERT DELONG GAYLE (1873 - ??) was born on 12/2/1873 to James and Sarah Catherine Green Gayle. Albert married ALICE WHEELER and had two children.

IX. JAMES (?? - ??)
IX. SALLIE (?? - ??)

VII. THOMAS GAYLE (1829 - 1917) was born to John and Melinda Brassfield Gayle on 11/1/1829 in New Liberty, KY. On 10/4/1855 he married OLIVE ENGLISH (1837 - 1899), daughter of James and Jane Dement English, in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky and had children. Thomas inherited most of the land his father bought in 1806 and a number of his relatives lived on the property after John Gayle's death. Olive Gayle died in 1899 and was buried at New Liberty, Owen County, KY. Thomas died on 4/23/1917.

VIII. MARTHA "MATTIE" (1856 - ??) married Dr. John W. Cornell/Connell
VIII. JOANNA (1859 - ??) married Paschal Brock
VIII. ENGLISH (1/1863 - 1936, buried at New Liberty)
VIII. SALLIE (1868 - 1880)
VIII. BETTIE D: (12/17/1870 - 12/18/1920) married William Penn Garvey, 1891, Owen Co., KY.
VIII. MALINDA/LYNDA BRASSFIELD (10/1872 - 1922, buried at New Liberty)
VIII. SUSAN B: (2/3/1874 in New Liberty, Owen Co., KY - ??) married E. Lawrence Riddle
VIII. JACK/J. G. (2/27/1875 - ??)
VIII. LINDSEY (6/17/1880 - 3/17/1899, buried at New Liberty)
VIII. EBE (?? - ??) married Ira Martin
VIII. JOHN (?? - ??) married Unknown Pegge
VIII. OLIVE (born & died 1886)
VIII. WILLIAM or BILL (?? - ??)

VI. JOSIAH PITT GAYLE (CA: 1792 - 1875) was born to John and Elizabeth Pitt Gayle around 1792-94 in Caroline County, Va. On 10/30/1822 Josiah married FRANCES "FANNY" M. BROADDUS (1803 - 3/25/1874), daughter of Mordecai and Martha Reynolds Broaddus in Caroline County. Mordecai Broaddus was a farmer and a minister and performed the marriage ceremony.

Josiah appeared on the 1830 census for Caroline County but he and Frances moved to Spotsylvania around 1846 where he purchased
Rose Mount Farm. According to a plat dated 7/9/1827 of the lands of William L. Walden, deceased, the property was bounded by Pendleton's Mill Pond, Munday's corner to Gayle and Munday, corner to William Kidd in Josiah Gayle's line, corner to John Gayle and a corner to Sale and Green. In 1856 Josiah and Fanny Gayle sold land to John Pemberton. During the Civil War, Josiah served in the Army of Northern Virginia and Rose Mount was cared for by TEMPLE ROLLINS, a slave who farmed land near Chancellor. He was offered money to serve as a Union guard but refused and remained to care for the properties. Josiah died on 8/31/1875 in Spotsylvania County, VA. A notice of his death (below) was found in the Bible of Mordecai John Gayle. (Gayle, Martha Poole)
VII. MORDECAI JOHN (3/10/1826 - 10/3/1902) married America Virginia Broaddus (1832 - 1910) on 3/9/1848.
VII. JOSIAH PITT, JR. (11/27/1836 in Caroline Co. - 1/17/1905) married Charlotte Leavelle and had children.
VII. ALMEDA FRANCES (1828 - 1913) married Absalom Peyton Rowe (1817 - 1900).
VII. ROBERTA ELIZABETH (1830 - 1926) married 10/11/1853 to Benjamin Long Leavelle (2/14/1826 - 4/10/1866) at Rosemont in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.
VII. MARGARET ANN (6/26/1838 in Caroline Co. - 10/21/1926, Newport News, VA.) married Francis "Frank" Corbin Beverly (1824 - ??) of Port Royal on 7/22/1857.
VII. ELIZABETH M. (1834 - 1909) married John Edward Broaddus (1837 - 1907) on 3/23/1858.
VII. THOMAS BENTON (11/7/1840 - 11/17/1928) married 6/8/1865 (1) Virginia Martha Sanford (6/8/1844 - 5/20/1891); married (2) 6/27/1894 Lilly W. Bullock (1857 - 7/13/1928).

VII. MORDECAI "MOCK" JOHN GAYLE (1826 - 1902) was born in Caroline County on 3/10/1826 to Josiah Pitt and Frances Broaddus Gayle. Mordecai John taught at a private school where his second cousin, AMERICA VIRGINIA "GINNY" BROADDUS (12/16/1832 - 7/26/1910) was a student. They married on 3/9/1848 when she was 15 and he was 22. The ceremony was performed at Edmondsbery in Caroline County by Rev. Andrew Broaddus II, a second cousin once removed to the bride. According to the family bible in the collection of the Virginia State Archives, Mordecai John and Virginia America Broaddus Gayle had 15 children, including two sets of twins. Mordecai became a "gentleman farmer" at Ridgeway, a farm that Ginny had inherited from her mother. He built a schoolhouse there where "Ginny" taught school for the local children,.

During the Civil War, Mordecai served under John Mosby and told his grandchildren that he "killed as many of them (Yankees) as they killed of me". (Gayle, M.P.) After the war Mock and Ginny sold the farm, moved to Richmond, and lived the rest of their lives with their son, John Broaddus Gayle. John B. Gayle's wife, Ada B. Nuckols Gayle, died in 1900 and Ginny raised the two grandchildren, Virginia Belle Gayle and Robert Broaddus Gayle. According to descendants, Ginny was a tiny, lively, sweet and loving person and her grandchildren always loved to have her come to visit because she always had goodies, lemon and peppermint stick candy, in her apron pocket. Mordecai died on 10/3/1902 and Ginny on 7/26/1910 at the home of her son, 2500 Floyd Avenue. They are buried at Riverview Cemetery in Richmond, VA.

VIII. JOSIAH "SYE" P. (4/3/1840 - 6/17/1889) was buried at the Masonic Cemetery in Fredericksburg.
VIII. MORDECAI WALLER (10/19/1850 - 10/24/1917) married (1) 2/12/1878 to Martha "Matti" S. Shepperd (1854 - 1884) and (2) 1/30/1889 to Alice Donna Willson (1867 - 1947) at Richmond, VA. Twin of Frances Elizabeth Gayle.
VIII. FRANCES ELIZABETH (10/19/1850 - 2/29/1855) twin of Morecai Waller Gayle.
VIII. LILLIAN HAMPTON (12/3/1852 - 1922) married on 2/12/1873 to Frank Taylor Sutton (1846 - 1917) at Ridgeway in Caroline County.
VIII. ANNIE E. (9/8/1854 - 1937) married 11/26/1878 to Philip H. Coghill (1854 - 1916) at Ridgeway.
VIII. VIRGINIA (11/30/1856 - 3/10/1876).
VIII. SETH ALEXANDER (3/30/1858 - 1924) married Attie Miller Broaddus (1873 - 1947) near Old Church, Henrico County, Va. on 11/14/1892.
VIII. FREDERICK KRAGGIE (10/6/1860 - ??) married Willie Cooke Simmons.
VIII. JOHN BROADDUS (5/30/1863 - 1930) married (1) Ada Blanche Nuckols (1867 - 1900) at Henrico, VA in 1890; married (2) Florence Ethel Parr. Buried at Oakwood Cemetery, Henrico.
VIII. JOSEPHINE DEJARNETTE: (7/18/1866 - 1937) married John Cussons Fletcher (1863 - 1944) at Ridgeway.
VIII. IDA (2/8/1869 - 2/13/1869)
VIII. SANDS (2/13/1870 - 1918) married Sara Look Boatwright (1879 - 1968) at Gold Hill in Buckingham Co., Va., 3/26/1902.
VIII. FRANK (2/13/1873 - ??)
VIII. ALMEDA (4/18/1875 - 8/24/1875) Twin of Mark.
VIII. MARK (4/18/1875 - 4/25/1875) Twin of Almeda.
Gravestone of Josiah P. Gayle, son of Mordecai John and "Ginny" Broaddus Gayle, Masonic Cemetery, Fredericksburg
VIII. MORDECAI WALLER GAYLE, SR. (1850 - 1917) was born on 10/19/1850 to Mordecai John and Virginia America Broaddus Gayle. Mordecai married ON 2/12/1878 to (1) MARTHA "MATTIE" SHEPPERD (1854 - 1884) and (2) to ALICE D. WILLSON (1867 - 1947) on 1/30/1889 at Richmond, VA. Mordecai had five known children by his second wife. He died on 10/24/1917.

IX. MORDECAI WALLER, JR. (12/31/1889- 12/30/1949) married Virginia Todd Hamilton (4/19/1887 - 3/18/1958).
IX. MARY DONNA (11/7/1891 - ??) married Judson Aldrich Monroe (1889 - 1941)
IX. VIRGINIA BROADDUS (12/14/1895 - 8/15/1898).
IX. HELEN RANDOLPH (2/8/1898 - ??) married Thomas Clarence Williams (1894 - 1960).
IX. ALICE WILLSON (9/21/1900 - 12/10/1986) married Kent B. Johnson (1889 - ??).
IX. JAMES DE JARNETTE (1/22/1904 - 5/23/1981) married Dorothy E. Askew (1903 - ??).

VIII. JOHN BROADDUS GAYLE (5/30/1863 - ??), nicknamed "Foxie," was born on 5/30/1863 to Mordecai John and Virginia America Broaddus Gayle at the family home in Caroline County. He was named for his maternal uncle, John E. Broaddus. In 1880 John moved to Richmond and became the first of three generations to attend both Richmond College (University of Richmond) and the Law School. He practiced law in Richmond as part of the firm, Carneal & Gayle, 1106 E. Main Street, and was President of the Virginia Realty Guarantee Title Corporation.

On 11/13/1890 John married ADA BLANCHE NUCKOLS (7/1867, Hanover County, VA) after proposing to her on the banks of the South Anna River in Hanover near Rockville. They were married at the home of William H. Dickinson, caretaker of Oakwood Cemetery, in Richmond. They had two children and had been married only 10 years when Ada died at age 32 of tuberculosis on 5/28/1900 at 1421 Floyd Avenue in Richmond. On 2/7/1901 John married (2) FLORENCE ETHEL PARR (7/5/1884, Essex County - ??), the 16 year old daughter of a housekeeper employed by John following Ada's death. They had five children and in 1924 moved to 1601 Princeton Road. John died on 8/8/1930 at age 67 and was buried at Riverview Cemetery, Richmond.

IX. VIRGINIA BELLE (10/15/1891 - 7/18/1990).
IX. ROBERT BROADDUS (1/27/1895 - 4/9/1971).
IX. EUNICE ETHYL (11/8/1901 - ??)
IX. RUSSELL GARNETT (4/16/1904 - 8/13/1904)
IX. JOHN MOSELEY (11/26/1905 - 6/16/1906)
IX. FRANCES ELIZABETH (3/16/1909 - ??)
IX. JOHN BROADDUS, JR. (5/10/1910 - 8/22/1919).

VII. JOSIAH PITT GAYLE, JR., (1836 - 1905), born on 11/27/1836 to Josiah Pitt Gayle, Sr. and his wife Frances Broaddus Gayle. On 2/12/1878 Josiah Pitt married CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH "LOTTIE" LEAVELLE (1836 - ??) in Spotsylvania County and had children.

During the Civil War Josiah was a Lieutenant in Company E, Mercer Cavalry. He and his brother Thomas enlisted in the 9th VA Cavalry and served together again on 10/23/1864 in Company F, 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry, led by Col. John Singleton Mosby. They were joined by their brother Mordecai in November of the same year. They also served with Mosby's command in Company "C", Ninth Virginia Cavalry, under Capt. Walter E. Franklin.

On 7/7/1865 Joseph (sic) P. Gayle Jr. was listed as an election official and was living in Courtland, Spotsylvania County, when the family appeared there on the 1900 census. Josiah's age was given as 63 and Charlotte was 50. The children were listed as Mary B., age 20, teacher; Josiah P., age 19, at school; Lee Lewell (sic), age 17, at school; and Elwood H., age 14, also at school. Listed with them was Lewis Elsie, age 14, a black male servant from the District of Columbia. (Eldred Melton, 1900 Census, Courtland, Spotsylvania, VA, Roll T623_1728; 6A, Enumeration District 78) Josiah Pitt Gayle, Jr. died on 1/17/1905 and was buried at
Rosemont Farm.

VIII. MARY BYRD (9/1879 - ??) later became a teacher and married Frederick William Sanford.
VIII. JOSIAH PITT III (3/1881 - ??) married Sally Ferguson and had sons Josiah Pitt IV and John Gayle.
VIII. LEE LEAVELLE (4/1883 - 1961) married Edith (Unknown)
VIII. ELWOOD WRIGHT (3/1886 - 1958) married Deborah Owen.
Gayle Mandell, Robert Lee and Frances O'Hair Gayle at The Glebe - Tombstone of Thomas Benton & Nellie Pratt Gayle, Pratt Family Cemetery
VI. YOUNGER ELLIOT GALE (CA. 1811 - ??) was born to John and Elizabeth Pitt Gale around 1811, according to his age on the 1850 census. Younger never married and according to the 1850 census was living with his sister Catherine Minor Gayle and her husband George Tyler Burrrus at Stanhope.

On 9/8/1831 Younger is listed on a deed in Caroline County and on 5/7/1832 was out of the state when he was sued by James Duval regarding a bond due from Thomas R. Burrus. On 7/2/1832 Younger and Thomas Burrus were sued by George N. Hopkins who stated that Younger was indebted to him since 6/17/1832 and that Gayle was beyond the limits of the Commonwealth. On 9/20/1832 Hopkins stated that John Gayle, who was insolvent, had a joint obligation with his son, Younger E. Gayle. On 12/6/1836 George Tyler Burrus sold 134 acres of land located on the Mattaponi River to his brother-in-law, Younger E. Gayle. Younger's name suggests the connection between the Gales of Caroline and the Gales of Whitehaven who were associated with Bristol merchant John Younger.


V. MATTHEW GALE (1750 - BY 1812) was born in 1750 to Matthew and Mary E. Gale. Matthew resided in King and Queen County, VA where he married SARAH MAY PENN, daughter of Thomas Fenn (sic) Sr. whose will mentions his daughter Mary, son Thomas, daughter Martha Ribble, daughter Sarah, daughter Rosey, daughter Amey, and daughters Frances and Ann. To the latter two he bequeathed a Negro purchased from John Gail (sic) and referred to money Mrs. Sarah Gail (sic) is to pay. Thomas Penn died on 12/28/1787. His will, recorded on 10/28/1788, named witnesses Richard Williams, Thomas Penn, Jr., and John Boushell. (Elizabeth City County Will Book, p. 503)

On 3/29/1787 Mathew appears on Tax List A of the census for King and Queen County with neighbors Thomas Dew, Henry Lumpkin, and James Pendleton. He was shown with two blacks above age 16, seven blacks under 16, five horses, and 16 head of cattle. [A Sarah Gale appears in King and Queen County on the 1787 Census with two blacks over age 16, three blacks under 16, five horses, eleven head of cattle, and a two-wheeled carriage.] Matthew wrote a will dated 1798 and appeared on the personal property tax list for King and Queen County in 1799. His will was proved in 1812 and burned fragments of it read in part, "
…Mother Mary…Judith…" Sarah Gayle died in 1809 and her obituary appeared in the Virginia Gazette on 7/131809. " Wednesday, July 13, 1809. Died, at her residence in King and Queen County, on Sunday, the 8th, Mrs. Sarah Gayle, relict of Mr. Matthew Gayle, deceased." Sarah's will, dated 2/4/1809, mentioned her daughter Elizabeth W. Gayle, sons George, William and Josiah, granddaughters Sarahann and Elizabeth H. Stuart, and her brother, William Walden.


In the name of God, Amen, I Sarah Gayle, of King & Queen County and State of Virginia, being in sound sense and perfect memory, do make and ordain this my last will.

First, I give to my daughter Elizabeth W. Gayle Fifty dollars extra out of the money due to me in bonds, all the balance of the money due to my son George Gayle, my son William Gayle, my son Josiah Gayle, and my Grandchildren Sarahann and Elizabeth W. Stuart, but in such a manner that Sarahan and Elizabeth W. Stuart shall have only one child's part. My set of silver tea spoons I give to my daughter Elizabeth W. Gayle, also one pr. Of bedblankets. My share of my brother Wm. Walden's estate I wish to be divided among my children above mentioned as before directed to wit: letting my two Grandchildren Sarahan and Elizabeth H. Stuart have one child's part. My crop of corn, wheat, brandy, cotton, etc., together with my hogsheads, tite casks, etc. I wish to be sold, and the money arising from the same to be equally divided among my children above mentioned, as before directed, for the purpose of clothing them, etc.

Lastly, I appoint my friend Mr. Edward Wright my whole and sold executor to this my last Will and Testament. In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 4th day of February 1809.

Sarah Gayle (Seal) [Signed, sealed and delivered, in presence of
Wm. Floyd, Ephraim Minor, Ambrose Walden, Henry Doggett]

At a Court held for King & Queen County at the Court House on Monday the 11th day of December, 1809, the last Will and testament to Sarah Gayle, deceased, was proved by the oaths of Ambrose Walden and Henry Doggett, two of the witnesses thereto, and is ordered to be recorded. Test - Robert Pollard, C.C.

VI. JOHN M. (1772 - ??) married Elizabeth Minor and had children Elizabeth; Matthew (who may have moved to Mississippi); John Minor, who came to Frankfort and married his cousin, Elizabeth Stewart in 1823.
VI. NANCY ANN (1790 - 11/15/1840) married Brooking Taylor (1784 - 1841) on 3/18/1806 and had 13 children. The family appeared on the King and Queen County Census in 1810. On 9/7/1824 Brooking Taylor gave bond for the marriage of his daughter Sally to Fountain Cunningham, whose guardian B. Hickman gave consent. William Hickman performed the ceremony. Brooking was a member of Mattaponi Baptist Church in 1832 and transferred to Exol Baptist Church on 9/8/1838. Exol, begun by John Waller in 1775, is the third oldest Baptist Church in the county. Brooking Taylor left King and Queen and moved his family to Bridgeport, Franklin County, KY where he died on 3/15/1841.
VI. WILLIAM EDWARDS (1795 - ??) married Elizabeth Davies Walden.
VI. GEORGE (?? - ??) married (1) Sophronia Bohannan in 1813 and (2) Jean Holloway in 1827 in Henderson, KY.
VI. JOSIAH (?? - 1/26/1849) chose Robert D. Gale as his guardian in 1813 after the deaths of his parents. He may have settled in Lexington, KY where a Josiah Gale, Jr. died in infancy. He may also have been the father of James Granville Gayle who died on 9/23/1834, described as the infant son of Josiah Gayle of Lexington.
VI. MARY E. (?? - 1809, King & Queen Co.) married Benjamin Stuart of King & Queen County, VA. They both died in Virginia and Brooking Taylor, husband of Nancy Ann Gale, was guardian of their children, Elizabeth Holmes Stuart/Stewart (1803 - 1856) who married John M. Gale, and Sarah Ann who married William Holeman.
VI. ELIZABETH WALDEN (?? - ??) married (1) 11/26/1812 to Paul Williams and (2) (Unknown) Smith, Hannibal, MO. Elizabeth mothered the orphaned children of her brother John and sister, Mary.

VI. JOHN GALE (1772 - ??) was born in 1772 to Matthew and Sarah Penn Gayle. He married ELIZABETH MINOR and had children.

VII. MATTHEW (1798 - ??) possibly moved to Mississippi
VII. JOHN MINOR (1801 - 1872) went to Frankfort and married his cousin, Elizabeth Holmes Stewart, daughter of Benjamin and Mary E. Gayle Stewart, in 1823. His grandchildren were Clarence Gayle, John W. Gayle, George L. Payne and Dr. Flora Mastin.
VII. JOHN MINOR (1801 - 1872) was the son of John and Elizabeth Minor Gale. John went to Frankfort and in 1823 married his cousin, ELIZABETH HOLMES STEWART, daughter of Benjamin & Mary E. Gayle Stewart. "MARRIED - In this place on Sunday evening last 6th inst. by the Rev. William Holeman, Mr. JOHN GAYLE to Miss ELIZABETH STEWART." (Argus of Western America, Frankfort, Ky., Wednesday, April 9, 1823, No. 7, Vol. 16) They had several children.

VIII. CHARLES (1823 - ??) married (1) Martha A. Walden, (2) Isabella (Unknown), (3) Nancy (Unknown).
VIII. BENJAMIN STEWART (1825-1891) married Lucy L. Campbell and had a son, Walter Stewart Gale.
VIII. RICHARD A. (1828-1887) married Mary V. Campbell.
VIII. ROBERT HENRY (1847-1920) married Mary E. Gibbons.
VIII. GEORGE WILLIAM (1834-1896) married Rebecca Ann Leffler
VIII. JOSIAH (1841-1933) married (1) Irene O. Dodge, (2) Mary (Unknown).
VIII. JOHN MINOR, JR. (1844-1920) married Maria M. Wright.

VII. CHARLES GALE (1823 - ??) was the son of John Minor and Elizabeth Stewart Gale. He married (1) MARTHA A. WALDEN and had two children. Martha Walden Gale died and Charles married (2) ISABELLA (UNKNOWN) and had children.

VIII. WILLIAM H. (1849 - ??)
VIII. STEWART W. (1851-1854)

VIII. ALICE (1867 - ??)
VIII. BETTY (1868 - ??)
VIII. DANIEL (1869 - ??)
VIII. JENETTA (1870 - ??)
VIII. CHARLES JR. (1875 - ??)
VIII. MARSHALL (?? - ??)

VII. BENJAMIN STEWART GALE (1825-1891) was born on 10/14/1825 to John Minor and Elizabeth Stewart Gale. He married LUCY L. CAMPBELL (2/6/1825 - 12/9/1891) on 9/20/1855 and had a son. In 1847 Benjamin Gale of Virginia, age 19, enlisted in the Mexican War. In 1848 he was a private on the muster roll of Co. F, 1st Regiment, Virginia Foot, under Col. John Hantramc, Lt. Col. Randolph and Major Jubal Early. He also served in the 1st Kentucky Cavalry. Benjamin Stewart Gale died on 12/9/1891.

VIII. WALTER STEWART (7/14/1857 - 11/29/1917) married (1) Dora Wright (1859 - 12/27/1897) on 10/13/1880 and (2) Effie Holsworth

VII. RICHARD A. GALE (1828 - 1887) was the son of John Minor and Elizabeth Stewart Gale. Richard Gale married MARY V. CAMPBELL (1835 - ??) on 10/24/1850 and had six children.

VIII. HENRY B. (1853 - 1923) married Christina Watson and had two sons.
VIII. ELIZABETH (1856 - ??) married Frank Gillis.
VIII. JOHN C. (1858 - ??)
VIII. LUCY S. (1860 - ??) married John D. Lee
VIII. THALIA S. (1868 - ??) married Custis Bridgman
VIII. RICHARD A. (1872 - 1946) married (1) Frances Reynolds and (2) UNKNOWN

VIII. HENRY B. GALE (1853 - 1923) was born in July of 1853 to Richard A. and Mary V. Campbell Gale. He married CHRISTINA WATSON (9/6/1858 - 7/5/1896), daughter of George and Christine Davidson Watson, and had children. Henry served as Mayor of Columbus and died there on 7/3/1923.

IX. HENRY W. (12/25/1885 - 5/7/1902)
IX. GEORGE RICHARD (7/14/1889 - 9/20/1906) died at age 17 in a railroad accident.

VII. ROBERT HENRY (1847-1920) was the son of John Minor and Elizabeth Stewart Gale. Robert married MARY E. GIBBONS and had children.

VIII. WILLIAM G. (1871-1873)
VIII. JOHN W. (1873-??)
VIII. ANNIE V. (1877-1881)
VIII. ARTHUR G. (1879-1884)

VII. GEORGE WILLIAM GALE (1834 - 1896) was the son of John Minor and Elizabeth Stewart Gale. He married REBECCA ANN LEFFLER and had children.

VIII.HERBERT (1863 - ??) married Saddie E. Tanner.
VIII. CLARENCE (1866-1948) married Emma P. Kavanaugh.
VIII. LESLIE (1870 - ??) married (1) Minnie Dalton and (2) Sarah (Unknown).

VII. JOSIAH GALE/GAYLE (1841 - 1933) was born in Frankfort, Kentucky, on 11/28/1841 to John Minor and Elizabeth Stewart Gale. In 1866 he married (1) IRENE G. DODGE (2/8/1849 - 2/16/1908), daughter of Israel R. and Mary F. Sublett Dodge, and is said to have married (2) MARY (UNKNOWN). Only one child is known. Josiah, who fought for the Confederacy as a private in Company A of the 2nd Kentucky Infantry, died on 1/5/1933.

VIII. UNKNOWN (?? - ??)

VII. JOHN MINOR GALE JR. (1844-1920) was born in Frankfort, Kentucky, on 8/17/1844 to John Minor and Elizabeth Stewart Gale. John Minor Gale married MARIA M. WRIGHT (3/15/1849 - 12/24/1937) on 7/18/1872 and had a son. John was a Union soldier and died on 7/15/1920.

III. ARTHUR S. (1873 - 1873)

VI. WILLIAM EDWARDS GALE (1795 - ??) of Virginia and Ohio was born on 2/24/1795 in Prince Edward (or Prince William) County, Va. to Matthew and Sarah Penn Gale. His father died while some of the children were underage and William chose Robert Gale as his guardian. William married ELIZABETH DAVIES WALDEN (4/25/1794, Bowling Green - 1844) on 11/16/1815, daughter of George and Elizabeth Penn Walden, and had several children. Their marriage was recorded in the Walden family Bible. Elizabeth's siblings who lived to adulthood were William L. Walden, John Puller Walden, and Patsy E. Walden who married Theophilus Green, George Walden, and Rachel Ann Puller Walden who married Philip T. Munday.

On 9/15/1819 William leased 161 acres of land recently occupied by John Henseley to Harry B. Alsop. In 1820 William and his family appeared on the Caroline County Census. In Caroline County on 4/16/1827 Robert Gale and wife Nancy sold to William E. Gayle for $397.50 all of their interest in the lands of John Puller, deceased, of Culpeper Couty. Robert Sale and his wife, Nancy, acknowledged the deed, witnessed by Edmund Black and Alesander Chapman, Justices of the Peace.

On 11/20/1828 William and Elizabeth Gayle of Fauquier County sold property to Thomas Spindle of Culpeper. The deed read in part, "All the interest parts and proportions of Robert Sale in right of his wife Nancy and devisee of John Puller, Jr., late of Alabama in and to the estate of the late John Puller dec'd of Culpeper County and the reversion and reversions remainder and remainders of every part and parcel thereof to have and to hold the said parts and proportions with the tenements hereditaments and all ____ singular other the premises herein before mentioned or intended to be bargained and sold …" The deed was witnessed by John Marr, Aldridge Jones, John B. Dow _____" (Culpeper Co., DB-NW, pp. 242-246) On 2/15/1830, again in Culpeper County, an indenture of Bargain and Sale from Robert and Ann Sale to William E. Gayle was acknowledged.

On 9/28/1832 William wrote a letter expressing interest in a farm manager's position to Messrs. Francis [Jerome, Jr.] and William Jerome, Potties Ville, Louisa County, Va. He introduced himself as William E. Gayle, Maple Hill Fauquier County, Va. (Jerome Family Papers, Box VII, folder 7, Earl Gregg Swam Library; Williamsburg, Va.) He died in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Elizabeth died in Fleming County, Kentucky.

VII. GEORGE WALDEN (8/16/1818, Caroline County, Va. - 1901) married Ann Elizabeth White (1832 - 1893)
VII. SARAHAN DUDLEY (2/26/1820 - ??)
VII. FAYETTA (1822 - 1823)
VII. MARTHA JANE (5/14/1824 - ??) married James H. Brady (1820 - ??) and probably lived in Flemingsburg, Fleming County, Ky.
VII. THOMAS (1823 - 1824)
VII. WILLIAM WALLACE (3/22/1829, Flemingsburg, Fleming County, Ky. - 1908, Missouri) married unknown woman. Son James Oscar Gayle (2/19/1859 in Pozey Co., Indiana - ??)
VII. EVALINE (1826 - 1827)
VII. ROBERT CARTER PORTER (1/9/1834 - ??) moved to Cincinatti, Ohio.

VII. GEORGE WALDEN GAYLE (1818 - 1901) was born on 8/16/1818 to William and Elizabeth Davies Walden Gayle. George married ANN ELIZABETH WHITE (12/24/1832, Nicholas County, Ky. - 1893) and had 11 known children. He died in 1901.

VIII. JOHN WHITE (11/8/1850, probably in Tazewell County, Illinois - 1853)
VIII. GEORGE WALDEN, JR. (2/6/1853, Peoria, Tazewell Co., Illinois - 1930) married Mary Conlon (Abt. 1855 - ??).
VIII. MARTHA JANE (3/27/1855, Washington, Illinois - 1906) married Sebastian R. McIlheny (1852 - ??).
VIII. THOMAS DUDLEY (8/25/1857, Washington, Tazewell County, Illinois - 1928) married Wilma Ward (1860 - ??).
VIII. WILLIAM DRURY (8/25/1859, Burtonview, Logan County, Illinois - 1939) married Mary F. Rimerman (11/6/1862 - 1931).
VIII. ANNA MARIE (12/21/1861 - 1936)
VIII. JAMES BRADY (1864 - ??)
VIII. DANIEL ELAM (8/4/1866, Logan County, Illinois - 1939) married Laura Lillian Hawthorne (1/9/1872 - 1950).
VIII. ROBERT TALBOT (10/11/1868, Lincoln, Logan County, Illinois - 1948) married Emma Wood (Abt. 1870 - 1940).
VIII. FRANK PETTUS (8/6/1871, Lincoln, Logan County, Illinois - 1943) married Susan Crissey (1876 - 1939).
VIII. HARRY SISSON (12/24/1876 - 1898)

VI. GEORGE GALE (Living 1806) was born at an unknown date to Matthew and Sarah Penn Gale probably in Virginia. In 1806 he migrated to Fayette County, Kentucky, later moving to Woodford and Franklin County. He married (1) SOPHRONIA BOHANNON and lived first on South Benson and then on Third Street in South Frankfort. George and Sophronia had three children before her death sometime around 1822. George then married (2) JEAN HOLLOWAY in 1827 in Henderson, Kentucky. It is not known whether they had children.

VII. MARY ANN (1815 - ??) married Robert Hogg Alves (1806, NC - ??) They appear on the 1850 census for Henderson, KY with a farm valued at $15,000. Their children were Samuel, age 12 Sophronia, 10 Mary A., 10; Robert H., 6; Walter, 3; and Ann H., age 1 year.
VII. JOHN (Before 1822 - ??)
VII. WILLIAM (Before 1822 - ??) Went to Ohio

III. JOSEPH GALE (1729 - ca. 1792) was born to Matthew and Judith Edwards Gale in Gloucester County, Virginia in 1729. He married RACHEL (UNKNOWN) and had four children.

On 3/20/1773 Joseph and Matthew Gale sold property to William Craighill including a 200 acre tract leased from Alexander Spotswood, Esq. by Ambrose Rains by lease dated 3/20/1773, and a 100 acre tract in Orange County held by Aaron Denny, also leased from Alexander Spotswood. On 2/11/1777 an agreement between Joseph and his father transferred all of Matthew's real and personal estate to Joseph, who was to assume management of the estate during the natural lives of his parents. Matthew Gale, Sr. died soon afterward and on 11/21/1778 Matthew and Joseph Gale, sons and executors of Matthew Gale, and Mary Gale, wife of Matthew; and Rachael Gale, wife of Joseph; sold additional property to William Craighill. The land was described as 300 acres in Spotsylvania County purchased by Matthew Gale, Sr. from Ambrose Grayson and devised in his will to Matthew and Joseph by deeds dated 5/1/1773, etc. Witnesses were Jessey Slaven, Nathl. Craighill, Jas. Frazer, B. Johnston, Wm. Wood, Wm. Richards, Jno. Frazer, Wm. Blyth, S. Waddy, Jacob Whitler. The transaction was recorded on 2/18/1779.

By 1788 Joseph was living at Fayette County, Kentucky, where he appears on the tax list. On 9/15/1787 a sale of property held at Capt. James Bray's in Lexington cited the property of Robert Collins and Joseph's debt to Meredith Helm. On 9/8/1789 Joseph advertises to hire a mason, bricklayer or plasterer. On 7/31/1790 he is listed on a report of Americans arriving at Natchez on flatboats from Kentucky as a returning "employee." Master of boats was listed as Joseph Balburgh. He appears to have died by 1792 since Rachel appears alone on the census of Woodford, Kentucky, in that year.

IV. JOHN EDWARDS (1760 -??)
IV. JAMES (?? - 3/19/1800) married Lucy Sanders Weston in Franklin County, Kentucky where he appeared with family on the tax list in 1788.
IV. ELIZABETH C. (?? - ??) married 2/17/1800 to James Weston, permission from Rachel Gale, mother of Elizabeth C. Gale, bond by James Gale.
IV. NANCY (?? - ??) married William White on 9/15/1795 in Franklin Co. KY: Their daughters were Permelia who married (1) James W. Prewitt, Franklin, 1815 (2) Robert Brown; Nancy Shely; Susan who married Josiah Gale; Judith E. who married (1) George W. Gale in Franklin County on 12/28/1811 and lived at Elkhorn, (2) Joseph Trotter in 1827.

IV. JAMES GALE (Living 1800) was born to Joseph and Rachel Gale. James married LUCY SANDERS WESTON on 3/19/1800 and bond was given by Thomas Hickman. James and Lucy Gale had a family of eight, but only two sons were found, Joseph C. Gale and Reuben S. Gale.

Captain James Gale and his wife Lucy lived in the Melrose vicinity on Frankfort/Versailles Road in Franklin County, Kentucky, and were listed in 1795 on the tax records of Franklin County. On 9/15/1795 James' sister Nancy married William White and on 2/17/1801 his sister Elizabeth married James Weston. James was the bondsman and consent was given by James' mother Rachel. Witnesses were James Gale and John Pemberton. James died on 3/19/1800.

V. JOSEPH C. (After 1800 - ??) married Martha G. Bryan on 8/23/1828 in Franklin County, Ky. and had sons, James and Thomas. Bond was given by Thomas Bryan, father of Martha.
V. REUBEN S. (After 1800 - 1828) may have married a daughter of Daniel E. Brown, as he was buried in the Brown graveyard. [One Reuben Gale married Polly Pemberton, date unknown.]

V. JOSEPH C. GALE (?? - ??) was the son of James and Lucy Sanders Weston Gale. Joseph married MARTHA G. BRYAN on 8/23/1828 in Franklin County, Kentucky. Bond was given by Thomas Bryan, Martha's father. They had sons, James and Thomas.

VI. JAMES (?? - ??)
VI. THOMAS (?? - ??)

IV. JOHN GALE (1734 - AFTER 1819) was born to Matthew and Judith Edwards Gale in 1734 after the couple had moved to Spotsylvania County. John married SARAH WHITE (?? -1765) and must have married again after Sarah's death since other children were born after that date.

A planter and slave owner, John Gale lived in both Spotsylvania and King and Queen Counties and owned property elsewhere. In 1752 John and his brother-in-law, Thomas Poole, purchased four acres of land and a mill on the Hazel River in Culpeper County from Martin Nalle for £100. Gayle and Poole purchased an additional 50 acres from John Dillard of King and Queen County on 4/20 and 4/21/1753. The 300 acre tract, on the north side of the Hazel River at Gourd Vine Fork, was originally purchased by Dillard from Lord Fairfax on 6/23/1749. An additional 166 acres was purchased on 11/4/1749 adjoining the first tract and running near the foot of Grindstone Mountain. The 50 acres purchased by Gayle and Poole were part of this 166 acre tract.

On 5/15/1755 John and Sarah sold 151 acres of land at Gourd Vine Fork to William Reynolds, also of Culpeper. Adjoining property was owned by Col. Francis Thornton, deceased; Revd. Mr. John Thompson and Thomas Poole. (Culpeper Deeds, Vol. One, p. 336-38) In March of 1757 John sold four acres of land, also in Culpeper, for £50 to Thomas Poole. The acreage was part of a larger tract owned byWilliam Lobb and included a mill, known as Gale Mill. The deed was proved on 3/17/1757 by Joshua Davis, William Bradley, and Thomas Chelton. (Culpeper Deeds, Vol. Two, pp. 521-24) In another transaction proved on the same date by the same parties he again sold to Thomas Poole 111 acres "…in the Reverend John Thompson's line…on top of a mountain…in the old line..." ( Culpeper Deeds, Vol. 2, pp. 524-27; Deed Book B, 1753 - 1756, pp. 364 - 547; Deed Book C, 1757 - 1762)

In Northumberland County John bought 800 acres from Ann Fauntleroy of same on 5/17/1758. Witnesses were Henry True, Walter Jameson, James Boswell and Matthew Gayle, Jr. He also acquired 100 acres of land there as the assignee of James Clark, dec'd., and John Whitlock. By 1759 John and Sarah were living in Spotsylvania County on land adjacent to John Deatherage, John Penn and William Gatewood. On 11/5/1759 they sold 112 acres in Spotsylvania to Henry Gatewood. Witnesses were Peter Gatewood, John Sanders and Thomas Crutcher, Jr. On 6/2/1759 John sold 330 acres "of Matthew Gale" in Spotsylvania to his brother-in-law, John Deatherage. Witnesses were William Gatewood, George Perry and William Chiles. On 8/1/1763 he sold 17 acres of land to John Penn of Spotsylvania. On 3/31/1764 George Perry of Spotsylvania conveyed 53 acres to Larkin Chew described as part of a tract where Gayle lived. Thomas Pove, Joseph Pulliam and James Pulliam witnessed the transaction on 8/6/1764. (Spots. Co. DB F/237) On 10/1/1764 John and Sarah Gale of Spotsylvania County sold 240 acres in Spotsylvania to Joseph Tankersley, of Caroline County, for £145. Witnesses were John Penn, Thomas Croucher and Thomas Minor. (Spots. County, DBF, 1761 - 1766)

On 4/11/1765 land records in King and Queen note that John and Sarah Gale, of King and Queen County, sold 53 acres in Spotsylvania to Martin True of Albemarle County. Witnesses were Matthew Gale, Larkin Chew, C. Towles, Jr., Thomas Coleman and Henry True. (Spots. Co. DB F/241) On 5/6/1765 they sold another 53 acres to Martin True of Albemarle County. Witnesses were John Waller, Jr., William Edward Waller, William Davenport, James Crawford and William Bruce. On 7/4/1768 John's brother-in-law and sister, John and Sarah Edwards Deatherage of Spotsylvania County, sold 200 acres in Spotsylvania originally purchased from John and Sarah Gale to Edward Brasfield of Caroline County. On the same date, John Deatherage sold 125 acres in Spotsylvania County to George Cravitt.

During the Revolutionary War John supported the patriots and is mentioned in King and Queen County records as having provided 4 gallons, 1 quart and 1 pint of Brandy to the army on 9/16/1780. The value was listed as £109, 7 shillings and 6 pence and the notation was signed by Thos. Coleman, Comr. and endorsed by the King and Queen County Court. On 9/21/1781 John provided the army with 475 pounds of beef valued at £5, 18 shillings and 9 pence.

In 1782 John, William and Matthew Gale all owned land in King and Queen County and in 1797 John and William were witnesses in chancery suits. Sometime later John left Virginia and on 5/10/1787 he was granted 600 acres, North Fork, Licking, Fayette County, Kentucky, surveyed on 1/20/1786. He was living in Fayette County, Kentucky in 1788 and according to tax records owned 1100 acres on Johnson's Fork in Campbell County. From 1797 to 1800 both John and Matthew appear on John Hoome's list of planters shipping tobacco. On 1/1/1806 John appears on a list of balances from the mercantile books at Bowling Green, an area of warehouses on the Rappahannock River between Chesterfield (Ruther Glen) and across Doguetown Bridge (Milford) to Thomas Roy's old warehouse at Port Royal.

By 1819 John had settled in Barbour County, Kentucky. He still owned land in Virginia and on 12/14/1819 he sold a tract in Spotsylvania to Martin Nalle. [This is probably the same individual who sold four acres of land and his mill on the Hazel River in Culpeper County to John Gayle and Thomas Poole in 1753]. Also in 1819 court records show that "the Taliaferro girls" were escorted back to Virginia from Kentucky by "old Mr. Gale," leaving by carriage on 10/23/1819. John would have been 85 in 1819. No record of his death has been found. He was named in Matthew Gayle's will of 1772.

V. WILLIAM (1755 - 1817) married (1) Unknown, (2) Margaret Pitt, 1816.
V. LUCY CATHERINE (1/1/1765 - 9/8/1831) married on 10/26/1787 to Thomas Lafon (3/18/1764 - 9/15/1815, Chesterfield Co.), born in King and Queen County of French Huguenot descent. Children were John, Thomas, Atwell, Joseph, Elizabeth, Delilah and Sarah. Lafon served in the Continental Army during the Revolution under General Nathaniel Greene, enlisting at age 16, and was in the battles of Cowpens and Eutaw Springs, South Carolina, where he was wounded. Following the war he moved to Chesterfield County, began acquiring property in 1790 and built a 3-story house of hand hewn timber for his family. Now known as
Hedgelawn, the property is located near Centralia between Great Branch and Crooked Branch. The house, still standing, was used as a military hospital during the Civil War. It was known as Bleak Hall during the second half of the 19th century. A photograph of the house is in the collection of the Virginia Historical Society.

Thomas Lafon converted to the Baptist faith around 1785 and organized Salem Baptist Church in 1802 with 117 charter members. The church, located east of the intersection of Centralia and Salem Church Road, was established in 1794 as interdenominational, but reformed in 1802 as Baptist. LaFon was its first pastor and served in that capacity until his death in 1816. The present structure, possibly erected by 1797, was remodeled in 1875 when the "slave gallery" was removed. Thomas LaFon appears on the Personal Tax Records in 1791 and each year thereafter until his death. His estate was appraised on 1/4/1817 and his 421 acre property was divided and conveyed by his will to each of his eight children. The house and 30-1/2 acres were left to his widow, Catherine LaFon, who sold the tract, with buildings assessed at $270.00, in 1830 to Henry Cox. She moved to Missouri with her sons that same year but died a year later on 9/8/1831. She was buried on the farm of her son John.

V. THOMAS (1779 - 1816) married Nancy Miller in 1799. He owned land on Glen's Creek in 1812. He went to Scott and then to Lewis County, Ky. where he died in 1816.
V. JOSIAH (Est. 1730s - Bet. 1791-95) married Sally Conduit and had children.
V. JOHN E. (Living 1824) in the household of Robert F. Gayle in 1824.
V. JUDITH (?? - ??) who married (Unknown) and was the mother of Louisa, who married Henry A. W. Samuel in Woodford County, KY in 1833; Elizabeth F., who married Arthur Johnson in Woodford County in 1830; & Valora Gale who moved to Owen County.
V. ROBERT F. (?? - ??) married Elizabeth Wood.
V. GEORGE W. (?? - ??) married Judith E. White in Franklin Co. KY on 12/28/1811. The bondsman was William White (father of the bride). They lived on Elkhorn. George died and Judith married (2) Joseph Trotter in 1827). George W. Gale was listed as the bondsman for the marriage Polly C. Gale to James VanAllen.

V. WILLIAM GALE (1755 - 1818) was born in 1755 to John and Sarah White Gale in Virginia. Based on the birth dates of two of his sons in the early 1790s William married (1) Probably SARAH "SALLY" WALDEN, daughter of John and Emily Hastings Walden and sister of Joanna Walden, and (2) on 11/16/1816 to MARGARET PITT, daughter of Josiah and Lucy Craig Pitt, herself the daughter of Elijah Craig, a leader in the Baptist separatist movement of the "Traveling Church" that came to Bryan's Station, Kentucky in 1785.

In March of 1785 William became the guardian of Elizabeth Pitt (1772 - ??), the second wife of John Gale and the daughter of Younger Pitt (?? - by 1785) and his wife Susannah Elliott. He left King and Queen County and on 6/18/1789 was granted 750 acres on "Dry Run" in Scott County, Kentucky, surveyed on 6/13/1788. William wrote his will in November of 1817, a year after his marriage to Margaret, naming his wife and children. He mentioned his land near Dry Run and the land of Col. Robert Johnson, deceased. He also mentioned Elijah Woolfolk and Samuel Glass and appointed as his executors Rodes Smith and sons William and Temple E. Gale. Witnesses were Henry Perry, John Angleton, and David Perry. William must have been a fairly successful planter as he owned a number of slaves also named in the will. William died in 1818 in Scott County, Kentucky.


VI. CATHERINE, "CATY" (?? - ??)
VI. ELIZABETH/BETSY (?? - ??) m. Mr. Smith
VI. SUSANNAH (?? - ??)
VI. TEMPLE E (?? - ??) married Mattie Riley
VI. ROBERT M (?? - ??)
VI. YOUNGER (?? - ??)
VI. NANCY (?? - ??)
VI. JULIA (?? - ??) married David Elliott
VI. HENRY (?? - ??) said to have gone to Owen County, Ky.
VI. JOSIAH (1790 - 8/25/1862) married Mary Thompson.
VI. WILLIAM (1794 - 1862) married Margaret Ann Thompson (1814 - 1859)
VI. JOHN WILLIAM (1794 - 1859) married Christina (or Catherine) Bentley Ballou in 1818 and lived at Switzer.
VI. GEORGE (Living 1770)

VI. JOSIAH GALE (1790 - 1862) was born in 1790 to William Gale and his wife, probably Sally Walden. Josiah married MARY ANN THOMPSON (1814 - 1859) and had nine children. He resided in Scott County, Kentucky, and died there on 8/25/1862. He was buried in the Gayle cemetery off Route 227 in Scott County.

VII. C. WILLIAM (1824 - ??) married Catherine (Unknown)
VII. RUFUS J. (1838 - ??)
VII. SAMUEL T. (1841 - ??) married Mary E. Hambrick
VII. LLOYD B. (1843 - 1863)
VII. EMELINE (1845 - 1929) married William H. McDonald
VII. MARTHA. (1847 - ??)
VII. MARY. (1850 - 1932)
VII. SUSAN GALE (?? - ??)

VI. JOHN WILLIAM GALE (1790- 1859), called William, was born to William Gale and probably Sally Walden around 1790. John William married CHRISTINA "KITTY" BENTLY BALLEW/BALLOU and had children. They were the grandparents of Dr. J. W. Gayle of Frankfort, and Miss Cordie Coleman, of Georgetown.

John William wrote his will on 9/25/1856 and died in Kentucky in 1859. A slave owner, John William Gale bequeathed to his wife a mulatto boy named SPENCER.

Be it remembered that I, W. Gayle of the county of Franklin and State of Kentucky being on the approach of three score & ten, the term allotted to the life of man, and while yet in the possession of as much mind as seems to have fallen to my lot, do make and publish this my last will.
First, I give to my wife the use of all my property real and personal during her life or widowhood; also one mulatto boy (named Spencer) about 2 years old to have forever.
Second, I give at the death of my wife, Kitty B. Gayle, an equal share of all my property to all my children except, William B. Gayle.
Third and last, It is my will that my son, Wm. B. Gayle, on account of his inability to help himself, shall always have his own individual support from my property to the full amount of an equal share, but not left to nor given to his disposal, but applied to his own personal necessities as they would naturally occur to himself through a single and unencumbered life - that he does not suffer for present necessaries nor by prodigality exhaust his future supplies is the difficulty I leave for his brothers or my Executors to overcome and the chief object for which this will was written.
I appoint my wife, Executrix and either or all three of my sons; Robert, Westar (sic) and Temple.
In witness whereof, I hereunto set my hand and seal this 25th September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty six.

W. Gayle
Robt Sacry
Graves Hancock

An after thought: If either of my sons shall die leaving no children nor child it is my will that the portion that has fallen to such decedent be divided among all my surviving children except, Wm. B. Gayle, September 25, 1856

W. Gayle

Franklin County Court, July Term 1859
A writing purporting to be the last will and testament and codicil of Dr. Wm. Gayle was produced in Court and was proved by the oath of Graves Hancock a subscribing witness thereto and ordered to be certified.
A. H. Rennick, CFCC

(Franklin County, Kentucky, Will Book 3, pg. 39, 1855 - 1880, abstracted from microfilm reel # 266184, Franklin County, Wills, Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives)

VII. ROBERT CROTON (1821 - ??) married Susan Mary Bradley
VII. WEBSTER (1823 - ??)
VII. TEMPLE E. (1830 - ??) married Angela Offut and had a son, Temple E. Gale, Jr.
VII. WILLIAM B. (1832, Scott Co - ??) married Lucinda White of Franklin Co. KY on 9/3/1856.
VII. POSSIBLY HENRY (?? - ??) who went to Owen County, KY.

Josiah wrote his will on 8/1/1791 in Chesterfield County, VA. It was proved at Smith County, Tennessee, in April of 1795 by Burkinhead Pitt. (Wills & Inventories, Smith County, Tenn., 1805 - 1809) The will, which confirmed the spelling of his surname as G-A-L-E, named his wife Sally Gale, son James Gale, brother-in-law Thomas Lafon and his friend Phillip Turpin of Swift Creek, the latter two being his executors. Witnesses were William Fleming and Burkinhead Pitt. The inventory of his estate was filed in February of 1796 in Chesterfield County and listed several of his slaves by name.

Sally Gale remained in Chesterfield for about ten years but moved with her son James and her other children to Smith County, Tennessee, traveling through North Carolina and Hawkins County, Tennessee. In 1806 Sally married Benjamin Johns while several of her children were still under age. She relinquished her rights to Josiah's estate on 9/26/1805, thus allowing the proceeds to be equally divided among the children as specified in Josiah's will.

On 1/6/1806 Wilson Yandell witnessed a division of the estate of Josiah Gale in Smith County and Elizabeth, Josiah, John and Sally Gale, four of the legatees, acknowledged their receipt of the proceeds of Josiah's estate from James Gale, executor. James retained his share as another legatee and held the balance as guardian for Polly Gayle (sic), Robert Gayle (sic) and Thomas Gayle (sic) who were underage. An estate inventory mentioned the names of several of Josiah's slaves.

SLAVES OWNED BY JOSIAH GALE: DINNIS, STEPHEN, FILLIS & CHILD, ANDREW, HARRY, PHILL, JUDE & CHILD, WILL, EDWARD, & JOHN GALE. [Whether Gale was given as a middle name for John or as the surname for all the slaves named is not known.] JUDAH & BERTENIAH, a Negro woman and child, were purchased on 9/13/1805 by James Gayle (sic) executor for Josiah Gayle, from Lunsford Pitt for $400.00. (Inventory of Josiah Gale's estate, filed in February of 1796, Chesterfield County, VA)

The following transcription shows the sale of Negroes by Lunsford Pitts to James Gale, Josiah's son. (

Know all men by these presents that I Lunsford Pitts of Sumner County & State of Tennessee have for and in consideration of the sum of four hundred dollars to me in hand paid by James Gayle, execr. for J. Gayle and the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, have bargained, sold, and delivered unto the said gale a Negro woman & child (to wit, Judah and Berteniah,) and I do by these presents engage for myself, heirs, Executors, and assigns forever to ____ warrant & defend these rights and title of said Negroes to him, the said Gale, against the claim or claims of all & every person whomsoever, having or pretending to have a claim. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this thirteenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and five.
S/ Lunsford Pitts
Test: Charles Featherston
Betsy Gale

V. JAMES (?? - ??) was the executor of Josiah's estate.
V. ELIZABETH (?? - ??) remained in Tennessee.
V. JOSIAH JR. (?? - ??) named his plantation in Mississippi Poverty Hill and died unmarried just before the Civil War.
V. JOHN: (?? - ??) of Sumterville?
V. SALLY (?? - ??)
V. ROBERT (1787 - ??) married Dorcas Barton (7/1799, South Carolina), went to Louisiana.
V. MARY "POLLY" CRAIG: (4/1/1791, Chesterfield Co., VA. - 1/7/1851, Lafayette Co., Oxford, Miss.) married James Isom; children were Sara Gale Isom (1/1/1812 in Maury Co., Tenn.) Thomas Dudley and Robert Isom (4/26/1821) Mary Craig Isom was buried in the Buckner, Craig, and Isom Cemetery on Old Taylor Rd., Oxford, Miss. [SEE MARKER, OPPOSITE]
V. THOMAS (1793 - ??) youngest son of Josiah and Sally, known as Dr. Thomas Gale; m. Mary Ann Greene, settled in Mississippi.

V. ROBERT GALE (1787 - ??) OF VIRGINIA & LOUISIANA was born to Josiah and Sally Conduit Gale on 2/7/1787 in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Robert married DORCAS BARTON (7/1799, South Carolina - ??) and had children.

VI. EMILENE (3/8/1817, Morgan County, Georgia - ??)
VI. SARAH J. (3/8/1819, Covington Co., Mississippi - ??) married in Maury County on 1/18/1839 to Thomas Hopkins Tredway (6/8/1809 Va. - 6/6/1899, Texas). They settled in Texas and are both buried in the Hart Cemetery, Hunt County, Texas. Children: Robert H. Treadway, James R. Tredway, William Josiah Tredway, Albert M. Tredway, Mary E. Tredway, and George Armstrong Tredway.
VI. LAURE (4/14/1822, Washington Parish, LA - ??)
VI. ELIZA (1/22/1824, Washington Parish, LA - ??)
VI. JOSIAH (11/28/1825, Washington Parish, LA - ??)
VI. ELIZABETH (11/28/1827, Washington Parish, LA - ??)
VI. THOMAS (1/9/1830, LA - ??)
VI. WILLIAM (4/6/1832, LA - ??)

V. DR. THOMAS GALE (1793 - 1883) was born on 7/15/1793 to Josiah and Sally Conduit Gale in Chesterfield County, Virginia. In 1815 he traveled to the Alabama Territory where he was engaged with the Indian fighters. On May 31st of that year he wrote from Mobile to his brother-in-law James Isom at Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee, of troop movements, inhabitants fleeing from the Creek Indians, attacks by the British-supplied Seminole Indians and of relations with the Spanish. On 7/3/1816 and 6/1/1817 he wrote from Greenville, Jefferson County, Mississippi, and reflected philosophically and religiously on his life. In the letter written in 1817 Gale mentioned his future marriage and the general election to decide whether to divide the Mississippi Territory. In another letter dated 10/25/1817 Gale mentioned a deadly outbreak of yellow fever in Natchez counties and the latest outlook for cotton and corn crops.

On 2/26/1818 Thomas Gale married ANNA MAGLALENE GREEN (3/6/1799 - 11/26/1852), daughter of Abner and Mary Hutchins Green of Green's Plantation, in Natchez, Mississippi, and became a planter and physician in both Jefferson and Yazoo Counties. The family later moved to Davidson, Tennessee, where they raised their family of seven children.

On 5/26/1827 Thomas wrote from Lacache, Louisiana, to his brother Josiah at Franklinton, Louisiana, about the sale of three slaves as part of the settlement of Joseph [Josiah] Gale's estate. Thomas was still in Lacache on 3/15/1828 when John Callander at Port Gibson, Mississippi, informed him of his election to the Board of Directors of the Bank of the State of Mississippi. He was in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, when he wrote on 8/22/1833 to Josiah Gale at Clinton, Hinds County, Mississippi, mentioning that the cholera outbreak was clearing, that William Dudley Gale was in school with a Mr. Black, that the crops in Tennessee were in a poor condition, and that good reports were coming from plantations on the Yazoo River in Mississippi. On 11/3/1838 Thomas received a letter from John Hutchins at Woodbourne, Mississippi, that William Dudley Gale was doing well there. He also described the small but good cotton crop and abundant crops of corn and sugar in Louisiana and asked where to acquire enough good quality timber for fencing.

On 8/7/1848 Thomas and Ann Greene Gale wrote from Louisville, Kentucky, to their son Abner at Cambridge, Massachusetts. The letter was mainly about a trip to Cincinnati, Ohio, with comments about the Whig vote for Zachary Taylor in Kentucky and Mississippi. Thomas wrote another letter on 3/27/1881 from Abydas, Yazoo River, Mississippi, to his daughter Anna at Nashville, Tennessee, mainly about family and agricultural matters. On 12/4/1883 Dr. Thomas Gale died and was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Nashville next to his wife.

VI. WILLIAM DUDLEY GALE (5/10/1819 - 1/30/1888) married (1) Mary Catherine Knox, (2) Katherine Polk in 1858.
VI. SARAH ANN (ca. 1821/23 - 1823, Claiborne County, Miss.)
VI. ABNER GREEN (9/1825 - 6/21/1909) married Mary Perkins.
VI. EDWARD RICHARD (1836 - 1916, Greenwood, Miss.)
VI. ELIZA CATHERINE (7/23/1838 - 9/8/1857) was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, TN.
VI. ANNA MARIE (5/20/1841 - 5/28/1917, Greenwood, Miss.) was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.
VI. JOSIAH R. (5/2/1842 - 10/18/1865, Yazoo Co., Miss.) was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

VI. WILLIAM DUDLEY GALE (1819 - 1888) was born on 5/10/1819 to Thomas and Ann M. Green Gale. Between 1844 and 1845 William corresponded from near Satartia and Newark on the Yazoo River in Mississippi with his parents, who were living at Nashville, Tennessee. On 5/6/1845 he wrote to his mother about the outbreak of diseases in the Vicksburg area including "black tongue," scarlet fever, measles and whooping cough. He also mentioned the good cotton and corn crops, storm damage, hail and runaway slaves. On 2/23/1857 William wrote from Holly Bend, Mississippi, to Abner G. Gale at Yazoo, Mississippi, giving instructions for planting. He described ships on the Mississippi River and a trip to New Orleans, during which he heard Jenny Lind sing.

William married (1) MARY CATHERINE KNOX (8/27/1828 - 3/12/1854, Nashville, Tenn.) on 12/25/1845 in the First Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee. Bond was issued on 12/11/1845 and the ceremony was performed by J. T. Edgar of Davidson County. The couple had three children, but only Mary survived to adulthood. Mary Knox Gale died and on 1/14/1858 William married (2) KATHERINE POLK (8/16/1838 - 2/8/1916), second daughter of General Leonidas Polk (1806 - 1864) and wife Frances Ann "Fanny" Devereux (1807 - 1875) of Raleigh, NC., New Orleans, LA., and Sewanee, TN. They had five children.

In the fall of 1862 William Dudley Gale joined the Confederate Army as a staff officer for his father-in-law, General Leonidas Polk. Civil War correspondence between Leonidas Polk and his wife Frances included a letter dated 4/15/1861 in which Frances described how the Polk home in Sewanee, Tennessee, burned down. She wrote from New Orleans, Louisiana, on 4/24/1862 about the imminent capture of that city and from Asheville, North Carolina, on 4/10/1863, mostly about family matters, rumors and the effects of the war. Letters from Leonidas to Frances were written from Columbus, Missouri, on 12/9/1861 and from Demopolis, Alabama, on 3/26/1863 and 3/9/1864. Leonidas Polk was killed during the Atlanta campaign on 6/14/1864 near Pine Mountain, Georgia, and William was assigned to the staff of General Alexander P. Stewart. His widowed mother-in-law, Frances Devereau Polk, rented a house in Asheville, North Carolina, during the latter half of the Civil War and later lived much of the time with William and Katherine near Nashville where they had settled.
Historic Marker, Buckner-Craig-Isom Cemetery
William Dudley Gale's correspondence while serving as general staff officer under generals Leonidas Polk and Alexander P. Stewart described battles, including the Battle of Chickamauga, and commented on the abilities of various commanding officers. He also wrote many letters to his wife, Kate Polk Gale, between 10/17/1862 and 1/29/1865 from Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and North Carolina. One of the most memorable was written from Tupelo, Mississippi, on 1/19/1865. In response to an earlier letter from Katherine telling him that the children had no shoes he wrote, "I wish I could send you something, my darling, but you know I have no means. I do not despair, but hope to send you and the little fellows a few things some of these days…" (Confederate Veteran Magazine, Volume Unknown)

William Dudley Gale became active in the Episcopal Church and was described as a prominent Episcopal layman of Nashville. He died there on 1/30/1888 and was buried in Old City Cemetery in the Gale lot along with Annie M. Gale (11/27/1852), Anna Gale (7/22/1849), Thomas Gale (3/31/1852), Eliza C. Gale (9/9/1857), Josephine Gale (11/14/1876), Josiah R. Gale (5/12/1871), Mariah Gale (6/8/1868), Mrs. Mary C. Gale (3/9/1854) and Mary K. Gale (1829 - 1861). For further information see the Gale and Polk Family Papers.

Old City Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON THIS FAMILY SEE THE GALE AND POLK FAMILY PAPERS, (Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Southern Historical Collection #00266)

These papers contain letters and documents dated between 1815 and 1940 from Jefferson and Yazoo Counties, Mississippi and from North Carolina, Tennessee, and Louisiana. Mrs. Polk's diaries, 1873 - 1874, recorded her activities in the Gale household near Nashville. Antebellum papers concerning family affairs, agriculture, politics and epidemics are also included. The Gales mentioned include James G., John, Josiah, Robert, and also John Hutchins, an uncle of Thomas Gale. Greene family members mentioned in the papers include Ann (Greene) Gale's mother, Mary Greene, and brother, William H. Greene.] There is a letter written on 3/27/1881 from Thomas Gale at Abydas, Yazoo River, Mississippi, to Anna M. Gale at Nashville concerning family and agricultural matters. There is also a letter dated 7/3/1881 from Aaron Gale, apparently a freedman and former body servant at Satartia, Mississippi, to William Dudley Gale inquiring about his well being.

The recollections of Katherine Polk Gale in 1895 to her daughter, Frances Polk Gale Ring, describe her life in the Yazoo Valley of Mississippi, at Nashville, Tennessee, and at Asheville, North Carolina. She includes events in the lives of her immediate ancestors, members of the Pollock, Devereux, Hawkins and Polk families of North Carolina, and of the Gale family of Tennessee and Mississippi. She described her family life on a sugar plantation and her marriage in 1858 to William Dudley Gale of Mississippi, a widower with one daughter, and of their life at
Holly Bend on the Yazoo River. At the outbreak of the Civil War, she wrote of her father being made general, of members of the family joining the Confederate army, the occupation of New Orleans, and the method of smuggling letters from New Orleans to and from Confederate soldiers. She also provided descriptions of cotton being burned to keep it from Yankee hands, the Yazoo Valley being flooded by Yankees who cut the levee, and the Gale family taking refuge at Poverty Hill, 40 miles from the plantation near Jackson, Mississippi. She also wrote of William D. Gale joining the Confederate army, serving on her father's staff and as adjutant general for Major Alexander P. Stewart. She refers to joining Mrs. Polk at her rented house in Asheville, North Carolina, along with her family and describes the journey by train and stage seeing dead and wounded soldiers at the depot in Atlanta. There are many references to her father, General Leonidas Polk, and an account of his death. She also describes the difficult journey back to Nashville she made with her husband, their children, and several others and how William Dudley Gale left the family in Nashville, traveled to Mississippi where he disposed of his property, and then returned to Nashville to establish himself in business.

VII. MARY KNOX (9/20/1846, Nashville, TN - 1/24/1928, Nashville, TN) married on 10/26/1866 to Thomas Lawrence Washington.
VII. ANNA (2/1/1849; Holly Bend, Yazoo Co., Miss. - 7/20/1849)
VII. THOMAS (3/31/1852 - 7/1/1852)

VII. FRANCIS POLK (4/11/1860 - 2/15/1937) married Frank Whitman Ring in Nashville, TN. She is buried at Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, TN.
VII. WILLIAM DUDLEY II (4/1861 - 11/1921) married Meta Orr Jackson (1870 - 1959)
VII. KATHERINE POLK (8/29/1862 - 11/24/1889) buried at Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, TN.
VII. LEONIDE POLK (5/10/1864 - 9/16/1890) lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
VII. JOSEPHINE (1/22/1867 - 11/13/1876)
ETHEL (11/19/1869 - 6/13/1870)

VI. ABNER GREEN GALE (1825 - 1909), named for his mother's father, was born to Thomas and Ann M. Green Gale near Nashville in September of 1825. On 1/18/1854 at Boguetougaloo, Madison County, Mississippi, he married MARY PERKINS (12/29/1832 - 8/3/1893), daughter of Col. Perkins and his wife Mary Fontaine Perkins, of Greenwood in Henry County, Virginia. Mary Gale died on 8/3/1892 in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi, and Abner on 6/21/1909 in Jackson, Mississippi. He and Mary were buried, along with some of their children, in Greenwood Cemetery there.

VII. ANNIE (4/11/1855, Madison Co., MS. - 1/26/1875, Yazoo City, MS.)
VII. THOMAS (2/23/1857, Satartia, Yazoo Co., MS. - 9/24/1934, Jackson, MS.) married Anne Sue Thornton on 7/14/1886 in Shelbyville, IL
VII. JESSIE (11/8/1858, Yazoo Co., MS. - 2/1/1936, Shadowlawn, Jackson, MS.) married Marcellus L. Johnson on 12/4/1882 at St. Andrew's Parish, Jackson, MS.
VII. IDA (9/29/1862, Madison Co., MS. - 11/10/1863, Madison Co., MS.)
VII. JENNIE (10/17/1864, Hinds Co., MS. - After 1922)
VI. EDWARD RICHARD GALE (1836 - 1916) was born to Thomas and Ann M. Green Gale in 1836. On 2/24/1881 he married SUSAN LINK JONES (11/29/1861 - 9/21/1888) in Yazoo County, MS. He died in 1916 in Greenwood, Mississippi.

VII. THOMAS (?? - ??)
VII. EDWARD RICHARD II (8/17/1885 - ??)
VII. RACHEL INGRAM (1886, Yazoo Co., MS. - 10/26/1963, Greenwood, MS.)

IV. ROBERT F. GALE (1769 -??) was born to John Edwards and Sarah White Gayle on 4/3/1769 in Caroline County, Va. Robert married ELIZABETH WOOD and had four children.
After leaving Virginia, Robert lived first in Scott County and then Woodford County, Kentucky, where he kept a mill at the mouth of Glen's Creek. He appears on the 1820 census there with 122 acres of land. Records show that on 7/12/1796 Robert F. Gale and Julius Gibbs had land for sale. The family eventually went to Shelby, Kentucky and later resided in Platt County, Missouri. Robert F. Gale, a private in the Virginia Militia, received a pension of $60.00 on 8/3/1833, at the stated age of 68.

V. MARY D. (?? - ??) married Orman Brown, Franklin County, KY on 2/5/1823. Bondsman was Malone Gale. Consent given by Robert F. Gayle, father. Statement witnessed by M. G. Harrison.
V. ELIZABETH (?? - ??) married Lloyd Hackett, Shelby, KY in 1827.
V. LETHA (?? -??) married Richard Radford of Shelby in 1828 in Woodford.

IV. THOMAS GAYLE (CA. 1779 - 1816) was born ca. 1779 in Virginia to John Edwards and Sarah White Gayle. He married NANCY MILLER around 1799 and had children. Thomas Gayle appears on the Personal Property Tax List in King and Queen County but by 1812 he was living on Glen's Creek, Woodford Co., Kentucky. He later moved to Scott County and later resided in Lewis County, Kentucky.

Thomas died in 1816 at his home at "Kenidyes Bottom" on the Ohio River in Lewis County. His will, dated 7/31/1816 and proved on 9/23/1816, mentioned "Old friends" William Withers and Joseph Morgan; Testators Jonathon Ruggels, Pleasant Savage, Susan Savage; Executors Aaron Stratton, Thomas Parker for Nancy Gayle; Wm. Withers for Thomas Gayle. Security…Robert Robb, George Feairis, Robert Voiress, John Stolbert, Rowland T. Parker, John Stephenson (guardian) A "Widow's dower" in slaves (See Below) was valued at $1425.00. Thomas' widow, Nancy Gale, married Isaac Skinner in 1820.

SLAVE NAMES MENTIONED: (Talley, William M., TALLEY'S KENTUCKY PAPERS, Will of Thomas Gale, courtesy of E. Melton)

V. MARGARET (?? - ??) married Joseph Rosson by bond dated 9/3/1821, Franklin Co., KY. The ceremony was performed by William Hickman, bond by Henry A. Johnson and consent given by Isaac and Nancy Skinner, "parents." Nancy Miller Gayle, Margaret's mother, had married Isaac Skinner in 1820.
V. WALKER (1813 - 1818)
V. MARY/"POLLY" (?? - Abt. 1839) married Winston Vaughan on 12/20/1821. Bond was given by Joseph Rosson and consent by John Stevenson, guardian to Polly Gayle. The ceremony was performed by William Hickman and witnessed by Joseph Rosson and Jonah (sic) Gayle [probably Josiah]. One Polly Gatewood was named on the marriage return.
V. CATHERINE (?? - ??) married Preston Alexander in 1831 and had a daughter, Anne Belle, who married Edward W. Avey. [Catherine was probably daughter "KITTURAH" in Thomas' will. In it he stated, "Be it further understood that I leave my daughter Kitturah two hundred dollars more than the rest of my children in consequence of the loss of one eye."
V. ROBERT D. (1814 - 1814)

CHARLES GALE (1824, KY - ??) appeared on the 1860 census for Henderson County, KY. He married (1) Isabella?? (1846, KY - ??) and had children, Alice (1867 - ??), Billie (1868 - ??), and David (1869 - ??). He married (2) Nancy (1841, KY - ??).
GEORGE GALE (1841 - ??) of Kentucky married Rosa (Unknown) - (1842, Ky. - ??) and had children Lizzy (1861 - ??), Mannie (1863 - ??), Eddie (1866 - ??), and Birdie (1869 - ??). The family appeared on the 1860 census in Henderson Co., KY living with Levi and Mary Looman. George's sister was Martha Gale (ABT. 1842, Henderson County, Ky. - 1912)
GEORGE GALE (ABT. 1793, VA. - 1842), son of Joseph/Josiah Gayle, married (1) JANE STARLING HOLLOWAY (7/15/1809 - 7/19/1829), daughter of John and Anne Starling Holloway. She died soon after the marriage, leaving a daughter, JANE HOLLOWAY GALE (4/6/1829 - 8/22/1835). George Gale then married LUCY ANN HOLLOWAY (1/3/1805 - ??), the sister of his first wife, on 1/2/1838 and had children, ANN MARIAH (12/24/1839 - 9/6/1843) and GEORGE GAYLE II (2/17/1841 - ??). George Gale died on 10/4/1842 and Lucy Holloway Gale married George Atkinson (5/17/1793 - ??) on 12/17/1844.
JOHN GAYLE: On 4/17/1809 John and Lucy Gayle sell 10 acres of land to Peter Hansborough, originally purchased from Thomas Thornhill.
JOHN GAYLE (Living 1807) John Gayle left a will in Caroline County, VA in 1807.
JOHN, CHRISTOPHER, & SAMUEL GALE, formerly of Spotsylvania County, VA, were in Scott County, Kentucky in the 1800s.
SAMUEL CHESTER GALE (Living 1781) of Spotsylvania County married Susan A. Dawson and resided in Minneapolis, Minn. In 1781 he witnessed the will of William Nelson and in 1782 witnessed the will of Joseph Allen who died on 9/16/1782.

JOHN GALE (Est. 1787 - 1864) married SARAH TULL (1787, Worcester Co., MD - 8/22/1855) in Woodford County, KY on 12/5/1815. Sarah was the daughter of Handy Tull Sr. (Ca. 1740, Tull's Corner, Somerset Co. MD - 8/1/1796, Clifton, Woodford Co., KY) and his wife, Eleanor "Nelly" Merrill (Abt. 1754, Worcester Co., MD - Abt. 1838, Jefferson Co., IN), daughter of Joshua and Mary Merrill. The other children of Handy and Eleanor Merrill Tull were Joshua (4/25/1778, Worcester Co., MD - 9/29/1865, Kent, Jefferson Co., IN); Elizabeth (Abt. 1779 - 10/28/1845, Montgomery Co., OHIO) who married (1) John Regans in 1804 at Woodford Co., KY and (2) Peter Aughinbaugh in 1833; Charles (Abt. 1780, Worcester Co., MD - Abt. 1838) who married Nancy Patterson in Fayette Co., KY, in 1808; Handy Jr. (Abt. 1783, Worcester Co., MD - 8/30/1869, Neoga, Cumberland Co., IL) who married (1) Mary Polly Mitchell before 1824 and (2) Mary R. Bryan abt. 1825; John T. (10/5/1791, Worcester Co., MD - 10/10/1874, Bethany, Harrison Co., MO) who married Catherine Clark in 1821 in Fayette Co., KY; Anna Merrill (9/10/1793 - 2/6/1860, Jefferson Co., IN) who married William Smith in 1819 in Woodford Co., KY.

TIBERIUS CAVALLO GALE (1818, Vevay, Switzerland County, IN - 4/27/1891, Los Angeles, CA) married Melissa N. Waller Gale (1818, KY - 1898) and had a son, Lorenza Gale, (1858 - 1887)
MARCELLIE (8/21/1819 - 5/5/1859)

John's family lived on Glen's Creek and later moved to Jefferson County, Indiana where they sold their farm to R. R. Darnell in 1833. Sarah Gale, wife of John E. Gale, died at age 67 on 8/22/1855 and buried in the Gale Cemetery in Milton Township, Jefferson County, Indiana. John Gale died on 8/6/1864 at age 77 and was also buried there, as were other family members. [This cemetery has disappeared. According to information on, information came from the 1941 DAR cemetery transcription that placed the Gale Cemetery in Setion 7 Twp., 3N Range 11 E on the Ohio River east of Brooksburg. The graves were supposedly relocated to nearby Armstrong Cemetery.

Gale, John E., d. Aug. 6, 1864, in 77th year
Gale, Sarah, w of John E. Gale, d. Aug. 22, 1855, in 67th yr
Gale, Mary Ellen, dau of John E. & Sarah Gale, d. Aug. 24,1839, age 51 yrs
[Based on her death date of 1839 at age 51 Mary Ellen was born about 1788 so she could not have been the daughter of the above John and Sarah Gale who were born on 1787 and 1788 respectively]
Gale, Marcellie, dau. of J.E. & Sarah Gale, Aug. 21, 1819-May 5, 1859
Gale, Atlanta W., dau. of A.E. & Susan C. Gale, d. Mar. 12, 1859, age 1 yr.
Gale, Elizabeth, w of A.E. Gale, d. Nov. 14, 1847, age 27 yrs
Gale, Melancthon, s of A.E. & Susan C. Gale, d. Jan. 8, 1862, age 10 years
Harrington, Caroline, Feb.2, 1818-Jan. 4, 1900
Harrington, William H. d. July 4, 1866, age 21 yrs
Marshall, Thomas d. Oct. 29, 1876, age 85 yrs.
Marshall, Nancy, consort of Thomas Marshall, d. Aug. 18, 1846, age 63 yrs.
Graves of John E. and Sarah Tull Gale (
JOSEPH GALE (Living 1836 through 1870 - ??) married Elizabeth Coryell Gale on 1/18/1836 in Mason County, KY and had ten children. Joseph appeared on the 1870 census living which his daughter, Alice Gale Blount, and her husband, George Blount. (Sent by Joanna Herz, Campbell, CA, a descendant of Joanna Fox, born in KY to Samuel and Lena Cardwell Fox, from census records)

Thomas Gale (1833 - ??)
Lewis Gale (1837 - ??)
Euphemia Gale (1838 - ??)
Alice Gale (1840 - ??) married George Blount.
Joanna Gale (1841 - ??)
Mary Gale (1842 - ??)
Savilla Gale (1843 - ??)
Hellen Gale (1844 - ??)
William Gale (1846 - ??)
Lucy Gale (1848 - ??)

ROBERT D. GAYLE (1833, TN - 4/23/1865, TN) was born in Tennessee but moved to Goliad, Texas by 1860 and fought in the Civil War. He married SARAH SEELA (1836 - ??), daughter of Isaac and Rebecca White Seela, in 1855. [Some online sources contend that Robert D. Gayle was the son of Robert and Virginia Neal Gayle, but their son Robert (Ca. 1826 - by 1863) married Sarah Rice and appeared on the 1850 Census in Halifax Co., VA as a "saddletree" maker.]

WILLIAM LAFAYETTE (3/4/1857 - 8/23/1943, Texas) married (1) Dolly Simmons, (2) Laura Ellen Mott (7/1866, GA - ??) and (3) Rosa Lee Andrew Brown.
NANCY REBECCA (6/1860, in Van Buren Arkansas - 1902, Van Buren, AK) married on 9/1/1878 to William Roland Lewis (7/6/1850 - ??) Jasper Co., Missouri, on 9/1/1878 and had children, Henry, William, Issac, Sarah, Malisa, Laura, and Myrtle.

KNOWN SLAVES OWNED BY THE FAMILY OF MATTHEW GALE/GAYLE: (King and Queen County, VA Personal Property Tax Lists)
Owner SARAH GAYLE: 1783: Slaves from JOHN GAYLE'S ESTATE.: JACK, JOE, BEN, JAMES, LUCY, PHULLIS, JACK. 1784: 3 UN-NAMED NEGROES over 16, and 3 under 16.
1784: 7 UN-NAMED NEGROES under 16.
VII. ROBERT CROTON GALE (1821 - ??) was born in 1821 to John William and Catherine Ballew Gale. Robert married SUSAN MARY BRADLY (1836 - ?), had children and resided in Franklin County, KY. Robert, a physician, was listed with his family on the 1870 census in the Forks of Elkhorn District in Frankfort. Also listed in the household were Catherine B. Gale, age 71 (Robert's mother) and Ann Fields, age 10, a domestic servant born in Kentucky. Family members were all born in Virginia. The family again appeared on the 1880 census with Robert's wife Susan listed as Lue M. (possibly a misspelling of Sue) born in Kentucky. With them were Orlando, age 17; Lizzie C., 22; William, 20; and Casper L., 15. Also in the household were Bertha Talbott, age 4, and James N. Talbott, age 2

VIII. ALMA (1855 - ??)
VIII. JAMES T. (1857 - ??)
VIII. ELIZABETH C. (1858 - ??) married (Unknown)Coleman
VIII. JOHN WILLIAM (1859 - 1941) married Annie Macklin (1863 - 1928)
VIII. ORLANDO BROWN (1862 - 1952) married Sarah Elizabeth Graves (1866 - 1952), son Joseph L. Gayle (1883 - 1928)
VII. CASPER LELAND (1865 - ??)

VIII. JOHN WILLIAM GALE (1859 - 1941) was born in 1859 to Robert Croton and Susan Bradley Gale. He married ANNIE MACKLIN (1863 - 1928) and had five known children, all born in Kentucky.

IX. GEORGE M. (1888 - 1958)
IX. GENEVIEVE POSEY (1885 - 1963)
IX. MARY C. (1891 - ??)
IX. ROBERT ALEXANDER (1897 - 1954)
IX. FRANCIS GARNETT (1897 - 1974)

VIII. ORLANDO BROWN GALE (1862 - 1952) was born in 1862 to Robert Croton and Susan Gale. He married SARAH ELIZABETH GRAVES and at age 37 appeared on the 1900 census at Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky, with his wife Sarah E., age 35, and children Joseph Lee and Sarah F., both age 3. Also with them was one George A. McLin, age 12.

IX. JOSEPH LEE (1887 - ??)
IX. SARAH F. (1887 - ??)

IV. JOSIAH GALE/GAIL (EST. 1730s - BET. 1791 - 1795) OF CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VIRGINIA, was born about 1730 in Essex County, Virginia, to John and John and Sarah White Gayle. His birth is estimated by his marriage date in 1750 to SALLY CONDUIT in Essex County. They had eight children.
Confederate Section, Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, Mississippi, _Mississippi)
Died at his residence, near Spotsylvania Court House, Va. on 31st day of August 1875, after a short illness Mr. JOSIAH P. GAYLE, in the 83RDyear of his age. Mr. Gayle was formerly a resident of Caroline County, but removed to Spotsylvania more than thirty years ago, where he lived respected by all who knew him until the day of his death. For half a century he was a member of the Baptist Church; and for the greater number of years a member of the Massapponax Church, in whose fellowship he died. So far as known to the writer and from what he can learn of him his entire religious life was altogether such as becometh a profession of Godliness. About two years ago, he was preceded to the spirit land by a loving and devoted wife who had been, for upward of fifty years, the partner of his joys and sorrows. Since that time, so sad to his heart, he awaited in earnest hope his summons from on high and was often to say with Christian calmness, "I am ready and waiting to depart and be with Christ which is far better". He died in the full triumph of faith in the living Redeemer. Mr. Gayle leaves seven children, a large number of grandchildren and many warm friends, to mourn his loss. May all imitate his virtues, profit by his example and find at last sweet rest in heaven. Happy are the dead who die in the Lord. (signed) W. O. Kirk

Rose Mount Farm,
Spotsylvania County (
A property known as
Gale Hill in Albemarle County, Virginia, was home to the Minor family from the 1770s until 1930. It was built in three stages, first by James (1745 - 1791) and Mary Minor, secondly in 1775 by Mary Carr Minor (1756 - 1797) and thirdly in 1857 by William W. Minor (1812 - 1887) and his wife Mary Waters Terrell Minor (1814 - 1894) who built the larger portion of the house. James and Mary Minor left the home to their son Dabney (1774 - 1824) who sold it to his brother, Dr. John Minor (1791 - 1849). Since the Gales and Minors intermarried, it seems likely that the name is derived from Matthew Gayle/Gale's family. The Minors owned slaves and there are photographs of two of their descendants, Kate Coles, who settled in the town of Profit with her husband, and a female house servant named "Mammy Patty." [SEE CHAPTER 7] The house burned on 4/12/1930 and was not rebuilt.

Gale Hill, Albemarle County, VA (
VII. THOMAS BENTON GAYLE (1840 - 1928) was born on 11/7/1840 at Spotsylvania County, VA to Josiah Pitt and Frances "Fanny" Broaddus Gayle and was educated at Fredericksburg Academy. He married (1) VIRGINIA MARTHA SANFORD (6/8/1844 - 5/20/1891), daughter of Joseph and Agnes Crawford Sanford, on 6/8/1866 at Spotsylvania Inn at Spotsylvania Courthouse. After Virginia Sanford Gayle's death Thomas married (2) LILY W. BULLOCK (1857 - 7/13/1928), a school teacher and daughter of Slaughter Bullock, in 1891.

During the Civil War, Thomas served with his brothers Josiah and Mordecai with Col. John Singleton Mosby. Thomas was discharged after contracting typhoid and due to his failing eyesight. Following the war Thomas Benton and Josiah Pitt Gayle, Jr. farmed the original Gayle plantation,
Rosemont/Rose Mount Farm, near Spotsylvania Courthouse on Rte. 208, until the mid-1920s. Thomas Benton and Virginia Martha Gayle lived on a farm across the road from Rosemont where they raised their family. Thomas Benton Gayle died on 11/17/1928 at King George County, VA and was buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Fredericksburg.

VIII. FRANCES (1867 - died at birth)
VIII. JOHN (1868 - 2/20/1870, at age 2, of measles)
VIII. MAURICE ROWE (2/20/1870, at the time his brother John died - 3/23/1953, Angelo, Mo.) married Estelle Blanche Landrum (1874 - 1953)
VIII. THOMAS BENTON, JR. (6/23/1872 - 1/12/1944) married Ellen Jane (Nell) Pratt (1877 - 1965) on 2/22/1899 and had children.
VIII. FRANCES BROADDUS (6/30/1874 - 1962) married John Hopple Corey of Delaware.
VIII. AGNES CRAWFORD GAYLE (9/2/1876 - 11/28/1953) married (1) John Roland Johnston, and (2) Roger Yeaman. Agnes was her father's favorite child and the first woman to ride horseback in Madison Square Garden in New York.

VIII. THOMAS BENTON GAYLE, II (6/23/1872 - 1/12/1944) was born on 6/23/1872 to Thomas Benton and Virginia Sanford Gayle. On 2/22/1899 he married ELLEN JANE (NELL) PRATT (1877 - 1965) and had children. Thomas owned the Gayle farm on Rte. 208 in Spotsylvania Count that is now known as Rosemont Horse Farm. He sold the property when he married Nellie and moved to the Pratt family farm, Aspen Grove in King George County. At their deaths Thomas Benton and Nellie Pratt Gayle were buried at the Pratt family cemetery, as were other members of the family.

IX. THOMAS BENTON III (12/20/1899 - 1965)
IX. ESTHER (?? - ??)
IX. LILLIAN (?? - ??)
IX. RUTH (?? - ??)
IX. AGNES (?? - ??)
IX. ROBERT LEE (3/21/1918 - 3/16/2006) was born at
Aspen Grove, He graduated from Washington and Lee University and became a prominent farmer. He married Frances O'Hair (1919 - 2000) and had two sons, Stephen Lee and John. The family were members of the Presbyterian Church of Fredericksburg. Robert Lee inherited the Glebe and I had the pleasure of visiting with him and his wife, Frances, in 1999. Robert Lee showed me the old cemetery and told the story of a slave on the farm who reported seeing a horse-drawn cart carrying the body of John wWilkes Booth along the road by the house.
Thomas Benton Gayle, Sr. (
Gayle Family Headstone & Grave of Thomas Benton Gayle, Oakhill Cemetery, Fredericksburg, VA
Wilderness Baptist Church
Josiah and Sally Gale were living in Essex County on 8/19/1779 when they sold land to Nicholas Faulconer. They later moved to Chesterfield County, formed in 1749 from Henrico, where Josiah purchased 149 acres from Francis Marshall. He appeared on the 1786 Tax List for Chesterfield County with three blacks over age 16, three blacks under 16, five horses, and ten head of cattle. In the same year his signature appeared on a petition to separate church and state, one to repeal incorporation of the Episcopal Church, another to sell glebes and use the proceeds for public good and another against destroying mill dams along the Appomattox River to make it navigable. [On the latter petition, the name appeared as Joseph Gayle.]

On the 1787 Census for Chesterfield County Josiah appears as a slave owner and was visited on 5/17/1788 with neighbors Charles Carter, Allison Clark, John [Josiah] Flournoy, Miles Gibson [Estate], John Hill, John Lubbelear, Sarah Lubbelear, Drury Roper, and Phillip Turpin. On 3/14/1788 he was a witness to the will of Miles Gibson. Executors were Philip Turpin, Aaron Haskins, Josiah Ashurst, Charles Carter and Thomas Goulding. In 1791 Josiah appeared on the Chesterfield County Land Tax List and on January 29th of that year he witnessed the will of Hannah Gibson, proved 7/8/1793. Guardians were appointed for Hannah's daughters, William Finney for Nancy and Philip Turpin for Hannah. On 8/1/1794 Josiah witnessed the will of Philip Turpin along with William Turpin, Philip Turpin, Aaron Haskins, Isaac Salle, and John Ashurst.

Josiah was a Baptist and records of the Baptist church note that on 3/20/1779, Gayle, and …ah Gayle appear on a list of Baptist church members under the care of Younger Pitt. On 3/22/1780 records mention Katy Gale, Sally and Francis LaFon. On 6/21/1785 William Gayle is mentioned and on 7/20/1785 records mention Peggy Gayle. Betty Gayle (sic) "from Chesterfield" is mentioned on 4/21/1787 and on 12/9/1787 there is mention of a slave, "Gayle's Joe". During the early 1790s Josiah was a licensed Baptist preacher and served as assistant minister of Cumberland Church, also called Old Powhatan Church. The church is located in the eastern section of what became Powhatan County, formed from part of Chesterfield, in the area of Powhatan station on the Richmond and Danville railroad. Along with Josiah, preachers at Powhatan Church included Josiah's brother-in-law, Thomas LaFon.
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