Chapter 12 - Gayle Brothers of Virginia & South Carolina, Josiah Gayle
In the mid-1700s, two Gayle brothers, JOSIAH (1722 - 1794-95) and MATTHEW (ca. 1728 - by 1800), both born in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia., also came to South Carolina with a sister, ANNA (ca. 1715-17 - ??), who was born in Lunenburg County where she continued to live. The brothers and their families were featured in a book titled GAYLE KINSMEN, published in 1968 by John N. Averitt of Western Springs, Illinois. [For additional information on this family see
Josiah Gayle (1722 - 1794-95) & His Descendants
I. Josiah m. (1) Mary (Unknown) & (2) Hannah Gayle
II. From M/1: Christopher (1746-1819) m. (1) 1768 Unity Richbourg, m. (2)1816 Winnie C. Vaughn
III Unity (1768 - 1810) m. Narcissus Graham
III. Christopher Jr. (1774-1819) m. Mary Ann Stevens
IV. John I. Y. (ca. 1800 - ??)
IV. William Christopher (1802 - 1857) m. (1) Mary Thomas, (2) Anjella Cain
V. Julius (1842 - ??) - From M/1
VI. From M/1: Mable (?? - ??)
VI. From M/2: William (?? - ??)
VI. Laura (?? - ??)
VI. Clarence (?? - ??)
VI. Ollie M. (?? - ??)
VI. Lizzie (?? - ??)
VI. Minnie (?? - ??)
VI. Emmet Camden (?? - ??)
VI. Rossie Celeste (?? - ??)
VI. Walter Hughes (?? - ??)
V. James Camden (1845 - 1913) m. (1) Mamie Fulgham, (2) Eliza Celeste Ellisor
V. Wallace Christopher (1855- 1915) m. Mary Louisa Driskell
V. Sara Anjelia (1850 - 1898)
V. Wilbur Chester (1853 -1887)
V. Charles Pinckney (1856 -1931) m. Lueuella Love Sanders.
V. From M/2: Frances E. (?? - ??)
V. Mary S. (?? - ??)
V. Clara Bagley (?? - ??)
V. John Young (?? - before 1840)
V. Elizabeth Emilie (?? - ??)
IV. Mary Ann Stevens (1805-1884)
IV. Edward (?? - d. young)
IV. Caroline E. (?? - ??) m. Robert Rivers
IV. Unity Eveline (??-??)
III. John (?? - ??) m. Mary Ragin
IV. Robert F. (Ca. 1800s - 1841) unmarried
IV. Margaret S. (?? - ??) m. Josiah Felder
IV. William Richard (1809 - ??)
IV. John Hamlin (1818 - 1901)
IV. Christopher D. (1805 - 1850) m. Margaret Eleanor Flagler
V. Thomas Jefferson (1840 -1893 - ??) m. 1859 Henrietta Caroline E. Barclay
V. R. Preston (1861 - ??)
V. Emma E. Craig (1830 - ??)
V. Susan F. China (?? - ??) m. & widowed by 1859.
III. Elizabeth (1792 - ?) m. (1) Patrick Pieck m. (2) Adam Pieck
III William Hull (1816 -1904) m. Virginia Elam
IV. Susan Caroline (Before 1841 - ??)
IV.Winifred Rebecca (1841 - 1903) married William Monget
IV. Mary Frances (1843 - ??)
IV. James Elam (1847 - 1850)
IV. Virginia Elam (1852 - ??)
IV. Walter Essex (1854 - ??)
IV. Charlie Crenshaw (1856 - ??)
IV. James Christopher (1858 - 1926) married Rosa Lee Cook
V. Rosa Virginia (1892 - ??) married a Mr. Avery.
V. James Christopher II (1893 - 1926) m. Rosa Gayle Avery
V. Ruby Lee (1897 - ??)
V. William Morgan (1902 - ??)
V. Edna May (1895 - ??)
IV. William Hull Jr. (?? - ??)
IV. David Porter (?? - ??)
IV. Robert Brown (1860 - Abt. 1916) married Mary Elizabeth Petrus.
V. John Lloyd Gayle (?? - ??)
III. David Porter (?? - ??)
III. Christopher Wade (??-??) m. Clemance I. Selvetat/Salvetate
IV. Charles L. (1864 - 1935) m. Virginia Elam Monget
V. Winnifred Rebecca (?? - ??)
V. Charles Lee Jr. (?? - ??)
V. John Tyler (?? - ??)
V. Carrie Byrdie (?? - ??)
V. Edna Lucille (?? - ??)
V. Joe Walter (?? - ??)
V. Thomas Sharp (?? - ??) lived in Prairieville, Louisiana
VI. James L. (?? - ??)
V. Byrne Monget (?? - ??)
III. Possibly Winnie Vaughn Gayle
II. Josiah Jr. (1749-1780) m. Rebecca Cantey
III Sarah (??-??) m. Mr. Rembert
III. Richard (?? - ??)
III. Josiah (1775-1828) m. Mary Richbourg
IV. Joseph (?? - ??)
IV. Sarah (?? - ??) m. I. R. Caulfield in 1824
IV. James Richbourg (1812 - 1873) married Sarah Elizabeth Anderson
V. John B. Anderson (1839 - 1879) m. Mary C. Brown
VI. James R. (1863 - ??)
VI. Henry (?? - ??)
VI. Mary Elizabeth (1868 - ??)
V. Sarah Elizabeth (?? - ??)
V. Mary Richbourg (?? - ??)
V. Augustus Isaac Caulfield (?? - ??)
V. Laura Amasintha (?? - ??)
V. William Joseph (?? - ??)
V. Fred McKee (?? - ??)
V. Ella Virginia (?? - ??)
V. James Franklin (1844 - 1924) m. 1874 Cecelia Caroline Tessier
VI. Edwin Franklin (1875 - ??)
VI. Charles Tessier (1877 - ??)
VI. Arthur Leo (1882 - ??)
VI. William Joseph (1886 -??) m. Bernice Foley
VI. Mary Amelia (1888 - ??)
IV. Emily Susan (Early 1800s - ??) m. (1) Abraham Riddle, (2) John Joakens Bulow Johnson
II. Dorothy (1750-1822) m. William Birchmore
II. Caleb (Ca. 1751 - Ca. 1800) m. Unknown
III. Caleb Jr. (1776 - 1822) m. Amelia Lisenby
IV. John S. (1798 - 1873) m. 1818 Martha Cleveland
V. Amelia (Aft. 1818 - ??) m. John Singleton.
V. Louisa J. (Aft. 1818 - ??)
V. Philona (Aft. 1818 - ??)
V. Sarah H. (Aft. 1818 - ??)
V. Caleb Oliver (Aft. 1825 - 1882) m. Jeanette White
VI. John (?? - ??)
VI. Charles Dewitt (?? - ??) m. Maude Louise Keyes
VII. James Dewitt (?? - ??)
V. Mary M. (1830 - ??)
V. John W. (1836 - 1884)
IV. Matthew A. (1801- 1862) m. 1822 (1) Elizabeth Bell, (2) Harriet Irving
V. Isabella (1823 - 1825)
V. Isabella Jane (1825 - 1908) m. 1843 Amos Berry Thompson
V. William D. (1833 - 1837)
V. Samuel S. (1835 - 1838)
V. Mary E. (1836 - 1837)
IV. Rebecca (1805 - 1850) m. (1) Henry Tucker; (2) Aaron Gayle
IV. Martha M. (1806 - ??) m. Zachariah Scott.
IV. Alfred C. (1808 - ??)
IV. Mary H. (1810 - ??) m. Terry B. Brown
II. Elizabeth (Ca. 1753-1823) m. James Ramsey
II. Ransom (Ca. 1755 - 1813) m. Tabitha Moore
III. Miles (1792 - 1852) m. Joyce Dozier
IV: Ransom Richard (1822-1840) Unmarried.
IV: John Ramsey (1824 - 1866) m. Louisa Adelaine McTyre
V. Miles (1852 - ??)
V. Frances (1855 - ??)
V. Lineard (1856 - ??)
V. Louisa (1858 - ??)
V. Laura (??-??)
V. John Ransom (??-??)
IV: Mary Tabitha (1826 - 1852) m. Rev. James Monroe Wells
IV: Leonard Marks (1828 - ??)
IV: Lucretia Amelia (1830 - ??) m. John E. Mason
IV. Frances Ann (1835-1851)
IV: Billups Dozier (1833 - 1911) m. (1) Josephine C. McMath, (2) Irene Gibson
V. From M/1: Ann Alabama (1857-??)
V. Viola D. (1859 - ??)
V. Edwin Rivers (1863 - 1864)
V. Oscar Olin (1864-??)
V. From M/2: Mary Jessie (1867 -1911)
V. Eva Cotton (1869-??)
V. Leonard William (1871-1900)
V. Emmett (1874-??)
V. Albert & Arthur (twins) - (1875-??)
V. Irene G. (1877-??)
V. Emma Lena (1880-??)
V. Charles Miles Howard (1882-??)
V. Walter Dickinson (1884-??)
IV. James Matthew (1838-1890) m. 1860 Antoinette McMath
V. Willie Miles (1861 - 1877)
V. Walter (1862 - 1864)
V. Edward Olin (1866 - ??)
V. Ernest Leonard (1871 - ??)
V. Leila Ada (1872 - ??)
V. Mary Dozier (1875 - ??)
V. Rivers W. (1877 -1878)
V. Dewitt Lloyd (1879 - ??)
V. Clyde W. & Eva (twins) - (1883 - ??)
V. Lunette (1885 - ??)
II. Anne (1757-??) m. Martin Berwick
II. Ambrose (1759-before 1794) m. Levinah Tyness
III John (?? - ??) m. Elizabeth Ann Ramsey
III. Sarah (??-??) m. Mr. Brunson
II. John (1760-1814) m. Martha Wescott, Florida
III John, Jr. (?? - ??)
III. Caleb (Abt. 1786 - Abt. 1840) m. Rebecca V. Lyles
III. Ambrose (?? - ??)
III. Lucy (??-??)
III. Sarah (?? - ??)
III. Josiah (??-??)
III. Aaron (??-??)
III. William (??-??)
II. From M/2: Mary (1762 - ca. 1782) m. John Harvin

I. JOSIAH GAYLE, SR. (1722 - 1794) was born in April of 1722 in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia, to unknown parents. He had a brother MATTHEW (ca. 1728 - Abt. 1787) who married Lucretia Billups, and a sister, ANNE (ca. 1717 - ??) There may have been other children. According to the Kingston Parish Register, Josiah married 1) MARY (UNKNOWN) between 1740-45 and had children whose births were recorded in the Kingston Parish Register. Mary Gale died in 1761 and Josiah married 2) HANNAH (UNKNOWN) and had one daughter, Mary Gale. This second marriage was also recorded in the Kingston Parish Register.

On 5/3/1754 the will of Gawton Hunt of Northampton County, proved on 5/14/1754, mentioned Josiah and Mary Gayle. Hunt bequeathed his plantation of 345 acres to his wife Anne and named a kinsman, John Kendall. He also gave several Negroes to his wife, John Kendall and Sarah Satchel. He left 30 pounds to kinsmen Thomas Hunt and Azel Benthall. Executors were Hunt's wife and kinsman John Kendall. Witnesses were Anne Tompkins, Josiah Gayle, Mary Gayle, and Mary (X) Ash. The Probate Court ordered that Mary Hunt and Elishe Hunt, coheirs at law, be summoned to next court to contest the will if they saw fit. [While there may have been more than one Ann Tompkins living in Virginia during this time, the mention of the name might indicate a connection to the family of the immigrant, Matthew Gayle, and also to the Gayle brothers of Kingston parish. Ann Tompkins (Living 1750s) was the wife of William Tompkins. Their daughter, Jane, married Joseph Digges, Jr., son of Joseph Sr. and Anne Atwood Digges. Their property was part of the original Digges grant that bordered Matthew Gayle's land at the head of the beaver dams and was adjacent to tracts owned by Robert , Joshua and Matthew/Matthias Gayle.

By 1762 Mary Gayle had died and Josiah had married Hannah. In 1763 they moved to Lunenburg County where Josiah, Joseph, Billups, and Christopher Gayle appear in parish records. In 1763 Josiah purchased 240 acres of land on the lower side of Dry Creek, bounded by John Roe and Nicholas Christopher, from James Cole and his wife. Witnesses were Christopher Billups, Matthew Gayle and Chris. Robinson. The deed was recorded on 8/11/1763. (Lunenburg County, DB 9/199) On 9/30/1763 processioner's returns of Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg County, by Joseph Minor, Jacobus Christopher and John Knight list property owned by Josiah Gale, Richard Crews, Waltho Owens, William Owens, James Hamlett, Charles Stokes, David Owens and Benjamin Collier. The same year both Josiah and Matthew Gayle appear on a processioners list in the presence of Major Billups and on 6/10/1764 Josiah appears on the title list for Cumberland Parish with five tithes and 240 acres of land. Matthew appears with four tithes. In August of 1764 Josiah was sued by Alexander Spiers, John Bowman, and Company for debt but the case was later dismissed. On 4/14/1766 Josiah sold his 240 acres in Lunenburg to William Hunley by deed recorded on 6/12/1766. Witnesses were Andrew Johnston, Jr, Edward Wade, and Allen Stokes. (Lunenburg, DB8/271)
By 1769 Josiah had left Virginia and settled in the Camden District of South Carolina. According to a survey certified on 11/22/1769 and signed by Isham Moore, D. S., Josiah purchased a 200 acre tract in Craven County on the High Hills of Santee in St. Mark's Parish bounded by Thomas Jones, the Sanders property, Joseph Harshaw, and land granted to John Rees. Josiah farmed the property and in 1771 was granted an additional 388 acres. Since they lived a considerable distance from the church at St. Mark's Josiah, his sons Christopher and Caleb, and a number of other residents petitioned the Legislature on 7/1/1770 for aid in establishing a "Chapel of Ease." Their request was granted and a chapel, known today as Church of the Holy Cross in Stateburg, South Carolina, was established.
At the time of the Revolutionary War Josiah signed the "Association for Protection," the equivalent to South Carolina's Declaration of Independence. Too old to serve as a soldier, he served in the supplies department of the Continental Army while his three oldest sons fought against the British. Josiah was still living in Craven County in 1778 and on February 28th of that year was a witness on a deed between Philip Pettypool of St. Marks Parish who sold 93 acres in Craven County to John Gabriel Guignard. Josiah died on 12/19/1794 at Clarendon County. His will, dated 12/17/1794 in Claremont County and proved 1/5/1795 in Sumter County, South Carolina, bequeathed one-seventh of his estate to John and Sarah, children of his deceased son, Ambrose. He divided the remaining six-sevenths equally among Christopher, Caleb, Ransom, Dorothy, Elizabeth, and Ann Gayle. John Gayle was not mentioned. Josiah appointed as executors his son Christopher and his friend, Huberd Rees. The latter, in his will dated 1802, left property to his sister, Mary Rees Gayle, wife of Major Matthew Gayle, and mother of Governor John Gayle of Alabama.

SLAVES NAMED IN JOSIAH'S WILL were FEBY [and her future children] who was bequeathed to Josiah's grandson, WILLIAM GALE, son of his daughter ANN BERWICK who received one Negro girl named LYDIA. At Ann Berwick's death Lydia and all her children then living were to be equally divided among the other heirs.

II. CHRISTOPHER (1746-47, Kingston Parish - 12/19/1819, Louisiana) married in 1768 to (1) Unity Richbourg (Abt. 1747, SC - 4/15/1815, LA) and (2) Winnie C. Vaughn (1792 - 1851).
II. JOSIAH JR (1749, VA - 8/1780, SC) married 1771 to Rebecca Cantey and had three children. It was suggested that this was a second marriage.
II. DOROTHY (ca. 1750, VA - Bef. 1822) married (1) William Birchmore and (2) George Brown in July of 1772 in Gloucester County, VA. George and Dorothy Gayle Brown had a son, JOSHUA GAYLE BROWN, who married Elizabeth Foster (10/4/1782 - ??), daughter of Peter Garnett Foster and granddaughter of Richard Foster. A note dated 1822 in Dorothy's estate papers state that "there are 4 children alive," William Jr., Caleb, Susannah, and Dorcas. These connections seem to indicate a connection to the "Four Brothers," Robert, Thomas, Mathias and George Gayle of Kingston Parsih.
II. CALEB (ca. 1751 - Bet. 1800-1818, SC) married 1778 to (Unknown). Caleb was a farmer and a member of the Episcopal Church.
II. ELIZABETH (ca. 1753, VA - 12/25/1823, SC) married (1) James Ramsey. Her estate papers name her children as John, Willis, Mary, Elizabeth, Matthew.
II. RANSOM (ca. 1755, VA - by 1813) married Tabitha Moore (1774 - ??) in 1790. An inventory of his estate was filed 3/11/1813.
II. ANN (3/10/1757 - ca. 1840s) was christened 5/15/1757 in Kingston Parish. She married Martin Berwick and had a son, William Gayle Berwick.
II. AMBROSE (1/10/1759, VA - Bef. 1794) was christened on 2/18/1759. He married Levinah Tyness, daughter of William Tyness. Their two children were mentioned in Josiah's will.
II. JOHN (12/10/1760 - 3/2/1814) was christened 2/1/1761 and married ca. 1785 to Martha Wescott (Abt. 1770, Lynch's Creek, SC - 4/27/1822).

II. MARY (8/26/1762 in Kingston Parish, Gloucester Co., Va. - ca. 1782) married ca. 1778 in South Carolina to John Harvin (ca. 1750 - 1806, Edgefield, SC). Following Mary's death, John Harvin married (2) Rebecca Cantey Gayle, the widow of Josiah Gale, Jr., in 1785. The will of John Harvin (4/4/1805, Edgefield, SC) noted his wife Rebekah, children Elizabeth Whitehead, James Harvin, Rebekah Harvin and William Harvin. Executors were wife Rebekah, John Gayle, Joseph Gayle (Est. 1761 - 1828, Miss.) and William Whitehead. Witnesses were George Turner, James Hollingsworth, and Sally Turner.
(WB 2, PG. 1, 12/17/1794)
In the name of God, Amen, I, Josiah Gayle of Clarendon County in the State aforesaid, being in a low state or health, but of sound mind and memory, but recollecting the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this to be my last Will and Testament I recommend MY soul to Almighty God that gave it, and my body to be buried in a Christian-like, decent manner at the discretion of my Executors; and with respect to what worldly, goods it hath pleased God to bless me with after the payment of all my just debts, I give and dispose of it in the manner and form following:

Imprimis: I give and bequeath unto my son-in-law, John Harvin, and to my daughter-1n-law, Rebecca Harvin… five shillings sterl1ng each, to be paid to them by my Executors out of my estate within twelve months after my death.

Secondly. I give unto my three grandchildren, my son Josiah's children, Sarah Rembert, and Richard and Josiah Gayle five shillings sterling each, and to my grandson, John Harvin son of my daughter Mary, five shillings sterling to be paid as above .

Thirdly. I give and bequeath to my grandson, William Gayle, son of my daughter Ann, one Negro girl named Feby, with all future issue to him and his heirs and assigns forever.

Fourthly. I give unto my daughter-in-law, Levinah Gayle, five shillings sterling to be paid as above. I also give to Levinah's son Samuel, five shillings sterling to be paid in the same manner.

Fifthly. I lend unto my daughter, Ann Berwick, one negro g1rl named Lydia during the natural life of my said daughter, And at her death the said negro girl Lydia is to be returned to MY estate with all her issue and equally divided among my heirs in the same manner as the remainder of my estate is divided below. I give unto her, my said daughter, two feather beds and furniture.

Sixthly. I give and bequeath unto my two grandchildren, John and Sarah Gayle..son and daughter of my son Ambrose, one-seventh part or my estate… after taking out what is disposed of above, which seventh part or my said estate is to be divided equally between my two said grandchildren, John and Mary (sic), and in case one of them should die before he or she comes of age or marries, the part of the deceased is to go to the surviving one, but in case they both die before they come of age and leave no lawful heirs then their parts is to return to my estate and to be divided amongst my heirs equal1y.

Seventhly and lastly. I Lend all and singular the remainder of my estate not disposed of above, equally between my six children; Namely, Christopher, Caleb And Ransom, Dorothy, Elizabeth, and Ann during their natural lives to be equally divided amongst them.. and at their death I give and bequeath all the said property of my said estate unto the children of those children of mine, which will be my grandchildren, that is to say, at the death of my son Christopher, I give the share of my estate which I lent to him, unto his children, their heirs and assigns forever, and so, in like manner, I do to all the others.

And I do hereby nominate and appoint my son Christopher Gayle and my friend Huberd Rees my true and lawful Executors, to this my Last Will and Testament, made this 17th day of December, 1794.
Signed: Josiah (His mark) Gayle

Signed, sealed and in presence of:
Peter Williams, Mary Williams, Richard Hampton

Claremont County, Clerk's Office
I do certify the above to be a true copy of the Last Will and Testament of Josiah Gayle, proved in open court on the 5th day of January, 1795.
(Signed) John Horan, Clerk Court

II. CHRISTOPHER GAYLE, SR. (1747 - 1819) was born on 11/2/1747-48 in Kingston Parish to Josiah and Mary Gayle. His birth, along with the births of his siblings, was recorded in the Kingston Parish Register. Around 1768 Christopher married UNITY RICHEBOURG, daughter of Reverend Claude Philippe de Richebourg and Unity Ridwell Richbourg, French Huguenots from Manakin Town in Virginia who moved in 1711 to the Santee River in South Carolina. Christopher settled there in the early 1770s and became a vestryman of St. Mark's Parish, Episcopal Church. Christopher was a witness, along with James Boggs, at the marriage of Nathaniel Richbourg of Santee and Hester Cantey, daughter of Josiah Cantey, deceased, of St. Mark's Parish, on 10/20/1775

During the Revolution Christopher enlisted on 5/21/1776, serving as a sergeant in the 6th South Carolina Regiment of Infantry, Continental Establishment, commanded by William Henderson. He received a warrant for 51 days military service issued on 9/22/1784. At the conclusion of the war he disappeared from South Carolina and appears in both the 1782 and 1790 censuses for Gloucester County in Kingston Parish with eight whites and five blacks in his household. [In 1783 a Christopher Gayle appeared with seven tithes in Lunenburg, County]. At some point he returned to South Carolina, probably following the death of his father in 1794.

In 1811 records of West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana indicate that Christopher Sr. secured a tract of land near the Mississippi River where he was living in April of 1815 when his wife Unity died. The Reverend William Winans, who rode circuit out of Amite County, Mississippi, made the following entry in his diary on 4/12/1815. About 3 P.M. was sent for to visit Sister Gale who was very sick. Met Bro. James on the way who returned with me 3 miles. Dr. Johnson told me he had very little hope of sister Gale's recovery. I conversed with her regarding her future prospects. She appeared humbly confident through Jesus Christ, but appeared plaintively to wish brighter manifestation of Divine favor. Lodged at Sister Peck's house. She was with her mother, Sister Gale. Winans again visited on 4/13-14/1815 noting in his diary that she was somewhat recovered. The next visit was not until April 25th when he mentioned that he "returned to Bro. Gale's." Since there was no reference to Sister Gale on this visit, it is presumed she died between April 14th and 25th. She was buried on the plantation. Christopher was later buried beside her, as directed in his will. Following Unity's death Christopher married Winnie C. Barrom/Vaughn (1792 - 1851), a woman 45 years his junior. Their marriage bond was dated 1/26/1816. They had three sons.

Christopher's eldest son, Christopher, Jr., died and on 5/24/1819 Christopher Gayle, Sr. filed a petition requesting to be appointed "tutor" for his son's three youngest children, Edward, Caroline and Unity Eveline, who were then under age. Christopher, Sr. was appointed jointly with William Williams as custodian of the three oldest children, Mary, John I.Y., and William C. Gayle. Christopher Gayle, Sr. died on 12/19/1819 on his plantation in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. His original will, preserved in a bundle of papers in his estate file at the old courthouse in St. Francisville, was dated 12/17/1819 and recorded in West Feliciana Parish.

The will stated that he was of the Parish of Feliciana and that he was sick and weak in body and of sound mind and memory. He directed that he be buried by the side of my first wife in the large field on the plantation whereon I now reside. He named his four children by his first wife, Christopher Gayle, Unity Graham, John Gayle and Eliza Peck and his two children, William Gayle and David P. Gayle, by my present wife, Winny C. Gayle, and her unborn. Christopher also noted that his grandson, Charley G. Graham, should remain with my property and be supported therefrom with good clothes and anything else he may stand in need of until a division thereof takes place or until he reckons to go to his father and mother, and I do further give to the said Charley G. Graham the bay mare that he now makes use of and a bridle and saddle, to be paid for from my said estate, and a feather bed that may be allotted for his mother, and furniture to be given to the said Charley G. Graham. (Louisiana, WB15) Christopher appointed his son John, Thomas W. Scott, and Samuel McCaleb as executors. Witnesses were Joseph James, Elizabeth Harrison, Rowina Cooney, and Silas Cook.

III. UNITY (4/1/1770 - 1810); married 1790 to Narcissus Graham. Their children were John Christopher (1792 - ??), Daniel (1794 - ??), James Edward (1796 - ??), and Charles Gayle Graham (1798 - ??).
III. CHRISTOPHER, JR. (1774, SC - 5/1819, East Baton Rouge, LA) married Mary Ann Stevens in Northampton County, VA.
III. JOHN (?? - ??) married Mary Ragin after 1803 and resided in Sumter Dist., SC where he had five children.
III. ELIZABETH (3/12/1792, SC - 7/23/1874, Russell Springs, Russell County, KY) married (1) Patrick Pieck/Peck, had three children and lived in Louisiana. He died in 1815 while serving with Andrew Jackson at New Orleans. Elizabeth married (2) Adam Pieck, brother of Patrick, of Jefferson Co., Tenn. on 7/30/1816. They had children and moved to Dahlonega, Lumpkin County, Georgia. Elizabeth was buried in Old Johnson Cemetery, Eli, Kentucky.

III. WILLIAM HULL: (12/10/1816 - 6/11/1904) married Virginia Harney Elam (1823 - 1885), daughter of Judge Elam, and had children.
III. DAVID PORTER (8/14/1818 - 1/5/1835). [A later David Porter Gale was born on 5/15/1849 and may have been a nephew or cousin.]
III. CHRISTOPHER WADE (1820 - 1884) was born after his father's death in Feliciana Parish. His mother then moved to Baton Rouge and remarried.

III. CHRISTOPHER GAYLE, JR. (1770/74 - 1819) was born sometime between 1770 and 1774 to Christopher and Unity Richbourg Gayle. According to a marriage bond dated 12/20/1798 Christopher married MARY ANN STEVENS in a ceremony performed by Baptist preacher John Elliott at Eastville, Northampton County, VA. David Topping provided security. Also in Northampton County, a marriage bond dated 5/22/1802 set forth terms by which Christopher Gayle bound himself to James Monroe, Esq., Governor of Virginia, in the amount of $150.00 stating that no legal impediment existed to obstruct his marriage to ANN STEVENS. In this instance, security was given by one John Waddy. [Northampton County marriage records also list a marriage between Christopher Gale and Margaret Abbot on 12/3/1808 and Joshua Garrison provided security. His identity is unknown.]

On 1/8/1798 Christopher appears as appraiser of the estate of Mary Saunders, Richard Nottingham administrator. In 1799 he is charged for a copy of John Elliott's will and a copy of Elliott's deed of trust to John Litchfield. In 1805 Christopher Jr. was living in Abingdon, Virginia, where his daughter Mary Ann was born. He must have traveled back to Northampton County since on 2/12/1810 he mortgaged some of his personal property to John T. Elliott. (Northampton County, DB25/335) He was still in Northampton County when he was listed as a private serving under Lt. Col. Major S. Pitts from 4/29/1814 to 6/28/1814. Sometime between 1814 and 1817 Christopher and Mary Ann settled near Christopher's parents, a few miles south of St. Francisville on the Mississippi River in Louisiana. Their plantation of 330 acres in East Baton Rouge parish was located on Ward's Creek bounded by the land of Noel Hill on the east, William Garig on the west and Mr. Buhler on the south.

Christopher's marriage to Mary Ann did not survive and Court documents include an agreement recorded on 11/27/1816 signed by "Mary C. Gayle and C. Gayle" and witnessed by A. Thame and William Young. Mary promised to return to the home of her husband and "continue to reside and behave herself as a good and dutiful wife ought to do" and Christopher "promises and obliges to conduct himself toward the said Mary as a kind and affectionate husband ought to do…" (Louisiana, East Baton Rouge, Case No. 310, Judge's Book D/415, 11/21/1816) This agreement, however, was followed by a divorce decree dated 9/27/1817 stating that all property was to be divided after debts were paid from the joint estate. It was signed by Thomas Butler, Judge of the Third District, and recorded on 9/27/1817 by Charles Tessier, P. J. Samuel Fulton and P.N. Cleaveland, who were appointed to appraise the joint estate in order to divide it. On 2/5/1818 Christopher and Mary Ann requested that no division be made and that the joint property was to be liable for all legal debts. One creditor filed a claim for ginning 5380 pounds of cotton for "Captain" Gayle. Mary Ann Gayle died sometime between 1818 and 1819 and Christopher died in May of 1819 in East Baton Rouge. His will named the following slaves: JACK "an old Negro about 70", estimated with SABINA his wife at $800.00. SARAH, an old wench, appraised at $400.00; MARCUS, WILL, LEWIS, and SANDERS, four Negro boys at $700.00 each; SCIPIO and MINGO, two boys at $600.00 each; LYDIA, LIZETTE, MELINDA, and SALLY, four wenches at $700.00, $650.00, $650.00, and $500.00 respectively; CHARLOTTE, a child six years old, daughter of LIDY, $300.00; DOLLY and her THREE CHILDREN (UN-NAMED) at $1400.00.

In 1819 when Christopher Gayle, Sr. filed a petition requesting to be appointed tutor for his son's three youngest children, Edward, Caroline, and Unity Eveline, the judge assembled five friends of the family who stated that there were no other relatives of Christopher Gayle, Jr. and subsequently Christopher Sr. was appointed jointly with William Williams as custodian of Mary, John I.Y., and William C. Gayle. Bonds offered by Christopher Gayle Sr. and William Williams were approved and recorded. On 1/26/1820 the family recommended that William Thomas succeed Christopher Gayle, Sr. and join William Williams as custodian of the children. General Philimon Thomas, Esq. (1764 - 1847), the children's uncle, was a sheriff of East Baton Rouge Parish and two of his four daughters married Gayles. Mary Thomas became the wife of William C. Gayle, Mary Gayle Stuart's elder brother, and Frances Thomas married Thomas Gayle. The custodians proposed that slaves be sold in order to finance the children's up-bringing and education and noted "…sale of the land leaves slaves unemployed and a heavy charge on the estate on account of disease and the risk of loosing them by accident or otherwise and also on account of the deterioration to which they are liable." (East Baton Rouge Parish; Bond of Wm. Williams, Book G, No. 531, folio 534)

IV. EDWARD (?? - died young)
IV. CAROLINE E. (?? - ??) married Robert Rivers. Their son Robert operated the St. Charles Hotel in New Orleans and later moved to New York.
IV. JOHN I. Y. (ca. 1800, SC - ??)
IV. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER (1802, SC - 3/1857) married (1) Mary Thomas, daughter of Gen. Philemon Thomas (?? - 1837, Fort Hudson, La.) and (2) Julia Anjella Cain (1820 per 1850 census, LaFourche Parish, LA. - 7/5/1878). Buried at Old Zion Cemetery, Iola, Texas.
IV. MARY ANN STEVENS (1805 in Abingdon, VA. - 1884, Mississippi) lost both her parents within a year when she was about 13. Her grandfather, who was guardian to Mary Ann and siblings died within a year and her grandmother had died previously. Following the deaths of her parents and her grandfather Mary Ann Gayle purchased, with her curator's consent, SARAH, an "old wench" for $300.00, and LIZETTE, a "Negro wench" for $1240.00. William Williams, Samuel Fulton and John Gayle served successive terms as Mary Ann Gayle's curators. Sometime between 1825 and 1827 Mary married JAMES DUNCAN STUART (7/21/1799, Natchez, Miss. - 7/1/1852, La.) and in February of 1827, with the authorization of her husband, Mary released John Gayle from all further responsibility as guardian. James and Mary lived for awhile in Alexandria, but later settled in Baton Rouge. James Stuart is shown in Allen County, SC, in 1824 with the following slaves: BECKY, no value assigned, probably an aged family servant; DILLY and 3 CHILDREN, value not given; HENRY, value not given; JACOB, valued at $750.00; JUDY and 2 CHILDREN, SARAH and STIRLING, valued at $1175.00 and $625.00, respectively; LIZY, valued at $40.00; RACHEL, value not given; WARREN, value not given.

The eldest of James and Mary Ann's four sons died in 1858 and two others died during the Civil War. James died at age 53 and Mary died on 1/10/1884 in Waynesboro, Mississippi in the home of her daughter and son-in-law, Frances Eveline Stuart and Rev. John Wesley Harmon. Her obituary was published in the
Baton Rouge Capitolian Advocate on 1/16/1884. Mrs. Mary Gayle Stuart, a former resident of Baton Rouge, died recently in Mississippi and her remains were brought here and interred in the family grounds in Magnolia Cemetery. Mrs. Stuart was the mother of the late Captain James Duncan Stuart, a gallant soldier who was killed in this parish in 1864, in a charge on the Federals who were making a raid throughout the country.


III. JOHN GAYLE (?? - ??) was born to Christopher and Unity Richbourg Gayle. He married MARY RAGIN after 1803, had five children, and resided in Sumter District, South Carolina.

IV. CHRISTOPHER D. (9/7/1805 - 1850) married Margaret Eleanor Flagler (12/5/1810 - 9/11/1859, Sumter, SC).
IV. ROBERT F. (Ca. 1800s - 5/19/1841) unmarried
IV. MARGARET S. (?? - ??) married Josiah Felder
IV. JOHN HAMLIN (1818 - 1901)

IV. CHRISTOPHER D. GAYLE (1805 - 1849) was born on 9/7/1805 to John and Mary Ragin Gayle. Christopher married MARGARET ELEANOR FLAGLER (12/5/1810 - 9/11/1859) in Sumter County, South Carolina. They had four known children before Christopher's death on 4/26/1849 in Sumter.

V. THOMAS JEFFERSON (4/3/1840 - 4/3/1893, South Carolina - ??) married 12/21/1859 to Henrietta Caroline E. Barclay
V. R. PRESTON (1861 - ??)
V. EMMA E. CRAIG (1830 - ??)
V. SUSAN F. CHINA (?? - ??) married but was widowed by 1859.

V. THOMAS JEFFERSON GAYLE (1840 - 1893) was born on 4/3/1840 in South Carolina to Christopher D. and Margaret Eleanor Flagler/Lee Gayle. On 12/21/1859 Thomas Jefferson Gayle married HENRIETTA CAROLINE E. BARCLAY (1/15/1843 - ??), daughter of John L. and Mary Eleanor Brown Barclay, both of Sumterville. Thomas served as a Confederate soldier with Co. K, 23rd South Carolina Volunteers. He was captured at Sutherlands Station on 4/2/1865 and held at Point Lookout, Maryland, where he was released after the war on 6/27/1865. He returned to Cheraw, South Carolina, where he died on 4/3/1893.
William Hull Gayle & Virginia Harney Elam
III. CHRISTOPHER WADE GAYLE (1820 - 1884) was born on 5/7/1820 after the death of his father, Christopher Gayle. His mother was Winifred "Winnie" C. Vaughn Gayle. She re-married and moved to Baton Rouge where she raised the children. Christopher Wade Gayle married CLEMANCE I. SELVETAT and had a son, Charles L. Gayle. He died in 1884.

IV. CHARLES L. GAYLE (2/11/1864 - 6/22/1935) married in 1892 to Virginia Elam Monget, (4/3/1871, Baton Rouge, La. - ??), daughter of William and Winnifred Rebecca Gayle Monget.

IV. CHARLES L. GAYLE (1864 - 1935) was born on 2/11/1864 to Christopher Wade and Clemance I. Selvetat/Salvetate Gayle. In 1892 Charles married his cousin, VIRGINIA ELAM MONGET (4/3/1871, Baton Rouge, LA - ??) daughter of William Monget and his wife Winnifred Rebecca Monget (1841 - 1903), daughter of William Hull and Virginia Harney Elam Gayle. Charles L. "Charlie" Gayle lived in Centerville, now known as Springfield, Louisiana. He died on 6/22/1935.

V. CHARLES LEE, JR. (?? - ??)
V. JOHN TYLER (?? - ??)
V. CARRIE BYRDIE (?? - ??)
V. EDNA LUCILLE (?? - ??)
V. JOE WALTER (?? - ??)
V. THOMAS SHARP (?? - ??) lived in Prairieville, Louisiana, and had a son James L. Gayle.
V. BYRNE MONGET (?? - ??)

IV. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER GAYLE (1802 - 1857) was born ca. 1802 in South Carolina to Christopher and Mary Ann Stevens Gayle. He married (1) MARY THOMAS, daughter of General Philemon Thomas, and had children. Mary Thomas Gayle died in 1837 at Fort Hudson, Louisiana and on 12/21/1841 William married (2) JULIA ANJELLA CAIN/KANE (1821, Tennessee - 7/5/1878, Grimes County, Texas) in Ascension Parish, Louisiana. Julia appears on the 1850 census of LaFourche Parish, Louisiana. She died on 7/5/1878 in Grimes, Texas, and was buried at Old Zion Cemetery, Iola, Texas.

William was a physician, property owner, slave holder, and a member of the Masonic Lodge. He lived in Louisiana until 1853 when he and his family moved to Montgomery County, Texas, following an epidemic of yellow fever and settled around Danville, Texas. In February of 1857 William attended a Masonic meeting in San Augustine but became ill on his return trip. He stopped at the home of one of his daughters, a school teacher in Leona, Texas, where he died a week later on 2/8/1857. His burial site is unknown and there is no tombstone for him in Old Zion Cemetery where Julia is buried. In 1860 Julia Gayle, also a school teacher, appears on the census in the Hunstville area of Walker County with her children.

Following William's death, probate records in Montgomery County for 1857 show that the heirs from his first and second marriages fought over his estate. Two of William's children were in Texas when William died and sued Julia for at least four of the slaves and monies made from them. Although there is no record of money or property changing hands, Julia paid for Elizabeth Emilie Gayle's room and board in Leona, an amount due when William died.

V. FRANCES E. (?? - ??)
V. MARY S. (?? - ??)
V. CLARA BAGLEY (?? - ??)
V. JOHN YOUNG (?? - before 1840)

V. JULIUS (1842 in Louisiana - ??) does not appear after the 1860 Texas census.
V. JAMES CAMDEN (10/17/1845, La. - 11/17/1913, Texas)
V. WALLACE CHRISTOPHER (3/28/1855, Montgomery County, Texas - 8/28/1915, Bexar Co., Texas) married Mary Louisa Driskell in 11/25/1883, Groveton, Trinity County, Texas.
V. SARA ANJELIA (6/16/1850, Louisiana - 12/12/1898, Iola, Grimes County, Texas)
V. WILBUR CHESTER (1/11/1853, Louisiana - 2/27/1887, Tyler, Texas).
V. CHARLES PINKNEY (9/24/1856, Willis, Montgomery Co., Texas - 5/15/1931, Houston,
Texas, buried at Magnolia, Texas) married Lueuella Love Sanders on 12/6/1884. No record of children.

V. JAMES CAMDEN GAYLE (1845 - 1913) was born on 10/17/1845 to William Christopher and Julia Anjella Cain Gayle. He married (1) MAMIE FULGHAM and (2) ELIZA CELESTE ELLISOR. James Camden Gayle died on 11/17/1913 at Montgomery County, Texas.

VI. MABLE (?? - ??)

VI. WILLIAM (?? - ??)
VI. LAURA (?? - ??)
VI. CLARENCE (?? - ??)
VI. OLLIE M. (?? - ??)
VI. LIZZIE (?? - ??)
VI. MINNIE (?? - ??)
VI. EMMET CAMDEN (?? - ??)

V. WALLACE CHRISTOPHER GAYLE (1855 - 1915) was born on 3/28/1855 to William Christopher and Julia Anjella Cain Gayle. He appeared on the 1860 census at Walker County, Texas, and on the 1870 census at Montgomery County, Texas. On 11/25/1883 he married MARY LOUISA DRISKELL at Groveton and was living in Trinity County by 1890. They had children but their names are not known. Mary Louisa died on 1/9/1913 and Christopher on 8/28/1915 at Bexar County, Texas. He was buried in Fairview, Wilson County, Texas.



II. JOSIAH GAYLE, JR. (1747 - 1780) was born to in 1747 to Josiah, Sr. and Mary Gayle of Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia. Sometime between 1771 and 1772 Josiah Jr. married REBECCA CANTEY, daughter of Josiah Cantey of St. Mark's Parish, Craven County, South Carolina. The will of Rebecca's father, Josiah Cantey, of St. Mark's Parish, Craven County, South Carolina, dated 10/8/1773, named daughters Elizabeth Brunson, Martha Richbourg, Comfort Green, Susanna Dennis, Rebecca Gale, Esther Cantey, and Ann Cantey. Executors were his son William and his friend Richard Richardson, Sr., Esq. Witnesses were Brinkley Corbett, James Noble, and Dorothy Corbett. The will was proved before William Bull. (WB 1771-73). Josiah and Rebecca Cantey Gayle had three known children.

On 8/26/1775 Josiah Gayle, Jr. enlisted in the Volunteer Company of Horse of St. Mark's Parish under Captain Matthew Singleton. He held the rank of sergeant in Singleton's Troop of Light Horse. He was at the fall of Charleston, imprisoned by the British, taken from jail and hung without a trial at Hay's Station, Laurens County near Camden, South Carolina. The date of his death was 8/17/1780. Others who were hung at this time were Samuel Andrews, John Miles, Eleazer Smith, and Richard Tucker.

About 1788 his widow, Rebecca Cantey Gayle, married John Harvin, former husband to Mary Gayle, daughter of Josiah Sr. and his second wife, Hannah. John and Mary Harvin were married about 1780 but Mary was dead when her father's will was written in 1794. She was not mentioned as a beneficiary, but the will did make a bequest to John Harvin and to John and Mary's son. Records of Sumter County, SC show a Bill of Sale dated 11/2/1826 from Rebecca Gayle Harvin to Josiah Gayle III, her son by husband Josiah Gayle, Jr., for 3 UN-NAMED SLAVES.

April 4, 1805, Edgefield, SC

In the Name of God, Amen:

I, John Harvin, of Edgefield District of State of South Carolina, being weak of body but of sound sense and perfect memory, do constitute and ordain this my Last Will and Testament in manner of form following, viz;

Item: My will and desire is that when all my just debts are settled, my male Negroes should be placed in as equal a manner as possible, and as my children, ELIZABETH WHITEHEAD, James Harvin, Rebekah Harvin and William Harvin comes of age, or settles out to themselves, they may by ballot, have one, the rest to remain for the support of my wife and younger children.

Item: My will and desire is that my wife, Rebekah Harvin shall have the support as long as she lives single (or unmarried) and AT HER DEATH the whole of my estate to be equally divided among my children above named.

Item: My will and desire is that my children should be schooled and raised in as decent a manner as may be, under the management and direction of my hereinafter named Executors.

Item: My will and desire is that when my youngest child comes of age there shall be a final division of my estate and should my wife then be living she shall have her choice of a Negro that is in the estate, together with any other property that my Executors may think necessary for her support during, as mentioned above, and after her death to be equally divided among my children, Elizabeth Whitehead, James Harvin, Rebekah Harvin, and William Harvin.

Item: My will and desire is that should there be any property in the estate, except Negroes, that my Executors may think best to sell or dispose of for the benefit of my estate, they are fully authorized to do so.

Item: My will and desire is that my daughter Elizabeth should have a good bed and furniture, and as each of my children comes of age, marries, or settles out, shall have the same.

Item: My Executors are hereby authorized to purchase a horse or horses for any of my said children as they think right.

Lastly, I appoint John Gayle, Joseph Gayle*, and William Whitehead my Executors, and my wife, Rebekah Harvin, Executrix to this, my last Will and Testament.
(*Obviously son of wife Rebecca by her prev. marriage to Josiah Gayle, Jr.)

Witness my hand and seal this 4th day of April, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and five.

Witnesses: Signed: John Harvin (SEAL)
George Turner
James Hollingsworth (His mark)
Sally Turner

John O Simkins, O.C.

III. SARAH (?? - ??) married ________Rembert;
III. RICHARD (?? - ??)
III. JOSIAH III (1775, Sumter, SC - 1828, Amite Co., Mississippi) married Mary Richbourg and had children.

III. JOSIAH GALE III (1775 - 1828) was born in 1775 at Sumter, South Carolina, to Josiah Jr. and Rebecca Cantey Gale. Josiah III married MARY RICHBOURG and in 1811 moved his family to Monroe County, Alabama, part of the Mississippi Territory. Passports were issued to Josiah Gale, his wife, four children, and 4 UN-NAMED NEGROES from Sumter, S.C. Josiah wrote a will in Amite County, Mississippi dated 7/13/1828 (Mississippi, Amite Co. WB1) Legatees were his wife and children (not named). His executors were his wife, his son Joseph, and Isaac Caulfield. Witnesses were Benjamin Graves and David Pomble.

IV. JOSEPH (?? - ??)
IV. PROBABLY SARAH (?? - ??) married I. R. Caulfield on 1/20/1824.
IV. JAMES RICHBOURG (1812 - 1873) married Sarah Elizabeth Anderson and had children.
IV. EMILY SUSAN (Living 1822 - ??) married (1) Abraham Riddle on 5/16/1837, Amite County, MS and had a son, Horace James, who was raised by his grandmother, Mary Richbourg Gayle, and died toward the end of the Civil War. Information provided courtesy of descendant Amy Cote noted that Riddle, born in Washington County, PA, was already married to Mary Jane Clemens Riddle as a resident of Steubenville, Ohio. Riddle stole her inheritance and faked his death, but was eventually tracked down by the Clemens family.
( According to Amy Cote, "In January 1840, James Clemens (cousin of Abraham Riddle's first wife) was contacted by Susan Gayle Riddle's brother-in-law, Dr. Isaac R. Caulfield (husband of Emily's sister Sarah E. Gayle, who asked for information about Riddle, and said he could, in turn, give the first Mrs. Riddle 'information to her advantage'." Riddle joined the local chapter of the Freemasons in 1838 with Dr. Caulfield, but his membership was revoked for "conduct unbecoming."

Emily Susan married (2) John Joakens Bulow Johnson on 6/9/1842 in Amite County, MS. Educated in Charleston, SC, Johnson was a wealthy slave owner. He resided in Lousiana for some time but moved his family to Texas in 1859 where he settled in Ellis County and then to Matagorda County.
"In the early 1860’s he brought some of his slaves from Ellis County to Matagorda County, hiring 13 to Samuel Hardeman and taking others to the beach where they were put to work making salt. This he hauled by ox wagon to Ellis county where it was traded for flour. These trips introduced Mrs. Johnson, the former Emily Susan Gayle. Accompanying her husband into Matagorda county, she saw its possibilities and became the owner of Cook’s or Cedar Island in the upper part of the Maria Cummings League. This is now a part of the oil field controlled by the Skelley interests. The story of the sale of this tract of 1144 acres to the young Mrs. Johnson involves the payment for it of $5,000 in confederate money. A very few months after the sale was consummated, the war between the states was over and the money she paid for the land was not worth the paper it was printed on. Mrs. Johnson, it may be surmised, was glad that she could stoop and touch soil that was hers instead of fingering worthless confederate bills, stowed away in some obscure box as tragic keepsakes." (

Emily had six sons including Abraham's son, Horace James, who married Lake Erie Sessums. She also had sons by John Johnson. The oldest of these, Augustus, was a member of Captain Rugeley's company during the Civil War but died when their boat capsized in Matagorda Bay on the way to protect the coastline from federal troops. John Joakens Johnson died in November of 1882 and Emily Susan in November of 1894.

IV. JAMES RICHBOURG GAYLE (1812 - 1873) was born on 3/6/1812 in Sumter District, South Carolina, to Josiah and Mary Richbourg Gayle. On 12/11/1832 James married SARAH ELIZABETH ANDERSON (6/24/1816 - ??) in Amite County, Mississippi. They had nine children before James' death on 8/4/1873 in Louisiana.

V. JOHN B. ANDERSON (4/9/1839 - 9/1879) married 3/27/1862 to Mary C. Brown, Lettsworth, La. and had three children.
V. JAMES FRANKLIN (7/31/1844, Belvue Plantation, Letteworth, La. - 4/19/1924, Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, La.) married on 11/26/1874 to Cecelia Caroline Tessier at Green Brier Plantation, Legonier, La.
V. ELLA VIRGINIA (?? - ??)
V. FRED MCKEE (?? - ??)

V. JOHN B. ANDERSON GAYLE (1839 - 1879) , was born to James Richbourg and Sarah Elizabeth Anderson Gayle on 4/9/1839. On 3/27/1862 he married MARY C. BROWN (4/9/1839 - ??) of Lettsworth, Louisiana and had three children. It appears that John Gayle left Louisiana after Mary Brown Gayle died and moved to Arkansas where he remarried. In April of 1879 Seabourn Stribling was appointed "under tutor" of John's children.

VI. JAMES R. (2/16/1863 - ??)
VI. HENRY (?? - ??)
VI. MARY ELIZABETH (1/12/1868 - ??)

V. JAMES FRANKLIN GAYLE (1844 - 1924), was born to James Richbourg and Sarah Elizabeth Anderson Gayle on 7/31/1844 at Belvue Plantation, Lettsworth, LA. Joseph married on 11/26/1874 to CECELIA CAROLINE TESSIER (10/29/1851 - ??) at Green Brier Plantation, Legonier, LA. James Franklin Gayle died on 4/19/1924 at Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, LA.

VI. EDWIN FRANKLIN (8/8/1875 - ??)
VI. CHARLES TESSIER (8/18/1877 - ??)
VI. ARTHUR LEO (2/22/1882 - ??)
VI. WILLIAM JOSEPH (7/25/1886 - ??) married Bernice Foley and had children William Joseph, Thomas Foley, John N., Joseph, Kevin Pat, Leonard H., and Bernice Gayle
VI. MARY AMELIA (9/20/1888 - ??)


II. CALEB GAYLE, JR. (1751 - Ca. 1800) was born in 1751 in Gloucester County, Virginia, to Josiah and Mary Gayle. Caleb married (UNKNOWN) in Sumter County and had children. On 8/1/1770, shortly after the family settled in South Carolina, Caleb joined his father and his brother, Christopher, on a petition to the Legislature asking for aid in building a Chapel of Ease in the Parish of St. Marks. He subscribed a sum of ?10 for the project and later served as a vestryman of St. Mark's Parish. During the Revolutionary War Caleb served as a Sergeant in a Volunteer Company of Horse commanded by Captain Matthew Singleton. His service record was dated 8/26/1775 and signed by Josiah Gayle, Jr. Ephraim Pettypool, Jr., son of Phillip Pettypool. Muster rolls show him present on 8/6/1775 and 9/13/1775.

According to the 1790 census for the Camden district, Claremont County, SC, Caleb's household consisted of one male over 16, three males under 16, four females, and 6 UN-NAMED SLAVES.

III. CALEB JR. (1776 - 1822), who would have been 14 at the time of the 1790 census, married in 1797 to Amelia Lisenby.

III. CALEB GAYLE JR. (1776, SC - 1818) was born in 1776 to Caleb Gayle and an unknown wife. In 1797 he married AMELIA LISENBY (1780 - 1845-46, E. Feliciana) and had children.

In 1811 Caleb purchased land in the Greensburg District of Louisiana and died near Clinton in East Feliciana Parish on 1/21/1822. He was buried in the family graveyard. On 12/12/1826 an inventory of his was recorded in East Feliciana. (Will Book A/217 - 221) Also recorded were a land deed in Sumter County (DB/C, p. 68-9) and a Deed of Gift from Andrew Crummy to five children of Caleb and Amelia Gayle. (Sumter Co., SC, Deed Book B/293) Following Caleb's death, Amelia married William B. Lisenbe/Lisenby (1800, SC - ??) of Feliciana Parish on 5/1818.

IV. JOHN S. (1798 - ??) married 2/2/1818 to Martha Cleveland, Feliciana Parish, La.
IV. MATTHEW A. (9/21/1801, E. Feliciana, LA. - 4/30/1862) married on 12/2/1822 at St. Helena Parish, La. (1) Elizabeth Bell (?? - 9/24/1837) and (2) Harriet Irving on 2/4/1839, W. Feliciana III. Parish.
IV. REBECCA (1805, SC. - 1850, Feliciana Parish) married (1) Henry Tucker and (2) Aaron Gayle
IV. MARTHA M. (1806 in East Feliciana Parish - ??) married Zachariah Scott.
IV. ALFRED C. (1808 in Louisiana - ??)
IV. MARY H (1810 in Louisiana - ??) married Terry B. Brown

IV. JOHN S. GAYLE (CA. 1798 - 1845) was born ca. 1798 to Caleb and Amelia Gayle. John married MARTHA CLEVELAND on 2/2/1818 and had children. In 1825 John S. Gayle was mentioned along with members of the Cleveland family. Thomas W. Scott, Judge at East Feliciana Parish, decreed that Polly Ingram of East Feliciana Parish, a minor over 12 years old, chose Beverly Dunn as curator and John Gayle as curator ad litem. The decree followed a family meeting held on 12/19/1825 to approve a bond given by Beverly Dunn. John Croft provided security. Present at the meeting were Daniel Cleveland, Benjamin J. Cleveland, Matthew Edwards, Patsey Gayle, Maryann Gayle (all relatives of Polly Gayle), and John S. Gayle, curator. Witnesses were Lemuel P. McCauley and A. G. Scott. The decree was signed by B. J. Cleveland, D. C. Cleveland, Matthew Edwards [his mark], Mary Ann Dunn, Martha Gayle, John S. Gayle, and Judge Thomas W. Scott. It was noted that Polly married (1) Charles Ingram and (2) James Carr. Her identity is not known. John was living in Clinton, LA until after the Civil War and died in 1845.

V. AMELIA (Aft. 1818 - ??) married John Singleton.
V. LOUISA J. (AFT. 1818 - ??)
V. PHILONA (AFT. 1818 - ??)
V. SARAH H. (Aft. 1818 - ??)
V. CALEB OLIVER (Ca. 1825 - 1882) married (1) Francis Margaret Harrell, Ca. 1841, and (2) Jeanette W. White, 9/24/1846, Amite County, Mississippi. A son, John (?? - ??) was born to Jeanette White. Another son was Charles Dewitt (?? - ??) who married Maude Louise Keyes and had a son, James Dewitt Gayle.
V. MARY M. (1830 - ??)
V. JOHN W. GAYLE (1836, E. Feliciana, Louisiana - ??) married (1) Elizabeth G. Lucas, (2) Elizabeth King.

V. CALEB OLIVER GAYLE (Ca. 1825 - 1882) was born to John S. and Martha Cleveland Gayle around 1825. Caleb Oliver married (1) FRANCES MARGARET HARRELL, Ca. 1841, and (2) JEANETTE W. WHITE on 9/24/1846 at Amite County, Mississippi. Caleb and Jeanette White Gayle had two children.

VI. JOHN (?? - ??)
VI. CHARLES DEWITT (?? - ??) married Maude Louise Keyes and had a son, James Dewitt Gayle.

V. JOHN W. GAYLE (Est. 1836, Louisiana - ??) was born to John S. and Martha Cleveland Gayle. He supposedly married (1) ELIZABETH G. LUCAS (1/20/1842, Texas - 5/31/1861, San Augustine Co., Texas), daughter of John and Sarah E. Lucas, on 2/24/1858. Elizabeth died young and was buried in the Lucas family cemetery. After her death he married (2) ELIZABETH KING (1840 - 1870), daughter of Matthew and Sarah A. Croson King. In 1860 John W. Gayle was a school teacher. The date of his death is unknown.

VI. JOHN JR. (Abt. 1859 - 9/29/1938) married Mollie Head in Angelina, Texas.

CHILDREN OF JOHN W. & ELIZABETH KING GAYLE: According to the following:
VI. JOSEPH J. GILL (6/24/1864, Prince William, VA - ??)
VI. JOHN GILL (1866 - ??)
VI. BURNET GILL (1868 - ??)

[Other sources have this John Gayle marrying CORA WILCOX -- This is not true since Cora actually married John Henry Gayle of Portsmouth, VA. He is also said to have married JOSEPHINE SANDERS on 5/23/1865 at San Augustine County, Texas. However, Elizabeth King's death is given as 1870, so this must have been another John Gayle. Children of John & Josephine Sanders Gayle appear as born between 1866 and 1873.

VI. CARRIE L. (1866 - ??)
VI. JOHN (1866 - ??)
VI. CLINTON OLIVER (3/4/1868 - 9/28/1953, Shreveport, LA)
VI. WILLIAM IDE (11/3/1873 - 3/5/1954)

III. MATTHEW A. GAYLE (1801 - 1862) was born on 9/21/1801 in Sumter County, South Carolina, to Caleb and Amelia Gayle. Matthew married (1) ELIZABETH BELL (8/2/1801, Feliciana Parish, La. - 9/24/1837), the daughter of William Bell, on 12/2/1822 at St. Helena Parish in Louisiana. They had five children. Sometime during the mid to late 1830s, a yellow fever epidemic struck Louisiana and everyone in the family died with the exception of Matthew and his daughter Isabella Jane. Following his first wife's death, Matthew married (2) HARRIET IRVING in West Feliciana Parish on 2/4/1839. No children were born to this marriage. Matthew was engaged as a farmer and overseer and the family attended the Episcopal Church. Matthew Gayle died on 4/30/1862 in East Feliciana.

IV. ISABELLA (10/15/1823 - 5/17/1825)
IV. ISABELLA JANE (10/15/1825; E. Feliciana Parish - 10/14/1908 at St. Francisville, W. Feliciana, La. She married Amos Berry Thompson on 6/14/1843 in St. Francisville. They had two children.
IV. WILLIAM D. (9/1/1833 - 7/30/1837)
IV. SAMUEL S. (2/2/1835 - 9/2/1838)
IV. MARY E. (8/30/1836 - 8/8/1837)
Isabella Jane Gale Thompson & Amos Berry Thompson
II. RANSOM GAYLE (ca. 1755 - ??) was born ca. 1755 in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia to Josiah and Mary Gayle. The name Ransom, also spelled Ranson, Ransome, and Ransone, shows up in early records of Gloucester County and has been said to have originated with one of Josiah's wives. Sometime prior to 1792 Ransom married TABITHA MOORE and had at least one child, Miles Gayle.

Ransom Gayle served as a Sergeant in the Militia during the last part of the Revolutionary War and records state that he was paid for 200 pounds of beef in 1781 and for 33 days duty as Sergeant in 1782. On 5/23/1798 James Ramsey and Ransom Gayle appear on Executor's Notes, John Harvin's estate. Ransom died in 1813 and an inventory of his estate was filed in Sumter County, South Carolina on 3/11/1813. Ezekiel M. Hall was the administrator but no will was recorded.

III. MILES (11/11/1792 in Sumter, South Carolina - 7/18/1852, Perry County, Alabama) married Joicie Dozier on 9/14/1820.

III. MILES GAYLE (1792 - 1852) was born to Ransom and Tabitha Moore Gayle on 11/11/1792 in Sumter County, South Carolina. On 9/14/1820 he married JOICIE DOZIER (Ca. 1800, Edgefield District, SC), daughter of Richard M. and Mary "Polly" Gayle Dozier, herself the daughter of Matthew and Lucretia Gayle. [An earlier Miles Gayle (?? - By 1827) was associated with brothers Robert, Thomas, Matthias and George in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, VA in 1790.] Miles Gayle died on 7/18/1852 at Sumter district and Joicie on 8/5/1855, "aged about 55 years." They are buried, along with other family members, in Mount Zion Cemetery.

IV. RANSOM RICHARD (2/16/1822 - 6/16/1840) unmarried; buried at Mount Zion Cemetery.
IV. JOHN RAMSEY (2/6/1824 in SC - before 11/6/1866) married on 6/3/1852, Bibb Co., Alabama, to Louisa Adeline McTyre.
IV. MARY TABITHA (1/14/1826 - 6/4/1852) married Reverend James Monroe Wells of the Alabama Conference.
IV. LEONARD MARKS (9/28/1828 - ??)
IV. LUCRETIA AMELIA (11/17/1830 - ??) married John E. Mason; descendants buried at Mount Zion Cemetery.
IV. BILLUPS DOZIER (3/4/1833 - 10/21/1911) married (1) Josephine C. McMath (5/21/1838 - 10/24/1864) & (2) Irene J. Gibson (?? - 10/21/1911, buried at Mount Zion Cemetery)
IV. FRANCES ANN (7/6/1835 - 10/2/1851) unmarried; buried at Mount Zion Cemetery.
IV. JAMES MATTHEW: (2/6/1838, Alabama - 3/27/1890) married on 1/18/1860 to Antoinette "Nettie" McMath (1/27/1842 - 8/21/1900), Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Both buried at Mount Zion.

Mary Jessie Gayle, April 6, 1867, Nov. 6, 1911
Leonard W Gayle, Nov. 30, 1871, Dec. 1905
Irene Grace Gayle, June 17, 1877, August 5, 1900
Mason: James Miles 1858? -- 1912
Mason: Lucretia Gayle (no dates)
Edwin Rivers Gayle, son of B. D. and J. C. Gayle, April 17, 1860, April 11, 1864
Mary T. Wells, wife of Rev. J.M. Wells of the Ala. Conf. Jan. 14, 1826, June 4, 1852
Willie, son of J. M. and Antoinett Gayle, April 5, 1861, Jan. 2???
Rivers W., son of J. M. and N. M. Gayle
Walter, son of J. M. and N.M. Gayle, May 3, 1862, April 17, 1864
Miles Gayle, b. Sumpter district, SC, Nov. 11, 1792, d. July 18, 1852
Reverend Billups Dozier Gayle, Mar 4, 1833, Oct 21, 1911
Josephine C., wife of Reverend B. D. Gayle, May 21, 1838, Oct 24, 1864
Joicie D Gayle, b. Edgefield District, S. C., d. Perry Co., Alabama, Aug. 5, 1855, aged about 55 years
Frances A. Gayle, July 6, 1835, Oct. 2, 1851
Ransom R. Gayle, Feb. 16, 1822, June 16, 1840
James M. Gayle, Feb. 6, 1838, March 27, 1890
Nettie McMath, wife of James M. Gayle, Jan 27, 1842, Aug. 21, 1900
IV. JOHN RAMSEY GAYLE (1824 - BEFORE 1866) was born on 2/6/1824 in South Carolina to Miles and Joicie Dozier Gayle. On 6/3/1852 John married LOUISA ADELAINE McTYER/McTYRE in Bibb Co., Alabama and had children. John Gayle died before 1866 and his widow married a John T. Smith in Mississippi.

V. MILES (1852 - ??)
V. FRANCES (1855 - ??)
V. LINEARD (1856 - ??)
V. LOUISA (1858 - ??)
V. LAURA (?? - ??)
V. JOHN RANSOM (?? - ??) John Ransom Gayle, age 9, appears on the 1870 census of Lafayette County, Mississippi, living in the household of Adelaine's sister and brother-in-law, Samuel and Martha Fulton.

IV. BILLUPS DOZIER GAYLE (1833 - 1911) was born on 3/4/1833 to Miles and Joicie Dozier Gayle of Edgefield District, South Carolina. On 5/6/1856 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Billups married (1) JOSEPHINE C. McMATH (5/21/1838, Miss. - ??) who died on 10/24/1864 after the birth of the couple's third child. On 7/3/1866 he married (2) IRENE JESSIE GIBSON in Greensboro, Alabama, and had ten children. Billups Dozier Gayle became a Reverend. He died in Birmingham on 10/21/1911.

V. ANN ALABAMA (3/14/1857 - ??)
V. VIOLA D (12/1/1859, Perry Co., Alabama - ??)
V. EDWIN RIVERS (4/17/1863 - 4/11/1864)
V. OSCAR OLIN (10/21/1864, Perry Co., Alabama - ??)

V. MARY JESSIE (4/6/1867 - 11/6/1911)
V. EVA COTTON (3/3/1869 - ??)
V. LEONARD WILLIAM (11/30/1871 - 8/5/1900)
V. EMMETT (12/8/1874, Perry Co., Alabama - ??)
V. ALBERT (10/9/1875, Perry Co., Alabama - ??) twin of Arthur.
V. ARTHUR (10/9/1875 - ??) twin of Albert.
V. IRENE GRACE (6/17/1877, Suggville, Alabama - 8/5/1900)
V. EMMA LENA (3/1/1880, Bladon Springs, Alabama - ??)
V. CHARLES MILES HOWARD (3/18/1882, Perry Co., Alabama - ??)
V. WALTER DICKINSON (9/8/1884, Mt. Zion Parsonage, Perry Co., Alabama - ??)

IV. JAMES MATTHEW GAYLE (1838 - 1890) was born to Miles and Joicie Dozier Gayle on 2/6/1838 in Alabama. On 1/18/1860 he married ANTOINETTE "NETTIE" McMATH (1/27/1842 - 8/21/1900) in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and had several children. James Matthew Gayle died on 3/27/1890 and he and Nettie were buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery in Perry County, Alabama.

V. WILLIE MILES (4/5/1861 - 1/23/1877) buried at Mt. Zion.
V. WALTER (5/3/1862 - 4/11/1864)
V. EDWARD OLIN (6/1/1866 - ??)
V. ERNEST LEONARD (3/17/1871, Hole County, Alabama - ??)
V. LEILA ADA (1872 - ??)
V. MARY DOZIER (8/1875 - ??)
V. RIVERS W. (9/9/1877 - 6/18/1878) buried at Mt. Zion.
V. DEWITT LLOYD (12/25/1879 - ??)
V. CLYDE W. (6/25/1883, twin of Eva - ??)
V. EVA (6/25/1883, twin of Clyde W. - ??)
V. LUNETTE (1885 - ??)
II. AMBROSE GAYLE (1759 - BEFORE 1794) was born on 1/10/1759 in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, VA, to Josiah and Mary Gayle and was baptized on 2/18/1759. Ambrose married LEVINAH TYNESS, widow of William Tyness, and had children.

On 10/18/1769 Ambrose was named as an overseer when John Pettypool, Seth Pettypool, Charles Wade, Charles Harris, I'sl Winfree, Joseph Chandler, Joseph Gill, Samuel Whitehead, Ambrose Jones, James Conway, and William Hart were ordered to work on the road from Richard Duty's to Thomas Mutters store. Ambrose served in the South Carolina Militia during the Revolution and was at the fall of Charleston. He and Levinah lived in St. Mark's Parish in Craven County, South Carolina, and on 2/24/1785 Ambrose signed a note to Seth Petty Pool [Pettypool] for 2 UN-NAMED NEGROES. In 1790 the family was living in Lancaster County, South Carolina.

Ambrose died prior to 1794 when his father's will named two of his children. The will also mentioned Levinah's son Samuel, but did not designate him as his grandson. It is likely that Samuel was Levinah's son by her former marriage and acquired the name "Gayle" through adoption by Ambrose. William Tyness and Levinah Gayle, son and widow of William Tyness, sold 100 acres of land in Craven County, St. Marks Parish.

III. JOHN (?? - ??) married Elizabeth Ann Ramsey, daughter of James & Elizabeth Gayle Ramsey, and had a daughter, Elizabeth Ann Gayle, who married Lewis Sturges on 6/20/1837.
III. SARAH (?? - ??) married (Unknown) Brunson.

II. JOHN GAYLE (1760 - 1814) was born to Josiah and Mary Gayle on 12/10/1760 in Kingston Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia, and baptized there on 2/1/1761. There is a family tradition that Christopher Gayle, Jr. and Caleb Gayle Jr. followed an "Uncle John" to Louisiana and they had both settled there in the early 1800s. John traveled to Spanish West Florida where he met and married MARTHA WESCOTT (Abt. 1770, Lynch's Creek, SC - ??), daughter of William and Amy Jones Wescott. Martha's father died about 1775 and Martha, her mother, and a younger sister accompanied the James Nicholson family from South Carolina to a home at Galvez Town (sic) on the Amite River in Spanish West Florida. Mrs. Nicholson was Martha's mother's sister. They later settled on the Homochitto River in the Natchez District.

On 10/2/1789 John petitioned Governor Estevan Miro and was granted 400 arpents [a measure of land] in Spanish West Florida, which he sold on 7/16/1791 to William Stephen. This tract was described as being 45 miles south of Fort Panmure (Natchez) and 10 miles north of the Mississippi River, bounded on the north by John Scott, on the east by un-appropriated land, on the south by Alexander Sterling, and on the west by Bayou Sarah. The property was situated in what was later West Feliciana Parish, LA, probably a few miles north of St. Francisville. On 9/5/1796 John acquired another 500 arpents of land that fronted on the left bank of Alexander's Creek about 7 miles northeast of the mouth of Bayou Sarah. It was bounded on the south by John Allen's land, on the north by Matthew Hughes' land, and on the east by vacant land. The tract was surveyed on 1/9/1798 by Charles Trudeau, Royal Surveyor, and was also located in present West Feliciana Parish not far from the earlier grant of 1789.

John sold land on several occasions to persons from Natchez. A document dated 3/22/1817 described a sale in 1806 by John Gayle of "part of a tract granted by the Spanish Government unto the said John Gayle in the year 1798." (West Feliciana Notarial Record, A., p. 457) The West Florida Records at Tulane University Library mention several other real estate transactions in which John was involved. He must have had difficulty in collecting on some of these transactions as on 1/11/1810 John and Martha Gayle appointed Thomas Butler and James Garves of Wilkinson Co., Mississippi "our true and lawful attorneys, for us and in our names to ask, demand, sue, levy, recover and receive all debts, dues and demands, unto us in any manner owing or which may hereafter become due or owing, and also to sue for, recover and receive possession of all property, both real and personal, which may belong to us or that we by law are entitled to receive, either at Law or in Equity…" (Mississippi, Wilkinson Co, Record Book A/139) John Gayle died on 3/2/1814 and Martha on 4/27/1822.

III. JOHN, JR. (?? - ??)
III. CALEB (Abt. 1786 - Abt. 1840, East Baton Rouge, LA - ??) probably married Rebecca V. Lyles (Bet. 1800-1810 - ??). After Caleb's death Rebecca married (2) Robert Packer.
III. AMBROSE (?? - ??)
III. LUCY (?? - ??)
III. SARAH (?? - ??)
III. JOSIAH (?? - ??)
III. AARON (?? - ??)
III. WILLIAM (?? - ??)

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Mt. Zion Cemetery (
Church of the Holy Cross, Stateburg, SC
III. WILLIAM HULL GAYLE (1816 - 1904) of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was born on 12/11/1816 to Christopher and Winifred Vaughn Gayle in West Feliciana Parish. He married VIRGINIA HARNEY ELAM (7/7/1823 - 1885), daughter of Judge James M. Elam (1794 - 1858), and had children. William Hull died on 6/11/1904. He was described as "one of the foremost men of the parish during his long and useful life." (Daily State, Baton Rouge, La., 2/18/1908)

IV. SUSAN CAROLINE (Before 1841 - ??)
IV.WINIFRED REBECCA (9/16/1841 - 12/21/1903) married 6/17/1863 to William Monget.
IV. MARY FRANCES (1843 - ??)
IV. WILLIAM HULL, JR. (?? - ??)
IV. DAVID PORTER (?? - ??)
IV. JAMES ELAM (5/18/1847 - 9/9/1850)
IV. VIRGINIA ELAM (1852 - ??)
IV. WALTER ESSEX (1854 - ??)
IV. JAMES CHRISTOPHER (8/31/1858 - 11/19/1926) married Rosa Lee Cook and had children.
IV. ROBERT BROWN (10/27/1860 - 1916, Angora, LA) married Mary Elizabeth Petrus and had a son, John Lloyd Gayle.
IV. JAMES CHRISTOPHER GAYLE (1858 - 1926) was born on 8/31/1858 to William Hull and Virginia Elam Gayle. He married in Baton Rouge to ROSA LEE COOK (3/30/1865 - ??) on 2/12/1890 and had children.

V. ROSA VIRGINIA (5/30/1892 - ??) married a Mr. Avery.
V. JAMES CHRISTOPHER, JR. (10/26/1893 -1926)
V. EDNA MAY (5/11/1895 - ??)
V. RUBY LEE (5/19/1897 - ??)
V. WILLIAM MORGAN (3/21/1902 - ??)
IV. ROBERT BROWN GAYLE (1860 - 1916, Angora, LA) was born to William Hull and Virginia Elam Gayle on 10/27/1860. He married Mary Elizabeth Petrus and had a son, John Lloyd Gayle.

A posting on by one Philip Gayle states that a photo in his possession of Robert Brown Gayle of Louisiana "is a dead ringer for my Father who descends from Thomas Gayle (1750 - 1824) who married Susannah P. Smith and was one of the 4 Gayle brothers who fought in the Rev. War."

Although Mr. Gayle believes that Josiah and Thomas Gayle were related, however distantly, he has found no evidence of it. He states, however, "I am almost certain that they were connected by blood…Also the names Buckner, Bartlett, Josiah, Christopher, Matthew, William, all of these names appear in both families." (Philip Gayle,

Robert Brown Gayle
(Philip Gayle,
VI. RICHARD PRESTON (6/13/1861 in Sumter, SC - ??) was a fireman for the railroad.
No wife or children were found.
VI. JEFFERSON ELLIOTT (10/8/1864 in Goldsboro, SC - ??)
VI. MARY "MAMIE" ELEANOR (9/22/1868 in Florence, SC - ??)
VI. ROBERT "CAROL" (3/27/1872 in Florence, SC - ??)
VI. JAMES WILSON (7/9/1874 in Cheraw, SC - 9/13/1949, Jacksonville, Fla.)
VI. CHRISTOPHER "DE LA" (8/31/1876 in Cheraw, SC - ca. 1930, Jacksonville, Fla.) married Camilla Masters
VI. HARRIETTE HENRIETTA "NETTIE" (1/23/1879 in Cheraw, SC - 2/10/1934, Jacksonville, Fla.)
VI. WILLIAM MCKENZIE (2/1/1881, Cheraw, SC, Chesterfield County - ??)
VI. SUSAN CREASON (6/24/1883 in Cheraw, SC - ??)

Back row right to left; T. J., Henrietta, Mamie Eleanor(standing), Sister Alice (Prestons Wife holding their baby), Carol (standing), Preston, Susan C, Elliot. Bottom row left to right; Willie, Henrietta (Nettie), Deala, Jimmie. Photo contributed by Pam Gayle-Boan.