Chapter 4 - The Gale/Geale/Cooke Families of England & Ireland
William Gale of Beeston (Living 1540s)
[Whose family adopted the name of Cooke]
I. William Gale (Living 1540s) m. (Unknown)
II. Robert Gale/Cooke (Bapt. 1549-50, Beeston Chapel - 1614-15) m. Jennet/Johan Peese/Peise
III. Anne (?? - 1631) m. Samuel Pullen (1598 - ??)
II. Alexander Gale/Cooke (1564-65 - 1632) m. (Unknown)
III. Rauphe/Ralph Gale (?? - Buried 1591) m. Effame (sic) Wilkingson (?? - Buried 1597)
IV. Margaret (Baptized 1580 - ??)
IV. Ann (Baptized 1582 - ??)
IV. Elizabeth (Baptized 1587 - ??)
IV.Ralph C., Jr. (Living 1591)
III. Elizabeth (1609-10 - ??)
III. Un-named Infant (?? - Buried 3/14/1605-06)
II. Agnes Castley (?? - ??)
Anthony Gale (Living 1649 - ??) of the Ashfield Gales of Ireland
I/A. Anthony (Est. 1600s ) m. 1) Sarah (Unknown) and 2) (Unknown) Wandesford OR his wife was SARAH WANDESFORD [See I/B Below]*
III. Anthony (Ch. 1651 - ??) m. (Unknown)
IV. Grace (Ch. 2/7/1682, Melksham - ??)
IV. Thomas (Ch. 11/6/1683 - ??)
IV. Anthony (Ch. 10/11/1685, Melksham - ??)
IV. William (Ch. 2/12/1688 - ??) m. 1713 Mary Newman (1689-92 - ??)
V. Ann (Ch. 1715 - 1716)
V. James #1 (Ch. 12/27/1716 - 1717) Melksham
V. James #2 (Ch. 1718 - 1719)
V. Mary (Ch. 10/25/1720 - ??)
V. Thomas (Ch. 7/29/1722 - ??) m. 1745 Mary Catwick
VI. John (Ch. 8/18/1746 - ??) m. 1767 Jane Bayley/Bagley (1740 - buried 1828, Box, Wiltshire)
VII. William (Ch. 1768, Box - ??)
VII. Ann (Ch. 1771, Box - Buried 5/3/1787, Box)
VII. Michael #1 (Ch. 1772 - Buried 1772)
VII. Michael #2 (Ch. 1773, Box 1798)
VII. Thomas (Ch. 1776, Box - ??)
VII. Jane (Ch. 1781, Box - ??)
VII. Mary (Ch. 1783, Box - ??)
VII. John (Ch. 1785, Box - Buried 1864, Box) m. Charlotte Huband
VII. George (Ch. 1787-88, Box - 1862, Box) m. 1814 Rebecca Packer
VIII.Charles (1814, Box - 1845, Box)
VIII. George (1816, Box - 1861, Box) m. Mary Smith
VIII. Henry (1818- 1891) m. Sarah Wills 1844, came to U. S.
IX. Elizabeth (1845 - ??) m. William Decatur Kartchner
IX. James (Living 1836)
IX. George (?? - ??)
IX. Rebecca (1857 - ??)
VIII. Michael (1821, Box - 1892, Australia) m. Mary C. Daniels
VIII. James (1823, Box - ?? Australia) m. Mary Ann Ford
VIII. Joseph (1825, Box - 1853, Box)
VIII. Mary (Abt. 1827 - ??)
VIII. Another unknown
VI. Richard (Ch. 10/26/1748 - buried 2/26/1749)
VI. Sarah (Ch. 3/18/1749 - ??)
VI. Mary (Ch. 7/30/1753 - Buried 8/26/1753), Melksham
IV. Joane (Ch. 1690 - ??)
III. John (Ch.1655 - ??)
III. William (Ch. 1665 - ??)
*I/B. Anthony (Living 1649) m. (Unknown) Wandesford.
II. Samuel (Living 1690 - ??) m. Alicia (Ellis) Grace of Grace Park
III. Anthony (Est. Early 1700 - ??) m. (1) Mary Vicars & (2) Margaret Driscoll
IV. Mary (?? - ??) m. 1808 James Fitzmaurice
V. Anthony (?? - ??)
V. William (?? - ??)
V. Samuel (?? - ??) m. Susanna Brush, daughter of James Brush of Dublin
VI. Peter of Ashfield Hall (Abt. 1803 - 1857) m. Anna Maria Henrietta Lynch
VI. James
VI. John
VI. William
V. Sarah (?? - ??) m. Samuel Cochrane in Londonderry in 1782, Their son, Dennis Browne Cochrane, settled in New Zealand.
III. Thomas (ca. 1710-15 - 1780) of Sampson's Court, Queen County m. Mabel (Unknown)
IV. Thomas (Living 1763) of Sampson's Court and Bellbrook m. Anne Sheridan on 3/5/1763 in Dublin
VI. Amelia (?? - ??) died in infancy
VI. Washington Anthony (?? - ??)
VI. Emily K. (Living 1830) m. William S. Campbell on 6/30/1830 in Kentucky where her father had settled.
V. Lt. Col./Commandant Anthony (1782 - 1843) m. Catherine Swope.
V. Malachi (?? - Will 1784) married Catherine Holland and had children baptised in the Catholic Ballinakill Church, Anthony in 1801, Hellen in 1802, Margaret in 1804, Catherine in 1806, Parnell in 1808, Malachi in 1811.
V. Parnell (1772 - ??), Mayor of Galway in 1817.
V. Jane (Living 1796) married Patrick Glascott and had 2 daughters, Mary in 1796 and Frances in 1797.
V. John (?? - ??)
V. William (ca. 1778 - ??) Captain, of Valleyfield, Ballyroan, m. (Unknown) Mitchell and 2) Eliza Baldwin (?? - 9/25/1875)

I. ANTHONY GALE (Est. 1600) OF MELKSHAM, WILTSHIRE, was born to unknown parents. He married SARAH (UNKNOWN) -- POSSIBLY WANDESFORD, and had children. Anthony was a member of Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads during the Irish Rebellion in 1649 - 1652. Cromwell confiscated large tracts of land owned by Irish Catholics and awarded it to his supporters and soldiers, including Anthony Gale. The tracts were in Westmeath and Queen's Counties, the latter of which was the former Crottenteagle estate that later became known as Ashfield. Anthony first appeared in Ireland on the 1659 Census as a land holder in Crottenteagle. He claimed his land "in right of an Adventurer as well as in right of a Soldier." (

II. SARAH (?? - ??)
II. MARY (?? - ??)
II. ANNE (?? - ??)
II. JOHN (?? - ??)
II. HENRY (Christened 1/5/1629 at Melksham, Wiltshire - ??)
II. REBECCA (Christened 11/12/1637 at Melksham, Wiltshire - ??)
II. ANTHONY (Abt. 1627 - ??) married Grace Forde on 9/23/1650 and had children.
Sir William Betham's pedigree of the Ashfield Gales
III. ANTHONY GALE (Ch. 1651 - ??) was born to Anthony and Grace Forde Gale and was christened at Melksham, Wiltshire, on 7/29/1651. He married (UNKNOWN) and had children.

IV. GRACE (Ch. 2/7/1682, Melksham - ??)
IV. THOMAS (Ch. 11/6/1683 - ??)
IV. ANTHONY (Ch. 10/11/1685, Melksham - ??)
IV. WILLIAM (Ch. 2/12/1688 - ??) m. 1713 Mary Newman (1689-92 - ??)
IV. JOANE (Ch. 1/30/1690 - ??)

IV. WILLIAM GALE (Ch. 1688 - ??), son of Anthony Gale and an unknown wife, was christened on 2/12/1688. William married MARY NEWMAN (11/15/1689 - ??) on 8/30/1713 and had five children whose births were recorded at Melksham between 1715 and 1722.

V. ANN (Ch. 3/13/1715 - 5/20/1716)
V. JAMES #1 (Ch. 12/27/1716 - 5/27/1717)
V. JAMES #2 (Ch. 8/17/1718 - 10/1/1719)
V. MARY (Ch. 10/25/1720 - ??)
V. THOMAS (Ch. 7/29/1722 - ??) m. Mary Catwick on 4/13/1745 at Rowde, Wiltshire

V. THOMAS GALE (1720 - ??), the son of William and Mary Newman Gale, was born in 1720 and christened at Melksham, Wiltshire, on 7/29/1722. Thomas married MARY CATWICK (2/4/1723-24, Rowde, Wiltshire) on 4/13/1745 at Rowde and had four children. He died at Rowde, Wiltshire.

VI. JOHN (Ch. 8/18/1746, Melksham - ??) m. 3/2/1767 Jane Bayley (1743 - Buried 2/10/1828, Box, Wiltshire) and had children.
VI. RICHARD (Ch. 10/26/1748 - buried 2/26/1749)
VI. SARAH (Ch. 3/18/1749, Melksham - ??)
VI. MARY (Ch. 7/30/1753 - Buried 8/26/1753) at Melksham.

VI. JOHN GALE (Ch. 1746 - ??), the son of Thomas and Mary Catwick Gale, was christened on 8/18/1746. On 3/2/1767 John married JANE BAGLEY/BAYLEY (5/3/1740, Box, Wiltshire - Buried 2/10/1828, Box, Wiltshire) and had children.

VII. WILLIAM (Ch. 12/11/1768, Box - 5/13/1778, age 5)
VII. ANN (12/15/1771, Box - 5/13/1787, Box)
VII. MICHAEL #1 (11/17/1772, Box - bur. 5/13/1778)
VII. MICHAEL #2 (Abt. 1772, Box - 2/1772)
VII. MICHAEL #3 (11/7/1773, Box - 5/13/1787)
VII. THOMAS (Ch. 3/24/1776, Box - ??)
VII. JANE (Ch. 4/8/1781, Box - ??)
VII. MARY (Ch. 5/4/1783, Box - ??)
VII. JOHN (Ch. 7/17/1785, Box, Wiltshire - Buried 8/31/1864, Box) married Charlotte Hubbard.
VII. GEORGE (Ch. 2/24/1787-88, Box - 12/25/1862, Box) married 3/17/1814 Rebecca Packer, daughter of George and Sarah Hall Packer

VII. GEORGE GALE (Ch. 1788 - 1862) was born to John and Jane Bayley Gale and christened on 2/24/1788 at Box. On 3/17/1814 George married REBECCA PACKER (9/26/1785, Wick, Gloucestershire - 8/31/1869), daughter of George and Sarah Hall Packer, and had eight children, some of whom left England and settled in Australia and the United States.

VIII. CHARLES (1814, Box - 1845, Box)
VIII. GEORGE (4/13/1816, Box - 2/14/1861, Box) married Mary Smith.
VIII. HENRY (10/18/1818- 12/26/1891, Beaver, Utah) emigrated with his family from England in 1853 and went first to Australia and later to America. He married in 1844 to Sarah Wills.
VIII. MICHAEL (2/7/1821, Box - 11/7/1892, Australia) married Mary C. Daniels
VIII. JAMES (3/5/1823, Box - ?? Australia) married Mary Ann Ford
VIII. JOSEPH (10/19/1825, Box - 3/6/1853, Box)
VIII. MARY (Abt. 1827 - ??)

VIII. HENRY GALE (10/18/1818 - 12/26/1891, Beaver, Utah) was born to George and Rebecca Packer Gale on 10/18/1818. On 4/8/1844 Henry married SARAH WILLS (2/2/1822 - ??), born to Martin and Elizabeth McAudra Wills on a ship docked at Mayo, Ireland. They had four children. A history of Henry's life, as told by his eldest son, James Gale in 1919, was written down by one of James' daughters while living in Franklin, Arizona.

In 1834, when Henry was 16 years of age, he left England for Australia, working his way on a merchant ship with the hope of acquiring land. Two of his brothers, Michael and James, followed him but Henry never saw his parents again. Once in Australia, Henry's first job was herding sheep, followed by farming and other work until he became the owner of a grocery store. In 1844 he married Sarah Wills and on 5/8/1852 he and Sarah were baptized and confirmed into the Mormon faith by Elder C. W. Wandell. The following year, on 4/7/1853, the family left Australia for America on the ship Envelope with Elder Wandell's group. At the time Sarah was pregnant and a son, Wandell Pacific Gale, was born during the voyage and named for Elder Wandell and the Pacific Ocean upon which the ship sailed.

James recounted that the voyage from Sidney took 9 weeks. On docking at San Pedro, California, the family was met by a brother Button and a group with teams and wagons that would take them to the Church ranch at San Bernardino. On the second day of the trip, one of the women took the children into the desert to gather wild flowers. James strayed from the group to collect more flowers and missed the trail. His mother realized he was missing and a search began, lasting into the night with everyone carrying torches and lanterns. Prayer circles were held in James' behalf but by ten the next morning no trace of him had been found. Thinking that he had been eaten by animals or succumbed to fatigue, the group began preparing to leave without him, but James' mother refused to go and convinced the group to search in another direction.

Although unwilling,
the group went again in the direction she told them and they met me coming toward them. They ordered me to stand still. I was trying to get across a deep hollow. I saw two men coming and hollered. It was my father and another man. I must have been quite a picture, just a small boy of six, dirty, tear-stained and sunburned, and with travel worn bare feet. In my hand was still the wilted bunch of flowers. They soon had me by each hand and was hurrying me to camp. Here we all knelt in a prayer of thanksgiving. I told them how i had wandered around looking for camp until evening. I remember getting upon a large rock, eight or ten feet wide and about five feet from the ground, to see if I could see the camp, but it was useless. It was about sundown so I lay down, tired and hungry, and cried myself to sleep. Next morning I awoke with the sun shining in my face, got down and wandered around until I met the men. I took them back to the rock where I spent the night and they found footprints of the men who had searched for me in the night. We returned to camp, loaded up mother's trunk and went on our way rejoicing. (James Gale)

Around June of 1853 the group arrived at San Bernardino Ranch and Henry bought a small parcel of land, about 3 miles from San Bernardino. "This place was bought by the Church, presided over by Apostles Charles E. Rich and Amasa M. Lymon. Father gave his last $5 in gold to help buy this ranch. We had to walk the three miles to church and school. It was here that we first knew the Kartchner family." (James Gale) Henry Gale also bought a cow, a horse, and a 2-wheeled cart. The family lived in their new home until 1857 when the group moved closer to Salt Lake City. Henry traded his property for 4 horses, a wagon, 2 colts, and an "old hack" that brothers James and George Gale drove to Utah. Just before arriving at their camp, the front axle of Henry's wagon broke. Members of the group came back the next day, cut down a cottonwood tree, and made a new axle with a lynch pin to keep the wheels on.

The group spent Christmas at the new camp and after New Years traveled until reaching Las Vegas Spring stream. They traveled up the big Meadow Valley Wash to Cottonwood Springs where they camped. Indians came to the camp begging for food and Henry noted that they were almost naked. The captain called for donations of flour, cornmeal, and coarse ground wheat that was put into a large iron pot filled with water and set on the fire to feed the hungry Indians. The group then traveled up the Virgin River, stopping at another Cottonwood Springs where they saw the first snow of their lives. From there they traveled over the desert, passing over the ground of the Mountain Meadow Massacre where they saw several graves. They next reached Cedar Creek and then Summit Creek, where it snowed all day, reaching 12 to 14 inches deep. George Gale, who had a lame foot, road in the wagon but James walked to lighten the load. As his feet became frozen, James fell behind and was picked up by the Meeks family who took off his shoes and wrapped his feet in a blanket. With James safe, the Meeks caught up with the group and James was reunited with his family.

After reaching Parowan the group went north to Beaver, Utah, arriving on 2/14/1858. Henry purchased two city lots and dug a large cellar, 6' deep, with a wagon cover as a roof. One corner of the cellar was used as a fireplace, for both heat and cooking, as there was no stove. Henry and James returned to Parowan to trade the colts and hack for a two year old heifer and some wheat, but were overtaken by a snow storm. Traveling through snow that was 3' deep, they reached home to find that the roof of the cellar had collapsed leaving Sarah and the children with no fireplace. Henry and James went into the mountains and returned with pine logs to build a small house over the cellar with a dirt roof. Henry put in crops, built fences and began to farm.

Around 1860 Henry purchased land on North Creek from Matthew McQuan, about 3 miles north of Beaver. He homesteaded the land joining it, sold the little house, purchased some cows, a sheep, and a loom. Sarah made most of their clothing and Henry worked the land. On 11/8/1866 Henry was ordained an Elder and on 7/16/1871 was ordained a High Priest. Henry Gale died on 12/16/1891. Afterwards, the children built a house in Beaver for Sarah, near her son Henry C. Gale. She lived there until her death on 11/12/1905.

James said that his parents
…were always faithful and true to their religious convictions as long as they lived. Going through the trials and persecutions that were given the Church in those days, Father was sent to the Penitentiary for six months, and fined $300 by the enemies of the Church because he would not denounce the things upheld by its leaders. For his good conduct he was presented with a beautiful cane braided over with black horse hair and initials, "H.G." in gold letters stamped on the head of the cane.

As Father wished all his family to join with him in living the United Order as a family, I sold my improvements and moved to Father's home on North Creek three miles north of Beaver City. We got permission from the President of the Beaver Stake to do this. I went to Orderville, in Kane County, and moved my brother George and family to Father's and we all worked together for the summer. We attended the farm and my brothers George, Charles, Henry, Wandell and I went out to a mining camp and hauled wood until harvest time. We saw that we did not have land enough to farm and the place was too small to support us. The United Order was not supported by the Church sufficiently to sustain those that entered it, so the Order was discontinued. Father's family scattered. Father died the day after Christmas in 1891 at Beaver, Utah. Mother lived another fourteen years and died in Beaver, Utah on November 12, 1905. (James Gale)

IX. ELIZABETH (6/29/1845 - ??), who wrote a history of her family, married William Decatur Kartchner in the endowment house at Salt Lake and had 10 children. They lived in Panguitch Utah, Taylor, Arizona, and Snowflake Arizona. On 12/5/1880 the town petitioned for a Post Office and William Kartchner became Post Master. He died on 5/14/1892 leaving Elizabeth with a large family, all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day-Saints.
IX. JAMES (Living 1856) SEE BELOW
IX. GEORGE (?? - ??)
IX. REBECCA (1857 - ??) was born in the winter of 1857 in Las Vegas on the wagon trail.

IX. JAMES GALE (Living 1856) was born at an unknown date to Henry and Sarah Wills Gale. He was baptized by Elder Mathews on 12/26/1856. According to the history of his family, James married HANNAH DADE, daughter of Mary Halliday, on 11/18/1865 in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City. The story of his life is in his own words.

I [James Gale] was called to fill a mission to drive four yoke of oxen across the plains to the Missouri River at Nebraska City for the poor Saints whom the Church was helping to reach Salt Lake City. On the 13th of April, 1866 I started with a company of nine of the Beaver boys for Salt Lake City. Here we were organized into ten companies with ten captains, 456 teamsters, 49 mounted guards, 89 horses, 134 mules, 3042 oxen and 397 wagons. Daniel Thompson was our captain. President Brigham Young paid us for hauling some oats to Hams Fork mail station. That was the first money that I ever had and my first trip away from my Parents and the family. Fifty miles from Salt Lake City, in Echo Canyon, we had to stop on account of stormy weather. While there, I spent my 20th Birthday on the 6th of May 1866. We were compelled to keep day and night guard because of the marauding Indians that were so bad. Our train, one of eight, each containing 50 to 80 wagons, made the trip that year. We reached Wyoming landing 8 miles north of Nebraska City, on the Missouri River, on the 20th of Jun 1866.

With seven other teams, I was sent up the river one hundred miles to cross the river at the river's Mouth on a stream ferry. We went into Iowa, returning with flour for the emigrants. It was early in July and the weather was very hot. We had to travel up the Missouri River bottoms which were very sloughy and all took sick on the trip or soon after returning to the main camp.

The emigrants began to arrive about the 15th of July with 82 wagons and 520 passengers. We started on our trip July 24th.

During the first day of our journey to Salt Lake City, we traveled eight miles. My! What rejoicing from the Saints as they were going to Zion - and on foot! All had to walk that was able. The next morning after prayers and before starting, we buried an old gentleman who had just died. We continued traveling at about 15 or 20 miles each day, but some days had to drive farther to get suitable watering places. We had to gather wood as we could find it, but used buffalo chips most of the time. Our road was on the old Pioneer Trail up the north side of the Platte River. We were inspected in several places by U.S. Government officers. To prepare against Indian attacks we had to stand guard about every third day or night around the camp and the cattle. It was quite trying when our turn to stand guard after walking all day.

We had a prosperous trip and there was not much sickness. I did get quite sick with bowel trouble but my passengers of eight women and three children took all the care of me they could. They had formed an acquaintance on shipboard and had stuck together all the way. I was relieved of my sickness by eating wild cherries that we got at Cherry Creek. Every time we camped at night the train was corralled. One half of the train would make a circle to the right and the other half would circle to the left which formed a hollow circle. The inside of the wagon circle was used as a corral for the cattle with the wagon tongues on the outside. We all prepared the food as best we could with fires on the outside of the circle.

On crossing the Platte River, which was from a mile to a mile and a half wide and quite sandy, the passengers would join hands and wade the water. The river was from one to four feet deep and the line was about fifty people so the stronger ones could help the weaker ones. Sometimes it was very dangerous. At Fort Laramie we received letters from home. When we got to Independence Rock we saw a large lake that looked like ice, but we found it to be "saleratus" like crystals. We Gathered many sacks full to take on the road to use in raising our bread. In traveling up the Sweetwater, many of our cattle got alkali and many of them died. At the Little Sandy River we saw the ashes of the government wagons that were sent to Utah with provisions for the U.S. soldiers that were sent to destroy the Mormons at Goose Creek. At one place our train was stampeded just as we were all hitched up and ready to start. Two wagons were crushed in the four mile race. At Echo Canyon we saw the fortifications that were built to defend the Mormons from Johnston's army. The soldiers were held out until peace was established.

We entered Salt Lake City Oct 5, 1866 and unloaded our passengers at the Tithing Yard I started for Beaver, and on the 21st of Oct my parents and the family met me at Wildcat Canyon, north of Beaver. I was soon home after making a trip of 2200 miles with three yoke of oxen and one wagon in six months and seven days

II. SAMUEL GALE, ESQ. (Living 1690 - ??) OF ASHFIELD, QUEEN'S COUNTY, was the son of Anthony and (Unknown) Wandesford Gale. He married ALICIA/ELLICE/ELLIS GRACE (Living 1701), daughter of OLIVER GRACE ESQ. (?? - 6/8/1708) of Shanganagh, later Gracefield, and his wife ELIZABETH BRYAN, only surviving child of JOHN BRYAN of Bawnmore, Co. Kilkenny, and had four children. Oliver Grace served as a member of Parliament, Chief Remembrancer of the Exchequer of Ireland and a member of the Privy Council of King James II. The family were Irish Protestants..

Grace was descended from the Irish Grace family whose ancestors included Sir Oliver Grace, Knight of Ballylinch and Legan Castles, Co. Kilkenny, Lord of Carney, Tipperary, and Member of Parliament for that county in 1559. He married Mary, daughter of Sir Gerald Fitzgerald, 3rd Lord Decies, by his wife Ellice, daughter of Piers Butler, 8th Earl of Ormonde, a descendant of King Edward I and Charlemagne. [The name Piers is found in the family of JOHN GEALE ESQ. (Est. 1690s - By 1772) of
Mount Geale, Kilkenny, near Carlow, whose grandson, DANIEL GEALE (Est. 1760s - ??), had a son PIERS GEALE (Est. 1784 - 1846, age 62) -- SEE JOHN GEALE, BELOW] At his death, Oliver Grace was buried in the south wing of Arles Church (or Grace's Chapel) of which he was the founder.
III. ANTHONY GALE (Est. Early 1700 - ??) married (1) Mary Vicars in 1732 and (2) Margaret Tench Driscoll.
III. THOMAS (ca. 1710-15 - 1780) of
Sampson's Court, Queen's County, married Mable (Unknown) and had children.
III. HENRY (?? - ??)
III. JOHN (?? - ??)

III. ANTHONY GALE (Est. Early 1700 - Abt. 1775), son of Samuel and Alicia Grace Gale, married (1) MARY VICARS, daughter of Willianm Vicors of Levally, in 1732 and (2) MARGARET TENCH DRISCOLL (?? - Abt. 1769). As the eldest son, Anthony inherited the family estate, Ashfield Hall, and was the third member of the family to live there. Anthony served on a grand jury in Maryborough (later re-named Portlaoise) on 3/21/1746 with members of other prominent families connected with the Gales by intermarriage or through other associations. These men included William Fitzgerals, Anthony Sharp, Martin Delany and Robert Flood. The wills of Anthony Gale and Margaret Gale were filed in Carlow in 1775 and 1769 respectively.

IV. PETER GALE (Abt. 1736 - Living 1780) of
Ashfield married Mary Catherine Browne in 1758.
IV. MARY (Est. 1730s - ??) married James Fitzmaurice. On 4/12/1808 James and Mary Gale Fitzmaurice sold or leased a portion of
Ashfield Hall to a Mr. Brown.

IV. PETER GALE, ESQ. (Abt. 1736 - Living 1780) was born to Anthony and Mary Gale of Ashfield Hall. Peter graduated from Trinity College and in 1758 married MARY CATHERINE BROWNE, daughter of William Browne (1680 - 1772, age 82) of Browne's Hill, Carlow, and had children. Peter was named as trustee in the 1780 marriage of his cousin, Thomas Gale. He inherited Ashfield Hall, succeeded by his son Samuel.

V. SARAH (?? - ?? married an unknown man and had a son who went to New Zealand.
V. SAMUEL GALE (Abt. 1781 - ??) married Susanna Brush, daughter of James Brush of Dublin.

V. SAMUEL GALE (Abt. 1781 - ??), son of Peter and Mary Browne Gale, was a graduate of Trinity College. He married SUSANNA BRUSH, daughter of James Brush of Dublin, in Dunleckney, Carlow, on 9th January 1803, and had a son, Peter.

VI. PETER GALE (Est. 1803 - 1857) of Ashfield Hall, married Anna Maria Harriet Lynch.

VI. PETER GALE (1803 - 1857) OF ASHFIELD HALL was born to Samuel and Susanna Brush Gale about 1803, according to his age given at death. Peter married a widow, ANNA MARIA HARRIET LYNCH, on 6/20/1837. Anna Maria was the daughter of Captain Fleeson of the 6th Dragoon Guards and widow of Patrick Lynch of Ballycurrin Castle, Rocklands, Mayo. The marriage took place in St. George's, Hanover Square, London, on 20th June 6/20/1837. The marriage settlement was marked with deed 1837-14-19 which named Anna Maria Harriett Lynch of Talbot Street, Dublin, William Raymond Fitzmaurice of Carlow, John Fleeson of Cork City and Samuel Ryan of Great Britain Street, Dublin. Peter's arms were similar to those granted to the Whitehaven Gales.

Peter Gale was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he received a bachelor and masters degree. He later wrote a book on social conditions in Ireland and appeared on a list of Magistrates and Commissioners of the Peace for Queen's County between 1831 and 32. Listed as Peter Gale, Esq., Baryony of Slievemargy, he owned extensive property in Queen's County that included
Ashford (sic), Gales Hall, and Raheen. A list of Gale's tenants on his lands and their lease dates from 1832 to 1850 appear below. (

ASHFIELD HALL: Joseph Fishbourne, lease 11/18/1850
LOT 2: LOWER ASHFIELD: John Whitacre, lease 10/22/1850; Michael Brennan, weekly tenant; William C. Cooper, lease 10/27/1832; William Cody, lease 10/29/1832; John McDonald, lease 12/12/1849; Michael McDonald, lease 11/28/1850; Michael Nowlan, lease 10/22/1850.
LOT 3: MIDDLE ASHFIELD: Martin McDonald, representative of James McDaniel, lease 10/27/1832; Michael Deegan, lease 10/29/1832; Margaret King, representative of John King, lease 10/29/1832; James Foley, lease 6/24/1850.
LOT 4: UPPER ASHFIELD: Murtha Fleming, representative of James Fleming, lease 11/13/1832; James McDonald, representative of John McDonald, lease 10/29/1832; James Keeting, representative of Michael Keating, lease 10/27/1832; Patrick McDonald, representative of Peter McDonald, lease 10/29/1832; William Dogue, lease 4/3/1850; Thomas Lawler, lease 8/2/1850; Mrs. Margaret Cody, lease 6/24/1850; Widow Mary McDaniel, tenant from year to year ending on Marth 25th of each year.
LOT 5: LOWER GALE'S HILL: Gerald Nowlan, lease 10/27/1832; Gerald Nowlan as representative of John Hogan, lease 10/29/1832; John Nowlan, lease 10/29/1832; Thomas Nowlan, lease 10/22/1850.
LOT 6: MIDDLE GALE'S HILL: Patrick Doyle, lease 4/27/1850; Patrick Doyle as representative of Peter McDonald, lease 10/27/1832; Patrick Doyle, lease 12/5/1844, for life of William C. Cooper or 14 years from 3/25/1844; Maurice Doyle, lease 11/20/1850; Thomas McDonald, lease 6/4/1850 for the lives of the Princess Royal, Prince of Wales, and Princess Alice, or 31 years from 3/25/1850; Edward McDonald, lease from year to year; Thomas Doyle, lease 10/27/1832, for life of William C. Cooper, or 31 years form 3/25/1827; Thomas Moore, lease 12/8/1832; Michael Keating, representative of James Keating, lease 10/27/1832.
LOT 7: UPPER GALES HILL, OR COLLIERY DIVISION: James Donnelly, lease 6/4/1850; John Caroll, lease 10/22/1850; Peter Donnelly, lease 6/4/1850; Abbin Donnelly, lease 6/4/1850; James Fleming, lease 10/27/1832; James Horaghan, lease 10/22/1850; Martin Horaghan, lease year to year.
LOT 8: THE RAHEEN DIVISION: Jeffrey Fleming, lease 11/15/1832; Thomas Nowlan, lease 10/29/1832; John McDarby, representative of Thomas Doyle, lease 10/29/1832; John Darby, tenant from year to year.

Peter also owned a house in Carlow, about 5 miles from
Ashfield Hall. He was the last of the family to own Ashfield Hall and on 11/11/1851 he was forced to sell his real property to cover debts attributed to the loss of income resulting from the potato famine. An article dated 11/13/1851 in The Morning Chronicle at Dublin noted that Ashfield Hall, the estate of Peter Gale, had been divided into 12 lots and sold. Peter Gale died 10/28/1857 at age 54 and was buried at Monkstown Parish, barony of Kerrycurrihy, Province of Munster, County Cork, Ireland. His tomb was erected by his wife Anna Maria Harriet Gale. "This tome is erected by Anna Maria Harriette Gale in memory of her deceased husbband Peter Gale Esq 11 JP Ashfield Hall Queens Co. who departed this life the 28 th of October 1857 in the 5-1 ti1 year of his age." (

ARMS OF PETER GALE: Three saltires argent on a fess between 3 saltires azure, an anchor between 2 lions heads erased or: Whitehaven & Ashfield.
(An Alphabetical Dictionary of Coats of Arms belonging to families in Great Britain and Ireland)

III. THOMAS GALE (Est. 1710-15 - 1780) of Sampson's Court, Queen's County, was born to Samuel and Alicia Grace Gale. He married MABEL (UNKNOWN) and had at least two sons. A marriage settlement dated 11/14/1780 identified family members as Thomas Gale of Sampson's Court, Queen's Co. and his wife Mabel; Anthony Gale, second son of Thomas; Peter Gale of Ashfield Hall, Queen's County; Stephen Fitzgerald of Ballynakill, Queen's County; and Ann Delaney, eldest daughter of Malachi Delany of Rathleagne, Queen's County. Thomas lived at Sampson's Court in Queen's County and was also associated with the property named Bellbrook, previously known as Barnadunty.

IV. THOMAS (Living 1763) of Sampson's Court and Bellbrook.
IV. ANTHONY (ca. 1740 - ??) second son of Thomas Gale, married Anne Delany, daughter of Malachi Delany, in 1780 and had children.

IV. THOMAS GALE (Living 1763) of the 17th Regiment was the son of Thomas and Mabel Gale and is identified as Thomas of Sampson's Court and of Bellbrook. He married ANNE SHERIDAN on 3/5/1763 in Dublin and had children.

V. Anne (Est. 1779- 4/18/1813, age 34) married Henry Ellis in April, 1795.
V. Anthony (ca. 1775 - ??) married in February, 1808, to Eleanor/Elinor Aldis.

V. ANTHONY GALE (ca. 1775 - ??), Lt. 17th Regiment, married in February of 1808 to ELEANOR/ELINOR ALDIS/OLDIS. A deed dated 2/27/1808 detailed a marriage settlement between the families of Anthony Gale and Eleanor Aldis or Oldis. The parties to the deed were Thomas Gale of Bellbrook; Francis Oldis of Mount Trafalgar, Kilkenny, who was the father of the bride; Henry Ellis of Rockbrook, Kilkenny; Lieutenant Anthony Gale of the 17th Regiment, 2nd son of the said Thomas Gale of Bellbrook; and Elinor Aldis, 2nd daughter of Francis Aldis.

VI. CHARLOTTE GALE (1828 - 9/19/1849) who died in Killabin, Queen's County.
VI. THOMAS FRANCIS GALE (1810, Bellbrook, Queen's Co. - 1857, Graigue, Queen's Co. ) of married (1) Emily Amelia McKay in 1832 and (2) Anna Fuller (?? - 1854) in 1841.

VI. THOMAS FRANCIS GALE (1810 - 1857) of Barrow View, Carlow, married (1) EMILY/AMELIA MCKAY on 5/21/1832 and (2) ANNA FULLER (1804 - 6/14/1854, Barrow View House) only daughter of Adam Fuller, Esq. of Woodfield, Kings Co, on 6/8/1841. During the 1850s, Thomas Francis was leasing 206 acres in Moyadd, Queen's County from Peter Gale of Ashfiled Hall. In 1847, Thomas Francis Gale was noted at 8 Warrington Place, Dublin; at 10 Warrington Place, as was Mrs. Gale, mother of Thomas Francis Gale.

ROBERT PETER GALE (ca. 1843-48) was presented with a mug by Peter Gale, Esq. of
Ashfield Hall.
EMILY GALE (6/22/1833 at 3 Warrington Place, Dublin - 9/14/1876, Carlow) married George Percival Wilson (1832, Parish of Killeshin, Queen's Co. - ??) on 10/19/1857) Their children were born at Somerton House, Killeshin, Barrow View, Carlow, and Greenhill Cottage, Killeshin. Robert Peter Gale was a witness at Emily's marriage in Dublin.
ROBERT PETER GALE (2/28/1836, 7 Warrington Place, Dublin - ??) -- On 6/20/1843 Master Rob' Peter Gale was presented a mug by Peter Gale, Esq. of
Ashfield Hall.

IV. ANTHONY GALE (Living 1784), was born to Thomas and Mabel Gale. He married ANNE DELANY, daughter of Malachi and Jane Sabatier Delany of Ireland. The will of Mall Delany [probably a derivative of Malachi] of Ballinakill, dated 11/6/1784 and proved 1/20/1785, mentioned his un-named daughter and her husband Anthony Gale. Following the death of Anthony, Anne married a second time.

V. JOHN (?? - ??) A John Gale was named in Anthony's marriage settlement. John was also named in 2/19/1770 when he deeded a house on Merrion Square, Dublin, to Robert Fitzgerald noted as being next door to another of Gale's properties. On 12/11/1787 the same property was mentioned in a deed from Grantham Gale, hosier of Dublin, and Samuel Gale of Naas, Kildare, to one Joseph Hone of Dublin. Anthony and Anne Gale had seven children. Unfortunately Gale was plagued with alcoholism and mental problems and died insane. Following his death, Anne Delany Gale remarried.
V. FRANCES (Living 1800) married John Kearney and immigrated to America aboard the ship
Dublin Packet in 1828 with her son Anthony and daughters Ann (?? - ??), Bridget (?? - ??), Frances (1809 - ??), John (1811 - ??), and Jane (1813 - ??). Her daughter Bridget Kearney married Richard McCunney.
V. JANE (Living 1796) married Patrick Glascott and had two daughters, Mary in 1796 and Frances in 1797.
V. PARNELL (1772 - ??) was mayor of Galway in 1817.
V. MALL/MALACHI (?? - Will 1784) married Catherine Holland and had children. The family emigrated to the US in 1817.
V. WILLIAM (ca. 1778 - ??) Captain, of
Valleyfield, Ballyroan, m. (Unknown) Mitchell and 2) Eliza Baldwin (?? - 9/25/1875).
V. LT. ANTHONY GALE (1782 - 1843) married Catherine Swope on 1/4/1800 and had two children.
V. THOMAS GALE (?? - ??) of
Valleyfield married (1) - (Unknown) and 2) Harriet Thomas and had children.

V. MALL/MALACHI (?? - Will 1784) married CATHERINE HOLLAND and had children baptised in the Catholic Ballinakill ChurcH. The family emigrated to the US aboard the Catherine, leaving Dublin on 7/14/1817 and arriving in Philadelphia on 9/24/1817.

VI. ANTHONY (1801 - ??)
VI. HELLEN (1802 - ??)
VI. MARGARET (1804 - ??)
VI. CATHERINE (1806 - ??)
VI. PARNELL (1808 - ??)
VI. MALACHI (1811 - ??)

V. CAPTAIN WILLIAM GALE (ca. 1778 - ??) OF VALLEYFIELD, BALLYROAN was born about 1778 to Anthony and Anne Delany Gale in Ballinakill, Queen's County. According to a blog post by Allison Stewart at DubStewartMania, William became blind and was discharged from his regiment on 5/18/1802 at age 24. "His Majesty's 13th Regiment of Lt.Dragoons whereof General Fras. Craig is Colonel. These are to certify that the bearer hereof, William Gale, Serjeant in Capt.Bennett's Troop of the aforesaid regiment, born in the Parish of Ballinakil (sic) in the County of the Queen - aged 24 years - and by Trade a farmer - hath served honestly and faithfully in the said Regiment two years and a half; having borne a commission of Ensign one year and a half in the Wallace Fencible Infantry - but by reason of a violent inflammatory terminating nearly with a loss of vision, occurring during a march from Norwich to Colchester - is hereby discharged and humbly recommended as a proper object of His Majesty's Royal Bounty of CHELSEA HOSPITAL...." (Ipswich Barracks, 18th May 1802.) William married 1) (UNKNOWN) MITCHELL. He married 2) ELIZA BALDWIN and had children. Eliza died in Limerick on 9/25/1875 at age 68 and was s noted as the widow of William Gale of Valleyfield, Ballyroan, Laois.

VI. WILLIAM (ca. 1810, Laois- ??) a teacher and scripture reader of Carlow, married Eliza Baldwin in 1832. Their son, JOHN THOMAS GALE, married Maria Culbert in 1861.
VI. GRACE (1824 - 1895) married William Thompson, son of Robert Thompson, in Durrow, Queen's County, on 9/12/1849.
VI. THOMAS (?? - ??) drowned while swimming in the River Barrow in Athy, Co. Kildare in July of 1834. (By Ms. Mitchell Gale)
VI. ALICE BALDWIN (?? - ??) married Thomas Hasset in Limerick in 1871. Her mother Eliza died at their home on Westland Street.
VI. PARNELL (?? - ??) of Cork. His son was John Gale (7/5/1854 - 10/3/1916) of Hollymount and the Under Sheriff of Cork. He married, on 8/22/1876, Mary Diana, daughter of the late Thomas Atkins, of Cork.
VI. SAMUEL P. (?? - ??) immigrated to America and married a cousin, Mary Burchell.

V. LT. ANTHONY GALE (1782 - 1842) was born in Queen's County, Ireland, on 9/17/1782 to Anthony and his wife Ann Delany Gale. In 1793 he immigrated to Philadelphia from Ireland and was appointed to the Marine Corps on 7/26/1798. A month prior to that, on 6/15/1798 he petitioned to become a citizen of the United States and completed the naturalization process on 11/27/1801. On 1/4/1800 Anthony married CATHERINE "KITTY" SWOPE, daughter of Rev. Benedict Swope, in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. They settled in Philadelphia and had three children.

Anthony served as teh 4th Commandant of the US Marine Corps. He was later engaged in moving French prisoners of war from New Castle, Delaware, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. During the winter of the same year he received orders to sea, serving first aboard the 24-gun frigate
Ganges that sailed to the Caribbean in protection of the Jamaica trade. At sea the Marine Corps sailed with the Navy and conflicts between the two forces often led to duels. Gale's commander, William Ward Burrows, was well known for supporting his men in conflicts with naval officers and urged them to defend themselves. During the voyage a Navy lieutenant, Allan McKenzie, had relieved a Marine sentry from duty and had him placed in irons, after which Gale, then a third lieutenant, called McKenzie a rascal and struck him. A duel followed during which McKenzie was killed. Burrows backed Gale and reported that, "on board the Ganges, about 12 mo[nths] ago, Lt. Gale was struck by an officer of the Navy…he call'd the lieutenant out, and shot him; afterwards politeness was restored….It is hoped that this may be a lesson to the Navy officers to treat the Marines as well as their officers with some respect." While still aboard the Ganges, Gale was appointed as first lieutenant on 3/2/1799 but on November 15th of the same year he left the ship.

In April of 1800 Gale reported to the ship
Portsmouth, moored in New York harbor, and served until October of 1801 when he was appointed as commander of the Philadelphia Marine Barracks, a post he held until February of 1803. He left the Washington Navy Yard and returned to sea on 4/2/1804 sailing aboard the frigate President and arriving in Malta on 9/5/1804. On 4/24/1804 he was informed of his promotion to captain and brevet major, pending Senate approval. After his promotion Anthony joined several other marine officers intent on continuing their service in the Mediterranean and signed aboard the frigate Constitution in July of 1805 but on 10/31/1805 he was transferred to the frigate John Adams. On December 3rd of the same year he returned with the ship to the Washington Navy Yard and was later dispatched to Philadelphia.

Then a Brevet Major, Anthony Gale commanded the Marine Barracks at Philadelphia from April 1807 to July of 1817 again serving, apparently successfully, under William Burrows. Burrows' successor was Franklin Wharton, a strict commandant who began to question Gale's military conduct. Beginning in 1815 another officer, Captain Henry H. Forde, wrote to Wharton demanding Gale's arrest and court martial charging him with encouraging mutiny, entering into a commercial venture with his orderly sergeant, and exhibiting conduct "derogatory to the character and honor of an officer." (Millett & Shulimson) Court convened in Philadelphia on 3/9/1816 and numerous witnesses testified on Gale's behalf. On 3/25/1816 the court found in favor of Gale and after careful review of the transcripts it appeared that the charges resulted from a disgruntled subordinate. Additional charges against Gale's conduct were brought by his successor at the barracks in Philadelphia, John Gamble and on 2/14/1819 a new inquiry began. Despite Gamble's damaging testimony the lack of evidence resulted in a second victory for Gale and suggested another attempt to discredit his service. By this time Franklin Wharton had died and Gale was next in line to assume his command. Most Marine Corps officers agreed that he was unfit and supported another officer for the position, but because of Gale's seniority he was appointed as Fourth Commandant on 3/3/1819.

By this time Gale's reputation included having little combat experience, alcoholism matched with an Irish temper, indifference to administrative procedures, conduct unbecoming an officer and other damaging charges. After about a month in office his conduct came to the attention of then Secretary of the Navy Smith Thompson. Gale wrote what was described as a rambling letter to Thompson that went unanswered. His inability to deal with Thompson, along with the other problems of his command, led to increased alcoholism and mental problems.

He was confined to his quarters on 9/7/1820 and on 9/18/1820 a third trial was held in which Gale pled not guilty to a litany of charges. Although he enjoyed a level of support for his position, his fate was determined by the Navy surgeon attached to the barracks. According to his testimony, the surgeon "considered him a madman and drunkard and…suggested that his mental disorder may have resulted from intemperance." (Millett & Shulimson) On 9/28/1820 the court found Anthony Gale guilty of all charges and on October 19th of that year, while still confined, he was dismissed, without a pension, as Commandant of the Marine Corps. Catherine Gale appealed to the Secretary on her husband's behalf, reporting that his mental condition had worsened resulting in confinement in an institution, but her efforts were in vain.

In 1826 Gale and his family left Philadelphia and purchased 158 acres of land on Dick's River in Lincoln County, Kentucky. Impoverished and in ill health, he appealed for relief and finally received a monthly stipend of $15.00 that was later increased to $30.00. Sadly, his problems continued and in 1840 his failure to repay a small loan resulted in foreclosure. He again sank into alcoholism and was confined once more in a mental hospital. In his last letter he pleaded for an increase in his pension stating, "I cannot remain long in this vale of tears. I am now on the verge of the grave." Anthony Gale died on 12/12/1842 of either tuberculosis or lung cancer. Catherine survived for another four years and their children continued to live in poverty, appearing periodically in hope of receiving their father's pension.

VI. AMELIA (?? - ??) died in infancy
VI. WILLIAM A. (?? - ??)
VI. EMILY K. (Living 1830) married William S. Campobell on 6/30/1830 in Kentucky where her father had settled.

V. CAPTAIN THOMAS GALE (ca. 1777- By 1834) of Valleyfield , son of Anthony and Anne Delaney Gale, joined the 87th Regiment as a 30 year old ensign in November of 1807 and also served in the 12th Foot. His military records on the UK National Archives Discovery site note that he lived for five years in France and occasionally in Ireland prior to 1818. Thomas married (1) - (UNKNOWN) and 2) HARRIET THOMAS in Dublin on 2/8/1808. The Gentleman's Magazine of 1808 reported, "At Dublin, Thomas Gale, Esq., Captain of the 87th Regiment to Miss Thomas, daughter of the late Rev. Henry Thomas." Children were born to both marriages.

Captain Thomas Gale of
Valleyfield died by 1834 according to a deed naming Harriet as his widow. In 1838, another deed named children of Thomas and Harriet Thomas Gale as JAMES, HARRIET AND ELIZABETH, all of Athy, Co. Kildare.

VI. ANTHONY GALE (?? - ??) eldest son of Thomas Gale of
Valleyfield and the heir to Peter Gale, immigrated at some point to America.
VI. SHARP THOMAS (Abt. 1796 - 1876) also immigrated to America. He was not named in his Father's military records since he was not living at home at the time. Sharp Gale, as he came to be known, had power of attorney for Anthony Gale, presumably his uncle, as noted in a land deed in 1861 when Sharp sold a share in property to William and Henry Robert Perry that was formerly owned by the late Anthony Gale of Sampson's Court, afterwards held by Thomas Gale of Sampson's Court and by Thomas Gale of Barnadunty. Sharp Thomas Gale died in 1876. His obituary, published in the
Philadelphia Inquirer on 2/21/1876 stated, "On the 15th inst., at the advanced age of 80 years, Thomas Sharp Gale, eldest son of the late Thomas Gale, of Valleyfield, Queen's County, Ireland. He was a nephew of the late Colonel Gale, United States Marine Corps, and cousin of the late Sharp Delany, first collector of the Port of Philadelphia under George Washington." Members of Sharp's family went to Canada.
VI. FRANCES (9/2/1800 - ??), eldest daughter of Thomas Gale, married William W. Fitzgerald of Ballyroan, Queen's County, on 10/30/1828.
VI. MARGARET (11/5/1802)

VI. JAMES (11/5/1810 - ??)
VI. HARRIET (1817 - ??)
VI. ELIZA (1/19/1820 - ??)
Joseph Geale (Living 1698) of Goldenfields,
Kilkenny, Ireland
II. John (Est. 1690s - By 1772) & Elizabeth Evans (Est. 1697 - 1772)
III. Ann or Elizabeth (?? - 1758) m. John Humfreys/Humphreys (?? - 1758) on 4/27/1747.
III. Joseph (?? - ??)
III. Ebenezer (?? - ??)
III. Two unnamed sons
III. Benjamin (?? - 1792) m. Ann Falkiner and had children.
V. Anne (Est. 1790s - 1825) m. 1818 at Cheltenham Aaron Crossley-Seymour, Esq. (12/19/1789 - ??)
V. Several sons, one of whom suppposedly went to America.
IV. John (1752 - 1820) m. Anne Jackson and had a daughter & several unknown sons, one of whom went to America.
IV. Frederick (Abt. 1755 - ??) m. Letitia Brady. Five sons and three daughters.
V. Isabella (?? - ??)
V. Elizabeth (Aft. 1781)
V. Letitia (Aft. 1781)
V. Benjamin (?? - ??) m. Catherine Wilde
V. Frederick (?? - ??) unmarried
V. John (?? - 1815)
V. Henry (?? - 1818)
V. Daniel (Aft. 1781) m. Anne Bickey
IV. Daniel (Est. 1760s - ??) m. (Unknown) and had children
VI. Elizabeth (1804 - 1896, London) m. 1825 (1) Sir Marcus Somerville & (2) Hugh Fortescue, 2nd Earl Fortescue, 1841.
VI. Marcus (1806 - ??)
VI. Charlotte (1810 - ??) m. 1840 Edward Houston Caulfield
VI. Hamilton (1814 - ??) second husband of Elizabeth Lee
VI. Mary Ann (ca. 1815 - 1865) m. 1833 Robert Griffith Williams, St. George's Church, Dublin
VI. Edward (1816 - ??) succeeded his father as Crown Solicitor.
VI. Annabelle (ca. 1818 - ??) living 1851
VI. Piers (ca. 1821 - 1851, New Zealand)
VI. William (1823 - 1907) married Isabella Henrietta Letitia Wybrants
VI. Georgina (Bef. 1830 - 1909)
VI. Sophia (?? - 1875)
VI. Catherine (?? - ??) m. 1843 to Henry Sneyd French, Esq.
V. Piers (Est. 1784 - 1845, age 62) m. Catherine Crofton and had children.
V. Probably others
IV. Elizabeth (?? - 1792)
IV. Anne (?? - ??)

I. JOSEPH GEALE OF GOLDENFIELD, KILKENNY (Living 1699) married (UNKNOWN) and had children, namely John and Elizabeth. A pedigree among the papers found by Peter J. Clarke noted that Joseph Geale of Goldenfield was a lessee in 1699 in the Barony of Cranagh and listed children as Elizabeth Geale, John Geale.

A deed dated 10/13/1720 named JOSEPH GEALE of
Goldenfield, Kilkenny, Gentleman, and his son and heir, JOHN GEALE. "Said Joseph grants to EDWARD EVANS and sd. FOWKES (Samuel Fowkes of Waterford) as trustees, 11 1/2 acres of Adamstown in bar. of Cranagh, co. Kilkenny, being formerly land granted to John Sandes by his late Majesty King Wm. by Letters Patent under Great Seal of Ireland and also 68 acres of Rakely formerly in possess. of Mr. Charles Colles in bar. of Cranagh - and also all the estate of said Joseph in the Porth Ward of city of Kilkenny in Leigh's Lane - also assignment to sd. JOHN GEALE and ELIZABETH EVANS lands of Curragh Kehoe and Bally Knocke and that part of Damagle formerly held by Valentine Smith of Kilkenny gentleman - containing in all 875 ac. plantation measure all in bar. of Cranagh, deposed in as large and ample a manner as same were devised by Valentine Smith to said Joseph Geale for 99 years commencing 25 March 1699, determinable with the lives of said Joseph Gale (sic.) Elizabeth Gale his eldest daughter and Theobald Molloy eldest son of ROBERT MOLLOY of Salleen [?] co. Kilkenny by an Indenture of Lease da. 4 Jan 1698 -- To hold to said John Geale and Elizabeth Evans and survivors of them after marriage. Wit. Joseph Evans of Kilkenny, gent., Thos. Cantwell of same, gent. and (to Memorial sd. Cantwell and John Deffarroy of Kilkenny Aldermen)." (Clarke) On 3/25/1723, JOSEPH GEALE and his son, JOHN GEALE, both of Goldfield (sic), Kilkenny, were named in a land deed with one LUKE SHEE. Joseph also appears in land records cited by Peter J. Clarke from the Registry and Memorials of Deeds beginning 1708 listing a number of deeds naming individuals of this family.

II. ELIZABETH (Living 1699) eldest daughter of Joseph Geale.
II. JOHN (Est. 1690s - By 1772) of
Mount Geale married Elizabeth Evans (Est. 1697 - 1772).
II. POSSIBLY JOSEPH (?? - After 1774) married SARAH (UNKNOWN) -- One Joseph Gale (sic) -- (5/22/1774 - ??) was born to the lady of JOSEPH GALE of Mount Gale on 5/22/1774 and listed as Joseph's son and heir. Additionally, HANNAH ANNA GEALE (Bapt. 1790 - 9/15/1836, Athy), daughter of JOSEPH and SARAH GEALE, married ROBERT MOLLOY (1779 - 1836), Merchant, of Athy, Co. Kildare. Their children were Thomas, Joseph Geale, George, Ebenezer, Hannah Anne, Frederick, William and Hannah Molloy, born between 1809 and 1827). The family was buried at St. John's, Athy. [See listing by Peter J. Clarke on FINDAGRAVE.

II. JOHN GALE/GEALE, ESQ. (Est. 1690s - By 1772), GENT. OF MOUNT GEALE, KILKENNY, IRELAND was born to Joseph and (Unknown) Geale around 1690 and married ELIZABETH EVANS (ca. 1697 - 1772), son of Henry Evans, and had children. Mrs. Elizabeth Geale, relict of the late John Geale Esq. died at Mount Geale, on 8/29/1772, age 75.

On 11/8-9/1722, John Geale of Ballynakill, Queen's Co, gent. was named in a deed of lease and release with Francis Duggan of Balgriffin, Co. Dublin. "Confines to Duggan - that part of the Castle town and lands of Goslingstowne formerly the estate of John Geale senior deceased, 31 acres plantation measure in bar. of Shillclogher co. Kilkenny in same manner as it was held by Capt. Thos. Richards and the said John Gale (sic.) senior." Covt. of Redemption, Wit. W. Gray of Cuddagh Queens co. and John Daly of Culleehill in the same county, gent. and Edwd. Dalleny, servt. to said Duggan." (Clarke)

III. ANN or ELIZABETH (?? - 1758), daughter of John Geale, Gent. of
Mount Geale, married John Humfreys/Humphreys (?? - ??) of Carlow, Gent. on 4/27/1747. They were both Protestants.
III. JOSEPH (?? - ??)
III. EBENEZER (?? - ??)
III. BENJAMIN (?? - 11/15/1792), third son of John Geale, married Ann Falkiner, daughter of Frederick Falkiner, Esq. and had children.

III. BENJAMIN GEALE (?? - 11/15/1792) OF MOUNT GEALE & DUBLIN was the son of John Geale. On 4/27/1748, BENJAMIN GEALE, GENT. of Dublin and JOHN GEALE of Mount Geale, Kilkenny, deeded Benjamin's portion of Adamstown, Kilkenny, "for the heirs of Joseph, Benjamin and Ebenezer Geale, sons of the above named John Geale." (Clarke) One of the witnesses to the deed was HENRY GEALE, MERCHANT. A deed dated 4/24/1751 named JOHN GEALE of Mount Geale, Gent., of the first part, FREDERICK FALKINER of Abbitstown of the second part, BENJAMIN GEALE, third son of JOHN GEALE of Mount Geale of the third part and Daniel Jalkiner of Dublin and Robert Snow of Waterford of the fourth part.

On 9/7/1750 he married ANNE FALKINER (1730 - ??), the eldest daughter of Frederick Falkiner, Esq. and his wife Elizabeth Hamilton of Abbotstown. Benjamin and Anne Falkiner Geale had children.
An indenture on 9/27/1750 notes JOHN GEALE and Evans of the first part, Frederick Falkiner of the second part, Daniel Falkner and Robert Snow of the third part, BENJAMIN GEALE of the fourth part, and Ann Falkiner Geale of the fifth part. Witnesses included SARAH GEALE and ELIZABETH GEALE, SPINSTER, of Mount Geale.

Benjamin was sheriff of Dublin in 1758 and an Alderman and Lord Mayor of Dublin in 1764. He became city treasurer in 1772 and was one of the founders and first directors of the Grand Canal Company and its treasurer. After his father's death Benjamin inherited
Mount Geale and a "fortune" of £3,000. Mount Geale remained in the family for many years; although by 1800 one William Shearman was the owner. On 2/25/1801 the "stock of William Shearman, dec'd." was sold at auction at Mount Gale and on 4/3/1801 the "dwelling house & demesne of Mountgeale, lately in possession of William Shearman, Esq." was available to let. From 1810 to 1827 Richard Hutchinson was listed at Mount Geale. On 8/26/1830 there was a report of a ghost at Mountgale (sic) and on 11/27/1830 the "house & demesne of Mountgale" was again available to let. It was available again on 12/31/1831 and was described as the estate of the late Benjamin Geale Esq. (

IV. JOHN (1752 - 7/25/1820) married Anne Jackson, daughter of C. Jackson, Esq. of Nottinghamshire, and the widow of a Mr. Kelly. .
IV. FREDERICK (Abt. 1755 - ??) married Letitia Brady, daughter of P. Brady, Esq., and had thee daughters and five sons.
IV. DANIEL (Est. 1760s) married an unknown woman and had at least one son, Piers Geale.
IV. ELIZABETH (?? - 11/15/1792) unmarried.
IV. ANNE (?? - ??) unmarried, died at Montaban, France

IV. JOHN GEALE (1752 - 1820) of Lincoln's Inn and Mt. Geale was born to Benjamin and Anne Falkiner Gale. John married ANNE JACKSON, daughter of C. Jackson, Esq. of Nottinghamshire and the widow of a Mr. Kelly. John Geale was her second husband and they had a daughter, Anne, and supposedly several sons who went to America. John Geale was a director and treasurer of the Dublin Fire Insurance Association in 1808. He died on 7/25/1820.

V. ANNE (1795 - 2/28/1825) was the only daughter and heiress of John Geale, Esq. of
Mount Geale in Co. Kilkenny. On 4/3/1818 at Castletown, Queen's Co., she married Aaron Crossley-Seymour, Esq. (12/19/1789 - ??) of Castletown House, Queen's County and had a son, John Crossley Geale (11/11/1819 - ??) and several daughters. Aaron Crossly-Seymour was a descendant of Jane Seymour, the third wife of King Henry VIII.
V. UN-NAMED DAUGHTER (?? - Buried 2/26/1750, Carlow Parish Church)

IV. FREDERICK GEALE (Abt. 1755 - ??) was born at an unknown date to Benjamin and Anne Falkiner Gale. He married LETITIA BRADY (Abt/ 1760 - ??), of Ross Lane, Co. Cavan, daughter of P. Brady, Esq., in 1781 and had children.

V. BENJAMIN (Aft. 1781 - 1859) married Catherine Wild, daughter of Charles Wild, Esq.
V. FREDERICK (Aft. 1781 - ??) died unmarried; possibly the Frederick Geale, Lieutenant, 13th light Dragoons, killed at Geta, France, on 2/27/1814.
V. JOHN (1790 - 1815 at Waterloo) of Dublin, Lieutenant, 13th Light Dragroons, killed at Waterloo, 6/18/1815; Probate 8/27/1816 (P.J. Clark, National Archives, Kew)
V. DANIEL (Aft. 1781 - ??) married Anne Bickley, daughter of Benjamin Bickley, Esq. of Bristol.
V. HENRY (1798 - 1818)
V. ISABELLA (Aft. 1781 - ??) married in 1819 to James Thorpe, Esq. of Dublin.
V. ELIZABETH (Bapt. 12/20/1795, St. Mary's, Dublin - 1820) of
Bachelor's Walk, Dublin, married her cousin William Richardson, Esq., , an officer in the Horse Guards. There were no children.
V. LETITIA (Abt. 1781 - 1819) of
Bachelor's Walk, Dublin, married Rev. William Bushe, Rector of St. George's, Dublin, and Templepont, Co. Cavan.

V. BENJAMIN GEALE (Aft. 1781 - 1859) was born after 1781 to Frederick and Leticia Brady Gale. Benjamin married CATHERINE WILDE, daughter of Charles and Mary Tipping Wilde, Esq. No children were found. In 1841 Benjamin Gale of Mount Gale (sic) assumed the name and arms of Brady, his mother's family. In 1859 Benjamin Geale Brady, Esq., age 78, of Mount Geale died at his residence, 38 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin. (Cavan Observer, 2/5/1859)

ARMS: Quarterly 1 & 4 - BRADY: ar. A Dexter cubit arm in pale spume's per. Vested gu, and in chief ppr. A mullet as. ARMS: Quarterly 2 & 3 - GEALE: az. On a fess between three satires or, an anchor as between two lion's heads erased of the field languid go. CREST - BRADY: A cherub's head and neck per. Between two wings or. CREST - GEALE: A unicorn's head and neck or charged with an anchor as. MOTTO: Clarita dextral.

V. DANIEL GALE (Aft. 1781 - ??), son of Frederick and Letitia Brady Gale, married ANNE BICKLEY, daughter of Benjamin Bickley, Esq. of Bristol, and had a daughter, Anna Leticia Gale.

VI. ANNA LETICIA GALE (?? - ??) was described as the only child of Captain Daniel Gale, RN. She married James Henry Todd-Thornton on 9/13/1850

IV. DANIEL GEALE (Abt. 1774 - ??) was born to Benjamin and Anne Falkiner Gale at an unknown date. He married (UNKNOWN) and had at least two sons, Benjamin and Piers Gale.

V. PIERS (Est. 1784 - 4/7/1846, age 62) married Catherine Crofton and had several children.
V. BENJAMIN (Living 1813)

V. PIERS GEALE (Est. 1784 - 1846) was born around 1784 in Dublin to Daniel Gale and an unknown wife. He married (1) LETITIA BRADSHAW, daughter of Captain Bradshaw, and (2) CATHERINE LOWTHER-CROFTON (Abt. 1776 - 8/8/1856, age 80), of 13 Mountjoy Square West, daughter of Marcus and Catherine Lowther - Crofton, on 7/21/1803. They had ten children including several daughters who were described as great beauties. Piers was the Crown Solicitor of the Northern Circuit and his home, at 654 Mountjoy Square, West Dublin, was called the "House of Lords" because so many of his daughters had married noblemen. He died on 4/7/1846, age 80, and was buried at St. Brigid Church of Ireland, Castleknock, Dublin. Catherine Lowther-Crofton Geale died on 8/8/1856 at age 80 and was also buried at St. Brigid Church.

VI. ELIZABETH (1804 - 5/4/1896, London) married (1) Sir Marcus Somerville on 4/7/1825 and (2) Hugh Fortescue (2/13/1783 - 9/14/1861). [See Below] Fortescue succeeded his father at
Castle Hill House in 1841 and had first married Lady Susan Ryder who died in 1827. His marriage to Elizabeth Geale took place on 7/26/1841 at Vice-Regal Lodge, Dublin, Ireland, and afterwards he served as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland from 1839 to 1841. In addition to his political career, Hugh Fortescue was a philanthropist and helped found West Buckland School. He owned the family estate in Devon, Castle Hill House, which he enlarged by raising the roof and adding another floor to accommodate his son Hugh, the 3rd Earl Fortescue, who succeeded his father in 1861. Elizabeth Geale Fortescue died in 1896 at 68 Brook Street, London.
VI. MARCUS (1806 - ??)
VI. CHARLOTTE (1810 - 11/11/1840) married Edward Houston Caulfield on 11/11/1840.
VI. HAMILTON (1814 - ??) was described as the brother of the Countess Fortescue and was the second husband of Elizabeth Lee. Hamilton owned a property known as the
Geale Estate in the parish of Clonfert, barony of Duhallow, Co. Cork and in the parish of Darragh, barony of Coshlea, Co. Limerick. He was a barrister and Justice of the Peace in Co. Limerick and in 1878 was living at Darragh Lodge, Kilfinnane, Co. Limerick. In the 1870s he owned substantial acreage in Cork and Limerick.
VI. MARY ANNE (ca. 1815 - 4/13/1865), described as the third daughter of Piers Gale, Esq. married Robert Griffith Williams in 1833 at St. George's Church, Dublin.
VI. EDWARD (1816 - ??) succeeded his father as Crown Solicitor.
VI. ANNABELLE (ca. 1818 - ??) appeared on the 1851 census with her sister Elizabeth and brother-in-law Hugh Fortescue at 1
Castle Hill House, Filleigh, Devon, England.
VI. PIERS (ca. 1821 - 1851) was a 2nd Lt. in the 5th Fusiliers. In 1842 he faced a court martial but instead retired "by the sale of his commission." He was described in an article in
The Times on 11/14/1842 as the brother of the Countess Fortescue. He died on 10/7/1851 in Auckland, New Zealand. (
VI. WILLIAM GALE (1823 - 1/3/1907) married Isabella Henrietta Letitia Wybrants and assumed the name and arms of Wybrants by Royal License dated 3/16/1877.
VI. GEORGINA (Bef. 1830 - 1909)
VI. SOPHIA (?? - 11/15/1875) was buried with Piers and Catherine at St. Brigid Church, Castleknock, co. Dublin, Ireland.
VI. CATHERINE (Ca. 1817 - 2/3/1845) married Henry Sneyd French, Esq. on 3/10/1843.
Castle Hill House, Devon, estate of the Fortescue Family
JOHN GEALE (?? - 4/6/1750), Buried 4/7/1750 at Carlow Parish Church.
JOHN GEALE (?? - Aft. 1757) left a will filed in Carlow in 1757.
JOHN & MARY GEALE OF CARLOW: Daughter JANE GEALE (9/30/1749 - ??) was baptized at Carlow Parish Church, 10/8/1749; daughter ANN GEALE (Abt. 1691 - ??) married in 1712 Samuel Fowlkes, Diocese Of Ossory, Leinster Province; daughter ELEANOR GEALE (Bapt. 4/28/1799, St. Catherine's, Dublin - ??) of Cork Street, Dublin; daughter LETITIA GEALE (Bapt. 1803, St. Nicholas Without, Dublin - ??) of Plunket Street; son WILLIAM GEALE (Bapt. 1804, St. Nicholas Without, Dublin - ??) of Patrick Street; son JOHN GEALE (1816 - ??) and daughter, MARY GEALE (1818 - ??).
PETER GALE (Living 1740s) of Carlow married ELLEN JACOB, sister of Michael Jacob, surgeon of Ballynakill, Ireland.

MICHAEL GALE (Est. 1630 - ??), Captain, was mentioned in a deposition by Henry Browne of Cork, Gent., aged 33, dated 6/25/1663. (Calendar of the State Papers relating to Ireland preserved in the Public Record Office, Vol. II, 1663 - 1665; Robert Prestland McHaffey, B. A., London, 1907)

JOHN GEALE (Living 1808), Committee member for erection of Nelson's Pillar, Dublin [listed on plaque dated 2/15/1808]
JOHN GEALE, ESQ. (Living 1824) Banker, Jervis Street, Dublin.

DANIEL GEALE (Living 1808) sponsor of Thomas Geale, baptized at St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, Dublin.
THOMAS GEALE (?? - ??) m. Margrita/Margaret Corcoran on 9/5/1804 at St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, Dublin. Children: Thomas Geale and Cathrinam (Catherine) Geale.
WILLIAM (Gulielmi) & ELEANOR/ELEONORAM GEALE. Children: Martham Geale and Eleonoram Charitatum Geale, Bapt. 1815 St. Andrew's Roman Catholic Church, Dublin.

WILLIAM GEALE (?? - ??): Daughter Mary Geale (?? - Buried 1/28/1669, St. John's, Dublin)

JOSEPH & ANN GEALE: Son Baptist George Geale (Bapt. 1803, St. Mary's, Dublin - ??)
JOSEPH & MARGARET GEALE: Son Thomas McBride Geale (Bapt. 1803, St. Mary's, Dublin.
JOSEPH GEALE (Living 1809) m. Margaret Pasley, 1/7/1809, St. Mary's Dublin.
MR. (UNKNOWN) GEALE (?? - Buried 2/22/1795, St. Mary's, Dublin) of Dominick Street, Dublin.

ROBERT GEALE (?? - Buried 10/23/1656, St. Michan's, Dublin), son of John Geale.

JOSH GEALE (Living 1814) m. Catherine Baynham, 1/1/1814 at St. Paul's, Dublin.
SAMUEL GEALE (?? - ??) m. Winifred Moriah Egan on 2/21/1801 at St. Paul's Dublin.

EBENEZER GEALE (Living 1791) married Susanna Harricks on 11/19/1791 at St. Thomas, Dublin
. Children: Dudley Harricks Geale (Bapt. 2/1/1795, St. Mary's, Dublin - ??) and Unknown Geale (Bapt. 6/1/1798 - ??) St. Patrick's Dublin.
FRANCES GEALE (Abt. 1782, Dublin - ??) m. Urquehart Thompson on 12/29/1803 at St. Thomas, Dublin.

JOHN GEALE (Living 1778) of Morristown, Kildare, married Miss Carter of Ross Lane on 10/19/1778

HENRY GEALE (Living 1788) of the Coal Market, Kilkenny, Grocer, Alderman, Mayor of Kilkenny.

JOSEPH GEALE (Abt. 1773, Kinsale, Co. Cork - ??) served in 69th Foot Regiment; Northumberland Fencibles; Meath Militia, discharged 1813 aged 40 after 21 years, 4 months service (P.J. Clark, National Archives, Kew)

ELIZABETH GEALE (Abt. 1745 - ??) of Diocese of Ossory, Leinster Province, m. James Carpenter in 1766 at Ossory.
JOHN GEALE (Living 1659) of Coolkerry, Barony of Ossory, Queen's Co, owned properties in "Slegoe County."
MARIA GEALE (Abt. 1795 - ??) of Diocese Of Ossory, Leinster Province, m. Richard Thompson in 1816 at Ossory.

EBENEZER GEALE (Living 1708), Cullihill, Queen's County [Probate 1708]
JOHN GEALE (Will 1696) Cullihill, Queen's County.

JOHN GEALE (Probate 1776) Rathdowny.
SARAH/ELIZA GEALE (?? - ??) of Rathdowney, Protestant, m. Richard Prior on 1/20/1791 at Rathdowney.

BENJAMIN GEALE, GENT. (Living 1726) Lisnure, Co. Tipperary Will dated 1726, Probate 1732 [P. J. Clark, Cashel and Emly Wills 1618 - 1800]

EBENEZER GEALE (Living 5/4/1749) entered Ballytore School [on Arrivals list]
EBENEZER GEALE (Living 9/1779) Athy Volunteers.
EBENEZER GEALE (?? - 1805), Lieutenant, killed at Trafalgar.
FREDERICK GEALE (Living 1801) mentioned in papers of Charles Abbot, Chief Secretary of Ireland, relating to the Cork distilleries question.
LIUETENANT GEALE (Abt. 1790, Ireland - 1820) Forty-first Regiment, wounded and taken prisoner in the War of 1812, married Catherine Claus, two children. (P.J. Clark, Lyons House History, Niagara)
IN IRELAND THE GALE SURNAME APPEARS as Geale, Gaile, Gaill and Gayle. ROBERT GALE (1590 - 1656) OF ACOMB, YORKSHIRE & TRALEE, CO. KERRY, IRELAND, is a descendant of JAMES GALE OF THRINTOFT, YORKSHIRE, from whom the Whitehaven Gales are descended. In the county of KERRY, the River Gale lies in the parish of GALEY, barony of Iraghticonnor. The CIVIL PARISH OF GEALE, OR GAILE is in the barony of Middlethird in TIPPERARY and nearby is Killough Castle and the demesne of GAILE. Members of these families also settled in the counties of CARLOW, KILKENNY, LAOIS (QUEEN COUNTY), WESTMEATH, and WEXFORD.

According to tradition, the Irish Gale families descend from three brothers who came from England to Ireland in 1649 with Oliver Cromwell during the Irish Invasion and obtained large land grants in Co. Cork in return for their service. Among the Gale men found to be Cromwell's soldiers, or Roundheads, during that period included the following. JOHN GALE (Living 1642) of Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, formerly of Essex, [See Below]; ANTHONY GALE (Living 1649 - ??) who descends from COLONEL OLIVER GALE (1470 - ??) who came to Ireland during the reign of King Henry VIII (1509 - 1547), placing him with the family of James Gale of Thrintoft, Scruton.
{SEE CHAPTER 1] and THOMAS GALE/GEALE (Living 1649 - 8/24/1657), a Captain in Cromwell's Roundhead army who lived out his life in Alton. Hampshire, where he attended St. Lawrence Church. Thomas was a member of the family of WILLIAM GALE OF BEESTON (Living 1540s) -- [See Below]

ALSO OF THIS LINE, based on circumstantial eviedence, is the famiily of JOSEPH GEALE & HIS SON JOHN OF MOUNT GEALE. SEE
"The Earliest Gaeles in Ireland" by Peter J. Clarke.
Gale/Geale/Cooke Families, St. Peter's Church, Leeds & Methley, Yorkshire

THE FAMILY SURNAME IN LEEDS, was spelled in parish registers as GAYL, GAYLE, GAILE, GEALE and GALE. The following families were constructed using records showing baptisms, marriages, and burials from the register of St. Peter's Church, Leeds, and from the area of Methley.

ALES GEALE alias COOKE: 10/17/1587: Married Richard Wayde.
ANNA GALE (sic): 12/8/1590: Married John Webster.
ANNE GAYLE: 4/15/1605: Married Mathew Nelsin
ELIZABETH GAYLE: 5/29/1602: Married Edward Bolto
ELLINGE GAYLE: 5/31/1575: Married Thomas Otes.
MARY GAILE: 11/12/1611: Married Thomas Smith
MARY GEALE: 9/23/1609: Married Thomas Wray.
RAIPHE GEALE: 6/3/1595: Married Jane Wilson
WILLIAM GALE: 12/3/1588: Married Margaret Rawden
WILLIAM GAYLE: 10/26/1579: Married Anne Wilkinson (?? - Buried 5/28/1599)
WILLIAM GEALE: 8/26/1606: Married Fortune Coup (sic)

RALPH GAILL alias COOKE OF BEESTON: CHILDREN: MARGERYE (Bapt. 12/11/1584 - ??), ELIZABETH #1 (Bapt. 10/6/1587), MARGARET (Bapt. 11/9/1595 - ??), ALEXANDER (Bapt. 6/28/1601 - ??), SUZANNE (Bapt. 8/21/1603), ELIZABETH #2 (Bapt. 11/24/1605)
RAIPHE GAILE: Daughter SIBBILL (Bapt. 6/22/1595 - ??)
THOMAS GAILL (sic) alias COOKE & MERGARETT (sic) GAILL (?? - Buried 7/28/1591)
THOMAS GAILE alias COOKE OF BEESTON (?? - ??): Son RALPH (Bapt. 10/9/1587 - Buried 7/29/1588)
WILLIAM GEALE alias COOKE: Son THOMAS (Bapt. 4/11/1589 - ??)

RICHARD COOKE OF CALLAYNE (?? - ??): Son ROBERT (Bapt. 10/1/1587 - ??)
ROBERT GAYLE OF CALLAYNE (?? - Buried 9/22/1576)

BRYAN GEALE alias COOKE OF HOLBECK & UNKNOWN WIFE: CHILDREN: BRIAN (?? - Buried 10/29/1586) "buried the same day, named Peter," CHRISTOPHER (Baptized 4/11/1591 - ??), RICHARD (Baptized 1/22/1594-95), ELIZABETH (Bapt. 8/31/1584 - ??)
RICHARD GAILE OF HOLBECKE married Elizabeth Altofte on 7/2/1587
THOMAS GALE OF HOLBECK (?? - Buried 3/28/1597)
WILLIAM GEALE alias COOKE OF HOULEBECK (sic) - (Buried 12/1/1589)
WILLIAM GEALE OF HOLBECK (UNKNOWN): WILLIAM (Baptized 12/10/1589 - ??), MARY (Baptized 1/16/1590-91- ??), ELIZABETH (Baptized 9/13/1592 - ??), ROGER (Baptized 1/15/1594-95- ??), THOMAS (Baptized 3/28/1597- ??)

MARY GALE (Bapt. 12/26/1588 - ??)
THOMAS (?? - Buried 3/11/1572-73) & SIBBELL GEALE/GAILE OF HUNSLETT: CHILDREN (all born before 1572): ANNIE, MARIE, JOHN, WILLIAM, ROBERT, THOMAS (Bef. 1572 - ??) Thomas wrote a will, dated 3/6/1572-73 and proved 10/1/1573 naming his wife and children. He requested burial at the parish church of St. Peter, Leeds, as near his father as possible. He mentioned his wife Sibbell; daughters Marie G. and Annie G.; sons William, Robert, Thomas, John and Richard; brother William; and Brother-in-laws Richard Scholes and Richard Casson. William and Rauffe Geale were named as "supervisors."
THOMAS GALE/COOKE OF HUNSLETT, singleman (?? - Buried 1/12/1584-85)

WILLIAM GAYLE/GEALE/GAILE, alias COOKE OF HUNSLET (?? - Buried 5/9/1579) married AGNES (UNKNOWN) - (?? - Buried 7/8/1592) who was named as the administrator of William Gaile, alias Cooke, of Hunslett.
WILLIAM GALE (?? - ??): CHILDREN: RICHARD (Bapt. 3/15/1579-80 - ??), JOHN (Bapt. 3/2/1586- 87 - ??), JANE (Bapt. 4/11/1595 - ??), WILLIAM (Bapt. 5/13/1599 - ??), PETER (Bapt. 11/17/1581- ??)
WILLIAM GAILE OR COOKE (Living 1591), son ROBERT (Christened 4/17/1591, Leeds, St. Peter - ??)
WILLIAM GEALE alias COOKE: Son WILLIAM (?? - Buried12/1/1589)
WILLIAM GEALE: Daughter GRACE (Bapt. 3/24/1596-97 - ??)
WILLIAM GAYLE: Son JOHN (?? - Buried 2/4/1602-03)
WILLIAM GEALE: Daughter JAYNE (?? - Buried 3/30/1604)
WILLIAM GAILE (?? - Buried 1/22/1611-12)

RICHARD GEALE: Son WILLIAM (Bapt. 10/19/1595 - ??)*same date as above
ROBERT GAYLE, alias COOKE (?? - Buried 2/27/1602-03)
SEBELL GAYLE: 8/11/1573: Married Richard Wilkingson.
THOMAS GAYLE: 11/22/1580: Married Ann Glover.
THOMAS GAYLE: 11/13/1586: Married Margrett Horner.

ABIGAIL GAILE (Bapt. 11/1/1769 - ??) married ABRAHAM ABBOTT on 5/13/1788.
CHRISTOPHER GAILE (Living 1616) married MARY GREENE at Leeds on 7/29/1616.
CHRISTOPHER GAILE (?? - ??) married UNKNOWN: CHILD MARYE (Bapt. 2/25/1654 - ??), CHILD WILLIAM (12/28/1657, Bapt. 1/10/1658)
JOSEPH GAILE, linen weaver (?? - Buried 3/12/1728) married JANE WRIGHT on 5/13/1725. [JANE GAILE, a poor widow, was buried on 9/4/1736]. CHILDREN: WILLIAM (Bapt. 3/9/1725-26 - ??) and ELIZABETH (Bapt. 9/5/1727 - ??).
JOHN GALE (Living 1783) married ELIZABETH PULLEINE at Methley on 7/22/1783. Witnesses were Ben and Sarah Pulleine. CHILDREN: ELIZABETH (Bapt. 12/6/1789 - ??), ELIZABETH (7/11/1790-1 - ??) baptized on 3/8/1791, and ESTHER (Bapt. 10/9/1791)
JOHN GALE (1762 - Buried 7/14/1808, age 46) brazier
MARY GALE (1733 - Buried 6/21/1810, age 77) widow
ROBERT GAILE alias COOKE of Methley & of Clifton, Co. Notts, Will dated 6/3/1574 and proved on 1/20/1574-75. CHILDREN: WILLIAM GAILE (Born & was buried 12/28/1657 - ??), JOSEPH GAILE (Bapt. 6/30/1661 - ??).
WILLIAM GAILE (Living 1691) married ELEANOR MORICE on 11/16/1691 [ELLEN GAILE: wife of William Gaile, buried on 11/23/1695]
WILLIAM GALE (Living 1697) married (UNKNOWN): CHILDREN: JOSEPH (Bapt. 3/6/1697 - ??), WILLIAM (Bapt. 8/6/1699 - ??), CHRISTOPHER (Bapt. 6/4/1704 - buried 12/17/1780, age 76) and ADAM GAILE (Bapt. 11/17/1706 - Buried 5/19/1798, age 91) never married.
WILLIAM GALE (Living 1710) married ESTHER (UNKNOWN) - (1675 - buried 11/26/1771, age 96) CHILD: JOHN (Bapt. 1/7/1710 - ??).
WILLIAM GAILE (Living 1755) married MARY ATKINSON on 4/19/1755-56, both of Methley. Witnesses were John Stead and Frances Procter. [An ELIZABETH GALE (Living 1755) married JAMES BURKITT on 7/9/1755. Witnesses were John Pymont & Francis Procter. CHILDREN: WILLIAM (Bapt. 1/25/1756 - Buried 6/24/1765, age 9), NELLY (10/8/1759 - ??), JOHN (Bapt. 4/26/1762 - ??), MARY (Bapt. 3/18/1766-7 - Buried 5/10/1768, age 1)
WILLIAM GALE (?? - Buried 4/13/1800) linen weaver, drowned

MARGARET (Bapt. 10/19/1595 - ??)* same date as below
ELLINGE (Bapt. 6/29/1598 - ??)
ELIZABETH (Bapt. 8/31/1600 - ??)
ROBERT (Bapt. 7/19/1607 - ??)
According to the Pedigree by Sir William Betham, Ulster King-of-Arms, ANTHONY GALE descends from OLIVER GALE of Thrintoft, Yorkshire, a son of James Gale. However, there is a break in the chart beginning with Oliver, so Anthony is listed here as Generation I. The Gales of Thrintoft and those of Ashfield bore the same basic coat of arms. Robert Gale (Aft. 1523 - ??), a descendant of Oliver's brother James, settled in Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland, and his descendants subsequently migrated to Yorkshire and Cumberland.

In his document Betham cited sources including abstracts of prerogative wills of Ireland from 1536 to 1800 and the
Ducatus Leodiensis, a paper documenting pedigrees of several members of the aristocracy in Yorkshire. He noted a marriage between Anthony Gale and "a Wandesford daughter," although her identity is unknown. The connection between the Gales and Wandesfords began in England. The family descended from Thomas and Margaret Pudsey Wandesford of Kirklington. (SEE BELOW) Their association stretched over many years, and in 1547 both Christopher Wandesford and George Gale, of the Yorkshire Gales and Master of the Royal Mint, were named in the Papers of Archbishop Colgate.

During the Irish Rebellion in 1649 - 1652, Oliver Cromwell confiscated large tracts of land owned by Irish Catholics and awarded it to his supporters and soldiers, including Anthony Gale. The tracts were in Westmeath and Queen's Counties, the latter of which was the former
Crottenteagle estate that later became known as Ashfield, which is near Carlow and cost to Ballinakill. Anthony first appeared in Ireland on the 1659 Census as a land holder in Crottenteagle. He claimed his land "in right of an Adventurer as well as in right of a Soldier." His family, known as the "Ashfield Gales," owned the Ashfield estate in the barony of Slievemargy, parish of Killabban, County Laois (Queen's County), Ireland from 1659 to 1851.

DubStewartMania by Alison Stewart
IV. SIR CHRISTOPHER WANDESFORD (?? - 7/11/1591) married Elizabeth Bowes, daughter of Sir George Bowes (1561 - ??) of Streatlam. He built Kirklington Hall, the family seat, in 1570 and became Sheriff of Yorkshire in 1578. KIRKLINGTON HALL, in the 1800s, became the home of Rear Admiral Frank Sotheron and his wife Jane Gale Sotheron, daughter of Wilson Gale - Braddyl of Conishead Priory and granddaugher of John and Sarah Wilson Gale of Highhead Castle, Cumberland. SEE CHAPTER 2]
V. SIR GEORGE WANDESFORD (5/20/1573 - 1612)
of Kirklington married Catherine Hansby of Beverley.
Hugh Fortescue (1783 - 1861)
V. BENJAMIN GEALE (Living 1813) was born to Daniel Gale and an unknown wife. The only information found pertaining to him was a letter written in 1813 from Kentucky to his brother Piers before his possible execution by the Americans during the War of 1812. Whether he survived is not known. (

To: Piers Geale, Glother Street, Dublin, Ireland
Frankfort, State of Kentucky, Dec. 10 1813

My Dear Piers
It's from within the walls of a prison your unfortunate Brother addresses you. Retaliation for American Officers confined in Canada by order of the Prince Regent has compelled the American Government to adopt the same measure, the cause of our confinement is in consequence of 23 British Subjects that were taken in arms against us at the battle of Queens town and were sent to England to stand their trial, the American Government then put in close confinement 23 of our Soldiers to answer with their lives, for the Safety of those men who were sent to England. An order has recently arrived to Gov. Gen. Prevost to put in close arrest 23 American officers and non commissioned officers to answer in the above manner for the 23 British soldiers closely confined by the Americans. This is the system of the day and innocent will suffer for the guilty - this perhaps is the last letter you will ever receive from me; if the men in England are executed my days will shortly after conclude - to you then my Dear Brother do I confide the care of my dear wife and child, a copy of my will shall be sent to you and I am well aware that you will continue the same fatherly affectionate care to your beloved and precious charge that you have ever evinced towards me, and may the God shower heavy vengeance on those that are the cause of this calamity which threatens us with the most degrading and untimely death. What a war this is likely to be, the recital of which will disgrace the pages of History - However thank God I die with honor to myself and Country - My Colonel and 17 more of my Brother Officers will end their days on the scaffold with me and the business will end with the execution of every officer and man that is in the possession of the two contending powers at present and all then that fall into their hands for the future. I am sorry now that I escaped the honorable death of a soldier to meet that of a criminal. As all my letters are read, I must omit many circumstances that I could wish to recite and that throughout God of Heaven may ever protect both your family and my beloved wife and lovely infant shall be the expiring prayer of your affectionate and truly unfortunate Brother.

B. Geale

VI. WILLIAM GEALE (1823 - 1/3/1907) was born in 1823 to Piers and Catherine Crofton Geale. He married ISABELLA HENRIETTA LETITIA WYBRANTS and assumed the name and arms of Wybrants by Royal License dated 3/16/1877.

ARMS: Quarterly 1 & 4 - WYBRANTS: per pale gu and az. in the dexter side an eagle's leg conjoined at the thigh to a sinister wing ar. And in the sinister a lion pass. Of the last both paleways. ARMS: Quarterly 2 & 3 - GEALE: az. on a fess between three saltires or, an anchor sa. Enclosed by two lion's heads erased of the first. CREST - WYBRANTS: A buck's head erased ppr. Attired or, charged on the neck with a bezant. CREST - GEALE: A unicorn's head erased or, charged on the neck with an anchor sa. MOTTO: Fortis in arduis (Brave in difficulties)
VI. Anna Letitia (??-??) m. James Henry Todd-Thornton
IV. Peter (Abt. 1736 - Living 1780) m. Mary/Catherine Browne
JOHN GALE/GEALE (Living 1642) of Freshford, Co. Kilkenny was found in memoirs of the Geale family from 1642 to 1779. The writer, Ann Geale Fowkes, wrote about her grandfather, JOHN GEALE, a soldier in Cromwell's army and a member of a Puritan family, formerly of Essex, living in Ireland in the mid-17th century. He married MARY EARWALKER and settled in Freshford where he farmed, traded, and purchased estates. In 1655 John Geale was living in the barony of Corran and appeared on a list of Tituladoes [persons of standing in a locality of either sex who are not necessarily land owners]. He was still living in 1671 when the will of Father Thady Brohy/Brophy of Brownstown, dated 8/28/1671 and proved 11/10/1671, gave to John Grace, Esq. an interest in the house leased from John Geale at Freshford. John Grace, eldest son of Oliver Grace and wife Joan Horsfall Grace, was a minor at the time of his father's death. He acquired the family estates at the death of his grandfather, Robert Grace, in 1640. In 1671 he was appointed as a Justice of the Peace for Co. Kilkenny.

The mention of Oliver Grace leads to a connection with the family of Anthony Geale (Living 1649), below.
II. ANTHONY GALE (1627, Ch. 1632 - ??) was born to Anthony and Sara Gale at Melksham, Wiltshire, England. On 9/23/1650 Anthony married GRACE FORDE (5/15/1631 - 5/29/1690). Their marriage and the births of their three children were recorded at St. Michael and All Angel's Church in Melksham between 1651 and 1665-66.

III. ANTHONY (Ch. 7/29/1651 - ??) m. (Unknown) and had children.
III. JOHN (Ch. 11/23/1655 - ??)
III. WILLIAM (Ch. 2/8/1665-66 - ??)

III. SAMUEL (Est. 1670 - ??) married Alicia (Ellis) Grace of Grace Park and had children.

I. WILLIAM GALE OF BEESTON (LIVING 1540s) married (Unknown) and had children. His family later adopted the name of COOKE and many were members of St. Peters Church in Leeds.

II. ROBERT GALE/COOKE (Bapt. 7/23/1549-50, Beeston Chapel - 1/2/1614-15) married Jennet Peese/Peise on 2/10/1567.
II. ALEXANDER GALE/COOKE (1564-65 - 1632) married (Unknown) and had children.
II. AGNES CASTLEY (?? - ??) was referred to as "sister" in Robert Gaile's will.

II. ROBERT GALE/GAILE/COOKE (1549-50 - 1/2/1614-15) OF METHLEY was born to William and (Unknown) Gale and was baptized on 7/23/1549-50 at Beeston Chapel. He married JENNET PEESE/PEISE on 2/10/1567 and had a known daughter, Anne.

Robert was the second Protestant Vicar of Leeds and registers of the Parish Church of St. Peter's recorded the birth of his daughter. Robert died in 1570-01 leaving a will, dated 2/6/1570-01 and proved on 3/13/1570-01, naming his brother's son, Rauf Gaile (sic) to whom he bequeathed his best jacket and doublet. Rauf's two daughters were left one ewe and one lamb each. He named wife Johan (sic) as sole executrix, godsons Robert Clairbrogh and Richard Hollings, Agnes Mylton, sister Agnes Castley, George Sharpe, Thomas Lake, and Arthur Peise, his wife's brother. He stated that his wife was to give up his occupation of tanning, his "bark and tubbs," an all "my shaving knyfes." Witnesses were William Hagger, Edw. Peise, Wm. Hollings, and Robt. Shillito. (Abstract of Robert Gaile's will, dated 2/6/1560, Thoresby Society, Vol. I, p. 88 & 112). No children were named.

A list of fines of the Tudor period listed the names of Robert Gaile, alias Cooke, and RALPH GAILE alias Cooke, SR. and JR., who all owned land at Beeston. Robert was buried at St. Peter's Church, Leeds. In addition, one Richard Gaile married Elizabeth Altoffe on 7/2/1587 at St. Peter's, Leeds.

III. ANNE (?? - 1631), listed in the parish register as the daughter of Robert, vicar of Leeds, married Samuel Pullen (1598 - ??)

II. ALEXANDER GALE/COOKE (1564-65 - 1632), the younger son of William and (Unknown) Gale was baptized on 9/3/1564-65 and was educated at Leeds Grammar School and received a B.A. in 1585 from Brasenose College, Oxford. He began studies for his M. A. in 1588 and received the degree of B. D. in 1596. Alexander married (UNKNOWN) and had children. In 1587 Alexander Gayle (sic) and Rauphe Gaile (sic) of Beeston were named in the will of Leonard Harison of Beeston, dated 9/29/1587. On 2/5/1600-01 Alexander was inducted into the vicarage of Louth, Lincolnshire, and succeeded his brother Robert as Vicar of Leeds on 5/30/1615. At his death in 1632 he was buried at St. Peter's Church.

III. RAUPHE/RALPH GALE (?? - ??) married (Unknown) and had Ralph Gale, Jr. and two daughters.
III. ELIZABETH (2/11/1609-10 - ??)
III. UN-NAMED INFANT (?? - Buried 3/14/1605-06)

III. RALPH/RAUPHE/RAWFE GAILL (sic) alias COOKE (?? - Buried 8/20/1591), ELDER, OF BEESTON married Effame (sic) Wilkingson (?? - Buried 8/14/1597) on 11/20/1579 and had children.

IV. MARGARET (Baptized 9/25/1580 - ??)
IV. ANN (Baptized 12/10/1582 - ??)
IV. ELIZABETH (Baptized 10/1/1587 - ??)
IV.RALPH C. JR. (?? - ??) owned land at Beeston and was named as his father's administrator on 11/25/1591.
VI. CHRISTOPHER WANDESFORD ESQ. (9/24/1592 - 12/3/1640) of St. Martins Lane, London, served as Lord Deputy of Ireland but left at the time of the Irish Rebellion in 1641. He married (1) the daughter of William Ransden and (2) Alice Osborne (1592 - 1659). In 1634 Christopher Wandesford, Esq.came to Ireland with his cousin, Sir Thomas Wentworth of Yorkshire. He became Lord Mayorof Ireland in 1640-41 but died in December of that year. From 1615 until his death Christopher Wandesford had extensive mining and iron works in the area of Cullenagh and Gale Hills in Queen's County, near Carlow, where coal was first found in Ireland. Many years later Anthony Gale's descendant, Peter Gale (Est. 1803 - 1857) of Ashfield Hall still owned property at Gale Hills. [His eldest son George inherited his estate but died without children and was succeeded by his brother Christopher.

VII. CHRISTOPHER WANDESFORD ESQ. (8/19/1628 - 2/23/1685-86, London) 1st Bart of Kirklington, Yorkshire, married on 9/30/1651 to ELEANOR LOWTHER (1633 - 1714), daughter of SIR JOHN LOWTHER of Lowther Hall, Westmoreland, Lord of the Manor of Whitehaven and St. Bees, Cumberland, England. Lowther was engaged in the expansion of the coal trade and in 1682 hired JOHN GALE SR. (Ca. 1620 - 1680) as steward of the collieries.

While in Ireland, Christopher Wandesford resided at
Castlecomer in Kilkenny. His daughters were Alice Wandesford (1626 -1707) who married William Thornton of East Newton, Yorkshire, and CATHERINE WANDESFORD (?? - ??, age 30) who married SIR THOMAS DANBY (1610 - 8/5/1660)of Thorpe Perrow, son of Christopher and Frances Parker Danby. They had 15 children before Catherine's death in childbirth. Sir Thomas Danby was High Sheriff of Yorkshire, a member of Parliament and owned several manors and acreage including coal mines. He was a descendant of Sir Robert Danby of Thorpe Perrow (?? - 1472) whose brother, Richard Danby of Crake, was the grandfather of MARY DANBY who married RICHARD GALE OF SCRUTON. [SEE CHAPTER 3, WILLIAM GALE OF SCRUTON]

THE DANBYS CAME TO AMERICA in the person of Christopher Danby (1633 - 1689), a son of Sir Thomas and Catherine Wandesford Danby. Christopher Danby married, in about 1652 in Virginia, Anne Culpepper (Bapt. Hollingbourne, 9/16/1630 - 11/11/1695, age 63), daughter of Thomas and Katherine St. Leger Culpepper. Their chilren were Wandesford (1663 - Living 1700), Francelia (1668 - 1698), Eleaner (?? - ??) and Abstrupus Danby (12/27/1655 - 12/24/1727), wool merchant of Farnley, Yorkshire, who acquired Scruton Hall and sold it in 1688 to Dr. Thomas Gale. Anne Culpepper's sister Frances (Bapt. Hollingbourn 5/27/1634 - 1695) married as her second husband in 1670 SIR WILLIAM BERKELEY (1606-1677), Governor of Virginia
THE CHART BELOW was compiled from a variety of sources including the pedigree above. Betham stated that ANTHONY GALE, the first of the line in Ireland, arrived in 1649 with Cromwell. According to Betham, Anthony was living in 1666, married (Unknown) Wandesford and had a son, Samuel (Living 1690 - ??), who married Alicia (Ellis) Grace of Grace Park. No other children were mentioned. But curiously and during the same time period, files on show an ANTHONY GALE (Est. 1600s) who married a woman named SARAH and had children: Sarah, Anne, John, Henry, Rebecca and ANTHONY GALE (Abt. 1627) who married GRACE FORDE (Ch. 1/6/1634 - 5/29/1690) on 9/23/1650. Their children, christened in Melksham, are reported as (1) ANTHONY GALE (Ch. 7/29/1651 -- ??), JOHN (Ch. 11/23/1655 - ??) and WILLIAM (Ch. 2/8/1665 - ??). So with these dates in mind, the Anthony Gale who fought with Cromwell could have been either the senior Anthony (Est. 1600s) or the son Anthony born about 1627. Either way, he would have to have been married more than once. [SEE 1A and 1B, BELOW]
Several families were descendants of WILLIAM GALE of BEESTON in West Yorkshire, south of Leeds, who adopted the name of Cooke. Registers of the parish church of Leeds include branches of the family of "GALE or GEALE alias COOKE." After about 1570 descendants dropped the Gale name and used the Cooke surname, a practice not uncommon in early England. James Woods' book, Annals of Westmeath, Ancient and Modern, identified William's sons as ROBERT and ALEXANDER COOKE, FORMERLY GALE, both vicars of Leeds. The family resided at Westmeath during the reign of Charles I and both Robert and Alexander acquired large properties in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Norfolk, England.

In Ireland their families settled at
Kyltinan Castle at Cardangan, County Tipperary, and Castle Cooke Cappoquin, County Waterford. Among the wills for WATERFORD and LISMORE, 1645 - 1800, is the will of one ALEXANDER GAYLE (sic) dated 1661. Of this family was PETER GALE/COOKE (Living 1641) of Cork whose son, THOMAS GALE/COOKE (Living 1649), was an officer in Lord Broghill's Cavalry under Oliver Cromwell. [SEE BELOW]
THE BETHAM PEDIGREE OF THE ASHFIELD GALES provides a number of compelling links between the two sons of Oliver Gale, James (ca. 1490s - ??) and George (1497 - 1557). Perhaps the most important links come in the connection between the family of JOHN GALE of Whitehaven, Cumberland, England, [SEE CHAPTER 2] and the families of DANBY, LOWTHER and WANDESFORD. [SEE CHAPTER 1]

I. THOMAS WANDESFORD (?? - ??) of Kirklington married Margaret Pudsey, daughter of Sir Henry Pudsey.
Kirklington married Ann Norton, daughter of Sir John Norton of Conyers Norton. Her sister, Jane, married William Mallory. William and Jane Norton Mallory's son, Sir William Mallory of Studley and Hutton, married URSULA GALE (1529 - 1603), daughter of GEORGE & MARY LORD GALE of Akeham Grange, Yorkshire, and Oliver Gale's granddaughter.
III. FRANCIS WANDESFORD ESQ. (?? - ??) married Anne/Jane Fulthrope, daughter of John Fulthrope, Esq. of
Hipswell who left a will dated 1552.
VI. Christopher Wandesford (1592-1640-41)
Ashfield Hall, Queen's County
Church of St. Michaels & All Angels, Melksham, Wiltshire
St. Peter's Parish Church
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V. Frances (?? - ??) m. John Kearney in 1800. The family went to America 1928
V. Thomas, Captain (ca. 1777 - ??) of
VI. Thomas (?? - 7/1834, Kildare)
VI. Alice Baldwin (Living 1871 ) married Thomas Hasset in Limerick in 1871 and her mother died at their home on Westland Street.
VI. Grace (1824 - 1895) married William Thompson, son of Robert Thompson, in Durrow, Queen's County, on 9/12/1849.
VI. William (ca. 1810, Laois- ??) m. Eliza Baldwin in 1832.
VII. John Thomas (Living 1861) m. Maria Culbert in 1861
VI. Parnell (?? - ??) of Cork who m. (Unknown) and had a son.
VI. Samuel P. (?? - ??) of Cork went to America and married a cousin, Mary Burchell
VII. John (7/5/1854 - 10/3/1916) of Hollymount, Cork, the Under Sheriff of Cork, m. 8/22/1876 to Mary Diana Atkins, daughter of Thomas Atkins of Cork.
IV. Anthony (Living 1784) m. Anne Delany, daughter of Malachi Delany.
V. Anne (Est. 1779- 4/18/1813, age 34) m. Henry Ellis in April, 1795
V. Anthony (ca. 1775 - ??) m. in February, 1808 to Eleanor/Elinor Aldis
VI. Charlotte Amelia (?? - October, 1849, Carlow)
VI. Thomas Francis (1810 - 1857) of Barrow View, Carlow, m (1) Emily Amelia McKay in 1832 and (2) Anna Fuller (?? - 1854), only daughter of Adam Fuller, Esq. of Woodfield, Kings Co, in 1841.
Captain Thomas Gale/Cooke (?? - 1657) Soldier of Ireland of the Family of William Gale of Beeston
I. JOHN GALE SR. (Est. 1720s - After 1801) YEOMAN OF BROCKENHURST was born to unknown parents and had brothers, James and Thomas Gale. He married (UNKNOWN) and had children. Two sons, William and John Gale, Jr., were named in his will.

On 10/22/1751 John Gale of Brockenhurst, yeoman, appears on a lease for seven lugs of ground described as a Close and a parcel called
Foxtons in Brockenhurst. In 1766 he was listed as the owner of property in Brockenhurst known as The Lamb. Also in this year he transferred property to his niece Mary Gale Woodford, and her husband William. In 1797 details of transactions show some of Gale's family members and acquaintances including Betty Gretnam/Greatham, of Brockenhurst, widow, devisee of the will of the late THOMAS GALE [Thomas Gale of Brockenhurst, timber merchant, mentioned between 1781 and 1793], JOHN GALE, SON OF THE LATE JOHN GALE of Brockenhurst, Gentleman; David Dore of Lymington, cordwainer, executor of Robert Lillington; John Morant; John Reynolds of Brockenhurst; the Rev. Lascelles Iremonger; and Charles Shard.

At some point John Gale, Sr. entered into a contract with John Morant concerning his property, but before the contract was completed Morant died and a chancery court action ensued concerning the validity of Gale's title. John Gale wrote his will on 4/13/1801 and made bequests to relatives JAMES and SUSANNA GALE. He also devised property to John West of Lymington, mercer, and James White of Lymington, grocer. On 2/18/1803 Gale assigned his Brockenhurst property to Thomas Beck for 1000 years to secure £200 and interest. Beck assigned the term on 11/18/1804 to secure a like amount but the property was put up for sale by auction following Gale's death because his will failed to provide sufficiently for payment of his debts.

The property of John Gale of Brockenhurst, gentleman, was referred to in court proceedings from 9/22/1820 to 10/27/1823 when it was leased for a year to William Woodford of Brockenhurst, malster, and Mary his wife late Mary Gale, spinster, one of the three surviving children of James Gale late of Brockenhurst, yeoman and Susannah his wife both deceased, and also niece and devisee in fee by the will of John Gale late of Brockenturst, gentleman also deceased. On 10/27/1823 William Woodford acknowledged by his signature an amount of £5 received from John Morant as further part of the purchase money for the late Mr. Gale's estate. In 1846 John Morant of Brockenhurst, Esq. was shown as the owner of the estate. ( Gale - Morant Papers, 6M80/E/T77, 6M80/E/T79, 6M80/E/T80)


II. JOHN (Bapt. 12/25/1745 - ??)
II. MARY (Bapt. 11/8/1747 - ??)
II. JAMES (Bapt. 5/23/1750 - ??)
II. WILLIAM (Bapt. 1/22/1756 - ??)
II. RICHARD (Bapt. 3/5/1758 - ??)
II. THOMAS (Bapt. 11/22/1764 - ??)

II. JAMES GALE (1750 - 1817), YEOMAN OF BROCKENHURST, was a brother of John Gale and was born in 1750 based on his age listed at death. James married SUSANNA (UNKNOWN) - (?? - 1/12/1817) and had five known children, but only three, William, George, and Mary were living in 1816. James was living in 1806 when he was listed in records noting an annual lease for a parcel of land. He died on 6/4/1817 and was buried at St. Nicholas Church, Brockenhurst, on 6/6/1817 at age 67.

JOHN, JAMES and THOMAS GALE OF BROCKENHURST, HAMPSHIRE, were associated with EDWARD MORANT SR. (?? - 1791) who left Jamaica in 1759 and purchased the Brockenhurst Estate in Hampshire in 1770.
I. THOMAS GALE/GEALE (?? - 8/24/1657) was an officer in Lord Broghill's Cavalry under Oliver Cromwell during England's Civil War. He was born to PETER GALE/COOKE (Living 1641) and was of the family of WILLIAM GALE OF BEESTON (above). But since a definitive link has not been found, he is listed here as Generation I. He married BARBARA (UNKNOWN) and had at least two daughters, Barbara and Johanna, the latter of whom was his co-heir.

After serving with Cromwell, Thomas lived out his life in Alton, Hampshire. He was a Customary Tenant at
Banbury's Farm in Froyle and owned other properties including a meadow of four acres, Caker Mead, near Caker Bridge in Alton. He also owned property known as Ravenhurst in the Parish of Chobham in Surrey. He founded the Almshouses on Church Street in Alton and served as Justice of the Peace for his county.

Thomas wrote his will on 5/2/1653 and bequeathed to "eight poor people which should be born in Alton, four tenements, with the use of a well and garden plot thereto belonging, for their lives, to be chosen by his executors during their lives, and afterward by the Constables and three of the most honest and discreet men of Alton, to be nominated by the Minister and Constables aforesaid." (
III. WILLIAM GALE (Bapt. 12/25/1791 - ??) married Maria (unknown). In 1815 William Gale of Brockenhurst, schoolmaster, was awarded an annual lease to family property as the son of James Gale of Brockenhurst, yeoman by Susannah his wife and as the devisee of John Gale, Gentleman, late of Brockenhurst, deceased. William's wife Maria, his brother George, and his sister Mary were also mentioned. The estate was expectant on the deaths of James and Susannah Gale, who held a life interest under the will of John Gale. William was also awarded all his interest in the personal estate of John Gale deceased (expectant on the deaths of James and Susanna Gale) and consisting of £300.
III. WILLIAM THOMAS (Bapt. 5/21/1793 - ??) age about 5 months
III. BENJAMIN (Bapt. 4/30/1795 - ??)
III. GEORGE (Bapt. 8/2/1796 - ??), of Colney Hatch, Middlesex, gardener, was awarded a 1 year lease in 1817 to family property as one of the surviving children of James Gale of Brockenhurst, yeoman and Susannah his wife. George was also a devisee of his uncle, John Gale late of Brockenhurst, gentleman.
III. MARY (Bapt. 12/23/1798 - ??) married William Woodford and was named in her uncle John's will.

St. Nicholas Church, Brockenhurst, England
BENJAMIN GEALE, GENT. (?? - ??) is buried in the churchyard where a broken fragment of his tombstone reads, "Here lyeth also the body of Benjamin Geale, Gent." [Benjamin Geale was also associated with Caker Mead.]
ELIZABETH GEALE (?? - 5/25/1638) was memorialized at St. Lawrence Church with a brass statue of a standing woman adorned with a plaque that reads, "Mememto Mori, Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth Geale, who departed this life the xxvth day of Maie, Anno Domini, 1638. She charged her parents, Deare parents weep not, I live and have abode In blisse, Enjoying heaven, posterity to God. Vivo furor tandem veris (ne flete parentes), Deliciis, Caelo, posteritate, Deo." (
A blog entitled "The Earliest Gaeles in Ireland" by Peter J. Clarke includes information on individuals there prior to 1800. Clarke describes it as "a transcription of 12 unnumbered pages of an undated, unsigned, hand-written note-book which is a one-name study of the name Geale (with some mention of Gale) in England and Ireland which seems to date from the latter part of the 19th century. It may have been notes for a book or has been previously transcribed as each paragraph has a line drawn through it. The pages transcribed relate primarily to Irish Geales - pjc."

The subject here is JOSEPH GEALE of
Goldenfeilds, Barony of Craunagh, Kilkenny, whose son was JOHN GEALE of Mount Geale. According to Burke's Commoners, Vol. III, the family came from Lancashire, England, and was said to have changed the spelling of the name from Gale to Geale. Both Joseph and John spelled the name GEALE. This family probably links to that of ANTHONY GALE (Living 1649) who appears first in this chapter. The descendency below is based in part on Peter Clarke's findings.

John Geale claimed descent from Robert Gale of Tralee. He lived in the Diocese of Ossony located southwest of Dublin just below the town of Carlow where other members of the family resided and was the owner of
Mount Geale in Kilkenny. According to one account he had several sons, one of whom went to America and was the grandfather of Susanna Gale who married Captain Alan Gardiner, R.N. (1742 - 1809). However, Susanna's grandfather was Jonathan Gale (1676 - 1727) of St. Elizabeth's, Jamaica, also descended from theYorkshire Gales. [SEE CHAPTER 6]

Kilkenny, View from St. John's Bridge,_across_the_river_from_St_Johns_Quay/737.html
On 7/6-7/1716, one BENJAMIN GEALE, GENT. of Ballymuller, co. Queens, was named in a deed of lease and release with FRANCIS DUGGAN for lands in Adamstown, Baryony of Cronagh, Kilkenny, belonging to said Benjamin Geale. Considering the age of majority as being 21, Benjamin would have been born at least by 1695 to be of age. Therefore, this reference probably pertains to an earlier Benjamin and not the Benjamin Geale who married Anne Falkiner.

On 11/8-9/1722 JOHN GEALE and FRANCIS DUGGAN of Ballygihen, co. Queens, for land in the estate of JOHN GEALE, SR. , deceased. This also indicates an earlier generation JOHN GEALE, since the senior John Geale, son of Joseph, had died by 1722.
Little Caker Bridge, Alton, Hampshire
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St. Lawrence Church, Alton, Hampshire
Thomas and his family attended St. Lawrence Church at Alton. At his death, on 8/24/1657, a tombstone under the belfry tower there was inscribed, "Here lieth the bodies of Captaine Thomas Geale and Barbara, his former wife, which Thomas was also one of the justices of the Peace for this Countie, and founder of ye Alms House in Aulton (sic). He deceased August 24th, 1657. (

BARBARA (?? - ??)
JOAN/JOHANNA (?? - ??) married William Wither (Bapt. 2/22/1623 - ??) of Manydown in 1646 and had children: William (1648- ??); Thomas (1652 - ??); Alethea (1655 - 1708); Dorothy (1661 - ??), and Barbara and Jane Wither, who both died young. At Johanna's marriage to William their arms were joined and a description appeared in a history of the Wither family written by Rev. Reginald F. Bigg-Wither. ARMS: Quarterly 1 & 4: WITHER - 2 & 3: MASON: bearing a shield of pretence quarterly 1st and 4th, argent two bars sable in chief, three lion's heads erased of the same, langued gules (GEALE), 2nd and 3rd, sable a boar's head over two upright spear heads argent (LOKER).
Who was PETER GALE (?? - By 1710) Citizen of London His eldest son was JOHN GALE (?? - By 1710), late of the parish of St. Mary Whitechappel. John's only daughter and heir was ALICE GALE (Living 1710) who married Samuel Green.

Named in a deed dated 5/1/1710 & 5/2/1710 were the following parties:
(1) Samuel Green of the parish of St. Mary Whitechapell, Middlesex, & wife Alice, only daughter and heir of John Gale (sic) late of the parish of St. Mary Whitechappell aforesaid, gentleman, deceaced, eldest son and heir of Peter Gale late citizen of London, dec'd.
(2) Hon. Josias Campbell of Miltowne, co. Monaghan
(3) (Unknown) Dawson of Dublin, Esq. and James Martin also of Dublin

The Baptismal records of Abbeyleix, co. Laois, 1780s, list the following:
Born to THOMAS & ANNE GALE: WILLIAM 1781, PETER 1782, MARY 1784, MICHAEL 1786
Kirklington Hall
II. Sarah (?? - ??)
II. Anne (?? - ??)
II. John (?? - ??)
II. Henry (Ch. 1629 - ??)
II. Rebecca (Ch. 11/12/1637 - ??)
II Anthony (Abt. 1627
- ??) m. (1) Grace Forde (Ch. 1634 - 1690) on 9/23/1650
Samuel and Alicia Grace Gale resided at Ashfield Hall but almost lost the estate as a consequence of Samuel's support of Catholic James II against the Jacobites during the Williamite War in Ireland. When the Jacobites were defeated in the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, Samuel was able to retain the property, later inherited by his son Anthony. A lease dated 12/4/1780 and registered on 12/29/1780 named Samuel Gale, Gentleman, of Ballynakill, Queens County as executing a lease to Thomas Gale, farmer of Samsons Court in the same county. The leased property was described as being about 138 acres in Killeban in the Barony of Ballyadams, Queens County, commonly called the wood and bog of Killeban. The tract was bounded in part on the east by the road leading to the town of Athy and by the River Doughlass. "To hold said Demised premises with the appurtenances the said Thomas Gale gave his Executors, Administrators and Assigns for and During the Life of Peter Gale of Ashfield in the said County, Esq…Witnessed by James Maher, Schoolmaster, and Thomas Gale, Jr., gentlemen, both of Samsons Court, and by John Foely of Knockardegus, Farmer. (Lease: Samuel Gale to Thomas Gale, Registry of Deeds, Ireland, Book 337, pg. 135, Document 226127, reproduced from LDS FHL British Film #531708, 1780 - 1782. Registered on 12/29/1780)
Grace Family Mausoleum, 1818 (Replacing the original of 1697) Arles, Co. Laois
I. Joseph Geale (Living 1698) m. (Unknown)
John Gale of Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, Ireland (Living 1642)
Old Bridge at Freshford