Currituck Sound
Chapter 17 - Abraham Gale (?? - 1689-90) of Ireland & Maryland
MARYLAND, ONCE A PART OF VIRGINIA, was known for its religious tolerance and given by King Charles I to George Calvert, Lord Baltimore. After Calvert's death in 1632 a patent for the land was given to his son, Cecil Calvert, second Lord Baltimore, who became proprietor of Maryland. In 1634 Lord Baltimore and two of his brothers led a party of about 20 gentlemen and 300 artisans and laborers who arrived in the ships Ark and Dove and founded the town of ST. MARY'S, MARYLAND.

Early immigrants to Maryland included ANN GALE (1677), DOROTHY GALE (1668), HENRY GALE (1669), RICHARD GALE (1675), ROGER GALE (1677), THOMAS & CATHERINE GALE (1660), WILLIAM GALE (1663 - 1673) and JOHN GALE (1652, 1662, 1676, 1678) who appeared in Ann Arundel County, Maryland, on 10/28/1652 when 300 acres of land were surveyed for Hugh and Emanuel Drew on the west side of the West River. At the time 250 acres of the tract were set aside for Gale and another 50 acres were allotted to Samuel Galloway. John Gale, "planter of Anne Arundel County," was living in 1668 when he sold a tract of 200 acres known as
Gathorly on the Choptank River to Robert Harwood of Talbot County. (Maryland Rent Rolls 1700 - 1707, Baltimore and Anne Arundel County)

Additionally, one LAWRENCE GALLE (sic) of St. Mary's County left a will, dated 3/13/1735-36 and proved 7/6/1736 in St. Mary's that made bequests to his godson, John Baptist Greenwell and his wife, Grace, who was named executrix. Witnesses were Benjamin Gough, Stephen Nothingham (sic) and John Thomas. (Maryland Calendar of Wills, 4/9) Another immigrant, BENJAMIN GALE (?? - 1743), described as a "joiner" of St. Mary's County, appeared in the 8/17/1715 will of Thomas Greenfield, Prince George's County. "To Benjamin Gale, son of kinsman, John Gale (dec'd) and his heirs, pt. Of 'Juxta Stadium Aureolum'; he to be under the guardianship of Richard Groome." (Sally Reid Gayle Notes) He had a brother, THOMAS GALE, and sisters JEMIMA and ANNE who were named in his will. His ancestors, members of the Church of England, were said to have come to America in their own ship ca. 1690 and invested heavily in the county. On 3/20/1724 administrator's accounts of Benjamin Gale were filed in Prince George's County by Thomas Dorsey. On 8/22/1733 he received a payment from the administrator's accounts of Robert Hopkins of Somerset County and on 5/13/1734 he was shown as a creditor on the administrator's accounts of Mr. Merrick Ellis, also of Somerset County. Benjamin died in 1743 and his will, dated 7/16/1743 and proved on 7/22/1743, left half of his estate to his brother Thomas and the residue to his sisters Jemima and Anne. The executor was Thomas Ingalls and testators were Richard Wardkey, George Slye and Richard Cooke. (MWB 23/154)
I. Abraham (Est. early to mid-1600s - 1698) & Sarah Gale
II. James (?? - ??)
II. John (Ca. 1678, Maryland - 1733, NC) m. Unknown
III. Catherine
III. Elizabeth
III. Mary
III. John, Jr. (Ca. 1704 - 1775) m. (1) 1731 Elizabeth Rasin and (2) 1745 Bathsheba Lamb
IV. FROM M/1: John (1732 -1768) m. Phebe Chandler
V. John (1760 - 1807) possibly m. (1) widow Jane Rasin, (2) Sarah (Unknown)
VI. Mary Jane (Aft. 1783 - 1814) married (1) Philip Rasin, (2) Rasin M. Gale, son of William Gale.
VI. Sarah (1786 - 1845) m. James Ingram
V. Thomas (After 1754 - Before 1830) m. (Unknown)
VI. Lewis (Living 1828) married SUSAN BEAL
VII. Two Un-named Sons
VII. One Un-named Daughter
VI. Thomas (Living 1832) married Mary Ann Coleman
VI. Un-named son
VI. Mary (Living 1825) married Thomas Hague on 6/8/1825.
VI. Phebe (Living 1833) married John A. Howard on 1/24/1833 [Brooks noted that this marriage was not among the children of John and Phebe Everitt Gale]
VI. Another Un-named daughter
IV. Reason/Rasin (1735 - 1797, Kent Co.) m. (1) Martha Moore, 1756, m. (2) Rebecca (Unknown) Rasin also had a child out of wedlock with Sarah Gyant.
V. John (Aft. 1756 - Bef. 1774) m. Phebe Everitt
VI. Ann (Abt. 1797 - ??)
VI. Mary Ann (1798 - 1831) m. William McPherson (1789 - (??)
VI. Phebe (Abt. 1799 - Bet. 1841 - 1850) m. Isaac James (Abt. 1796, PA - ??)
VI. Joseph Everitt (Abt. 1800 - ??)
VII. Elias (Abt. 1840, IL - ??)
VII. William R. (Abt. 1843, IL - ??)
VII. Zachariah T. (Abt. 1845, IL - ??)
VII. Joseph A. (Abt. 1847, IL - ??)
VI. Rasin Moore (1800 - 1843) m. Mary C. Murphy
VII. Anna M. (?? - ??) m. James H. Kelley
VII. John M. (1836 - ??)
VII. Samuel Everitt (?? - Before 1856)
VII. Willimina (?? - ??)
VII. Rasin H. (?? - ?)
VI. John Wesley Jr. (1801 - 1849) m. Rebecca McCreary (1807 - ??)
VII. William Thomas (1825 - ??)
VII. Joseph Wasson (1827 - ??)
VII. John C. (Abt. 1829 - ??)
VII. Ruth Ann (1830 - ??)
VII. Eliza Everett (Abt. 1831 - ??)
VII. Minerva (1836 - ??)
VII. Mary (1838 - ??)
VII. Minor (Abt. 1842 - ??)
VII. Harrison (Abt. 1844 - ??)
VII. Martha (1844 - ??)
VII. Dorsey (Abt. 1845 - ??)
VI. William (1803 - ??)
VI. Martha Jane (1807 - 1896) m. Abner Nelson Long
VI. James C. (1815 - ??)
VI. Unknown Daughter (Betw. 1818 & 1820)
V. William (1758 - 1817) m. Martha Hodges
VI. Rasin M. (Ca. 1785 - Aft. 1824) m. (1) Jane Gale, daughter of John Gale, (2) Miss Hines.
VII. Mary Jane (18?? -1844) m. James Beck.
VII. Probably John (1814 - ??) m. Mary (Unknown) - [Unidentified but should be considered for placement here since his birth year coincides with the death year of Jane Gale]. (Brooks)
VIII. Thomas (1840 - ??)
VIII. Harrison (1842 - ??)
VI. James Hodges (1790 - 1868) m. Martha A. Gale, daughter of Thomas & Ann Hodges Gale
VI. Levi H. (1791 - 1853) m. Elizabeth (Unknown)
VI. Mary Ann (1796 - ??)
VI. Sarah H. (?? - ??) m. Thomas Rasin
VI. Martha H. (?? - ??) m. 1817, Isaac Hines
VI. William (?? - Ca. 1812)
VI. Possibly John &Thomas
V. Elizabeth (Abt. 1760 - ) m. by 1797, Jacob Jones, Jr.
V. George (1763 - 1807) m. (1) Asenath Dooley & (2) Mary Dooley
VI. FROM M/1: Martha (1786 - 1826) Unmarried
VI. Asenath (1788 - ??) m. John Moore
VI. Thomas H. (1792 - 1870) m. Henrietta Walmsley
VII. Mary Walmsley (1813 -1886) m. John W. Morgan
VII. Henrietta (1817 - ??)
VII. Emely #1 (born & died 1821)
VII. Emely #2 (1822 -1823)
VII. Margaret Ann (1831 - ??) m. S. L. Moore
VII. George Nicholas (1825 -1828)
VII. George (1832 - 1833)
VII. Benjamin (born & died 1836)
VII. Robert Walmsley (1815 - ??) m. Sophia Owens
VII. Thomas Miller (1819 -1878) m. Sarah Ann Rogers
VII. Henry Clinton (1828 -1952) m. Laura A. Dixon
VII. Joseph Hodges (1834 -1904) m. Laura V. Frush
VI. Lloyd (1796 -1823)
VI. FROM M/2: Isaac (1797 -1864) m. Ann Hadley
VII. William (1819 -1879) m. Mary J. Deputy
VIII. Thalia (1859 - 1863)
VIII. Anna M. (1865 - 1885)
VIII. Mary Clara (1869 -1871)
VIII. Ada Victoria (?? - 1872)
VIII. Florence (1877 - ??) m. Frank Jerrell of Chestertown
VIII. William Walter (1860 - ??) m. Lula Maslin and had children
VIII. Lawrence Louis (1862 - ??) m. Theresa Pinkind and had children
VIII. James D. (1866 - ??) m. Caroline Doll and had children.
VIII. Freeman (1875 - ??) m. Miss Thompson
VII. Isaac Jr. (1822 - ??) m. (1) Mary Rebecca Hines, (2) Mary Jane Enos
VIII. Isaac E. (1851-1878) m. Catherine Deputy
VIII. Mattie R. (1855 - ??)
VIII. Abraham (1856 - ??)
VIII. John (1859 - 1877)
VIII. Emma (1861 - 1877)
VIII. Enos (1862 - ??)
VIII. Annie (1865 - ??)
VIII. Martha (1867 - ??)
VIII. Isaac #2 (1869 - ??)
VIII. Idie (1870 - ??)
VIII.William (1873 - 1954)
VIII. George W. (1877 - ??)
VII. Martha (1830 - ??)
VII. Willimina (1837 - ??)
VI. George (1799 - 1856) m. (1) Margaret (?) widow of James Dooley, (2) Susan Matilda Mathiot
VII. From M/2: Georgette Mathiot (1856 - 1938) Unmarried
V. Rasin (Before 1765 - 1815) m. Martha (Unknown)
VI. George (?? - ??)
V. Thomas (1767 -1837) m. Ann Hodges
VI. FROM M/1: James (1799 -1867) m. (1) Elizabeth Moore, (2) Sarah "Sally" Hodges
VII. Mary Clara (1849 - 1904) m. George W. Harper
VII. FROM M/2: Sarah Granger (1856 - 1863)
VII. FROM M/1: Annie Elizabeth (1832 -1891)
VII. John Thomas (1839 - ??) m. Marietta Kelley
VIII. Bertha (1868 - ??9
VIII. Arthur (1870 - ??)
VII. James Alfred (1846 - 1933) m. Julia Spedden
VIII. Emma Clara (?? - ??)
VIII. James A. Jr. (?? - ??)
VIII. William Rogers (?? - ??)
VI. Martha H. (1805 - 1857) m. James H. Gale
VI. Mary (1807 - 1854) Unmarried.
VI. John (1808 -1872) m. (1) Leonora Sutton, (2) Sarah A. Rasin
VII. FROM M/1: Thomas (1840 - ??) m. Rachel Parsons
VII. FROM M/2: John (1854-1909) m. (1) Maggie Beck, (2) Emily Gemmill
VIII. FROM M/1: Walter Rasin (1878 - 1959)
VIII. Lillian Ann (1880 - 1941)
VIII. from M/2: Adelaide Coburn (1892 - 1981) m. Alfred H. Noble
VIII. Virginia Ethel (?? - ??) m. Lawrence A. Dorsey. No children
VII. William Rasin (1858 - 1902) m. Anna Stavely Stephens
VIII. Arthur Little (1883 - 1900)
VIII. Clarence Stephen (?? - ??)
VIII. Helen Adelaide (1892 - 1931)
VIII. Annie Eugenia (?? - ??) M. L. W. Burgage of Baltimore
VI. Sarah Granger (1810 - 1866) married 2/10/1840 to John Thomas Skirvin
V. Rachel (Abt. 1770 - ??) married by 1797 to a Mr. Hines
V. Mary (Abt. 1772 - Before 5/1813) m. Francis Cann
V. Asenath (Abt. 1774 - ??) m. John Newell by 1797
V. Martha (Living 1817) m. (1) - (Unknown), (2) Robert Caused Walmsley
IV. FROM M/2: Elizabeth (?? - ??) m. Mr. Moore
IV. Bathsheba (?? - ca. 1790) m. Mr. Howell.
IV. Catherine (?? - 1826) m. Francis Uselton/Usilton
IV. Rosamond (?? - ??) m. (1) Joseph Duyer, (2) James Steen
IV. James (Living 1790)
IV. Malachai (After 1754 - 1778)
IV. Mary (Bef. 1755 - 1820) m. John Duyer
IV John (Ca. 1755 - 1816) m. Elizabeth Pearce
V. Gideon (born & died 1790)
V. Thomas P. (1791 - 1792)
V. Henry (1793 - 1795)
V. Philip (born & died 1795)
V. Louisa (1798 - 1804)
V. Julianna (born & died 1801)
V. James P. (1796 - 1845) m. Mary B. Tilden. No children
V. John E. (1803 - 1855) m. (1) Araminta J. Harper, (2) Martha Lynch
VI. FROM M/1: James Harper (1835 - ??) m. (1) Mary E. J. Bull, (2) Laura A. Harris
VII. FROM M/1: Mary Araminta (?? - ??)
VII. Elma V. (?? - ??)
VII. Harriet Thurston (?? - ??)
VII. FROM M/2: James Page Gale (?? - ??)
VI. John Levin (1839 - ??) m. Annie Judefine
VII. John E. (?? - ??)
VII. Walter T. (?? - ??)
VII. William F. (?? - ??)
VII. Lillie (?? - ??)
VII. Frank T. Gale (?? - ??)
VI. FROM M/2: Elma Asenath (1846 - 1881) m. James T. Lamb
VI. Edward S. (1842 - ??)
III. James (?? - 1739, Kent County)
I. ABRAHAM GALE (?? - 1689-90) was born in Ireland and came to the colonies in the 1680s, settling in Maryland. His family was associated with the Reverend Thomas Wilson, minister at Killybegs, County Donegal, who in 1681 founded a church at Manokin in what is now the town of Princess Anne in Somerset County, Maryland. Abraham became a member of this church. In the late 1600s, Somerset County was across the Nanticoke River from Dorchester County, and pesent day Galestown in Dorchester was supposedly named for Abraham Gale.

Around 1683 Abraham wrote to his wife Sarah in Dublin requesting that she and his sons, James and John, join him in Maryland. Sarah met one Henry Staples of Kent County, Maryland, who promised to transport her and her sons to the colonies at servant's rates and deliver them to Abraham. But when the ship arrived in Virginia, Staples sold James for a term of five years of servitude and carried his brother John to Kent County where he was bound to serve Staples for eleven years. (Brooks) Land records in Kent County show 200 acres known as
Staples Choice was surveyed on 8/9/1684 for Henry Staples.

Abraham offered to pay for his family's passage but Staples declined, stating that the boys were already bound and that Abraham could buy his wife's freedom for £2000 of tobacco. On 3/4/1684 Abraham filed a petition at St. Mary's City stating that correspondence between he and Sarah attested to her plans to join him in Maryland and to the problems with Staples. In May of the same year the court ordered Staples to surrender Sarah and her children to Abraham on payment of £2400 of tobacco. Staples ignored the first summons, another was filed in March of 1685, and in 1686 the case was dismissed with no record of Staples having complied.
In Abraham Gale's will, dated 10/22/1689, he described himself as a "Chirurgion" and wrote, "I give and bequeath unto my deare son John Gale now servant unto one…Chackstone of Steele Pond Creeke in Sarsafrax River three Cowes goeing on two yeares old and one dark bay mare to be delivered unto my (son) when he is free from his said master…" Witnesses were Phil Pitt and Charles Roberts. Edward Paul was to care for the animals. According to the Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature, Thomas Thackstone was living in Cecil County [adjoining Kent County to the north] and it is generally accepted that this Thacksone of Cecil and Chackstone of Steele Pond Creeke may be the same. Abraham Gale died in 1689-90. His will, proved on 1/9/1689/90, is in the records of Dorchester County, MD.

II. JOHN (1678 - Abt. 1733) married a Widow Jones and may have married more than once. His children were named in his will.
II. JAMES (Living 1733)

II. JOHN GALE (BY 1678 - 1733) was born by 1678 to Abraham and Sarah Gale. He came to Kent County with his mother and brother James to join his father but instead was bound to Henry Staples for 11 years. He was later indentured to one Chackstone of Still Pond Creek who researchers believe was Thomas Thackstone, also referred to as Theakston, Talkstone, Theckstone and Thackston. Thackstone's daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Rasin, whose family was associated with the Gales. Rasin's will, dated 1731, mentioned property known as Forrester's Delight, purchased from Thomas Thackstone.

Evidence suggests that John married somewhere around 1699 - 1703 and probably married more than once. The names of his wives are unknown but one appears to have been a Widow Jones. His will named children John, James, Mary, Catherine, and Elizabeth Gale, and "sons," George Lewis and Evan Jones, who were probably step-sons. Evan Jones, shown in court records during the 1730s as being assigned to George Lewis, was a relative of Griffith Jones, who provided security in Abraham's payment of £2400 of tobacco to Henry Staples for the return of his wife and children.

In 1721 planter John Gale purchased
Redmore's Supply, originally patented to JOHN HODGSON (sic) in 1678. The tract encompassed part of the present village of Still Pond and the old house stood southwest of the crossroads. (Bourne) In 1699, a testator of the will of John Hodgson of Cecil County ratified the sale of 140 acres of Redmond's (sic) Supply…at the head of the bay to John Gale. One of the testators was Philip Rasin. (Brooks, Cecil County Wills: 11/10/1699-3/12/1699-1700, will of John Hodgson dated 11/10/1699) Gale purchased an additional 250 acres of Redmore's Supply and on 3/19/1724-25 conveyed 50 acres to his son, John Gale, Jr. On 5/9/1732 John Sr. sold to John Jr. 250 acres of Redmond's Supply for 7500 pounds of tobacco. The transaction was witnessed by Philip Rasin and Thomas Stainton.
JOHN SR. WENT TO CURRITUCK COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA, where he owned at least two tracts of land, one on Old Currituck Sound, located just inside the Barrier Islands adjoining Timothy Eye, and another tract purchased from his "son" Evan Jones. According to research by Fay Brooks of Maryland, he was only in North Carolina for a year or so and his Gale children were born in Kent County.

He died in 1733 and his will, dated 10/2/1732 and recorded in February of 1733, named his "son" George Lewis as executor. He mentioned that if any of his children died under age, the rest would get their share. John bequeathed as follows:
To my son George Lewis, a Negro man; To my son James Gale, a Negro, and items; To my daughter Mary Gale, a Negro and items; To my son Evan Jones, my blacksmith's tools, provided he will take the land purchased of him; To daughter Mary, the tract on Old Currituck Sound, joining Timothy Eye's; To daughters Catherine, Mary, and Elizabeth, 7500 lbs tobacco due from my son John Gale, living in Kent County, Maryland; Rest of estate to three daughters; 5 shillings to son John in Maryland.

On 2/6/1733 John Gale's estate inventory by John Archer, Robert Elam and John Worsham, Jr. was presented in court on behalf of George Lewis by William Worsham, Gentleman, and recorded in April of 1734. On 2/2/1735-36 an accounting of the estate was presented in Henrico County by George Lewis and included payments to Jacob, Paul and Evan Jones.

Currituck Sound
Christ Church, or I. U. church, Chester Parish, Kent County, MD (Photo by Stephen Keefe)
John married ELIZABETH RASIN (11/21/1706, Kent County - before 12/1738), daughter of Philip and Elizabeth Rasin and sister to Mary Rasin who married Griffith Jones. The couple had two sons before Elizabeth's death, John and Rasin, and both were named in Thomas Rasin's will, dated 1/1/1737 and proved 1/21/1737 in Kent County. Also mentioned were Thomas Rasin's brother John; his deceased brother Philip and sons Joseph and Benjamin; his sister Mary Jones and her daughters Elizabeth, Mary and Lucea; and his sister Elizabeth Gale and her sons John and Reason (sic). The executors were John Gale and Griffith Jones.

Sometime before 1738 Elizabeth Rasin Gale died and on 10/5/1745 John married BATHSHEBA LAMB (1729 - after 1796), daughter of Francis (1689 - 1774) and Rosamond Beck Lamb, and granddaughter of Pearce and Mary Howe Lamb of Kent County, MD. Bathsheba's birth was recorded in the minutes of the Cecil Quaker Meeting on 5/30/1729 as was her marriage to John Gale.

As Quakers, the Lamb family attended The Cecil Quaker Meeting House, first constructed in 1694 with the first meeting held in 1698. Although the structure itself has disappeared, the original graveyard, surrounded by a white fence, is located about ½ mile west of Lynch on Route 298. It is next to another Lamb family home known as
Friendship, completed in 1783 for Daniel Lamb and located on the tract known as Warner's Addition.
Lamb's Meadow, end showing 1733 date (Photo, Gayle Mandell)
Bathsheba's father is said to have built Lamb's Meadow on property that had been in the Lamb family since 1694 when a 215 acre tract was surveyed for Pearce Lamb, Francis' father. On one end of the gambrel-roof structure, the date of 1733 is inscribed in the brick. This writer visited Lamb's Meadow, located on Lamb's Meadow Road (Kent County, Rte. 298) in January of 2007. The owners of the home and property were not available so only a cursory look around the yard was possible.
John Gale died in Kent County on 12/6/1775 and his death was recorded on the same page in the minutes as his marriage to Bathsheba. In his will, dated 12/4/1775 and proved 1/30/1776, he noted that his children, Malachai, Mary, Catherine, Rosamond, John and James were to share the personal estate equally. He named his grandson, John Gale, who was to receive all lands on the northeast side of the road from Still Pond Hill down the neck to John Crew's…grandson John to pay his brother Thomas Gale 100 pounds. My son Rasin Gale to be guardian of my grandson John Gale until 21 years of age… His son John Gale was to get 3 acres of land and son Malachai, who was named as executor, was to receive the residue of the lands Redmore's Supply and to pay his brother James Gale £100. If wife Bersheba (sic) Gale lives until James is 21 years of age she to pay one-third of above sum. (Brooks, Kent County Wills 5/261, dated 12/4/1775 and proved 1/30/1776) Bathsheba Gale received her dower right of all lands and use of the land Malachai received until he reached 21 years. Malachai Gale predeceased his mother in 1778 and Bathsheba died after 1796.

In 1783 land assessment records of Kent County charge Barsheba (sic) Gale for 160 acres of
Redmore's Supply, a tract of forest about 10 miles from Chestertown. At the time her household consisted of four whites (probably Barsheba and her three youngest children) and two blacks. Son John Gale was taxed for 100 acres of forest-land located 12 miles from Chestertown, and son Rasin Gale for 30 acres of the same tract located on Still Pond Creek. In 1790 Bathsheba headed a household with one male over 16, one under 16, two other females and four slaves. At some point Bathsheba was forced by Quaker tradition to give up any interest in her slaves. According to Fay Brooks' research, Catherine Howell and James Gale may have been living with her in 1790. Members of this generation appear on the 1790 census for Kent County.
Rasin: 6 white males over 16, 3 under 16, 4 white females, 1 other free person, 8 slaves
George, a Negro: with 5 other free persons
Phebe (widow of John): 1 white male over 16, 1 under 16, 5 white females
William: 2 white males over 16, 2 under 16, 3 white females, 7 slaves
John, of B: 1 white male over 16, 1 white female, 3 slaves
Barsheba:1 white male over 126, 1 under 16, 3 white females, 4 slaves
John, of S: 2 wite males over 16, 2 under 16, 4 white females, 29 slaves
Rasin, Jr.: 1 wite male over 16, 1 under 16, 1 white female, 2 slaves
Caesar, Negro: with 3 other free persons
George: 1 white male over 16, 3 white females, 2 slaves
Both Rasin and John Gale, Jr. were pewholders at the First Church of Chester Parish, known as I. U. Church, the initials standing for Isaac Usilton who helped to found it. Here John shared pew #11 with John Dwyer and Macall Medford.

John was living at the time of the French and Indian War, but was judged too infirm to serve. He pre-deceased his father, dying without a will before 4/16/1768, when a bond was granted to Phebe Gale, administratrix of John Gale, Jr. Surety was provided by Andrew Toulson and Marmaduke Medford. On 5/5/1768 a probate record named John and Rasin as John's next of kin. Phebe presented an inventory showing John's estate valued at £95.2.3 including furniture, tableware, animals, 2 slaves and books. Phebe Gale was listed on the 1783 tax list owning a horse, but no land. Listed in her household were six whites. On the 1790 census she headed a household with one male over 16, one under 16, and five females.

V. JOHN (1760 - 12/28/1807) possibly married (1) widow Jane Rasin, (2) Sarah (Unknown).
V. THOMAS (After 1754 - Before 1830) married (UNKNOWN)

Christ Church or I. U. Church, Chester Parish
V. JOHN GALE (1760 - 1807-08) was born to John and Phebe Chandler Gale in 1760. According to Fay Brooks, he may have married (1) JANE RASIN, widow of Abraham Rasin, and (2) SARAH (UNKNOWN).

Two John Gales appeared on the 1790 census - John Gale (of B) that immediately preceded Barsheba, and a John Gale (of S). Fay Brooks believes this John Gale is JOHN OF STONETON. She cited a notation by Percy Skirven in his history of I. U. Church. Following the listing of John Gale as Vestryman selected in March 1807 is written, "...1808 Stoneton. The vestry minutes of the church show that John Gale (Stoneton) was elected 30 Mar 1807. Records of meetings of the following year indicate that John Gale did not attend. On 11 Jan 1808 John Gale, deceased, was replaced by Samuel Ringgold…John Gale of Stoneton must be the son of John Gale, Jr. who died in 1768 and was brother to Thomas Gale, both of whom were the grandsons named by John-2 in his will of 1775." (Brooks)

On 7/24/1804 John was listed as a member of the Conference Commission of Kent County, Middle District, and Democratic Citizens. He died on 12/28/1807 according to a death notice in
The Republican Star, published in Easton, Talbot County, Maryland. The notice stated that John Gale, an attorney and delegate from Kent County, died at age 47 in Annapolis, Maryland. His wife Sarah was named administrator of his estate on 2/17/1808.

VI. MARY JANE (AFTER 1783 - 1814) married (1) Philip Rasin, (2) Rasin M. Gale, son of William Gale. Jane left a will in 1814 and left Worton Manor to her husband. She identified herself as the daughter of John Gale, deceased, and the niece of Thomas, called Thomas Gale of John. The will did not name any children.
VI. SARAH (1786 - 8/11/1845, buried at I. U. Church with her husband and children) married James Ingram (1774 - 11/9/1819)

V. THOMAS GALE (BETWEEN 1755 & 1768 - BY 1830) was born to John and Phebe Chandler Gale sometime between 1755 and 1768. He married (UNKNOWN) after 1790 and died before 1830. Thomas appeared on the 1800 census in the Middle District. His household consisted of a male and female between the ages of 26 and 45, two males under 10 and two females under 10. In 1810 he was listed in the 1st District as Thomas Gale of Still Pond with a household consisting of a male and female between 26 and 45, one male under 10, one male 16 - 26, two females under 10 and one female 16 - 26. In 1820 the family appears in the 2nd District with a male and female over 45, one male 10-16, one female under 10 and two females 16-26. In 1828 Thomas was a Commissioner at Chestertown. He was not listed on the census in 1830.

VI. LEWIS GALE (Living 1828) married SUSAN BEAL on 7/3/1828 and appeared on the 1830 census as head of a household with a male and female between 30 and 40, 1 male under 10, 1 male 5-10, and 1 female 10-15.
VI. THOMAS GALE (Living 1832) married MARY ANN COLEMAN on 3/20/1832
VI. MARY GALE (Living 1825) married Thomas Hague on 6/8/1825.
VI. PHEBE GALE (Living 1833) married John A. Howard on 1/24/1833 [Brooks noted that this marriage was not among the children of John and Phebe Everitt Gale.]
VI. Other Un-named daughters.

IV. REASON/RASIN GALE (1735 - 1797) was born to John and Elizabeth Rasin Gale on 5/22/1735 at Worton Manor, Kent County. In 1756 he married (1) MARTHA MOORE (Abt. 1736, St. Paul's Parish, Chestertown - Bef. 1797), daughter of William and Rachel Medford Moore. William Moore's will proved in 1781 named sons George, Augustine, Thomas, and John and daughters Asenath Caulk and Martha Gale. He also named his son-in-law, Rasin Gale, and his grandsons William Caulk and William Gale. Martha Moore Gale is thought to have died in Fayette County, PA and Rasin then married (2) REBECCA (UNKNOWN) who was possibly a widow of Mr. Newell. In June of 1762, Rasin appeared in Kent County Court charged with having committed fornication with Sarah Gyant (1/15/1731, Shrewsbury Parish, Kent County - ??) and having an illegitimate child. He was fined 30 shillings and forced to leave the Quaker Church. Nothing further has been found to identify the child. (Barnes & Wright, Vol. 1)

On 4/12/1762 Rasin was elected church warden of Shrewsbury Parish. Two years later, on 4/23/1764, he was elected vestryman of the I. U. Parish of the Episcopal Church in Chester Parish, Worton, (Christ Church I. U.). On 4/20/1767 he was elected warden of I. U. Church where he shared pew #8 with George Moore and Roger Hales. He held pew #48, in 1768. "His name appears on the list of pew-holders who enlisted in the Battalions of Kent County, which included the 13th Battalion commanded by Col. Richard Graves and the 27th commanded by Col. Donaldson Yeats." (Brooks) DAR records list him as a Private in the 3rd Company, Baltimore Maryland Militia, also commanded by Col. Yeates. On 8/7/1780 Rasin donated merchantable grain to the church for use by the clergymen and for church repairs. He was also on the list of subscribers to establish Washington College in Chestertown, along with George Washington.

In 1783 Rasin appears on the tax list for the 4th district in Kent County and is taxed on 100 acres of
Intermix, 185 acres of Grange and 30 acres of Redmore's Supply, all located on Still Pond Creek. In his household were 10 whites and 13 blacks. In 1790 his household consisted of six males over 16, three males under 16 and four females. Fay Brooks noted that by 1790 Rasin's five sons headed their own households so the other members listed in the household during that year may have been children of a widow that Rasin married.

Rasin wrote his will on 11/11/1797 and named his wife Rebecca; daughters Rachel Hines, Mary Cann, and Elizabeth Jones; and sons George, Rasin, Thomas, John and William. He also named John Newell, husband of his daughter Asenath. Rasin also named grandsons John and James Newell. At the time of his death Rasin owned property at Worton Point in Kent County and in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. On 9/18/1798 John Gale, Rasin Gale (probably Rasin, Jr.) and George Medford petitioned for a public road from
Worton Manor, formerly the property of Richard Lloyd. Wharton Manor (sic) was first surveyed as 2300 acres for Henry Muse on 8/16/1658. In his will, Rasin refers to his portion of the tract as Plumb Point. [NOTE: Rasin and Thomas Gale were sued by Thomas Rasin over ownership of Camble's Farm, next to the property of Warner Rasin on the west and Harper on the east.]

V. WILLIAM (5/24/1758 - 8/27/1817) married Martha Hodges, daughter of Captain James and Sarah Granger Hodges, on 10/13/1785 at Kent, Cecil Friends.
V. GEORGE (1762-63 - 3/23/1807) married (1) Asenath Dooley about 1805 and (2) Mary Dooley.
V. JOHN WESLEY (12/1765 - Before 1774) married Phebe Everitt on 1/29/1793 at I. U. Church and had children.
V. THOMAS (3/14/1767 - 11/15/1837) married Mary Ann Hodges, daughter of James Hodges, on 9/7/1797 at Kent, Cecil Friends. Mary Ann was Martha Hodges' sister.
V. RASIN MOORE (Before 1765 - 2/26/1817) married Martha (Unknown) and had children.
V. MARTHA (Living 1817) married (1) (Unknown) on 12/22/1817 and (2) Robert Causden Walmsley on 1/17/1801.
V. MARY (Abt. 1772 - Before 5/2/1813) married Francis Cann, a prominent citizen of Kent County, on 10/11/1797 in Baltimore. They had three known children, Phoebe, Rachel and Francis Cann III.
V. ASENATH (Abt. 1774 - ??) married John Newell by 1797 and had children John and James Newell.
V. RACHEL (Abt. 1770 - ??) married by 1797 to a Mr. Hines.
V. ELIZABETH (Abt. 1760, Kent County - 8/24/1829, Wayne Township, Jefferson Co., Ohio) married on 6/7/1786 to Jacob Jones, Jr., High Sheriff of Kent County in 1783 and son of Captain Jacob Jones and his wife Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Jacob Jones Jr. had a son, Daniel Jones (10/10/1796 - 4/23/1865) who married Catherine Tylden Ireland (11/23/1804 - 9/26/1856), daughter of John and Mary Tylden Ireland on 11/27/1821.

In the name of God, Amen, I Razin Gale of Kent County and state of Maryland, being in a low state of health, but of sound mind, memory, and understanding, do make and ordain this my last Will and testament in manner and form following to wit-

FIRST, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Rachel Hines all that parcel of land bought of John Ricketts, it being a parcel of land willed to him by Roger Hales the said land I give to my daughter Rachel Hines, her heirs and assigns forever, also a Negro boy called Unit, about twelve years old, to serve sixteen years, after the sixteen years that he shall become also be free.

SECONDLY, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Cann forty acres of land to be laid off on the westernmost part of my part of Worton Manor by me called Plumb Point to her, her heirs and assigns forever, also a Negro boy called Benjamin about sixteen years old, to serve twelve years, after the twelve years I desire that he shall become and be free, also a Negro boy called Geddes, about ten years old. to serve eighteen years, after eighteen years I desire that he shall become and be free, also a Negro girl called Editha, about six years old, to serve fifteen years, after the fifteen years I desire that she shall become and be free.

THIRDLY, I will and bequeath unto my daughters Elizabeth and Mary forty acres of land on my now dwelling plantation to be laid off on the westerly part near the creek, the one third of the forty acres to my daughter Mary, the other two thirds to my daughter Elizabeth Jones and unto her heirs and assigns, I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Jones a Negro called George, about twenty years old to serve eight years, and after eight years I desire that he shall become and be free.

FOURTHLY, I give and bequeath unto my son George Gale a Negro boy called Saul, about twenty years old, to serve eight years, after the eight years I desire that he shall become and be free, as he has already received equal part of my estate, I will him no more.

FIFTHLY, I give and bequeath unto my son Rasin Gale all my land on Worton Manor called Plumb Point, except thirty acres reserved for Thomas Gale as hereafter described, on condition that Rasin Gale do permit the produce of the aforesaid lands to be applied to the payment of my just debts as have been heretofore applied until the whole are paid off, and also to pay or secure to be paid unto my daughter Mary Cann the sum of two hundred and twenty-five pounds current money of Maryland in lieu of and as satisfaction for the land before willed to her, also to permit a road to son Thomas Gale from the said thirty acres of land to the bay, and free and equal privileges of any quantity of stone, oyster shells and drift wood for the use of his farm so long as the farm shall last, lying and being on Worton Manor called Plumb Point as aforesaid then to remain to my son Rasin Gale, his heirs and assigns forever. Also a Negro boy called Isaac, about twenty-two years old, serve five years, after the five years, I desire that he shall become and be free.

SIXTHLY, I give and bequeath unto my son John Gale all that tract of land I have in Fayette County, state of Pennsylvania unto him, his heirs and assigns forever. I give and will him no more.

SEVENTHLY, I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Gale thirty acres of woodland on my part of Worton Manor called Plumb Point reserved for him to be laid off on the eastern side beginning at the corner stone set at the end of the first, and the division line between Medford's lane and mine--and running with the division line between Osborne's and Ireland's and mine until it intersects a line drawn parallel to division between Medford's land and mine as to include the thirty acres of woodland. I also give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Gale all the branch or low ground lying below or to the south and west of the old northeast bridge where the old road crosses the branch, also three acres of high land to be laid off on the west end of what's called the northeast point and running with land called Forresters Delight so far as to include the three acres by a line drawn to the mill pond, also a road from the aforementioned three acres of land on the aforementioned line of Forresters Delight to aforesaid northeast bridge, also the land-on the
west side of aforementioned branch or low ground below or to the southward and westward of a line drawn from before said northeast bridge bearing as the road across the branch now bears until it intersected the land of Benjamin Howard, also a road from last described land on the division line between Benjamin Howard's land and mine to the main road leading to the head of Still Pond Creek. I also give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Gale my house dwelling plantation row all the before described land or parcels of land and road ways. I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Gale to him, his heirs and assigns forever, on condition that he, my son Thomas Gale pays or secures to be paid after my just debts are paid to my daughter Elizabeth Jones the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds current money of Maryland, and pays or secures to be paid unto my daughter Mary Cann the sum of seventy-five pounds current money of Maryland after my just debts are paid, in lieu of and as satisfaction for the land willed to each of them laying and being on my now dwelling plantation to have been laid off as before described, also I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Gale free and equal privileges and liberty with my son Rasin Gale to take from off the aforesaid land called Plumb Point any quantity of stone, oyster shells and driftwood from the shore for the use of his own farm as he may want so long as there may be any, I give the before mentioned privileges to my son Thomas Gale to him, his heirs and assigns forever, also a road away from before mentioned thirty acres of woodland on the division line between Medford's land and the bay shore, and a road or way on the division line between Osborne's and Ireland's land and mine to the road leading , from his dwelling house out of the neck the said roads I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Gale to him, his heirs and assigns forever, also my clock, also A Negro called Charles, aged about twenty years, to serve eight years after the eight years I desire that he shall become and be free.

EIGHTHLY, I give and bequeath unto my son William Gale all the remainder of my land where he now lives, and that willed to daughter Rachel, on the condition that my son William pays or secures to pay unto my daughter Rachel Hines the sum of three hundred pounds current money of Maryland; all the before described land I give and bequeath complying with the condition, unto my son William to him, his heirs and assigns forever.

NINTHLY, I give and bequeath to my son John Newell the following Negroes, boys -Jacob, aged twenty-three years, to serve five years, Daniel aged about fifteen years, to serve thirteen years, Hannah, about twelve years, to serve nine years, Dely, aged about ten years to serve eleven years, Sarah, about eight years old, to serve thirteen years, Amos, about four years, to serve twenty-four years and after aspiration of their several servitudes, I will and desire that each of them and all of them become and be free.

TENTHLY, my wife Rebecca and I did make a marriage contract or agreement, she was not to have or claim any part of my estate as her third or dower, but was to take the whole of what she brought away with her again and as there is no schedule of the same, I will and bequeath my executor pay her thirty pounds current money of Maryland out of my households furniture and stocks also a horse saddle and bridle valued to thirty pounds, also that she occupy a house and half an acre of the land on the Quaker Point during her widowhood, also that my sons, William Gale, Rasin Gale, and Thomas Gale should find and haul her wood sufficient for one fire place, and also that each of them pay her three and one third pounds current money each year during her widowhood, under the penalty of suffering their lands to be subject her third or dower, also a Negro girl called Matilda, about three years, to serve eighteen years after the eighteenth year I desire that she shall become and be free.

ELEVENTHLY, and lastly, I do hereby appoint my son Thomas Gale to be my executor of this my last will and testament, to finish my crops, all of them now in the ground or on hand and to apply them to the payment of my just debts, and when my debts are settled the remainder of my personal property to be divided up into four equal parts my son Thomas Gale to have one part, my daughter Mary Cann one part, my daughter Rachel Hines to have one part, and my grandsons John and James Newell to have one part equally between them.

In witness whereof' I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the eleventh day of November, seventeen hundred and ninety-seven revoking all other wills made by me heretofore, and notifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.

Signed, sealed published and delivered by the above. . .
Rasin Gale

Testator as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us, who hereunto have subscribed our names as witnesses there unto in the presence of' the said testator and in the presence of each other. . .
William Burchnell, John Moore Junz, Marmaduke Medford

UNIT: Negro boy about 12 years old given to daughter Rachel Hines, for a period of 16 years.
BENJAMIN: Negro boy about 16 years old given to daughter Mary Cann to serve 12 years.
GEDDES: Negro boy about 10 years old given to daughter Mary Cann to serve 18 years.
EDITHA: Negro girl about 6 years old given to daughter Mary Cann to serve 15 years.
GEORGE: Negro boy about 20 years old given to daughter Elizabeth Jones to serve 8 years.
SAUL: Negro boy about 20 years old given to son George Gale to serve 8 years.
ISAAC: Negro boy about 22 years old given to son Rasin Gale, Jr. to serve 5 years.
CHARLES: Negro boy about 20 years old given to son Thomas to serve 8 years.
MATILDA: Negro girl about 3 years old given to Rasin's wife Rebecca to serve 18 years.

JACOB: Aged 23 years, to serve 5 years.
DANIEL: Aged 15 years, to serve 13 years.
HANNAH: Aged about 12 years, to serve 9 years.
DELY: Aged about 10 years, to serve 11 years.
SARAH: Aged about 8 years, to serve 13 years.
AMOS: Aged about 4 years, so serve 24 years.


V. WILLIAM GALE (1758 - 1817) was born to Rasin and Martha Moore Gale on 5/24/1758. On 10/13/1785 William married MARTHA HODGES (1/30/1764 - 4/27/1805), daughter of Captain James Hodges and his wife Sarah Granger, at Kent, Cecil Friends. They had children.

On the 1790 census William headed a household with two males over 16, two males under 16, and three females. In 1800 there was one male between 26 and 45, two males from 10 to 16, two males under 10, one female 26 to 45, one female 10 to 16, and two females under 10. Martha Hodges Gale died on 4/27/1805 and on the 1810 census William headed a household with two males 16 to 26, one male 10 to 16, and two females 10 to 16. At William's death on 8/27/1817 he was buried with Martha on the
Old Gale Farm near Still Pond.

William left a will dated 5/18/1817 that listed his
unnamed wife; deceased son William; brothers Thomas and John Gale; sons Levi H., James Hodges, and Rasin Gale; and daughters Martha H. Gale, Mary Ann Gale, and Sarah Rasin who had received a portion of her uncle James Hodges' estate. Also mentioned was land in Kentucky and Kent County, Maryland, to which he was entitled through is son William Gale 'who enlisted as a soldier in the Light Dragoons under Clinton Wright in the late war with England.' Son Rasin Gale served as executor and the witnesses were John Hebron, John Moore, and George Beck. In a codicil written the same day as the will, Wiliam specified that the land called Redmore's Supply…'being part of a tract belonging to John Gale and conveyed to his son Rasin Gale, my father, and by him to me to go to nephew Francis Cann or the Methodist Society.' (Brooks)

On 3/31/1824 Rachel Walmsley, Isaac Hines and Thomas S. Gale sued Sarah H. Rasin, Rasin Gale, Mary Ann Gale, Isaac Hines, Martha Hines, James H. Gale and Levi Gale re: the estate of William Gale including
Grange, Forresters Delight, Douches Folly, and Redmonds Supply. Elkton Bank of Maryland was named. On 4/6/1824 a chancery paper was filed in Kent County Rachel Walmsley, Isaac Hines, and Thomas Gale against Sarah H. Rasin, Mary A. Gale, Isaac Hines and Martha, his wife. Apparently there was a dispute between the heirs of Rasin Gale who died in 1797 and the heirs of his son William Gale over the rights to Redmore's Supply and Intermix, located near Hepbron's land and Still Pond, which William Gale had received from Rasin Gale. As a result, the tracts were sold on 7/14/1826 at $12 an acre to Thomas Gale to settle William Gale's debts. (Brooks) William Gale's heirs were listed as Sarah H. Rasin of Kent County; Rasin Gale of Kent County; James H. and Levi H. Gale, both outside the state of Maryland; Mary Ann Gale and Martha H. Gale, now Martha H. Hines, wife of Isaac Hines, all of Kent County, MD.

According to the will of his grandfather, William Moore, William received a Negroe boy named MOSES who was in possession of William's father Rasin at the time Moore's will was written.

VI. WILLIAM (?? - Ca. 1812) pre-deceased his father and was killed during the War of 1812.
VI. SARAH H. (?? - ??) married Thomas Rasin and their daughter, Sarah Ann (1814 - 1888), married as his second wife, her cousin John Gale of Worton Manor. Both were buried at Chester Cemetery.
VI. RASIN (Ca. 1785 - Aft. 1824) possibly married (1) Jane Gale, daughter of John Gale; and (2) Miss Hines.
VI. JAMES HODGES (6/2/1790 - 8/6/1868, buried on the Old Gale Farm near Still Pond with his wife, Martha A. Gale (1805 - 10/15/1857), daughter of Thomas and Ann Gale.
VI. LEVI H. (1791 - 1853) was born in 1791 to William and Martha Hodges Gale. He appeared on the 1850 census in Rhode Island as age 62, born in Maryland. His wife, ELIZABETH (UNKNOWN), was listed with him but no children were found. According to Fay Brooks, Levi was said to have moved to New England and married a descendant of Governor Winthrop. On 4/6/1824 Levi H. Gale, James H. Gale, et al, were involved in a suit against Thomas Gale; Isaac Hines, husband of Martha Gale; and Rachel Wolmsley (sic) regarding the sale of real estate of William Gale of Kent County, deceased. It was noted that James H. and Levi H. Gale, heirs of William, resided outside of the state of Maryland. Brooks also noted that a Baltimore Newspaper stated that Levi H. Gale, aged 62 years, a native of Maryland and a 30 year resident of New Orleans died on 4/19/1853.
VI. MARY ANN (1796 - ??)
VI. MARTHA H. GALE (?? - ??) married Isaac Hines on 12/22/1817.

VI. RASIN GALE (?? - BEFORE 1830) was born at an unknown date to William and Martha Hodges Gale. Rasin married (1) JANE GALE (aft. 1783 - 1814), widow of Philip Rasin and daughter of John Gale and his wife Jane or Sarah. Jane Gale died in 1814, identifying herself in her will as the daughter of John Gale, deceased, and the niece of Thomas, called Thomas Gale of John. No children were mentioned.

Following Jane Gale's death, Rasin is said to have married (2) MISS HINES.
Mr. P. G. Skirven submitted a query to the Maryland Historical Magazine 35:314 requesting information regarding Rasin (Reese) Gale who was probably born in Kent County, Maryland, who had married a Miss Hines and had children, 1) Harrison Gale; 2) Miss Gale who married Mr. Kirby and lived in Queenstown, Queen Anne's County, Maryland; 3) Miss Gale who married Mr. Riley; 4) Wilhelmina who married Mr. Boyer; and 5) John Gale. (Brooks)

Rasin appeared on the 1820 census heading a household with one male age 26 to 45, one male between 10 and 16, one female between 16 and 26, and one female under 10. Several references appeared in local papers and, based solely on their dates, they seem to pertain to this Rasin Gale. In 1807 the
Republican Star reported that Rasin Gale was appointed Sheriff of Kent County. On 3/14/1820 the Republican Star reported the sale of real estate owned by Rasin Gale and the Easton Gazette stated that Rasin Gale, Jr. is executor of his brother William Gale of Kent County. Rasin Gale died between 1824 and 1830 and was buried at Still Pond.

VII. MARY JANE (12/1/1811 - 8/11/1844, buried as Mary T. Beck in Chester Cemetery) married 7/26/1827 to James Beck (2/23/1804 - 4/15/1885, buried as James Beck of George.)
VII. JOHN (1814 - ??) married Mary (Unknown) and had children.

VII. HARRISON (?? - ??)
VII. UNKNOWN DAUGHTER (?? - ??) married a Mr. Kirby.
VII. UNKNOWN DAUGHTER (?? - ??) married a Mr. Riley.
VII. WILHELMINA (?? - ??) married a Mr. Boyer.

VII. JOHN GALE (1814 - ??) was born in 1814, probably to Rasin and Jane Gale. According to Fay Brooks, "John is unidentified but should be considered for placement here since his birth year coincides with the death year of Jane Gale." (Brooks) John married MARY (UNKNOWN), born in 1813.

VIII. THOMAS (1840 - ??)
VIII. HARRISON (1842 - ??)

VI. JAMES HODGES GALE (1790 - 1868) was born on 6/2/1790 to William and Martha Hodges Gale. James married MARTHA A. GALE (1805 - 10/15/1857), daughter of Thomas and Ann Gale, but no children have been attributed to them. James Hodges Gale received an appointment to the Military Academy and at one time was in command of Fort Snelling. Beginning as an ensign in the 14th Infantry on 3/12/1812, he became a 2nd Lieutenant on 3//3/1813 and a 1st Lieutenant on 6/29/1814. He was transferred to the First Infantry and resigned on 7/28/1831 with the rank of Colonel. James H. Gale died on 8/6/1868 and he and Martha are buried on the Old Gale Farm near Still Pond.

V. GEORGE GALE (1762/63 - 1807) was born in 1762/63 to Rasin and Martha Moore Gale. George married (1) ASENATH DOOLEY and (2) MARY DOOLEY, widow of William Dooley and mother of Captain James Dooley. Children were born to both marriages.

The 1790 census shows George Gale as head of a household in Kent County with one male over 16 and three females. In 1800 the census listed one male 26 to 45, one male 10 to 16, three males under 10, and two females 10 to 16. Fay Brooks found conflicting details for the children of George Gale and noted that separate DAR applications contained the same birth dates for both Asenath Dooley Gale and her daughter, also named Asenath. Consequently, children assigned to George Gale were gathered by comparing supporting documents with the work of historian Percy Granger Skirven and e reconstructions of previous compilers.

George Gale died on 3/23/1807 and was buried on his farm near Still Pond in Kent County. In 1810 there was no mention of a family headed by a George Gale. Other members of his family were buried at the Old Quaker Burial Ground at Galesville.

VI. LLOYD (1796 - 5/2/1823) No children. Buried in the old Quaker Burying Ground, Galesville. "Lloyd could have been the child of either marriage." (Brooks)
VI. ISAAC (1797 - 11/16/1864) married on 1/12/1819 to Ann Hadley. [NOTE: Percy Granger Skirven suggested that Isaac also married Mary (Unknown) on 12/2/1798 and had children Lloyd (?? - 5/27/1823, age 27), George (1799 - 1856) and Rasin M. (?? - ??) who married Mary C. Murphy on 12/8/1820.
VI. GEORGE (1799 - 1856) married (1) Margaret (Unknown) Dooley, widow of James Dooley, and (2) Susan Matilda Mathiot.

VI. MARTHA (1786 - 12/20/1826) died unmarried and was buried in the old Quaker Burying Ground in Galesville.
VI. ASENATH (9/22/1788 - ??) married John Moore on 5/28/1805. Their daughter Rachel Moore (1825 - 1897) married Joshua Pennington in 1844. Their daughter Margaret Pennington (1847 - 1895) married William E. Keyser in 1863. Their daughter Florence Adelaide Keyser (1864, Kent County - 1920, Baltimore) married James Thomas Blackiston on 2/14/1883.
VI. THOMAS H. (1792 - 4/30/1870) married Henrietta Walmsley (1798 - 4/28/1865) in Baltimore City on 8/2/1812.
Old Quaker Burying Ground, Galesville (Photos, Gayle Mandell)
Tombstones of Martha and Lloyd Gale
VI. THOMAS H. GALE (1792 - 1870 was born on 1/4/1792 to George and Asenath Dooley Gale. Thomas married HENRIETTA WALMSLEY (12/17/1795 - 4/28/1865) in Baltimore City on 8/2/1812. In 1860 The Baltimore County census in Ward 10 listed Thomas Gale, age 68; Henrietta Gale, age 65; Henrietta Gale, age 43; and Margaret Gale, age 22. Thomas H. Gale died on 4/30/1870.

VII. MARY WALMSLEY (8/12/1813 - 4/24/1886) married John Ward Morgan (5/1809 - 1/7/1891 in Galena, MD at the home of his son Robert C. Morgan, on 12/19/1829. Fay Brooks found information on the Morgan family in Stewart's Bible Records of the Upper Eastern Shore that included vital records for Thomas H. and Henrietta Gale. Mary Gale Morgan was buried in St. Stephen's Churchyard.
VII. ROBERT WALMSLEY (4/17/1815 - ??) married Sophia Owens on 1/2/1845.
VII. HENRIETTA GALE (7/4/1817 - ??)
VII. THOMAS MILLER (2/5/1819 - 4/2/1878) married Sarah Ann Rogers on 6/25/1846.
VII. EMELY #1 (3/20/1821 - 8/8/1821)
VII. EMELY #2 (7/20/1822 - 9/9/1823)
VII. GEORGE NICHOLAS (3/10/1825 - 10/8/1828)
VII. HENRY CLINTON (5/2/1828 - 12/19/1952) married Laura A. Dixon on 8/24/1852.
VII. MARGARET ANN (3/14/1831 - ??) married S. L. Moore on 10/27/1864.
VII. GEORGE (6/29/1832 - 8/22/1833)
VII. JOSEPH HODGES (9/9/1834 - 12/3/1904) married Laura V. Frush on 7/12/1855. Their daughter, Annie Laurie Gale (10/28/1856 - 12/31/1943) married Edward L. Hooper in 1880.
VII. BENJAMIN (5/3/1836 - 9/22/1836)

VI. ISAAC GALE (1797 - 1864) was born in 1797 to George and Mary Dooley Gale. On 1/12/1819 Isaac married ANN HADLEY (1798 - 3/15/1872) and had four children. [According to Percy Granger Skirven, Isaac also married Mary (Unknown) on 12/2/1798 and had children Lloyd (?? - 5/27/1823, age 27), George (1799 - 1856) and Rasin M. (?? - ??) who married Mary C. Murphy on 12/8/1820.]

Isaac and his family lived in St. Paul's Parish, one of two parishes formed in Kent County in 1698. On the 1820 Census Isaac was listed as the head of a household in Kent County and his age was given as between 26 and 45. Also in the household was one female between 26 and 45, one male under 10, and one female between 16 and 26. In 1830 he appears on the census with his wife, both aged between 30 and 40. Also in the household were one male between 5 and 10, one male between 10 and 15, and one female under 5. In the 1840 census Isaac and his wife were between 40 and 50 and living with them were one male between 15 and 20 and one female between 10 and 15. In 1860 Isaac was 63 years of age and Ann Gale was 62. Isaac Gale died on 11/16/1864 at age 67 and was buried in St. Paul's Old Church Yard, Kent County, with his wife Annie who died at age 80 in March of 1872. Other family members were also buried there.

VII. WILLIAM (10/27/1819 - 11/30/1879) married Mary J. Deputy.
VII. ISAAC, JR. (1822 - ??) married (1) Mary Rebecca Hines on 3/17/1846, (2) Mary Jane Enos on 9/26/1849.
VII. MARTHA (1830 - ??)
VII. WILLIMINA (1837 - ??)
Old St. Paul's Churchyard, Chestertown, MD, est. 1692
ISAAC GALE: Died 11/16/1864 (Age 67)
ANNIE GALE: Wife of Isaac: Died 3/15/1872 (Age 80)
ARAMINTA JOSEPHINE GALE: Died 3/14/1844 (age 28) [Wife of John E. Gale]
THARTIA BELL GALE: (1/17/1858 - 12/11/1863)
WILLIAM GALE: (10/27/1819 - 11/30/1879) married MARY J. DEPUTY and had children.
JOHN E. GALE: Son of John & Elizabeth Gale: Died 6/6/1855 (age 52)
ADA VICTORIA GALE: Daughter of Wm. & M. J. Gale (no dates)
ANN M. GALE: Daughter of Wm. & M.J. Gale: (2/21/1865 - 12/9/1885)
CLARA GALE: Daughter of Wm. & M. J. Gale: (6/16/1869 - 9/26/1871)
Tombstone of George Gale, & wife Margaret Dooley Gale, Quaker Burial Ground, Galesville, MD (Photo, Gayle Mandell)
V. JOHN WESLEY GALE SR. (1765 - 1807) OF COLLEY COVES was born in December of 1765 to Rasin Gale of Kent County. On 1/29/1793 he married PHEBE EVERITT (Abt. 1775 - ??, Posey Co., IN) of Chester Parish, daughter of St. Leger Everitt. Everitt's will, dated 2/3/1795 and proved 1/20/1798, named Phebe Everitt Gale and Philip, Jane, Anne and Joseph Everitt; however, their relationships to St. Leger were given only as relatives. [NOTE: In attempting to determine which of the John Gales Phebe was married to, Fay Brooks noted that if she was married to 'Stoneton' John Gale (who left a widow named Sarah in 1807) then Phebe died before 1807. On the other hand, Phebe may have been the wife of John, son of Rasin Gale.]

In Rasin Gale's will of 1796, John was to receive his father's land in Fayette County, Pennsylvania. In 1799 John had 300 acres in Dunbar Township, Fayette Co, PA, one horse and two cows. He was listed there on the 1800 census heading a household of one male, 26 to 45; one male 16 to 26; two males under 10; one female 26 to 45; and three females under 10. He did not appear on subsequent census records in Pennsylvania and sometime afterward moved his family to Harrison County, Kentucky.

The will of Ann Washington Trulock (dated 4/1/1840, proved 2/27/1841) named her nephews Joseph Everett Gale and Rasin Moore Gale; cousins Benjamin Everett Smith, George Washington Purnell Smith, Eliza Thomas, Anne Margaretta Smith and Mary Wright Smith. Anna Maria Gale, daughter of the executor Rasin Gale, was also named. Anna Trulock appeared in 1823 as a subscriber in the IU Church vestry minutes. St. Leger Everitt, Henry Trulock and several Smith and Thomas families were also listed as pew-holders of the church. It is likely that Ann W. Trulock was sister to Phebe Everitt Gale, and that those named were related to the Everitt family. According to researcher Fay Brooks, the appearance of Rasin Gale in Kent County suggests that Rasin Gale's son John did not stay in Pennsylvania. John Gale's death on 12/31/1807 was published in
The Maryland Gazette.

VI. ANN (Abt. 1797 - ??)
VI. MARY ANN (8/23/1798, Harrison Co., KY - 4/4/1831, Glasgow, Scott Co., IL) married William McPherson (8/10/1789, Scott County, KY - ??) on 10/2/1821 in New Harmony, Posey Co., IN. Mary was buried at Bowers Cemetery near Alsey, Scott Co., IL.
VI. PHEBE (Abt. 1799, Harrison Co., KY - Bet. 1841 - 1850, Posey Co., IN) married on 3/14/1818 to Isaac James (Abt. 1796, PA - ??)
VI.RASIN MOORE (1800 - 2/26/1843, buried with his wife in I. U. Churchyard) married Mary C. Murphy on 12/8/1829.
VI. JOSEPH EVERETT (Abt. 1800, Harrison Co., KY - ??) married on 7/21/1831 at Milton, Pike Co., IL to Elizabeth Garrison (Abt. 1812, Posey Co., IN - ??) Elizabeth was the great grandniece of Daniel Boone.
VI. JOHN WESLEY JR. (1/16/1801, Cynthiana, Harrison Co., KY - 3/16/1849, Van Buren County, IA) married on 10/26/1824 at Posey Co., IN to Rebecca McCreary (1/19/1807, NC - ??) and moved to Van Buren Co., IA in 1837 where he was a farmer. John Wesley Jr. was also the first coroner for Van Buren County. At his death he was buried at Lippincott Cemetery in Van Buren County.
VI. WILLIAM (6/27/1803, Cynthiana, Harrison Co. KY - ??)
VI. MARTHA JANE "MARY" (3/17/1807. Cynthiana, Harrison Co. KY - 8/6/1896, Green Pond, Montezuma Township, Pike Co. IL) married Abner Nelson Long. Martha Jane was buried at Green Pond Cemetery.
VI. JAMES C. (1815, Harrison Co. KY - ??)
VI. UNKNOWN DAUGHTER (Betw. 1818 & 1820)

VII. RASIN MOORE GALE (1800 - 1843) was born in 1800 to John and Phebe Everitt Gale. He married MARY C. MURPHY (1796 - 5/18/1849) on 12/8/1829 at age 53.
Rasin was a delegate to the Maryland Assembly in 1841. He died on 2/26/1843 and was buried with Mary, who died 6 years later, in I. U. Churchyard. Their children were under age at the time of Rasin's death and became the wards of Daniel Jones.

VIII. ANNA M. (?? - ??) married James H. Kelley on 12/16/1850. Their daughter Mary Elizabeth Kelley (1/3/1853 - 11/23/1858) was buried at Still Pond cemetery.
VIII. JOHN M. (1836 - ??)
VIII. SAMUEL EVERITT (?? - Before 3/24/1856) called 'Everitt'. An estate account dated 3/24/1856 showed that Mary C. Gale's share of Everitt's estate was divided between his sister, Anne M. Kelley, brother John Gale, sister Willimina Gale, and brother Rasin H. Gale.
VIII. RASIN H. (?? - ??)

VI. JOSEPH EVERETT GALE (Abt. 1800, Harrison Co., KY - ??) was born to John and Phebe Everitt Gale about 1800. On 7/21/1831 at Milton, Pike Co., IL Joseph married ELIZABETH GARRISON (Abt. 1812, Posey Co., IN - ??) and had children. Elizabeth was the great grandniece of Daniel Boone.

VII. ELIAS (Abt. 1840, IL - ??)
VII. WILLIAM R. (Abt. 1843, IL - ??)
VII. ZACHARIAH T. (Abt. 1845, IL - ??)
VII. JOSEPH A. (Abt. 1847, IL - ??)

VI. JOHN WESLEY GALE JR. (1801 - 1849) was born on 1/16/1801 at Cynthiana, Harrison Co., Kentucky, to John Wesley Sr. and Phebe Everitt Gale. On 10/26/1824 at Posey County, Indiana, he married REBECCA MCCREARY (1/19/1807, NC - ??) and moved to Van Buren Co., IA in 1837 and settled near the Des Moines River where he was a farmer and the first coroner for Van Buren County. He and Rebecca had several children.
John became ill in 1849 and died on 3/16/1849 at Keosauqua, Van Buren County, IA. He was buried at Lippincott Cemetery. Rebecca then went to live with the family of her oldest son, William Thomas Gale, and the family moved to Orleans, Iowa. She died on 4/12/1869 and was buried in the Orleans Cemetery with two of her sons, Harrison and Dorsey, both Civil War veterans, who died soon after returning home.

Lippincott Cemetery, Keosauqua, Van Buren County, Iowa (Photo by Bill Hahn)
VII. WILLIAM THOMAS (5/25/1825, Posey Co. IN - ??) Direct descendants of William Thomas included ULYSSES GRANT GALE, CLARENCE GUY GALE, ARLENE GALE, and GRED GERTZ (provided by Gred Gertz).
VII. JOSEPH WASSON (12/31/1827, Posey Co. IN - ??)
VII. JOHN C. (Abt. 1829 - ??)
VII. RUTH ANN (1/18/1830, Gibson Co. IN - ??)
VII. ELIZA EVERETT (Abt. 1831, Gibson Co. IN - ??)
VII. MINERVA (6/1836, Gibson Co. IN - ??)
VII. MARY (1838, Gibson Co. IN - ??)
VII. MINOR (Abt. 1842 - ??)
VII. HARRISON (Abt. 1844, Van Buren Co. IA - ??)
VII. MARTHA (12/14/1844, Gibson Co. IN - ??)
VII. DORSEY (Abt. 1845, Van Buren Co. IA - ??)

V. THOMAS GALE (1767 - 1838) was born to Rasin Gale and one of his wives on 3/14/1767 in Kent County. A surveyor and farmer, Thomas married ANN HODGES (6/23/1778 - 3/22/1819), daughter of James Hodges, on 9/7/1797 at the Cecil Friends Meeting House in Kent County. The will of James Hodges (dated 9/17/1816, proved 2/17/1818) named his son James Hodges, Jr., daughter Ann Gale, and the unnamed children of his deceased daughter Martha Gale. (Brooks)

The 1810 census listed a household headed by Thomas Gale of
Worton [Son of Rasin] in the 1st District. In 1820 he was listed in the 2nd District. In 1830 his household consisted of one male 60-70, two males 20-30, one female 15-20, one female 20-30 and one female 30-40. Thomas Gale died on 11/15/1837 and was buried with his wife at the old Gale Farm, presumably Redmore's Supply.

It is unclear whether the following mentions pertain to Thomas Gale, son of Rasin, or Thomas Gale, son of John.
1825: Sheriff's Sale: Thomas Gale at suit of Valentine Warum, exec. Of Wm. Warum; farm occupied by said Thomas Gale; also 6 head cattle, 10 hogs, 15 head of sheep, 1 boy (LEVI), 1 boy (CHARLES) and 1 boy (PERRY).
1826: Sheriff's Sale against Thomas and Eliza Alford, suit of Thomas Gale; tract, The Last, and Negro men, JOSEPH and DANIEL.
1827: Committee from Middle district to nominate 4th candidate for legislature: Thomas Gale, Andrew Toulson, Samuel Kerr, James Mansfield, Wm. Harris.

VI. JAMES (1799 - 10/6/1867) married (1) Elizabeth Moore (?? - 11/19/1850) on 11/14/1831. Both James and Elizabeth were buried at Still Pond Cemetery. James married (2) Sarah "Sally" Hodges.
VI. MARTHA H. (1805 - 10/15/1857) married James H. Gale (6/2/1790 - 8/6/1868), son of William and Martha Hodges Gale. Martha and James Gale were buried on the Old Gale Farm.
VI. MARY (4/14/1807 - 4/8/1854, buried at Old Gale Farm, near Still Pond) Unmarried. Her will (dated 3/12/1854, proved 4/20/1854) named her sister Sarah G. Grainger (sic).
VI. JOHN (10/7/1808 - 2/14/1872) married (1) 1/2/1839; Leonora Sutton; (2) Sarah A. Rasin (1814 - 1888), daughter of Thomas Rasin and Sarah H. Gale.
VI. SARAH GRANGER/GRAINGER (1810 - 1866) married 2/10/1840 to John Thomas Skirvin

V. RASIN MOORE GALE, JR. (BEFORE 1765 - 2/26/1817) was born to Rasin and Martha Moore Gale before 1765. Rasin married MARTHA or JANE (UNKNOWN) and had at least one child, possibly two. Raisin died 2/26/1816-17 and was buried at I.U. Church Cem, Worton, Kent Co, MD, and o n 3/26/1816-17 Thomas Gale was named as the administrator of Rasin Gale, deceased, of Kent County.

VI. GEORGE (?? - ??) - (Brooks, citing Chancery Paper #2278: Estate of Rasin Gale filed 1817.
VI. MARY JANE (12/1/1811 - ??) - (Bill Hahn, FindAGrave).

VI. JAMES GALE (1799 - 1867) was born in 1799 to Thomas and Ann Hodges Gale. James married ELIZABETH MOORE (?? - 11/19/1850) on 11/14/1831 and had children.

Between 1816 and 1818 James and Elizabeth were living at Chestertown in Kent County. Also living there were relatives Thomas and Rasin Gale. In 1836 James served as Secretary of the Whig Party at the state Convention. On the 1850 Kent County census James was listed as a farmer, age 50. Living in his household were Eliza, age 37; Ann E., age 18; Thomas, age 11; James A., age 4; Mary C., age 2; Francis Crew, listed as a laborer, age 16; and Angenia Everett, age 11. Elizabeth died sometime after 1850 and James married SARAH HODGES of Baltimore on 10/25/1852.

The family appeared on the 1860 Census at Still pond listed as James, a farmer, age 60; wife Sarah H., 43; Anna E., 27; Thomas, 20; James A., 12; Mary J., 10; Sallie, 3; and one Francis Johnson, 14. James Gale died at age 68 on 10/6/1867 and was buried at Still Pond Cemetery in Kent County. Also buried there are John Gale, Elizabeth Moore Gale and Annie E. Gale.

VII. ANNIE ELIZABETH (12/27/1832 - 10/13/1891, buried at Still Pond)
VII. JOHN THOMAS (1839 - ??) also called Thomas John, Thomas, Redhead, and Rufus, married Marietta Kelley on 4/24/1867. Children were Bertha and Arthur, born 1868 and 1870 respectively.
VII. JAMES ALFRED (1846 - 3/3/1933) married Julia Spedden and resided in Kent and Dorchester Counties. Children were Emma Clara, James A., Jr., and William Rogers Gale.
VII. MARY CLARA (11/12/1849 - 7/24/1904) married George W. Harper on 1/22/1873. Buried at Still Pond.

VII. SARAH GRANGER (1856 - 10/15/1863, at age 7, daughter of James and Sally Gale.
Still Pond Cemetery, Kent County, MD. (Photo,
VI. JOHN GALE (1808 - 1872) was born on 10/7/1808 to Thomas and Ann Hodges Gale of Worton Manor, Still Pond Neck in Kent County. On 1/2/1839 John married LEONORA SUTTON and had one child who lived to adulthood. Following Leonora's death, John married SARAH A. RASIN (1825 - ??) on 9/23/1851.

John Gale's home,
Worton or Wharton Manor, located at Gale's Wharf at the mouth of Worton Creek, was owned by members of the family until the early 1900s. The property was part of the original tract first surveyed as 2300 acres for Henry Muse on 8/16/1658. John Gale…spent his whole life upon a farm in Kent County, where he owned the Worton manor house, formerly the property of the Boardley family near what is known as Gale's wharf. By his first wife, who was Leonora Sutton, he had three children, but only one of these attained years of maturity, Thomas… His second wife bore the name of Sarah A. Rasin, and they had two children, now living, John and William R. The father was a prominent member of St. James' Methodist Protestant Church, in which he was steward for some time, and his interest in the welfare of the denomination continued steadfast until death. Successful in his undertakings, he deserved especial credit because his prosperity came not by chance nor the assistance of friends, but by his own unaided exertions. His death occurred in 1872, at the age of 62 years. (Brooks)
John Gale died on 2/14/1872 and was buried at Chester Cemetery. He left a will dated 7/25/1867 and proved 2/27/1872. He named is wife Sarah Anne, his son William, his son John, who received Bordley Farm, and his eldest son, Thomas, who received Eisenbury Farm and the Worton property.

VII. JOHN (9/7/1854 - 12/6/1909) married (1) Maggie Beck on 2/7/1877
VII. WILLIAM RASIN (1858 - 1902) married Anna Stavely Stephens.

VII. THOMAS (1840 - ??) married Rachel Parsons, Farmer at Eisenberry Farm, Kent County, Md.

Chester Cemetery, Kent County, MD (Photo, Julie Slagle)
VII. THOMAS J. GALE (1840 - ??) was born in 1840 to John and Leonora Sutton Gale. His mother died when he was still a child. Thomas married RACHEL PARSONS (1844 - ??), daughter of Isaac and Mary Wood Parsons, on 7/29/1873. He lived at Eisenberry Farm in Kent County and was listed on the 1870 Census as a farmer, age 30, District 3, Chestertown.

VIII. LENA (1877 - ??) married William Willis, had several children and lived at Fairlee in Kent County.

VII. JOHN GALE (1854 - 1909) was born on 9/7/1854 to John and Sarah A. Rasin Gale. On 2/7/1877 John married (1) MAGGIE BECK (1859 - 1/22/1888), daughter of George Rees Beck. She died and John married (2) EMILY GEMMILL (1863 - 1911) and had two more children. John Gale died on 12/6/1909 and was buried at Chester Cemetery.

VIII. WALTER RASIN (1/17/1878 - 3/17/1959) wrote letters that became part of the Skirven Collection. He was buried at Chester Cemetery.
VIII. LILLIAN ANN (1/12/1880 - 1941) was buried at Chestertown.

VIII. ADELAIDE COBURN (2/17/1892 - 3/21/1981) married Alfred H. Noble and had children Alfred H., Walter G., and Richard Franklin Noble.
VIII. VIRGINIA ETHEL (?? - ??) married Lawrence A. Dorsey. No children.

VII. WILLIAM RASIN GALE (1858 - 1902) was born in 1858 to John and Sarah A. Rasin Gale. He married ANNA STAVELY STEPHENS (1857 - 1913) and had children. William Rasin Gale died in 1902 and was buried at Chestertown.

VIII. ARTHUR LITTLE (1883 - 1900)
VIII. HELEN ADELAIDE (1892 - 1931)
VIII. ANNIE EUGENIA (?? - ??) married L. W. Burgage of Baltimore.

IV. JOHN GALE (AFTER 1755 - 1816) was born to John and Bathsheba Lamb Gale after 1755. On 12/11/1788 he married ELIZABETH PEARCE (?? - 1835), daughter of Thomas Pearce, and had eight children. All of the children died young, with the exception of James P. and John E. Gale.

John's father died in Kent County on 12/6/1775. His will noted that John was to receive 3 acres of land and his brother Malachai, who was named as executor, was to receive the residue of
Redmore's Supply, providing he paid his brother James Gale £100. John's mother, Barsheba Gale, received her dower right of all lands and use of the land Malachai received until he reached 21 years. The elder Gale's will named his grandson, John Gale, who was to receive all lands on the northeast side of the road from Still Pond Hill down the neck to John Crew…grandson John to pay is brother Thomas Gale £100. My son Rasin Gale to be guardian of my grandson John Gale until 21 years of age… (Brooks)

On the 1783 tax list Bathsheba Gale is charged for 160 acres of
Redmore's Supply, John is charged for 100 acres, and Rasin is charged for 30 acres. In 1790 an entry for John Gale of B appears just before Bathsheba Gale on the census and John was listed as the head of a household with a wife but no children. In 1800 he appears heading a household of one male under 10, one female 26 - 45, and two females under 10. In 1810 his household was listed with one male 26-45, one male 10-16, one male under 10, one female 26-45 and one female over 45, who may have been his mother, Bathsheba. John Gale died on 4/9/1816 and Elizabeth in 1835, leaving two sons, James P. and John E. Gale. Elizabeth's wish was to be buried at St. Paul's.

V. GIDEON (8/12/1790 - 4/29/1790)
V. THOMAS P. (11/2/1791 - 4/12/1792)
V. HENRY (3/30/1793 - 8/28/1795)
V. PHILIP (3/10/1795 - 10/8/1795)
V. JAMES P. (10/4/1796 - 3/28/1845) married 10/22/1835 to Mary B. Tilden (8/13/1802 - 10/10/1865). James and Mary are buried at St. Paul's Old Church Yard in Kent County.
V. LOUISA (9/22/1798 - 3/13/1804)
V. JULIANNA (2/15/1801 - 7/27/1801)
V. JOHN E. (1803 - 6/6/1855) married (1) 5/6/1833 Araminta J. Harper, (2) 1/13/1846 Martha Lynch.

V. JAMES P. GALE (1795 - 1845) was born on 10/4/1795 to John and Elizabeth Pearce Gale. On 10/22/1835 James was married to MARY B. TILDEN (8/13/1802 - 10/10/1865). There were no children. He died on 3/28/1845 at Broad Neck and his will, dated 3/22/1845 and proved 3/31/1845, noted tht he wished to be buried near the remains of his brother's late wife under a white oak tree in St. Paul's Churchyard. The will named his wife Mary T. Gale, brother John E. Gale, nephew James H. Gale and Mary T. Browne, daughter of James T. Browne and Ann E. Browne. (Brooks, KC Wills12/185) Mary Gale survived for another 20 years and her will, dated 10/8/1865 and proved 10/18/1865, accounted for money received from students as board and left all of Mary's estate to Polly Wilson, wife of Alexander Wilson. (Brooks, KC Wills, JF#1/316) Both James and Mary were buried at St. Paul's Churchyard.

V. JOHN E. GALE (1803 - 1855) was born in 1803 to John and Elizabeth Pearce Gale. John married (1) ARAMINTA JOSEPHINE HARPER (1816 - 1844) on 5/6/1833 but she died at age 28 on 3/14/1844 and was buried in the family plot at St. Paul's. Her will, dated 12/25/1833 and proved 6/7/1845, mentioned the tract of land known as Gresham College on the bayside of Kent County conveyed to her by James P. Gale and Isaac Gale. (Brooks, KC Wills, 12/196) Following his first wife's death, John married (2) MARTHA MOORE LYNCH (1818 - 2/20/1876), widow of Christopher Lynch, on 1/13/1846.

In 1835 John E. Gale acquired property known as
Hinchingham on the Bay, a grant of 2200 acres to Thomas Hynson in 1659 on the east side of the Chesapeake. Gale also owned Gresham College to the north and a farm on the opposite side of the main road. A house was built on the Hinchingham tract but since Gresham College was in better repair than Hinchingham, Gale may have used that as his main residence. Hinchingham itself was listed in "bad repair" in 1852. (Bourne) John E. Gale died on 6/6/1855 at age 52 and was buried in St. Paul's churchyard as son of John and Elizabeth Gale. His son, John L. Gale, inherited the Hinchingham property and his widow, Martha, was given use of the south rooms, a cellar and kitchen for her lifetime. On 11/11/1858 Martha Lynch Gale married Howard Meeks.
Hinchingham on the Bay (

I. JOHN GALE (By 1678 - 1733) OF ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, MARYLAND, whose parents are unknown, was in Anne Arundel County by 1698 when he was appointed to appraise the estate of John Gassaway, late of Anne Arundel County, who was buried in All Hallows in 1697. Gassaway's father was Colonel Nicholas Gassaway. His widow, Elizabeth Lawrence Gassaway, married one John Rigby and was buried in the Quaker burial ground near Galesville in 1700.

John Gale appears to have been married twice and possibly three times. His first wife may have been a woman named ELIZABETH, by whom he had three children, all christened in February of 1698 in Anne Arundel, St. James Parish. According to the St. Margaret's Parish Church Record, John Gale married (2) Elizabeth Ashman on 6/25/1713 at All Hollows Parish, St. Margaret's. Elizabeth was the daughter of COL. GEORGE ASHMAN (Abt. 1660 - 1700) of St. James Parish, a member of the Maryland General Assembly, and his wife ELIZABETH TRAHEARNE, widow of WILLIAM CROMWELL (1637 - 1684-5). Elizabeth Ashman's brother was John Ashman and her step-brothers were Joshua Cromwell of Baltimore County, Thomas Cromwell, William Cromwell and Philip Cromwell. Elizabeth Ashman Gale died within a year following her marriage. Her nuncupative will, made on 9/5/1714, stated that she was "very sick to mind." She died at the home of her brother, John Ashman. Attendants at her death were John Ashman, Joshua Cromwell and Jane Williams. A portion of her will stated "…as to what I have in brother Thomas Cromwell's hands, he to pay my husband's debts and to keep remainder to him." (Newman) It is not known whether John married again following Elizabeth Ashman Gale's death, but no wife is named in his will.

The property known as
Rockhold's Purchase figures prominently within this family. Laid out in 1666 for John Rockhold, the property passed to his eldest son, Thomas Rockhould (sic), who sold it on 3/25/1721 to John Gale, planter. Gale died in 1733 and his will, proved on May 10th of that year, leaves a portion of the tract to his daughter, Elizabeth Frizell, and at her decease the property is to go to Gale's grandson, Gale Frizzell, and his heirs. Gale's daughter, Margaret Frizzell, receives the remaining portion of the tract which was to descend in equal portions to her daughters, Margaret and Constant Frizzell. On 6/24/1745, John and Elizabeth Frizzell and son Gale sell their portion of Rockhold's Purchase to Thomas Wright. And on 4/28/1760 Jacob Frizell sells his portion to Nathan Hopkins.

Gale's grandchildren named in his will were GALE FRIZELL, JACOB FRIZELL and JAMES MARSH. [One ALICE GALE married James Marsh on 7/14/1699, St. James Parish.] The names of both Gale and John Frizzell appear in records of Camden County, North Carolina, during the time of the Revolutionary War.]

II. JOHN: (Christened 2/2/1698, Ann Arundel, St. James Parish - ??) John may have died young as he was not named in his father's will.
II. ELIZABETH: (Christened 2/2/1698, St. James Parish - ??) married JOHN FRIZZELL. Their children were GALE FRIZELL (ca: 1723 - ??) who married Susanna (Unknown) and had children Betsy (2/4/1743 - ??); Sarah (1/25/1745 - ??); John Gale (7/1748 - ??); Thomas (1/12/1750 - ??); and Jacob (?? - ??) Frizzell. In November of 1742 John Frizzell of Ann Arundel County leased part of
My Lady's Manor from Thomas Brerewood. The lease was to run for the lifetimes of his children, Gale, Nathan (??) and Susanna. According to research by Karen McKellar, on 6/24/1745 John Frizzell, wife Elizabeth and son Gale, sold their portion of the plantation known as Rockhold's Purchase, located on the south side of Back Creek in St. James Parish, Ann Arundel County, to Thomas Wright, a member of the Rockhold family. John Gale acquired the land from Thomas, eldest son of John Rockhold on 3/25/1721. Jacob and wife Anne sell his portion of Purchase on 4/28/1760 to Nathan Hopkins. Both Gale Frizzell and John Gale Frizzell were listed in ledger accounts at Clermont (Rugeley's) from 1776 to 1778.
II. MARGARET: (Christened 2/2/1698 - ??) married about 1720 to Abraham Frizzell, John Frizzell's brother, and had daughters MARGARET and CONSTANT FRIZZELL (MWB 20/802). Margaret Frizell inherited the residue of Abraham's property during her life, and at her death it was to pass to her daughters, Margaret and Constant Frizell, and their heirs. [NOTE: Abraham Frizzell was also married to Sebra Rockhould/Rockhold, daughter of John and Mary Rockhold. [She is named as Sebrah Rockhould in her mother's will, dated 3/2/1703 and proved 5/1/1704.] Abraham was named in the 1742 lease of part of
My Lady's Manor.
II. POSSIBLE THIRD DAUGHTER? -- the mother of James Marsh, named as a grandson in John Gale's will.

WILL OF JOHN GALE (Dated 12/31/1730, proved 5/10/1733, Anne Arundel County) -
[Courtesy of Gale's descendant Karen McKellar of Indianapolis, Indiana.]

In the name of God Amen December the 31st: 1730 I John Gale of Annarundell County being sick in Body but of good and perfect memory thanks be to almighty God for the same and calling to remembrance the uncertain estate of this Transitory Life and that all flesh must yield unto Death when it shall please God to call, do make, constitute, ordain and declare, this my last Will and Testament in mannor and form following Forsaking and anulling by those Presents all and every Testamont and Testamonts Will and Wills heretofore by me made and Declared either by word or writing and this is to be taken only for my last Will and Testament and none other, and now for the setling my Temporal Estate and such Goods and Chattles as it hath pleased God to bestow upon me I do order give and dispose of in manner and form following That is to say first I Will that all my Just Debts that I owe in right to any manner of Person or persons whatsoever shall be well and truly contented and paid within convenient time after my Decease by Execut. Here after named.

Item I give and bequeath unto my loving
daughter Elizabeth Frizell all that part or parcell of a Tract of Land called Rockholds purchase lying on the South side of a Branch called backbrook Branch During her natural life and after her Decease I give it to my Grandson Gale Frizell and his heirs forever.
Item I give unto my loving
daughter Margaret Frizell all the remaining part of the said Tract of Land called Rockhold Purchase lying on the North side of the aforesaid Branch During her Naturall Life and after her Decease give it to my 2 Granddaughters named Margaret and Constant Frizell to be equally divided between them and their heirs forever.
Item I give to my aforesaid two Grand Daughters one
Negro man named Sambo also one good feather Bedd and furniture and two Cows and Calves with all Female Increase after my Decease.
Item I give and bequeath unto my
Grandson James Marsh one Cow and Calf I Item I give unto my Grandson Gale Frizell one feather bedd which I currently lye on.
Item I give unto my
Son-in-law John Frizell one feather bedd and furniture lying in the Shedd.
Item I give unto my
Grandson Jacob (later referred to as Jassen) Frizell one Dark Bay Mare (&) Colt.
Item I give unto my
Son in Law Abraham Frizell one feather bedd and furniture _______ _________
Item I give unto my ______
GrandDaughters Margaret & Constant one Iron pot and frying pans.
Item I give unto my grandson
Gale Frizel one Negro man named Peter and the remaining part of my estate to be equally Divided between my two Daughters Elizabeth and Margaret Frizell.

And further my Will is that my Sons in law John and Abraham Frizell to be my Executors of this my last Will as witness of my hand Test: Lance Todd John I G. Gale Charles G. H. Hall Robert Smith (his mark)

On the back of the foregoing Will was the following Probate thus written _______ ____________ Will who makes Oath upon the holy Evangelist of Almighty God that they saw the within named John Gale the Signature and Deliver the Written Instrument as his last Will and testament and at the same time heard him Publish and declare the same to be and that at the time of his so doing he was of sound disposing mind and memory to the best of their knowledge and that they signed as witnesses to the within will in the prescence of the Testator and at his request and they further declare on their oath that Charles Hall the other witness who is now dead signed as evidence to the said will with them. Sworn before me the day and year above John Deale (Beale) Hon. AA Coty.May the 10th 1733 Then came Capt. Lance Todd (husband of Susanna Rockhold Todd sister of Sebra Rokhold Frizzell) and Robert Smith two Subscribing Evidences to the within...

GEORGE GALE (Living 1865) married Charlotte Yates on 5/15/1865 in Allegany County.

ELIZABETH GALE (Living 1793) married Ignatius Watkins on 5/18/1793 at Anne Arundel County.
GEORGE GALE (?? - ??): JAMES WILLIAMS, JACOB BOSTON and LEWIS COWARD, slaves who ran away from Gale in 1846 and were listed in the "fugitive" column on the census. An ad dated 10/10/1846 in the
Maryland Republican offered a $600.00 reward for their return.

ALEXANDER GALE (Living 1777) married Kessiah (unknown), St. Paul's Episcopal Church. Child Rachel born 1/12/1777 at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Baltimore. Pledged Oath of Fidelity on 2/5/1777, Baltimore County.
CAPTAIN BENJAMIN R. GAYLE (Est. 1810 - ??) married Priscilla Shaw on 8/29/1848, daughter of Daniel Shaw, and appears on the 1850 census of Baltimore County as Benjamin, age 40, seaman of VA, 2nd Ward. His residence was given as 81 S. Ann Street, Baltimore. Mentioned also were Daniel Shaw, 67 of Maryland; Margaret, 63 of PA; Priscilla, 35 of MD (d/o Daniel Shaw); Mary Emerson, 63 of MD; Daniel Shaw, 27 of MD; James M. Briggs, 24, house carpenter of MD; James B. Thomas, 27, ship carpenter of VA. In 1870 Benjamin Gayle appears on the census in the 3rd Ward of Baltimore, as Benjamin, age 62, mariner of VA. Also mentioned were Scharlotte, 52, keeping house, England; and Mary, 14, at school in MD. Also in the 2nd Ward in Baltimore in 1870 were ROBERT E. GAYLE, 30, shoemaker, MD; Elizabeth, 26 of MD (d/o Daniel Shaw); Archer E., 2, MD; Christopher, 6/12, MD. Robert E. Gayle, carpenter, is listed at 143 Bank Street, Baltimore, and married Elizabeth Shaw on 1/11/1848, daughter of Daniel Shaw. CLARA C. GALE (?? - 1917), wife of Robert L. Gale. Her obituary appeared in the Baltimore Sun, 5/1 - 5/2, 1917.
GEORGE E. GAYLE (EST. 1861 - 1891).
Obituary was published in the Baltimore Sun on 7/19/1891. "Suddenly, on the morning of July 19, 1891, George E. Gayle, in the 30th year of his age, eldest son of Robert and the late Sarah GAYLE. Funeral from his late residence, No. 21 F Street, Northwest, Washington, D.C., this (Tuesday) afternoon, July 21, at four o'clock. Relatives and friends are invited to attend."
Dr. H. K. GALE (?? - 11/7/1911), age 58, died at home, No 107 W. Saratoga St., Baltimore, MD. His wife was Mary J. Gale and his son was Dr. George W. Gale of Newport, Ohio. J. R. GALE: 1850 Census: Baltimore, Md., age 22; Isaac, age 54, Farmer; Anna, 54; Wm., 33; Martha, 20; Willimina, 13.
JOHN GALE: 1860 Census: Baltimore: age 50, Md., farmer; Sallie A., 40; Thos., 20; John, 6; Wm. R., 2; Wilhelmina, 20; George S. Moore, 30; Louisa Rieley, 12; Mary C. Gale, 12.
JOSEPH GALE (?? - 1798) wrote a will dated 10/11/1798 and proved 11/21/98. It named his wife Hester and children Rachel, Hannah, Joseph, James, William and Thomas. Executors were William Howell and John Currier Campbell. Witnesses were Frisby Henerson (sic), John Camble (sic) Chambers, and Richard Sewell. (Cecil County Wills, 1777 - 1810), WB 6)
MARY A. GALE (Living 1863) married George C. Kessler in Cecil County on 5/1/1863.
SAMUEL GALE: 1830 Census: Cecil County, 3rd Election District; also SAMUEL GALE: 1860 Census: Baltimore at 20 W. Baltimore.
WILLIAM GALE (LIVING 1805) married Catherine Malott in Washington, MD on 3/21/1805. On 2/5/1811 he was appointed Justice of the Peace. An officer in the U. S. Army, William Gale died sometime between 1813 and 1815. The funeral was at his late residence, 200 Market Street, Baltimore. On 3/28/1818 Catherine Gale, William's widow, married William Bowhag in Washington, MD.
GEORGE GALE (Living 1791) 7/20/1791: "To let - Grist Mill & Plantation near Elizabeth Town, of late Col. John Stull… George Gale now keeps boarding house at Bath in house lately occupied by Capt. Joseph Butler. (The Washington Spy, 7/20/1791, Hagerstown, MD.)
SAMUEL GALE (Living 1869), Sailor, married Lucy Washington, age 25, daughter of Henry and Maria Washington of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, IN 1869.
GEORGE GAYLE (Living 1867) married Elizabeth E. Zecher on 2/7/1867 at Middletown.
JOHN GALE (?? - ??) married Catherine, daughter of Ritony and Philip Waggoner of Frederick Co. sometime before 1788.
ROBERT GALE (Living 1834) was living in Harford County at the mouth of the Susquehanna River.
SAMUEL GALE (Living 1850) was on the census for Harford County, 3rd District.
WILLIAM GALE (Living 1778) pledged the Oath of Fidelity in Harford County on Aquila Paca's returns.
COL. GEORGE GALE (1805 - 1884) of Kent County was a political correspondent of President Franklin Pierce.
GEORGE GALE (Living 1840) married MARY M. SKIRVEN on 6/20/1840
THOMAS GALE (Living 1797
) married ELIZABETH COOPER on 2/6/1797 in Kent County or Frederick, Md.
EDWARD GALE (1750 - 10/31/1779) appeared on the Prince George County Census in 1776. He appeared with Margaret Carnes (age 50) and 12 Negroes. On 9/3/1779 he was a captain in the Maryland Artillery. He appeared on the 1776 Tax List with one Margaret Carnes (age 50) and 12 un-named Negroes.
PETER GALE (Living 1776) was in Prince George County where he pledged the Oath of Fidelity on Osborn Spriggs returns.
AUGUSTA GALE (Living 1803) married Silas Bush on 9/8/1803.
GEORGE GALE (Living 1808) married Jane Snelling on 5/17/1808.
HENRY GALE: 1850 Census: Quantico District of Somerset County as age 35, Sailor, with Betsey, age 25; Ann, age 22; Emily, age 8; and Wesley, age 12.
LEAH ANNE GALE (Living 1808) married Jesse Dorman on 12/6/1808.
MARY HAYWARD GALE (Living 1799) married Joshua Reese on 11/18/1799.
SAMUEL GALE: 1860 Census: Tyaskin District, Somerset County.
THOMAS GALE (1843 - ??) appeared as age 17 on the 1860 census in household of Samuel Smith, age 50, in Dublin, Somerset County. Also in the household were Benjamin Smith, 16; Wheatly Ward, 15; and Nancy Cottington, 23.
I. JOHN GALE (LIVING 1749) resided in Talbot County, Maryland, and migrated to Port Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1749 with his wife and two sons, one named Samuel. John Gale purchased land containing a great quantity of cedar, planning to enter the lumber business. While the father was away one day clearing the land, the house was approached by a drunken tramp who demanded food. Upon refusal by the wife, the tramp killed her while in a rage. The two boys ran and hid in a feed bin where they were found by their father on his return. John Gale, with his gun, followed the tramp's footsteps in the snow, and overtook him the next morning, and hung him to the nearest tree. John Gale, after burying his wife, being discouraged, gathered up his two sons and returned to Maryland. In 1791, Samuel G. Gale with his family, appeared at Port Elizabeth and claimed the land purchased by his father. ( Gale Chart, Minton and Dinsmore, cited by Fay E. Brooks)
II. SAMUEL G. GALE (1739 - ??),
son of John Gale (above) and an unknown wife. According to Fay Brooks, the Gale family of New Jersey believes that it is descended through Abraham Gale's grandson, Samuel G. Gale, born 1739. According to family tradition, Samuel, his father John Gale, mother and brother went to Port Elizabeth, NJ in 1749. In 1791 Samuel returned to Port Elizabeth and claimed his father's land. [Brooks noted that Thomas Gale, who died at Easton in Talbot County, was thought to have been descended from Samuel, but further stated that nothing was found connecting Thomas or Samuel to the Gales of Kent County.]
MARY ANN GALE (Living 1816) resided at Easton, Talbot County, Maryland.
GEORGE H. GALE: NO DATE: Buried at St. Mary's Episcopal Church, N. side of Salisbury, Nanticoke Rd., ¼ m. East of Jesterville Road, Wicomico County.

EDWARD GALE (?? - 10/31/1779) Captain Independent Company Maryland Artillery, 9/3/1779.
JAMES H. GALE (Living 1822) Ensign, later Lieutenant, from Maryland, served in the 14th U. S. Infantry until 1822.
JOSEPH GALE (Living 1814) 2nd Lieutenant from Maryland, served aboard the privateer 'Ultor.'
RICHARD GALE (Living 1719) came to Maryland

-- [Note connection to the family of LUKE LAMB/FAMILY OF RASIN GALE]
In 1790 a William Gale appears on the census in Currituck County, North Carolina, with one white male over 16, one under 16, and one female. From 1790 to 1797 he appears in a number of land transactions in Currituck County. In 1790 he purchased 50 acres from Lazarus Flora (DB6/260) and acreage from Elisha Jenkins (DB6/248) and in 1793 he purchased property from Betsey Bennett (DB6/150) On 12/13/1797 William Gale of Halifax County, NC sold to Luke Lamb of Camden County, NC a piece of land and plantation in Currituck County near Casses (sic) Mill on the head of a branch of Tulls Creek. The "50 acres more or less" was purchased for $75.00. Witnesses were L. Lamb and Edward Upton. (DB8/81) In Luke Lamb's will, dated 12/28/1820 and recorded in May of 1822, Lamb bequeathed to his daughter Peggy Etheridge, and heirs, the use of land purchased from Burke, Gale, Ferebee and Jenkins - "as I have divided it". Also mentioned were daughters Lydia Dozier, Polly (Mary) Ferrel, Sally Dozier, Chloe Herring, Phoebe Dozier; sons Abner, Isaac, John, and Gideon, a son, Thomas, was not named); and grandchildren Isaac Gregory, Tully Dozier, Lovey McBride, Mark Gregory, Mary Gregory Palmer, and Lucy Spruel. (Camden Co. WBC, pg. 6-9)

Owner JOHN GALE OF B.: 3 UN-NAMED NEGROES: 1776 Tax List.
Owner JOHN GALE OF S.: 29 UN-NAMED NEGROES: 1776 Tax List.
Owner JOHN GALE (By 1678 - 1733), son of Abraham Gale of Redmore's Supply: A NEGRO MAN: Bequeathed to GEORGE LEWIS. (Will of John Gale, 1733)
UN-NAMED NEGRO: Bequeathed to JAMES GALE. (Will of John Gale, 1733)
UN-NAMED NEGRO: Bequeathed to MARY GALE. (Will of John Gale, 1733)
Owner RASIN GALE: 8 UN-NAMED NEGROES: 1776 Tax List.
Owner RASIN GALE, JR: 2 UN-NAMED NEGROES: 1776 Tax List.
Owner WILLIAM GALE: NEGRO WOMAN and TWO BOYS, OTHER SLAVES: Sold on 11/22/1814 by Edward Brown, Sheriff of Kent County.
Owner THOMAS GALE (LIVING 1797 - 1838) of Still Pond Neck: NEGROES JOSEPH & DANIEL: Sheriff's sale, 1826: Suit of THOMAS GALE against THOMAS ELIZA ALFORD for a tract of land,
The Last, in Maryland, and two Negroes.


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Manokin Pesbyterian Church, Somerset County, MD
Photo, BeverlyDavis Valcovic;
VII. WILLIAM GALE (1819 - 1879) was born on 10/27/1819 to Isaac and Ann Hadley Gale, married MARY J. DEPUTY, and had several children. William Gale died on 11/30/1879.

IX. THALIA (1859 - 12/11/1863) The Kent News listed the death of the daughter of William Gale, aged 4 years.
IX. WILLIAM WALTER (1860 - ??) married Lula Maslin and had children.
IX. LAWRENCE LOUIS (1862 - ??) married Theresa Pinkind and had children.
IX. ANNA M. (2/21/1865 - 12/9/1885)
IX. JAMES D. (1866 - ??) married Caroline Doll and had children.
IX. MARY CLARA (6/16/1869 - 9/26/1871), daughter of William and Ginny Gale. (Kent News)
IX. ADA VICTORIA (?? - 4/16/1872), infant daughter of William and Ginny Gale. (Kent News)
IX. FREEMAN (1875 - ??) married Miss Thompson
IX. FLORENCE (1877 - ??) married Frank Jerrell of Chestertown.

VII. ISAAC GALE, JR. (1822 - After 1877) was born in 1822 to Isaac and Ann Hadley Gale. Isaac married (1) MARY REBECCA HINES on 3/17/1846, (2) MARY JANE ENOS on 9/26/1849. It appears that there were no children from the first marriage.

VIII. ISAAC E. (1851 - 12/3/1878) married on 5/22/1872 to Catherine Deputy. Children were Cora and Emma L. Gale, born 1876 and 1877 respectively.
VIII. MATTIE R. (1855 - ??)
VIII. ABRAHAM (1856 - ??)
VIII. JOHN (1859 - 8/12/1877, aged 18 years)
VIII. EMMA (1861 - 8/12/1877, aged 16 years)
VIII. ENOS (1862 - ??)
VIII. ANNIE (1865 - ??)
VIII. MARTHA (1867 - ??)
VIII. ISAAC #2 (1869 - ??)
VIII. IDIE (1870 - ??)
VIII. WILLIAM C. (1873 - 8/22/1954) married and had one child, Thomas Gale of Baltimore. He worked on nine steamers of the Tolchester Lines for about 60 years, working his way up to a position of captain of the ship's special police. He was killed in Baltimore by a street-car on his way to work one morning. He was 79. William C. Gale was buried at Loudon Park Cemetery, Baltimore, MD.
VIII. GEORGE W. (1877 - ??)


VI. GEORGE GALE (1799 - 1856) OF GALESVILLE was born on 8/14/1799 to George and Mary Dooley Gale. According to the records of St. James Parish, George married widow MARGARET DOOLEY (4/1/1793 - 6/25/1854) on 3/22/1832 but no children were found.

Margaret's first husband was Captain James Dooley (1790 - 1829), one of the Maryland privateers charged with harassing the English during the War of 1812. He remained at sea to prey upon the world's commerce after peace had been declared and was branded as a pirate. (Ridgely) Failing health led him to abandon his maritime pursuits in favor of life on the West River where he established a plantation,
Westbury Farm, purchased with the proceeds of his life as a legal - and illegal - privateer. Before his death, Dooley wished to unburden his soul by confession, but his partners in crime guarded his deathbed so that no alien might hear his story. Could he have spoken, names well known to all of us might have been forever lost to good fame, for all were city merchants with their capital behind the hardy seaman. The land bought with ill-earned gold is said to bear a curse. (Ridgely) James Dooley died on 5/19/1829 and was buried near the Gale family plot in the old Quaker Burial Ground at Galesville. His daughter and only child, Isabella, died at Westbury Farm on 1/9/1835 at age 6.

A Quaker, George Gale moved to the area in the early 1800s and acquired
Brownton Plantation in Ann Arundel County about 10 miles south of Annapolis on the West River. Known as an early Quaker stronghold, Browntown later became known as West River Landing and in 1879 it was re-named Galloways after local landowner John Galloway. It later became Galesville and some say it was named for Richard Gale, a Quaker planter. Others think it was named for George Gale who was prominent in his community and became a member of the Historic South River Club in Ann Arundel County in 1844.

In 1832 a chancery suit between George and Margaret Gale and Isabella Dooley was filed in Anne Arundel County concerning
Westbury noting that Margaret married Dooley in 1812 and following his death in 1829 had married George Gale. James Dooley's will, dated 5/16/1829 and proved 6/15/1829, mentioned his wife Margaret, daughter Isabella Dooley, sister Isabella Redman, and half-brothers Isaac and George Gale. James' daughter Isabella became the ward of James Cheston and the will was witnessed by George Belbyhoover, David Stewart, and William Gale.

On 10/10/1846 the
Maryland Republican published an ad stating that Gale offered a $600.00 reward for the return of three fugitive slaves whose names were JAMES WILLIAMS, JACOB BOSTON, and LEWIS COWARD. In 1850 George Gale, age 51, appeared on the Slave Schedule of the Census for the 1st District of Anne Arundel County as the owner of 67 slaves. Living in his household were Margaret Gale, 54; Margaret A. Cathell, 30; and Elizabeth Cathell, 21. The death notice of Sarah Cathell, widow of William Cathell, who died on 4/7/1843, identified her as the sister-in-law of George Gale.

On 6/25/1854 Margaret Dooley Gale died at St. James Parish and was buried in the old Quaker Burying Ground in Galesville. Following her death George married SUSAN MATILDA MATHIOT and had a daughter, Georgette Mathiot.

THE FOLLOWING EXCERPTS concerning George and his property are from STEAMBOAT ON THE CHESAPEAKE", EMMA GILES AND THE TOLCHESTER LINE, by David C. Holly. [In later years, the Tolchester Company created a Park, known as
Belle Grove, from a portion of the old Gale estate, located on a bluff overlooking the river.]

Galesville Wharf was one of the eight pieces of property acquired by the Tolchester line from the Maryland Steamboat Company in 1891. As a landing for steamboats, it had a checkered beginning. The adjoining land was originally owned by George B. Stewart, who sold it to George Gale, a prominent landowner in the region. In May 1850, George Gale ordered the construction of a wharf to be undertaken by Alexander Stevens at a cost of $350.00, lumber to be furnished by Gale at a cost of another $350.00. At the time of construction, considerable speculation surrounded the purpose of the dock. George Gale asserted that it was for his own use; others believed that it was meant to accommodate steamboats as well as sailboats and would have cost $200.00 less if it had been for George Gale's sailboats alone.

Close to Gale's Wharf stood a pier owned by Archibald C. Gibbs which had been used through the years as the steamboat landing for Galesville. In 1851, Gibbs got wind of a deal between George Gale and Henry J. Strandberg by which the latter would rent Gale's Wharf, improve it by constructing additional wharf space for a public landing, and open it to steamboats. Faced with the prospect of seeing his monopoly on steamboat wharfage disappear, Gibbs filed suit against Gale and Strandberg in the county court.

Unfortunately for Gibbs, his case was not as strong as he expected it to be. Witness after witness brought by the defendants testified that two sandbars 150 yards apart off Gibb's Wharf made a steamer's approach difficult and, in low water, nearly impossible. Furthermore, as they testified, in a southerly wind a steamer had great difficulty clearing Gibbs's Wharf; [the] "Thomas Jefferson" had backed on the bar and stayed there for several days after breaking her anchor chain twice in efforts to free herself; she got off by putting a rope to a tree on the site of Gale's Wharf; furthermore, "Columbus" had gone aground in the same place. Gale's Wharf suffered from neither of these inconveniences and had a clear channel on the approach. No testimony was introduced to contest these allegations or to point out the disadvantages of Gale's wharf in a northeaster. Mr. Gibbs lost his suit. In time, Gale's Wharf became the property of the Maryland Steamboat Company and, in 1891, of the Tolchester Line.

George Gale, who moved to the area from the Eastern Shore in the early 1800's and bought a large tract of land on which the village grew, gave his name to the place; his forebears had been among the Quakers who had been in the area during the visit of George Fox in 1672 and the birth of Quakerism in Maryland.

In the days before the name Galesville attached itself so precisely to the village, the area was often linked with the name of Galloway. On a rise above the West River and Tenthouse Creek stretched the eighteenth-century baronial estate of Tulip Hill, so intimately associated with the Galloway family…

Samuel Galloway, who built the house in 1756, was a wealthy and influential Quaker who possessed a decidedly worldly and non-pacifistic taste for the revolutionary hotheads of the period… (Holly) - [Samuel Galloway…was fascinated with the art of shipbuilding and entered into partnership with Stephen Steward to build fast and rugged ships in the upper West River a few miles above Tulip Hill. Some of the swift schooners they constructed were involved in smuggling sugar from the French West Indies. One boat of Galloway's served as a privateer, mounting eighteen guns.]
(Kelly, J. R., TULIP HILL)


George Gale wrote a will, filed in Anne Arundel County, naming Susan Matilda Gale and his "...beloved friend Margaret Ann Dooley Cathell, and a nephew Robert Walmsley Gale. Robert Walmsley Gale was the son of Thomas H. Gale and Henrietta Walmsley, born 4/17/1817. George's marriage to Susan Matilda Gale is inferred in the 1938 death notice of Georgette M. Gale 'daughter of the late George Gale and Susan Mathiot of West River, Anne Arundel County and sister of Lillian Sue Keech of Washington, D. C…Georgette who was not mentioned in her father's will must have been born after his death." (Brooks) George died on 7/22/1856 and was buried with other family members in the Quaker Burial Ground about a mile outside of Galesville. On a trip there during the late 1990s, this writer found the cemetery and George's unusual memorial with the inscription, "George Gale, 1799 - 1856. Affliction sore for years I bore, Physicians were in vain, At length God pleased to give me ease, And freed me from my pain." Other families buried in the lot included Cathell, Dooley, Lazenby, McDonnel, McDowell, and Thomas.

VII. GEORGETTE MATHIOT (1856 - 12/14/1938) died unmarried. According to Fay Brooks, Walter R. Gale wrote to his cousin, Percy, on 1/30/1925 stating that Georgia Mathiot Gale told him that her father, George Gale, was from Kent County and was buried at Galesville, Maryland. She also noted that she received a visit from a Mr. Von Rappe from Philadelphia who said that his father, Samuel Gale, was buried there at her home.
III. JOHN (Ca. 1704 - 12/6/1775) married (1) Elizabeth Rasin in 1731 and (2) Bathsheba Lamb in 1745.
III. CATHERINE (?? - ??) - [NOTE: Lewis family researcher Patrick McKinney believes that the George Lewis named in John Gale's will is the same as George Lewis of Amelia Co., Va. and that he was married to Catherine Gale, daughter of John Gale. No marriage record has been found, but the Gale name was used in successive generations of this family. It was noted that it could have been used by the Lewis family as a courtesy to John Gale, Sr. for raising George Lewis after his father died.]
III. ELIZABETH (?? - ??)
III. MARY (?? - ??)
III. JAMES (Living 1733) was living in North Carolina in 1733 when he was named in his father's will. Research by Fay Brooks noted that accounts in Patent Libers DD#4:414 and DD#5:363, dated 5/7/1738 and 12/5/1739, and Kent County Probate 17:363 listed part of James' estate inventory as wearing apparel, yard goods, Indian corn, saddle and tobacco. In another account, James was shown to owe money to David Hull, John Greenwood, William McIvan, Griffith Jones and Charles Hynson. John Gale acted as administrator of the estate. The only James Gale at that time was either a brother to John Gale Sr. or to John Jr.

III. JOHN GALE, JR. (1704 - 1775) was born to John Gale Sr. and an unknown wife around 1704. His date of birth was established by testimony on 8/17/1757 when he stated that he was about 53 years of age and knew the land of Andrew Tolson. He further stated that it had been 35 years since he and his father John Gale came to the point of land.

Sometime during the 1730s John Jr. built a home on a portion of
Redmore's Supply that was similar in construction to two other 18th century houses at Still Pond, Lamb's Meadow and Lamb's Range. All three were built by Quakers and were gambrel roof structures built originally with their kitchens in the basement. Each had Flemish bond brick work with glazed headers and English bond below the water table. Redmore's Supply differed from the others based on brickwork in the second story gable. The 1783 tax list, along with the description in John Jr.'s will, locates Redmore's Supply on Still Pond Neck between Still Pond Creek and present day Betterton, once called Crew's Landing. The home remained in the Gale family until 1811 when it was sold to blacksmith John Hepbron. It later fell into disrepair and was demolished in 1978.

John Gale, Jr. attended Chester Parish Church and shared pew No. 11 with John Divine and Macall Medford, who owned the home known as
Hepbron's Choice in Still Pond. In 1783 Macall's widow Susannah was assessed for 200 acres of Hepbrons Choice, 22 acres of Gales Addition (which was one of George Gale's properties), 100 acres of marshland and 89 acres known as Long Farm. In addition to the Divines, Hepbrons and Medfords, neighbors of the Gale's also included the Rasin family. These associations suggest a connection between Abraham and George Gale's families. Still another connection lies in the marriage of MARK NOBLE (1711 - ??) to ELIZABETH HODGSON HEPRON. Noble was living in George Gale's son Levin's household at times from 1723 to 1740, [SEE CHAPTER 20, THE MYSTERY OF JOHN HODGSON]
IV. JOHN #1 (1/18/1732 - before 4/16/1768) married Phebe Chandler.
IV. REASON/RASIN (3/22/1735 - 1797, Kent Co.) married (1) Martha Moore, 1756; (2) Rebecca (Unknown).

IV. MALACHAI (After 1754 - 1778) was under 21 when his father died but was named as executor of his will and was to receive the residue of
Redmore's Supply after paying his brother James £100. Malachai was disowned by the Society of Friends for training to learn the art of war and died in 1778 during the Revolution. His will, dated 12/26/1776 and proved 11/13/1778, named his mother Barsheba (sic), his sisters Elizabeth, Barsheba, Mary, Catherine, and Rosamond, and brothers John (a minor) and James Gale.
IV. ELIZABETH (?? - ??) married a Mr. Moore ca. 1766. According to the Cecil Meeting minutes, whereas Elizabeth Gale now Moore has contrary to the rules of our discipline taken a husband by a hireling Priest, we do therefore disown her to be any longer a member of our Society… (Brooks; CMM V:478, 6/14/1767) This meeting appoints Sarah Reason and Susanna Lamb to treat Elizabeth Gale in love for her outgoing in having a baseborn child. (Brooks, CMM V: 972, 10/8/1767) As well as being disowned by the Society, Elizabeth and her sister Bathsheba were likewise disowned by their Quaker father and not named in his will. They were named by their brother Malachai Gale who had been previously disowned and was not bound by the Quaker rules of discipline.
IV. BARSHEBA (?? - after 1790) married a Mr. Howell. On 1/11/1769 Bathsheba was denounced for her outgoing in marriage. On the 1790 census she headed a household of four males under 16 and three females.
IV. MARY (Before 1755 - 1820) married John Duyer, son of John Duyer and Susanna Howard. On 7/8/1778 records of the Cecil Meeting show that Mary was disowned for "marrying out." John Duyer was head of a household on the 1790 census with one male over 16, two males under 16, and four females. On 8/11/1799 records show that Mary Duyer was the administratrix of John Duyer, deceased. In 1800 Mary was living in the Middle District and with three males under 10, one male between 16 and 26, three females under 10, one female between 16 and 26, and one female over 45. Mary Duyer's will, dated 5/6/1819 and proved 11/25/1820, named her sons John, Joseph, James, Philip Duyer, and daughters Mary Dorney, Rosamond Duyer and Susannah Watts.
IV. CATHERINE (?? - 1826) married Francis Uselton/Usilton. A Cecil Meeting report dated in January of 1781 stated that Martha Corse and Catherine Gale have contracted marriage before a hireling priest… A month later an entry shows the friends appoint to draw our testimony against Martha Parsons and Catherine Huselton (sic)… (Brooks) In 1824 the will of Francis Uselton named three sons John, Robert and Joseph, who were also named in Catherine's will, dated 9/27/1826 and proved 10/3/1826.
IV. ROSAMOND (?? - ??) married (1) Joseph Duyer, son of John and Susanna Howard Duyer, and (2) James Steen. Rosamond was disowned on 3/13/1788 for marrying out. James Steen headed a household in 1800 in Kent County with one male over 45, one male under 10, one female over 45, one female 26 to 45, one female 10 - 16, and two females under 10. The woman over 45 may have been Rosamond's mother Bathsheba Gale.
IV. JOHN #2 (Aft. 1768 - 8/9/1816) married Elizabeth Pearce on 12/11/1788.
IV. JAMES (?? - ??) was listed on the 1790 census with his mother.

IV. JOHN GALE, JR. (1732 - 1768) was born to John and Elizabeth Rasin Gale on 1/18/1732. He married PHEBE CHANDLER (5/2/1736 - after 1790), daughter of Thomas and Mary Chandler, and had two sons.

In 1765 John Gale, Jr. lived near the new boundary line of Chester parish, the property having been taken from the original parishes of Shrewsbury and St. Paul's. The new line between Shrewsbury and Chester was drawn "…to the head of Lloyd's Creek and so across by Still Pond Hill…from thence down between Francis Lamb's and John Greenwoods's to a lead of a branch called Long Branch Run and with said branch and stream to a lead of Morgan's Creek by Thomas Perkins' Mill…" (Brooks) Since the change in parish lines affected the tax-paying status of the residents, Brooks noted that those who paid taxes to Shrewsbury Parish were John Gale, Jr., Joseph Greenwood, residents of McCaul (sic) Medford's plantation, Joshua Lamb, Francis Lamb, Pearce Lamb, and Hezekiah Cooper. Those paying taxes to Chester Parish were Thomas Hepbourne, residents of John Angier's plantation, Jonothan Turner, residents of Samuel Groome's plantation, John Greenwood, residents of Thomas Perkins' plantation, and Thomas Perkins' home and mill.
VI. JAMES HARPER (11/1835 - ??) married (1) Mary E. J. Bull and (2) Laura A. Harris (1841 - ??) on 11/17/1869. Children of James and Mary Gale were Mary Araminta, Elma V. and Harriet Thurston Gale. One child, James Page Gale, was born to John and Laura Harris Gale.
VI. JOHN LEVIN (6/19/1839 - ??) married Annie Judefine (1851 - ??) on 12/21/1869. Their children were John E., Walter T., Wiliam F., Lillie and Frank T. Gale.
VI. EDWARD S. (1842 - ??)

VI. ELMA ASENATH GALE (11/18/1846 - 1881) married James T. Lamb, buried at St. Paul's.
The Town of Killybegs, Ireland
THE SUBJECT OF THIS PROFILE IS DR. ABRAHAM GALE (Est. 1600s - 1689-90), of Killybegs, Co. Donegal, Ireland, who immigrated to Maryland and settled at Manokin near what is now the town of Princess Anne in Somerset County. In 1683-1684, he wrote to his wife from Somerset County to take passage from Dublin with their two sons (John and James) and come to Maryland. His line has been studied extensively by researcher Fay E. Brooks of Maryland who shared her notes and self-published The Gale Family of Kent, County, Maryland, copies of which are available at the Maryland Historical Society and the Dallas Public Library. Both Ms. Brooks and Percy G. Skirven, deceased, a Kent County native and Maryland historian, believed that Abraham was of the same family as that of COLONEL GEORGE GALE OF SOMERSET COUNTY, MARYLAND, who came to the colonies from Whitehaven, Cumberland, England, and is profiled in Chapter 20.

"Somerset County in the late 1600s was across the Nanticoke River from Dorchester County. Present day Galestown in Dorchester was supposedly named for Abraham Gale. Since Dorchester County lost its early probate records to fire and with his will showing up in the land records, there is no further mention of Abraham to understand his impact on the area...Mr. Skirven may have sorted out the Gale families of Kent and Somerset counties...even though it is un-cited material." (Fay E. Brooks)
Skirven's notes on the Gale family stated, "upon good evidence…" that Abraham was the son of George Gale's ancestor, JAMES GALE of Spain and Ireland. However, researcher Rosamond Porter of England, deceased, identified a missing generation in this line making Abraham several lines removed from James, who was born in the 1490s.